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29th June
Michael Young - 'Down with meritocracy.' 'I have been sadly disappointed by my 1958 book, The Rise of the Meritocracy. I coined a word which has gone into general circulation, especially in the United States, and most recently found a prominent place in the speeches of Mr Blair. '
'The book was a satire meant to be a warning (which needless to say has not been heeded) against what might happen to Britain between 1958 and the imagined final revolt against the meritocracy in 2033. '
Life imitates art, again.
Guardian Unlimited - 'Satirical fiction is becoming Blair's reality.'
The Rise of the Meritocracy at

Derek Malcolm, Guardian film critic, on Jack Lemmon. 'Liberal who took on Hollywood.'

Because of Milosevic's arrest, I've been looking at B92 from Belgrade today.

Stalagmite has climate warning.
Hubble detects floating planets.
GM cats are a silly idea.
Napping US airport cargo loader ends up in Asia.

Soccer fans cheer teams, defying Taliban.

Reuters - 'Flocking to see the lucky lizard.' 'Residents of a Thai town are flocking to the home of a bereaved mother to touch and see a five-foot monitor lizard she says is a reincarnation of her 13-year-old son and a bringer of good fortune.' (With picture!)

Travel pictures of Great Britain. Thanks Fred.

Bad News : Noam Chomsky Archive.

28th June
Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard. A variation on an old favourite. Via Pop Culture Junk Mail.

Shakespeare's Sonnets.
Shakespeare's London.

RIP Jack Lemmon and Joan Sims.
The Odd Couple II.

Guardian Unlimited - 'Challenge to MI5 secrecy on personal files.' 'Information commissioner and MP contest ban on disclosure of security report .'

'A new satellite promises the best view yet of the afterglow of the Big Bang.' (New Scientist).
GM cats which don't provoke allergic reactions in humans? How about GM humans which don't provoke allergic reactions in cats???

27th June
RIP Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomins.
Moominworld. Moomin theme park.
Stamps of Tove Jansson I and II. Nice Moomin pictures.

A wobble in Mercury's orbit could have wiped out the dinosaurs, according to computer simulations.
Informal discussions on a compromise Kyoto Protocol have begun. 'With all EU countries likely to back the treaty in Bonn, US support is not essential, so long as Japan and Russia come on board. This is because ratification by at least 55 countries responsible for a total of 55 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions is sufficient for the treaty to come into force. ' (New Scientist).

BBC - 'Expert shakes up Nessie legend.' Geologist blames earthquakes for 'Loch Ness Monster'. Nice photo of the castle.
This story is also covered at the San Francisco Chronicle, with pictures!
The Loch Ness Monster Fan Club.
(Thanks to Fred and Connie).

Strange glows on Jupiter moon.
Mummy previously thought to have been 2600 years old may be a fake.
Flag protest aims to get US thinking.

Sacred Texts : Legends and Sagas. Texts of legends and sagas from many European and Middle Eastern cultures. Thanks, James. (Also added to the Sagas Portal.)
The Carlisle hoard of Roman armour is reckoned to be one of the most important Roman finds in Britain. Thanks, Fred.
The Independent's Hereford Cathedral Gallery. (Flash). (Thanks, Fred).

26th June
The Thylacine Museum, dedicated to the extinct tiger-like marsupial.

Scientists discover 'extinct' tree.
Bad-smelling vegetable to stop dogs fouling streets.

25th June
Please consider sending Tony Blair a virtual postcard telling him to drop the debt.
'So far, some of the richest countries, including the UK, have promised 100% cancellation of the debts they are owed by the poorest countries.'
'However the poorest countries still owe huge amounts to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. '
'The leaders of the richest countries (G8) have the power to instruct the IMF and the World Bank to drop 100% of the debt, which would free up money for desperately needed health care spending.'

Stone Pages. A guide to European megaliths.

Cats in Art - a Virtual Gallery. From antiquity to the 20th century.
History of Maneki Neko, the Japanese good luck cat.
Coffin of a Cat, 4th century BCE Egypt.
Impressionist Cats, Russian Cat at Lunch, and Hogarth's Cat. Part of the Catland Fine Arts Page.
Cat History.

Tennis balls to be recycled as homes for harvest mice.
Dolphin sighted in the Thames.
Missing cat haunts owner with meows from sewer.
Teachers told to 'take turns' at getting pregnant in Malaysia.

Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation : Western Civilisation Act II. An Internet book on the Medieval/Renaissance/Reformation World. Thanks, as ever, to Fred.

24th June
Visit the Wenlock Edge Inn. I ate here yesterday; good food.

Cooking with Bigfoot. Thanks Michele.

Russian History on the Web.

Guardian Unlimited's obituary of John Lee Hooker.
Boom Boom Room.
John Lee Hooker - the World's Greatest Blues Singer.

The St. Magnus Festival in Orkney sounds like it might be worth a visit. for things Orcadian.

Current changes could cool UK. Global warming could cause local cooling.

Was the book invented by a woman? Via Booknotes.

Natural History Magazine for the American Natural History Museum. Lots of good stuff here. Thanks Fred.

Forbes.Com : Billionaire Dynasties.
Guardian Unlimited - 'Kill the death penalty.' On the World Congress against the Death Penalty in Paris.

Which way to Bat Cave? Funny signs etc.

21st June
I'm taking a couple of days off - will probably next update Monday-ish!

Homicidal English monarchs obeyed evolutionary rule.
Astronomers reveal evidence of a monstrous black hole at the heart of a nearby galaxy.
'Serial guest' sneaks into hundreds of wedding photos.

Alternate History.

Eclipse pix.
For once, an interesting BBC Talking Point - refugees' stories.

The 24 Hour Museum. Thanks Fred.

20th June
The Battle of Hastings.

Definitely the funniest newspaper cover I've seen in yonks.

Trooper Clerks - Star Wars meets slacker movies.

Washington Post - 'Prescription for profit.' 'Few Americans appreciate the full scope and consequences of the pharmaceutical industry's hold on our health care system. Prescription drug costs are rising at an unsustainable rate -- 19 percent per year -- and will soon exceed payments to doctors as the largest item on the health bill after hospital costs.' Via Bushwacker.
(These people must be kept well away from the NHS, the Tube, the railways and the prisons, they're a menace).

A total solar eclipse tomorrow, and on a solstice too, woo!
Solar Eclipse 2001 in Zambia. Watch it all happen here.
2001 Total Solar Eclipse Webcasts.
These people travel the world to see solar eclipses; some good stories here.
Another eclipse enthusiast's homepage.
Why do clouds seem to part during total solar eclipses? The answer is here.

Colour-change mouse created.
Mynah bird tells wife of husband's affair.

What happens when a pianist's fingers stop working? He carries on, of course. (thanx, Fred).

Many world languages face extinction.

Ananova - 'George W. Bush calls Lancastrian pupils 'American'.' 'President Bush has made another gaffe by describing Lancashire schoolchildren in a letter he sent them as "young Americans".'

19th June
Prisoner of the Mountains. Great film.

The Psychedelic Sixties Home Page.

More 'feathered' dinosaurs found.
Conker trees given a stay of execution.

Mysterious Australia. Cryptozoology Down Under.
Gargoyles Then and Now. (thanks Fred).

Telegraph - 'US 'planned nuclear first strike on Russia'.'
World leaders 'should be tested for madness'.

18th June
The Rhubarb Compendium. All about this wondrous veg. Pictures too.

Exiled Bulgarian king wins election.

The British Library Newspaper Library. Odd title, but a great resource. Especially impressed to discover the following :-
British Comics Collection.
Football Programmes.
Dutch Underground Press 1940-45.
General Strike Newspapers 1926.
And on and on... Thanks Fred.

The Mongo Museum - Flash Gordon Collectibles. Via Reutellog.
Photos of kewpie dolls in amusing and unusual positions. Thanks, GMT+9.

Chinese man sentenced to three years in prison for cyber writings.
BBC defends Sharon documentary.

17th June
Jeanette Winterson official site.

Advertising Allah. Orientalist travel posters.

Archimedes rises still further in scholars' estimation. New manuscript-reading techniques shed a little light.

Dear SwamiDog... Psychic reading from a canine seer.
Visit the Voodoo Cultural Centre.

Foot-and-mouth just won't go away.
Staff can sue over company's secret toilet cameras.
'Skinny' prisoner may be hiding under jail's floorboards.

16th June
Jimmy Page voted 'Prime Minister of guitarists'.

One from Fred - the Robin Hood Project. Authors, artists etc.

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