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31st October
Eric Conveys an Emotion. 'Welcome to Eric Conveys an Emotion. Glad you could make it. The concept here is simple, this is a humor-oriented interactive website. You request an emotion (or reasonable facsimile), and I will try and act it out for you.'
A young man pulls funny faces at your request. Emotions range from 'Teletubby' to ' "Oops" as in an accident that Eric caused resulting in the death of millions', and many more.

Afghan History in Australia. 'The Afghan history in Australia started not 10, 20 or even 30 years but almost 137 years ago. During the 1850s, when it was decided to explore central Australia, horses and other animals were used to cross the country. They all failed to do the task satisfactorily. In 1860, the government of the day decided to introduce camels and men who could handle them in order to link inland Australia...'

Tunguska blast solved? 'Astronomers may have solved the puzzle of what it was that brought so much devastation to a remote region of Siberia almost a century ago. '

New Scientist - 'Anthrax preparation indicates home-grown origin.' 'As anthrax continues to turn up in US postal facilities, and postal workers, evidence is emerging that it is an American product. Not only are the bacteria genetically close to the strain the US used in its own anthrax weapons in the 1960s, but New Scientist can reveal that the spores also seem to have been prepared according to the secret US "weaponisation" recipe.'

The Stained Apron. 'Dedicated to the venting of food servers' frustrations and a harsh education of the dining public!', Some of these tales are a bit harsh, but funny at the same time.

Carthedral 'is a gothic cathedral built on a 1971 Cadillac hearse and modified with '59 Cadillac tailfins, a VW bug and sculpted with fiberglass over metal armatures.' Photos.

Dalek Builders' Club. 'It is our intent to supply all the information one needs to produce an accurate full size working Dalek as seen in the long running BBC TV series Dr Who. '

30th October
SurLaLune. 'A portal to the realm of fairy tale and folklore studies featuring annotated fairy tales. '
Includes 'the tales, their histories, similar tales from other cultures, bibliographies, and other materials'.

Re-bloggage to mark Hallowe'en :-
This Spectred Isle. 'A guide to the ghosts of England, Scotland and Wales'. Hauntings listed by region and county.
Haunted Places. 'A directory to the world's most haunted places'.
Castle of Spirits.
Borley Rectory, 'the most haunted house in England'.
GhostCam from Willard Library in Indiana.
Ghosts of the Prairie. American ghosts and hauntings.
The Moonlit Road. Ghost stories of the American South.
Gothic Gardening.
The Ghosts. Not a 'haunted' link but fun anyway... two young ladies from Japan pull funny faces.

'An ancient relievo of the Star of David, which Chinese archaeologists believe may date back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279) or Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368), has been unearthed recently in east China's port city of Quanzhou. '

Seaweed could end angst for pimply teenagers.

29th October
' When the BBC first broadcast its new Afghan soap opera in 1994, the audience did not even understand the concept of a cliffhanger ending. Now, with 35m listeners, the Archers-inspired show is so popular that the Taliban have dropped plans to outlaw radio. ' Via Unknown News.
An extract from the Afghan soap opera.

Medieval Medicine. Ailments and cures, social aspects.

28th October
The Old Testament in Lego. Via Lukelog, who got it from Intergalactic Hussy.

The One World Flag.

The Time of Trees by photographer Stuart Franklin. 'The Time of Trees stresses the importance of trees to society. Trees enrich us by more than their beauty: they are a resource for food, shelter, medicine and luxuries; equally, they can be sacred or symbolic. Our link to trees is as strong now as it was in the past. We relate to nature in a variety of new contexts but our culture is still defined through our response to non-human nature..'
2 3 4

Observer - 'The making of the world's most wanted man.' Profile of bin Laden.

Observer - 'Anthrax attacks 'work of neo-Nazis'.' 'Neo-Nazi extremists within the US are behind the deadly wave of anthrax attacks against America, according to latest briefings from the security services and Justice Department. '

27th October
Gagpipe. 'Headline satire from around the world.' Monitoring a couple of dozen satire websites and linking the funniest stories. Best of the day's satire. What a great idea.
One of the sites monitored is from Northern Ireland - the Portadown News, 'putting the news permanently beyond use'. In the latest issue - 'Adams asks wife to do dishes', by paramilitary correspondent P. O'Neill. Heehee.

Travels with Rover. 'A two year road-trip from Canada to the tip of South America is our goal.' Follow their trip. They're in California at the moment.

The Artistic Bluewolf. Photos, cartoons etc. Good stuff. Via Anonymomma.

26th October
The Web Today points out a story originally from the NY Post - 'Anthrax probe shifts to homegrown hate groups'. 'Ultra-right-wing organizations - including a particular West Coast group - have become a key focus of the massive federal investigation into the murderous Anthrax attacks, The Post has learned. '
Interesting to juxtapose this with the New Scientist story 'Anthrax bacteria likely to be US military strain' from yesterday.

Lambs Online. 'The children from St Canices school in Westport New Zealand welcome you to Lambs Online, where ten of our students are 'fostering' 10 lambs which have been 'adopted' by a group of Japanese school children from their sister city in Amagese Japan. Each lamb has its own personal website and we invite you to follow their progress...' Via Everlasting Blort.

NativeWeb. Indigenous resources, with a news digest.

Museum of Depressionist Art. 'In 1919 Bagasse Mumblestoats, fresh from his WWI tour in France with the famed Lafayette Espadrilles, returned to his home town of Redbone with a burning desire. It was eventually cured with liberal doses of salvarsan and mercury, which allowed the young Bagasse to wed his childhood sweetheart, Gematria Pulverington-Wheatwhistle, heiress to the fabled Wheatwhistle tinsel-mining fortune. Gematria shared her husband's vision of a museum in Redbone that would attract worldwide attention and "really put the place on the map," as she so often put it...'

Gladys Dwindlebimmers Ralston Gallery of the Unidentifiable. 'In 1952 the curators of the Bagasse and Gematria Mumblestoats Museum of Depressionist Art were approached by the executors of the estate of the late Gladys Ralston (née Dwindlebimmers) with the news that the Museum was to be gifted with a sculpture wing as part of a bequest by Mrs. Ralston...'

' The inventor of the wicker car and tricycle catamaran was named Britain's top eccentric Thursday, besting a field of oddballs that included a garden-gnome rescuer and a ``superhero'' who bathes in baked beans. '


I finally registered with the skool reunion site Friends Reunited and was delighted to see my old buddy Spike doing so well.

25th October
Pleased to see that Jemblog is back.

Great Images in NASA. 'GRIN is a collection of over a thousand images of significant historical interest scanned at high-resolution in several sizes.'

The Indigenous Studies WWW Virtual Library carries many links and resources for indigenous peoples from most parts of the world. Much time can be spent exploring here.
The Aboriginal Studies Virtual Library.
The Circumpolar Peoples Virtual Library.

'Two scientists say a genetic study suggests the world's first language may have used clicks.'
'King Midas's high-meat diet helped fuel the destruction of his tomb, say US archaeologists.'
'Ancient Egyptians used complex mixtures of plant and animal extracts to embalm mummies, according to novel scientific detective work. '
' Chinese archaeologists have found a wooden club used by Paleolithic ape men dated back to 700,000 years ago in east China's Shandong Province, thus supporting the theory that men used both stone and wood implements in the Stone Age. '

' Liew Thow Lin is not a 70-year-old human magnet, as appears the case when he hangs heavy metal objects from his bare chest, but he does have exceptional skin, Malaysian scientists have found.'

' For the first time, astronomers may have spotted energy coming out of a black hole, a spherical chasm in space and time from which nothing was thought to be able to escape.'

New Scientist - 'Anthrax bacteria likely to be US military strain.' 'The bacteria used for the anthrax attacks in the US is either the strain the US itself used to make anthrax weapons in the 1960s, or close to it. It is not a strain that Iraq, or the former Soviet Union, mass- produced for weapons. '
'There have been charges over the past week that the sophistication of the anthrax suggests that it was produced with the backing of some government, such as Iraq. But neither the strain nor the physical form of the anthrax is particularly sophisticated, say bioweapons specialists...'
(Caught my eye because New Scientist doesn't normally have a political axe to grind).
Guardian special report : anthrax.

The Alan Turing Home Page. 'Who was Alan Turing? Founder of computer science, mathematician, philosopher, codebreaker, strange visionary and a gay man before his time...'

24th October
A Brief History of Books.

' The earliest fossil evidence of lemurs has confused scientists who thought the animal evolved in Africa. The find was made in the Bugti Hills of Pakistan and experts are now having to consider whether the primate may have its origins in Asia. Today, lemurs are only found on the island of Madagascar.'

I typoed when I linked a timeline of net art yesterday. This is the correct link.

Some good news today! -

Dog and pigeon are best mates. Nothing to do with Northern Ireland.

'Although final confirmation has yet to come, all indications suggest that the 2001 Mars Odyssey spacecraft has successfully entered orbit around the red planet, much to the jubilation of scientists and the relief of the American space agency Nasa. '
Mars Daily.
Mars Odyssey homepage.

IRA decommissioning - reactions from the Ulster Unionists and President Bush.
Tony Blair - 'This is a move today of fundamental significance for Northern Ireland, for relations between the communities in Northern Ireland, for Britain and also for the wider world. '
However, weakened rebels pledge to fight on.
Timeline for the peace process.

23rd October
News from Northern Ireland -
Guardian - 'IRA says it has begun decommissioning'. 'Just one day after the Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams, called on the IRA to put its weapons beyond use, the group released the following statement: "The political process is now on the point of collapse. Such a collapse would certainly, and eventually, put the overall peace process in jeopardy... Therefore, in order to save the peace process, we have implemented the scheme agreed with the IICD in August." '
Guardian special report : Northern Ireland.
The Troubles - an interactive history.
BBC - 'Why did the IRA decommission now?' 'So why have republicans broken with history? Colombia and September 11th.'
The Belfast Telegraph and the Irish Times.
IRA arms statement in full.
'Tony Blair has told reporters in Downing Street the Northern Ireland government can now be properly re-established.'
Decommissioning body confirms IRA weapons move.

Book-a-Minute. 'We at Book-A-Minute understand that your time is valuable. You want to experience the wonder and excitement of the fine art of literature, but reading actual books requires a significant time investment. We've got the solution for you. Our ultra-condensed books are just the ticket.' Via Lukelog.
Book-a-Minute is a product of those clever people behind RinkWorks.
One of their other pages - the Dialectizer 'takes text or other web pages and instantly creates parodies of them!' Available in Redneck, Jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, Moron, Pig Latin and Hacker.

A timeline of net art. (link corrected 24/10/2001). : Artbase.

The Spook 'is the world's first fully downloadable consumer magazine in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. It features short fiction by some of today's finest writers, celebrity profiles, and reviews.'

Kumeyaay Nation. 'This Web site is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Kumeyaay culture. tells the story from the Kumeyaay perspective, and is the premiere source for Kumeyaay Indian information...'

Reviews of public conveniences on the Tokyo subway. Via Fossil.

Giant Robot.

Takarazuka 'is an extremely popular type of Japanese theatre comprised of all-female performers who play both the male and female roles in musicals and revues. Since 1914, their musicals have displayed a wide range: completely original stories, Western favorites, and manga (Japanese comics) adaptions.'

The Rose of Versailles - Takarazuka. 'The Takarazuka Revue Company was founded in 1914, when the Hankyu Railway Company built a railway from Osaka to the small spa town of Takarazuka. To encourage people to travel to Takarazuka and so use the new railway, an all woman revue company was formed. From these small beginnings the company grew until it now comprises four hundred women organised into five troupes - flower, moon, snow, star and cosmos. They put on shows all year round at the Takarazuka Grand Theatre in Takarazuka, and at their theatre in Tokyo. They also tour Japan regularly and perform abroad. '

Strange Nation. 'Dedicated to strange phenomena in Australia.'

Weak moral fibre near president shuts pizzeria.

22nd October
The Rosetta Project.
'The Rosetta Project is a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers working to develop a contemporary version of the historic Rosetta Stone. In this updated iteration, our goal is a meaningful survey and near permanent archive of 1,000 languages . Our intention is to create a unique platform for comparative linguistic research and education as well as a functional linguistic tool that might help in the recovery of lost languages in unknown futures. '

Mobile phones scare off ghosts.
Iraqi archaeologists find ancient temple to Ishtar.
An Englishman's legacy in Sudan. 'Major Jack Poole may never have imagined his grandson would be forced to fight his own people.'

Quirky Japan.
'Are you tired of shrines and temples, reconstructed ferro-concrete castles and tea ceremonies? Do you like to get off the beaten track? Would you like to meet Japanese people who do not meet the conformist stereotype? Japan, behind the conservative grey suits and formal bows, is a country quirkier than you can ever imagine. The Quirky Japan Homepage provides information about oddities such as the The Meguro Parasitalogical Museum, the Thousand Person Bathtub, Love Hotels, temple lodging, and the Yakiimo man (the ice cream man's evil twin). '

21st October
The World Conker Championships apparently took place the other day.
How to play conkers.

The Sheep Quiz. Can you think like a sheep?
Pam Cam. Follow the life of a New Zealand sheep called Pam.
The Sheep Chronicles. Sheepish tales. Part of the Sheep Across the World site.
Sheep Paintings.

Cave Paintings of Baja California.

Australians on alert for 'invincible' ant.
Kathy Burke to quit acting.
Monastery installs firemen's pole for late monks.
Poems on the Underground. Via Brainsluice.

20th October
'A monster lobster that was declared "too beautiful to cook" was returned to the sea on Wednesday.'

The social life of cats. Via Honey Guide.
Also via Honey Guide, take a look at this robotic slug hunter (the slugbot).

According to this page, 'The Mars Mission is a Hoax!'. 'If you look closely at the bottom left corner, you will see the unmistakable image of a BEER BOTTLE CAP!!! '

Pop Culture Junk Mail is back. Admire the Kitten Mitten.

19th October
Cardiac arrest risk lower during New Moon : Report.
Mystery of bird 'V' formation solved.

18th October
The big questions matter. Why is snot green? Via Linkmachinego.

Photos of Tibet in the 1940's. 'These photos were taken in Tibet by members of the Tolstoy expedition of 1942-43. Two U.S. Army officers, Lt. Col. Ilya Tolstoy and Capt. Brooke Dolan were sent to Tibet from India to explore the possibility of getting military supplies to Chiang Kai-shek's Republican Chinese government, via Tibet. ' Great photos, but wasn't Ilya Tolstoy in 'The Man from UNCLE'?

' 'The North American Indian' by Edward S. Curtis is one of the most significant and controversial representations of traditional American Indian culture ever produced. Issued in a limited edition from 1907-1930, the publication continues to exert a major influence on the image of Indians in popular culture. Curtis said he wanted to document "the old time Indian, his dress, his ceremonies, his life and manners." In over 2000 photogravure plates and narrative, Curtis portrayed the traditional customs and lifeways of eighty Indian tribes.' (Curtis is controversial because some of the photos were evidently posed).

George Rodger's photography of Nuba tribespeople in Sudan. Some of the most arresting photographs I've ever seen.

John Pilger. A collection of New Statesman and Guardian articles by the prominent radical Aussie journalist. Thanx, S.

Shaker Manuscripts On-Line.

I've just returned from an illicit blogmeet. Can I be forgiven?

17th October
Collage Portal. An image database containing 20,000 works from the Guildhall Library and Guildhall Art Gallery London. Thanks, Becky.

New Scientist - ' 'Green' chemicals harming ozone layer.'
Also in New Scientist, more on the body which may have been St. Luke.

Purple-necked wallabies!
Robotic cats!
Long-legged spiders!

Stephen Hawking's doomsday prediction called 'regrettable hype'.

Donate to Oxfam. Via Wood s Lot.

16th October
It's been said elsewhere, but these people do a good job -
Booknotes Wood s Lot Ethel the Blog Bushwacker Unknown News Web Today Dumbmonkey Linkmachinego Blogorama Scripting News and others...

Anthrax scares spread to England, including the London Stock Exchange. This Guardian story has a bunch of good links at the bottom.

The Fortean Times interviews crop circle makers.

' DNA tests on a body said to be St Luke's provide some evidence of authenticity. '

Colonies in space may be only hope, says Hawking.

GoodShit and Bushwacker are at new addresses.

My Cat Hates You. Not *you* in particular, but humanoid types in general, I suspect. Via GildaPill.