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31st October
Hierankopolis Online. '... Well before the construction of the pyramids, Hierakonpolis was one of the largest urban centers along the Nile -- a vibrant, bustling city containing many of the features that would later come to typify Dynastic Egyptian civilization. Stretching for over 3 miles along the edge of the Nile flood plain, already by 3500 BC it was a city of many neighborhoods and quarters. ' Great site.

The Ancient City of Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan.
'The oldest Sumerian tablets gave the city the name of Obilm, while in both Babylonian and Assyrian eras the city was called Erba-Elo, which means "the city of the four gods." It had been a religious center visited by people for its Ishtar temple.'
'It was mentioned as Arba-Arla in the Old Testament, Arbira in the ancient Persian writings; the Ottomans in most cases called it Arbl and some inhabitants of neighboring cities and territories pronounced it Arobl ... '
Via the Kurdistan Regional Government.

A Brief History of the Apocalypse. Failed doomsday prophecies.
'The 21st century has begun in earnest! And despite the cries of doomsayers, psychics and prophets, the world has not come to an end! '
'Is the idea that the End is near a recent phenomenon? Far from it. Indeed, Chicken Littles have crying doom since ancient times. The aim of this page is to debunk end-time prophecy by listing hundreds of failed doomsday predictions, allay the fears spread by end-time preachers, and demonstrate that doomcrying is nothing new. I also hope you will derive amusement from some of the more bizarre prophecies. '

National Archive of Geological Photographs. 'The British Geological Survey houses the National Archive of Geological Photographs (NAGP), comprising in excess of 100,000 fully-described images dedicated to the theme of earth sciences. This image database contains c. 6,400 images digitized almost entirely with grant-in-aid from two sources ... '

Nobel e-Museum.

DESIP. The Demographic, Environmental and Security Issues Project.
'The purpose of DESIP is to emphasize the connection between rising population pressures, environmental degradation and political and violent conflict. DESIP presents a snapshot of the world's wars and trouble spots in 1996. Some information is updated through its links, through addenda which have given way in the wake of 9/11 to Bill Weinberg's weekly WW3 Reports, and through information in its FOCUS sections. (The handy search feature should help to collate the information.) '

Project Ploughshares. 'An ecumenical peace centre of the Canadian Council of Churches'
The Armed Conflicts Report.

Virtual Penang. A pleasant personal virtual tour.
'I guess it has alot to do with the strong emotional attachment...I was born and bred on this beautiful island. '
'During this brief period of my adulthood, I have seen Penang through some of her significant moments especially in her change in keeping up with the times and development with the rest of the world. '
'I would be honoured to take you around the Island of the Betelnut and discover sights and fancies that will captivate and enchant you...and with a little help from your imagination, take you back in time. '
'I shall tell you the history of the island, of the temples, churches, and mosques; show you the beaches, and marvellous scenery; introduce you to the endless array of local food, with something for every palette; all this, and more, is what makes Penang the 'Pearl of the Orient'. '
Penang stories.

The Thai Heritage Page.

Visas for Life. A page about Chiune Sugihara.
Chiune and Yukiko Sugihara. '... This is the story of a man and his wife who, when confronted with evil, obeyed the kindness of their hearts and conscience in defiance of the orders of an indifferent government. These people were Chiune and Yukiko Sugihara who, at the beginning of World War II, by an ultimate act of altruism and self-sacrifice, risked their careers, their livelihood and their future to save the lives of more than 6,000 Jews. This selfless act resulted in the second largest number of Jews rescued from the Nazis. '
Lifesaving Visas. '- Chiune (pronounced Chee-yu-nay) Sugihara (pronounced Su-gee-hara) was a Japanese diplomat in Kaunas (now Kovno), Lithuania.
'- Chiune Sugihara issued visas to help more than 2,000 Lithuanian Jews to freedom.
'- Thousands of Lithuanian Jews begged Sugihara for visas. He asked the Lithuanian government for permission to write visas, but they denied him the right. He went with his beliefs and helped to save the Jews anyway ... '

World City Photos. 'Largest Repository of aerial photos and skyline views of world cities on the internet since 1998 Now housing 7400+ photos from Aalborg to Zurich and far beyond!'
World landmarks.

Selby Abbey, Yorkshire. 'The Abbey was granted its founding charter by William the Conqueror and has connections with France, Germany and the USA. It is reputed to be the birthplace in September 1068 of King Henry I of England, the son of King William I and Queen Mathilda. ' Includes a photo tour.

Castles of the Yorkshire Dales.

Bishopdale. A pleasant guide to the upper Yorkshire Dales - what's on, genealogy, HARP Victorian Singers, pantomime, history, Dales emigrants to Wisconsin, etc.

Unseen London. London from unusual perspectives.
'This site is not a commercial one, but one made up of photographs taken by me on my wanderings round London as a Boiler Surveyor there, despite being on a address.'

The Changing Seasons. Photographs of rural England and Wales, taken throughout the year.

VRGB. Virtual tours of towns in the UK.

The Rook Family's Home Page is actually the genealogy and family history site of this American family; the material is fairly extensive, and interesting. The site includes pages about locations in Europe and North America where the family lived.
Wolf: an American journey. The history of this family in Pennsylvania.

DowntownNOW. Downtown Manhattan.
'The DowntownNOW map was designed in response to the tragic events of September 11th.'
'Its purpose is to help NYC residents and visitors discover the vast array of cultural institutions, art and architecture that shape Lower Manhattan. You'll find detailed information about hundreds of cultural and historic resources and even be able to plan your own customized itinerary. Just remember -- while this virtual guide is certainly eye opening, there's really nothing like seeing it all in person.'

Short Short Stories.
Alien sex. Actually quite innocuous.

No War Blog. Via Rebecca's Pocket.

Viviculture Weblog. Via Rebecca's Pocket.

Fragments from Floyd. Via Rebecca's Pocket.

Fairytales, fireworks, fun and frolics - your memories... (BBC) Autumn festivals in Yorkshire - Hallowe'en, Mischief Night and Bonfire Night.

30th October
The Penang Story Project. Cultural diversity in Malaysia and the story of this famous 'Chinese' island.
Penang, Malaysia, 'a historic port at the northern end of the Straits of Malacca, attracted traders and settlers from the Archipelago, China, India, Arabia and Europe. Their legacy is one of the most extensive urban heritage areas in Southeast Asia today, dating mainly from the late 18th century to the mid-20th century. Their descendants are custodians of a living heritage, a multicultural community forged through waves of migration.'

Penang State Museum: Notes on My Native Land. 'To this corner of the world came people from China and India from Indonesia and Europe Some of the people adopted local ways They spoke Malay dressed Malay but still kept their customs Others stuck to their ways while firmly planting a foot on Malaysian soil The alchemy worked And today we have a nation that is a kaleidoscope of many things and many people We all belong to this fabric having each lent a stitch to make up a whole Now we invite the world to see this tapestry.'
Buy property in Penang.

Angkor, Cambodia. Amazing remote sensing image, from Nasa.
'This is an image of the area around the city of Angkor, Cambodia. The city houses an ancient complex of more than 60 temples dating back to the 9th century. The principal complex, Angkor Wat, is the bright square just left of the center of the image. It is surrounded by a reservoir that appears in this image as a thick black line. The larger bright square above Angkor Wat is another temple complex called Angkor Thom. Archeologists studying this image believe the blue-purple area slightly north of Angkor Thom may be previously undiscovered structures. In the lower right is a bright rectangle surrounded by a dark reservoir, which houses the temple complex Chau Srei Vibol. In its heyday, Angkor had a population of 1 million residents and was the spiritual center for the Khmer people until it was abandoned in the 15th century. ' The 2001 eclipse.
'Ancient observations of solar eclipses from many different cultures and civilizations date back to at least 2500 B.C. in the writings that have survived from ancient China and Babylon. To establish an accurate luni-solar calendar, people in ancient civilizations observed the moon regularly. Lunar eclipses were the first major celestial events that astrologers learned how to predict based on local historical observation records ... '

Sunsation. ESA's multimedia exhibition about the Sun.

Solar Eclipse June 2001.

Kosovo: Destruction of Cultural and Religious Heritage in Gjakova/Djakovica. Images; focuses on the Hadum Mosque.

Zlatko Milenkovic. Comics strip artist from Novi Sad, Serbia.

Peoples of Kenya. 'A Selection of Portraits from Joy Adamson's National Portrait Collection on display at the Nairobi Museum '

Abomey Historical Museum. 'Today a town in the Republic of Benin situated on the Gulf of Guinea, Abomey was once the capital of the ancient kingdom of Danhomè. It is about 65 miles from the coast. The Royal Palaces in the heart of the city are major material evidence of this civilisation ... '

Mother Shipton's Cave and Petrifying Well. 'Mother Shipton is England's most famous Prophetess. She lived some 500 years ago in the times of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth. '
'Her prophetic visions were known and feared throughout England. She foretold the invasion and defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588; and Samuel Pepys' Diary grimly records that Mother Shipton gave forewarning of the Great Fire of London in 1666. Today her prophecies still prove uncannily accurate.'

The Wigan Pier Experience. Unlike most piers, Wigan Pier isn't by the seaside, but by a canal.
Wigan Archaeological Society entry. 'Wigan Pier is a joke - isn't it? Not quite!'

Road to Wigan Pier. 'The Road To Wigan Pier was first published in 1937 by the Victor Gollancz Ltd. The first uniform edition was published by Martin Secker & Warbug Ltd., in 1959. The book resulted from the commission of the Left Book Club to examine the conditions of the poor and unemployed in the industrial towns of England. For collecting facts Orwell went on living among the poor about who he was to write his book. The book is divided in two parts. The first part is a precise and detailed account of the life in the mining communities in the "Black Country", whereas in the second part Orwell takes issue on Socialism and the English class system. The main difference between the first and the second part is that the first part is nearly free of Orwell's personal opinion whereas the second part is very subjective, and also autobiographically. '

The People's Place. An educational and heritage center about the Amish and the Mennonites.

Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
History of the Trust. 'The Historic Preservation Trust was established in 1966 to help "stem the rapid destruction of historic properties in Lancaster County." Through the years, the Trust has been active in helping preserve many historic properties in Lancaster County that contribute to their respective communities as special places for people to live and work. We believe that "historic preservation not only pays its own way but enriches our lives as it saves the past." '

Lancaster County. The Heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country.
Brief guide to the Amish.

The Covered Bridges of Lancaster County.

The History of FurryMUCK. 'History pertains to many things and the internet, as fast as it's growing, is no exception. Through this medium some of us have had the opportunity to play and learn, to make new friends. FurryMUCK is the longest running MUD, as well as the largest, and it's still growing. A lot of folks have given time, sweat, tears, and even money to make Furry what it is today. me, and to 8000 other characters. We will attempt to bring you the story of how that came about. '
A rite of closing. Dealing with death on a MUCK.

The Mayor of FurryMUCK.

Kevin & Kell.

Light & Dust Anthology of Poetry. Visual poetry.

29th October
Peruvian Japanese Internment - My Family Story. 'The idea for this web page began back in 1943, when my family became one of the first victims of the Peruvian Japanese Internment in America. The best explanation for what happened to the Peruvian Japanese during World War II is a first-person account of their experience. The following is a link to the testimony my grandfather, the late Ginzo Murono, gave before congress about my family's experience ... '
History of the Japanese immigrants in Peru.

Human Images. 'Several years ago, the Kyoto National Museum organized highly acclaimed exhibitions entitled Birds and Flowers and Landscapes, two fundamental subjects in East Asian painting. Since that time, we have been planning an exhibition around a third major theme in East Asian art, human figures. In the spring of 2001, the Kyoto National Museum became a semi-privatized institution, and, significantly, the exhibition chosen to mark this important historical turning point is this autumn's show, Human Images.'
'Humans are extraordinarily complex, both physically and spiritually. We are, for example, perhaps the only beings concerned not only with our time on earth but also with the afterworld. In this sense, humans may be the most peculiar of all creatures ... '

Jaisalmer in Jeopardy. An endangered fortress in Rajasthan.
' Jaisalmer is one of the India's most precious jewels. Fortified in golden stone, it rises like a mirage from the barren Thar desert of Rajasthan, its 99 bastions silhouetted against the sky. Located on the trade route that carried spices and silks from Arabia, Persia and Central Asia to India, the 12th century fort is an architectural feat. Within its monumental walls stand intricately carved sandstone palaces, temples and havelis (merchant houses), alongside traditional adobe homes.'
'Tragically, Jaisalmer is now on the verge of collapse. The fort walls are subsiding; palaces and havelis have come tumbling down. This is a living city of 45,000 inhabitants, some 2,000 of whom reside within the fort. It is perhaps the world's only fort where medieval patterns of life still prevail. The challenge is to conserve the architectural fabric and the unique culture of Jaisalmer. We must act now if the Golden City is to survive.'

Penang Heritage Trust. Preserving the buildings and heritage of Malaysia's culturally Chinese island; lots to see here.

Mars Express. The European Space Agency's mission to Mars.
Beagle 2, A Lander for Mars. 'The lander under development for Mars Express is the brainchild of Colin Pillinger, Professor of planetary sciences at the Open University, UK. He has called it Beagle 2 after the ship in which Charles Darwin sailed when he formulated his ideas about evolution. "HMS Beagle was the ship that took Darwin on his voyage around the world in the 1830s and lead to our knowledge about life on Earth, making a real quantum leap. We hope Beagle 2 will do the same thing for life on Mars," says Pillinger. '
'Beagle's aim is to settle the question of whether life exists, or has ever existed, on the red planet. The discovery of life on Earth in ever more inhospitable environments makes the possibility of life on Mars seem more likely. Controversial claims about evidence of fossilised life in meteorites from Mars that were found in Antarctica, also need substantiating or laying to rest.'

Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra. Actually quite interesting. Write a supplement and put it online.

Indian Pueblo Cultural Centre. 'Dedicated to providing you with all of your Native American inquiries, The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is your Gateway to the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico as well as the vast array of different Indegenous Tribes across this great Planet we call Mother Earth. '

New Mexico Indian Culture. 'Cliff dwellings and pit houses, ancient kivas, abandoned cities along ancient trade routes and mysterious symbols etched in rock stand as reminders that New Mexico was home to native cultures centuries before Europeans reached the Americas. '
'The people of the 19 Indian pueblos within our borders trace their origins to the Ancient Ones, creators of these prehistoric treasures, providing a living time line between our past and present. The Apache and Navajo, as well as other nomadic and seminomadic groups, reached this region later, enriching New Mexico's Native American legacy ... '

The World of Thomas Nast. A great site about the German-born American political cartoonist.
Nast, New Orleans and Degas.
Nast and van Gogh. 'Even more remarkable than the exchange between Degas and Nast is the totally neglected relationship between Vincent van Gogh and Nast. Understanding van Gogh's affection for the American cartoonist actually helps to demystify the Dutch painter who has for so long assumed a status of mythical proportion. Indeed, the best kept secret in van Gogh scholarship is the painter's overriding ambition to become a magazine illustrator and cartoonist ... '
Cartoon catalogue.
Nast ephemera.

Political Cartoons of Thomas Nast. 'Long considered the greatest American political cartoonist, Thomas Nast (1840-1902) is most often remembered for his cartoon campaign in the 1870s against Boss Tweed and New York's corrupt Tammany Hall political machine. After Nast portrayed Tweed and the Tammany Ring pointing at each other in answer to the question, "Who stole the people's money?" Tweed is reported to have demanded, "Stop them damned pictures. I don't care what the papers write about me. My constituents can't read. But, damn it, they can see pictures." Nast was offered a half-million dollars to leave New York to study art in Europe but that only increased his determination. Five years later, in 1876, another cartoon by Nast would be used by Spanish authorities to identify Tweed after his escape from New York ... '

American Political Prints 1766-1876. 'HarpWeek is pleased to provide Internet access to one of the most important collections of American political prints. The Library of Congress collection has been catalogued and extensively annotated by Bernard F. Reilly, Jr. This catalog, which HarpWeek has the privilege of bringing to the public in electronic format, is an unmatched source of information on American political prints.'

Bread and Roses. Poetry and history of the American labour movement; great site.

The Conservatory of Flowers. The western hemisphere's oldest existing conservatory, in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Campaign to Save the Golden Gate Park Windmills.

San Francisco Beautiful.

The Golden Gate Park Band. 'The Golden Gate Park Band has been playing free public concerts on Sundays in Golden Gate Park continuously since September of 1882.'

The Harrogate Band. A British brass band.
Historical Harrogate bands.

Vintage Postcards and Pictures of Harrogate and Knaresborough.

In Bed with Me. An 'Internet performance'; text in German.

On Translation.

Cyber Market.

Southern African Rock Art.

28th October
Strange Hoaxes that Endure. 'A hoax is an intentional deception. Distinguished from a fraud, which is perpetrated primarily for gain, a hoax is characterized by the nature of the deception. It may involve money or not, but essentially a hoax is an imposition on the victim's credulity. It may range from harmless mischief, such as that associated with April Fool's Day, or it may have a more cruel or sinister aspect.'
'Typical of the range of hoaxes is the following "top-ten list" compiled by the staff at the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), publisher of Skeptical Inquirer magazine. Paranormal claims - those beyond the range of nature and normal human experience - frequently involve hoaxes, and some are outright frauds. '

The Skeptiseum. Sceptical museum of the paranormal, now with Creationism gallery.

Did We Go? 'Can one man prove we went to the moon in 1969?'

All About Japanese Hina Dolls. Pictures.
'Every year on March 3rd, Japan celebrates the Doll Festival (Japanese, Hina Matsuri). Until recently, Girls' Day was also celebrated on March 3rd. On this day every year, families set up a special step-altar on which to arrange their Emperor and Empress dolls, called "hina" in Japanese. They decorate this altar with boughs of peach blossoms and make offerings to the hina dolls of freshly made rice cakes (mochi), either flavored with a wild herb or colored and cut into festive diamond shapes. Here at the Kyoto National Museum, we hold an exhibition of dolls every year sometime between February and April in celebration of the Doll Festival. '

Notes from Pure Land Mountain. A journal from countryside Japan.

Kalmyk Buddhist Temple in Belgrade (1929 - 1944): An Exhibition.

Paris by the Water. Virtual tour of Paris bridges and fountains.

Fondation Le Corbusier. Established by the architect to preserve his drawings, plans and archives after his death.

Cultural Map of Hellas. Interactive Greek museums and monuments. Spokane Tribe of Indians. Includes a short history of the tribe.

Tracking the White Salamander. 'The Story of Mark Hofmann, Murder and Forged Mormon Documents' Fascinating online book.

The Cavendish Gallery of Print & Typography. 'Welcome to the Cavendish Gallery of Print & Typography, an exhibition of images and text from the history of type. '

William Palmer. 'Dr. William Palmer, born in Rugeley on 6th August 1824, hanged at Stafford 14th June 1856'
'Christened by the Newspapers as "The Rugeley Poisoner" and "The Prince of Poisoners". Serial killer or miscarriage of justice? Read all the facts and rumours on this web site and then judge for yourself. '

Coal Mining in North Staffordshire. A recently lost culture.
'There are reports of coal mining in North Staffordshire dating back over 700 years, yet in the final decade of the twentieth century commercial coal mining in the county came to a sudden halt.'
'This exhibition aims to provide visitors with a broad overview of the coal mining industry using words, images, sound and artifacts from the North Staffordshire Coal fields.'

A Miner's Son. The coal mines of Derbyshire.

Tribute to the Rhondda Valleys. '1800 to 1950 When Coal was King '

Mining 2000. What remains of coalmining in Britain. 'On this and the following pages, we will be taking a look at the collieries that are still working today. We will look at their history, their present situation and the forecast for their futures.'
Via the Miner's Advice pages.

Mining in Shropshire. The Meadow Colliery, 'the soul of the Industrial Revolution.'

Notes from a Hillside Farm.

Bewitched Forests and Waters of the VhaVenda. 'If you leave or enter the Kruger National Park through the Pafuri or Punda Maria gates, you will see the Soutpansberg, South Africa's northernmost mountain range. The name means "salt pan range", and refers to a salt lake in the west, but author T.V. Bulpin calls them the Superstition Mountains. They have earned the title at least as much as their American counterparts. Here are magical pools and waterfalls, and forests that Bulpin described as "reputedly so full of ghosts that few men dare to wander through them." Here live the Venda people, for whom, according to the traveller John Richards, "the mountains and streams - and even the trees - are inhabited by spirits." If you have driven through the Kruger National Park north of the Luvuvhu River, you have already travelled through country which the VhaVenda claim as their own. '

Gandhi in Durban.

Arundhati Roy: The Greater Common Good. ' "If you are to suffer, you should suffer in the interest of the country." - Jawaharlal Nehru, speaking to villagers who were to be displaced by the Hirakud Dam, 1948. '
'I stood on a hill and laughed out loud. '
'I had crossed the Narmada by boat from Jalsindhi and climbed the headland on the opposite bank from where I could see, ranged across the crowns of low, bald hills, the tribal hamlets of Sikka, Surung, Neemgavan and Domkhedi. I could see their airy, fragile, homes. I could see their fields and the forests behind them. I could see little children with littler goats scuttling across the landscape like motorised peanuts. I knew I was looking at a civilisation older than Hinduism, slated - sanctioned (by the highest court in the land) - to be drowned this monsoon when the waters of the Sardar Sarovar reservoir will rise to submerge it. '
'Why did I laugh? '
'Because I suddenly remembered the tender concern with which the Supreme Court judges in Delhi (before vacating the legal stay on further construction of the Sardar Sarovar Dam) had enquired whether tribal children in the resettlement colonies would have children's parks to play in ... '

Alex Kerr on 'Dogs and Demons'. 'You have no idea how I appreciate this opportunity to discuss Dogs and Demons with you - it gives me the forum I've been longing for to launch a fierce counter-attack against my critics! Well, there's a little of that, I must admit, but mainly it's a chance to talk about my supporters, that is to say the people for whom this book rings true and for whom it matters. I'm honored that you appear to be among them. '

Spud Server.

27th October
Testimony of Lee Sun-ok, former female prisoner of Kaechon political prison, North Korea. (House Committee on International Relations)

19 Princelet Street in London's East End. London's immigrant heritage.
'19 Princelet Street in Spitalfields is a magical unrestored Huguenot master silk weaver's home, whose shabby frontage conceals a rare surviving synagogue built over its garden.'
'We are working to save the building and to create a permanent exhibition where you can discover the stories of the waves of newcomers to Britain - Huguenots, Irish, Jews, Bengali and Somali peoples among many others - who have shaped the area and the nation.'

Sleepnet. 'Everything you wanted to know about sleep but were too tired to ask '

Mould Terrarium. Make your own.

Cambridge University Library: Papers of Sir Isaac Newton. 'After his death, Newton's manuscripts passed to his niece Catherine and her husband John Conduitt. That the papers were not sold at the time owes much to the Conduitts, who appreciated their inestimable scholastic value. In 1740 the Conduitt's daughter, also Catherine, married John Wallop, who became Viscount Lymington when his father was created first Earl of Portsmouth. Their son became the second earl, the manuscripts thus being inherited by succeeding generations of the Portsmouth family. '
'It was the fifth earl who, in 1872, passed all the Newton manuscripts he possessed to the University of Cambridge, where a catalogue of the collection was made by a syndicate comprising the University scientists George Gabriel Stokes, John Couch Adams, Henry Richards Luard and George Downing Liveing. The catalogue having been prepared, the earl generously presented all the mathematical and scientific manuscripts to the University, and it is these that form the 'Portsmouth collection' in the University Library ... '

Biography. 25,000 entries, plus a 'born on this day' feature.

Dialogues of the Buddha, translated 1899.

Cafe de la Soul. Black Paris portal.

Museums of Paris.

Welcome to Hopi. Official website of the Hopi tribe.

Sumo Game. 'The Sumo Game at is an online game for sumo fans. Goal of the game is to predict the performance of real sumo wrestlers during tournaments. Our Sumo Game resembles real sumo tournaments quite closely in that players will confront each other in daily bouts and will be promoted or demoted in our banzuke according to their results. '

Boy Dolls. Anime/manga dolls.
Cloth doll samurai.

The Haitian Cookbook.

Red Meat. A biting online zine.

Turner Online. 'Turner Online is an introduction to the art of one of the most celebrated British artists: Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851).'

Arts & Crafts Museum, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. 'This site has been created by Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum which has a nationally-important collection on the Arts & Crafts Movement in Britain. Spanning the 1880s to about 1940, it was one of the most inspiring and influential art movements to develop in Britain and had an international impact. '

Maidstone Museum, Kent. Fine site.

Wells Cathedral. 'It is a prayer in stone and glass.'

Bristol Cathedral.
History. 'A church has probably stood on this site for over a thousand years. About 1140 Robert Fitzhardinge founded the Abbey of St. Augustine. The Chapter House and Abbey Gatehouse remain clearly to be seen: the rest is most occupied by Bristol Cathedral School ... '

Carlisle Cathedral.
Panoramic view and historical tour.

Edinburgh Galleries Association.
Public galleries.

Who is the greatest Briton from West Yorkshire? The Brontes, Barbara Castle, David Hockney and J.B. Priestley are in contention, with others.

Diwali in Leicester.
Last year.