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31st July
Reutellog is one year old; congratulations.

K.N.O.T. - Kollectors of Nasty Old Ties.
Nasty Novels. Trashy 1950's pulp fiction covers. Very funny.
Bring on the Paperbacks. More pulp fiction amusement.

Mystery surrounds Bandit Queen murder.
Red rains, vanishing wells plague Kerala.

Old Guardian story, with links on the international arms trade to Indonesia, particularly from the UK.
(This link inspired by the Times article 'US role in Indonesian massacres revealed in error' which I found on Booknotes).

30th July
A reminder that I am going on holiday from about this weekend. I am going to Malaysia and Australia, where I lived for a while. I will be back in the UK on the 23rd August, though I may have chance to update once or twice while I'm in Sydney.
I need a break. It won't be for very long. :)

Australian Museum Online.
Picture Australia.
Malaysia Homepage.

Lurid Paperback of the Week.

ABCTales. Reading and writing stories, and creative writing on the web. Very enjoyable.
(Incidentally, this site was founded by the brain behind the Big Issue. )

BBC - 'Disaster that struck the ancients.' Claims that a drop in rainfall led to the downfall of the Egyptian Old Kingdom.
French village bans lawnmowers on Sundays. Good idea.

29th July
Well done to all the blogathonners. - monthly English-language news mag about Brazil, from Los Angeles.
Mystery of the sex-crazed, hungry, English-speaking baboons of Swaziland. In Pravda, no less. Via Lukelog.

The blogathonners are in the home strait now!

The Alternative Dictionaries international slang project. (Some of the dictionaries are a bit on the raw side, be warned).
Alternative Spanish.
Alternative English.
Alternative Japanese.

Japanese slang you won't find in a dictionary.
Japanese Street Slang.
Japanese Language Learning Sites.

I'm enjoying watching the blogathonners. About halfway now.
Latin American links at mybluehouse. (For example, Frida Kahlo haiku).
Anime-style pictures at Blue Skies.
And stories at Spinning Jennie.

28th July
I'm a Cow! Cheers, Fred.
Japanese Prints and the World of Go. Like many good things, via GMT+9.

British Library : Journey to the West. Pilgrim's Progress meets the Wizard of Oz, Buddhist-style.
Wu Ch'eng-en : Pre-20th Century Culture. An illustrated essay on the life and times of the author of 'Journey to the West'.

Quest for the Holy Grail.

Traffic Cone Preservation Society.

Welsh farms have Bronze Age roots.

27th July
Hollow Fox Abduction. A digest of light-hearted websites, ahhhh....

Street Mattress consists of pictures of abandoned bed mattresses. You can even submit your own.

Global Toothpick, for toothpick aficionados.

Sweet Nostalgia. Sweets and choccies for old-timers.

Adults face heavy fines if they play on swings.

Online colouring-in books.

26th July
Irish Archaeology.

(The Nutlog has been a bit grim lately. I resolve to find lighter subjects to post on soon ;) ).

Iain Sinclair interviewed in the Fortean Times. Iain Sinclair is a writer after London's dark heart; if you haven't read him, you may be missing out.

Waking from the Meme Dream by Susan Blackmore. Via Blivet.

Virtual Maritime Museum of the Pacific Northwest. Thanks to Fred.

Phoolan Devi's obituary in the Guardian.
Gunmen kill Indonesian judge who sentenced ex-President Suharto's son.
G8 Britons tell of police 'brutality'.

Husband's internet date turns out to be his wife.
Stalin drew cartoons of his victims' fate.
Water reserves found on Mars, maybe.
British class system alive and well.

25th July
African Writing Systems. Via Booknotes.

According to this story,, which hosted the Hunger and Rainforest sites, has closed down. Sad news.

Museum of Soviet Calculators. Via Uren Dagen Nachten.

'Bandit Queen' shot dead. RIP Phoolan Devi.

Chimpanzee makes nuisance calls with keeper's mobile phone.
The Guardian's Etna eruption gallery.
Why are eggs egg-shaped?

Clues to poets' deaths found in their words.

Independent Media Centre. Still more Genoa news. Also check out Davos Newbies for globalisation-type links and commentary.

US rejects anti-germ warfare accord.

This report predicts long-term favourable consequences for the countries which implement Kyoto.

The 24-hour blogathon for charity is this Saturday! I will be sponsoring mybluehouse on behalf of Casa Alianza, which helps street kids in Latin America. Read more here...

Greyhound beats pigeon in speed race.

AP - 'Slain protester's father speaks out.' ``The carabiniere who killed my son fills me with a sense of great pity,'' Giuliano Giuliani said Saturday. ``I hope that he understands that he was wrong - but that in reality it was those people who put him in that situation ... who were wrong.''
Under the circumstances, it's impressive that Mr. Giuliani can be so magnanimous. I agree with him.
The carabiniere who shot Carlo Giuliani is 20 years old, and a conscript. My feeling is that he shouldn't have been in a riot control situation in the first place; that sort of thing should be left to more experienced officers, rather than young conscripts who may not be able react appropriately.
I'm concerned that an inexperienced, working-class kid may end up carrying the can for the failings of his superiors.
Of course, none of this excuses any subsequent police brutality.

Times - 'Tragedy's victims are the twin faces of young Italy.'
Berlusconi attacked over failed riot controls.

(Other links - the Battle of Genoa, eyewitness account, Unplugged Portal, Amnesty International, View from the Heart, Booknotes).

24th July
Monks to lift century-old curse.
Enclave hit by freak heatwaves.
Stellar winds shake distant star.

23rd July
Virtual greeting cards from England.

The Museum of Black Superheroes.
All Oriland : Origami Galore!
These two links via the Junklog.

Compromise saves climate treaty. Good news for everyone, even if they don't realise it yet.
Climate change world map.

Husband finds Roman remains under shed after 25-year delay.

The Witching Hours : Medieval through Enlightenment Period European Witch History. The history of the great witch craze.

Amnesty International : Authorities must carry out urgent investigation and review of G8 policing. I read in the paper today that Amnesty are going to investigate what happened at Genoa; I'm going to wait and see what they say before I form a definite opinion.

22nd July
Booknotes : What's all this globalism stuff?

21st July
Today has been a good day. A group of neighbours and I have spent most of the day clearing a ditch which flooded last autumn. The debris in the water had been allowed to build up over many years, to the extent that it was partially blocking the current. It has been hard work (nettle stings, insect bites, blisters etc), but I've really quite enjoyed it; all the big blockages have been cleared, and it was interesting to be able to see the riverside ecosystem (butterflies, voles etc.) up close. Hopefully they will benefit from our actions as much as the human neighbours!

Investigation begins into G8 death, fresh clashes at Genoa.
Protests throughout Europe after G8 summit death.
Photographer injured by riot police.
(Remember Prague in 1989, when rumours of a shot demonstrator were enough to trigger the collapse of the Czechoslovakian government? Time will tell).

20th July
Shooting of G8 demonstrator sweeps aside politics. Disturbing photo.

Powder dries up Florida thunderstorms.

They Rule allows you to map relationships between board members of (mostly American) corporations. Via Rebecca's Pocket.

The Rubayyat of Omar Khayyam - ascii version.
The Vincent van Gogh Gallery.

Let's Get It Off is the homepage of the Campaign for Work-Free Friday Afternoons. Sign their petition!

Discovery may unlock mystery of Nubians. Via Ancient World Web.

Taliban bans neckties, lipstick, chess.
Malaysia patents aphrodisiac plant as 'enhancer'.
Ancient crustacean raises new questions.
Ananova - 'Pacific islands with disappear in 50 years, government warns'. The nation of Tuvalu fears that rising sea levels will engulf the whole country.

FT - 'Pro-Bush students chant for capitalism.'
' "The Earth is not warming," said Alex Kauffman, 20, a political science student from Cedarville, Ohio, taking personal issue with the views of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. "We are trying to throw a lot of money at problems that do not really exist...'
'Tyler Dunman, a 20-year-old from Houston, studying political science at Texas A&M University - he of the cowboy hat - was equally outspoken. "My opinion is that global warming is not a problem," he said. "Everything happens in cycles. We were not here to know what happened a thousand years ago and we don't know if a heating of the Earth is a problem for humans or part of the Earth's natural cycle...'
(The first statement asserts that global warming is not real, the second that it is real, but is not man-made. It is hard to see how both statements can be true at the same time).

19th July
Ancient Egypt. Via Reutellog.

Ancient and Medieval Search Engine. Excellent!

Durian Online. An informative fan page for southeast Asia's fantastically smelly (but tasty!) fruit! I want to eat some of these when I go to Malaysia in a few weeks! Via

Ancient cities vanished into muddy morass.
Nature - 'Oracle's secret fault found.' Ancient prophecies made at Delphi may have been inspired by natural gas.
Earliest drawing of sunspots unearthed.

Dive and Discover : Expeditions to the Seafloor. Thanks, Fred.

18th July
The history of tea time. Not much linkage today - busy, busy bee.

17th July
The Parthian Empire.
Iranology. History and culture of Iran. Lots of stuff.

The Taku'u Islands in the South Pacific are home to 500 people and they are sinking.
Taku'u Islands homepage.

Tudor Recipes.

Easter Island.

Drunk takes boat, wakes up in another country.
Crop circles show aliens returned?
Taliban bans Internet?

16th July
Schoolboy retains world pea-shooting title with laser-sighted device.
Kyoto would boost Europe and Japan economies - reports.
Twelve more moons around Saturn act in strange ways.

15th July
Weblog Universe. I'm in here somewhere.

The Defeat of the Spanish Armada.

The Heroic Age : Internet Resources in Medieval Studies.

What's 'Empire' all about?

13th July
The Anarchist Library.

I really like these pictures of Tokyo in the rain.

Your name in cuneiform.

253 - an interactive novel about every person riding on a particular Tube train. Via Lukelog.

French gnomes helped on way to spiritual freedom.
The Gnome Liberation Front.

Italian worker lived in his office for a year.
World's most precise clock developed.
Businessman gives struggling waitress $11,000 tip.

12th July
Ancient history timelines.
Send a hieroglyphics e-card.
Iron Age settlement unearthed on motorway route.
BBC - 'Teeth and bones stir human debate.' Newest 'oldest' human ancestors discovered.
Farming's roots pushed back.

Strange cluster reveals star secrets.
Eat a fish, save a species.
Global warming 'worse than feared'.

Age - 'Game called off for lack of punters.' Tourism slump in London calls time on Lloyd Webber musical.

Mingers makes it into English dictionary.
Customer 'ate stolen cheque to destroy evidence'.

11th July
Why do civilisations fall? Via Fred.

Fish with good manners?

May you be mocked by eunuchs, O thou incompetent tax-collector! A Biblical curse generator, via Bleu Blog.

Life Expectancy Calculator. (I got 92.4. Hope so!)

Nepal picks new 'virgin goddess'.
Suicide foiled by net surfer.
Most distant objects observed.
Climate change 'will hit the hungry'.
Blackpool's stripy deckchairs in danger.
Giant dino eggs found in Patagonia.
Male 'pill' within four years.
Woman can keep lizard 'possessed by her dead son'.

10th July
BBC - 'Mental illness 'at root of jazz' ' (mental illness at root of much great art, in fact). Thanks, Swallowing Tacks. :)

AllPoe. Edgar Allen Poe stories, criticism etc.

Bloggus Caesari, a weblog by J. Caesar.

Guardian special : Pinochet on trial.

BBC - 'Eggs fertilised without sperm.'

NASA spacecraft sees Mars dust storm.
Mars dust storm maps.
Witches upset by broomstick style.
Man passes primary school exam at 75.
UK 'hiding scale of climate threat'.
New York residents fall victim to lizards myth hoax.
Mid-20s Dr Seuss fan arrested over book borrowed in 1997.

9th July
National Blonde Day has arrived.

Haiku of the Day.
Science Fiction Haiku. Includes SciFaiku of the Day.
Life of Basho, possibly the greatest haiku poet.
The Genuine Haiku Generator.
New Guardian competition - write topical haiku. Some of the entries are pretty good.

Arizona man wins cherry pit spitting title.

BBC - 'Carbon sinks 'little help to climate'.'

8th July
Motorists invited to participate in first UK hedgehog census.

Amazing Tales from Planet Tabloid.

The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.
Men of Warwick. Re-enactments of the English Wars of the Roses (thanks, Fred).

Riot in Bradford.
(Related - Bradford counts cost of riot.

Observer - 'Police end cannabis seizures.'

6th July
New Scientist - 'Ancient cave etchings reveal unusual figures.' More on the cave drawings in France, with a picture.
Hubble's best view of Mars.
Bacteria could create self-cleaning clothes.

The Lindisfarne Gospels : Diocese of Durham. Medieval manuscripts, beautifully illuminated.
The Lindisfane Gospels from the British Library.
More Lindisfarne pictures.

24 hour blogathon for charity. Consider sponsoring someone.

Totally Useless moves to Random Abstract.

Telegraph - 'Union attacks Blair over his 'infatuation with rich men'.' Ho ho, chuckle chuckle, nudge nudge.

Where do you stand on the political compass? See where you stand on a graph plotting leftwing/rightwing against libertarian/authoritarian. (Plot life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness against equality and fraternity). I suspect this test has a particular slant, but it's an interesting idea.

5th July
India uncovers ancient Buddhist marvel.
Egyptian archaeologists find tomb.

Galaxy devours neighbours.
One druid one vote to end eisteddford 'cronyism'.
MI5 detained Trotsky on way to revolution.

Taipei Times - 'Art group wants museum plan halted.' The plan is to hand the running of the museum over to the private sector. Thanks, Fred.

The Antarctic Circle. A low-latitude Antarctic gazetteer.

Political writings of George Orwell.
Critiques of Libertarianism. Well-reasoned and very comprehensive with much linkage.

Furry Big Brother for cats and dogs.
Bug Brother for ants.
Pigeon Brother.

4th July
Discount British Magazines. (Good idea, this. It's run by an ex-colleague of mine).
Guardian weblog special : war crimes.
Colosseum 'built with loot from sack of Jerusalem temple'.
The Little World of Giovanni Guareschi. A tribute to the creator of Don Camillo. Via OutSider.
Menwith Hill protests continue for second day. Some interesting links at the bottom. (What is Menwith Hill anyway? Visit Menwith Hill Tours and find out...)
Cave engravings found in France. Big news, this.
Interesting climate change scenario. (New Scientist).

3rd July
RIP Queen Modjadji V, the Rain Queen of the Bolobedu tribe.
The Guardian's obituary. 'More than a century ago, Rider Haggard based his novel, She, on the Rain Queen, the head of a rare, matriarchal African tribe. It was from this book that TV's Rumpole Of The Bailey took his term of affection for his wife - "she who must be obeyed"...'

Cardigan fails to halt forest brigade charge. 'Humbled' is right!
Retiree makes permanent home on cruise ship.
Sweet nothings are better heard in the left ear.
4000 stranded in 100F rush-hour Tube.

Send an Einstein e-card. Cute! Via Bleu Blog.

The Archaeology Channel. This is good - films tailored to your connection speed. Thanks Fred.
Mating habits of penguins, humorous.

Save the Norfolk dialect! From Estuaryesque incursions.

Giant world detected in deep space. (Past Pluto, orbiting the Sun).
CJD diagnostic test 'ready in a year'.
Gene bank to save rare breeds (threatened by foot-and-mouth).

2nd July
Australian lawyer patents wheel.

Tate Modern. I must get myself down there one lunchtime.

1st July
H.G. Wells - 'A Short History of the World.' Published in 1922, available to read online.

Ancient Africa's Black Kingdoms.

Quest for Universe's oldest light.

Observer - 'MPs under fire for race riots.'

Online Literature Library - Herbert George Wells. Books by Wells available to read online.
The H.G. Wells Society.
Potted biography of H.G. Wells.

George Orwell's political development. Lots of good links and essays.