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Brighton - 27th April 2002

Quite a pleasant day today, zipping around the Sussex coast looking at interesting things and enjoying the countryside in between. Notable places :- Brighton, Chichester.
Keith Waterhouse :- 'Brighton looks like a town that is constantly helping the police with their enquiries'. In the late 18th century, Brighton was the favoured haunt of the Prince Regent (later George IV). He supervised the building of Brighton Pavilion, a sort of Regency Taj Mahal. Fun and games (i.e. traditional British seaside pastimes) are to be had on Brighton Pier. Even more interesting is the story of the West Pier, which was built over 130 years ago and was both seaside promenade and pleasure pier; now sadly, closed and derelict. Here are some photos of Brighton and the South Downs, including one of the West Pier, and one of Ditchling Beacon. Brighton and Hove Albion ('The Seagulls') is the local football team - lots of people were wearing their colours this afternoon - must've had a match on.
Chichester Cathedral - Fishbourne Roman Palace, Chichester - a brief history of Chichester (starting 44 AD).
Sussex, Delaware - Sussex, New Brunswick - Sussex Inlet, New South Wales

The Grand Hotel in Brighton was bombed by the IRA in 1984 as it hosted Conservative Party leaders for their annual party conference. Jo Tuffnell, the daughter of one of the victims, has met Patrick Magee, the Brighton bomber (who was freed as part of the Northern Ireland peace process). Some of these meetings were documented by a very interesting BBC TV programme last year. The programme was shown two months after the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. Jo Tuffnell continues to work for reconciliation - here's her website.
Jo's Letter: Looking for those bereaved who stand for justice not revenge. 'This letter is from a woman whose father was killed in an IRA bombing in Ireland. She seeks contact with recently bereaved Americans who lost loved ones on Sept. 11. Hers is a remarkable story...pass it on. '