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25th March
the dreamlife of letters

Trotter's Select Illustrated Topography of Thirty Miles Around London (1839). '34 Steel engravings by several artists and engravers, Trotter wrote the text. '
From Images of London. Antique maps and prints of London and the Thames.

PhotoGuide Japan/PhotoHistory. Japanese photography from 1646 to 2001.

' New York's first subway line was a marvel in numerous aspects, and most certainly from an engineering and architectural point of view. During all stages of construction, from 1900 to opening day on October 27, 1904, photographs were taken to record the progress of the new subway. These photographs highlighted everything from an "86th St." sign being tested at the 28th St. station, to the installation of City Hall Station's vault lighting, to the 116th St. station with an e xposed street surface. More than 35 such photos, at least one for each of the twenty-eight original IRT stations, are presented in this exhibit from the collections of the New York Transit Museum Archives ...'

Scenes of Cuba. Photography by Dudley M. Brooks.
Cuban Revolution photo gallery. (Washington Post)

IRIS Seismic Monitor. 'This is an interactive educational display of global seismicity that allows you to monitor earthquakes in near real-time, view records of ground motion, and visit seismic stations around the world. '
The Global Earthquake Response Centre 'offers news, information, preparedness supplies and a comprehensive guide to online resources about earthquakes. '

Tolkien's Oxford. 'This is a set of photos of places in Oxford associated with the life of J.R.R. Tolkien.'
Tolkien's Birmingham.
Find Frodo Baggins!

Maneki Neko Club. 'This is the home page for the people who love Maneki Neko. '
Neko Gallery.

' Brithdir Mawr is a farm of 165 acres in Pembrokeshire,West Wales, UK, that houses an intentional community of 20 people working towards sustainability, simplicity and spirit, and wishing to share their aim with others. (Brithdir Mawr means, in Welsh, Great Speckled Land.) The adults work for the community for an average of three days per week and pursue private interests or livelihoods the rest of the time. We take care of the land, recycle and conserve resources, garden and farm organically and are off the grid for electricity and water.'

Some really nice Soviet stamps commemorating the 1975 Apollo-Soyuz space link.
Stamps from Mauritania commemmorating the same event.
Russian Space Agency collectibles. Zen.
Zen quotes.

Letters home from an Iowa soldier in the American Civil War.

Shoezies. Shoes for fingers. Via Cheesedip.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Via Eclogues. 'Welcome to where you can explore published as well as never-before-published text, photos, hand-written documents and audio and video materials representing Allen's life-work. ' Via American Samizdat.

Names blamed for biodiversity overestimates. 'Biodiversity estimates are being thrown off by widespread errors in naming species, according to a new analysis.'

Body Worlds. The anatomical exhibition of real human bodies.
' Gunther von Hagens' macabre exhibition has shocked and fascinated millions of people around the world, and now it has arrived in London. The German scientist tells Stuart Jeffries how his displays of real corpses can help us to understand ourselves - and why he invited the Alder Hey parents to see his work.' (Guardian Unlimited) Interesting piece - interesting subject.
Human corpse exhibition vandalised.
Institute for Plastination. Von Hagens' technique of 'plastination' is 'a unique method of preserving durable anatomical specimens while retaining a lifelike condition. '

' Use of hand-held technologies, such as mobile phones, GameBoys and computers, has caused a physical mutation in the under-25s, according to new research. '
'The study, carried out in nine cities around the world, shows that the th umbs of the younger generation have overtaken their fingers as the hand's most muscled and dexterous digit. '

' Fundamentalist Christians who do not believe in evolution have taken control of a state-funded secondary school in England. In a development which will astonish many British parents, creationist teachers at the city technology college in Gateshead are undermining the scientific teaching of biology in favour of persuading pupils of the literal truth of the Bible. '
Richard Dawkins on creationism - 'A scientist's view.'
Via the Apothecary's Drawer Weblog.

Of related interest - the Talk.Origins Archive. ' is a Usenet newsgroup devoted to the discussion and debate of biological and physical origins. Most discussions in the newsgroup center on the creation/evolution controversy, but other topics of discussion include the origin of life, geology, biology, catastrophism, cosmology and theology. '

' Anthropologist Helen Fisher argues that romance, marriage and divorce follow predictable patterns as old as the species. The evidence is as near as your local bar.' Via dust from a distant sun.

Fortune-teller alleges dream theft. 'Silvia Ines Umile, a Buenos Aires fortune teller, has been arrested for allegedly threatening to burn down a lottery ticket seller's house. Umile reportedly accused the ticket seller, Angel Fernandez, of "coming into her dreams at night" and stealing her power to predict winning lottery numbers. ' (Skeptic News)

' Tom Green became the first actor to ever accept a Golden Raspberry Award in person for his much-reviled comedy Freddy Got Fingered. '

23rd March
There was an Old Derry down Derry... Edward Lear's nonsense poetry and art.
'Why an Edward Lear page? Well, first of all because I like his nonsense very much, and then I wrote my thesis about him several years ago (don't worry, I'm not going to publish it!) so I am supposed to be widely read on the subject... Most important of all, however, is the fact that I haven't been able to find a great deal of Lear's nonsense poetry on the net and I think he deserves his small virtual space as much as his contemporary poetical colleague Lewis Carroll. After all, Lear may be considered the inventor of the term 'snail mail'.'

London Underground Group pickle fork.

Nippon in the World. An online exhibition of historic texts and images of Japan from the National Diet Library, broken into three sections :- Scenic Mementos of Japan; the Vienna International Exposition of 1873; and Modern Japanese Political History Materials.

Posters of the 'Fighting Pencil' Group from Leningrad. 'Posters of the "Fighting Pencil" have for many years been part of the interior of many public places in St. Petersburg (Leningrad). One could see them in foyers of movie theaters and clubs, waiting rooms of administrative offices and health clinics, buses, trolleys and subways. Like advertisements in the West, they formed a familiar pattern in the decoration of streets, often put up on special stands in the busiest parts of the city. But unlike advertisements, they did not promote merchandise; rather, their aim was to promote the ideology, and to caricature and publicly condemn such vices as alcoholism, parasitism, bureaucratic red tape, corruption and fraud. '
'The "Fighting Pencil," a group of graphic artists and poets, started as a real fighting unit during the war with Finland in 1939. Artists B. Semyonov, V. Galba and others, together with poet E. Ruzhanski, created the first poster-broadsheet for the troops at the front, targeting their satire against the enemy and its allies. Later, during the Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany (World War II), more posters were made calling for defense of the Motherland, portraying heroic deeds of soldiers, inspiring courage and encouraging hatred toward the enemy.'
'After the war, the "Fighting Pencil" shifted its satire to "opening the boils on the body of Soviet society." Their targets now were the vices of bureaucracy--negligence and abuse, red tape and indifference to clients, corruption and incompetence. They also addressed "negative phenomena" encountered in the everyday behaviors of ordinary people, such as alcoholism, abuse at the workplace, family violence, and environmental pollution.'
Cartoons from the Soviet Press - 1920s-1970s.
19th Century Russian Art: Social Commentary on Bureaucracy.

Coca-Cola Television Advertisements. 'Fifty Years of Coca-Cola Television Advertisements: Highlights from the Motion Picture Archives at the Library of Congress presents a variety of television advertisements, never-broadcast outtakes, and experimental footage reflecting the historical development of television advertising for a major commercial product. The online collection includes five excerpts from stop-motion advertising developed for Coca-Cola between 1954 and 1956 by the D'Arcy agency and makes public for the first time eighteen excerpts from the Experimental TV Color Project of 1964, which determined the best lighting for the cans, bottles, and performers in television advertisements. Featured advertisements include the 1971 "Hilltop" commercial with an international group of young people on an Italian hilltop singing "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke"; the "Mean Joe Greene" commercial from 1979; the first "Polar Bear" commercial from 1993; the "Snowflake" commercial from 1999; and "First Experience," an international commercial filmed in Morocco in 1999. '

McIntyre, Pennsylvania, The Everyday Life Of A Coal Mining Company Town: 1910-1947. Photos, documents, memories of town residents.

Are they really extinct?

Tree-ring study raises greenhouse-theory questions. 'An unusually warm period a millennium ago may have been part of a natural planetary cycle, researchers say in a study of tree rings that scrutinizes the link between human activity and climate change. '

UN warns of looming water crisis. 'More than 2.7 billion people will face severe water shortages by the year 2025 if the world continues consuming water at the same rate, the United Nations has warned. '
'A new report released to mark World Water Day on Friday says that another 2.5 billion people will live in areas where it will be difficult to find sufficient fresh water to meet their needs. '
'The looming crisis is being blamed on mismanagement of existing water resources, population growth and changing weather patterns. '
Give Water - donate water for free.

' The cheapest ever anti-HIV "cocktail" drug has begun production in Thailand. The Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) is manufacturing the single-pill treatment to be sold in state hospitals from April.'

Violent galaxy seen in 3D.

Scientists test first human cyborg. 'A British university professor has been fitted with cyborg technology enabling his nervous system to be linked to a computer. ' (CNN)
Nerve implant experiment 'a gimmick'. '... But experts in medical bioengineering dismiss the project as "a gimmick". "It's good for the entertainment industry but it's not going to contribute anything to neuroscience," says Nick Donaldson at University College London.' (New Scientist)

Greece's Big Brother row.

22nd March
Idea for a web site: From Gorjuss.

The Haymarket Affair Digital Collection. 'Welcome to the Haymarket Affair Digital Collection. The Chicago Historical Society has created this digital collection to provide on-line access to its primary source materials relating to the Haymarket Affair, a controversial moment in Chicago's past and a pivotal event in the early history of the American labor movement. '

Ghosts, Demons and Spirits in Japanese Lore.

Posters of the Revolution. May, 1968. 29 posters.

Yu Yuan: The Garden of Peace and Comfort. 'Yuyuan is a 400 year old classical Chinese garden in the Old Town of Shanghai, not far from the Bund. Pan Yunduan spent twenty years and all his savings building it to please his parents in their old age.'
'Explore the garden through three Java panoramas, sounds and still images. '

Dr Pepper Museum.

A climate change scenario. 'Burning fossil fuels and using the atmosphere as an open sewer has turned out to be a recipe for disaster. The Earth is warming and the pace is quickening. Where will it end? Tune in to the late 21st century to find out... ' (New Scientist)

The Great Buildings Collection. 'Welcome to the leading architecture site on the web, This gateway to architecture around the world and across history documents a thousand buildings and hundreds of leading architects, with 3D models, photographic images and architectural drawings, commentaries, bibliographies, web links, and more, for famous designers and structures of all kinds. '
Building of the Day.

London sights. Awesome black and white photography of great London buildings - Battersea Power Station, the Lloyds Building, the City viewed from the Monument, MI6, BT Tower and Natwest Tower.

The International Network of Street Papers (INSP) 'unites street papers sold by homeless people from all over the world. INSP is an umbrella organisation, which provides a consultancy service for its partner papers and advises on the setting up of new street papers and support initiatives for marginalised people. '
Street papers from 22 countries.

I wouldn't mind staying in the Ice Hotel. The Chapel is lovely.

The 1911 Edition Encyclopaedia Britannica is amusingly anachronistic but extremely interesting. Via dust from a distant sun.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum. Via Reenhead.

The Centre for Alternative Technology is collecting suggestions for organic slug deterrents.
Some suggestions have already been posted...

The Amazing Story of Kudzu.

British Buses of the 1960's.

Essex Secret Bunker. '... Fully restored and equipped the Bunker gives a chilling insight into the 'Secrets of the Cold War'. From the moment you enter the maze of passageways and rooms you will be transported back to the days of the 'Cold War'...'

Vintage Italian Posters.
' Long undervalued and neglected, vintage Italian poster art is today enjoying a renaissance as collectors and scholars rediscover its remarkable style. Up until the last few years, rarity, Italian disinterest, and negative political associations prevented the Italian poster from being properly appreciated. After years of collecting, in 1995 our Gallery presented The Italian Poster Rediscovered, the first major gallery exhibit of Italian poster masterpieces in the United States, which revealed the genius of the Italian poster. '

How to draw a frog.

The Ultimate Guide to the London Underground. Interesting stations and a few, um, fun activities...

Dec 24, 2001 Aurora Gallery. 'On Christmas Eve, 2001, Earth entered a solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole on the Sun. The sudden increase in solar wind speed triggered Northern Lights across the northern tier of US states.'

Thorpe Park, in Surrey, has opened the world's first 10-loop rollercoaster. Pictures here! Don't miss the virtual tour.

Gnomes mystery!

Ancient penguins yield evolution clue.

' Otzi, the iceman entombed in an Alpine glacier for 5300 years, died just hours after sustaining serious injuries in hand-to-hand combat, claim researchers from the Italian museum where he is housed. '
'But other archaeologists disagree, saying all the evidence points to him freezing to death weeks after receiving minor injuries.'

Skate has died out in the North Sea and the Norwegians are worried about cod, too.

CIA used illegal snooper cookie. 'Redfaced CIA spooks have admitted using an illegal snooper cookie to tail people who visited its website. '
'The cookie informed the CIA about all the websites users visited for years after it was installed on a PC, despite the fact that such persistent cookies are banned by the US government.'

' Chinese historians and navigation experts are preparing to rewrite history books after a British historian's claim that Chinese explorers got to the Americas 72 years before Christopher Columbus. '
'Speaking in London late on Friday, Gavin Menzies, a 64-year-old retired Royal Navy submarine commander, has presented new evidence to support his theory that the Chinese reached the Carribean America 72 years before Christopher Columbus. ' (China Daily)

21st March
A Sightseer's Guide to Engineering. Engineering sites and sights across the US.

The Roald Dahl Children's Gallery. 'Step into the magical world of Roald Dahl with a visit to this exciting hands-on gallery for children' (of all ages). From the Buckinghamshire County Museum.

Eight Scenes from the Sumo World in the Edo Period (Training). Four ukiyo-e paintings. From the Sumo Museum.

X Marks the Spot. Chicago gang wars in pictures.

The 1950s All-Electric Model House. 'The Kansas City Power & Light Company built the first "all-electric" house at 4602 Homestead Drive in Prairie Village, Kansas, for the purpose of exhibition and research. The house was one of many exhibition homes in northeast Johnson County in the early 1950s. Home shows, garden shows, model house competitions, and exhibition homes were used by national and local companies as a means to advertise their products and services. '

A brief history of political murals in Chile, with pictures

Posters of labour and social movements in pre-1945 Japan. 'This page is an index of on-line exhibit of 2600 posters of the pre-1945 Japan owned by our institute. These posters are presented in the "slide show format," and each item is show for 8 seconds. '
Posters of labour and social movements in post-1945 Japan.

Hiroshima Archive. 'The Hiroshima Archive is originally set up to join the on-line effort made by many people all over the world to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing, This is intended to serve as a research and educational guide to those who want to gain and expand their knowledge of the atomic bombing. '

' Salvador Gonzalez is a muralist, sculptor, and painter. He is best known for his masterwork is in Havana, Cuba called Hamel's Alley which is located in Central Havana in the neighborhood known as Cayo Hueso. This two block alley was created in 1994 when a friend of his asked him to do a mural in his house and Salvador decided to paint a mural outside which eventually lead into the creation of Hamel's Alley...'

The Underground Palaces of Moscow's Metro. 'The Moscow's Metro is not the oldest one in the world, its stations welcomed their first passengers in 1930 only. However, the architectural style and the fascinating design of many Metro stations deserved the name of the "Underground Palace"...'

Vanishing Bangkok. Via Sumida.

Philipping Urban Legend Archive. Via Manila Stories.

Designs by William Morris. From the William Morris Society.

Poetry on the Peaks. 'The United Nations has proclaimed 2002 as the International Year of Mountains (IYM) to increase international awareness of the global importance of mountain ecosystems. Poetry on the Peaks plans to celebrate the relationship between humanity to nature through poetry by setting-up poetry readings on as many of the mountains in the world and corresponding cities. The program hopes to increase awareness of pressing environmental and social issues and promote cultural heritage of mountain societies around the world.'
Via galadriel.

Naming a crater on Mercury after Pablo Neruda.

Expressions of Nicaragua. ' "Expressions of Nicaragua" focuses upon the contemporary history of Nicaragua and the production of postmodern art. Explore the following links and discover a wealth of information, multimedia resources, and educational materials on Nicaraguan art, culture, and history! ' Via gmtPlus9.

' Welcome to Marine Life of the Channel Islands - a selection of underwater photographs of marine life from the waters around the Channel Islands, which are located in the English Channel. Click on one of the pictures to go to the image pages. The monthly Creature Feature has more details about creatures pictured in the site. '

Plants in Motion.

Fractals as Art.

432: Cosmic Key. 'A compendium of fact, theory and speculation relating to the number 432, and its primary divisors and multiples - 108, 216, 864, 1296; and also the number 9 - being the sum of digits 4+3+2; with excursions into many other mysterious and exotic phenomena. '

Fungus of the Month. Via Wordforge.

Christian Science Monitor - 'Exactly what is terrorism?' 'Some people define terrorism the way a US Supreme Court Justice defined obscenity: "I know it when I see it." But when we break it down into its components - its tactics and aims - the grays of moral relativism are clarified into sharper hues. Join us as we explore the difficulty - and significance - of defining terrorism. '

' In the seventies women were burning their bras, but in the new century we are mailing them to a bay area artist by the name of Emily Duffy. She is turning them into art.'
The BraBall.

'Renowned painter Eric Robison was commissioned by the Walt Disney Co. to recreate 100 different Mickey Mouse poses in honor of Walt Disney's 100th birthday. '
100 Mickeys.
Via Feeling Listless.

Whiskey River. A page of daily wisdom.

Idea for a web site: 'What is likely to happen to your personal web site if you should suddenly die? I own a handful of domains and web sites, and it suddenly occurred to me that if I got run over by a bus tomorrow, no-one would know what to do with them. So then I thought of an online service to solve this problem...'

Camera fished from pond now takes surrealistic photos.

' Thousands of starfish have been washed up on a stretch of English coastline. '

The Wheels of the Bus. 'Wherein the Author Buys an All-Day Pass on Tri-Met, In Order to Learn Some Basic Truths about Life.' Via Alt-log.

' The North Magnetic Pole could soon abandon Canada, migrate north of Alaska and eventually wind up in Russia, according to a Canadian scientist. '

' Previously unseen pictures of the giant rocket the Soviets hoped would help them put a man on the Moon before the United States have been revealed on a Russian website. '

' A one-million-year-old skull unearthed in Ethiopia hints that our long-extinct cousins Homo erectus were a varied and widespread bunch, much like today's humans. The find may undermine previous claims that H. erectus was in fact made up of two different species.'

' A full-size fully functional virtual keyboard that can be projected and touched on any surface is shown by Siemens Procurement Logistics Services at the CeBIT fair in Hanover, northern Germany, on Monday, March 18, 2002. ' Picture!

' The public's belief that religion is playing an increasing role in American life grew sharply in the months after Sept. 11, but now has slipped back again, a poll found.'

' Army-worms have devoured about 30,000 acres of crops and pasture in the northern regions of Tanzania, raising fears of food shortages. '

' The fossil of a dinosaur the size of a dog gives an insight into how giant dinosaurs walked the Earth. '

Two-faced Mars explained.

'A pair of statisticians have developed a mathematical model to explain surnames.'

The colourful Moon.