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20th September
Traditional Arts in Upstate New York. 'Welcome to TAUNY, a non-profit organization dedicated to documenting, preserving and promoting the folk arts and folklore of New York's North Country. We invite you to explore this site to discover some of the diverse customs and traditions--like storytelling, music, crafts, foodways, and folk art--that make life special in our region, from the St. Lawrence River to the Adirondack Mountains ... '

Aki Meguri.
'On September 5th, I took the single step that began a journey of 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles).
First, I walked the historic Tokaido highway.
Then, I used public transportation and walked through parts of the Yamato area, the heart of old Japan that includes Nara, Asuka, and Mt. Koya.
Finally, I arrived on Shikoku. The 88-Temple Pilgrimage there is Japan's oldest-and longest. '

Remember Chile: General Pinochet and Human Rights Abuses. 'Our position on the problems of human rights violations is basically legal, ethical and preventative. No healthy, solid, stable democracy can build itself upon a foundation of forgetting the most serious crimes against the right to life, integrity and freedom committed in Chilean history and within a policy of state terrorism that unleashed maximum political violence against society. We reaffirm that there is no ethical nor judicial reason why crimes of human rights violations should remain in impunity. We are asking that crimes against humanity be punished in the same way that common ones are. '

Boldt Castle and the Boldt Yacht House. 'At the turn-of-the-century, George C. Boldt, millionaire proprietor of the world famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, set out to build a full size Rhineland Castle in Alexandria Bay, on Picturesque Heart Island. The grandiose structure was to be a display of his love for his wife, Louise.'
'Beginning in 1900, Boldt's family shared four glorious summers on the island in the Alster Tower while 300 workers, stonemasons, carpenters, and artists fashioned the six story, 120 room castle, complete with tunnels, a powerhouse, Italian gardens, a draw bridge, and a dove cote. Not a single detail or expense was spared.' 'In 1904, tragedy struck. Boldt telegrammed the island and commanded the workers to immediately "stop all construction." Louise had died suddenly. A broken hearted Boldt could not imagine his dream castle without his beloved. Boldt never returned to the island, leaving behind the structure as a monument of his love ... '

VRML Gallery of Electromagnetism.

Bract on: De Legibus Et Consuetudinibus AngliŠ. Bracton on the Laws and Customs of England (attributed to Henry of Bratton, c. 1210-1268)
'Henry of Bratton (Henricus de Brattona or Bractona) was an English judge of the court known as coram rege (later King's Bench) from 1247-50 and again from 1253-57. After his retirement in 1257, he continued to serve on judicial commissions. He was also a clergyman, having various benefices, the last of which being the chancellorship of Exeter cathedral, where he was buried in 1268. '
'Bracton's chief claim to fame is his association with the long treatise On the Laws and Customs of England, which F.W. Maitland described as "the crown and flower of English jurisprudence." The work attempts to describe rationally the whole of English law, a task that was not again undertaken until Blackstone in the eighteenth century. The work is remarkable both for its wealth of detail and for its attempts to make sense out of English law largely in terms of the ius commune, the combination of Roman and canon law that was taught in the universities in Bracton's time. '

The Village Labourer 1760-1832: A Study in the Government of England before the Reform Bill by J.L. and Barbara Hammond. Originally published 1911 New Edition, 1920.

Linus Pauling: A Centenary Exhibit. 'Welcome to Linus Pauling: A Centenary Exhibit. This exhibit was prepared by the staff of Special Collections and University Archives units of the Oregon State University Libraries. Materials are from the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers held by Special Collections and various photographic collections in the University Archives. '
'This exhibit was originally on display in the Memorial Union at Oregon State University from January 22 to March 5, 2001. '

Seven Days in Hokkaido.

Aboriginal Stolen Generation.

Jackie Robinson and Other Baseball Highlights 1860s-1960. (American Memory)

Jackie Robinson: A Baseball Celebration. (NYTimes)

Bird in a Cage. Optical illusions.

Interactive Honganji Temple. 'Through about 800 years of history, an ideal has been propagated from generation to generation. During some occasions this ideal would vibrate energetically.... In other occasions, gracefully. Let's learn what this ideal is about!'

Tetworld Global Game and Peace Through Development Project. 'The Tetworld: Peace Through Development Project is inspired by the concept of a global game, as described by R. Buckminster Fuller, in his book, "Utopia or Oblivion", in which he proposed the idea that teams and players from around the world, gather (on the Internet) to "play" a computer-based game with the objective of "Making the World Work for Everyone"--for 100% of humanity. '
'The purpose of the Tetworld Project is to bring this inspired view into an operational reality ... '

Eye on Moseley. Tongue in cheek local newsletter from Birmingham, England.

Science of Cooking. 'Welcome to The Accidental Scientist: Cooking, the first in a series of Web-based projects focusing on the science behind everyday life.'

California's Lost Tribes.

Not Dot Com Pictures. Great.

May Day Posters and Parades. 'The sampling of May Day posters and photographs presented below are all from the Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives and the Tamiment Library at New York University. They give a taste of celebrations over the twentieth century. We look forward to hearing from viewers regarding the whereabouts of other materials, and who might contribute information about the items below.'

Nevada Labour History.

Against Hunger. Click to donate.

Argentina Diary. 'The bizarre side of the news from Argentina in a personal diary '

Genocide Monument. Online exhibit featuring the work of Ghanaian sculptor Kofi Setordji.

19th September
The World's Largest Ball of Twine.

The World's Largest Toy Museum, Branson, Missouri.

Robben Island Museum, South Africa.
'During the apartheid years Robben Island became internationally known for its institutional brutality. The duty of those who ran the Island and its prison was to isolate opponents of apartheid and to crush their morale. Some freedom fighters spent more than a quarter of a century in prison for their beliefs. '
'Those imprisoned on the Island succeeded on a psychological and political level in turning a prison 'hell-hole' into a symbol of freedom and personal liberation. Robben Island came to symbolise, not only for South Africa and the African continent, but also for the entire world, the triumph of the human spirit over enormous hardship and adversity ... '

The UWC-Robben Island Mayibuye Archives.
Builders of the Nation poster exhibit.

Your House, My House: Oxford Suburbs 1800-2001. 'This website looks at the development of five areas of Oxford from 1800 to 2001.'
'It shows the houses and their architectural features, the people that lived in them, and the everyday objects they used in an historical look through the ages. The site is rich with photographs, documents, oral histories and games relating to the architectural history of the areas.'

A Sky Burial - The Sacred Solemn Funeral Rite of Tibet. 'Tibetan culture and religion is not something I have studied, or researched, although I do have a graduate degree in Chinese religion and philosophy. What I am sharing is something from my very personal experience. It was the summer of 1986. '

The Documents of Iriki.

Street Games from the UK. (A semi-active page, with good material).

Gargoyles of Notre Dame. 'Postcards from the collection of Marilyn and Michael Stopka. '

Dar es Salaam in Delft Blue. Dutch photographer in Tanzania.
'In the fall of 1998 I spent three months in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where I taught photography at a local institute.'
'During this period, I collided with the enormous differences between the Tanzanian and my own culture. These differences unfortunately make it very difficult to achieve a mutual understanding and comprehension of each other. Nevertheless, I dare say that after the three months I understood that these cultural differences are not invincible ... '
'As a result of this new understanding I asked a large group of people in my neighbourhood in Dar es Salaam to pose for the camera with a favourite object. I then asked them why they chose this specific object. A selection of these photographs is shown here, for those who are interested and for those who want to learn something about life, assuming they are fortunate enough to have access to the Internet.'

Kuru Kalahari Online Exhibition. 'Bushman' art and storytelling project, Botswana.
"They say it is our ancestors who made the many rock paintings all over southern Africa. I believe it, although I have seen only some of these many paintings. The ones that I have seen illustrate things that I know so well from our culture. Yes I believe the San* made it. I feel it in my body. I do not see myself as just another artist. Being an artist is my heritage. It is part of my existence, as being Ncoakhoe (Bushmen) is part of my existence. I am very serious about my tradition and my culture. I cannot understand why people who do not care for tradition can be an artist, because that is what it is all about. Even in the times when there were no rocks for our people to paint on, they had to satisfy their artistic skills. They made beautiful beadwork designs from ostrich eggshells and wooden beads, and later, when it became available, they also used the brightly coloured glass beads. They carved beautiful things from wood, which they decorated with burnt patterns.
Yes, the main reason for me to paint is to show the world the things that my people and I love. It is a way of making a living, but more than that - it is to show other people who we are and how we live. It is also a way of learning. Through art you learn about new techniques, about other cultures, about how other people think and live. It lifts you out from the darkness."
DADA (Coex'ae Qgam) January 2000

Space Weather Tutorial.

There and Back Again. 'The journal and exploits of the hobbits of the Shire.' Flash 5 required.

WWW Memorial Hall of the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre (1937-1938).

International UFO Museum & Research Centre, Roswell.

Roswell UFO Festival.

Roswell Museum & Art Centre. 'A visit to the Roswell Museum and Art Center is food for the soul and fire for the imagination. One of the Southwest's great museums, we offer an impressive collection of fine art, history, and space science technology. In addition to the Bassett Education Center, which offers a wide array of classes for all ages, we also house the largest planetarium in New Mexico named for rocketry pioneer Robert H. Goddard ... '

Redefining Progress.

Chew On It. Singaporean cartoon. 'You are now gawking at the homepage of Lee Chee Chew, that lollipop-figure artist of The Straits Times ... '

Eastern State Penitentiary.
'Opened in 1829 as part of a controversial movement to change the behavior of inmates through "confinement in solitude with labor," Eastern State Penitentiary quickly became the most expensive and most copied building in the young United States. It is estimated that more than 300 prisons worldwide are based on the Penitentiary's wagon-wheel, or "radial" floor plan.'
'Some of America's most notorious criminals were held in the Penitentiary's vaulted, sky-lit cells,including bank robber Willie Sutton and Al Capone. After 142 years of consecutive use, Eastern State Penitentiary was completely abandoned in 1971, and now stands, a lost world of crumbling cell blocks and empty guard towers.'

Bhagavad Gita Gallery. 'One of the world's best known and most profound theistic literatures, Bhagavad-gita has inspired thinkers throughout the centuries. Its praises have been sung by Thoreau, Emerson, Gandhi, Einstein and many others. '

Modest Needs.

18th September
World's Largest Glass of Florida OJ.

World's Smallest Museum, Superior, Arizona.

Hoover Dam. 'Hoover Dam is one of the Bureau of Reclamation's multipurpose projects on the Colorado River. Hoover Dam's authorized purposes are: "flood control; improvement of navigation and regulation of the Colorado River; storage and delivery of Colorado River waters for reclamation of public lands and other beneficial uses exclusively within the United States; and hydroelectric power production. '
The story of Hoover Dam.

The Hoover Dam: Lonely Lands Made Fruitful.

A Heritage of Loving Service: The Sister of St Joseph of Carondelet in Tucson. 'Among the pioneers that came to Tucson in the 1870's were seven Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. They opened a school next to San AgustÝn Church for the children of Tucson and three years later one for the native American children at the San Xavier Mission. Later the parochial school was put under the direction of the Sisters and an orphanage was begun. In 1880, they took in the first patients at St. Mary's Hospital caring for the sick and injured of the Southern Pacific Railroad, County patients, and all who came. This World Wide Web exhibit offers a digital history and tribute to the Sisters' contributions in Tucson and the region. '

Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity. Recipe books, amulets and gems, Babylonian demon bowls etc.
'"Magic," as modern scholars have grudgingly learned to admit, is a very elusive category. No definition of "magic" has ever found universal acceptance, and countless attempts to separate it from "religion" on the one hand and "science" on the other have borne few, if any, fruits. The problem lies, to a large extent, in that what one society may label "magic," another would label "religion," and another "science," so that by choosing one label we are implicitly choosing sides whenever conflicting definitions of magic compete with each other, or run the risk of imposing our own categories upon societies in which these categories would have made no sense.'
'Given these difficulties, the present exhibition will not attempt any definition of ancient magic. Its goal is much more modest -- merely to present some of the materials in the University of Michigan's collections which might prove useful in any discussion of magic and its practitioners in the Mediterranean basin and the Near East from the 1st to the 7th centuries A.D., a period which saw the magical traditions of several different cultures coalesce and merge into an unprecedented form of international, and even multicultural magical praxis, with its own rituals, symbols, and words of power ... '

Caesarian Section - A Brief History.

Johnie's Broiler. 'Johnie's Broiler, a combination coffee shop and drive-in restaurant, is located in the City of Downey on a two-acre site bordered by Firestone Boulevard, Old River School Road, Pomering Avenue, and Firestone Place.'
'The property for Harvey's Broiler was purchased in 1950. Prior to being developed as a restaurant location, the site was occupied by "Sally's Fryers," a chicken farm and retail store, and five small residences. Restaurateur Harvey Ortner, a partner in the Clock Broilers in Temple City, Pasadena, Van Nuys and Alhambra, purchased the property in 1950 and worked with Downey-based architect Paul B. Clayton to design a large, new restaurant for Downey. Mr. Clayton, who is still practicing, states that, "because the assembled property had a unique exposure to the street from both directions due to the bend of the road, Harvey [Ortner] requested that I consider a restaurant design that would take advantage of that position and make a 'statement' at the same time." Mr. Clayton maintains that "Harvey's Broiler incorporated structural designs and work considered unique not only to that property and city, but also within the state." ... '

The Retro Shop. Fifties and Sixties memorabilia for sale.

The Gateless Passage 'is a nonsectarian information facility for the lay study of Chinese Buddhism. Currently work is being done on translation of Buddhist scriptures, exegesis, and philosophical texts basic to the Chinese Buddhist traditions. Also an outline of the history of Chinese Buddhism, presentations on the general background of Chinese Buddhist sects, and a collection of links to other resources online for the study of Buddhism and the Chinese tradition are being assembled. '
The Chinese Buddhist Canon.

Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts. 'A Brochure to Accompany an Exhibition In Celebration of the 900th Anniversary of the Oldest Arabic Medical Manuscript In the Collections of the National Library of Medicine.'

Tribal World. (Survival International) Background information on indigenous peoples from around the world.

Samurai Archives.

Sho-shin. Guide to Japanese swords.

Reef Relief. Preserving and protecting living coral ecosystems.

Open House. (Ramle, Israel) 'Open House Center at 1 Klausner Street in Ramle was founded in 1991 to further peace and coexistence among Israeli Arabs and Jews in this mixed city of 65,000 residents. The ratio of 53,000 Jews to 12,000 Arabs parallels the Jewish-Arab ratio in the State of Israel generally, making Ramle a microcosm of the country. The house on Klausner Street is an even smaller microcosm, for the two families who have lived there before and after 1948 represent the two nations laying claim to the land of Israel/Palestine. '

Cetacea. 'No living animals have captured our imaginations as have the great whales... They fire our imaginations and stab at our emotions. They inspire our art, literature, and music. And so they should. The indescribable blend of grace, power, and beauty of a whale as it glides underwater, leaps toward the sky, or simply lifts its flukes and slides into the sea symbolises a vanishing poetry of the wild.' - Dr James Darling, With The Whales
'Welcome to Cetacea - the site which provides you with complete background information on every species of whale, dolphin and porpoise known to humankind - so either search for a specific species or simply browse through the site!'

The Headlington Quarry Morris Dancers 'are acknowledged to be the world's premier "side" due to a signal historic event, the centenary of which will be celebrated this year. On Boxing Day 1899, the dancers led by their musician William Kimber, were seen performing at Sandfield Cottage in Headington by the folk musicologist Cecil Sharp - who hitherto had been unaware of the survival of this native form of dancing. '

17th September
Paracelsus, Five Hundred Years: Three American Exhibits. 'Paracelsus (1493-1541), more properly Theophrastus Phillippus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim, was born in Einsiedeln, Switzerland in 1493, one year after Columbus' first voyage to the New World. He was a contemporary of Nicholas Copernicus, Martin Luther, Leonardo da Vinci and a host of other figures we associate with the shattering of medieval thought and the birth of the modern world. '
'In fact, Paracelsus played a part in this change no less than the others. During his lifetime he was called by some the "Luther of Medicine" and the scientific debates of the late sixteenth century were centered more frequently on the innovations of Paracelsus than they were on the heliocentric astronomy of Copernicus ... '

Islamic Medical Manuscripts at the National Library of Medicine. 'Here you can learn about Islamic medicine and science during the Middle Ages and the important role it played in the history of Europe. This site, with its biographies, colorful images, and extensive historical accounts of medieval medicine and science is designed for students and everyone interested in the history of Islamic and European culture. '

Classics of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 'The National Library of Medicine (NLM) holds approximately 2,000 volumes of Chinese medical classics. Here we display a few of the earliest and most interesting texts from the NLM collection. Also included are portraits of a few significant figures in early Chinese medicine whose contributions range from acupuncture to the pioneering uses of herbal medicines to the concept of Yin and Yang. Through the exhibit, we hoped to draw attention to a fascinating part of NLM's historical resources.'

The Golden Elixir. A website on Chinese alchemy.
'The Golden Elixir is an introduction to some facets of the history and doctrines of Chinese alchemy. It consists of a collection of articles, primary sources, bibliographic tools and other materials. This page provides direct access to all documents. If you want to read short descriptions of each item, follow the links to the main sections of this website on the left column. '

Archive of Watermarks and Papers in Greek Manuscripts.

International Route 66 Mother Road Festival, September 27-29 2002, Springfield, Illinois.

Larry's Route 66 Trip Photos. 'This page and all picture pages are a work in progress. With approx. 3400 pictures contained within this web site, I still have a large number of them to give a description and date taken. Also, many of the pictures were taken on side trips to other areas. Check back often for updates.'

The Five Year Freeze Campaign 'is supported by an alliance of 120 national organisations who share the public's deep concern over the speed at which genetic engineering is being introduced into food and farming. '
Patents on life. (Greenpeace)

Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market.

Midpoint Cafe & Gift Shop., Adrian, Texas. On Route 66, 1139 miles to Chicago, 1139 miles to Los Angeles.

Mural Paintings from Mount Athos.
A selection.

Ancestry: Religion, Death and Culture. 'The paintings in Ancestry: Religion, Death and Culture document my own native culture of Central Appalachia. The work portrays a sense of place and character, as well as spiritual conviction, all reinforced by a repetition of visual imagery. Through the juxtaposition of a variety of images, the paintings explore the interrelationship between religion and the inevitability of death.'

The Natural Death Centre. Woodland burials, green funerals.
'The Natural Death Centre is a charitable project launched in Britain in 1991. It aims to support those dying at home and their carers and to help people to arrange inexpensive, DIY and green funerals. It has as a more general aim of helping to improve 'the quality of dying'. '

Alternative Gomera. 'La Gomera island near Tenerife - the Alternative Gomera guide for walkers.' Looks worth checking out.

An American Adventure. 'A story of four weeks in an RV (Recreational Vehicle) travelling through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas during June and July 1994, by John (me) and Mandy.'

Little Cowpuncher. 'Little Cowpuncher was the name of a mimeographed school newspaper, written and illustrated by Anglo and Mexican-American ranch children. It appeared from 1932 to 1943 at five different rural schools in Southern Arizona, where Eulalia Bourne was the teacher. Most of the students who attended these one- or two-room schoolhouses, close to the Mexican border, were bilingual and bicultural. Some were the sons and daughters of pioneer Mexican and American ranch families; others were children of ranch hands working for large landowners; and a few were temporary students from families living on mining claims or road camps. Their original and unedited stories and drawings vividly describe their lives on isolated ranches, and the everyday and special events throughout the school year at Redington, Baboquivari, Sasco, San Fernando, and Sopori schools. On this site you will find Little Cowpuncher online, looking as much like the originals as possible. Sets of the actual newspapers are in the Special Collections Room at the University of Arizona Library, as well as The Arizona Historical Society, both located in Tucson, Arizona. '

Tales of 3 Scottish Isles. Great photos of the Inner Hebrides.

Exit Here. Photos of roadside Americana; these are wonderful.
Route 66, movie theatres, and the Civilian Conservation Corps.

The Tokugawa Art Museum.

The Haunted Port. Paranormal mysteries of South Wales.
'This site is intended to allow the people of South Wales to share, and read stories of the paranormal. We, the authors, intend to carefully read all of your stories and where we warrant it, to investigate the stories further. '

The Legend of the Alderley Edge Wizard, Cheshire.

Robin Hood: His Yorkshire Legend.

September 11th: One Year On. The BBC's page. Many interesting links and viewpoints here.
Where Were You When...? Many perspectives from different cultures (Western and Muslim), political leaders and ordinary people. Recommended.
World marks 9-11. All continents.

The Civil Engineering Portal: Rebuilding WTC.

Time to Consider: the Arts Respond to 9/11.

The Sonic Memorial.

16th September
An Illustrated History of the Missouri Botanical Garden. '...Take a stroll through time to see what one of America's oldest botanical gardens was like between 1856 and 1920. You will be greeted by ladies with parasols, children in their beautiful nineteenth century clothing, and even the Garden's founder, Henry Shaw himself... '

Rare Books from the MBG Library. 'The Missouri Botanical Garden Library is proud to present its Rare Book Digitization Project, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The goal of the project is to digitize and preserve beautifully illustrated and botanically significant books in our private holdings in order to make them available to an international audience. This project will result in a large database of botanical and gardening illustrations and text available to scholars, gardeners, and book enthusiasts through this web site. '

Spinifex Arts Project. 'The Spinifex Arts Project began in 1996 as Traditional Owners from the Spinifex area of Western Australia moved to document and then secure an acknowledgement of Native Title across their lands.'
'To celebrate the signing of a major negotiated land title agreement with the Western Australian State Government in 1999, Traditional Owners of Spinifex have mounted Pila Nguru, the first ever touring exhibition of paintings and songs from the area.'

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives. 'Founded in 1975, ALBA is a non profit national organization devoted to the preservation and dissemination of the history of the North American role in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and its aftermath. ALBA supervises a major archive at New York University's Tamiment Library--the most comprehensive historical archive documenting the involvement of North American volunteers in the Spanish Civil War--and supports cultural and educational activities related to the war and its historical, political, artistic, and biographical heritage. ALBA's 501c tax exempt status (13-2996513) was established in 1978; it is also chartered as an educational institution in New York State.'
They Still Draw Pictures. Children's art in wartime from the Spanish Civil War to Kosovo.

From Court to Caravan. Chinese tomb sculptures from the collection of Anthony M. Solomon.

Martin's Route 66 Gallery & Essay. 'Welcome to my Route 66 Page with photos, essays, links and more! While you wait for the Photo Gallery to download you may want to pass the time with a Route 66 Essay I wrote and that was printed in the Route 66 News, the newsletter of the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona. Or maybe you want to brush up the lyrics to Get Your Kicks On Route 66. Links to other Route 66 sites can be found at the bottom of this page.'

The Godfather of Russian Rap. ' ... Russian, rapper, Hare Krishna devotee, rock/jazz drummer, vegetarian: Alexei -- aka "MD&C Pavlov" (formerly MC Pavlov) -- is an exotic and unprecedented blend, one of the colorful and very un-Russian characters that have sprouted in the artistic hothouse that is modern Moscow ... '

Rickety Shed Light Railway.

The Thak Archive 'is a multimedia archive of ethnographic records collected from 1969 to the present by Alan Macfarlane and Sarah Harrison in the Gurung village of Thak, located in central Nepal. Census data, as well as general economic and social data collected at regular intervals over the entire 30-year period are included in the collection, along with 3000+ photographs and over a hundred hours of film. The collection is unique in its time depth, allowing researchers to understand social change over an extended period. Each entry has been carefully cross-referenced with other elements in the collection, creating a complex, multi-level databank of information about one ethnic community in Nepal on the micro-level, and about social change in contemporary Nepal on the macro-level. The Archive is a dynamic project which is updated yearly with new information from Thak.'

The Thangmi Archive 'is a collection of photographs, films, field notes. newspaper clippings and other data about theThangmi ethnic group of northeastern Nepal. Long overlooked by scholars, politicians, and development workers alike, the Thangmi remain one of the least known ethnic groups of Nepal. The Thangmi speak their own Tibeto-Burman language, and maintain unique shamanistic religious practices that are neither Hindu nor Buddhist. Mark Turin and Sara Shneiderman have been conducting linguistic and ethnographic research in the Thangmi communities of Dolakha and Sindhupalcok districts in eastern Nepal since 1997. The Thangmi archive strives to demonstrate how multimedia strategies can enhance in-depth ethnographic studies of ethnicity, social history, and related topics.'

A Katyn and World War Two Diary. 'On September 1, 1939, Leon Gladun was mobilized as an officer cadet to defend his beloved Poland against the Nazi blitzkrieg. A horticultural student at Stefan Batory University, my father would only have time to grab a few photos from his home in Krzemieniec, before racing to the front, leaving behind his mother and grandmother. Leon would never graduate nor would he see his home again, and it would be twenty years before he'd be reunited with his mother. Most of his classmates and friends would perish during the war. '
'One of my father's surviving possessions is a diary of the years he spent in uniform: from his first battles against the blitzkrieg in 1939, to V-E Day in Italy, when the Germans finally surrendered. Leon would train and fight in Poland, the USSR, the Middle East and Italy. Even after the war, he escorted Axis POW's from Italy back to their homes because he had no country--Poland had been sacrificed to Stalinism. '

Africlipse. 'The Africlipse Website is dedicated to providing as much information as possible on solar eclipses where the path of totality or annularity is visible from the African Continent. Eclipses covered on this site are the total solar eclipses of 21 June 2001 and 4 December 2002, both of which traversed or will traverse southern Africa. The 2006 March 29 total solar eclipse, which passes over west Africa and the Sahara Desert is also covered, as is the 2030 November 25 total solar eclipse ... '

Idora Park Past and Present. 'Idora Park was an amusement park located in Youngstown Ohio. The park was open from 1899 till 1984. It sat abandon from 1985 till just recently when a fire in the ballroom and the tearing down of the Wild Cat and Jack Rabbit sounded the parks final end. '
History and photos.

Avalon Diner, Houston, Texas. 'Justly famous since 1938.'

Passiflora Society International.

HyperLife: A Life in Hypertext.

The Homeless Guy weblog.

Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation. 'Manatees, honeybees, spiders, black vultures, green spoon worms, hyenas, slime molds: these are just a few of the troubled creatures Dr Tatiana advises. Their problems? These run the gamut from giant sperm to dwarf males, from homosexuality to infidelity, from sexual cannibalism to incest. Rich in natural history, this fascinating, accessible, hilarious book is a must-have for anyone interested in sex and why it so often seems to be such a bother. '


The Burr Puzzles Site. 'A Burr Puzzle consists of at least three rods intersecting each other at right angles. The most famous and well known type is the six piece burr where three sets of two rods intersect each other. '
'At this site we let you explore six piece burrs. You can select either from a list of a few precalculated burrs, or you can select six pieces of your own making and then have us calculate the possible solutions for you. '

Useful, informative military history of the Iran-Iraq War (from the Federation of American Scientists).
Chemical warfare in the Iran-Iraq War (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, 1984).
A map of the Iran-Iraq War. Informative. Here is a list of countries which gave military support to _both_ sides :- the USA, Brazil, the UK, France, East Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the USSR, China, North Korea. Many more countries gave military support to either one side or the other.
The United States and the Iran-Iraq War. (Z Mag) 'The war between Iran and Iraq was one of the great human tragedies of recent Middle Eastern history. Perhaps as many as a million people died, many more were wounded, and millions were made refugees. The resources wasted on the war exceeded what the entire Third World spent on public health in a decade.'
[ ... ]
'France became the major source of Iraq's high-tech weaponry, in no small part to protect its financial stake in that country. The Soviet Union was Iraq's largest weapon's supplier, while jockeying for influence in both capitals. Israel provided arms to Iran, hoping to bleed the combatants by prolonging the war. And at least ten nations sold arms to both of the warring sides.'
'The list of countries engaging in despicable behavior, however, would be incomplete without the United States. The U.S. objective was not profits from the arms trade, but the much more significant aim of controlling to the greatest extent possible the region's oil resources ... '

Today is the twentieth anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon. (The Wikipedia site is the most unbiased I've found; just the facts, with links to Palestinian and Israeli views).
A Palestinian view.
Kahan Commission of Inquiry. Israel's official investigation.