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31st August
I wouldn't mind visiting Tropical Fruit World and trying Papaya and Macadamia Nut Jam.

Dinosauria Online.

Giant snake rumoured to be in Moccasin Creek.
Woman, 93, jailed for cutting son's bananas.

Seattle apologises to suicidal woman after calls to jump.
Don't go and teach British 'monsters', warn teachers recruited from violent townships.

30th August
The Nutlog appreciates it when Le Blogeur comes to stay. Visit Le Blogeur in turn and take a look at some of the high quality sites Relton links to.

Good online gallery of prints by Utamaro.

The homepage of the Wollemi Pine. Why am I a fan of this tree? It is a 'living fossil', the only known living tree in the world from the Jurassic period. The tree is only found in a few small populations in New South Wales, and it was only discovered in 1994.

This is somewhat nostalgic for me - British and Commonwealth readers may recall Bananaman, who originally featured in the Nutty comic. I remember having the first issue of this.

Christian Anarchism.
The Catholic Worker Movement.

'We must repudiate one of the two, either Christianity with its love of God and one's neighbor, or the state and its armies and wars.' -Leo Tolstoy.

An interesting Taoist homepage.

A day with Diogenes the Cynic, so called because he chose to live like a canine. Diogenes is one of my favourite ancient Greeks.
Diogenes Quotations. He was rude to Alexander the Great.

I tend to sympathise.

Intercepted missiles could fall on Europe.
Weather watching could identify living planets.

29th August
Hmph. I missed the world skydiving championship, which is taking place in Kuala Lumpur this week. Assorted crazy people are jumping off Petronas Towers (that's the tallest building in the world) to try and win it.
Here's one of them.
Here's another.

2000 alternate uses for peanut butter.

Descendants of Salem 'witches' fight to restore their good names.

Hospital 'ghost' was really a monkey.

By the way, I very much enjoyed pleasant liquid refreshment with that sophisticat Captain Fez yesterday.

28th August
An extensive collection of Octavio Paz links.

Bee webcams.
BeeCulture. A magazine of beekeeping.

Thylacine fossil could 'rewrite history'.
The Thylacine Museum.

Lioness seen and heard in Gloucestershire?
British Alien Big Cats.

US suspects world not putting US interests first. 'In a stinging accusation, the U.S. today charged other nations with taking a narrow-minded "world view" and deliberately failing to consider U.S. economic interests above individual international concerns. World leaders immediately denied the charges, calling the U.S. allegations, "paranoid delusions of non-grandeur." '

How to say sorry. Via Nonharmful.

27th August
Global Warming : Early Warning Signs. A world map. Via Booknotes.

Vegemite leads marmite, 6 to 1.

Today might be a good day to be extra nice to Meghan.

The Blues Foundation.

Nu Shu : A hidden language of women in China.
The secret language of Nu Shu. "For centuries -- perhaps millennia -- Chinese women who faced horrendous oppression had a way to share their burden"

26th August
Every Ogham thing on the Web. Ogham was a secret, ritualistic language of Ireland.

Two of my favourite sites I've shared before, but should mention again :-
The House at the Bridge. A story of modern Germany.
Killing the Buddha. An eclectic religion site with many excellent articles. God for the godless.

Vegemite has a massive 4 votes-to-1 lead so far.

Behind Big Brother. Elizabeth on being in Big Brother 2. 'Let's look at the good things about reality TV. Number one: apparently it's educational. In a recent Mori poll, more than 60% of children questioned said they had learnt more social skills from Big Brother than from home, school or traditional role models. Interesting, they'll be running around screaming "oh evil demons" at 2am, followed by "oh my God". ' Via Linkmachinego.

Scottish Tartans. Includes a register of known Scottish tartans, and a search engine which can be used to match family names to tartans. Very cool.

The Peanut Butter Lovers' Club.
Peanut Butter Heaven.

Englishman lands World Air Guitar title.
Woman, 83, charged with air rage assault.

Anarchist History.

'If I can't dance, it's not my revolution.' - Emma Goldman.

25th August
Pictures of Callisto show odd spires.
Japanese cow finds wallet lost by haymaker in US.

Marmite or Vegemite?


Results All about honey, obviously.

Giant asteroid enters record books.
Genghis Khan's burial ground discovered?

Donald Woods, the anti-apartheid newspaper editor and friend of Steve Biko, died a few days ago. Just heard.

24th August
The Fruit Pages. All about fruit, including oranges.

Poems by Wang Wei (699-761), and other Tang poets. I like 'Giving P'ei Ti a Drink' best of all.

Online Dictionary of Playground Slang. Via Pop Culture Junk Mail; have a safe journey, btw.

Paint the Moon. 'The Goal : To unite millions of people in an effort to 'paint' a red spot on the dark portion of a first-quarter moon using common laser pointers during a five-minute period this autumn.'

23rd August
Back in the land of marmite.

Batu Caves - a distinctive sacred Hindu site, in Malaysia.

Archaeologists uncover prehistoric fossils in France. Thanks Jenny.

21st August
Off to Kuala Lumpur very soon! Be back in a few days.

Sequoia trip. Pictures of big trees.

The Blue Highway. Another site dedicated to the blues, what else?

Final Sydney linkage - you could do a lot worse than visit Giuseppe Ferla's Mad Monster Garden in Summer Hill. Spectacular topiary.

Rookwood Cemetery.

How could I have missed the Hydro-Majestic Hotel? Thanks to Lukelog.

20th August
Peanutopia, the land of ten thousand peanuts.

Marlene Dietrich Poster - the Blue Angel.

The Blue Note, jazz capital of the world.

Interview with Michael Moorcock on politics, punk, Tolkien and everything else. (But has he had webloggers in his bathroom, I wonder? Hehe). Via Wood's Lot.

The Atlas of Australian Birds.

JigZone. Jigsaw puzzles online.

One could do a lot worse than visit the Blue Mountains. Photos here!

Tomorrow I'm going to start making my way back to the UK, going again via Kuala Lumpur. I will be back home by the weekend.

19th August
Belated happy birthday to Blivet.

Pictures of Sydney Harbour.
Stories of the Dreaming. Indigenous Australia site.

The Blue Paintings, Kakadu. Aboriginal rock art to admire.

Eternity in the Heart of Sydney. Arthur Stace, a derelict, wrote 'Eternity' on the streets of Sydney for thirty-seven years.
'Because he wrote that word, in that elegant copperplate, in chalk and in crayon, for thirty-seven years, on the sidewalks of Sydney -- over half a million times. No one knew who he was, and he preferred it that way. The mystery grew: the word had evident spiritual overtones -- it was called a one word sermon -- who was writing it, and why? But no one knew, for years and years. Perhaps this mystery, so long sustained, instilled the fascination. Perhaps also, it was the suggestive power of the word itself. '

Eternity on the Bridge, New Year's Eve 1999.

Blue Neon. An online comic. We like all things blue.

18th August
BluesNet. For fans of the blues.

Speaking of books and reading, check out the Blue Moon Review for good writing. At least, I think so.

Sydney Bookshops. Not a bad selection, but they really should include Gould's Book Arcade in Newtown. It's huge. Cornstalks is my favourite, though.

Vegemite. Yummo.

Walking in Glebe, in Sydney's Inner West. The Chinese joss house is worth a visit.

17th August
Rosaleen Norton Gallery. Originally from New Zealand, Rosaleen was a witch and artist who lived in the Sydney suburb of Kings Cross. Fascinating woman; sinister, too.
Rosaleen Norton : Australia's favourite witch. 'If she was the face of evil, she was a remarkably nice face of evil.'

One of the more unusual and interesting sculpture galleries in Sydney is outdoors, in the Plaza Iberoamericana by Central Station. There's a collection of busts of various Latin American notables - Bolivar, O'Higgins, Juarez, Marti etc. Worth a look.

Che Guevara ecards.

16th August
World atlas of artificial night sky brightness. Via Ghost Rocket.
Micro-statue of bull smaller than red blood cell. Kyooot!

Some more of my favourite Aussie spots :-
Waverley Cemetery.
Nan Tien Temple.

15th August
Pictures of bottlebrush.
Aboriginal Painting.

Minister demands national register of satirists. Via Brainsluice.

Need to find more nutritious Sydney goodness.

Naughty French postcards. Part of Miss Mary's Emporium of the Quaint and Curious, where all kinds of good things can be found. Via the delightfully pure Bleu Blog.

13th August
Today I walked from the Opera House, across the Harbour Bridge, to Luna Park. Just for fun.
The big grin on the harbour.
Luna Park at night.

12th August
Newtown Graffiti.

'Stop the telepathic spread of cow pain.'

Graffiti spotted today :-
'Eat vegan. Stop paint.'
'Gonna live in Montana and become a dental floss tycoon.'

11th August
Kuala Lumpur Railway Station is a Moorish fantasy.

My holiday reading.

I'm in Sydney!
Just arrived, and planning to re-visit some of my old haunts tomorrow. Wish you were here ;).
Kuala Lumpur was a nice place to chill out for a few days. There is an interesting Chinatown to wander through, complete with second-hand English-language bookshop (run by a friendly Indian anglophile), and an Internet cafe (schoolkids playing Quake and screaming very loudly). Some interesting Chinese clanhouses and Hindu temples. Nice, lovely people. Petronas Towers - huge and tubular and ... erm, Freudian. I'm glad I stopped by.
More updates in a few days!

5th August
Well, I think this is the last update before I head off. I'm going to a wedding later, and tomorrow I'm going to pack and get ready. An update will be made once I'm in Sydney.

Play the Tibetan Game of Liberation.

Man leaves photos of himself at crime scene.
Guards stop visitors groping Elle McPherson waxwork.

4th August
London Slang. Learn how to talk like a geezer.

3rd August
Pop Culture Junk Mail is two; congratulations.

I'm on holiday. Utterly blissed out.

More fun with personalised stamps - includes picture!

2nd August
Egyptian mummy changes sex.

Your own face on a postage stamp.

New Scientist - 'Planting northern forests would increase global warming.' Arrrrrgh.

1st August
Minimal linkage today. I'm sort of tired, and winding down for my trip.

Look at this picture of Callisto though.

'Things my girlfriend and I have argued about.' If you think you have problems in your relationship, check this link out, and understand how fortunate you really are.

World's first Bavarian cyber beer garden opens.
Hyena-like creature roams Grimsby.