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4th November
New Yorker Caption Contest. Some suggestions here. Thanks to Miguel.

The Female Buddha. 'Women of enlightenment in Tibetan mysticism.'

An Early Fragment from Central Nepal. 'Just south of the town of Arughat, along the Buri Gandaki River in central Nepal there is a small hot spring which has been channelled into a public bath. Next to this bath are two small buildings which over the centuries were used as Buddhist and then Hindu shrines. While there are a number of sculptures of interest I would like to point out a fragment which is in the wall of the southernmost building ... '

The Great Applique Tangka of Drepung Monastery. A photo-essay.
'Lhasa, August 1999. Lost behind my camera today - no rain - a cloudy morning until the sun appeared with a noted brilliance in the afternoon. We drove in traffic to Drepung Monastery on the North side of Lhasa through a stream of cars and SUV's, buses and throngs of people. The masses overflowed the streets with pilgrims of Tibetan, Chinese and foreign descent; the vehicles were an intrusion on their path. The Shakyamuni tangka had already been unveiled when we arrived ... '

Anne Frank House.

Beyond the Pale: The History of Jews in Russia. Culture and history, and the history of anti-Semitism in Russia.

Crosspoint Anti Racism. Worldwide directory of anti-racist groups; very large and useful.

First Science. Science news, science poems, and unusual and interesting articles.
Floating flame balls.
The science of shark attacks.

Gonzo Science.

Treaty Seven. Website of the Treaty Seven Tribal Council in Canada.
Brief history of Treaty Seven. (Scroll down for the sites of each member tribe).
'Treaty Seven was a peace treaty made between two nations - the tribes of the Blackfoot Confederacy, ( Siksika , Piikani {Peigan} and Kainaiwa {Blood}) Tsuu T'ina (Sarcee), the Stoney (Bearspaw, Chiniki, and Wesley/Goodstoney) and Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, by Her Commissioners, the honourable David Laird, Lieutenant Governor and Indian Superintendent of the North-West Territories, and James Farquharson Macleod, C.M.G., Commissioner of the North-West Mounted Police. '
'When Treaty Seven was made in 1877, it became the last in a series of agreements concluded between the Government of Canada and the Indians of the North-West during the decade of the 1870's. Upon it's conclusion, more than twenty years would pass before another treaty was made. Treaty Seven completed the task which the government had set out to accomplish after it acquired control of Rupert's Land in 1870.'
'From the government's perspective, the need for Treaty Seven was immediate and simple. As part of the terms of bringing British Columbia into Confederation in 1871, the Canadian governments had promised to build a transcontinental railway within ten years. Such a line would have to traverse the newly-acquired land still nominally in control of Indian tribes. Huge land concessions would need to be offered to the company building the railway and later, the existence of the line would encourage large scale immigration to the western prairies ... '

Indian Treaties. Documents representing different types of arrangement between first nations and the Canadian government.

Dentdale, in the Dales. History and attractions of this apparently idyllic place.
Dentdale history. 'There is some archaeological evidence that the Romans passed through Dentdale and even lingered awhile. The village existed in Norman times, as the Norman doorway over the North side of the Church reveals. In the Middle Ages, a market cross stood near to the present day fountain, which marks the centre of the village. It is probable that Dent Fair originated at this time. Held in early June, it was an important occasion, bringing back to the village people who had gone elsewhere to live. Stall s cluttered the streets, selling all kinds of merchandise and a Sports day rounded off this annual event During the reign of James I, the Grammar School was built in the churchyard and was in use until the building of a New School, now serving as the Village Hall ... '

Dent Meditation Centre, in the Dales.

The Dales Knitting Tradition. 'With a history which spans four centuries find out how the Knitting Tradition had its origins in York and was forced into more rural parts, eventually finding it's way into the Yorkshire Dales, where it has become an established trade and artform. '
Gallery of vintage photos.

Churches in the Yorkshire Dales. A very attractive presentation about many churches.

Crakehall, a village in the Wensleydale, North Yorkshire. Nice collection of 'village scenes'.

The Presidential Elections from 1860-1884. 'This Website has been compiled and prepared as a public service by HarpWeek. It features cartoons from Harper's Weekly, especially by Thomas Nast, and from Vanity Fair, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly, Puck, and the Library of Congress Collection of American Political Prints: 1766-1876. '
'In addition to explanations of each cartoon, the site contains biographies, explanations of the issues, campaign overviews, and other relevant information. We hope you find it to be informative and entertaining as you see how the seven presidential elections of 1860-1884 were depicted in the political cartoons and prints of the nineteenth century. Current elections pale by comparison.'

19th Century Advertising History.

Immigrant and Ethnic America. 'This website will make it possible to take a detailed look at the various immigrant and ethnic groups that were a vital part of American culture during the second half of the 19th century. '

Black History, 1857-1874. (Harper's Weekly)

The American West. 'This website provides a look into some of the stories and pictures which kept 19th century readers informed and entertained, and thereby preserves a unique documentation of life west of the Mississippi.'

3rd November
Halley and the Paramour. 'The year 2000 was exactly 400 years since William Gilbert (1540-1603), physician to Queen Elizabeth I, published the first scholarly work devoted to magnetism, in which he suggests that the Earth itself could be regarded as a giant magnet. It was written in Latin and entitled 'De Magnete'. It was also 300 years since Edmond Halley (1656-1742), second Astronomer Royal (1720-1742), completed two voyages on the ship Paramour to investigate the variation between true and magnetic north and the possibility of using the difference to find longitude at sea.'

Southern African Star Maps.

Astronomical Game.

Picasso: The Early Years, 1892 - 1906. 'The most celebrated artist of the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso was a prodigy whose virtuosity, imagination, and expressive power were evident long before he reached the age of twenty. '
'This exhibition examines the first decade and a half of Picasso's extraordinary career.'

Van Gogh & Gauguin.

Paul Gauguin and the Russian Avantgarde. Images.

Tales from the Land of Dragons. 1000 years of Chinese paintings.
Enter the exhibition.
Overview. 'In China, painting is one of the "Three Perfections," linked with calligraphy and poetry as the most refined of artistic endeavors. This exhibition, drawn entirely from the Museum of Fine Arts's world-renowned collection of early Chinese painting, focuses on the years in which the great traditions of Chinese painting were established, during the Tang, Song, and Yuan dynasties (the seventh through the fourteenth centuries). '

Dragon Robe. 'A T'ang (tong) dynasty emperor visited the Chinese city of Loyang (low-yang) during a long spell of very hot, dry weather. There, in a temple, lived an Indian priest named Wu Wei (woo way), who knew how to call forth the dragon who brings rain. The emperor begged Wu Wei to bring rain to his scorched land. The priest refused. The heat was seasonable, he said, and summoning the dragon would do much damage. The emperor said that the people were suffering because of the drought. Any rain, he pleaded, even if accompanied by roaring winds and crashing thunder, would be good. Finally Wu Wei agreed ... '

The Bhagavad Gita. Fairly readable web version. Translated 1882 by Kashinath Trimbak Telano.

Gloucester Cathedral. A great website - so much to see here.
The Green Man in the cathedral. (A British fertility god; popular in churches). Nice collection of images.
Harry Potter. 'At the credits at the end of The Philosopher's Stone (which go on for ever!!) you'll see 'Kings School' mentioned - that's us at Gloucester - Kings School, Gloucester. The pupils of Kings School come through the cloisters every day to what they call "chapel." Members were chosen as extras and you see them coming out of the cloisters into the garth (cloister garden.) The best shot of the cloisters is from the Girls Lavatory door in the Troll scene. '
Labyrinth. 'The Labyrinth was in the Nave of the Cathedral for a week from 29th July to 5th August 2001 and again for two weeks 5th - 18th August 2002. Watch out for it next year!!'

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning.

The Francis Frith Collection. Thousands of photographs of over 7000 British towns and villages, taken between 1860 and 1970.

The National Portrait Gallery, London, 'was founded in 1856 to to collect the likenesses of famous British men and women. Today the collection is the most comprehensive of its kind in the world.'

Tate in Space. "In order to fulfil their mission to extend access to British and International modern and contemporary art, the Tate Trustees have been considering for some time how they could find new dimensions to Tate's work. They have therefore determined that the next Tate site should be in space. At this stage a number of practical aspects of the project are being tested and an early pre-opening programme is being taken forward. This will clearly continue the Tate tradition of innovation and exploration, and provide a radical new location for the display of the Collection and for educational projects. We are very pleased to announce the launch online of our Tate in Space programme."

Gainsborough. 'Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788) is widely acknowledged as one of the masters of eighteenth-century art, with a truly international reputation. His paintings embody the sophistication and elegance of his age, while the inventiveness and complexity of his techniques remain dazzling. '
'This exhibition offers a new vision of Gainsborough as an artist whose work is certainly charming and engaging, but also intellectually rewarding and vibrant. In an era of increasing conformity in the British art world, dominated by the theory-led practice of Reynolds and the Royal Academy, Gainsborough's art provided a vital alternative. The exhibition shows that, in favouring visual pleasure over theory, originality over convention, and an engagement with the social world rather than academic abstraction, Gainsborough and his art have a continuing significance for British culture.'

Turner: Reflections of Sea and Light. 'The sea was the subject that, more than any other, preoccupied Turner throughout his career. He recorded all its various moods, whether tranquil or stormy.'

Victorian Studio Photographs. 'Discovering old photographs whilst researching your family can be of tremendous help. Examining fashions, photographic processes, studio details and themes of the photographs can offer some fascinating clues.'

Mugshots. 'The archive of Victorian and early 20th century photographs in the West Midlands Police Museum is a rare survival. Explore the mugshots of criminals who lived in abject poverty and miserable conditions.'

MOCHA. The Museum of Children's Art.

2nd November
Native Council of Nova Scotia. 'Welcome to the Native Council of Nova Scotia world wide web site. In our Resource Library, you'll find a wealth of educational material on the rich history and culture of the Mi'kmaq including historic treaties, maps, and recipes. '

The Native Trail.

Kurdish Human Rights Project. History and culture; an attractive site.

Leonids 2001. 'After an eventful trip to the other side of the world, ESA's intrepid scientists have returned with a treasure trove of data about the 2001 Leonid meteor shower ... '

The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive. Biographies, colloquia, famous curves etc.

The Rabbi and I at A conversation between a rabbi and a Hindu in the form of an e-book.

Holocaust Teacher Resource Centre. Huge, important.

Calligraphy of the Masters. Chinese calligraphy. 'Over the thousands of years, the style of Chinese calligraphy has evolved continually. About 213 B.C., under the famous Chin Shih Huang Ti, who perpetrated the 'burning of the books', the Prime Minister Li Szu drew up an official index of characters and unified the written form for the use of scholars. This is chuan-shu and contained more than 3,000 characters. From that time to the present, there are five major styles of calligraphy ... '

Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition.

Photographs of Ehime Just After the End of World War II. 'Ehime Press is seeking photos of postwar Ehime. If you or your relatives have any pictures of Ehime during the period from 1945 to 1954, please contact Ehime Press. As we currently have few photos of the postwar period, it is our hope to collect photos to preserve memories, chronicling the 52 year history of Ehime after the War. We are particularly interested in photos such as: burnt-out areas after air raids, black markets, scenes from people's everyday lives, as well as traditional events which remind people of the starting point of present day Japan. People visiting Matsuyama from 1945 to 1949 such as the 24th regiment of the 10th division of U.S. forces stationed in Ehime and other persons or tourists concerned with this period may have such valuable photos.' Many examples already here.
Up from the ashes.

The People's Place Quilt Museum. 'The People's Place Quilt Museum features exhibits of antique Amish and Mennonite quilts (usually pre-1940) and other decorative arts.'
'Recommended by The New York Times and many others. Your hosts are Phyllis Pellman Good and Merle Good, curators and directors ... '
Pleasant to browse.

Collectics. Antiques and collectibles - a virtual mall with a focus of retro stuff and americana. So it's quite quirky. The site even has an online museum - fabulous stuff.

Revere Beach. America's first public beach, established 1896. The site includes a history and vintage postcards.

Mechantiques. Mechanical musical instruments.

FunGuide. The Internet directory of fun places. Includes 'historical park facts' and 'dedicated to Princess Diana' sections.

Lindy in the Park. 'Free Swing Dancing in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park since 1996'

National Aids Memorial Grove, Golden Gate Park. (And a great resource).
Virtual tour.

Strybing Arboretum & Botanical Gardens, San Francisco. The site includes a gallery ('the Strybing year') and a virtual walk. Very nice.

The 1964-65 New York World's Fair Carousel.

Miniature Musical Carousels & Sculptures by Balgara. 'Crafted by hand from the finest materials, 'Balgara' miniature musical carousels embody all the beauty of an amusement park carousel - exclusive detail, colourful lighting, joyous movement and wonderful music - but small enough to fit on a table.'

Diego Garcia islanders battle to return. 'Exiled islanders from the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia are launching a legal action in a London court, seeking to return to their "paradise" home and get compensation from Britain for being deported. '
'Nearly 2,000 people from the Chagos Islands were moved to Mauritius and the Seychelles 30 years ago to make way for a military base on Diego Garcia, which the United States leases from Britain ... '
Chagos Islanders: 30 years of suffering.
Exiled Chagos Islander recounts tale of woe.
Chagos Islanders' site.

Book at Bedtime.

1st November
Astronomiae Historia / History of Astronomy. From the introduction :- 'Welcome to the first general History of Astronomy pages on the Web. Astronomiae Historia / History of Astronomy was created in January 1995 on behalf of the Working Group for the History of Astronomy in the Astronomische Gesellschaft. Since March 1998 this site is also maintained on behalf of Commission 41 (History of Astronomy) of the International Astronomical Union. '
'Astronomiae Historia contains currently more than 400 files (Web pages), which would give several thousand pages on paper when printed out. A list of nearly all files is given in the Site map. There are documents with own information, many link pages, and some Tables of Contents ... '

Dudley Observatory. Founded 1852; exhibits and the history of astronomy.

The 1882 Transit of Venus: Observations from Wellington, South Africa. 'Miss Ferguson was always interested in astronomy with "a knowledge of a keen amateur, quite sufficient to infect others with her enthusiasm, and to give them the knowledge they needed to read books intelligently". From the start she offered an astronomy class at the Seminary and being a personal friend of Dr (later Sir) David Gill, Astronomer Royal at the Cape, he often visited Wellington and gave lectures to the class. In 1881 the Williston Observatory at Mount Holyoke was built and the observatory's original telescope, ... , first installed there in 1853, was given to the Seminary in Wellington. Under Gill's supervision it was erected in an observatory in the grounds just in time for the transit of Venus which occurred on December 6, 1882.'

The Mauritshuis. Gallery in the Netherlands.

Musei Vaticani, or Vatican Museums. Many images. 'The founding of the Vatican Museums can be traced back to 1503 when the newly-elected Pope, Julius II della Rovere, placed a statue of Apollo in the internal courtyard of the Belvedere Palace built by Innocent VIII; he brought the statue from the garden of his titular church of St. Peter in Chains ... '

Austrian Jewish Museum. Jewish history and art; good site.

Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum, Singapore.
'Lin Hsin Hsin, one of the 20 selected from around the world by UNESCO Museum International Special Edition for the Millennium. '
'She is the one & only one true digital artist based in Singapore. '

Tet. The Vietnamese New Year. 'For the majority of Vietnamese, Tet evokes a magic period of the year when everyone forgets his or her misfortune or misery during the previous year. It is the start of the new year in the lunar calendar. Rich or poor, young or old, everyone is going to celebrate it with solemnity and cheerfulness ... '

The Rig Veda. 'This text was scanned especially for from the Griffith translation of the Rig Veda, second edition (published 1896). We believe that this text is in the public domain since its date of publication was over a century ago ... Griffith used a florid poetic style with many intentional spelling anachronisms; we have not made any corrections or alterations to the original except to correct a few obvious typographical errors ... '

At the Crossroads: Afro-Cuban Orisha Arts in Miami.
Introduction. 'Over the past forty years, Miami, at the crossroads of the Americas, has emerged as one of the major centers of the Afro-Cuban Orisha religion and its array of traditional arts. A religious community of over 100,000 practitioners is served by numerous specialists who produce beadwork, garments, cloth panels, metalwork, woodcarvings, altars, musical instruments, paintings, and other art forms. These works of art are expressions of spiritual devotion, inspired by the many orishas (deities) of the religion's pantheon, such as Elegbá, Ogún, Shangó, Obatalá, Yemojá, and Oshún. Though Orisha artists are highly respected within the religious community, their work is not well known or understood by the wider public ... '
Orisha pantheon.

The Everglades: Exploitation and Conservation. 'More than five million people live south of Lake Okeechobee. Sophisticated cities line the coasts, hugh farms and sugar plantations sprawl south of the Lake, and a world-famous wilderness spreads across the interior, south to Florida Bay.'
'The farms and cities threaten the very existence of the Everglades, taking the water it needs to survive. To resolve this dilemma and to provide adequate water for all, the state and federal governments have embarked upon the largest and most costly restoration project in the nation's history ... '

Florida Folklife. Traditional arts in contemporary communities. 'Throughout Florida artists draw on traditional, community-based designs to create objects valued for both their usefulness and beauty. '

Coral Gables: The City Beautiful. (Miami)

Coventry Irish History. 'The Irish community are a huge influence in Coventry and have been part of the city for over 400 years. Here we explore the history behind the community.'

The History of Lady Godiva. 'Shocking scene as lady rides naked in city! So this is not fresh news, but the impact of Lady Godiva's horse riding antics still captures the imagination.'

Quaker Tour of England. Visiting Quaker landmarks.

Project Rosie. Life and links for rural Utah.
Utah Centre for Rural Life.

Scenic Utah. Photography.

Utah Art 2002. Interesting resource. From the 'about' page :- 'Scheduled to run concurrently with the Olympic Winter Games, Utah Art 2002 is a juried exhibition of contemporary Utah art. The event will be held February 1 through 28 in the newly restored Norman Building located at 780 South, 300 West in downtown Salt Lake City. An opening night reception will be held February 1st, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The public is cordially invited. '