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31st August
Dateline Hong Kong. 'Hong Kong plays a critical and central role in Asian Pacific media and remains the most important window on greater China. This page documents the opinions of domestic and foreign journalists in Hong Kong in the year of transition, 1997. It includes the transcripts of interviews, edited sections of speeches and documents.'
'Dateline Hong Kong was created in a lap top on a kitchen table in a Pokfulam high rise in 1997. With the uncertainties which preceded the handover, it initially acted as a way of archiving material offshore. As the site developed, it formed a growing resource for media studies students. In the end, it provided a stimulus for Reporting Hong Kong, the book about handover coverage.'

Cyber Telephone Museum. 'An Exhibit of Common & Rare Antique Telephones.'

The Shame of Rock and Roll. Quality rock posters.
The webmaster's top 5.

A History of the Greta Coal Measures. 'The Greta Coal Measures are a permian (245 million year old) coal bed located in the state of New South Wales on the east coast of the continent of Australia. The Greta Coal Measures have been one of the most intensely worked coal-fields in the country. Yet most people today associate the region around Maitland, Cessnock and Greta with wine-making rather than coal production, as the collieries have all but disappeared.'
[ ... ]
'John Delaney has assembled a unique manuscript which describes in minute detail the work, the people and the society of each of the sixty-six collieries that operated on the Greta Coal Measures between 1861 and 1995. Individual mine histories are complemented, where possible, with historic images and plans that show the layout of each mine at its time of closure.'

John "Mad Jack" Fuller Squire of Brightling 1757-1834. 'Jack Fuller led an illustrious life in a period of British history known for its eccentric personalities. The English countryside is dotted with remnants of the Georgian elite's penchant for folly building. Many of the structures Jack Fuller is credited with erecting stand monument to his burning desire to be remembered long after his death. But this is not the only legacy he created. He is also immortalized in the lasting gifts he bestowed upon the community. Fuller, being a Member of Parliament and a Squire in East Sussex, England, was well connected and associated with many notable figures of his day. He was known by the sobriquets "Honest John" and "Mad Jack", the former being the one he was proud to carry. '
The Mad Jack Fuller weblog!

Cultural Maps in American Studies. 'Cultural Maps is dedicated to the graphical presentation of non-graphical information -- whatever that turns out to mean. At present, it has something to do with maps in the ordinary and normal sense of the term; the immediate goal is to build a digital American Historical Atlas. To the extent that maps serve as guides not only to the physical terrain but also and importantly as charts of the mapmaker's mental and cultural terrain, of the memories and desires, anxieties and assumptions he projects upon any terra incognita, we have begun building an historical geography of America. Eventually, this space will come to include graphs, charts, and images, in fact anything that serves as a concrete and physical representation of abstract ideas and intangible feelings. '
"The South: Where is it? What is it?" Excerpt from John Shelton Reed's 'My Tears Spoiled My Aim'.
Exploring the West from Monticello. 'A perspective in maps from Columbus to Lewis and Clark.'

Art for the New Millennium by Mari Hall. 'Welcome to Marizart.Com, an Art site featuring African American art that celebrates women and the return to the feminine aspect. Strongly influenced by Haitian and African art, Mari Hall combines folk art and naive styles into a unique African American art style with a contemporary touch. Her work is known for her use of vibrant color and pattern. Her latest paintings include Mother and Child, Jazz, Celebration of Life, Tarot themes.'

Russian Icons.
Pictures of Angels.

The Désert de Retz, an Extraordinary 18th Century Garden near Paris. 'The Racine de Monville Home Page is the world's first web site devoted to the Désert de Retz and its creator, François Racine de Monville (1734-1797). Discover Monville's adventurous life, view photographs of his remarkable folly garden, and learn more about France and gardens.'

Marc Chagall - Catalogue of the Printed Graphic Work.

An Eye for the World. 'Photographs by Shotaro Shimomura 1934-1935.'
'Shotaro Shimomura XXI (1883-1944) was Chairman of The Daimaru Inc., a department store chain that traces its roots to a single store opened in Kyoto in 1717. Mr. Shimomura was named President of the company in 1907 and toured Europe and the United States the following year to study the management of department stores. He took these photographs on a subsequent trip around the world in 1934 and 1935, prior to establishing a subsidiary trading company. '

Korean Cultural Centre of Los Angeles. Museum, library etc.
Images of Korea.

Mercator's World. Online version of a magazine about maps.
Mercator's Log.

Phumulani Coffee Shop & Viewsite, Swaziland.
Swaziland Fiction.

Le Guide de Madagascar. Lots of nice photos.

The David Suzuki Foundation.
'The David Suzuki Foundation is a federally registered Canadian charity which explores human impacts on the environment, with an emphasis on finding solutions.'
'The Foundation was established in 1990 to find and communicate ways in which we can achieve a balance between social, economic, and ecological needs. '
David Suzuki is a famous Canadian broadcaster and geneticist.

Barlow Home(stead) Page. 'John Perry Barlow is a retired Wyoming cattle rancher, a former lyricist for the Grateful Dead, and co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Since May of 1998, he has been a Fellow at Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, following a term as a Fellow with the Institute of Politics at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government ... '

National Museum of Korea.

GPS Drawing. 'Welcome to the Global Positioning System drawing project.'
Translating GPS data from car journeys into drawings.
Gallery. Drawings made on land, water or in the air.

The Offshore Radio Guide. Inspired by the famous Israeli Voice of Peace pirate radio station.

The Oldie has some good articles online currently.
Cartoon gallery.
'I once met Bette Davis.'
Ghost-hunters meet in haunted house.
A deaf, smelly old man sucking up tea from a saucer by the fireside, but to Philip Callow he was a hero.'
Patrick Newley introduced two legendary queens — and the fur positively flew…
Furry friends deserve a good send-off.

The Apostrophe Protection Society.

30th August
Boston: History of the Landfills. 'A visitor from 1990 would scarcely recognize the Boston area of 1630. The very landscape has been transformed tremendously in the last 360 years. The land area of Boston has more than tripled since 1630. It may not always be apparent to the driver navigating the narrow streets of Boston, but the creation of this city is one of the great engineering feats of American History.'
[ ... ]
The three original hills of Boston, Pemberton, Beacon, & Mt. Vernon no longer dominate the landscape as they once did. Not only are they obscured by tall buildings, but the hills which made up the Trimountain have been cut down by 60 feet or more. In the early 19th century, the crests of these hills were carted away, and dumped in the coves to provide more area for building.'

1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia.

A Walk Through Astoria and Other Places in Queens. 'In the early 1940s, Swiss-born photographer and experimental filmmaker Rudy Burckhardt focused his photography on finding beauty in the uncelebrated and untidy details of life in and around Astoria, Queens. This exhibition brings together the two private, unpublished albums that Burckhardt made from these photographs. For the first time, Burckhardt's carefully constructed, filmlike sequences - the unique intersection of his work in photography and film - are presented for public enjoyment. This work inspired the poet Edwin Denby to write sonnets about Queens, several of which were pasted into one of Burckhardt's albums and are included in the exhibition.'

Canterbury Cathedral.
Related :- the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Animal Mummy Project in the Cairo Museum.

De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors.

The Golden Lotus 'is a novel that represents the daily life of ancient Chinese. It was considered as raunchy book at that time for its sexual depiction. In fact, it is a very great novel disclose the nature of human beings.'
'We present you an interesting part of the novel with beautiful Chinese paintings.'

Haunted Hotels which can be visited.
Via Haunted Britain and Ireland.

The Tomb of Harwa. 'The Mission of the Archaeological Museum of Milan (Civiche Raccolte Archeologiche di Milano) initiated excavations in Egypt at the Tomb of Harwa (TT 37) in 1995 under the direction of Francesco Tiradritti. The tomb is located on the West Bank of Luxor near the temple of Hatshepsut. The mission is sponsored by the Cultural Association "Harwa 2001".'

Early Tibetan Mandalas: The Rossi Collection.

A History of Anaesthesia at Harvard University.

The Cave of Chauvet Pont-d'Arc. Prehistoric art.

Priya Raj - Cartooning & Lampooning. Indian cartoons.

The Desmond Tutu Peace Centre, Cape Town.
Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation.

Wild Things. The Fortean Times' survery of feral children.

Pets and Music. 'We all enjoy music - why shouldn't your cat enjoy it too... ?'

Collector Set Figures. These are great.

The Ministry of Fun.

Safetycards from airlines.

The Lefty Directory. Via troubled diva.

29th August
A12 Border Crossing. Photos of a deserted border crossing between the Netherlands and Germany.
Etzweiler - Modern Ghost Town. Via Urban Adventure in Rotterdam.

Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen.
History of the Zoological Museum. 'Few museums have had an origin as complicated as that of the Copenhagen Zoological Museum, which mostly owes its fame to its old age and the richness of particularly Arctic and marine animals brought back from a great number of expeditions.'

St. Erkenwald's, Southend-on-Sea. 'St Erkenwald's church used to scare the living daylights out of me as a child. This famous building that once stood in Southend has been described as both ugly and beautiful. Whatever you thought of it, it was bound to make an impression of some kind. Gradually, as I grew older, I became enchanted by it's uniqueness.'
'The church was eventually demolished in 1995, and I have created this site, in order to preserve it somehow in cyberspace. The site already contains a host of pictures, stories and history. As time goes by, I will be posting much of the other information that I possess on the church. From the time of building, to the time of demolition.'

Khmer Institute.

As Precious as Gold. 'The National Postal Museum celebrates the Klondike/Alaskan gold rush centennial with a new exhibit that explores the last great gold rush of the 19th century and the unforgettable role of the mail carriers who provided contact between those so far from home and the families they left behind. '
Stories from the Gold Rush.

Web Tales of Manhattan Beach. 'Manhattan Beach began its transformation from a genteel haven for the super rich to an exclusive bedroom community before World War I. The goal was reached with the completion of the Manhattan Beach Estates by real estate developer Joseph P. Day in the 1920s. His design for the community emphasized the romantic and limited the practicalities by hiding service areas and disguising utility poles behind the sometimes ornate mini-mansions ... '

Middle East Peace Quilt.

Unity Temple. 'This Frank Lloyd Wright designed church was among Wright's favorite commissions. Its design was was unprecedented in 1905, with its cubist theme and poured concrete construction. '
Interior tour.

Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud.

The Byzantine Monuments. Churches and monasteries of Constantinople.

The Dhammapada.
What do you think, my friend?

The Vatican Gardens. 'The Vatican Gardens date back to medieval times when vineyards and orchards extended to the north of the Apostolic Palace. In the 1279 Pope Nicholas II enclosed this cultivated area with walls. Today these walls are no longer standings owing to the site's transformation at the beginning of the 16th century. Two new courtyards were created: the Belvedere and the "Pigna" or Pine Cone ... '

Equal Exchange. Fair trade online.

Medieval Sourcebook: Heloise (1101-1164): Letter to Abelard.

'I Was a Japanese Soldier' by Kakuya Ishida, Daily Yomiuri, August 12 2000. 'Why a Taiwanese war veteran feels let down by the country he served.'

28th August
The Worshipful Company of Mercers.
'Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1394, the Mercers Company is the premier Livery Company of the City of London.'
'Livery Companies, or Guilds as they were also known, began in medieval times as fraternitiesor misteries (from the Latin for occupation) to protect the interests of particular trades and the practitioners of those trades.'
'Today there are 103 City Livery Companies, some of very modern origin (Environmental Cleaners, Solicitors, Information Technologists) and some of very ancient origin (Goldsmiths, Weavers, Fishmongers), but the oldest Companies began in this way, protecting the quality and reputation of the trade and the members of the Company.'
Company history. Dick Whittington was a famous mercer.

Wild West Yorkshire. 'Richard Bell's Nature Diary for 2002.'
'Welcome to the wilder side of the county that stretches from the Roman ridge of magnesian limestone to the gritstone moorland of the Pennines.'
'My diary describes a year in the life of woodland, field, marsh, river, canal . . . and a fairly wild back garden . . . in the Calder valley in coal measures country near Wakefield ... '
The diary started in 1998. The site includes several guest nature diaries from Britain and North America.

Imperial Tombs of China. (Past exhibition). 'The Museum of Art at Brigham Young University is pleased to present Imperial Tombs of China. Perhaps the most important exhibition ever lent by the People's Republic of China, this array of magnificent objects from museums across China gives the modern eye a glimpse of one of the world's major ancient cultures ... '

Cambodia in Modern History: Beauty and Darkness. 'This site is designed to provide information on the recent history of Cambodia, particulary the Khmer Rouge period. This includes not only materials pertaining to Cambodia, but information relating to Cambodian refugees and immigrants abroad, as well. '
Photo galleries and Khmer art.

Photo Japan: Photographer's Showcase. 'Welcome to Photo Japan's Photographer's Showcase...a collection of outstanding images of Japan created by photographers from around the world. '
Shimizu Teruyo.
John Dowling Archive.

Orphan Trains of Kansas. 'Beginning in 1854, charitable institutions in New York City began sending orphans on trains to the west to find new families, feeling that the children would fare better out west than on the streets of New York. Orphan trains arrived in Kansas between 1867 and 1930, and some 5000-6000 children were placed in Kansas homes..... '
Via KanColl: The Kansas Collection.

Masons That Were US Presidents.

Bunker Tours. 'Virtual Bunker tours on the Web.'
RAF Greenham Common. 'RAF Greenham Common was abandoned many years ago and the site is now part business park with the rest being returned to common land. The runway has been removed and the last part of the hardstanding area for aircraft was being dug out whilst we were there. Many new buildings have been built to provide accommodation for a variety of businesses but a large number of the original structures remain ... '

My Experience of the Kobe Earthquake, January 17, 1995. 'Here is a selection of accounts of earthquake experiences written by students in my composition classes. '

The Last Hours of Mahatma Gandhi.

Ghostbase. '"Ghostbase" is intended as a photographic memorial to the Cold War airbases that have since closed and the servicemen and their families who served there. '

Greenham Common Trust.
The history of Greenham Common. 'Greenham Common has been, for most of its history, a valuable piece of common land and a shared sustainable resource for local farmers and cottagers [ ... ] The Common was taken over by the military in 1941 and used as an airbase. It was prominent in the glider based offensive launched in 1945, and it was at Greenham that Dwight D. Eisenhower made his famous 'Eyes of the world' speech.'
Greenham Common Womens Peace March 1981 Commemorative Sculpture.
Military history of the common. (BBC)

WebAcropol. 'You are now at the WebMuseum Propylaia, the entrance of the sacred rock, Acropolis. Before you start touring, please note that if you want to view the full-sized versions of the images, just follow the hyperlink ( simply click on the thumbnail image ). '
Virtual tour of Acropolis.

Sistine Chapel. Virtual tour.

Chateau de Versailles.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence.

Charles M. Schulz Museum. 'While Charles Schulz was engaged in the everyday-ness of creating his comic strip - others were plotting the future.'
' "There must be a Schulz Museum," the conspirators agreed, but how to do it when the subject himself, in his modesty, sidestepped the issue ... '
'A bronze sculpture honoring Charles Schulz was unveiled Saturday March 3, 2001 at Depot Park in Railroad Square, Santa Rosa, CA. Hundreds of fans, some from as far away as Paris and Osaka, came for the dedication of the bronze statue, a smiling Charlie Brown with his arm on the back of Snoopy.'

Photographs from the Borodulin Collection. Russian and Soviet photography.
Pioneers of Soviet photography.
World War II.

Ansel Adams on PBS.
Gallery. 'For over six decades, Ansel Adams turned his camera on the American wilderness, becoming one of the most recognized photographers in the world. '

An 1895 Look at Nursing.

Beyond Bed Pans: The Life of a Late 19th-century Young Nurse. 'In August of 1893, then, at the age of seventeen years and six days, I entered the Pittsburgh Training School for Nurses, and a world so new, so strange and at times so terrible, that even now it hurts me to remember it. Not the hospital itself, a fine institution magnificently managed; not even the labor, although it finally destroyed my health and broke down my young body. But here was all the tragedy of the world gathered under one roof.'

Volcanoes of Canada.

The Splendors of Imperial China: Treasures from the National Palace Musuem, Taipei. 'An unsurpassed survey of Chinese art treasures from one of the greatest collections in the world will be on view at the Asian Art Museum in Golden Gate Park from October 14 to December 8, 1996. Heralded by scholars and critics as the greatest exhibition of Chinese art ever presented in America, Splendors of Imperial China: Treasures from the National Palace Museum, Taipei spans over 4.000 years of Chinese history and features nearly 350 of the finest and most famous works from the National Palace Museum, Taipei, whose holdings are based on the personal collections of China's emperors. Included in the exhibition are priceless paintings, jades, bronzes, ceramics, textiles and lacquerware which were passed among China's imperial rulers from century to century.'

Fiji Museum. 'Located in the heart of Suva's botanical gardens, the Fiji Museum holds a remarkable collection which includes archaeological material dating back 3,500 years and cultural objects representing both Fiji's indigenous inhabitants and other communities that have settled in the island group over the past 100 years.'

Crying for Justice. (Houston Chronicle special report) 'Since the end of World War II, war criminals and other human rights abusers have lived in a golden age of impunity, and the international community has shown little courage or moral will to put a stop to crimes against humanity ... '

Visit a Refugee Camp. Virtual tour.

M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence. 'The Mission of the Gandhi Institute ... is to promote and apply the principles of nonviolence locally, nationally, and globally, to prevent violence and resolve personal and public conflicts through research, education, and programming.'

Jane Palmer, writer. I do recommend her work.

Le Blogeur can now be found here.

RIP SatireWire.

27th August
Theme Park Brochures. 'Welcome to Here you will find brochures and maps from your favorite amusement and theme parks from the 1950's through today. See how the parks have changed over the years and view brochures that introduced some of the most famous roller coasters in the world. '
Includes a 'map of the week' feature.

Amusement Park History.

Four Women and a Camera Look at Breast Cancer: The Making of "No Hair Day," the Movie.

Art Cars in Cyberspace.

Sacred Places of Wales. guide.

Buddhist Paintings and Sculpture of Japan. Very nice.

Himeji Castle.

Castles of Japan. Indexed alphabetically and geographically.

The Mark of Zoroaster. Iran travelogue. 'Author Paul Kriwaczek and his guide to how to brave fearsome traffic, cheap hotels and a tight 10-day schedule aboard a clapped-out Fiat in a search for the heart of a 2,500-year-old civilisation.'

The Sala Family Archives. Medieval and early modern Catalonian charters. Sample images.

Scrolls from the Dead Sea.

The Trilobite Showcase.
Trilobite of the week. Not updated for a while but worth a look.

An Evening with Garlic Mustard.

The Lost Art Internet Database 'is a joint project of the federal government and the federal states of Germany to register cultural assets that were relocated, transported and, especially with regard to Jewish citizens, confiscated as a result of persecution during World War II and the Nazi-period. '
'This Internet database facilitates the world-wide registration of cultural assets relocated during the war or seized in the course of persecution or of cultural assets which have provenance gaps. In the last case a relocation or illegal seizure cannot be excluded.' (In English, German and Russian).

IALHI Web Museum. Online exhibition of labour history.
'The International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI), unites over one hundred libraries, archives and museums in the field of labour history. Many of these institutions hold large and important collections of visual materials: photos, posters, prints, flags, banners, historical objects and so on. '
'This virtual exhibition shows a selection from these treasures: over one hundred items from twelve institutions. Together they form a chronicle of the labour movement around the world. '

Southwold Pier Amusement Arcade. 'I have had a recurring fantasy about having my own amusement arcade ever since I was a teenager, when I had a saturday job for Ruffler and Walker, an amusement machine manufacturer. The re-built Southwold Pier (a few miles from my home) opened in July 2001, and I persuaded the owner, Chris Iredale, to let me have a tiny arcade (about 12 ft square) for my home-made slot machines. It was satisfyingly popular and I enjoyed keeping it running and thinking up ways to improve it. '
The Under the Pier Show.

The Art of Jermaine Rogers. Rock poster art.

A Community of Many Worlds: Arab Americans in New York City. 'What does it mean to be "Arab American" in New York? In this exhibition, we use Arab American in its broadest sense, to refer to people who share the heritage of a common language -- Arabic. They also share cultural traditions that go back many centuries, including food, music, decorative art, and family values. Like all other immigrants and their descendants, they have worked to balance their heritage with their new identities as New Yorkers.'
Brotherhood: In Strength and Sorrow - Images of the FDNY.
Via the Museum of the City of New York.

Transportation Alternatives, NYC.

Brooklyn Children's Museum.

POTUS - Presidents of the United States. 'In this resource you will find background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest on each of the presidents. Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also included. '

Szoborpark. Budapest's famous 'statue park'; 'gigantic memorials from the Communist dictatorship'.
'After the change of political system the statues were removed from Budapest's streets to the museum. This is the world's only such collection from the period of communist cultural politics. It's the most exciting outdoor museum in Eastern Europe. The statues of Lenin, Marx and Engels, Dimitrov and Ostapenko can be seen at the park, and memorials to The Soviet Soldier, the Communist Martyrs, and the Republic of Councils. And much else besides.'

The Roma World Congress.
Background NY Times article (requires free registration, login) :- ' Some 30 European Romany organizations met in May in Lodz, in central Poland, where Jews and Roma were killed and deported in the Nazi Holocaust, to set up a continentwide organization that could give the Roma, as Gypsies prefer to be called, a strong voice in advancing their causes: housing, jobs, education ... '
The Roma National Congress.

The Carvings of Tuscany. Lots of images.

No Place at All. 'A photo essay looking at Kyo-machiya (traditional Kyoto townhouses) that have been razed and replaced with parking lots.'
The Most Beautiful City in the World. (Or is it...?)
Via Kyoto Mitate.

The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum, New York. A very large site.
Gardens and playgrounds. "I had a revelation in 1933 of the earth outdoors as a new way of conceiving sculpture." Isamu Noguchi
Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum, Japan.
A sampling of the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum. Personal, virtual tour.

A Day of Remembrance. 'One hundred twenty thousand three hundred and thirteen total Japanese Americans and two thousand two hundred and sixty-four total Japanese Latin Americans were forced to leave all of their belongings (including their homes, vehicles, furniture, and everything they had) behind during World War II, under the suspicion of the U.S. government that they had posed a threat to the American people ... '

University of Michigan Detroit Observatory. Virtual tour.

Deafness in Disguise Exhibit. Concealed hearing devices on the 19th and 20th centuries. Washington University Medical Centre exhibit.

Neve Shalom ~ Wahat al-Salam. '(ne-'vé shal-'om / 'wah-at i-sal-'am: Hebrew and Arabic for Oasis of Peace [Isaiah 32:18]): A village in Israel established jointly by Jews and Palestinian Arabs of Israeli citizenship and engaged in educational work for peace, equality and understanding between the two peoples.'
Link found on the Public Peace Process, a very good site in itself...

The Gay Parades of the Seventies. San Francisco reminiscences.

26th August
The Promises Film Project. 'Promises is a 90-minute documentary film exploring the Middle East Conflict and prospects for peace by drawing viewers into the hearts and minds of seven Palestinian and Israeli children from Jerusalem- those captured by the region's hatreds and those able to transcend them.'

Down the Drain. Chicago Public Library exhibit on the the history of the Chicago sewer system, one of the best sewer systems anywhere. UMR Stonehenge. A partial replica of Stonehenge at a university in Missouri.

Bridgeport: Lock Zero. 'A brief history and look into one of Chicago's oldest neighborhoods.'

'I Won the Spam Carving Contest'. 'Yes! After years of being a Spam enthusiast, I finally get some recognition. The winning Spam sculpture was a small castle, which I christened, "Spamalot". There was also an article in the Arizona Republic by Bill Goodykoontz about the sacred event. Below are some photos taken at the contest.'

Milestones of Essex. Photos.
Via Milestones Online. 'Recording Britain's roadside milestone heritage for the future. '

Dreams of Vietnam. 'The British Library is renowned for its important holdings of books and periodicals from North Vietnam published during the Vietnam War. These were obtained through exchange agreements at a time when few other Western libraries were able to acquire such material. This period is the focus of the British Museum's current exhibition, Vietnam: Behind the Lines. Images from the War 1965-75. Less well-known is the Library's collection of older Vietnamese books and manuscripts. These include literary and historical works written in beautiful Sino-Vietnamese script, a combination of Vietnamese and Chinese characters. Exhibited here for the first time are some of the highlights of the collection.'

The Japan Tattoo Institute.

Golden Threads. The Chinese in regional New South Wales.

Capitolium. 'Welcome to the archaeological site of the Imperial Forums, one of the largest areas in the world where digging, research and studies are still under way. It is here that the Roman civilisation began and evolved throughout the centuries . As Italian nationals and as citizens and administrators of Rome, we have the mission of preserving and disseminating knowledge of these records of the past. But this is not the heritage of a single city or nation; it is the heritage of mankind. Now, thanks to state-of-the-art communication technologies, this wealth can be brought to the fruition of the entire world.'

Luxemburgen Romanum. 'The Roman mosaic of Vichten, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.'

Old Russian Cities. Photographs.

Encyclopaedia Astronautica. Huge, fantastic resource on the history of space exploration.

Museum der Unerhorten Dinge. (Museum of Extraordinary Things) In German.
The exhibits.

Hidden Museum. (In German, easy to navigate)

Space in Miniature. 'I am an engineer in the aerospace industry, and my hobby interests are centered around building scale models of real spacecraft. This quickly gets into the history of space, as there are few space kits out there and much research is required to come up with the plans and data needed to scratchbuild accurate spacecraft models. This activity led me to publish the results of some of my research in the form of 40-page monographs (magazines or booklets, I guess) on how to build accurate models of real spacecraft. I also have this internet site to augment those paper publications.'

Soviet Web Space. A site dedicated to the Soviet and Russian space programmes.
Missions to Mir. 'The following table ("Flight Log") contains statistics for all missions to the Soviet/Russian Mir space station. '

Butterflies at the Field Museum.

City Creator. Courtesy of Cal.

On the Road with John Tarleton. Interesting collection of human stories.

Tribute to Django Reinhardt.
Swing under the Nazis. 'Jazz as the Music of the Oppressed during WWII.'

Coral Reefs. The plight of the planet's coral reefs.
'The biologists have seen the future, and their message could not be clearer: Living coral reefs are the foundation of marine life, and thus a crucial support for human life, yet all over the world they are dead or dying because people are destroying them—killing them—at a catastrophic rate. Already 10 percent are lost, and scientists say 70 percent of all corals on the planet will be destroyed in 20 to 40 years unless people stop doing what they're doing—pollution, sewage, erosion, cyanide fishing, clumsy tourism—and get serious about saving the coral reefs now. There's hope yet: Reefs are resilient and they bounce back quickly when protected ... '
Coral Reef Alliance.

Old Trafford 1909-2002. History and pictures of the home of Manchester United.
"The most handsomest, the most spacious and the most remarkable arena I have ever seen. As a football ground it is unrivalled in the world, it is an honour to Manchester and the home of a team who can do wonders when they are so disposed" - Sporting Chronicle: Saturday 19th February 1910.

Inventor of the Week. Via Via Iconomy.