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31st July
Sutton Hoo. Famous Anglo-Saxon cemetery in Suffolk. 'Welcome to the Sutton Hoo Society web site. It has been produced to give you a brief introduction to the work of the Sutton Hoo Society and the story behind the Anglo Saxon Royal Cemetery at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk in the UK. '
Online tour.

The English Merlin. The world of William Lilly and the 17th century astrologers.
'William Lilly (1602-81) was the most successful and influential astrologer of 17th century England. His career spanned the turbulent years of the English Civil Wars, Cromwell's Protectorate and the Restoration of Charles II. His almanacs and pamphlets had a tangible effect on public opinion, his clients included many of the leading political and military figures of an age when most people naturally believed that the stars and planets had a direct influence on human affairs.'

Outlaws and Highwaymen. Nice site about the social history of English highwaymen and women.
The Female Frollick: 'OR, An Account of a young Gentlewoman, who went upon the Road to rob in Mans Cloaths, well mounted on a Mare, &c.'

Private Art. World War 2 letters to and from home. 'On December 7, 1941, a 16 year old boy from a nondescript city, on a nondescript street, in an ordinary family, was putting stamps into albums at the kitchen table, when the news of the Pearl Harbor attack came over the console radio. This event shook every American family unit, but especially the adults. A 2 1/2 year stint in the U.S. Army with harrowing experiences in Normandy, The Battle of the Bulge and other bleak places above and under the cold European soil was as remote to this young boy as a visit to the Taj Mahal ... '

'Hezzie' Goes To War. 'When the United States entered the Great War in 1917, John Hezekiah ("Hezzie") Pattrick was working in Washington, D.C., attending George Washington University. On May 18, President Wilson signed the Selective Service Act, and Hezzie went to the War Department to volunteer for civilian support work, one of the first to do so.'
'Ten days later on May 28, 1917, Hezzie sailed with General John Pershing on the Baltic in the first detachment of American troops to France. This exhibit tells part of his story through his letters home to Mother and Dad, his photographs and postcards, and items worn, used and collected by him.'

The Arkansas Roadside Travelogue. 'Welcome to my website, which I use as a personal-but-public travel scrapbook. Here you will find stories and photographs of things peculiar and fabulous, silly and true concerning my travels throughout the state of Arkansas. '
Monte Ne. 'The jungle claims another utopia'.
Spinach capital of the world.
The White River Monster.

Japan Gourmet Expedition. A travelogue with photos of food.

Japan by Motorcycle. 24 day trip; a fun read.
Day 1 :- 'This was the day. The start of my solo motorcycle tour of Japan. Like many people before me who had lived and worked in Japan, I was trying to fit in a "big trip" before leaving. After living and working in Tokyo for five years, I had quit my job and was preparing to return to the U.S. It was pretty much now or never. I had been considering this trip for only a few years. In fact, I had been riding a motorcycle for only three years. I had only become interested in two-wheeled transportation in order to become more mobile and to avoid commuting on the packed trains. After taking a number of day trips with my motorcycle-riding friends and talking with people like Katrina, a former coworker who had herself taken a motorcycle trip around Japan before leaving the country, I was ready to go.'

The Tibet Museum, Dharamsala, India. '... A national tragedy of the scope and scale experienced in Tibet during the last fifty years is often in danger of becoming a dual tragedy. First, there are the more tangible aspects - death, trauma, destitution, exile and so on. The second danger is more subtle but as detrimental to a nation's identity. It is the death of memory. The death of people who remember, the fading accounts of events, and the disappearance of traditions and the history of the nation before they were shattered ... '

Bellum Vobiscum. War memoirs by Zygmunt Skarbek-Kruszewski.
'This book was written in Polish by my father at the end of the war. It was translated by my mother, Marushka (Maria) during the 1960s. She spent months in writing after working long hours and then cooking, cleaning and finally starting the translation. I recall that she always had a big dictionary beside her and often would ask her friends about the appropriate use of a word. Eventually this book was typed up on a manual typewriter. I have electronically scanned in the book and corrected typing errors but have not changed any words. '

A History of the CND Logo, known outside Britain as the 'peace symbol'.
'One of the most widely known symbols in the world, in Britain it is recognised as standing for nuclear disarmament and in particular as the logo of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). In the United States and much of the rest of the world it is known more broadly as the peace symbol.'
'It was designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom, a professional designer and artist and a graduate of the Royal College of Arts. He showed his preliminary sketches to a small group of people in the Peace News office in North London and to the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War, one of several smaller organisations that came together to set up CND.'

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Digital Collection. Some 2,300 photos.
'We can learn from the images and writings of the time...This site provides an extensive digital collection of original photographs and documents about the Northwest Coast and Plateau Indian cultures, complemented by essays written by anthropologists, historians, and teachers about both particular tribes and cross-cultural topics. These cultures have occupied, and in some cases still live in parts of Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Maps are available that show traditional territories or reservation boundaries.'

The Mammoth Saga. 'This virtual exhibition of mammoths and other animals, and plants of the ice ages is based on an exhibition held at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, from May 11 to September 18, 1994. The material from the Russian tundra exhibited was made available by the Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia and the Zoological Museum, Kiev, Ukraine. Other items shown were from the collections of the Swedish Museum of Natural History.'

The Multi-Dimensional Human Embryo 'is a collaboration funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) to produce and make available over the internet a three-dimensional image reference of the Human Embryo based on magnetic resonance imaging. The collection of images is intended to serve students, researchers, clinicians, and the general public interested in studying and teaching human development.'
Human embryo atlas.

International Space Station. (NASA) Latest news from ISS, experiments etc.
Where is the space station?
Virtual tour.

' A remarkable cache of prehistoric marsupial remains, including giant lions, 10ft-tall kangaroos and a wombat the size of a Mini, has been unearthed in remote caves in the Australian outback.'

Steve Bell cartoon: Bush and corporate responsibility. Funny as always.

Learning to love Big Brother: George W. Bush channels George Orwell. (SF Chronicle) Via Reenhead

30th July
Open Brackets (29th July 2002). The plight of the people of Skye (a small island just off the coast of Scotland).
'So the people of Skye must pay a fee to an American bank every time they want to go to or from their island, despite the fact that most of the costs of the bridge have already been met by the taxpayer. The bridge was built with the assistance of a loan illegally obtained by the government. It was 60 percent over-financed and, thanks to commercial confidentiality, no one knows how profitable it will be. Six hundred people [islanders] have been arrested and 378 prosecuted on the basis of a government order which the foremost expert on Scottish legal procedure has described as fatally flawed ... '
More here.
(Thanks to jp for the pointer).

Life in a Lens. 'Life in a Lens is a museum dedicated to the history of popular photography, from its invention in 1839 to the end of the previous century. It was created as an informative entertainment for people of all ages and walks of life. There is something for everyone and we welcome all.'
'The museum is situated in a renovated Victorian building in scenic Matlock Bath, set in the heart of Derbyshire.' The Magic Mirror of Life: An Appreciation of the Camera Obscura.
'We are photographers, educators, and collectors with a shared passion of more than 30 years for the history and prehistory of photography. One of the many points where all of these interests intersect is in the camera obscura (Latin for dark room). Early in our study of the origins of photography we realized that the camera obscura and its history is of primary important to the development of the photographic camera.'
'We also discovered on a trip to Edinburgh in the late 1970s the magic and joy of the room sized camera obscura. These relics of the Victorian era can still work their magic today. We visit working camera obscuras whenever we can. On several trips to Britain and around the US we have visited as many of the historic and newly built camera obscuras as possible and plan more trips in the future. Maps and diary entries can be found on the site that chronicle our visits.'
The Sky in a Room. How to turn your bedroom into a camera obscura.

Gargoyles from around Britain and Europe, especially Norfolk churches.

Gargoyles and Grotesque Carvings in Leicestershire and Rutland. A very interesting, informative site; tons of pictures.
'The large majority of churches in Leicestershire and Rutland date back to medieval times and visible parts frequently date to the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries. A surprising number of interesting ancient carvings, mostly in stone but sometimes in wood, have survived later attempts at iconoclasm and heavy-handed restoration. The craftsmanship varies from quaint, clearly local efforts to comparatively sophisticated displays of the stonemasons skills, with faces and creatures in most animated postures.'
'These drawings are an attempt to depict some of the wide variety of styles of figurative medieval carving in Leicestershire and Rutland. I make no claims for any accomplishment to the drawing technique but simply hope that the illustrations reproduce clearly enough to inspire other artists. '

Moshe Rynecki Virtual Museum. 'Few images remain from the world of East European Jewry which was destroyed during the Holocaust. Perhaps the most well known images that survived the Holocaust are Roman Vishniac's photographs, taken between 1935 and 1939, and The Ejszyszki Shtetl Collection, on display at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. In this web site we introduce you to an additional set of images - paintings by Moshe Rynecki. '
'Moshe Rynecki's life spanned many turbulent events: the partition of his country (Poland), almost constant political turmoil, and two world wars. While Rynecki's artistic merit is important, in his paintings we can gain deeper insight into a culture transformed and nearly annihilated by Nazism. Through his choice of subjects, he provides us with a realistic depiction of Jewish family life, work, religion, education, and recreation. Although his primary goal and focus in life was to be an artist of merit, history turned him into an important witness when he was transferred to the Warsaw Ghetto. There he documented the atrocity and horror that surrounded him ... '

Peace and Carrots Farm.

Japanese Hippiedom. 'Here we introduce you to Japanese hippies "the tribes" and related matters. '

Tale of Water Margin. 'Tale of Water Margin" or "Water Margin" is known as the four greatest Chinese novels with "The Monkey King","Dream of the Red Chamber" and "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". It told us stories about a group of heroes. They were oppressed by the corrupt and unjust officials and forced to rise up. '
'Here are Chinese style comic strips of the most famous part of "Water Margin"--the story of Lin Ch'ung. '

Windmills in Eastern Germany. Black and white photography by Reinhard Krause. 'Romantics, on the search for a passed, perhaps better world will be disappointed. There is the affectionately reconstructed windmill - lonely determining the landscape - their wings turning in the wind. But it is the exception, the reality looks different ... '

Bristol's Lost Pubs. 'This website contains pictures of public houses that have disappeared from Bristol over the last hundred and fifty years or so. The quality of these pictures is varied as some have been cropped from photographs of street scenes and then blown up to be used on these pages ... '

Castles of the United States. 'The purpose of this web page is to collect and display information about castles (See definition) that are located in the United States. When I started this page, I had 8 castles listed. Now, thanks to input from castle lovers all over, I have reference to over 200 castles ... '
Castles of Canada.

Castles for Sale.

Cape Dorset Inuit Art. 'This site links the graphic work of some of the famous artists from the community of Cape Dorset with the memories, myths and legends of elders from the community of Igloolik. '

Web Story. 'My exposure to the web came from a stray newspaper in the student lounge at Swarthmore. In the December '93 New York Times, John Markoff had written a piece about Mosaic and the World Wide Web. Graphics and links to traverse the Internet? The whole concept blew me away. Soon after surfing the web, I realized that nearly all of the online publishing efforts were amateur - people who knew how to use HTML, but didn't necessarily have anything in particular to say. - I could put my writings and words up electronically, make them look pretty, and engage the web with links. And I didn't have to pay anyone to do any of it! ...and I didn't have to pay anyone for it! '
'In January of 1994, I read some online information on HTML, set up a copy of MacHTTP on my Powerbook 180, and put up "Justin's Home Page". The first draft had links to HTML information, some stuff about my college, a photo of me and Oliver North, a sound clip of Jane's Addiction's lead singer saying "Well I'm on acid too, and I ain't throwin' shoes at you," and a list of my favourite web sites ... '

Down Street Station. Unofficial guide to a disused London Underground station.

No Place on Earth. American utopias.

Asteroid to miss - this time around.
Why lobsters turn pink in the pot.
Ancient chess history unearthed.
Giant fish attacks swans.
'I wish I'd made a lawnmower', says Mikhail Kalashnikov.

Tom of debates with Simon Waldman of the Guardian on the Guardian's Best British Blog Competition. (I personally won't be entering the competition, not that there's anything at all wrong with entering - jut not really my cup of tea).

29th July
NEO Impact Hazard. (Armagh Observatory)
Paranormal beliefs linked to brain chemistry.
Princeton snoops on Yale.
Why conservatives hate Europe. Via wood s lot.
' NewsFutures is a game. Similar to fantasy stock market games, this one lets players trade on news events. You predict the outcome of various real-world news events we supply. So the more you know, the more likely you are to predict correctly and win. And it's not just how much you know. You can benefit from the bad predictions of others.' Via Follow Me Here.
UK Shamed Again. Blog about things Britain is bad at. Via Sashinka.

Antique Maps of Iceland. 'All antique maps of Iceland (older than 1900) that are in the collection of the National and University Library of Iceland have been converted to a digital format and are accessible here. '

Typhoon Design. Tokyo photography.
'Welcome to Typhoon Design. During your visit to our site please enjoy viewing our images in the "Photographs" section or send an electronic postcard to a friend.'

SPQR Blues. Virtual Herculaneum. From the introduction :- 'S.P.Q.R. Blues is a group of stories (and "scholarly" information) based on archaeology about ordinary folks. For those of you who've come to visit from the Rostra or the saga of Fredericus Pinguinus, this site does include a mystery of sorts, which unfolds as you explore the city or peruse the diaries of the inhabitants. Over time the areas will become more finely detailed and the story will incorporate QTVR (virtual reality nodes) and may also incorporate audio, animation, and video. The city is expanding, and its population will grow, as well.'
Map of Herculaneum.

The New Jersey Churchscape. 'We've created a database and photographic inventory containing more than half the 18th & 19th century churches in the state and add to it each month. We welcome and solicit all contributions and suggestions from our visitors.'

The 97 Churches of Kentucky's Transylvania Presbytery, PC(USA).

The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor. 'In the times of the Caliph Haroun-al-Raschid there lived in Bagdad a poor porter named Hindbad, who on a very hot day was sent to carry a heavy load from one end of the city to the other. Before he had accomplished half the distance he was so tired that, finding himself in a quiet street where the pavement was sprinkled with rose water, and a cool breeze was blowing, he set his burden upon the ground, and sat down to rest in the shade of a grand house ... '

Jack the Ripper's Modern London. 'This site attempts to show what the murder sites look like now. These pictures were taken in the Summer of 1996 and some more in Summer of 1997. '

Talking Cock. 'Singapore's Premier Satirical Humour Website'.
'Talking Cock: A local Singaporean term meaning either to talk nonsense or to engage in idle banter.'

Yuan Ming Yuan (Garden of Perfect Brightness). 'History's most magnificent garden, the great Yuan Ming Yuan (Garden of Perfect Brightness), was tragically burned in 1860. Built by six generations of Qing emperors, the garden spanned a three-hundred-fifty hectare area with a fairyland of hills, ponds, lakes, ancient trees and palaces filled with one and half centuries of imperial treasure collecting.
Through the immense magic of high quality computer graphics and multimedia technology, the world can once again journey to the garden - to learn, to meditate, to explore, to enjoy. The garden provides vast layers of experience and information for both the serious scholar and the curious tourist in a rich environment of animation, music, stories, characters, and games. At once a museum, a library, a playground, a park, a nature theatre and an art gallery, Yuan Ming Yuan will provide endless hours of fascination for people of all ages and cultures. '

The Salvation Army International Heritage Centre. 'A few minutes walk from Denmark Hill Station is one of London's small specialist libraries that deserves to be better known. The Salvation Army's International Heritage Centre is a must for any researcher interested in the work of the Army, which was founded in East London in 1865. The Heritage Centre, at the Army's International Headquarters (temporarily located at the Salvation Army Training College), includes archives and also a reference library. The Centre was established at King's Cross in 1988, and moved to its present location in October 2001.'

Trial of Galileo Galilei, 1633. Big resource, background, primary documents etc.
Galileo Galilei: Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina of Tuscany, 1615. Famous defence of scientific enquiry against religious authority.
Galileo Galilei's Notes on Motion. Scanned manuscript!

The Los Angeles Free Clinic. Provides medical care to homeless and poor young people in Los Angeles.

California Missions. 'This site features historic photographs of all 21 California Missions, from as early as 1895. '
An essay. 'Like expressions of the earth, the California Missions are rooted as if ancient California redwoods, yet tell a story of Europe's first signet mark on the West Coast of North America. Composed of indigenous mud and Spanish straw, the adobe walls testify of the Hispanic attempts to both colonize and convert the most diverse Native American culture in North America. '
'Although Alta or Upper California was left relatively unscathed by the Spanish until 1769, the founding of the first Franciscan Mission there, it was not the first influence in the Californias. The Jesuits had built a flourishing Mission and Pueblo system in Baja California during the 1600's, paralleling the initial English colonization of the East coast ... '

Illustrations from 'New Worlds'. 'The following illustrations and hand-written extracts from Mervyn Peake's unpublished (and unfinished) story, The Adventures of Foot-Fruit, have kindly been supplied by Michael Moorcock, who was editor of New Worlds magazine when these excerpts appeared in it. '
Via Gormenghast, 'an unofficial Gormenghast site, dedicated to Mervyn Peake's 'Titus Groan' trilogy, and to the BBC series, 'Gormenghast' (based on the first two books of the trilogy). '
Sculptures of some of the main characters in the trilogy.

27th July
What are these? The Picture Puzzle Project.

Exploring the Moon. Detailed and attractive chronology of Soviet and American lunar exploration.

Shuttle-Mir. An experiment in science and politics. Interviews with mission crew. (CNN)

Voluntary Simplicity Overview. 'In the past few years, there seems to have been a resurgence of a way of thinking that has been termed "Voluntary Simplicity". Possibly this resurgence is a consequence of the overspending of the 1980's. While the ideas of cutting back spending -- or "consumerism" -- to the bare bones, making things last longer, and getting the necessities as cheaply as possible are by no means new -- undoubtedly they have been around for numerous decades -- the terminology of Voluntary Simplicity (VS) probably became popular during the 1970's ... '

Butterfly Hollow Farm. 'Discovering Nature, Saddles and Solitude in an Old Abandoned Tennessee Farm.'

First Nations People of British Columbia. 'This map is designed to illustrate the rich diversity of the First Nations Peoples of British Columbia. Like all maps, it is a rendition - a best attempt at reflecting a current reality, recognizing that "the map is not the territory". ... '

The Plains Nations and their Web of Linguistic and Sign Language. Map.

The Norris Web. A family site which consists of the childhood and World War 2 memoirs of an RAF technician. Photographs.
'For the moment the site boasts but one contribution. A memoir entitled "Selected memories of childhood and wartime" written by Frank Gordon Norris. These memories cover the period from the 1920's to the 1940's. '

Marthe Janssen-Leyder, a Belgian Secret Army operative during World War 2. 'We all have "History" in our family backgrounds, most of it unremarkable. However, sometimes there is something extraordinary to recount ..... something which is real history ..... something we should not forget ..... such as the wartime story of the secret life of my Belgian aunt Marthe Janssen-Leyder and others like her who worked for the Belgian Resistance and the Allies. '

Lumichron. Buy your neon clocks here.
'American classics. Built with style to last a lifetime using brilliant neon, dazzling chrome, heavy-duty electric motors and glass. Lumichron clocks are carefully handcrafted out of American-made components in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Each clock embodies the American spirit reminiscent of early 20th Century industrial design in a very contemporary fashion.'

Rosie's Diner. 'This site pertains solely to the Original Rosie's Diner in Rockford, Mich.'

San-shin. Korean mountain spirits.
'This web-site not only offers my book for sale, but will be continuously updated with new text and photos that didn't make it into the first edition (October 1999) -- see the links in the Contents. There is plenty of fascinating stuff that I have discovered since then, including some great statues and paintings -- some old and some brand-new. I hope that all those who are interested in this subject will enjoy this site as a kind of supplement to the main book, gaining wider and deeper insight into Korean mountain-worship in all its manifestations. '
'I have by now spent 17 years researching the San-shin, Korea's native "Mountain Spirit," and exposing it to the world has become a kind of mission for me. This book is the result, and the testament to my belief in the importance and wider significance of this subject.' It is the first book in English ever to be written on San-shin, and even in Korean there is only a few small ones. We are now preparing a paper-back edition translated into Korean, with updates and some new photos, due out July first.

To Become a Sage. Neo-Confucianism.

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics.

On Flying Ants. Flying ant swarms, which can include millions of individuals, can occur once a year, in summer, in one place. Here's an explanation of this annual ant orgy.
(Flying Ant Day entries on Swish Cottage and Not So Soft).
Craig notes a gathering of bats.

Performance Stress. 'Articles all about performance stress in Game Shows and Organizations. Under pressure tension builds up and survival strategies emerge; In television game shows such as Big Brother, organizations, work and social groups, consider the long term health effects. Explore Autogenic therapy .......... experience information overload antidote.' Focuses on the Big Brother and Pop Idol TV programmes.

26th July
Classic Pictures: Ice Cream. Photos on the subject of ice cream, from Life magazine. 'Sunday, July 21, is National Ice Cream Day. Whether you're a butterscotch or hot fudge fan (or both), there's no shortage of tasty ways to celebrate the day. For this Sunday of sundaes, LIFE presents a delicious series of ice cream images from America's past. '
Life magazine classic pictures. 'During the 36 years that LIFE existed as a weekly publication, LIFE staff photographers took thousands upon thousands of photographs that now live in the LIFE archives. Every week, will sift through our photo archives and publish a new gallery of classic LIFE pictures, some of which have never before been published. '
Life magazine covers.

The Play of Light. Photographs of Kyoto by night.
Nepal by night.

A Year in the Life of a Kyoto Neighbourhood. ' Neighbourhoods don't have borders. Close to your house there may be streets and places where you never go and a little further away there may be shops and restaurants which you frequent. Moreover, the people who enter the neighbourhood to work every day spend a good percentage of their time as your "neighbours", but after hours they become someone else's neighbours. Neighbourhoods also bear witness to trends - from theme coffee shops to the current boom in recycle shops. '
'This site aims to explore the concept of "neighbourhood" in Japan for one year in the ancient city of Kyoto - a city struggling to stay "ancient" and "traditional" in the year 2000. Its old houses, shops and temples are under daily threat of being bulldozed, turned into car parks or covered in more concrete. '

The Online Diary History Project. 'The Online Diary History Project is a collaborative effort. After all, who better to write the history of online journals than the people who wrote (and still write) the online journals? In this first phase of the project we will be bringing together the personal recollections of those journallers who got their start between 1995 and the end of 1997. Over time we will be adding more from the ongoing history of online journals. '
Personal recollections.

The United Cubicle Nation. A micronation for office workers.
How to become a citizen.

Cyber Yugoslavia. A virtual country which was established after the collapse of the 'real' Yugoslavia, and is devoted to peace in the Balkans.
Old article in the Independent. 'Dismayed by the nationalist wars that have dismembered their country, a group of dissident Yugoslavs have decided to break away and form their own country - in cyberspace ... '

Boilerplate. A Victorian robot.
'Boilerplate was a mechanical man developed by Professor Archibald Campion during the 1880s and unveiled at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.'
'Built in a small Chicago laboratory, Boilerplate was originally designed as a prototype soldier for use in resolving the conflicts of nations. Although it was the only such prototype, Boilerplate was eventually able to exercise its proposed function by participating in several combat actions.'
'In the mid-1890s, Boilerplate embarked on a series of expeditions to demonstrate its abilities, the most ambitious being a voyage to Antarctica ... '

The Sloth Club. Slow down. 'An Eco-Cultural Movement towards a New Lifestyle.'
Why the Sloth Club? 'The 'Sloth Club' began through a direct and profound experience with a three-toed sloth in the coastal jungle of Ecuador. In a small community on the banks of the Cayapas River in the province of Esmeraldas, a sloth was bound and awaiting death in a concrete cage in a kitchen when some passing eco-tourists found it and were moved to avert this tragic fate.'
The Slow Food Manifesto.

An Introduction to Buddhism. Simple and delightful.
A pleasant 'extra' :- Buddhist cosmology. 'The following sections explain some of the concepts and ideas in Buddhism that are taken by most Buddhists as metaphorical or even plain mythological. Nevertheless, these things show up even in the most sophisticated texts, and so the student of Buddhism should be familiar with them -- even if they seem at times to take away rather than contribute to the deeper meaning of the Dharma. Westerners are often less comfortable with these things than are easterners, who have grown up with these terms. But a little thought and the reader will recognize that we have very similar concepts in the west, which we use in a similar fashion: Heavens and hells, ghosts and angels, the trinity, the saints.... Whether we take them literally or not, they are a part of how we tell our stories. '
The Ten Oxherding Pictures.

Little People. An online guide to various types of elf, kobold etc.

The Fairy Faith. Site accompanying a documentary about those who believe in the little people.
The Cottingley fairies and Arthur Conan Doyle, who believed in them.

The American Diner Museum. 'When Walter Scott began to offer prepared food from a converted horse-drawn freight wagon in Providence, Rhode Island in 1872, he unknowingly inspired the birth of what would become one of America's most recognized icons -- the diner. His lunch wagon was an immediate success and others copied and improved on his concept. These pioneers helped create an industry that would eventually produce thousands of diners.'
'A permanent home for the American Diner Museum is being established in Providence, Rhode Island to celebrate the culture and preserve the colorful history of this unique American institution. The Museum will be a tribute to the individuals who built, operated and worked in the diners and to those who continue the diner tradition into the 21st century.'

Zarya. Soviet and Russian spaceflight.
'Within 'Zarya' you will find diaries and fact sheets on space programmes and space research undertaken by the Soviet Union and Russia starting with Korolyov's R-7 rocket and 'Sputnik' earth satellites. Topics include exploration of the planets and historical aspects of the piloted space programme from Vostok through to the Zarya module of the International space station. '
' 'Zarya' (Sunrise) was the radio call sign adopted by Soviet mission control when Yuri Gagarin went into orbit. The name has persisted, and endured the breakup of the Soviet Union. Originally, Zarya was located at the Baikonur cosmodrome but since 1973, and the Soyuz 12 mission, Spaceflight Control Centre ('TsUP') has been at Kaliningrad, a town near Moscow.'

Bayat Gallery. A very good online gallery of Inuit art.
'Bayat Gallery is one of Canada's finest Inuit art galleries, displaying Inuit sculptures and prints from all parts of Canada's Arctic. Our collection includes museum quality pieces from the great masters Tiktak, Pangnerk and Kavik to the abstracts of Arluk and the great modern day Inuit artists.'

Real Simple. Online magazine about simple living.

George Bush's crackdown on corporate fat cats. (Cartoon, funny) Via Fat Buddha.