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15th October
Eight planets found around nearby stars.
Guardian - 'Baboons show they can think abstractly.'
Coelacanth captured off Kenyan coast.
Dinofish, a nice coelacanth site (information and pictures).

Guardian - 'War looms in Black Sea enclave.' Trouble in Georgia; what implications for Chechnya?
Guardian special report : Chechnya.

Bert is Evil website is shut down.

Re-blog : Afghanistan Online : Kabul Museum.
The Gandhara Galleries.

From my correspondents :-
Animals of the Rainforest.
Jaguar Sun : Archaeology of the ancient Mayan civilisation of Mesoamerica.

14th October
Monty Python joke they'll re-form if no-one buys their book.
Unreal Racing.

Ha'aretz - 'The new evil.' Interesting Israeli perspective... Via Scripting News.
Arab World News.

13th October
How Nostradamus Works.

Labyrinth. Manuscripts, paleography, codicology.

Electronic Beowulf.

Book of Kells images.
Scrolls from the Dead Sea.
The Aberdeen Bestiary.
Early Manuscripts at Oxford University.
The St Albans Psalter.
The Burnet Psalter.

DScriptorium 'is devoted to collecting, storing and distributing digital images of Medieval manuscripts'.

12th October
The World After WTC - a War Blog. Via Wood s Lot.

Pharaonic statues unearthed.
Census officials blunt Jedi campaign.
American lizard survives trip to the UK in barrel of beer.
BBC - 'Giant storm shrouds Mars.' (Also in New Scientist).

11th October

Guardian Special Report : Attack on Afghanistan.

An agony aunt site which looks like fun.

Things I've missed while I've been away :-
Jedi Knights achieve official recognition as a religion.
Akebono, sumo's first non-Japanese-born grand champion, retired. (photo).
Pravda - 'Adventures of a drank tractor driver.'

5th October
Taking a break from blogging for about a week. Be back about this time next week! Visit the sites on my lefthand column for nutritious goodness.


4th October
More lovely post-industrial photography - Abandoned Places. Thanks to Matt over at Interconnected for pointing in its direction.

Black Country Pages.
Black Country Dialect. Yes, it's a dialect, not just a different accent. Aficionados claim Chaucer talked a bit like this.
Black Country Sayings.
In case you didn't know, the Black Country is an industrial region of central England, so named for its heavy pollution in the 19th century. Your humble host originates from those parts, as do the rather amazing post-industrial snaps I linked the other day.

Access to Insight : Readings in Theravada Buddhism is a comprehensive and informative Buddhist site.
The Pali Canon 'is the collection of primary Pali language texts which form the doctrinal foundation of Theravada Buddhism. '
Maha-Paranibbana Sutta. The last days of the Buddha.
The Diamond Sutra at the British Library.
(Nirvana, Sutra, Dharma = Sanskrit; Nibbana, Sutta, Dhamma = Pali).

' Carbon isotope analysis of charcoal used in pictures of horses at Chauvet, south-central France, show that they are 30,000 years old...'
The Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc. Great cave site.

Butterflies of Ancient Mexico. and Mesoamerican clay stamps of butterfly carvings. Nice! Thanks to Becky for telling me about these.

The Moon landings were faked, and these pictures prove it! Honest.

An amazing counting sheep.

Dictionary of Antarctic Slang.

Pitcairn Island, with Pitcairn Phrase Book.

How sick are you? Assess your sanity by looking at strange shapes. Apparently I'm sane. Via Orbyn.

What's all this talk of fear and loathing in Brit blog land? I really need to get down to a blogmeet sometime to check this out for myself. I'm only F-list, though. ;)
And now, the weather...
Thanks for remembering about 'Flatland', Luke. Whenever you're free and ready. :)
Campaign for Real Ale.

King of Swaziland imposes five-year sex ban to control spread of HIV virus.
Queen 'has crowned rubber duck in bath'.
Council writes letter to tree.
BBC - 'Decoding the Black Death.' More on this in New Scientist.
How to be a sensitive journalist.
Scientists say Great Lakes are cleansing themselves.

Ebola-style killer virus sweeps Afghan border.

3rd October
A collection of news sites relating to the Arab world. Mixture of Arabic and English language sites.

Hornet juice gives marathon champion extra buzz.
Toddler found safe in bear's den after 3 days.
Indian city 'breaks blood donation record'.
Physicists hoping to create tiny black holes.

2nd October
Oxfam : Afghanistan.
Japan considering aid for Afghan refugees in Iran.
Tony Blair made a speech.

I changed the name of the weblog to the Fruitlog. More changes to come soon(ish).

Lost Labours. Beautiful images of the post-industrial landscape, mostly around the part of central England where I grew up.

Blogged before, but always worth a look - Earth Lights.

Endangered sheep cloned.
Telescope snaps 'perfect spiral'.

Britons most depressed people in Europe (could it be because we work so hard?).
European court ruling may end night flights. A good night's sleep is a human right.
Nightmare epidemic gripping America.
The Association for the Study of Dreams has set up a nightmare page.
Webarchivist.Org - 'Please help us build a Web Archive of the Sept 11 Attack.' Via Wood's Lot.

1st October
Virtual bubblewrap. Via Brainsluice.

Guide to balti houses in Birmingham (England).
Traditional British sweets.

Microbes rule the world.
New record for cockroach eating.