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10th March, 'celebrating street art & paintings'.
'Welcome to RJD Enterprises' website celebrating Mural Art. Murals are as new and as hip as a just bombed aerosol piece put up in an urban back alley or practice yard. But murals are also as old as those thousands of years old cave paintings at Lascaux and Altamira. They are art by and for the people. '
Mural of the month.

Seiwa-en - 'a Japanese garden of pure, clear harmony & peace'.

Ancient stones of Scotland. 'Welcome to a fascinating journey through the ancient monuments of Scotland. On this website you can find information, images and panoramic movies of 182 sites, ranging from the earliest settlements (dating from about 3500 BC), through the stone circles and standing stones, to the defence towers called brochs, built about 2000 years ago.'

Historical maps of NYC bus routes.

The story of Rhyolite, a ghost town in Nevada.

The world of the Buddha footprint.

Lines by Adrian Gibbons Koesters. From the Poetry Porch.

Entomology image gallery. Nice insect pictures.

net.flag - A flag for the Internet.
From the about page :- 'Net.flag explores the flag as an emblem of territorial identity by appropriating the visual language of international flags. An online software interface makes this language of shapes and colors available to anyone with web access. The visitor to net.flag not only views the flag but can change it in a moment to reflect their own nationalist, political, apolitical or territorial agenda. The resulting flag is both an emblem and a micro territory in it's own right; a place for confrontation, assertion, communication and play.'
Via dumbmonkey.

How far is it? 'This service uses data from the US Census and a supplementary list of cities around the world to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them (as the crow flies). It also provides a map showing the two places, using the Xerox PARC Map Server. '

'The Bush administration has reportedly ordered the Pentagon to prepare contingency plans for attacking seven countries with nuclear weapons. '
'Quoting a secret Pentagon report, the Los Angeles Times newspaper names China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Libya and Syria as potential targets. ' (BBC)

US works up plan for using nuclear arms. (LA Times)

Hacking with a Pringles tube.

Beware of bin raiders.

' A French archaeologist on Friday confirmed a rumour that has been exciting scientific and cultural circles for weeks: A giant Buddha statue still hidden in Afghanistan appears to have escaped destruction by Taliban. '

'Modern' feathers found on Chinese dino.

9th March
You should be able to link to posts for individual days now (use the 'link' at the end of the post for each day). Let me know if it doesn't work for any reason...

The Maze of Mirrors. A hypertext adventure.

Letters home: 'The real state of affairs'. From World War I.
'Tired of fighting at the front Laurie Rowlands wrote a frank letter to his sweetheart Alice, in which he revealed his fears and the low morale of his comrades. '
'DL Rowlands, who served with the 15th Battalion Durham Light Infantry, also described his part in the battle of Brookseinde, at the third battle of Ypres. '
Some really good links, including other World War I letters home.

Orkneyjar. A collection of legends, stories and related folklore from Orkney - wonderful stuff.

New York City subway historical maps. From New York City subway resources.
Map of John Snow's London in 1859. A detailed, interactive map. Probably best viewed on a fast connection.

Calligraphic Frames and Plates for Zen Temples. From Kyoto National Museum.

Zen koans. Nice collection.

Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles. Lots of pictures.

How bees see their world.
Related - See the world through the eyes of a honey bee.
Just goes to show that what you see might not be the best guide.

Comet Ikeya-Zhang is getting brighter! Via Synergy.

Great comets in history.
A nice collection of comet images.

Giraffe Manor. Cute pic.

Chrononauts. A time travel card game.
Hero or heroine of the month. Good to see Spike Milligan made it in there.

The Song of Solomon.

Spin On This. UK satire.

8th March
The Medea Homepage.

Hmm, maybe it's high time for me to introduce permanent links to individual posts here. ;) Would this be a good thing/helpful to people?

The Life of Daniel the Stylite, who spent 33 years on a pillar in Constantinople. Via Medieval Sourcebook: Saints' Lives.

Seeds of Simplicity.

Shagdar. A Mongol Trickster.

The Cinderella Project. 'Welcome to the Cinderella Project, a text and image archive containing a dozen English versions of the fairy tale. The Cinderellas presented here represent some of the more common varieties of the tale from the English-speaking world in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries. Materials to construct this archive were drawn from the de Grummond Children's Literature Research Collection at the University of Southern Mississippi.'

An Anthology from the Pali Canon. From Access to Insight.

Illustrations to Dante by William Blake. Excellent.

A Skeptical Manifesto.

' The following is our 13 point guide to cold reading - Study them well, then amaze your friends with your new found psychic powers!'

Wrist computer will point way to nearest pub.

Man left Africa three times. Not any old man, but Man.

' A new analysis of DNA evidence offers a new twist on the popular "Out of Africa" theory of human origins: Modern humans interbred with other populations around the world for hundreds of thousands of years rather than replacing them.'
'Among the study's implications: the genes of people today carry vestiges of genes of Neanderthals and other extinct branches of the human family.'

' A major food reserve hidden under Antarctic sea ice has been discovered by a robot submarine. '

' British workers are being given bigger job titles rather than bigger salaries as cash-strapped companies try to keep employees happy, according to a survey published on Thursday.'

7th March
Eccentrics. 'Soga Shohaku, whose work initially resembled Muromachi-period (1336-1573) ink painting, ultimately devised wild, almost surreal depictions of ghosts, demons, and bizarre Zen-like images. '
'Ito Jakuchu, like Rosetsu, worked in both ink and color, producing monochrome portrayals of animals, vegetables, and Zen-inspired subjects as well as colorful images of birds, flowers and animals remarkable for their vibrancy, detail, and refinement. '

The British Canals. 'TheBritish Canal system which grew up in the late 18th century and which both enabled and fed off the Industrial Revolution has been so well written about in thousands of books that it is silly to attempt a precis here. I have simply put in a few things that interest me - particularly the Birmingham Canal Navigations, some songs and poems about the canals, and a short account of the Canal people.'
Canal songs and poems.
The Birmingham Canal Navigations.

An Oasis of Murals. 'Nestled in the shadow of the Joshua Tree National Park , Twentynine Palms has long been a destination of visitors who are drawn by the splendor of our wide-open vistas, crystal-clear skies and low-key style of living. Now, we hope you will enjoy our murals just as much...'

The Old Nipissing Road. 'The Nipissing Road is The Ontario Ghost Trail. It was once home to many settlements of hopeful pioneers, now is guarded by their abandoned log cabins and weathered barns. The road runs through the centre of the Parry Sound District between highways 69 and 11. It can be reached on any cross highway including 141, 518, 520, 124, 522 and 534. It winds along 120 km of gravel road, bush trail and paved highway (#510) from Rosseau on Highway 141 to Nipissing on Hwy. 534. Parts of the road surface are now paved with tar and stone. This tour begins in Rousseau, but you can start it any place along the trail.'

PovertyFighters. Free clicks for charity.

Reviews of 'clicks for charity' sites, with lots of links to good causes.

A Tour of the Flynn Bogs System. 'The Flynn Bogs System is located in Leon County, Texas, northeast of the small agricultural community of Flynn. The bogs featured in this tour are all on a privately owned ranch. The owner has a deep appreciation of the unique ecosystems found on his land, and he has taken pains to preserve the bogs. '

Love Poems from Ancient Egypt.

The Euphemism Generator. 'The film shocked audiences nationwide with its frank depiction of two men flensing the lucky wombat.' Hours of fun.

El Nino continues to develop. 'Scientists at NOAA announced today that ocean surface temperatures warmed 2 degrees Celsius (4 F) in the eastern equatorial Pacific near the South American coast in February. This warming has been accompanied by an increase in rainfall over that region, according to the agency's monthly El Niņo forecasts and discussion.'
Typical global El Nino effects.

' Fewer than 70 British veterans of World War I are believed still to be alive. At 107 years old, Jack Davis is the oldest survivor of a horrific war now at the brink of disappearing from living memory. '

Myths over Miami. 'Captured on South Beach, Satan later escaped. His demons and the horrible Bloody Mary are now killing people. God has fled. Avenging angels hide out in the Everglades. And other tales from children in Dade's homeless shelters.' Via Metafilter.

' Is this one of the oldest fossils known to science - a 3.5-billion-year-old microbe - or just a flaw in a rock? It all depends on which paper in the journal Nature you read. '

'A defendant has arrived for his trial only to be told he was dead.'

Superman's company sues over Kryptonite hair gel. Thanks, JP.

The Universe is not turquoise - it's beige.

Direct view of extrasolar planet imminent.

' Some people have a special gift for predicting the twists and turns of chaotic systems like the weather and perhaps even financial markets, according to an Australian psychologist.'

' Geoscientists in Scotland say they have evidence to disprove the controversial "Snowball Earth" theory - the idea that the planet was completely encased in ice just over 600 million years ago. '

Dozens of human embryos cloned in China.

' A retired Canadian farmer has accidentally discovered the second largest meteorite ever found in Canada, researchers said on Tuesday. '

' A forensic team excavating the remains of Guatemala's civil war victims has received anonymous death threats, according to human rights officials. '

' Two amateur treasure hunters who sold bronze age artefacts found on a mountainside to buy a stereo system have stumbled upon one of the greatest archaeological finds in history, writes Allan Hall in Berlin. '
'Experts say they are certain the haul, which included a circular disc depicting the heavens with sun, moon and stars, is at least 3,600 years old. '

The Cheque Republic. Courtesy of JP and Dr. Menlo.

Google Holiday Logos. 'We have a variety of holiday logos, as well as logos contributed by faithful users. We've put them in this online museum for your amusement. Please do not use them elsewhere. And please, don't feed the kangaroo. ' Via the Vodkajelly mailing list.

6th March
Chicano Murals in Tucson. 'The contemporary Chicano mural scene seems to have started in Tucson in the mid-1970s as a part of the spreading Chicano movement of the American West and Southwest. Early murals celebrated Chicano cultural identity and such important political victories as the establishment of City-sponsored neighborhood centers in predominately Mexican-American neighborhoods. (The term "Chicano," a slang pronunciation of "Mexicano," is taken here to refer to politically active Mexican Americans of the generations that are currently in their fifties and younger.) Many murals are created with community input, often with actual painting tasks being shared by neighborhood youth as well. Although this brief essay focuses on a few professional muralists, Tucson is full of young men and women who can - and do - paint murals. '

From omnibus to ecobus. A social history of London transport, 1829-2000.

A Dreamer.

Tina and Paul's Excellent Adventure. A couple go travelling.

The Tao Te Ching, somewhat adapted!

Interactive Wheel of Life.

Deserts of Our World: A Literary Adventure.

The Woodland Trust is worried about British cuckoos and needs help!
'Butterflies, flowers and frogs all adore warmer days and lighter evenings. These are all clear indications that spring has arrived. Of course, traditionally, one of the first signs of spring is the instantly recognisable call of the cuckoo. But the bird is declining in numbers and spring may be silenced. Over the last thirty years, the cuckoo population has fallen by 20 per cent in farmland areas and by a staggering 60 per cent in woods.'
'This spring, the Woodland Trust and the British Trust for Ornithology are asking people to listen out for the cuckoo, as part of a phenology 2 survey, which is monitoring the impact of climate change on the environment. Everyone is needed to listen out for the first cuckoo they hear. Even if you usually hear the cuckoo, but dont hear one this year, please let the Woodland Trust, the UK's leading woodland conservation charity, know by taking part in the survey.'

Listen out for cuckoos!

The Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes. 'This is a list of mathematical mistakes made over and over by advertisers, the media, reporters, politicians, activists, and in general many non-math people. These come from many sources, which will appear in parentheses. I will try to find an actual example of each for learning purposes. '

RoboMote. 'RoboMotes are small (less than 0.00005m3) inexpensive (less than $150 each) mobile robots. Each robot features a wireless network interface (the "Mote" part), two speed and direction controlled wheels with optical encoders for odometery; a solar cell for "always on" networks; a compass for direction; and bump sensors and infra-red sensors for obstacle avoidance. '

Rosa Luxemburg. Via Synergy.

Lurid Paperback Cover of the Week. 'A weekly updated commentary on the Vintage Paperbacks of the 30's, 40's and 50's, featuring artwork and editorials on the history of what was a uniquely American approach to the development of various forms of marketing for the newly invented paperback.'

Subway Navigator. Underground, metro and subway maps, route finders and information. Outstandingly useful.

How Mugabe resisted arrest. ' "His face turned ashen." Peter Tatchell recalls his attempt to bring a tyrant to justice.'
'There was ample evidence to prosecute the Zimbabwean leader on charges of torture. Instead of putting him on trial, the then Foreign Office minister Peter Hain invited him to tea. Mugabe returned to Zimbabwe to plot further assaults on an already tenuous democracy. Appalled by the government's inaction, I had decided to enforce the law myself.'
'On Thursday 28 October 1999, I received an anonymous midnight phone call: "President Mugabe is in London on his annual pre-Christmas shopping trip to Harrods. He is staying at the St James's Court Hotel in Victoria, and flies back to Zimbabwe at 6pm on Saturday." Before I could say a word, the caller hung up...'

The Normalcy of War Criminals. 'As the trial of Serban strongman Slobodan Milosevic continues, Croatian novelist Slavenka Drakulic considers how disturbingly mundane war criminals are. '

Agent Orange victims hope for answers. Article about the kids in the Hanoi Peace Village.

Agent Orange help needed now, Vietnam Red Cross says.

It's always wonderful when Le Blogeur visits, because Relton has excellent taste.

History, religion and a belief. An interesting column from an agnostic writer.

Earth and Moon photo gallery.

A.J.Isbister. Artist of Visions. Surreal and bicultural.

Are there great white sharks in Sydney Harbour?

Green tomatoes' future foretold. 'Fruit's hidden colour reveals whether it will ripen.'