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20th December
Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Corporal Works of Mercy. A searchable database of British church wall paintings.

Kalevala - The Finnish National Epic. Via wood s lot.

The Nine Planets 'is an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system. Each page has text and images, some have sounds and movies, most provide references to additional related information. '

The Great Moon Hoax.

What is this? Via Bifurcated Rivets.

Fair e-tales, 'a series of DHTML-based fables created by Joline Blais, Keith Frank, and Jon Ippolito, suggests a new paradigm for hypertext fiction. Most hypertexts only permit the reader to navigate between blocks of text that make up a larger narrative; in such works the reader has no control over the overall story, only the order of its episodes. Fair e-Tales, on the other hand, permits the reader to alter with a single click the premises underlying the story as a whole. '
Part of the Alternative Museum.

Whirly Wiry Web. Good anti-scumware information here. Check for TopText and Surf+ scumware.

Extinct shrub 'rediscovered'.

Locals protest at 'occult' Potter.

Antarctic mud reveals ancient evidence of global climate change.

'Life on Earth may have got off to a sweet start nourished by sugar from space. '

Thousands of Sudanese slaves reportedly liberated.

' Autism - and its milder cousin Asperger's syndrome - is surging among the children of Silicon Valley. Are math-and-tech genes to blame?' Hmm. From the article, it seems that mild autism can be rather difficult to distinguish for other kinds of schizoid behaviour. What about environmental factors?

Wealthy donor withdraws pledge to Oxford University because son not awarded a place.

19th December
Stop scumware.

The Japanese Garden Database.

CoasterGallery. Over 1,150 pictures of roller coasters.

Coney Island History Site. 'This interactive educational site covers the history of Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. It features timelines, historic articles and photographs, interactive maps that when clicked on show historic views, and lists of movies filmed on Coney Island's streets, beaches and amusement parks. '

Megalithic Gallery.

' The Sands Mechanical Museum contains many coin operated games. There are over 30 pinball machines, horse race games, arcade video games, and a shooting game. Some of these are operational and some are awaiting restoration.' Via Boing Boing.

Blocking the Sun to counteract climate change probably not a good idea.

' "Hot spots" where plumes of molten magma break through the Earth's crust appear to be wandering across the planet - a discovery that undermines many of the accepted ideas about how the Earth's tectonic plates are moving.'

Penguins in trouble.

Hunt for howling giant sloth. Via Fortean Times.

The Sioux Nation. Via GoodShit.

' A Labour MP will introduce a private member's bill today to try to repeal the 300-year-old Act of Settlement which bars Catholics from succession to the British throne. '

Study shows people are more likely to buy cards designed by members of their own sex.

18th December
Social Criticism Review. Via William Fields.

Durham Cathedral and Castle. A virtual tour.

Carnival of Tiny Stories.

Roller Coaster DataBase.

The Nisga'a Nation of British Columbia.

Zen Gardens. This web site is dedicated to the Japanese garden, and more specifically to the historic gardens of Kyoto and its environs. It is designed to provide the visitor with an opportunity to visit each garden, to move through or around it, to experience it through the medium of high-quality color images, and to learn something of its history. '

Secret Santas revealed.

Books that could change the world?

A Labour peer claims his phone is bugged. This is denied by a junior minister. Quite a few memorable lines in both stories.

The Drudge Report has an archive search engine.

Geophysicist studies life in the early solar system.

' Earth may have survived several early impacts from large asteroids, causing life to disappear and reappear several times according to a theory put forth recently. '

Mayans not guilty of routine human sacrifice.

Cubans sceptical about sea structures.

Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries. Via GoodShit.

Study says racism can be reversed.

This year's five Royal Institution lectures are all about robots. Via Robotory.

17th December
World Atlas of Archaeology on the Web.

Effect of ale, garlic, and soured cream on the appetite of leeches.

Omniglot. A guide to writing systems of the world.

Killer quakes may have ended ancient civilisations.

The answer to the puzzle from two days' back is...
E90O2000UNI100ATXN = excommunication (90=XC, 2000=MM, C=100, X=10 (or IO) ).

Residual volcanic heat may be melting Greenland ice.

100 Words. 'On this website, you will find 4690 chunks of 100 words written by a number of participants in a number of styles. Some are poems, some are stories, some are diaries, some are fiction, some are nonsense... All are 100 words in length.'

Poems That Go.

Museum of Unworkable Devices. Via the Museum of Online Museums.

Timeline of Usenet milestones. Via Yet Another Weblog.

Astro Pic of the Day - the Horsehead Nebula.

16th December
Ancient Scripts. Writing systems, sounds and phonetics, historical linguistics.

Observer - 'Myth of Atlantis all took place in Plato's mind.'

Observer - 'Marilyn as you've never seen her.' 'The unexpected reappearance of a 50-year-old home movie, shot in Monroe's late teens, coupled with risqué comments made by the actress and subsequently cut from interviews, have shed a completely different light on Hollywood's archetypal sex symbol. '

New Scientist - 'Temperature rises hint at earthquake prediction.'

New Scientist - 'Wind may explain mystery anthrax cases.' Via Follow Me Here.

Observer - ' Chilling plans for a devastating bomb attack on the City of London have been discovered in a terrorist base in Afghanistan, revealing a sophisticated al-Qaeda training programme to spread its terror campaign to Britain. '

Union of Concerned Scientists.

'The Gulf Coast region of the United States is rich in ecological resources, and it is upon these ecological resources that much of the region's economic wealth is built. Yet the stability of these resources is being threatened by many human activities, including human-induced climate change.' (Union of Concerned Scientists).

' An Indian geologist says he has discovered imprints of some of the oldest raindrops on earth, dating back more than a billion years. '

Michael Moorcock - 'Many years ago someone asked Brian Aldiss if he felt science fiction might in some ways be a 'subversive' form of fiction. Brian replied 'Of course it's subversive. It wouldn't be any good if it wasn't subversive' ... ' Via wood s lot.

Horatio Clare on sheep (and humans). 'Their emotional sympathy is extraordinary. Sheep sense human anger or frustration and try to flee. Good shepherds move calmly and slowly among their flocks, and talk to them. Sheep will answer. The ubiquitous bleat of the hungry sheep is only one of many communications. There are cries of distress, which any shepherd will recognise; whickering, affectionate noises to reassure lambs. There are curious, interrogative grunts; whistles of alarm or hostility, and groans of pain when giving birth. '

15th December
Science and the history of colour.

Now another island group sinking into the Pacific. Via Ghost Rocket.

The Taku'u Islands Association. 'Welcome to the Takuu Association Website. We are a group of people who come from a tiny island in the Pacific ocean, just north east of Bougainville, in Papua New Guinea. '
'We have formed this association for several noble reasons, and one of this, is that our island is sinking, and we are desperately trying to find solutions to the problems that the sinking is causing. '

' A tiny South Pacific group of atolls is appealing for help on the Internet to stop its 500 people vanishing into the ocean because of rising sea levels they blame on climate change.' (Reuters, 18 July 2001).
' The Pacific nation of Tuvalu has secured New Zealand's agreement to accept an annual quota of its citizens as refugees. They want to leave Tuvalu because they say rising sea levels are driving them out. ' (BBC, 9 October 2001).
The Bangladeshi environment minister warned developed countries of 'ecological refugees'.
Rapid thinning of Greenland ice detected. (NASA).
Greenland : Ice change. A set of maps showing ice loss from NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio.

Maps of the ancient world. Includes a time chart of ancient cartography. Part of a much larger Cartographic Images site.

Religious and Sacred Texts. Major living religions and some ancient religions represented.

Aspects of the Victorian Book. British Library site.

' Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of 19 Saxon settlers, including children, at the site of a bypass being built in Buckinghamshire, in the south of England. '

'A clever species of crow is causing scientists to puzzle over how most human beings came to be right-handed. '

A mystery disease is killing penguins in Antarctica.

More on climate change on Mars.

'After a year-long buildup during which it was known as the mysterious "Ginger" or "IT," the revolutionary, scooter-like "Segway Human Transporter" was unveiled Monday without first being checked for its potential acronym. '

Which well-known English word can be found in the following code :- E90O2000UNI100ATXN?
(I'm sure you can find the answer to this puzzle on the web, but someone might be amused by it. I'll post the answer in a couple of days. If you want to know the answer before then, or if you know it, feel free to drop me a line).

14th December
The Ancient Indus Valley. '700 illustrated pages by leading scholars of the largest and least known ancient urban civilization.'

The Face of Venus. All about the surface of the planet; crater and corona atlases.

Duct Tape on the Web.

Ascii Star Wars. Via Coudal.

' Astronomers working 100 billion years from now face a tedious time. Only about 1,000 galaxies will be visible from the Milky Way, compared with the many billions currently on offer. And their images will be frozen in time - not changing, just fading.' Via Honey Guide.

' Abrupt changes in global climate, common in the past, will become more so in future, thanks to man's impact on the environment, according to a new report presented at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco, California.'

A sceptical look at 'The Skeptical Environmentalist'. Via Ghost Rocket.

Researchers find closest living relative of first land plants. Source: National Science Foundation.

Artificial leech can suck blood forever.

'The fossil studded cliffs of East Devon and Dorset, where 180m years of geological history is laid out to view like the layers of a sandwich, were yesterday declared a World Heritage Site...' (hence the 'Devonian' period).

Jurassic Cliffs of Dorset. Site by an amateur palaeontologist.
Charmouth Fossils. Ichthyosaur fossil discovery in Dorset.

Adrian Mole - ' Mohammed has been arrested! His brother Imran told me that Mohammed had been stacking bags of Real-Wood logs on the forecourt when he was surrounded by police marksmen, who ordered him to take off his clothes and walk towards them with his hands up. Before he got into the back of the van, Mohammed shouted (according to a witness, Wayne Worthington, who had gone to the garage to pick up the wrestling magazine, Raw), "I was only parked on that double yellow for two minutes!" I think it's disgusting that precious police resources are being squandered on minor parking offences. ' Via Pop Culture Junk Mail.

The Adrian Mole Tribute Site.

13th December
'Looking the Brighton bomber in the eye.' 'Would you meet the killer of a loved one? For some, like the Omagh families, it isn't even an option until the bombers are caught. Jo Tuffnell, whose father died in the 1984 Brighton bombing, has spent the past year meeting the former IRA man behind the attack.'
Jo Tuffnell's feedback page.

now Surreal. Galleries, articles, interactive fiction. Via Ghost Rocket.

A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites.
Trilobite Gallery.

Trilobite Cookies. 'Trilobites are extinct marine animals which lived gazillions of years ago. Real trilobites may or may not have tasted like chicken. (who knows?) These cookies are the result of my most recent research into what ancient trilobites would have tasted like if primitive biochemical processes were based on jam/chocolate/cookie molecules. '

'The production of babies genetically selected to save the lives of their seriously ill siblings is now permitted in the UK.' Via Follow Me Here.

Photo Japan. Wide range of subjects, high quality.

The Forging of the One Ring of Power. 'Long ago a young man read a book which excited his imagination, and pointed out the path he should walk in life. The book was The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, and today he is the jewelry artist behind Badali Jewelry ( which is licensed by Tolkien Enterprises to make and market The One Ring, Isildur's bain, The Ruling Ring, The Precious, in gold, silver, gold plate, and platinum. '

' Scientists at Britain's University of West England have developed the ``SlugBot,'' a prototype robot capable of hunting down more than 100 slugs an hour.'
The SlugBot's homepage. Pictures.

' A mechanical leech that does the work of the real thing, without the mess and the ``ick'' factor, might work to help patients heal better after tricky surgery, researchers said on Wednesday.'

Scientists awarded patent for coal-purifying bacteria. Source: Brookhaven National Laboratory.

' The Mars Odyssey (MO) spacecraft has made its first significant discovery: it has detected large deposits of hydrogen - possibly water - near the Red Planet's poles.'

' Local archaeologists recently announced that a set of figure mural paintings of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), covering more than 120 square meters have been discovered in Shima Township, Zibo City in east China's Shandong Province. '

12th December
'Cult seventies martial arts series Monkey has been made into a theatre production.'

Electronic Text Centre. Huge collection of e-books and e-texts.

Cornish Myths and Legends. Ghosts, standing stones, folklore.

Atlases of Mars.

Kristin's Coasters. 'This collection of photos is an on-line coffee table book. It features pictures of all the roller coasters I have ridden since I turned 30. '

' New genetic evidence confirms the ethnic unity of the Roma, better known as Gypsies --a finding that may bolster the group's legal standing in Europe and one day help reveal clues to genetic diseases. ' Via GoodShit.

Giraffe rock art from the Sahara. Part of the Trust for African Rock Art homepage.

Cabbage Converter.

11th December
Well-preserved female mummy unearthed in China.

Mali Interactive Project. The archaeological site of Jenne-jeno.

Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia. Pseudoscience, literary forgeries, archaeological hoaxes, 'fake folks', counterfeiting, the history of the Trickster archetype etc.

'UK conservationists are celebrating the publication of the first list of the country's important fungus areas (Ifas).'

How much is inside a ketchup packet? 'How much is inside a ketchup packet? No one knows for sure, but there is a general consensus that it is only about one-fifth of the amount of ketchup one needs to enjoy french fries. '
'Brooke and I decided to find out how many packets of ketchup it takes to fill a bottle.'

' A new European initiative called the Astrophysical Virtual Observatory (AVO) is being launched to provide astronomers with a breathtaking potential for new discoveries.' Source: European Southern Observatory.