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15th June
Guildford News is a relaxed look at a town local to me. Read all about our miracle light circles, and boggle over flood photos from last autumn.

Monkeyman's ghost haunts the police.

How about some square watermelons?
Fish in 'suspended animation'.
Why Venus spins 'backwards', i.e. in the opposite direction to other planets.
Was there ice on Mars?

Humorous protest - hundreds of demonstrators moon Bush.

British Information. Thanks Fred.

14th June
Harry Potter persecuted by Muggles, again. Via Booknotes.

Martian meteorite may contain water.
Mummy worship sweeping Britain.
Could you be Tory leader? I most closely resemble Ann Widdecombe arghhhh! (Actually, that's not too bad, really).

Terms from military history. Thanks, Fred.
Unusual Sumo photos. Cheers to Lukelog.

Buenos Aires Virtual. Many photos of the city.

Pollution feared as insects turn pink at a wildlife centre in Scotland.

Canned Godzilla meat. Via Lukelog.

An eyewitness account of the fire-bombing of Dresden.
Online exhibition of the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp. Recent history, but history nonetheless (i.e., history I remember). Part of the Imperial War Museum's site.
The war drawings of Mervyn Peake.

13th June
The Animal Mummy Project in the Cairo Museum. Adopt a pet mummy here.

Dante and Virgil Site. Via Reutellog via View from the Heart.

Russian reporter goes undercover to find out what it's really like finding work in Britain.

See how a webpage looks to people with red-green colour blindness. Via Not So Soft.

US Supremes : Hi-tech surveillance is out. Interesting to see which side of the fence the different justices were on.

New words! Trustafarian, trousering, fashionistas, etc.

12th June
Not quite sure how to categorise this one.... just look!

Photos from the end-to-end walk from Land's End to John O'Groats. Great! (found on a site linked to yesterday!) has heaps of links to online directories for many languages. Via Andrea's Weblog.
(English as a global language? To a certain extent, but generally among metropolitan elite-type people. For most people in the world, there's no point in learning English - not in South America, or China, or even in India. Maybe there is a trend away from regional dialects towards the 'official' language though - but the official tongue could be Spanish, Mandarin or Hindi rather than English, depending on where in the world you are. Having said that, English seems to be successful in some countries where it is more or less ethnically neutral - Malaysia for instance, or possibly South Africa).

Bush visits Europe; why isn't he visiting Britain, France or Germany? (To be fair, Putin's North American trip included Cuba and Canada, but not Washington. I suspect the reasons for that were slightly different though).
This should help him find his way round.
Bush renames Spanish PM from Aznar to 'Anzar'.

Only four people have applied to appear on Big Brother in Denmark.

'It seemed like a great idea: 15 of Ireland's most celebrated authors would write a round-robin novel for charity. But then they started killing off each other's creations.'

Australian birds mimic mobile phones to attract mates.

11th June
Visit the Thames Flood Barrier. While you're there, visited the London Cityscapes page.

Archaeologists find sunken Egyptian city.
Pantuns in English.
Footprints 'prove' existence of tiger in Cambridgeshire.
British badgers benefiting from global warming?
Rare toads hop home after 30 years.
Satellite snaps volcano eruption.
New evidence in extinction whodunnit. It was the humans who dunnit.
Identity appeal for Mr Nobody. Do you recognise this man?
Oldham rallies against extremists.

10th June
British Politics Pages. Good links section.
British politics since 1945. An Internet sourcebook.

Gorbachev launches TV talkshow career.
Yorkshire magistrate says he is a witch.

It's Prince Philip's birthday. Famous sayings of Prince Philip, living proof that good breeding does not equal good manners.
The First Twins. Unofficial, funny Bush twins website. Via Robot Wisdom.
Bush given idiot's guide to Europe.
The Middle Ages. Medieval portal (thanks, Fred).
Nasa aims to move Earth.
Oldham, capital of racial tension.

Recovering Earth? Danish statistician claims that the environment is actually getting better.

8th June
Archaeology Magazine.
Researchers find the first ridden horses.
Herodotus got it wrong when he accused Siberians of cannibalism?
Winston Churchill's homepage.

Labour wins general election with landslide majority of 167 (I guessed around 180 - not too bad). William Hague resigns.
Full election results.
Liberal Democrats gain seats.
The turnout was poor by British standards - around 58%, the lowest since 1918. Initial thoughts - Labour are now the party of the centre, which has pushed the Tories out to the right, giving Labour a huge majority. The Liberal Democrats have done well and found a niche to the left of Labour, but are still basically a middle class party. Some traditional working class Labour supporters who don't feel New Labour represents them might feel they have no one to vote for. The turnout was poorest in safe Labour seats.
I'm happy that Labour won, and also happy that the Liberal Democrats did quite well, but apathy/ alienation, especially in Labour areas, is worrying. Time to make voting compulsory?

7th June
Hello Kitty vs. Squirrel Rappy. Amusing game.

Two filched from GoodShit - Vietnam street scene and African-American cowboys.
Encyclopedia of the Marvellous, the Monstrous and the Grotesque.
Funny article by Matthew Parris about Thatcher campaigning in Northampton. Via Linkmachinego.
Movable webcam with nice views of London (from the UKbloggers mailing list).
Another birthday - Prince. Via BookNotes.
Stonehenge, the beginning of Camelot. Thanks, Fred.
The British Big Cat Society investigates claims of sightings of Alien Big Cats in the UK (such as the Surrey Puma, for instance).
The Girl Who Gave Birth to Rabbits. Something about the Rabbit Woman.
2001 : Destination Space. Link supplied by Fred.
Fossil reptile was champion chewer.

6th June
A virtual tour of the Baths of Caracalla. (Thanks Fred).

Who Do I Vote For?
My best guess - Labour majority of around 180, about the same as now. Lib Dems maybe gaining a few seats from the Tories. Overall, not much change from now.

World's largest flower opens. Watch it happen here.
Space mapmakers detect two faraway quasars.
Wart-curing well threatened by highway.

Today I discovered, rather belatedly, City Stories. I have enjoyed reading the tales of Other Places. Be sure to check out San Francisco Stories and Amsterdam Stories.
Along similar lines, take a look at Tokyo Tales.
The town which I live in has a number of claims to fame :-
- Tsar Peter the Great stayed overnight in one of the local pubs while he was travelling around Europe.
- The founder of the American state of Georgia was a local man.
- The senior radio operator of the Titanic also came from here. There is quite a memorial cloister to him in the park, because he bravely went down with the ship, still sending out 'SOS' messages.
- The town claims to have been the first in the world with electric street lighting, although I believe there is a rival claimant in the US.
- There is no McDonalds.
- The largest church in the town is thought to date back over 1000 years. It has some interesting Norman wall paintings.
- The last public hanging was in 1818.
- There is rumoured to be a 'Surrey Puma' which stalks the countryside.
- The founder of the Quakers, George Fox, preached in a local barn. The Quakers have close connections with the place, with their own burial ground. A local Quaker also owned the Mill House.
- Two buildings dedicated to the Victorian artists G.F. Watts are in the vicinity. The Watts Memorial Chapel is especially interesting, it is Arts and Crafts Movement-inspired (i.e. William Morris and co).
- It was the birthplace of a cricketer called Julius Caesar.
- The legendary 'Rabbit Woman' is reputed to have given birth to 18 rabbits here in 1726.
- The local MP is Virginia Bottomley, from whose name a number of amusing anagrams can be formed.
Read a bit about the place where I live here, something about the Quaker history of the town here, or look at the town's website.

1930's London tube map. Via Linkmachinego.
According to this quiz, I'm only 65 % British, boo hoo.

Dig for wartime girl's body resumed.

State of the Earth study launched.
Guardian Unlimited - 'Jeb Bush blamed for unfair Florida election.' 'Civil rights commission says minorities were disenfranchised by governor's 'gross dereliction' in ignoring problems.'

5th June
Food in Shakespeare's time. (Thanks Fred).

Spy Letters of the American Revolution. Via BookNotes.

StuffUMiss. A place for people away from 'home' to find things they miss. (Needs a UK section, though).

Conversations with History. Fascinating interviews with movers and shakers.
Nelson exhibition at the Mariners' Museum in Newport News, Virginia.
(The above two links were supplied by Fred).

Spiral galaxy stays young at heart, just like all the birthday boys (or embryos, as Craig would have it.

Thanks to all the nice people for their birthday wishes. I had a very pleasant day.
The Nutlog will be taking a hiatus for about three weeks in August. I am taking a much-needed holiday - to Malaysia, and to Sydney. I am very much looking forward to this.

In two days' time, there is a general election here in the UK. Voters across the UK will elect the new House of Commons, which consists of 659 MPs, each of whom represent a constituency of about 80,000 voters. Local council elections are taking place on the same day. People who take an interest in these things may find some of the links below of interest.
For news on the election, analysis, polls etc. check out coverage at the BBC and Guardian election pages. The Sun also sometimes comes up with amusing headlines.
There are three big parties standing - the Labour Party (who form the present government), the Conservatives (who formed the four governments prior to this one) and the Liberal Democrats (perennially the third party).
In Scotland and Wales, there is also the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru.
In addition, a number of smaller parties are fielding candidates. They include the Greens, the UK Independence Party, the Socialist Alliance, the Socialist Labour Party, the Liberal Party, and the Monster Raving Loony Party.
In Northern Ireland, the political parties are different. They include the Ulster Unionists, the SDLP, the DUP, Sinn Fein and the Alliance Party.
You could also Vote Nobody. encourages Labour and Lib Dem supporters in marginal seats to 'vote-swap', in order to defeat as many Tory candidates as possible.
Other interesting pressure groups online include Vote Environment 2001, Britain in Europe, Charter 88, Operation Black Vote and the Countryside Alliance.
United Kingdom Election Results. This site includes the results in every constituency in 1997, as well as general election results back to 1983, byelection results back to 1979, and European Parliament, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly results.
Ask Aristotle is Guardian Unlimited's political database, with information about constituencies, parties, candidates etc.
You can have your own Fantasy Election, as well.
A number of prominent politicians are leaving the House of Commons for various reasons. They include Edward Heath, Tony Benn, John Major, Michael Heseltine, Mo Mowlam, Paddy Ashdown and Ken Livingstone.
Finally, satirical sites (of which I've linked to before, but I thought it was a good idea to link them all in one place). Enjoy -
Am I Electable or Not?
Kiss the Baby.
Crouching Tony, Hidden Hague.
Prezza Prize Fighter.
Parliament Invaders.
Election Invaders.
Steve Bell's election diary.
One of Steve Bell's Thatcher/Hague cartoons.
A-Team election spoof.

4th June
Unrest as Nepal crowns new king.
Maoists waiting in the wings may seize on tragedy as cue for revolution.
Massacre in Nepal blamed on accident.
A friend at Eton : such a kind, gentle and popular man.
The feud that drove lovelorn prince to kill.

Craig - I'm 29.
Happy birthday to me.

A sad farewell to Zorba.
Anthony Quinn Page. Via Booknotes.

Ex-Speaker concerned over 'postal votes for dead' report.
Blair fails to see funny side of comedian's stunt, although Gordon Brown seemed unfazed.

3rd June
Salman Rushdie on his friendship with U2.

History and genealogy of the wealthy families of America. Via Fred.

Whose birthday is it tomorrow?

2nd June
Election links :-
Kiss the Baby.
Crouching Tony, Hidden Hague.
Prezza Prize Fighter. Punching game.
Parliament Invaders.

Nepal mourns slain king.
Nkosi Johnson's obituary in Guardian Unlimited.

Fred has once more supplied me with many good links :-
Hindu History from a humanist perspective.
The Battle of Waterloo.
Growing up in someone else's mess : facing environmental racism first hand. From Wiretap Mag.
Life in Elizabethan England : A Compendium of Common Knowledge. Includes a section on Elizabethan xenophobia.
The 1961 Observer article which launched Amnesty International.
Fossil children may harbour clues to humanity's origins.

1st June
'Dinosaur heaven' reveals wonders.
Lost Dad's Army shows found.
Nkosi Johnson has died. A force for change.
Encryption no protection against snooping.

World Organisation against Torture.
Atlantis - the lost continent finally found if this site is to be believed.
The two links above were onpassed by Fred.