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10th December
Evil Elf, artwork by Kate Pfeiffer. 'Myron, a slightly demented elf and former employee of Santa's workshop is plotting his revenge on the old man.' Ho ho ho.

Durian Palace. How to grow durians, durian botany, durian poetry, durian festivals, photos of durian. Durian - smells like Hell but tastes like Heaven.

Today is International Human Rights Day.

Theoi Project - A guide to the gods, spirits and monsters of Greek mythology. Family trees, a bestiary.

Gallery of Transhuman Artifacts.

'A new NASA computer climate model reinforces the long-standing theory that low solar activity could have changed the atmospheric circulation in the Northern Hemisphere from the 1400s to the 1700s and triggered a "Little Ice Age" in several regions including North America and Europe.'

Lord of the Onion Rings: Excerpts In Which Some Words Are Replaced by Phrases Borrowed from Burger King's Lord of the Rings Promotion. Via Rebecca's Pocket.

New Scientist - 'No sign of the Higgs boson.' 'The legendary particle that physicists thought explained why matter has mass probably does not exist. So say researchers who have spent a year analysing data from the LEP accelerator at the CERN nuclear physics lab near Geneva. ' Via Follow Me Here.

9th December
Ancient World Mapping Centre.

The Black Sea Trade Project. 'The Black Sea Trade Project is an interdisciplinary study of trade systems in the Black Sea over the past 5,000 years and their effects on local cultures and economies. ' Fascinating!

'We have a situation where 20% of the world's population have 80% of the wealth, and the other 80% has just 20%. If that's a situation that leads to instability, then we are saying that that instability will convey itself through migration, through wars within countries and through crime and terrorism. ' - James Wolfensohn, World Bank.

'Chimpanzees will soon be extinct. If the present rate of hunting and habitat destruction continues, then within 20 years, there will be no chimpanzees living in the wild. But this is more than an environmental or moral tragedy. Chimpanzee extinction may also have profound implications for the survival of their distant relative - human beings. '

'People of different races may not look the same, but they seem to be more closely related than previously thought, according to the results of a genetic study.'

The Prisoner TV Series. Fan site. Via wood s lot.

8th December
IRIS Seismic Monitor. 'This is an interactive educational display of global seismicity that allows you to monitor earthquakes in near real-time, view records of ground motion, and visit seismic stations around the world. ' Via Cloud 9.

Open Window. Matching haiku with photographs.

Tower of Babel. An activity from Dan Zen.
Send spiral encoded messages with the Spirogram and add your stone to Dan's garden.

Wired - 'Big stink over a simple link.'
Chris Raettig - 'Analysis and thoughts regarding KPMG.'

The Shrine of the Goddess Athena. A museum of Athena, an encyclopaedia, a dictionary, an atlas and a virtual temple. Most interesting.

Jabberwacky. An eccentric chatterbot.

The Condiment Packet Museum. Via Wunderland.

Seung Sahn's Twelve Gates. Koans.

Dream Catcher. A weblog about dreams.

Aha! Poetry. Symbiotic poetry, haiku, tanka, online books.

Crunchy Art : Science Fiction & Fantasy Art by Frank Wu.

Native Arts Saskatchewan. 'This website contains Aboriginal arts and crafts produced by Saskatchewan's Aboriginal people. We have included a wide range of media, from sculpture to moccasins. All artists are from the province of Saskatchewan. '

Guardian - 'Does this painting by Walter Sickert reveal the identity of Jack the Ripper?' 'Author rips up canvas in attempt to prove artist was killer.'

Tom and Jerry call it quits.

7th December
HotToads! MicroCam. Microscope webcam. Can you identify what's being viewed?

The Gateless Gate. 32 Zen koans.

Daniel Eats Durian Fruit. 'Durian, the infamous tropical fruit, banned in hotels and public transportation because of its foul odor, but craved by many who have become accustomed to it. "Like eating custard in a sewer." I have tried the fresh fruit twice, first in Bali in 1988, then in Paris in 1992. I have also purchased durian ice cream from Polly Ann's in San Francisco. I brought it to a party once. Everyone thought there was a gas leak in the stove!'

Bizarre Record Covers. Via the Museum of Online Museums.
Sushi-shaped candy. Via Pop Culture Junk Mail.

No-HTML plug-in for Outlook available. Get it here.

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts. Huge.
The Mythical Quest

Dame Judi Dench plays Dame Iris Murdoch in film.
Crime writer 'solves' Jack the Ripper mystery.

'A team of explorers working off the western coast of Cuba say they have discovered what they think are the ruins of a submerged city built thousands of years ago. '
' Archaeologists have unearthed what they believe was a doorway that once led into an Inca temple in the Andes Mountains, officials said Wednesday. '

' Vast fields of carbon dioxide ice are eroding from the poles of Mars, suggesting that the climate of the Red Planet is warming and the atmosphere is becoming slightly more dense. '
Discovery of buried impact craters on Mars widens possibility of an ancient Martian ocean.
Astronomers unveil first detection of dark matter object in Milky Way. Source: Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.

6th December
New Statesman - ' Trial by jury was once described as "the lamp that shows that freedom lives". But now, reveals Nick Cohen, the government plans to end two-thirds of all jury trials.' Via Unknown News.
The New Statesman Essay - "By 2020, the World Health Organisation expects depression to be the number one health problem". Via Wherever You Are.

Invasion of the Aliens. 'The range of exotic wildlife that has become established in Britain is quite amazing. More bizarre examples include Australian wallabies in Derbyshire, coypus - beaver-like South American rodents - in East Anglia and a South African toad species reported to be doing very well in Wales.'

More UK big cat sites :-
The Beast of Bodmin page at the Natural History Museum. Very interesting.
Beast Watch.
Some maps and reports. (Doesn't seem to have been updated for about a year).
(I suspect that one of these critters was quite close to me Saturday night - it left some prints, and there have been a few other reports in the area. Exciting, eh?).

Rubik's Cube Art.

A sky filled with Leonids. Yesterday's astro pic.

Indigenous Peoples in the Far North of Russia.

Solresol. 'Imagine for a moment a universal language, translatable to colour, melody, writing, touch, hand signals, and endless strings of numbers. Imagine now that this language was taught from birth to be second-nature to every speaker, no matter what their primary language. The world would become saturated with hidden meanings. Music would be transformed, with every instrument in the orchestra engaged in simultaneous dialogue. '
Solresol is a musical language, invented by Jean Francois Sudre in the 19th century.
The Solresol Page. Grammar and vocabulary.
A Solresol dictionary.

Homo erectus did not have an adolescence.

' A sacred Ethiopian artefact has been discovered in a church cupboard in Edinburgh - 130 years after it was seized by British soldiers in a bloody siege. '
'The wooden tabot, or tablet, represents the ark of the covenant. '

Jo Chen's Manga Comic Book Website. Via GoodShit.

The Cave of Lascaux. Via GoodShit.

'Police are sending Christmas cards to burglars warning them not to steal presents from people's homes.'

5th December
Play Rock Paper Scissors online.
The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide.
Challenge someone.

The BBC has a very good page about Vikings.
Viking Map. 'For the BBC series 'Blood of the Vikings', University College London undertook a survey to uncover Viking genes in the British Isles.' Mapping historical and scientific evidence of Vikings in different areas of the British Isles.
Viking Quest. 'Travel back in time to the year 793 AD. Can you build a ship, cross the seas, loot a monastery and return home to claim your prize? ' Flash game.
My Viking name is Viglundr the Vile. Via Bifurcated Rivets.

The Chandra X-Ray Observatory Centre. X-ray astronomical images, among other good things.
Robotic insects developed for Mars exploration. Via Honey Guide.
Simulation explains mystery of giant planets' tiny moons. Source: Cornell University News Service.

British Big Cat Society.
How big cats came to the British countryside.

Institute of Druidic Technology.

'A temple named after an ordinary Chinese woman has been confirmed by archaeologists as one of the oldest surviving wooden buildings in China , dating back to as early as the Tang Dynasty more than 1,000 years ago. '

'The largest prime number yet discovered has just been revealed to the world. ' (2 ^ 13,466,917)-1.
The Prime Pages.

4th December
Spooky digital dolls. Via GMT+9.

In A Dark Time is now here.

A very good independent guide to Ironbridge, site of the world's first metallic bridge - virtual tours, timelines, maps, pictures etc.
Unesco's Ironbridge page.

A good article about Hawksmoor's churches in London, by Catherine of Blue Ruin.

What is psychogeography anyway?

The Ngadjonji - History and Culture of a Rainforest Tribe. 'The original inhabitants of the rainforest country around Malanda in Far North Queensland.' Language, history, food, photos etc.

GeoNative. A compendium of place names in indigenous and minority languages, from the Ainu to Zimbabwe.

Nanofiction. Stories of 55 words or less. Lots to browse and enjoy.

Plot summaries of Shakespeare's best plays.

Friend or Foe?

The Bra of Nostradamus. 'The Armageddon Bra has a sensor mounted atop one shoulder strap and a "control box" fastened to the front, which ostensibly will warn the wearer of dangerous objects falling from the sky.'

Admire the Thing in a Jar, just one of Drew Olbrich's collection of personal projects.

Peter's Japan Page. Fine collection of postcards from Japan 1900-1950.

Artcyclopedia. Search engine for fine arts. Via wood s lot.

Oceans of Kansas is a fine palaeontology site; hasn't been updated for a while, but there's lots to see here.

Picture of ancient layered rocks on Mars.

Cat makes OK investor.

Citizens Against Ugly Street Spam.

Museum of Talking Boards : An Online Museum of Ouija Boards. Via Lukelog.

Blu-tack art. Via GMT+9 and Bifurcated Rivets.

Soapstone artists of Sanikiluaq, Nunavut, Canada.

Landscape woodcuts by an artist from the West Midlands.
Kinver Edge.

Going Underground. Fun, light-hearted guide to the Tube. Lots of anecdotes.

Due to @Home going bust, Spinning Jennie can be found here for the time being.