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15th November
Founders of Neurology. A photographic exhibit.

Biographies of Women Mathematicians.

Archives of Women in Science and Engineering.
Today's Seeds for Tomorrow's Harvest: The Impact of Women Nutritionists.

Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto (1474 - 1533). A work in progress, although the first part is online. 'To the court of King Charlemagne comes Angelica (daughter to the king of Cathay, or India) and her brother Argalia. Angelica is the most beautiful woman any of the Peers have ever seen, and all want her. However, in order to take her as wife they must first defeat Argalia in combat. The two most stricken by her are Orlando and Ranaldo ("Rinaldo" in the W.S. Rose Orlando Furioso translation) ... '
Via Bulfinch's Mythology.

Mythical and Geographical Names Found in the Constellations. Comprehensive, well-organised site; the different pages include synopses of the relevant myths.
' Cepheus is the name of two mythological kings. One was the son of Aleus, from Arcadia. He would become the king of Tegea (a community on the Peloponesian peninsula), would father twenty children, and would sail with Jason as an Argonaut. '
'The other Cepheus was the son of Belus, king of Egypt (who was himself the son of Poseidon). This Cepheus grew to become the King of Ethiopia (or Joppa). He married Cassiopeia and they had a daughter Andromeda. (Yes, the whole family eventually winds up in the heavens.) ... '

The Virtual Shtetl. Yiddish language and culture. The site is organised as locations in a shtetl, or small eastern European Jewish town; with a library, synagogue, school, memorial etc.

Painting and Calligraphy Donated to the National Palace Museum, Taiwan.
Introduction. 'Museums in the modern age have benefited enormously from the generous contributions made by individuals. The collection of the National Palace Museum now ranks as one of the world's foremost in terms of quantity and quality. Unparalleled for its holdings of Chinese artifacts, the Museum was established back in 1925 with objects and art inherited from the Ch'ing dynasty court. These treasures, some of which can be traced back to the imperial collection more than a thousand years ago, have been supplemented by private donations over the years.'
Manuscript version of the Avatamsaka Sutra.
Monochrome Ink Bamboo.

Japanese Lacquerware from the Ch'ing Imperial Collection.

Lakshmi and Saraswati - Tales in Mythology and Art. Hindu paintings.
'While the great goddess as a cosmic force may be a deity of compelling dynamism and fearsome power, it is in the guise of the gentle and beneficent giver of the devotees' desires, that the female divinities of India first appeared. This role of the goddess as one who fulfills wishes has remained one of enduring strength and consequence. In the ancient collection of sacred hymns known as the Veda, this aspect of the goddess already becomes manifest. The two most shining examples in this context are The Great Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati.'

Ancient Manuscripts of Eritrea.
Illuminations. Gorgeous.

The Great Hall. 'From farmsteads to palaces, great halls can be found in every kind of residence and have been a defining feature of the English house for more than a thousand years.'

Wren and the Designs for St Paul's Cathedral. Illustrations include the 'old' cathedral and proposed designs.
'St Paul's Cathedral is one of the great buildings of the world and it took a decade to design and forty years to build. The architect was Sir Christopher Wren who lived to see the cathedral completed in his lifetime. In the early 1660s Wren had designed a handful of buildings in Oxford and Cambridge. In the aftermath of the Great Fire of London, when still only in his thirties, he was entrusted with the task of rebuilding St Paul's, the greatest building project of the age ... '

The Abbey of St Edmund. 'The Abbey of St Edmund at Bury St Edmunds was built in the 1000s and 1100s. It was shaped like a cross with its head, or 'apse', pointing east in line with religious tradition. The shrine of St Edmund stood behind the high altar. Originally, the Norman columns were brightly coloured ... '

Religion and the Founding of the American Republic.

Roger L. Stevens Presents. 'This exhibition examines Stevens's career through the great number of stage productions that Stevens presented or fostered indirectly, for example, through the NEA. His achievements manifest Stevens's deep commitment to raising the quality of life for all Americans and his special place as one of the nation's foremost cultural leaders.'

Temple of Liberty: Building the Capitol for a New Nation. 'George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were determined that the United States Capitol be a meaningful expression of America's new political and social order. The Constitution, ratified in 1788, had given the country its governing structure; the Capitol, begun three years later, was still incomplete when Congress first met there in November 1800. Construction of the original building took thirty-four years and was directed by six presidents and six architects. Opinions among statesmen and designers differed as to how to achieve a symbolically potent yet functionally efficient building within a Neoclassical framework. Conceiving of themselves as inheritors, guardians, and conveyors of Western civilization, they slowly built a Capitol that drew upon both American and European emblematic and architectural traditions ... '
(Compare with the site about the design of St Paul's Cathedral).

Bronte Country. The Yorkshire Moors and Dales, adjacent parts of Lancashire.
' Welcome to Bronte Country, an area of Pennine upland in West Yorkshire, England. A windswept land of heather and wild moors, it is hardly surprising that this area became the inspiration for the classic works of the Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne ... '
Top Withens. Wuthering Heights?
Pendle Witch Country. 'Pendle Witch Country, in the Lancashire Pennines, is an area dominated by the dark brooding mass of Pendle Hill (shown above) and made famous (nay infamous) for its association with the "Witches of Pendle"... '

Mirfield in Pictures. 'This site is dedicated to my home town of Mirfield, located 5 miles from Huddersfield and 10 miles from Leeds in the county of West Yorkshire, UK. The current population of Mirfield is roughly 20,000.'

Bradford Curry Guide.

The Institute for Solar Physics. Thanks to jp.

The Voyage of Terry Waite's Clogs.

Home is Not What You Imagine It to Be.

International Compliance Association. They keep an eye out for money-laundering.

14th November
Mapungubwe: The Home of the Golden Rhinoceros. The Iron Age sites of Greefswald, South Africa.
'The Iron Age sites Mapungubwe and K2 on Greefswald are amongst the best known Iron Age sites in Southern Africa. They represent the K2 and Mapungubwe Iron Age cultures which existed in this region between 1000 AD and 1300 AD. '
'Small Iron Age sites postdating Mapungubwe and K2 have also been identified on Greefswald. Stone-walled sites on hill tops, including some identified as Khami type ruins, have also been found in the region. '
'The disease caused by the tsetse fly in the surrounding Lowveld during the nineteenth century made cattle herding difficult for local Iron Age communities. Malaria made living conditions worse. As a result, the Greefswald region was primarily used for hunting from around the turn of the century until after the 1920's. At this time, the discovery of gold in stone ruins north of the Limpopo River led to the arrival of prospectors and treasure hunters who searched for similar sites south of the Limpopo River. This eventually resulted in the discovery of Mapungubwe in 1932 and the Greefswald Archaeological Project of the University of Pretoria. '

The Khazaria Info Centre. 'Over a thousand years ago, the far east of Europe was ruled by Jewish kings who presided over numerous tribes, including their own tribe: the Turkic Khazars. After their conversion, the Khazar people used Jewish personal names, spoke and wrote in Hebrew, were circumcised, had synagogues and rabbis, studied the Torah and Talmud, and observed Hanukkah, Pesach, and the Sabbath. The Khazars were an advanced civilization with one of the most tolerant societies of the medieval period. It hosted merchants from all over Asia and Europe. On these pages it is hoped that you may learn more about this fascinating culture. '
Khazar historic maps.

Vinnitsa Region Jewish Community. 'Shalom Alekhem! Welcome to the Vinnitsa Region Jewish Community (VRJC) home page! In late May and early June 1996, I received two e-mail messages from Mr. Igor Desner, head of the Vinnitsa Region Jewish Community in Ukraine, describing the organization and requesting assistance.'
'Because of my deep interest in helping to preserve Jewish culture and history in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and assisting the Jewish communities in these regions, I have created this Web presentation to share the limited information I have about the Vinnitsa Region Jewish Community.'

Images of Polish Synagogues.

Stanford Solar Centre. ' "Anyone who has lived through an English winter can see the point of building Stonehenge to make the Sun come back." --Alison Jolly 1988 '
'This site presents a collection of fun educational activities based on Solar Oscillations Investigation (SOI) and Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) data. Students can explore the Sun's tangled magnetic field, its turbulent surface motions, the dramatic sunspot cycle, and even what magic happens in the solar interior where instrumental eyes cannot penetrate. '

SOHO: Exploring the Sun. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. Lots of images.

Ho-Am Art Museum.
Permanent exhibits. Ancient art, Buddhist art.
Hee-Won Korean Garden.

Horim Museum, Seoul. 'The Horim Museum owns more than 10,000 collections of Korean arts including more than 3,000 earthenwares, 1,100 celadons, 2,100 porcelains, 500 punchongs, 2,000 paintings and books, 400 metal arts and 700 other items. Among these, 44 items are designated as the national cultural properties (8 national treasures and 36 treasures) as of January 2000. Horim Museum is recognized as one of the three major private museums in Korea with the quality and variety of the rare cultural asset.'

Lineage of Patriarchs. 'This document is a ketsumyaku, certificate of affiliation to the lineage of the great masters and Buddhas of the past. It is delivered to the monk during his ordination and attests to his membership to the Buddha family. This exceptional ketsumyaku joins together the lineages Rinzai and Soto through Master Dogen, as well as the lineages of Eihei-ji and Soji-ji trough Master Kosen. To be authentic, this document must be signed and stamped by the seal of the master.'

Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation. 'Working cooperatively with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, National Park Service, many local governments, businesses and private landowners, IAPTF staff and volunteers work to protect, promote, build and maintain the many segments of the Ice Age Trail - a thousand-mile national and state scenic trail located entirely in Wisconsin. The purpose of the Trail is to tell the story of the Ice Age and continental glaciation along a scenic footpath.'

The World's Earliest Television Recordings. 'From the dawn of our television technology age comes the restored wonders of original recordings made in the era of mechanically-scanned television! Not until the computer era came on us could we study these images. Now they can be seen in as close to their original quality as the latest techniques can take us. '
Great site; there's also a special section on British TV history.

Ackworth School Natural History Diary, from West Yorkshire.

Walks in Yorkshire.

Roseberry Topping. 'The images and words on these pages are dedicated to one hill among many in the Cleveland landscape. For those yet to pay a visit take a look at its many moods and the magnetism of a summit truly irresistible to all who cherish landscapes and wander among the hills. '

The Highland Clearances in Scotland. 'In the 19th century, something happened in the highlands of Scotland that should never have happened at all. The Highland Clearances were a shock ripple from the wave that was the battle of Culloden. Years afterwards, when the rest of Britain was waking up to a new era of civilisation and enlightenment, greedy landlords of estates and lands in the highlands of Scotland began to remove the local people to make way for sheep. Sheep were given priority over people, but not just any people. For the folk burned out of their homes were the decendants of the clansmen, the native people of the land - the highlanders ... '
Eyewitness accounts.

The Last Voyage of the Arandora Star. 'July 2nd, 1990, was the 50th anniversary of what was then one of the Second World War's greatest and most ill-fated shipping disasters. It took place north- west of Malin Head when the one-time flag ship of the Blue Star Line, the Arandora Star, was torpedoed and sank, with the loss of 682 lives out of a total of 1,571 on board ... Let me tell you the tragic story of one of the unfortunate passengers of tbe Arandora Star, namely Cesare Camozzi, an italian Internee, and how he came to be interred in the Catholic cemetery in Carndonagh on a warm and sultry August morning in 1940, after Requiem Mass celebrated by the late Father Daniel Reid, P.P., St. Macartan's, Carndonagh. '

Scottish Mining. History resource at

Elvis Presley in Scotland.

Scots at War. 'This is a Scottish Military History Web Project, concentrating on the 20th Century. These pages are respectfully dedicated as a tribute to the endeavours of all Scots who served their country in the armed and civilian services in the 20th century.'

The U'wa Struggle. 'Occidental Petroleum and the Colombian government want to drill for oil in the sacred homeland of the U'wa people of the Columbian. Follow the links below to find out more about the U'wa people, their opposition to the oil project, the latest news on their struggle, and what you can do to help.'

13th November
Iziko Museums of Cape Town.
Some really good stuff in the South African social history collections.

The British Museum: The Department of Scientific Research. 'The department provides insights into the past by applying scientific techniques to answer questions such as:
How old is it?
Where does it come from?
What is it made of?
How was it made? ... '

RakuGaki. Japanese wall art.

Early Canadiana Online. 'A project to provide access to Canada's published heritage '

The Official Webpages of Daws Butler, voice of Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound.

Hara Shobo Japanese Prints. 'Welcome to Hara Shobo website. Over seventy-years, Hara Shobo have been running the shop in Kanda, center of Tokyo. Providing with Japanese prints at reasonable price and with top-quality services, Hara Shobo is credited by collectors, museums, and tourists worldwide ... '
Online selection.

National Museum of Photography, Film and Television. (UK) It's well worth checking out TV Heaven for 'the best and worst of British television' and the special exhibitions. There's also a special James Bond exhibition.

The Media History Project. (USA) Lots here, too.

Alexandra Palace Television Society. More TV history.
2nd June 1953. Coronation day. 'In most parts of the country, in the towns and cities, streets were deserted on the morning of Coronation Day, 2 June 1953. In the residential quarters, and in the suburbs, groups of cars were parked, here and there, in the silent roads. They stood outside houses where the 'H' aerial of TV had drawn neighbours and friends inside - to take part in what became, as hour passed hour, the greatest day of viewing in television's short and remarkable history ... '

Images of Nagasaki. As it is today.

Kyoto Hall of Traditional Crafts.

Near-Earth Object Programme. From NASA's JPL.

The Cleveland Way. A 100-mile trail in northern England - history, wildlife and countryside.
Section 1. 'There cannot be a finer start to a National Trail than the delightful market town of Helmsley, centred around a historic market square. Helmsley Castle is clearly visible as you start to climb out of the town. Look out for the Start Feature, sculpted by the Whitby artist Vivienne Mousdell which shows the characteristic National Trail acorn as well as the names and profiles of places along the "Way" ... '

Captain Cook Country. 'Historic coastline and heather moorland - the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside of Captain Cook's early life is being discovered by visitors from across the world. '
Don't miss the downloadable Cook Country digital jigsaw ...

Otto of Freising: The Legend of Prester John.

Kindergarten Collection. 'The Kindergarten Connection is dedicated to providing valuable resources to primary teachers. Each week we offer new hints, tips, and information in our Teacher Tips pages. Frequent updates to the Lesson Plans section gives you fun and practical activities for your classroom. Our Book Review area features authors, illustrators, and books from the wonderful world of children's literature ... '

Singapore Kindness Movement. 'This home page is designed to help you be more aware of the joys of spreading kindness to people around us and the environment.'
'In so doing, we can together make Singapore - and the world at large - a better place for all.'
(Courtesy of the Ministry of Information, Culture and the Arts).

World Kindness Movement.
Kindness resources, worldwide, stories etc.

Small Kindness Movement.

Operation Kindness 'is a nonprofit animal-welfare organization that cares for homeless or unwanted cats and dogs in a no-kill environment.'

SantaCam. (Popups).

12th November
St Kilda. 'The archipelago of St Kilda, the remotest part of the British Isles, lies 41 miles (66 kilometres) west of Benbecula in Scotland's Outer Hebrides. Its islands with their exceptional cliffs and sea stacs, form the most important seabird breeding station in north-west Europe. The evacuation of its native population in 1930 brought to a close an extraordinary story of survival.'
'This site tells that story and also explains activities taking place today in this special place.'

Women's Early Music / Art / Poetry. Huge collection.

History of AIDS.

Forgotten Holocaust. 'Growing up in a Polish-American community, raised by parents who survived the Holocaust, I heard many stories about the atrocities of this World War II horror. I learned how one of my family's homes in Poland was burned to the ground by Nazis. I learned that my uncle was shot in the head by Nazi soldiers because his family was hiding a Jewish woman. Painful as it was for them to speak about it, my parents [Frank and Ewa Pencak] felt it was important that I knew the stories of the Holocaust. '
'It was only after I moved to the Los Angeles area several years ago that I realized that many people were not aware that millions of victims of the Holocaust were NOT Jewish. Outside the Polish community, I heard very little mention about the five million non-Jewish victims -- usually referred to as "the others". '
'Whenever I would say that my parents were survivors of the Holocaust, people would look at me oddly and say, "Oh, I didn't know you were Jewish?" I realized that most people were not aware of any other Holocaust victims except Jews. This concerned me. '

Antarctica, Terra Australis Incognita. The explorers, the continent and the treaty.

Ethiopia: Land of Plenty. Web stories.

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs. 'The Earth is heating up. The early warning signs are in. Click on the map to find out where it's happening.'

Future Energies. Alternative energy news/blog/discussion.

National Museum of Korea.

Buddhist Deities & Bodhisattvas.

Historical Buddhist Sites.

The Tay Bridge Disaster, 1879.

The Drawn Sword, 'engravings and woodcuts from the MacBean Stuart and Jacobite Collection '

The George Washington Wilson Collection. 19th century photography.

The Scottish Parliament Project. 'The Scottish Parliament Project, based at the University of St Andrews, was set up in 1997 with funding from the Scottish Office. Its aim is to create a new digital edition of the acts of the pre 1707 Scottish Parliament, to be published on CD-ROM and the internet.'

Mary Queen of Scots. Official site of the Marie Stuart Society.

St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh.

The Saint Columba Home Page. 'The patron saint of poets, plagiarists, computer pirates, and computer hackers ... ' (He also brought Christianity to Scotland).


Send Me $10.

Cynthia's new page. Via ikastikos.

KidPub. 'Welcome to Kidpub, the largest collection of stories by children on the Internet (and maybe in the real world, too). We've been on the web since 1995, and our database holds just over 42,000 stories written by and for children.'

The Queen's House ghost. (National Maritime Museum) 'What follows is based on correspondence and documentation about the Rev Hardy's famous photograph of ghostly figures in the Queen's House. Much of the source material is held in the Museum's archives.'

Servant's letter to Queen translated. 'When Jean de Simier discovered that Queen Elizabeth I had been wounded by rumors that she was to marry his master, Francis, Duke of Alancon, he fired off a four-page letter in coded French to the monarch, declaring he would rather "fall on the point of my sword or drain a glass of poison" than upset her.'

11th November
The Planet Mars: A History of Observation and Discovery. 'A century ago, at the height of what might be referred to as the "canal furor," Camille Flammarion published the first volume of his great work, La Plančte Mars, which summarized what was then known about the planet. In his preface he described how he hesitated between two methods of presenting the state of Martian knowledge---in special chapters dealing with topics such as continents, seas, polar caps, and so on; or chronologically, in the order in which the facts had been obtained. He at length decided on the latter approach, "mainly," he wrote, "because it seemed to me to be the more interesting . . . and also because it provides a better account of the gradual development of our knowledge." So it has seemed to me, and I have done likewise ... '

The Struggles to Find the Ninth Planet. By Clyde W. Tombaugh. 'Many papers have been written and published on the triumphal detection and discovery of Pluto. As the sole survivor of the Lowell Observatory staff in that frustrating year of 1929, I thought that it might be of some interest to relate the "down mood" and emotions experienced by those persons involved. I shall give a little history to illustrate the setting and circumstances. '

Asteroid Discovery Circumstances.

Nature in Art. 'The world's first museum dedicated exclusively to fine, decorative and applied art inspired by nature from any period, any culture and in any media. ' (In Gloucester).

Into the Arms of Strangers. The Kindertransport, which saved 10,000 children during the Holocaust.

Learning About the Holocaust Through Art.
Introductory essay. 'I never rationally thought that I was going to die, but there was an unbelievable urge to create. I was in the same position as all the people around me, and I realized that they were close to death. But I never thought of myself like that. I was floating. I was outside the reality of existence. My task was simply to portray what was happening. I was a spectator.' - Halina Olomucki.

The Potter's Brush: The Kenzan Style in Japanese Ceramics.

Japanese Screens.

Sikhism, at

Whistler's Nudes. 'In the last twenty years of his life, the expatriate American artist James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903) produced more than one hundred prints, pastel drawings, and paintings of scantily clad or nude female models. Early collectors of Whistler's work, including Charles Lang Freer (1854-1919), believed these images ranked among the artist's greatest accomplishments, but they have received little critical attention ... '

Art for Art's Sake. More Whistler.

James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903).

Blondie Gets Married! 'Everyone knows Blondie. More than 2,000 newspapers publish the comic strip in fifty-five countries and thirty-five languages. The "Dagwood Sandwich" has made its way into Webster's New World Dictionary. Blondie Gets Married presents twenty-seven drawings, classic examples of Chic Young's much-loved creative wit, selected from the gift of 150 works by Jeanne Young O'Neil, the artist's daughter. '

Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents. American independence.
Jefferson, Franklin and friends.

Frank Lloyd Wright: Designs for an American Landscape, 1922-1932. 'Architecture is the triumph of Human Imagination over materials, methods, and men, to put man into possession of his own Earth. It is at least the geometric pattern of things, of life, of the human and social world. It is at best that magic framework of reality that we sometimes touch upon when we use the word 'order.' - Frank Lloyd Wright.

Florence Nightingale Museum, London. 'Florence Nightingale founded the first school of nursing at St. Thomas' Hospital in 1860, and over the last century the Hospital and School have preserved and added to a unique collection of Florence Nightingale's personal mementoes, clothing, furniture, books, letters and portraits, as well as Crimean War relics and nursing material. However, only since the Museum opened in February 1989 has this material been on view to the public.'

The Philpot Museum, Lyme Regis, Dorset. From the about page :- 'We have a lot of good stories to tell, and our collections are unusually rich for a small museum. Lyme's lively local history is well represented by maritime and domestic objects, and illustrated by paintings, prints and photographs. The area is noted for its fossils, displayed in our geological galleries, and the town's literary connections, from Jane Austen to John Fowles, are illustrated in the new Writers Gallery.'

Jersey Heritage Trust Collections. That's Jersey in the English Channel, which with the other Channel Isles makes up what remains of the Duchy of Normandy.
Fame & infamy.
Loyalty to the crown.

Chief's Rattle. (Haida) 'In the beginning, the world was dark. The people wondered and argued about something they had heard of but never seen - daylight. Some said that the river chief kept daylight in a special box.'
'Raven lived in the dark world. He was sly, wise, greedy, and meddlesome. And he could change his form to suit his own needs. Raven decided to find out about daylight, so he turned into a hemlock needle and dropped into a freshwater spring. When the river chief's daughter came to the spring to drink, Raven floated into her cup, and she swallowed him. In due time, Raven was born as the grandson of the river chief ... '

Presidential Pet Museum. Via Geisha Asobi Blog.

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