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31st March
Booknotes, one of my favourite weblogs, is one year old today. Congratulations Craig.

Yesterday Land. Pop culture nostalgia. Lots of stuff here.

Can you write a text message poem of 160 characters or less?

Black hole excites astronomers.

BBC - 'Earth hit by solar storm.' 'Telecommunications may be disrupted briefly and the northerly night skies will shimmer red and green this weekend as intense storms rage on the sun, scientists say. '
Giant sunspot erupts.
Sunspots and the Solar Cycle. Informative website, this.

Leprosy genetic link found.
Cleopatra: thin or fat?

BBC - 'Palace ghost laid to rest.' The Haunted Gallery of Hampton Court Palace, supposedly haunted by Henry VIII's fifth wife, is really just a bit draughty.

BBC - 'Stand-off over Milosevic arrest.' 'Yugoslav riot police are laying siege to the residence of Slobodan Milosevic in an attempt to bring the former president to justice. '
B92, independent breaking news from Yugoslavia.

Burma to admit human rights expert.
The Free Burma Coalition.

An open letter to President Bush.
US facing climate isolation but Kyoto still likely to be ratified by the international community.
Independent - 'President George W. Bush, polluter of the free world.' As economic self-interest is the justification behind Bush's decision, is it time to start imposing 'eco-duties' to compensate for future economic, natural and human losses?

Guardian - 'Seven doctors have been murdered, now judges rule in favour of abortion hit list.' 'Anti-abortionists in the United States have won the right to publish on the internet what amounts to a hit list of doctors who provide terminations for pregnant women. '
One wonders whether the same judges would be willing to have their names and addresses published on the web by those who disagree with their judgements...

Gore Vidal - 'I am the perfect example of censorship in the United States.'

The London Underground has seen its billionth passenger.

Nonharmful. A daily medical weblog. Thanks for linking to the Nutlog.

29th March
BBspot - 'Linux kernel delayed by Microsoft's army of evil monkeys.''s Japanese to English translator. Via Totally Useless.

Noam Chomsky resources on the web. Part of the Robot Wisdom site.

Taliban kills Buddha but Buddha goes down laughing. An essay about permanence and impermanence.

BBC - ' 'Piltdown' bird forgery explained.' 'High-tech scans of a forged fossil once hailed as a "missing link" between birds and dinosaurs have shed light on its murky origins. '
'Scientists believe that the fake, known as Archaeoraptor, is a mosaic built from at least two, and possibly five, separate specimens. '

Ancient tree rings give climate clues.

Anger at US climate retreat. The Bush administration has announced that it will not implement the Kyoto treaty on global warming.

Carnivorous plants. Via Reutellog.

No updates until the weekend at the earliest - I'm off partying.

28th March
The History of Crop Circles. Via Reutellog.

New Scientist on some really big dinosaurs.

Times - 'Wreck shows Odyssey may not be myth.'

Reuters - 'Black stains sow fear, fuel theories.' 'Venezuelan police are investigating mysterious black stains fouling the streets of the capital, which have spawned conspiracy theories and have some drivers fearing for their lives.'

Reuters - 'Church grabs spotlight with book burning.' 'The Rev. George Bender says he never thought a little book burning would get so much publicity.'

27th March
Let Me Stay For a Day.

Dialogue among Civilisations through Poetry. To mark the UN Year of Dialogue among Civilisations, poetry readings in 100 locations, including Antarctica and Mount Everest.

The Solresol Page. All about a fascinating artificial language, based on music. Imagine a language which consists of musical notes, with sentences that are also musical compositions - that's Solresol.
'Solresol was developed by Jean François Sudre (1787-1864) beginning in 1817 and running past his death (courtesy of posthumous publication) to 1866. Solresol is important to the history of constructed languages (particularly interlanguages) on several grounds: it was the first artificial language to get beyond the project stage and to be taken seriously as an interlanguage, and it also pioneered certain ideas that have only recently been rediscovered. It is also the first and only musically-based interlanguage --or at least, the only one to make any headway.'

English-Solresol minidictionary.

The Solresol Revival Project, including a synopsis of the language.

Some very silly poetry.

MSNBC/Reuters - 'Arkansas revives evolution debate.' Legislative panel recommends banning theory from textbooks.
Ananova - 'US church burns 'paranormal' Harry Potter books.'
Telegraph - 'Saudi fatwa against Pokemon.'

Boston Globe - 'In China, strange bronze heads rewrite history.'
CNN - 'Could Texas dig hold clues to North America's first-comers?'

26th March
Have a go at being a cabbage; purple cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprout, cauliflower, the choice is yours.
The Society of Ley Hunters.
Evolution of alphabets. Via Reutellog.

25th March
Movie Mistakes.

Man plunges over cliff on lawnmower.
Woman a no-show at her own funeral.
Sri Lankan organisation to build replicas of Bamiyan Buddhas.
Hollywood honours its worst with the Razzie awards.
Lab mice which changed sex could help to explain human sex switches.
New Scientist on Mir.
The last twelve months have been the wettest year in Britain since 1766.

Observer - 'Virus alert ignored for three years.'
The UK's foot and mouth epidemic could become ten times greater.

23rd March
The House at the Bridge. 'A 19th-century villa stands mere meters from the Berlin Wall and the Glienicke Bridge - the "Bridge of Spies". Katie Hafner uses the villa and the lives of its diverse inhabitants as a mirror to reflect the history of modern Germany.... '
A real find, IMHO.

A sad farewell to William Hanna of Hanna-Barbera.
Scooby Doo.
Wacky Races Web.

Swarms of dead stars could explain 'dark matter'.
Secondhand husband 'sold' for US$516.
Woman detained after vampire assaults.
16th century painting restored.

Mir falls to Earth.
Mir Space Station - home page.
Newswire photo of Mir aflame in the sky above Fiji.

Salon interviews Norman Juster, who wrote 'The Phantom Tollbooth'.

New Statesman on the Japanese far right.

New Scientist on Viking immigration to Scotland.
New Scientist on the Netherlands' foot and mouth vaccinations.

Computer for sale. See 22/3/01 post for details.

22nd March
Gurner of the Month. Via Bifurcated Rivets.

Robot to counsel families.

Edward Heath and Tony Benn discuss 50 years in Parliament.

New hominid discovered in Kenya.

World warned on water refugees.

Flock of sheep infected with mad cow disease?

Teletubbies to release keep-fit video.

21st March
Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The revival of the ancient Library of Alexandria.

Nice picture of a hare searching for food in a wintry English field.

16th century chronicle of the strange rediscovered.

University buries books to cut costs.

Woodland watch goes on the web.
The Woodland Trust.

20th March
The Philosophy Cafe.

Ancient Scripts of the World. Via Reutellog.

Iraq celebrates 5000 years of the written word.

Rivers discovered beneath Antarctic glacier.

19th March
Schizophrenia 'helped the ascent of Man'.

Salon on anglophilia in American suburbia. Canterberry?

German armed forces ban MS software, citing NSA snooping.

18th March
Records of Great Yokozuna and Great Rikishi. Try as they might, it was a rare sumo wrestler indeed who could beat Chiyonofuji.

Crowds flock to Garden of Eden.

17th March
This is great. The science fiction writer Jane Palmer now has her own website, with sample chapters. Some of these books are out of print (I picked up my copies in secondhand bookshops), so it's good to see a presence on the Web. I really enjoyed these books - quirky, funny and humane.

16th March
It's Red Nose Day. Perform good deeds, it's important.

Despite the best efforts of the Taliban, Kabul Museum lives on, on the Web.

Million sheep to die to reopen countryside.

The Central European Review on a parable masquerading as a children's story, as all the best parables do.

Chicago Jazz Archive.
Stamps of Independent Tibet.
The Bestiary. An encyclopedia of fabulous beasts. Thanks Reutellog.
Piety Online. Thanks to Bifurcated Rivets.

Primate roots of red-green vision.
I wonder what it would be like to live in Loving County, Texas, population 67.
No prosecution over nude photos of the photographer's children in the the Saatchi Gallery.
The God's Army twins Johnny and Luther Htoo have been reunited with their mother.
Okinawans told to stay at home during Mir flight.

Ken Livingstone on the Paris mayoral election.
Oil firms stoke up Sudan war, according to Christian Aid.

15th March
205,000 animals condemned for slaughter.

14th March
The Megalith Map. A resource for finding any stone circle or stone row in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Cheers to Reutellog.

A very 50th happy birthday to Dennis the Menace, my role model in so many ways.
Dennis the Menace fanpage.

Apparently, I am 'very quirkyalone', scoring 110 on this test. Are you?

Happy Hour. The quirky, fab, puddle flower art of Yoshitomo Nara. Cheers GMT+9.

13th March
Active volcanoes on Mars?

Couple and 53 stray cats return.

The Eden Project in Cornwall, a living theatre of plants and people.

Guardian Unlimited on the Eden Project. 'Nothing quite like the Eden Project has been seen this side of Quatermass and It Came From Outer Space. Here is the biggest, oddest greenhouse ever - a mass of steel-framed bubbles moulded into the hollow of a former china-clay pit. '

12th March
TruthOrFiction.Com. Use this site to check if a story is true, or just an urban legend.

The lighthouse and the aircraft carrier - truth or fiction?

Cheese.Com. Everything cheesy is here.

The lighthouse makes the rules. Which is as it should be.

11th March
Giant Buddha statues blown up.

The Observer interviews Shane MacGowan.

Be nice to retail workers.

Gnome Web.

9th March
Another busy weekend ahead, so updates might be a bit sparse.

Because of the Crufts dog show being postponed due to foot and mouth disease in the UK, will be running its own alternative dog show online.

The My Lai Peace Park Project. An excellent initiative by US war veterans...

Free Anwar Ibrahim.

Fantasy Budget. Have a go at running (or destroying) the British economy. This was my effort. Cheers to NoLondon.

Latin and Greek authors on the Web. Via Reutellog.

Sporty Spice to pull out of Spice Girls.

Reuters - 'Economic crisis is driving people insane.' 'Indonesia's long and brutal economic crisis is sending increasing numbers of people living in the capital insane, a local newspaper said on Friday. '
' ``The number of psychotic people in Jakarta has almost tripled since the crisis,'' the Kompas daily quoted Endang W. Dunga, head of the city's social services office, as saying.'

Reuters - 'Paper snake slithers toward world record.' 'Origami enthusiasts in Singapore hope to fold their way into the Guinness Book of World Records with the longest paper snake ever made.'

Reuters - 'China officially blames school blast on 'psycho'.' Not everyone agrees.
'However, local officials in Wanzai county told Reuters it was no secret that schools in the area made firecrackers to make ends meet as a result of cutbacks in central funding for education.'

S. Africa HIV carriers slam drug firms.

Parachute accident mars coleslaw wrestling.

8th March
An empty website.

Surrey school suspends sixty boys for swearing.

Kiwi is exposed as an Australian cuckoo.

Stop the Taliban War Against Women Petition. Via Reutellog.

Machu Picchu 'in danger of collapse'.

Five million Britons live in absolute poverty.
'This outbreak is going to last a long time.' Guardian Unlimited special report on foot-and-mouth.
Pinochet murder charges dropped.

Vegetarian gets $215 for bone in plane meal.
Eunuchs to strut their stuff for 'Ms World' crown.
Voyeur faces up to 10 years in jail.

7th March
Bilingual immigrants recall childhood memories better in mother tongue.

The stream-of-consciousness website.

Mutant bacteria next threat from Russia's Mir.

Reuters - 'Say good-bye to an unlikely Internet star.' Cambridge University's coffee cam is to retire, after eight years online.
The Cambridge Coffee Cam!

6th March
Looking for 'Searching for the God within' on yields the Nutlog in the number one position. Well, great. :)

Tony and Charlotte's stick insect page.

Taliban halts shelling of Buddhas to mark holiday.
Fate of ancient statues in balance as talks with Taliban continue.

Dartmoor case raises 'nightmare scenario'. More on the foot and mouth outbreak.

Cambodia crowns transvestite beauty queen.
Sex change deputy won't have to change job.

Feline Transfer Protocol has retired; see Sydneyscope. My greatest sympathy to you, Miss Helen...

5th March
Street Food Around the World. Most informative. Good set of links too (thought not all of them work) - check out the Custard List, the history of the coffee street vendor, and the Japanese Pizza Page.
The same person also does a page about street performers around the world.

4th March
LearnNothing.Com. The only online CE course provider that uses rare typing monkeys for course development!

Hi there, Totally Useless. Thanks for the link.

Voyager's greetings to the Universe.

Take this test to find out whether or not you are a clone.

Observer - 'Idols are reduced to rubble.'
Observer - 'Gorillas face doom at gunpoint.'
The Observer interviews Michael Foot.

3rd March
CircleMakers.Org. Home of England's crop circle makers.

HungerStrike.Com has three fasting coaches, who can be consulted for hunger strike advice.

New Statesman - 'Tell the truth about food.' 'What is it about modern life that turns things our ancestors would have regarded with relative equanimity into national crises? In the 19th and early 20th centuries, outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease - which does not actually kill animals, much less humans - occurred almost annually. Politicians did not then call emergency meetings, nor did various bossy-boots tell everybody to stay at home. So what has changed? ..... '

The Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm believes that democracy can be bad for you. Or at any rate, the wrong kind of democracy.

The Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, on the other hand, believes that globalisation is good.

2nd March
Mr. T vs. George W. Bush. Via Linkmachinego.
SausageNet. Cult and classic British television.
Ireland calls off St Patrick's Day celebrations due to fears over foot-and-mouth disease.
Taliban say destruction of pre-Islamic monuments has begun.
Zimbabwe settles with defiant judge.
A study of the Earth's magnetic field suggests that dinosaurs may have seen brilliant coloured lights in the sky. This was due to the Earth's magnetic field interacting with particles streaming from the Sun - the same process which causes the aurora borealis and aurora australis, except the magnetic field was three times stronger then.
No space rocks in York. It was a power cable explosion.

1st March
Carnival photos. Via the Web Today.
Superhero Generator. Via Reutellog via
Pulp Culture. All about old sci-fi mags. Via Reutellog.

Purabudaya. 'Exploring the arts of Asia, Africa and the Pacific.' A veritable treasure trove.

BBC - 'Bard 'used drugs for inspiration'.' Well, maybe. 'Scientists in South Africa have uncovered evidence that Shakespeare might have been a cannabis user who took the drug as a source of inspiration. '
Related site :- Shakespeare.Com is well worth a look.
Related site #2 :- AllShakespeare.Com, home of the Shakespeare Dispatch, a Shakespearean weblog. Thanks, Alex.

BBC - 'Ice volcanoes resurface Jupiter moon.' 'Jupiter's major moon, Ganymede, may be being resurfaced by water seeping on to its surface from the satellite's interior. '
BBC - 'Fossil fish in Chinese tale.' 'Ancestors of the first fish that crawled on to land, giving rise to back-boned animals and eventually humans, probably arose in China, scientists said on Wednesday. '
New Scientist - 'Solar sailing.' 'The first craft to be blown by the Sun's light could be in space by the year's end.'
New Scientist - 'Starry, starry night.' 'Astronomers pinpoint when Van Gogh painted "White House at Night" to the hour, thanks to Venus.'
New Scientist - 'NEAR the end.' 'The first spacecraft to land on an asteroid finally loses touch with Earth.'
BBC - 'Space rock falls on York.'

Taliban smash ancient statues.
The Buddhas of Bamiyan discusses the history of the giant Buddhas.
Afghan.Org is an interesting and attractive site about all things from Afghanistan, both cultural and political.

Guardian Unlimited on social and technological complexity.

Reuters - 'Sex-change deputy to break new ground.'

BBC - 'Can money stop an earthquake?' Contrasting the fairly light cost of the Seattle earthquake with the horrendous death toll in Gujarat.
BBC - 'Zimbabwe judge defies deadline.'
BBC - 'Witnesses to Borneo's killings.'