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22nd February
Scan your memes. Via Extenuating Circumstances.

Puyallup Sunrise.

Zen Gardens. 'Perhaps the most famous of all Japanese dry gardens is that of Ryoan-ji: the Temple of the Peaceful Dragon. The garden is simplicity itselffifteen rocks arranged in a rectangle of raked white gravelbut it has provoked much speculation about its meaning, its specific relationship to Zen thought, and even its origins. '

Basho's World. 'The stations listed below are from Matsuo Basho's travel diary "The Narrow Road to the Deep North" (Oku no Hosomichi). '

The myth of Pandora.
Pandora in art.

An interesting page about the Greek poet Sappho.

100 Famous Shakespeare Quotes presented and explained.

An online exhibition of Frogs. Lots of info, fun n' games.

A.L.I.C.E. won the Loebner Prize for 'most human-like computer' in 2000. Fun to talk to, too.

The Saraphine Mosey Travelogue. 'Richard Thompson and Sara Genn are two young Canadians who remotely published this European travelogue while on the road with their 1978 Alfa Romeo Alfetta. Mosey features over 2000 photographs, original paintings and drawings and twelve months of daily journal entries.'

Elizabeth's Art is a really enjoyable site that showcases some of Elizabeth Hoffman's art of everyday things.
Portrait of Elizabeth Hoffman. 'When I first experienced Elizabeth's art I was taken aback. Here was something different. A rare gem, artwork in Los Angeles that explores emotional experience while still carrying with it a sense of humor and a touch of the curious. Her world is more inviting than alienating. '

A hopping robot.
This robot is cute too.

Comet Ikeya-Zhang. Astro pic.

Eastern Forests. Poem.

According to this test, my D & D character is a Neutral Good Elf Ranger Cleric, which is OK.
But according to this test, my D & D character is a Chaotic Good Dwarf Ranger (which is OK too).

Kaleidoscope Painter. Much cheer to JP and Everlasting Blort.

The Alphabet Synthesis Machine. 'The Alphabet Synthesis Machine is an interactive online artwork which allows one to create and evolve the possible writing systems of one's own imaginary civilizations. ' Via Bifurcated Rivets.

' Scientists have produced the most detailed atlas of Mars ever compiled, and it is freely available on the internet. '
Mars Digital Atlas.

' Kidnapping amorous males who hold a sexual monopoly over their peers may be the key to saving some endangered species.'

' A man in Bosnia spent nearly six years hiding in the mountains because he was convinced the war was still raging.'

Thames footbridge opens minus wobbles.

Secrets of Silbury Hill uncovered.

1,500 year-old graveyard uncovered in Ireland.

Women spend week in car to see Cliff Richard.

Pinatubo volcano research boosts case for human-caused global warming.

21st February
Misty Morning Sunrise.

Zen Haiku. 'A real haiku's got to be as simple as porridge and yet make you see the real thing.' - Jack Kerouac.

Moments of Simplicity. A soothing site, and an antidote to web rage.

A narrative history of London.

An exhibition of Tibetan Calligraphy. Forty-six works written in ink on paper by P. N. Dhumkhang.

Who Killed William Robinson? A historic whodunnit which raises some interesting questions about historical understanding.

Space Weather Forecast.

Survival International - 'Botswana tortures Bushmen, then prosecutes them.' 'The Botswanan authorities are prosecuting 13 Gana and Gwi Bushmen for 'hunting without a licence' after they had been tortured by wildlife officers. This persecution is the latest step in the government's drive to force the Bushmen out of their ancestral home the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. '
Petition for the Bushmen.

Tom Tomorrow is good this week.

The Secret Buddha. A weblog for and about philosophy.
Is it just me, or is there more philosophical writing on the web in general in recent months?
Kofi has some interesting thoughts, too.

Also interesting to read Ikastikos for 20th February - check it out. 'I didn't want to post for awhile....I didn't want to sit down and write because I wanted to stand up and paint. For awhile. But I'm too angry not to express myself...'

Blur Building. See who shares your interests without having to talk to them! Via Blue Ruin.

David Gallagher wants to be the number one David Gallagher on Google.

BritneyBlog. Via Reenhead.

Web colour theory. Thanks, JP.

Continental Drift Cam.

Volcanoes threaten to divide Africa.

'More than a month after HRD minister M M Joshi declared that the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) had discovered an ancient city dating back to 7500 BC in the Gulf of Cambay, officials of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) are raising serious doubts about the claims.'

' A new study into birds has found that those which live in large groups have more brain cells than loners.'

Eerie link between 17th century clocks explained.
Soldiers told to wash hands after handling radioactive knobs.
Wild animal experts smell a rat after lion 'adopts' second oryx.
New research shows just how much we hate winners. Via GoodShit.

Photos suggest recent flooding on Mars, study claims. Images.
Several extrasolar planets suspected near centre of galaxy.
In search of extra dimensions.

20th February
Daily clicks made easy. A very large collection of 'free clicks for charity' sites. What a good idea.
I didn't know about the Build a School site, or the Give Water site.

The Origins of the English Village. An interesting set of pages on the medieval village of Shapwick. Found on this timeline of British archaeology.

Route 66. From east to west.

A Great Day in Harlem. Explore jazz history through one photograph. The site also includes a jazz timeline.

Tokyo Virtual Tour. 'The Tokyo Virtual Tour is a semi-interactive web-based guide to living in and traveling in Tokyo. The idea started after I lived in Japan for one year and in Tokyo of a number of months. After returning home I really missed the lifestyle and my daily adventures.'

The Digital Michelangelo Project.

LePOT. 'K-Team S.A. has used their robotics experience to animate a giant autonomous mobile huge flower pot (LePOT) on top of the Lakeside Technical College of Neuchatel (CPLN). Conceived by the Gruppo GPM, a group of local artists, the "moving flowerpot" concept was chosen as winner of a contest held to "beautify" the roof of the central building of CPLN. '

Galleria Carnivora. 'Galleria Carnivora is a museum dedicated to the fine art of carnivorous plant photography. Since being established in 1923, it has redefined our concepts of imagery as they relate to carnivores, emulsions, and botany. Normally closed to the public, Galleria Carnivora presents this web site so lay-people may press faces against our windows and peer into greatness. Behold our treasures. '

The Travel Year. A 16-month round-the-world travelogue.

Ryokan's Zen Poetry of Spring.

Earth image of the day. This daily gallery of satellite images of Earth has only just started; some fabulous pictures.

' This is what scientists are calling the most detailed colour image ever made of the entire Earth. '

The Miniature Earth. Thanks to JP for sending this to me.

Hope. A photoessay. 'I spent a few weeks in Iran over the winter break. I took a lot of digital pictures of people and places. These I call "axis of people".'

The Meenakshi Temple. Lovely Hindu temple.

"Morkinskinna" - the Rotten Vellum. A thirteenth-century Icelandic manuscript. Via dust from a distant sun.

Jomoh Temple. 'Head Priest Ishiko of Daioh Temple feels that there is an unnatural balance existing between the reliance on material needs and the lack of concern for spiritual fulfillment. He believes that this imbalance is the reason why most people are not totally satisfied with their lives. Through this virtual temple, he hopes to draw attention to this imbalance and through it's recognition help us to lead fuller, richer lives. '
Via Follow Me Here.

A local police log. Truly a slice of life. Via Arts & Letters Daily.

The Talk.Origins Archive on 'intelligent design'. (What's intelligent about tonsils?)

Poetic Guerrillas

' Half of the 6,000 or so languages spoken in the world are under threat and a wealth of human knowledge could be lost with them, according to a new study. '

The Rosetta Project. 'Fifty to ninety percent of the world's languages are predicted to disappear in the next century, many with little or no significant documentation. Much of the work that has been done, especially on smaller languages, remains hidden away in personal research files or poorly preserved in under-funded archives. ' 'As part of the effort to secure this critical legacy of linguistic diversity, The Long Now Foundation is working to develop a contemporary version of the historic Rosetta Stone. In this updated iteration, our goal is a meaningful survey and near permanent archive of 1,000 languages. '

Good work is good for you, according to a new psychological study.

' Animals have complex dreams much like humans, the American Association for the Advancement of Science was told yesterday. A study has shown that even laboratory rats spend much of their sleep dreaming of things they do when they are awake.'

Experts piece together dinosaur with 1,000 teeth and a permanent smile.
'Ancient dwarf crocodilian swam with giants.'

' The Thai Government has criticised its country's version of hit TV quiz show The Weakest Link as being bad for the nation's youth...'
' "The show is promoting fierce competition and selfishness among participants. This contravenes Thai generosity," the letter said. '
(I think I can see their point).

' Alien cultures more advanced than our own will have spotted us by now, say astronomers. Tell-tale rainbows from any inhabited planets will soon show us where to gaze back.'

Bush robot debuts at Disney theme park in Florida.

' A bus company is threatening to ban a group of four pensioners because it says their behaviour is so bad.'

Suspect caught in police chase after trousers catch fire.

Creator of Dolly says he wouldn't want to make copies of humans. Sheep can be so pleasant. :)

19th February
Lake Washington Sunrise.

The Floating World of Ukiyo-e. A very good exhibition from the Library of Congress.

Lucian: Greek Science Fiction. 'Lucian, Syrian by birth but Greek by culture, wrote his "True Story" parodying the weird tales told by Greeks from the Odyssey onwards. He was born about 120 AD, trained as a lawyer, but spent most of his life as a travelling lecturer, before he settled down in Athens to some more serious philosophy. Many of his books (he wrote over 80) weren't at all serious. "A True Story" anticipates Jules Verne, George Lucas and, especially, Douglas Adams. '

The Age of King Charles V. 1000 medieval illuminations; great site.

Giant Insects.

Play Virtual Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Ancient Scotland Tour. 'From the end of May to the end of July, 1998, we made a tour of more than 200 Scottish prehistoric sites. ' Travel diary and images.

Eerie. Picture gallery of the Korean Demilitarised Zone. (Site is in Korean; click on the links at the top to navigate). Link found on this travel page.

Jam: Tokyo-London. A fun design page. Via gmtPlus9.

He's baaaackkk!

The Last Cargo Cult. Via Arts & Letters Daily.

The largest known prime numbers.

Online dictionary of unusual words.

' How many indigenous American languages are spoken in the United States? By how many speakers?'

Some lovely calligraphy by Mukon Ohmori.

A Photoanthropological Look at Bachelorhood. Via Kottke.

The FBI's weblog. Via Rebecca's Pocket.

Can philosophy help cure anxiety and depression? Very interesting article; is it possible to use philosophy to change our lives and the world for good (rather than just feeling good about it).

' Imagine converting your study into a kitchen just by revolving the room. That's the compact living concept developed by an Austrian design firm. '
'Viennese architect firm Alles Wird Gut ("everything will go well," in German) has developed large "hamster" wheels, which change their function by rotating. One sector of the circle has a bed. Roll it around and it becomes a table. '

' Sensational fossil discoveries were unveiled on Monday, including the most primitive wishbone yet found in a dinosaur. '

Patent to protect ancient knowledge. 'Indian researchers are aiming to bring ancient science and modern technology together to record traditional remedies for posterity...'
'The library will record traditional treatments, and prevent them being patented as novel ideas when they have been known for generations. '

'Interstellar travellers should be "motivated, tolerant and nice".'

Origami solves road map riddle.

Global warming will persist at least a century even if emissions curbed now.

5,500 year-old building found in central China.

British marines lose bearings and 'invade' Spain.

' Cosmic radiation two million years ago had a crucial impact on our evolution.'

18th February
Yosemite Sunrise.

Idiophonics in Early Japanese Women's Nature Poetry: Spring.

A Vanishing Farm. 'For the last 2+ years, Art and Alice have had the great good luck to live in the main house of a 165 year old Lehigh Valley, PA former dairy farm. If the developer gains township approval, this house and the surrounding 200 acres of working farmland will disappear into suburban sprawl forever. Share with us a look at the present and undisturbed past of this proud farm site complete with mature trees, barns, pond and surrounding crops.'

The Colours of Winter. 'A seasonal poster exhibition exploring the changing face of winter London. '

Asphalt Empire. American night photography.

Amorphic Robot Works. 'Amorphic Robot Works was formed in 1992. ARW is a New York based group of artists, engineers and technicians working together to create robotic performances and installations.' Look here to see their current projects.

Small Mobile Robots. Koji Yoshino builds fish, hexapod, quadruped and bipedal walking robots.

Chile: The Long Walk. Travelogue of a 4,400 mile walk down the length of Chile.

Andy Warhol Cam.

Inuit and Englishmen: The Nunavut Voyages of Martin Frobisher.

Time for the weekly Planetarium fix. (A puzzle-story; I like it).

Fox Forest. A site devoted to the humble vulpine. Now I know that a group of foxes is called a 'skulk'!

The Gum Nebula. Astro pic and info.

Snake Hunting at Night. A poem.

Climate and pollution: a week link? 'Atmospheric carbon dioxide is lower at the weekend.'

' Warmer summers and milder winters could drive the dormouse out of northern England once and for all.'

Sea level rises 'underestimated'.

' Scientists probe the life in rocks. Exotic bacteria, microbes offer evidence creatures exist in some unexpected places.'
'To the researchers in the arcane but fascinating field of "geobiology," the distinction between the study of life and the study of Earth is blurred. The minerals beneath us so teem with life that these scientists speak of rocks being "alive." '

First view of a newborn millisecond pulsar?

' A 'plastic' magnet that responds to light could lead to new ways of storing and reading large amounts of computer data. Light would be used to store information in cheap, fast and high-capacity 'magneto-optic' memories. '

Origins of 'modern' behaviour may be linked to population pressures.