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15th April
The Daguerreian Society and the Daguerrotype. The history, science and art of the daguerrotype, and online galleries.

The Iconography of Hope: The 1939-40 New York World's Fair. "I think that there are moments where you can see the world turning from what it is into what it will be. For me, the New York World's Fair is such a moment. It is a compass rose pointing in all directions, toward imaginary future and real past, false future and immutable present, a world of tomorrow contained in the lost American yesterday." - John Crowley

Pictorial tours of the Roman Empire and ancient Rome.
Interactive maps of the Roman Empire and ancient Rome.

The mystical art of Hajime Yamamura. 'When I create my works, I don't look for motifs from the outside world. I just "EXCAVATE" deep within myself to find motifs. First, a faint feeling or vague impulse arises from somewhere deep inside me, but I don't have a clear picture in my mind. I can't ignore the pulse because it is somehow itchy around my chest, which means I can't resist it ... '
Excavated Images, exhibition by Hajime Yamamura.

Profile of Breyten Breytenbach, South African dissident writer and candidate for secular sainthood, IMHO. Via Dialogue through Poetry - 'building a culture of peace and non-violence in the world through poetry'.

Quark star? 'Why is RJX J185635-375 so cool and so dim? Previously, this compact star held claim to being the closest neutron star -- only 150 light-years away. Now new observations and analysis indicate not only a cool temperature for RXJ J185635-375, pictured above, but also a larger distance: roughly 450 light-years away. Given an expected age of about one million years, this neutron star should be significantly hotter and brighter than we see it today. One hypothesized solution holds hope a RJX J185635-375 is actually a not a neutron star but a quark star -- something new. Now quark stars are truly strange ... '

Alternative Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty toaster, pink Hello Kitty laptop, Hello Kitty vibrator, astro Kitty, goth Kitty, Hello Kitty tarot etc. etc ...

Annie of Brewarrina. One woman's life in rural New South Wales in the 20th century.

1876 Victorian England Revisited.

InterNyet. 'MoMA curator Barbara London delves into the underground art world of Russia and Ukraine searching for innovative media artists. '

Mo Mowlam: My vicious, horrible colleagues.

sugar + brine is now here !

14th April The complete guide to roads, crossings and exits in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Great selection of historic maps. Roads and crossings in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Roads and crossings in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Virtual tour of Nagasaki.
Nagasaki Nightmare 'is a an exhibition of 25 photos and 25 drawings illustrating the horrors of nuclear devastation ... '

The Victorian Women Writers' Letters Project. Letters to and from Anna Jameson and Harriet Martineau. Includes a searchable database; characters in the letters include Florence Nightingale, Mary Shelley, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and members of the Goethe, Byron and Schopenhauer families.
Victorian etiquette. 'In the Victorian era there were etiquette laws that dictated a person's actions in every imaginable situation. The laws were unwritten, but understood by the upper social class ... '
The Victorian drug scene.

Fred Buch's site has a big collection of interesting images - for example, work by Diego Rivera, Russian Revolutionary posters (including some featuring Trotsky), and Frida by Kahlo - a story in self-portraits.

EarthPulse. National Geographic's conservation homepage. Heaps of great stuff.

Symbols of the European Union.

Network weather maps. 'In sketches and diagrams the Internet is often represented by the graphic shorthand of a cloud. The Internet cloud is quick and easy to draw and useful to hide the complexity of the networks. But how can one tell what is going on inside this cloud? Perhaps, extending the meteorological metaphor, we could use Net weather forecasts to show oncoming packet storms ... '
Mappa Mundi mag's map of the month.

Peres calls IDF operation in Jenin a 'massacre'.
Open letter to Sharon from Breyten Breytenbach (famous South African dissident writer).
Amnesty International - urgent appeal on behalf of detained Palestinians.

12th April
Big Death/Little Death. 'The following images are neither work friendly nor kid friendly. '

The Museum of London has a really good website, packed with good things (just like the bricks-and-mortar museum). Check out the London's Voices project, the World City 1789-1914 pages, and Joel Meyerowitz's 9-11 photography.

Yossi Lemel. Israeli poster artist.
(skip Flash intro)
Short article on Lemel's work.

Project MIRV 'is a new project based around the concept of 'art and toys', and is a joint project between toy company Cube and Yumi Yamaguchi, art producer. ' Fun!
Via Tokyo Trash.

Nicaraguan murals 1930-2000. These are wonderful.

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum.

National Quilt Register. (Australia)
''The National Quilt Register is a major initiative of the Pioneer Women's Hut, a museum located at Tumbarumba at the foothills to the Snowy Mountains in southern NSW, Australia. '
'The museum represents ordinary rural families, especially the women, in their everyday lives. It opened in 1985 and is a free, self funded museum run by community volunteers. '
Stories from the Register.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization's Social Progress Gallery. 'Social progress is the weight of laws designed to alleviate human suffering. Canada, while slow to start passing national legislation in this regard, rapidly addressed its social needs from the 1940s onwards ... '
Canadian labour history and the history of the vote in Canada.

The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum.

World map according to Posidonius (150-130 BC).
World map according to Pomponius Mela (ca. 40 AD).
World map according to Dionysius (124 AD).
From this collection of ancient world maps.

Classical Chinese furniture.

Chicagoland beer history. Check out the breweriana - cans, labels, mugs etc.

Lead mining in the Yorkshire Dales. 'The Yorkshire Dales contain the remains of an industry, which probably dates back more than 2000 years. This industry is lead mining and it has left relics both small and great through out the area. '
Includes a virtual tour of the mines.

All Species Foundation. 'The All Species Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the complete inventory of all species of life on Earth within the next 25 years - a human generation.' Excellent!

The Exploratorium's online astronomy exhibit has some good toys :-
Build a solar system.
Your weight on other worlds.
Your age on other worlds.

Forensic art.

Pascal's Wagering. Funny!

Meet the Droopners! The world's funniest fridge magnets.
The 'Elvis slept here' game.
Tip of the fez to jp.

Junius - a -good- 'current affairs' blog. Via dust from a distant sun.
Virulent Memes - a fine Aussie blog.

Historical atlas of the 20th century. Exceptionally useful. Via Grouse.

Lost city found off the south-east coast of India.
The deteriorating fiver.
Earth rips space rocks asunder.

11th April
The San Francisco Cacophony Society's 1990 Sewer Tours. Formal events which took place in the sewers beneath SF.

Tiger Balm Gardens. A Chinese billionaire's fantasy environments, Hong Kong and Singapore, picture gallery.

MECA, the Museum of Ephemeral Cultural Artifacts. Robots and pinball.

Takashi Murakami. 'Thirty-eight year-old Takashi Murakami is a sculptor and painter whose work with manga and media has made him one of Japan's most well-known young artists and one of the country's most interesting cultural exports.'
From AssemblyLanguage, Tokyo avant-garde culture and Japanese contemporary art.

Whatever happened to the Soviet dissidents? 'Today's dissidents find themselves in a similar political dilemma as during Soviet times. They don't face long jail sentences. But their protests against human rights violations are ignored by the authorities. The difference, this time, is that they are largely ignored by the West as well.'
Via the Russia Project, radio and online stories a decade after the Soviet Union.

British posters of World War I.

Virtual exhibition of Steve Bell cartoons. Courtesy of the London Cartoon Gallery.

The world according to Eratosthenes, ca. 220 BC.

Albert Einstein Online. Overviews, anecdotes, essays, quotes and science.

The two new nude Madonna paintings, at artist Peter Howson's site.

The vanishing Wall. The exotically decorated East Side Gallery is of the few remaining bits of the Berlin Wall.
More photos of the East Side Gallery.
Photos from a school trip to the wall in 1988.

Christiania. A guide to and history of the world-famous 'freetown' in Denmark.

From Slavery to Freedom: The African-American Pamphlet Collection, 1824-1909 'presents 397 pamphlets from the Rare Book and Special Collections Division, published from 1824 through 1909, by African-American authors and others who wrote about slavery, African colonization, Emancipation, Reconstruction, and related topics. The materials range from personal accounts and public orations to organizational reports and legislative speeches. Among the authors represented are Frederick Douglass, Kelly Miller, Charles Sumner, Mary Church Terrell, and Booker T. Washington.'

The Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant-Killer Project. 'Welcome to the Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant-Killer Project, a text and image archive containing several English versions of the fairy tale. The Jacks presented here represent some of the more common varieties of the tale from the English-speaking world in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries ... '

Virtual tour of a Cold War bunker in Essex.

Home improvement for missile bases.

The Chagall Windows, Hadasseh Hospital, Jerusalem.

One BIG advantage of the euro - just compare :-
IKEA Netherlands
IKEA Germany
Via Bifurcated Rivets.

Cold War civil defence art gallery (US). Via Fresh Signals.

Solar System Simulator. Cheers to fellow dust from a distant sun guestblogger Simon C.

Tatsuro Kiuchi's CharacterCG Illustration. Via gmtPlus9.

Mythology paintings by Elsa Dax. Via gmtPlus9.

Missile bases for sale. 'Thanks for your interests in our unique underground properties. Built at a cost of millions, these heavily reinforced historic structures were designed to withstand nuclear attack. They bring new meaning to the word "shelter". Centuries from now they will remain.' Via Fresh Signals.

A scholarly look at 'Snow White'. Via sixth edition.

April 8, 2002 - portrait of a war. Real people from all sides. Via the Web Today.

Save the Rat & Parrot!

Are the Earth's magnetic poles about to flip?
Exotic star is made entirely of quarks.
' Climate change will rearrange wildlife say researchers. Computer models of shifts in animals' homelands show that many areas may have radically different inhabitants within 50 years ... '
US military creates indestructible sandwich.
Rice DNA finding will transform how the world is fed.
The debate over eugenics. Bloody scary !!!
Mystery graves found in Kentucky.
' Volunteers have taken part in a virtual reality ghost hunt to investigate whether certain situations can evoke spooky experiences.'

New species of whale discovered.
Ugandan garden hit by space junk.
' A turf war has erupted over the future of the famous Hollywood sign. '
Cambodia museum evicts world's biggest bat colony.
' A week ago Vasily, a citizen from Russian town of Barnaul offered his "still sinless soul" to an American Internet auction, he did it jokingly ... '
Lopsided feet signal birds' demise.

Alarm over plummeting population of the nut-smashing recluse.
Crazy ants wiping out famed Christmas Island crabs.
Monkeys destroy library, stall classes in girls' college.