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4th February
Prometheus and Pandora. From Bulfinch's Mythology.

NY artist helps street kids steal fire. From Sep. 17, 1997. 'Controversial New York artist and educator Tim Rollins is bringing the myth of Prometheus to the Web, with the help of a posse of young black and Puerto Rican artists who can relate to the story of a rebel Titan who steals fire from the gods, and incurs the wrath of the powers that be. '
Prometheus Bound: A work of art for the web.

It's rather wet.
Forecast Data for the British Isles includes links to severe weather warnings (by region), and short- and medium-range and shipping forecasts.
BBC clickable weather map.
Current flooding situation for England and Wales.
British weather half a day behind.

Ancient Egypt.

Shakespeare vs. Britney Spears. What is art? An entertaining web toy.

Bhutan, Mountain Fortress of the Gods. An interesting virtual exhibition on the religious landscape, history and arts of Bhutan.

Herman Leonard Photography. 'This site contains world acclaimed photographs of jazz legends including: Charlie "Bird" Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Thelonious Monk, Chet Baker and Ella Fitzgerald. Also included are many other Herman Leonard images from Paris, Morocco, The Far East, New York City and New Orleans.'

Origami Museum.

Cambridge (UK) Weather. 'Home-brew' weather page.

A Little Rock on Mars. A touching tale.

Arrernte Dictionary. Illustrated words from the Arrernte language of the Alice Springs area.

The Collins Gem dictionary celebrates 100 years.
BBC Online's weird and wonderful word quiz is fun.

'An Afghan father was forced to sell his 12-year-old daughter because his family was starving. '
Graveyards outgrow villages in Afghan starvation belt.

Belgium claims world's longest black pudding.

Rainforests harvest the skies.

' Women of childbearing age can vastly improve their ability to detect odours simply by smelling them more often - but this is not true of postmenopausal women, little girls, or men, say researchers in Pennsylvania. '

Disc-shaped spyplane could hunt for terrorists.

Is human evolution over?

Great ready to learn the fabbest new slang! Thanks, JP.

The Trouble with Self-Esteem by Lauren Slater. Is self-esteem that is too high more harmful than self-esteem that is too low? NY Times site requires free registration. Via Follow Me Here.

3rd February
Animal Crackers. 'Animals and people come together in this surreal digitally-composed story.'

Afghan Refugees. Photos from a refugee camp in Pakistan.
From Journal E.

Good advice from 1927 if you want to do well on the Tube. How to be an ideal passenger on the London Underground. The 'Tube courtesy' poster can be viewed here.
Strange happenings on the London Underground - parts 1 and 2. Ghost stories (including the Black Nun of Bank and the ghost train of South Kensington), and the legend of the London troglodytes.

Time for this week's dose of Planetarium, a most entertaining puzzle-story in weekly installments.

Democratic Underground. Thanks, JP.
The Smudge Report.

The Billie Holiday Postal Stamp.
The Golden Age of Jazz. Jazz photos by William P. Gottlieb.


Atapuerca: a World Heritage Site. Palaeoanthropology, virtual fossils.

The Mystery of Toshusai Sharaku. 'Appearing on the Japanese art scene in Spring of 1794, he disappeared just as suddenly in early 1795 after creating nearly 150 prints of Kabuki actors. Many conjectures have been made to illuminate the identity of this artist -- Was he a Noh drama actor? Was he actually another artist named Utamaro using a different name? Or was he someone completely different? -- At this point, no one really knows.'
A small online gallery of Sharaku's work.

Fantastic Fish of the Middle Ages. 'Here are the fantastic and incredible fish of the Middle Ages, which populated both the waters and the imagination of the Medieval world. Real creatures still familar to us, such as the salmon and the crayfish will be found here, but you will also read of such fabulous specimens as the Abremon, which propagated without intercourse, the Ezox, which were so large that a four-horsed cart could not carry one away, and the Nereydes, which were sea mosters that cried whenever one of them died. '
Medieval Macabre. Supernatural and fantastic imagery of the Middle Ages; devils, demons, witches and monsters.
The Hans Holbein Dance of Death.

Travels with Rover :- 'We've finally made it to Central America and found paradise in Costa Rica. Along the way we visited the Chiapas highlands of Mexico, repaired Rover in Antigua, Guatemala, and successfully negotiated five pairs of border crossings (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica). '

Two Poems. Courtesy of Poetry Daily.

Moonrise over Seattle. Great photo.

' Scientists have pinpointed the Methuselah gene - a stretch of DNA that confers healthy old age on men and women - raising the prospect that researchers may one day be able to create drugs that extend human life. '

' Several ancient Egyptian marriage contracts contained lemon clauses where both the bride and groom were required to prove that they had the physical stamina for marriage, according to a research paper presented last week in Egypt at a symposium entitled Papyri and Arabic Manuscripts in Africa. '

Fewer clouds found in tropics: NASA scientists discover new evidence of climate change.

'Researchers have found the first molecular clues about how a group of poorly understood chemical signals, called pheromones, enable mice to distinguish male from female. ' Source :- Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

' The United Nations' nuclear agency has sent a team of experts to the former Soviet republic of Georgia to help recover two deadly radioactive devices and transport them to safety.'
'The cylinders, which are believed to have been left over from a Soviet-era generator, were discovered by three men gathering wood from a forest in December in Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia. '

' As the status of women in China's major cities is improving, their counterparts in the countryside still have to eat in the kitchen when guests arrive, even if the visitors are their own friends, China Daily reports. '

' Amnesty International has issued a plea for the immediate release of kidnapped US journalist Daniel Pearl, whose fate was unclear today after unverified claims that he had been killed, reports AFP. '

' Syed Kaing Mabbul was a coconut farmer on the exquisitely beautiful island of Basilan in the southern Philippines...'
'His misfortune, his mother told us, is that he has the same name as a commander of the Abu Sayyaf, a bloodthirsty group of Islamic extremists financed by robbery, piracy, ransom and - in the past, at least - by Osama bin Laden... '
' 'They picked up my son at 8am,' she told us. 'They brought him to Malagutay Brigade Camp, blindfolded him, beat him, stripped him, then hung him upside down for eight hours. They inserted ground-up chilli paste into his rectum to force him to confess to belonging to Abu Sayyaf.' '

Wealth spawns corruption. 'Physicists are explaining how politics can create the super-rich.'

Doctor: AIDS toll set to surpass Black Death.

2nd February
An interactive model railway to play with.

'Magnetic poetry', the Java version.

Unknown News hasn't been updated since Wednesday - this is unusual. Everything ok there, guys? :)
(Update :- just heard that the proprietors of Unknown News are fine - they've been snowed in by the bad weather in the midwestern US. Glad to hear everything's ok).

Cybertiques Gallery of Covers. Vintage paperback covers. Via Booknotes.

Penny Magazine. A magazine for the working classes of Britain in the mid-19th century.
'The Penny Magazine, published every Saturday, was aimed at the working class. It was part of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge's program for liberal reform. for its reader, however, it was a source of information on subjects of general interest: everyday things like tea and coffee, well-known places in England, a series on animals and birds of Britain, descriptions of prsent-day manufacturing, even an American alaman and a serial of a personal account of an immigrant's problems. Poetry was published, too, and there are several illustrations in each issue. '

The Cinderella Bibliography. Texts, art, stories from many cultures.

Monks and Merchants. Silk Road treasures from northwest China, Gansu and Ningxia, 4th-7th centuries.
'The four hundred years between the collapse of the Han dynasty (206 B.C.E. C.E. 220) and the establishment of the Tang dynasty (618906) mark a watershed in the history of China. During this period, foreign invasion, transcontinental trade, and missionary zeal opened the region to an unprecedented wealth of foreign cultural influences. These influences were both secular and sacred, as nomads, merchants, emissaries, and missionaries flooded into China, bringing new customs, purveying exotic wares, and propagating new religious beliefs...'

Rhyming dictionary.

Philosophical Health Check. 'The PHC is designed to identify tensions or contradictions (a Tension Quotient) between various beliefs that you have. The PHC does not aim to identify which of your beliefs are true or false, but where the set of beliefs you hold may not be compatible with each other.' It's worth taking the short test once in a while to see if it can find any tensions in your way of thinking. It didn't pick up on any contradictions when I did this most recently.

The Political Compass is another interesting test which has been around for a while, which plots socio-economic left/right against libertarian/authoritarian. FWIW, I'm a libertarian leftist.

Badgerland. Guide to badger lifestyle.
Barnet Badger Watch. A webcam in a sett which should work most of the time.

The Nisga'a Nation. 'We are Nisga'a the people who live in the Nass River valley of northwestern British Columbia. '

The Oldie celebrates ten years.

Llama dung reduces water pollution.

' A jury awarded $290,000 to two women who said they were deceived by a fundamentalist church whose leaders promised to produce Jesus Christ in the flesh...'
'As a condition of church membership, Hancock gave 67 acres of her farm and shares of water rights to the church for redistribution among members. Stewart contributed money from her retirement plan, attorney Don Redd said. '
Thanks, JP.

1st February
Roundhouse. '...A self-built and designed ecohome of wood, cordwood and cob construction, partially earth sheltered and with a turf roof. It is solar powered and has compost toilet and reed bed grey water system. Planners want us to pull it down, and we don't think their rules take account of new demands for sustainability. '
Thanks, Nick.

Don's Amazing Puzzle.

Sinners and Saints. An occasional column about heroes and villains.

Richard Hamilton's Ulysses illustrations.
William Blake illustrations found.
Via Blue Ruin.

It's artbaby! art! Online galleries, news, links, games, museums, reviews, poster of the week. Quite possibly one of the best art sites on the web.

The Suda On Line. 'The Suda is a massive 10th century Byzantine Greek historical encyclopedia of the ancient Mediterranean world, derived from the scholia to critical editions of canonical works and from compilations by yet earlier authors. The purpose of the Suda On Line is to open up this stronghold of information by means of a freely accessible, keyword-searchable, xml-encoded database with translations, annotations, bibliography, and automatically generated links to a number of other important electronic resources. '

The 53rd Sapporo Snow Festival begins in just a few days.
'The Sapporo Snow Festival, one of Japan's largest winter events, is attracting a growing number of visitors from Japan and abroad. Over two million people came to the annual event last year to see the hundreds of beautiful snow statues and ice sculptures which lined Odori Park , the main street in Susukino and Makomanai . '
'The figures, large and small, turn Sapporo into a winter dreamland of crystal and white for seven days every February. '
How to make a giant snow statue.

Virtual Snow Festival. A collaboration art project of snow sculpture on the Internet. 'Participants are elementary school children, junior high school students, high school students, their teachers and all poeple who are interested in this project. '
Giant Mickey Mouse snow sculpture for the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Baloney detection and more baloney detection.

What is antimatter?

Shifty Witnesses. Interesting logic puzzle.

Saxon Churches in Britain. 'Until some hundred and fifty years ago, it was widely believed that there were no remains of Anglo-Saxon architecture to be seen in Britain. Despite there being next to no surviving parts of secular buildings, Saxon features were slowly recognised in standing ancient churches and today there seem to be few church guides which do not claim some form of Saxon origin.'

The Jain temples at Dilwara. 'Interior of the Dilwara Temple at Mount Abu in the state of Rajasthan (India). The exquisitely carved marble temple dates from 1081. '
'The Jain temples at Dilwara, near Mount Abu are considered to be masterpieces of temple architecture. '

Volcano satellite images from all over the world. From the Operational Significant Event Imagery site.

Ghost Photography. Via Bifurcated Rivets.

Astronomers admire 'Lord of the Rings'. 'A new image of Saturn - the Lord of the Rings - shows just how quickly ground-based telescopes are catching up with those in space... '
'Astronomers are excited by the detail seen in the image of Saturn, especially the intricate, banded structure of its atmosphere and the rings. '

Unassuming bush may be world's oldest living thing. Ancient bush could be 11,000 years old. Photo.

' Egyptian archaeology authorities announced on Wednesday the discovery of five tombs from the late Pharaonic period cut into a mountain in southern Egypt. '

Roman Bacchus pieced together after 1,900 years. 'One of the finest Roman wall paintings found in Britain has been unearthed from centuries of rubble on a building site in London. '

Suspected toxic algae bloom leaves thousands of fish dead.

' US scientists have isolated stem cells from monkey embryos created using only an egg. They then coaxed these stem cells into taking on the characteristics of neurons, heart muscle and other tissue types. '
'The embryos were generated through a process called parthenogenesis, in which the egg is never fertilized, but instead duplicates one set of chromosomes...'

' Chinese conservationists have launched a campaign to sign up the country's eight million professional chefs to a pledge not to boil, baste or stir-fry endangered species. ' Via Fark.

Monkey moves computer cursor by thoughts alone. Via Follow Me Here.

'As the latest millionaire star of children's literature is unveiled, D J Taylor offers a beginner's guide to writing a bestseller.' Via Reenhead.

Guardian netnotes : Ulysses. 'It will be 80 years tomorrow since James Joyce's novel Ulysses was first published. Read our guide to one of the 20th century's classic texts.'

Man builds hobbit house.

Big cats in Buckinghamshire?

' Inmates at Dartmoor prison are routinely abused and degraded by officers desperate to cling to the jail's "hard" image, says a damning official report. '
Britain's prison on the moors.

' Zimbabwe's information minister today questioned the need for the existence of the media following condemnation of a new press bill that has raised fears that the forthcoming elections in May will not be properly scrutinised. '
' "Thomas Jefferson said it was better to have newspapers without government. He was very, very wrong. It is far better to have government without newspapers," information minister Jonathan Moyo told CNN in Harare. '
Guardian Unlimited special report: Zimbabwe.

' In its submission to the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group, meeting in London on January 30, Human Rights Watch said that the government of President Robert Mugabe had intimidated opponents, imposed legal restrictions on them, and engaged in extensive political violence. '

Brawl erupts at World Economic Forum weigh-in.