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5th September
The Project Apollo Archive. 'The Project Apollo Archive serves as an online reference source and repository of digital images pertaining to the historic manned lunar landing program. The Archive was created by Kipp Teague in February 1999 as a companion web site to his "Contact Light" personal retrospective on Project Apollo. The Archive is also companion to Eric Jones' comprehensive Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.'

Contact Light. ' "Contact Light" is a nostalgic and personal look back at man's first voyages to the Moon, not from the perspective of a participant, nor from that of a historian, but instead from my own perspective as a young teenager at the time of Apollo, and an avid follower of the space program. Featured here are many "artifacts" and souvenirs from the period, as well as many rare, high-quality NASA images and video clips from the historic Apollo missions. '

Eyewitness in Manchester. Manchester photography.
Piccadilly Gardens.
Victorian weekend, Glossop.

A School in Ardwick, Manchester. 'History records that there have been schools in the area of the junction of Devonshire Street and Hyde Road, in Ardwick, Manchester, for more than 130 years. There was a church school housed in St. Mathew's Hall before 1870. In the years that followed three school sites were developed, and by the end of the 1950s Nicholls Boys' Secondary School, Ardwick Girls' Secondary School and The Ardwick Technical High School were neighbours. In 1967 the three schools joined in the Comprehensive movement to form the Nicholls Ardwick High School. After a while the name was changed again to honour a former pupil, becoming the Ellen Wilkinson High School. Today only one of the three sites remains. The Ellen Wilkinson High School is now the Manchester College of Art and Technology and the campus is called Nicholls 6th Form Centre. This web site strives to tell the story of how these schools were founded and how they came together before finally closing their doors forever.'
Edgar Wood: An Architect of Note.

The Newfoundland Salt Fisheries: A Digital Exhibit. '450 years of making fish.'

Paul-Emile Miot, Photographer. (1827-1900) 'Paul-Émile Miot was an officer in the French navy who had a keen interest in photograpy. He took photographs of Newfoundland, Cape Breton Island and the French islands of St-Pierre and Miquelon during the 1857-60.'
'His work is among the earliest photographic records of Atlantic Canada and deserves to be better known. Please feel free to browse as you wish. If you have any other information on Miot, if you think you recognize a scene that has not been identified, or if you have any other comments or questions, please contact us (see below) ... '

Them Days. Oral and photo history of Labrador.

Dictionary of Newfoundland English.

Sejoong Traditional Stone Museum, Yongin, South Korea. Stone sculpture park.
Via the International Directory of Sculpture Parks :- 'The collection figures of government political figures, animal figures with whimsical expressions that were found around the tombs of kings and noblemen to protect the sould of the dead. '

MediMuseum: The Medicine Museum.

Huge Kite Museum. 'T he annual event "The Huge Kites Flying Festival" is held on May 3 and 5, at the bank of Edo River, in Nishi-Houjyubana district of Shouwa-town. '
'T he Huge Kites (15 meters in height, 11 meters in width, and around 250 kilograms in weight) are flying by more than 150 young peoples each, celebrating the newborn babies of the year. '

Japanese Kite Collection.

People Finder Service. 'This service is provided by InSysCo, Inc. in hope that it will primarily facilitate the difficult task of finding lost relatives, friends, family or other displaced persons from the war torn countries of former Yugoslavia. Anyone may enter information into the database about a displaced person they hope to find or are helping to find. In addition, refugees from the former Yugoslavia may also register themselves, if they wish to let others know where they are located now and how they can be contacted. Further details are provided in the "enter new information" section.'

Coptic Textiles. 'It is very rare for ancient textiles to survive in the archaeological record because fabrics decompose easily. Many Coptic textiles have survived because they were preserved in the dry desert tombs of Egypt. The large number of Coptic textiles located in museums and collections throughout the world make the Coptic period one of the most fully documented eras in textile history. However, the Coptic period of Egypt is often overlooked in favor of the more studied periods of the ancient pharaohs and the Arab conquest ... '

The Coptic Museum. 'The Coptic Museum in Cairo is a life-like record of one of Egypt's periods all fraught with various antiques and monuments reflecting the different civilizations that graced the land of Egypt starting by the Ancient Egyptian civilization, passing by the Greek, the Roman, the Coptic, and lastly the Islamic. '

My Life in Tattooing by Kazuo Oguri. 'I was born in l933 and grew up in Gifu, a large industrial city in central Japan. Times were tough after World War II. All over Japan people were unemployed and even those who had jobs did not make enough money to live comfortably ... '

SACP Historical Documents. (South African Communist Party)

H.G. Hartman's Rock Garden, Springfield, Ohio. 'Yes, this is actually someone's backyard. It was created in the 1930s by H.G. Hartman who died in 1944. Ben Hartman, who is the youngest son of H.G. Hartman, is currently residing at this property. According to a June 4th News-Sun story By Andrew McGinn, Ben Hartman is finding it hard to maintain the property, and he is interested in selling to someone who is willing to preserve the deteriorating works of art.'

Solomon's House in Oxford: New Finds from the First Museum. (Museum of the History of Science, Oxford) 'The Old Ashmolean Building in Broad Street, Oxford, is now occupied by the Museum of the History of Science but recent building and refurbishment work has brought to light evidence of its original purpose, as the home of the Ashmolean Museum in the seventeenth century and the University's first official site for experimental science.'
'The title of the exhibition which displays some of these finds, 'Solomon's House in Oxford', is a reminder of the programme of learning and improvement within which the building was first conceived. Francis Bacon's vision of 'Solomon's House' as a institution for advancing natural knowledge and applying it for the benefit of mankind had a powerful influence in the seventeenth century and was emulated in a number of projects and institutions. Bacon imagined the staff of his institution working through collection, documentation and experiment.'

Coping with Terrorism. (American Psychological Association factsheet)

Coming soon... StreetFriendsUnited.

Not In Our Name. Via Follow Me Here.


4th September
Time Travel to the Korean War. The website of Kim Dong Gyu, a South Korean high school student, and his friends. This is an amazing site.
'Our team, Synergy, took great pains to select a topic for this entry. At first, we were hesitant to base our entire project on the Korean War due to its bleak nature, but after careful deliberation, we realized that we had a mission to fulfill. Our mission was to dig up the Korean War from the ashes and stop it from fading away as "the forgotten war." '
'The Korean War involved a total of 26 nations. The blood of more than 6,000,000 individuals were shed over the Korean Peninsula. The Korean War was also responsible for the greatest ever number of casualties in war history. We could not let this senseless tragedy fade away into the weathered pages of history. Our mission was to explain why this had to happen, why a nation had to be split in two and turn neighbors into enemies. Our mission was not to merely retell a story. Our mission was to get something out of the story and learn from it. '
'This is our mission statement. '

Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library. (US site) 'On June 3, 2000, groundbreaking ceremonies were held in Tuscola, Illinois for the Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library. This educational research center will pay tribute to all who served in the war, especially the wounded and killed in action and those who lost their lives in non-combatant situations. This museum and library has been long overdue and will finally create an awareness of The Forgotten Victory ... '

The Peace-Kid Story. 'Born on August 15, 1945 in Kaesong 50 years have gone by since the Korean War, facing year 2000, the Peace-Kid is looking back on our painful 56 years of the War history and hoping his next generations would be able to live in peace and full of hope for the future. '

Eyewitness: A North Korean Remembers.
Shield of the Night. 'Little-known pages of the Korean War 1950-53.' By Igor Seidov Ashgabat.

The Oxford Science Walk. Brilliant! 'The Oxford Science Walk takes you to some of the most important and interesting historic scientific sites in Oxford, from the time of the founding of the University in the 13th century and the work of Friar Bacon to advancements in modern science such as the development of penicillin. The flowering of science in Oxford is traced through the work of such people as Robert Boyle (of Boyle's Law), Edmond Halley (of Halley's comet), Stephen Hawking (an Oxford undergraduate), and Dorothy Hodgkin (discoverer of the structure of Vitamin B12) ... '

One Hundred Missing Objects. 'This collection presents a selection of objects that have been stolen from public collections or looted from archaeological sites. Excerpts from the laws of the countries concerned are also given to remind readers of the illicit nature of any export of these objects ... '
Red List. Protect African artefacts from theft. 'The looting of archaeological items and the destruction of archaeological sites in Africa are a cause of irreparable damage to African history and hence to the history of humankind. Whole sections of our history have been wiped out and can never be reconstituted. These objects cannot be understood once they have been removed from their archaeological context and divorced from the whole to which they belong. Only professional archaeological excavations can help recover their identity, their date and their location. But so long as there is demand from the international art market these objects will be looted and offered for sale ... '

Muslim Peace Fellowship: Humour After September 11, 2001. Gentle and good-hearted.

The other September 11 :-
Chile Documentation Project. Documents relating to the US-backed military coup in Chile on September 11, 1973, as a result of which some 3000 people died.
Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende. (Spanish)

The Great Speckled Bird. 'Welcome to THE GREAT SPECKLED BIRD (also known as THE BIRD), the "underground" liberal newspaper of Atlanta dating from the 1960s. Most of our regular columnists maintain their own homepages and archived articles; they are linked directly from here. THE BIRD hosts the drive to establish a formal LIBERAL PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES. '

No. 50 Bus Website. The community along the number 50 bus route in inner-city Birmingham, UK. An interesting, fun site about a local community.
Tolkien's Moseley is on the route.

The Jug of Ale. A pub in Birmingham.

Science Year.

State Historic Sites, North Dakota.
Lakes and gardens.

International Association of Sufism. 'The International Association of Sufism (IAS) was founded by the great twenty-first century Sufi Masters Seyedeh Dr. Nahid Angha and Shah Nazar Seyed Dr. Ali Kianfar. With the help of scholars, educators, translators, and artists interested in the discipline of Sufism, the Association has grown into an international peace-keeping and community building organization ... '

Cornell Woolrich, 1903-1968. 'The author of "Rear Window", the Black Novels, numerous pulp mysteries, and the Father of "noir" fiction. '
Cover gallery.

The Rock Art Museum. 'Welcome to the Rock Art Museum, the world's leading gallery of Rock Art memorabilia. Our museum features over 700 pieces of living Rock and Roll History ... '

Steal This Web Page. Guide to Abbie Hoffman.

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns. (Britain)

My Lai Peace Park Project. "Nearly thirty years ago, Americans did something terrible in a place we remember as My Lai. Here is a chance to do something beautiful in that same place." - W.D. Ehrhart, VietNam veteran and poet
In Memoriam: the names of the villagers killed at My Lai.
Spring Essence: the poetry of Ho Xuan Hong. 'Ho Xuan Huong-her given name means "Spring Essence"-was born around 1780 at the end of the second L Dynasty, a period of calamity and social disintegration. Her fame in Vietnam as a poet and cultural figure continues to this day. A concubine, although a high-ranking one, she followed Chinese classical styles in her poetry, but preferred to write in nom, i.e. in Vietnamese ... '

Veteran's Bridge.

Not the best British blog. Via Linkmachinego.

Coudal's back. Take a look.

By the way, have you checked out Vaughan's consequences blog? One of the best ideas for a blog ever, in my own opinion...

3rd September
Institute and Museum of the History of Science, Florence.
Multimedia edition of Galileo's notes on motion.

Nottingham Goose Fair.
National Fairground Archive article on the Nottingham Goose Fair. 'A Charter granted in 1284 by Edward I authorised the burgesses of Nottingham to hold a fair on the eve of the feast of St Edmund and for twelve days following. Another fair mentioned was the St Mathews Fair held on September 21st which supposedly dates back to Anglo Saxon times. However the main fair for the people of Nottingham in terms of trade and economy was the Lenton Fair held at Lenton Priory from 1164 onwards ... '

History of NDOR. Nebraska Department of Roads. Includes vintage photos.
Flood photos.
Early accidents.

Out West: the Newspaper that Roams. 'Out West is a quarterly "on-the-road" newspaper founded in 1987 by roving editor/reporter Chuck Woodbury, who spent much of the following 13 years exploring the two-lane highways of the American West searching for stories about whatever he found interesting.'
[ ... ]
'Aboard his 24-foot motorhome-newsroom, Woodbury set off down lonely two-lane roads seeking out great burgers, teepee motels, roadside trading posts, jackalopes, offbeat museums, towns with odd names, and folks with fascinating hobbies ... '

Cedar Point-on-Lake Erie. 'The same Cedar Point with record breaking roller coasters is also the second oldest amusement park in North America with a history dating back to 1870. The park was originally named for the groves of cedar trees that once outlined the peninsula. It first started as a bathing beach with small attractions and gradually turned into the Cedar Point, as we know as today ... '
Lost rides.
Cedar Point Virtual Midway.

Freedomland, USA. Memories and ephemera of a defunct amusement park in the Bronx.

The American Immigrant Wall of Honour.

Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay Web Dictionary. 'The Kamilaroi/ Gamilaraay language belongs to the Kamilaroi people and to Kamilaroi country, northern New South Wales, Australia.'

Hiroshima Peace Site.

4 Month War, Shanghai 1937. 'In July 1937 the 2.Sino-Japanese War broke out. During the first months of the war, the city of Shanghai was brought under the control of the Japanese army. The Swiss Karl Kengelbacher who had emigrated to Shanghai documented the events with a photo camera. The series of 102 pictures with comments are a courtesy of Peter Kengelbacher of St.Gallen.'

Pictures of History - Pompeii.
Conjectural map of Pompeii.

This Land Is Ours. 'A landrights campaign for Britain.'
'TLIO campaigns peacefully for access to the land, its resources, and the decision-making processes affecting them, for everyone, irrespective of race, gender or age.'
Rural Futures.

The Cross. Striking photography site about the cross in different contexts.

The Gospel of Buddha. 'Compiled from ancient records by Paul Carus, 1894.'
Early translation of Buddhist teachings into English.

Fuller's Pyramid, Brightling. Such hubris! But in a good way, I think.

Coffee Crisis. Via Jilly.

The People's Earth Summit.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being a Head of State at the Earth Summit. (Greenpeace)

Joint Arab/Muslim/Jewish Call for Peace in the Middle East.

2nd September
Vot Der Dumboozle? Popular culture excavation site.

Lost Nevada. 'The Great State of Nevada, as it was referred to the last time I was in court, has recently been in a hurry to relinquish its smoky past of hard liquor, neon and lounge acts to make way for family oriented amusement parks. Someone needs to remember that Golden Age of Lounge, and remember we do. Well, not really, we were born too late. Much of what we are documenting here has been dismissed as "bad taste" and thus expendable. What we hope to share with you is our dedication to the Lounge Lifestyle, and the pictures we have taken along the way. We have also included a page dedicated to Elvis and his ultimate demise. For when the King died, part of our Nevada myth was indeed lost...'

War Of The Worlds Radio Broadcast. 'On Halloween night (in 1938) Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater broadcasted a dramatization of H.G. Wells' famous tale "War of the Worlds" which recounted a Martians invasion of the Earth. The adaptation includes realistic radio news bulletins informing listeners of the developing saga. A music program was interrupted to brief listeners that an alien object had landed in Grover's Mill, N.J. "News Announcers" describe the terrifying events as they unfold. '
'Although Wells informed listeners at the start of the program that they were listing to a fictional radio drama, thousands of listeners who tuned in late believed the Earth was indeed under alien attack and panic soon followed ... '
Museum of Hoaxes article.

Liverpool 2007. '2007 marks the 800th anniversary of the city's founding charter. Over the course of the next few years it is intended to develop our links with electronic communities locally, nationally and internationally to enable you to easily find out information about Liverpool's 800 year history, its social and cultural diversity and how the city will celebrate its anniversary in 2007. '

Scenes of Liverpool Life. Historic photos, drawings, paintings and maps, with commentary, from the past eight centuries.

Surviving Picasso. Cartoon.

Pahiatura Children. 'On 1 November 1944, 733 children, mostly orphans and half orphans, arrived in Wellington Harbour. Some 100 adults - teachers, doctors and administrators - accompanied the group to Pahiatua where a camp was established to give a temporary home for the children.. '
'The entrance to the new home read "Polish Childrens Camp in Pahiatua". As far as the children were concerned this was their little Poland ... '

Katyn Family Stories.

Japan. Photos.
Endless rows of tiny statues in a Kyoto temple.

History of Japantown, San Jose.

Oniko Goes To Japan. 'I'm 'Oniko', and the majority of this web page is created on the fly during my annual trips to Japan, 'cause A) it lets me share my pictures with friends and family, and B) I figured there would be a few others out there, perhaps like you, who would find this page both fun and useful. Planning a trip to Japan, or just want to find out more? Then you're in the right place! '
The travel diaries.

The Stupa Information Page.

Digital Himalaya. 'A pilot project to develop digital collection, storage, and distribution strategies for multimedia anthropological information from the Himalayan region.'
The Williamson Photographic Collection. 'Sir Frederick Williamson was a British Political Officer stationed in Sikkim, Bhutan, and Tibet in the 1930s. He was also an ardent photographer. Between December 1930-August 1935, he and his wife, Margaret Williamson, shot approximately 1700 photographs throughout the Himalayan region. As well as documenting the Williamsons' personal travels, the photos provide an unusually well-preserved and well-catalogued insight into social life in Sikkim, Bhutan, and Tibet during the 1930s. The Williamson Photographic Collection is housed in the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge University and a recent exhibition entitled Collected Sights featured a number of Williamson's photos. '

The Dialogue Project. (Brooklyn) 'The Dialogue Project brings together adult Palestinians, Jews/Israelis and Supportive Others (Christian, Muslim, secularist, humanist, etc.) for intense dialogue and intimate conversation. Each month, citizens and newly arrived immigrants come together in a neutral, safe environment to learn about the Palestinian-Israeli and Middle East conflicts from each other's perspective. We hear each other's stories and break down the walls of silence that have grown around neighbors and communities. '

The Mathematical Atlas. 'This is a collection of short articles designed to provide an introduction to the areas of modern mathematics and pointers to further information, as well as answers to some common (or not!) questions. The material is arranged in a hierarchy of disciplines, each with its own index page ...'

Duke University Primate Centre.

Tales from the Hollow Earth. Hypertext fiction.

Piano Diplomacy.