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31st May
Skyscrapers turn out lights to save migrating birds.

Guardian Unlimited - 'When Honor met Chucky in a spirit of pushy galore.' Charles Kennedy's encounter with Honor Blackman (of the Avengers).

Arctic 'getting greener'.

FBI files on famous people. Josephine Baker - 359 pages. Albert Einstein - 1427 pages. Eleanor Roosevelt - 3271 pages. Etc.
NativeWeb Resources. Resources for indigenous cultures around the world.
Consolidation for Social Awareness and Responsibility. Advocacy for homeless people.
Hairstyles of the Elizabethan Period.
Unwrapped : The mysterious world of mummies.
'The Etruscans' : Reopening the case of the mute civilization. (NY Times requires free registration).
The above handful of links gleaned by Fred.

30th May
Guardian Unlimited - 'Stones that could be Britain's pyramids.' Historian claims ancient Britons more advanced than previously thought.

The Immigration Index. Facts, figures, resources, etc.

History Central Catalogue. This is huge. I will explore soon!
The History Net. Particularly strong on American and military history, but covers other subjects too. If you are so inclined, check out the page on Coventry, a much-maligned Midlands city where I lived for a couple of years.
Biblical Archaeology is another very comprehensive and scholarly resource. It comes very much from a particular religious point of view, but studiously avoids obnoxiousness.

The above handful of links were supplied by that chronicler of the web, Fred Lapides.

Review of new Henry VIII book. Via Robot Wisdom.

Akhet Egyptology. Thanks, Fred.

Server problems today, so if you can see this, congratulations.

Egyptian hieroglyphics in Oz?? Via Reutellog.

Liberated Party's campaign begins.

National Blonde Day. Via the View from Here.

Peace activist found guilty of flag attack. 'A veteran peace activist was yesterday found guilty of distressing several American airmen by waving and standing on a defaced Stars and Stripes flag.' Via the View from Here.
An earlier news story about the same thing. (This reminds me a bit of the time when there was an offence called 'insulting words' (or something very similar) which was, naturally, used as a catch-all excuse to hassle the awkward squad).

US bars Henry Kissinger from a French investigation into the disappearance of French citizens in Chile, under the Pinochet regime.
The case against Kissinger. Via Guardian Weblog.

29th May
Champion mosquito squashers can win donkeys.
Wedding congregations asked to sing 'ding' and 'dong' due to shortage of bellringers.
Japan admits 'basically forcing' lepers to have abortions.
A perilous, 4,000 mile passage to work from Mexico to Long Island. Migrants' tales. Via Fred.
First 'Monkey Man' - now villagers panic over 'Bear Man'.

Email users warned over spy network. Euro-MPs advise people to encrypt sensitive emails to avoid being spied on by the Echelon network.

28th May
The London Review of Books reviews the Tiananmen Papers. A tragic story. Via Arts & Letters Daily.
An argument for online linguistic turmoil. It's just more interesting.
2000 year old Buddhist site discovered in India. Via Reutellog.
Lost city of the Incas discovered? Via Reutellog.
Steve Bell's cartoon on Bush's predicament. Via Linkmachinego.
Pavement Terror.
The Great Canadian Grape Race.
Tortoise comes back from the dead.

27th May
Hoho. Via Swallowing Tacks.

Riots in Oldham. Darcus Howe gives his view on the events he predicted.

Happy birthday, Craig.

It's time for the Hay-on-Wye festival.

'Oldest dinosaur' fossil discovery.
Thor Heyerdahl thinks Odin may have been based on a real king from southern Russia.
Llamas taught to be golf caddies.

25th May
No updates tomorrow - I'm seeing a visitor off at the airport. Back Sunday, or maybe Monday.

Amnesty International is 40.

No face on Mars after all.
Fossil hints at mammal evolution. Was a tiny-shrew like animal from the Jurassic period the ancestor of modern mammals? Its skull was only 12 mm. across!

What's your hobbit name?

Election stuff :-
Steve Bell's election diary. More groovy cartoons.
Guardian Unlimited - 'Disaffection holds sway despite 27,000 majority.' The election as seen from Liverpool Walton, one of Britain's most depressed areas.
Ann Widdecombe, gay icon??
William Hague garden gnomes seem to be doing well.
Internet game offers chance to chuck eggs at Prescott.

The Official Miles Davis Website. Via Booknotes.

The new UK Big Brother housemates.
I saw UK Survivor last night and couldn't really get into it; maybe it just seems a bit over the top, maybe it's to do with not being able to identify with the contestants.
Just in case anyone doesn't know, Claire and Tom from last year's Big Brother show are having a baby.

Guardian Unlimited - 'Same broom, different backyard'. To me, as an outsider, this is an interesting piece on the Vermont background to Senator Jeffords' defection.

Court overturns ban on 'Gone with the Wind' parody.

Another good UK weblog -

The End of the Whole Mess. I just hope that time heals all of the victims, and that everyone can learn something, even the guilty party.

24th May
Straphangers looks like a Noo Yawk version of TubeHell. Both are very good.
Going Underground. Tube tales.
I heard somewhere that there were rumoured to be haunted MRT stations in Singapore. Anyone know anything about this?
MetroPlanet. Metro and Underground stations around the world. Interesting, useful and very comprehensive.
The Pyongyang Metro. A fascinating, unofficial page about the North Korean capital's network.
The Underground Dream. A great page about the Moscow Metro.
The Legend of the Tokyo Subway.
Abandoned Subway stations of New York.
Closed Paris Metro stations.

Bush loses control of Senate.
New world rivals Pluto.
Another amusing Thatcher/Hague cartoon by Steve Bell.
Planting forests will not save the planet, according to new research.
First blueprint for extending the Internet to other planets published.
'Klingon bandit' sought by police.
Japan to compensate stigmatised lepers.
A promise of peace in Sierra Leone.

23rd May
Britain's most aggressive candidate. Via Linkmachinego.
Steve Bell cartoon on Lady Thatcher. Is she Labour's secret weapon?

Are the Republicans about to lose control of the US Senate? Washington Post article on the possible defection of a moderate.

Kaycee hoax links.

The Life and Death of a False Warrior. Via Rebecca's Pocket.

Giant lava lake found.
Shamans set up a code of ethics to fight shams.
Big cat sightings in Gloucestershire. Via Fortean Times.
A 15-legged frog. Via Fortean Times.
Outrage at Taleban's Hindu dress code.
Tibet.Com on the Dalai Lama's visit to Washington.
Tibet : Proving truth from facts.

22nd May
ET appears in garden fence.
Astronomers reach the 'edge' of Universe.
Great apes in peril.
UNESCO books online. Via Wood S Lot.
Agent Orange still with us, and, tragically, may be getting worse. Via Fred.

Monkey-man hysteria rages unabated in Indian capital.

I'm sure it's been said before, but Steve Bell, cartoonist, is a National Treasure.
Pick a political penpal out of the three main British party leaders, and receive a satirical email update every day.

Matoox. You think it, they say it on your behalf. Devilishly funny. Via Metafilter.

What kind of cat are you? I'm a Purrrsian. Via Pop Culture Junk Mail.

Bush's energy plan aimed at punishing California???
Japanese professor recalls his former student, Bush, and isn't very complimentary. '"I told him then, 'You could become a fraternity president but not a CEO,"' the Japanese professor said. ' Goes on to talk about kleptocracy in Japan. People like this should be in government, really. Via Bushwacker.

Yo, Tanquelogue, thanks for the link. A very fine weblog you have.

The Kaycee FAQ. The story unfolds.
An article on Munchausen by Internet. Via Metafilter.
The Kaycee hoax Yahoo group.

21st May
Daily election coverage :-
A-Team election spoof.
The Monster Raving Loony Party begins campaigning. Like the cat.
Catatonia want Prescott egg-thrower to star in video.
'Bouncers' to ensure Hague protesters can womble free.

Taliban orders Hindus to wear yellow cloth.

Guardian Unlimited Special Report : Refugees in Britain. Excellent.

Nkosi Johnson is eleven, South African, and dying from Aids - a real person who deserves compassion. Compassion is a good thing, but it should be given to the right people; the world's just too big to save otherwise. This is one reason why I'm annoyed at you-know-what (but I'll get over it).
BBC : Aids in Africa.

Disappearing island pops up again off Trinidad.

A page full of Nietzsche links.

Primary pupils found playing football with live grenade.
Woman pays rail fare 51 years after dodging payment.

Police say India's monkey man imaginary. Well, there's a turn-up.
Hindustan Times - 'Monkey-man phenomenon: a case of mass delusion.'
FWIW, this page is authored by a real person, but as it's not really about me anyway, would it matter?

Arrests reduce number of Monkey Man sightings.

I'm very sorry for the people who were emotionally involved with 'Kaycee', and were victims of Debbie's deceit. I'm angry at the long-term damage caused by Debbie's actions. I'm also curious as to what the truth really is...and whether she is likely to do something like it again. And, as someone else posted, what on earth did she do with all those Christmas cards?! Awaiting developments.
More here.

20th May
I only just found out that R.K. Narayan passed away a few days ago.
Pole-sitting competition opens in Germany.
Psychiatrist says monkey man mystery is like penis panic.
Explorers comb Cuban seas for treasure, mysteries. Via Fred.


18th May
Be Aware, a brand new political party. Read their manifesto, which includes policies such as teaching farm animals to talk and sending Ronnie Biggs back in time.

The Landover Baptist Church, a religious spoof.

No truth in White House vandal scandal, GSA reports. Via Bushwacker.

(Note to self :- I need to write something about the Drune, which I read some time ago).

Haiku Movie Reviews.

Sun key to Mayan mystery?
Scientists produce test-tube horses.
Science academies back Kyoto.

17th May
Scientist studies bizarre mammals. Via Fred.

Fantasy Election 2001.
John Prescott's punch-up in pictures.
William Hague, the naturist.
John Prescott, the estate agent.

Police suspect 'monkey-man' is alien or remote-controlled robot.

New Scientist - 'Shotgun wedding'. 'Celera, the company which shared the glory for sequencing the human genome faces claims that its data may be riddled with errors .'
New Scientist - 'Blowing bubbles'. 'A young star has performed the remarkable trick of puffing out a spherical cloud of gas .'
New Scientist - 'Immortalised in stone'. 'Humorist Douglas Adams is gone, but the hero of his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy lives on, as the name of asteroid 18610 Arthurdent. '

Allies plan to ease Iraqi sanctions.
EU condemned over planned 'snoop laws'.

16th May
Kaycee has passed on. My condolences to all her family and friends.
Remembering Kaycee.
Living Colours.

Seed search finds vanished plants.
Mystery force tugs distant probes.
'Fossil fish' hits the web.

Richard Dawkins remembers Douglas Adams.

Give debt relief to Africa.
Emily Dickinson Random Epigram Machine.
Photos of the Eden Project.
The three links above via wood s lot.

Election Invaders.
Jeb Bush : the story in links.
Weblog Universe collapses. Via Linkmachinego.

Fred's new log. Lots of good stuff here...
Hi there Shikencho and thanks for the link.
The same to you, Nimrods.

15th May
How to tell if you're English. A certain kind of English person, anyhow. (Like the author of this page, I am an English person who likes the French).
How to tell if you're American, French, Brazilian, Scottish. Dutch, German, Japanese, Kiwi, or Indian.
A Canadian family claims to own a portrait of Shakespeare.
CJD scientists warn of 'second wave'.
More power to Martin Bell and his white suit.
Teetotaller tests positive for alcohol.
Lawyer uses hair to scare rabbits.
Godiva clue from stained glass shards.
A panther loose in New South Wales? Via Fortean Times.
A ghost in a Texas university library? Via Fortean Times.
NY Times - 'In ruin, symbols on a stone hint at lost Asian culture.' (NY Times requires free registration). Via Reutellog.
Princess Masako is pregnant.

14th May
Whatever happened to the Millennium Dome?
Angler's canoe capsized by giant trout.
Doctors seek way to measure evil. Via Robot Wisdom.
The Forensic Panel.

13th May
China to build world's biggest statue of Bodhisattva. This would be taller than the statue of Maitreya being built in India. This is all very well, but I'm not sure what it says about the Chinese government's understanding of the concept of impermanence. No statue could replace the Karmapa.
BuddhaNet : Buddhist Information Network.

Levellers and Diggers during the English Revolution. The compleat story is here. The Levellers supported political reforms such as the extension of the right to vote and individual rights; the Diggers were religious pacifists who supported the abolition of private land ownership, and set up a number of Digger colonies to achieve this.
Yesterday was Levellers' Day. This is celebrated at Burford in Oxfordshire, where Oliver Cromwell's troops shot three Levellers outside Burford Church, a rather interesting old Norman church.
A rather good Diggers and Levellers links page.
Tony Benn - 'Set my people free.' 'Their cry was Power to the People; they demanded free schools and hospitals for all - 350 years ago. They were the Levellers, and, despite attempts to airbrush them from history, they are an inspiration, especially in the current election.'
Burford Church. I saw this last year, when I was capering around the Cotswolds.

Stephen Fry pays tribute to Douglas Adams.
A sad farewell also to Perry Como.

The George W. Bush map of the world. Via Reutellog. This reminds me of a 'Tory map of the world' which was featured in a Spitting Image book quite a few years back, which showed the Falklands taking up most of the Atlantic Ocean and Gibraltar larger than Spain. LOL.

11th May
Burma - Grace Under Pressure. Via Swallowing Tacks.

Lukelog is one year old today; congratulations.

BBC - 'Boost for 'Out of Africa' theory.'
Times - 'Big cat paw prints give life to the mystery of Bodmin Moor.'
Ananova - 'I was haunted by volcano goddess, says sand snatcher.'
Hindustan Times - 'No let-up in monkey-man's menace.'
Face-like object spotted on Mars.

Am I Electable Or Not? Pick your favourites here and choose the fantasy cabinet, plus lost deposits.

Norse Legends Reference Pages. From the man behind My First Presidentiary.

10th May
Star eats planet. Via Reutellog.

Did climate change cause human evolution?

The Bush Wacker whacks Bush.

The Institute for Psychohistory. 'Psychohistory , the science of historical motivation, combines the insights of psychotherapy with the research methodology of the social sciences to understand the emotional origin of the social and political behavior of groups and nations, past and present.'

Strange Science : The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology.

Unsatisfactory Software, includes Advanced Lawnmower Simulator.

Where's George? The Great American Dollar Bill Locator.

8th May
Spinon. Election satire for the Neighbours generation. Brilliant.

Sunday Times - 'He's been getting away with it all his life.' Profile of Ronnie Biggs. Via Linkmachinego.
The Sun newspaper flies Ronnie Biggs home.
Ronnie Biggs' Official Web Site.

General election called in Britain. See Guardian Unlimited's election pages for unparallelled links and commentary.
'Are you our new headmaster?'
'This is why they call me the Vicar of St. Albions.'

7th May
The Gumshoe Site.
Tokyo police hunt killer disguised as panda.

6th May
Observer - 'Schama's TV trial of 'war criminal' Cromwell.'
Irish Times guide to the League of Gentlemen. Via Robot Wisdom.
A pictorial history of Rottingdean. An ancient name for an ancient village, home to a local shop for local people (as featured in the Irish Times article linked above).
Royston Vasey, home of the League of Gentlemen.

4th May
Seattle Times - 'Historic find to revise African history.' West Africa had literate civilisations. Via wood s lot. (This isn't actually a new discovery at all, however it's a fact that's not very widely publicised).
West African Kingdoms. From the BBC's Story of Africa site. (Linked to before, but it's so good I'll link to it again).

Fun, and therefore important -
New kind of Roman armour found in Carlisle.
The Secret Diary of Tony Blair, PM, aged 47 and 9/10ths.
The Surrealist Link. You -are- the most violent gearstick. Goodbye! Via Linkmachinego, among others!
Sumo Sumo. Sumo site run by a real life rikishi from the UK (and called Syd).
Montreal Gazette - 'The great teddy bear turn-in.' 'Teddy bears will be turned over to police in several Canadian cities tomorrow by protesters who will confess that they, and not detained activist Jaggi Singh, were behind the stuffed-animal-lobbing catapult at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City. '
-I- am Spartacus!

Not so fun, but important anyway -
Foreign Policy tries to measure the extent of globalisation in different countries.
Guardian Unlimited - 'Stopping the Clinton cringe.' 'The Democrats are finally hitting back over son of star wars. Now the EU needs to follow its lead, says Martin Kettle.'

3rd May
Student's suit to add insults to thesis is denied.

Vintage Circus Postcards. Via Junklog.

Bad Haiku. Really bad! Via Single Blend.

A sad farewell to Donald Garrow. (Never heard of him? Read on...)

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is running a Plutonium Memorial Contest.
'Basically, we want to create a memorial to plutonium, that nasty substance that stays radioactive for thousands of years, can be made into nuclear bombs, and is deadly if ingested. But hiding it away, as conventional notions dictate, will prevent the world from learning anything from its folly.'

Sun poll predicts Blair landslide. Labour 50 %, Tories 33 %, Lib Dems 13 %, the rest 5 %. Labour majority around 230, all things being even, which they never are.

It's 10 pm and I just got back home, having left for work at 7 am this morning. The trip took three hours either way (normally it takes an hour or so). On the way into work I managed to catch a train which meandered across pristine Surrey countryside, which was very pleasant, and then across some grotty bits of Sarf London, which made an interesting contrast (some interesting graffiti though). The way home included a very crammed tube ride across Central London, a stroll past the House of Parliament when it all got too much, the Gatwick Express, and another slow train ride north from the airport, back home. All in all, I'm quite pleased to have completed this epic journey, which took me through places I'd either never been to before, or used to live in and could gaze upon nostalgically from the train window (i.e. Sarf London). I'm glad I brought a book though.

2nd May
I'm 44 % ageing hypocrite. Being linked to all over the place.

I probably won't be able to update tomorrow. There is a train strike and I can't predict what hours I'll be keeping.

Bill Wyman offers the Popstars some helpful advice.
Man to push potato over Humber Bridge with his nose.
Nice picture of a ring of gas expanding from a red giant.

Sacred rocks and Buddhist caves in Thailand. Via wood s lot.
Irish literature, mythology, folklore and drama. Lots of really good stuff here. Also via wood s lot.

Guardian Unlimited on the good side of global. This is an interesting article. According to one study, apart from arch-capitalist Singapore, the most globalised countries in the world are western European countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland and Austria - basically capitalist countries but with relatively strong social safety nets and civic cultures. Maybe the economic arguments for the free market model, which also carries a high social and ecological cost, aren't so good after all. (Or maybe the kind of globalisation which includes common human values and human contacts is not the same as the kind of globalisation which includes multinationals).
'Someone should tell Tony Blair and Gordon Brown that they too can have free trade and investment and social security. Foreign Policy comments "the fact that Sweden, Finland and the rest of Scandinavia have been able to nurture fast moving technological developments with lumbering regulatory and tax regimes offers an unexpected contradiction". But only to Americans and Mr Blair's advisers. '
(It should, however, be noted that the index was compiled in collaboration with a consultancy which is owned by EDS).

1st May
Historic lunar impact questioned.
Woman moves threatened sheep into lounge.

The Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics, just in case you haven't seen it before.

Kandinsky postcards. Via Bleu Blog.

Weblogger walks across London.
German webloggers visit England. Nice pictures of Dartmoor ; it's a pity you couldn't walk around. There are a lot of interesting rock formations on Dartmoor, as well as wild animals and stone circles, and pretty little villages and churches, of course.

The trip into work today was a real pleasure - half-empty train carriages during rush hour! And all, of course, because of the demonstrations in London.
Globalisation : for and against. I have mixed feelings on the issue. This correspondence summarises the pros and cons rather well, I think.
There are historical reasons why things have happened the way they have, and there are both positive and negative aspects. To quote Zhou Enlai's reply when he was asked what he thought about the French Revolution, 'It's too soon to tell.'. The same could be said of the Russian Revolution, or the British Empire (19th century globalisation), or any major historical process or event.

Power Rangers join Japan demonstrations.
What kind of a protester are you?
May Day protests around the world.
The May Day Monopoly website.
Freakles may be interested to know that the 'Old Bacon Factory' featured in the link above was actually just around the corner from the fly-by-nighters she worked for when she was in London. We walked past a couple of times and thought that the food cans in the window were evidence that the apparently abandoned building had been taken over and used as a squat. Well, in a sense, we were right!
(By the way, get in touch pleeze).

Banner Slogan of the Day :- 'Overthrow capitalism and replace it with something nice.'