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29th November
'More than Human' has been my most recent literary nourishment.

This page will next be updated on Tuesday next week. Hopefully there's enough to look at here until then - enjoy the links.
Don't forget to check out Link and Think for World Aids Day. Here's a list of participants.

Our World - Our Way of Life. 'Canada is home to a wealth of aboriginal cultures. The following exhibition features the perspectives of two of these communities - the Inuit and Haida.' From the Canadian Heritage Information Network.

Anglo-Saxon Charms.

Haiku-o-Matic. 'Haiku is a classical Japanese poetry form with a rich history, but this isn't a history lesson. The standard haiku format is a triplet of lines containing five, seven, and five syllables per respective line. When haiku is done well, it can be very good. You probably won't find any of that here.' Lots of fun.

Get a virtual apartment in the CyberTower.

Images of Afghanistan 1976-78. A fascinating selection of photographs. Via the Iranian's links page.

Also found at the Iranian, but rather more light-hearted - Way of the Exploding Stick. Keyboard kung-fu stick figure enjoyment.

Lots of good stuff to check out at Some which caught my attention :-
A photographic tour of London's extended Jubilee Line. If only the whole of the Tube were like this - maybe one day it will be. Waiting for things to fall apart before making them world-class seems to be the British way. Pictures of the Dome too.
Churches in the City of London.
Eclipse pictures from 1999.
Environmentalism for real people.

Ape brains show linguistic promise. 'Three members of the family of great apes have a crucial speech-related brain feature previously thought unique to humans. '

' The Viking god Odin may have been a real king who lived in what is now southern Russia 2,000 years ago, Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl said in a controversial new book on Thursday.'

'Contrary to their expectations, scientists on a research cruise to the Arctic Ocean have found evidence that the Gakkel Ridge, the world's slowest spreading mid-ocean ridge, may be very volcanically active. They also believe that conditions in a field of undersea vents, known as "black smokers," could support previously unknown species of marine life. ' Source - National Science Foundation.

'Researchers discover that volcanic eruptions masked global warming during the past 20 years.' Source - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

' A prehistoric village has been uncovered near Pompeii, more than 3,500 years after it was buried by Mount Vesuvius as the Roman city was centuries later.'

' The economy is in recession and consumer confidence is sagging, but government officials today said there may be a secret weapon buried within the mountain of negative economic data: the nation's growing legions of unemployed, who will now have more time to shop. '

28th November
There's still time to vote for the 'new seven wonders of the world'.
Some additional wonders :-
Salisbury Cathedral Borobodur Pagan St. Peter's Teotihuacan

BBC - 'Planet circling another star probed.'
New Scientist - 'Astronomers glimpse atmosphere of extra-solar planet.'
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia.

The Astrobiology Web.

' A star has been caught during the very brief period in its life when it is changing into a so-called planetary nebula - a shining bubble of glowing gas surrounding the hot remnant of the star. '

Earth's magnetic field reversed itself 10 million years ago.

The Adventures of the Boy with Immovable Hair.

Film reveals real Pooh pal Christopher Robin.

Fortean Times gallery. Crop circles, beasts, simulacra and more.

A General History of Quadrupeds by Thomas Bewick, edition of 1790. Via GMT+9.

'One advocate for imposing controls pointed out that, theoretically, a female dog and her puppies can produce 67,000 more dogs in six years, and a cat and offspring can produce 420,000 cats in seven years.' Via World New York.

' The Federation of American Scientists on Wednesday told a 144-nation conference on banning germ warfare that the U.S. anthrax attacks were "almost certainly" derived from a U.S. government laboratory. ' Via Unknown News.

27th November
The Archaeological Sites Index. Database of 50,000 British archaeological sites.

Scrolls from the Dead Sea. Library of Congress exhibition.

'Publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls - 15,000 papyrus documents discovered in the desert that have changed scholars' views on the Bible - is finally being completed, after more than half a century of bitter squabbling, censorship and academic controversy.'

' An amateur historian has found a lost standing stone in his own "back garden" - 18 months after beginning a search for it. '
' Weapons belonging to a high-ranking Anglo-Saxon warrior have been unearthed next to Sutton Hoo, one of Britain's most important archaeological sites. '
'Nine tombs from the Inca period containing what are thought to be the remains of women ranging from 15 to 25 years old presumably sacrificed to pre-Colombian Andean gods, were found in the province of Cusco in southeast Peru. '
Via Archaeology Magazine's news page.

' News that a U.S. company has cloned a human embryo has sent shock waves through the bioethical community, which warns that a world populated by clones would be totally unrecognizable to us - a macabre, doppleganger environment in which the like-minded inhabitants shop at cookie-cutter "chain" stores, apishly watch television shows patterned after the same theme, and even run their computers with the same operating system. '

Spinsanity 'exposes and analyzes the increasingly pervasive use of manipulative and subrational rhetoric in American politics.' Via Blivet.

'Some DNA has been extracted from a Tasmanian tiger tooth, and a dice-sized piece of bone cut from a thylacine's femur - another small step in a controversial plan to clone a species that has been extinct for well over half a century. ' Via Blivet.

Water voles to be reintroduced to London?

Ways the world could end.

Behind the Name. The etymology and history of first names. Via Crunk!

' The development of a fuel-powered miniature engine, touted as a more efficient and longer lasting alternative for the battery, may push the Energizer Bunny to the unemployment lines. ' Via Follow Me Here.

26th November
New York City graffiti.

New tree found in Vietnam.

A page about memes and memetics.
What is neurotheology?

A calendar of saints.
Saint FAQs.

25th November
Talk to Maybelle, a friendly chatterbot. 'In March 1999 and March 2000, BBC-TV's Tomorrow's World used Maybelle on their Tomorrow's World website for a large-scale Turing test. In the 2000 test, Maybelle was classed as human by 29% of people, a figure very close to Alan Turing's 1950 prediction of 30% by the end of the 20th century.'

Yeti, the abominable snowman. Another chatterbot.

Arizona State University researchers set criteria for recognizing extraterrestrial life.

Grenade factory in back yard angers neighbours.

24th November
Saruman's Diary and Tolkien sarcasm. Via old Yet Another Weblog.
The Lego Lord of the Rings.

Sources for Mythology.

Greek mythology genealogy. Follow the links to trace a family tree of Greek mythological figures - for instance, the family tree of Oedipos.

Lots of good stuff at the BBC's Walking with Beasts page. Play with the skeleton jigsaws. (Recommended in today's Guardian).

23rd November
Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository. 'Explore 7,500 years of Kodiak's cultural history at the Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository. The museum preserves and shares the cultural traditions of the Alutiiq people through exhibits, educational programs, publications, anthropological research, and the care of traditional objects.'

Mars Orbiter Camera Image Gallery. Over 78,000 pictures of Mars acquired by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor.

Inova : Yoshitomo Nara. Work by the great Japanese artist.

' Paintings of mythical animal-human hybrids are among the oldest surviving art ever produced. New research suggests that minotaurs, satyrs, the werewolves beloved of Hollywood and even Egypt's animal-headed gods are latecomers to the art scene compared with the "therianthropes" carved by the earliest artists on bone and painted on stone.' Via GoodShit.

' A major discovery from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope about a planet outside our Solar System will be announced in a Space Science Update at 1 p.m. EST Tuesday, Nov. 27, in the James E. Webb Auditorium at NASA Headquarters, 300 E St. SW, Washington.'

'Same flower chemicals tell some insects "This bud's for you," but deter others with toxic warning, Cornell scientists discover.'

'A scrap of antler has proved that Silbury Hill, the largest man-made mound in Europe, was completed around 4,500 years ago. '

'The asteroid thought to have wiped out the dinosaurs destroyed plant life thousands of kilometres from where it struck, say scientists.'

Ant Colony Optimization 'studies artificial systems that take inspiration from the behavior of real ant colonies and which are used to solve discrete optimization problems.'

'Suppose we won the war but lost our freedom', writes Robert Harris in the normally-conservative Daily Telegraph. Via Follow Me Here.

Foreign Policy - 'The Internet Under Siege.' The 'demise of the Internet' has been predicted since at least the early 90's, so this article's hypothesis remains very much to be seen. But it's worth reading anyway.

22nd November
The Turkey Game. Via StarrySheepy Blog.

Virtual Colour Museum. Colour in the arts and sciences.

Tobacco and Salt Museum.

'Gravity map' of Earth released.

Stone Age relics found in Inner Mongolia cave. 'Archaeologists from the regional institute of archaeology, unearthed the remains of the stone tools and animal bones which are believed to be 50,000 to 100,000 years old, from the lowest layer. '

' Archaeologists have uncovered two tombs dating back more than 2,500 years in a part of Cairo where the ancient city of Heliopolis once stood...'

21st November
The Odyssey Game. Pretend to be Odysseus as he blunders around the Aegean. Alternatively be Telemachus or Penelope. From the Classics Pages.

Africa in Pictures. Photoessays from, on a wide range of subjects, from Lagos hawkers to modern art.

Bertie the Beet was harvested today!

Cool Robot of the Week.

Secret Santa. 'The idea of Secret Santa is very simple - you pull a name out of a hat and buy that person a present. Your name is in the hat as well, so someone else then buys you a present! Everyone gets a present! Everyone's happy!' Via Crunk!

Tinywords dot com.
Oino Sakai's fresh haiku
Delivered daily.

Irony Plug-ins. Via Lukelog.

The Topics Blog.

Blood vessels grown in live animals.
Evidence of Martian life dealt critical blow.
'Belgium's version of the Loch Ness Monster has been caught in a lake at Ostend.'
Cross-shaped turnip 'sign from God'.

Email problems should be fixed now.

20th November
The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, a famous hoax which at one time was considered a seminal work of English literature.

Top ten literary hoaxes. Via Linkmachinego.

Earth from Space. 400,000 images from NASA. Via Grouse.

Old English Pages. 'An encyclopedic compendium of resources for the study of Old English and Anglo-Saxon England. '

Hundreds of ancient tombs found during construction in central China. Via thouposbrook.

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19th November Laid Off : A No-Nothing Production. Funny. :)

World Monuments Fund 'is a New York-based non-profit dedicated to preserving and protecting endangered works of historic art and architecture around the world. The World Monuments Watch, a program of World Monuments Fund, issues the List of 100 Most Endangered Sites every other year.'
List of 100 most endangered sites.

Chemists create world's first plastic magnet.

'West perfects propaganda superbomb.'

Ghosts and Hauntings. UK-based, photos.

Hawaiian Happyface Spider. Pictures!
'Catastrophic mass extinctions, such as the one that saw the demise of the dinosaurs, could be a myth according to the findings of recent research into 100 million-year-old marine fossils.'
Via Fortean Times.

Reasons for Liking Tolkien. 'A writer, born around 1890, is famous for three novels. The first is short, elegant, an instant classic. The second, the masterpiece, has the same characters in it, is much longer and more complicated, and increasingly interested in myth and language games. The third is enormous, mad, unreadable. One answer is Joyce, of course. Another - The Hobbit (1937), The Lord of the Rings (1955), The Silmarillion (1977) - is J.R.R. Tolkien.'

18th November
John Wyndham Archive, a page about the author of 'The Day of the Triffids'.

Cordwainer Smith. 'The stories of Cordwainer Smith, set far in the future on Old Earth and throughout the galaxies, explore the complexities of being human—or of being part-human, part-animal, as some of his most memorable characters are.' This site is maintained by Cordwainer Smith's daughter.

The Cafe Irreal.

17th November
Squashed Philosophers. 'Meticulously condensed to retain the style, substance, format, arguments and ideas of the originals while ditching the bulk of the verbiage.' Via wood s lot.

Useful things - Language dictionaries, thesauri, grammar guides, word of the day etc. 'This site allows people to track their banknotes.'

16th November
Why not visit the Hunger Site this weekend?

Astronomy Picture of the Day : Leonid Watching.
Jaw-dropping Leonids. Via Dumbmonkey.

Megalithia. (A few years ago, I stumbled unexpectedly upon Merrivale stone circle and rows whilst trudging across Dartmoor. What a wonderful find.)
The Psychology of Cyberspace.
Via Booknotes.

Strange Britain. Folklore and forteana from the UK, such as phantom cats and holy wells. Focuses on the Home Counties.

' Physicists appear to have uncovered a flaw in the model that for the last 30 years has successfully explained the workings of the universe. '
' Many species have invalid names, creating havoc for those scientists who are in the business of classifying both fossils and current living things, as well as for others who rely on this information.'
Via Fortean Times.

Massive magma layer feeds Vesuvius.

Ethnologue : Languages of the World. Languages of the world listed and classified.

Russian cemeteries.
Church Crawler. 'The intention of this website is to share news and information about churches, and to feature the less-well-known churches that do not appear on the tourist trails of the world. I will feature visits I have made to churches both in the UK where I live and from trips abroad. '
City of Shadows. 'A Gothic Tour of Victorian London.'

Map of Tolkien's Middle Earth. From Annals of Arda.

Hazara Cultural and Historical Archives. Hazara news site. 'This Site is dedicated to the souls of hundreds of thousands of Hazara men, women, and children who have lost their lives to religious persection during the 19th and 20th centuries in Afghanistan.'
The Hazaras are an ethnic group of central Afghanistan of Turkish and Mongol ancestry.