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21st April
RIP Nina Simone. 'Legendary jazz and blues singer Nina Simone as died at the age of 70 at her home in southern France, her manager said in a statement.'
Dr. Nina Simone. Her official site.
Audiosyncratic. An interview with Nina Simone. 'Eclectic is much too small a word for Nina Simone. As a pianist, singer and composer, her music is the richest possible mix of just about everything - classical, folk, gospel, blues, R 'n' B and soul. She calls it black classical music - "jazz is a white term used to define black people" - and when you're in a room with Dr. Simone, you learn very quickly that everything will be discussed in (and on) her terms. It's never going to be just another encounter with some posturing imitator throwing shapes and spouting half-baked ideas - this is the real deal. She is the queen, the diva, the she-who-must-be-obeyed, and quite possibly the greatest of them all. Believe me, there is nobody like quite like Nina Simone. '
Mississippi Goddam!
Nina Simone songs directory.

Solar Eclipse: Stories from the Path of Totality.

The Legend of the True Cross. 'This month millions of Christians all over the world celebrate Easter, the feast of the Passion, Death on the cross, and Resurrection of Our Savior. '
'These events, narrated in all four Gospels, found their reflection in numerous paintings of many artists. Besides the Gospels there were also the stories of common people, who either witnessed the events or heard about them. There were stories about Virgin Mary and Christ's family, about the lives of the Apostles, about courageous people who died for their Christian faith and were considered Saints by the Church. All those stories were orally passed from generation to generation and in time formed a variety of different legends, which around 1260 were compiled together by a Dominican, Jacobus de Voragine, a scholarly friar and eventual archbishop of Genoa. His book, The Golden Legend, was very popular in the Middle Ages and was perhaps the most widely read book, after the Bible. '
'The Legend of the True Cross is also part of the Golden Legend. The Cross, on which Christ was crucified and died, became for Christians the object of a special respect and worship, not only as a remembrance of His sufferings and death, but also as a symbol of His sacrifice ... '

Indian Puppetry.
'Puppetry is one of the most ancient forms of entertainment in the world. Besides providing entertainment, this visual art form is also used for conveying meaningful messages. Over the years, Puppetry has developed into a powerful media of communication. Puppetry offers a real challenge to the imagination and creative ability of the individual and of all art mediums, it is probably the least restricted in its form, design, colour and movement and the least expensive of all animated visual art forms. '
'Traditionally, India has a rich heritage of puppetry. The history of puppetry in India dates back to around the 5th century B.C. The early puppet shows in India mostly dealt with histories of great kings, princes and heroes and also political satire. Religious portrayals in puppetry developed in South India with shadow puppets performing stories from Ramayana and Mahabarata. Besides dealing with religious themes, Indian puppetry also conveys useful m messages from Panchatantra and other mythological and historical epics ... '

Jain Heritage Centres: A Historical Jain Portal.
'The present venture is imbibed with collecting vast data about the prevalence of Heritage Centres of Jainism around the globe. An effortful and sincere attempt is made to unravel the known, the unknown and the less known relics of the past unifying with present. Jainism is one of the most ancient religions in the world. It has made an indebt footprints in the annals of India in particular and world at large. It has found its new vistas in the recent decades all over the world spreading its tentacles vibrantly in the western hemisphere. It has arisen the progressive literature in terms of its rich literature and architecture. The men of letters have envisaged its roots of origin and traced towards the present era. These facts and factors have found their veritable placement in this website. Further it has reckoned the available documentations in a pellucid manner bringing to light the great and profound heritage of the religion. It is ardently hoped that Jainism finds a survival posterity with all its fragrance splendor and lustre ... '

An African American Album, the Black Experience in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County 'was published by the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County in 1992. The book, now out of print, is made up of photographs donated by community members. These compelling images reflect African-American Life in the years before 1950. '

Small Towns, Black Lives. 'The images and text in this web site are the on-line component of my project Small Towns, Black Lives. This work is a record of my interest in the historically African American communities of southern New Jersey. These pages contain representations of my photographs, text, panoramic images and QuickTime video. Small Towns, Black Lives is not a historical resource, it is a visual journal of discovery, memory, and recognition. '

The Queen Mother Memorial Site.

Salem Witchcraft Hysteria. 'A small girl fell sick in 1692. Her fittsconvulsions, contortions, and outbursts of gibberishbaffled everyone. Other girls soon manifested the same symptoms. Their doctor could suggest but one cause. Witchcraft. '
'That grim diagnosis launched a Puritan inquisition that took 25 lives, filled prisons with innocent people, and frayed the soul of a Massachusetts community called Salem ... '

The Salem Witch Trials of 1692: A Brief Introduction. 'The events which led to the Witch Trials <../memorial/> actually occurred in what is now the town of Danvers, then a parish of Salem Town, known as Salem Village. Launching the hysteria was the bizarre, seemingly inexplicable behavior of two young girls; the daughter, Betty, and the niece, Abigail Williams, of the Salem Village minister, Reverend Samuel Parris ... '
From the Salem City Guide.

Early American Horror Show. 'The Salem Witch Trials are America's original home-grown horror. The crisis happened over 300 years ago in a world very different from today's -- and to people seemingly very different from ourselves -- and yet so many of its elements keep cropping up again and again in our public life. A panic that spreads like a virus, intimations of a vile conspiracy, children and young women horribly abused, a fog of accusations, shocking confessions, sensational trials, reputations destroyed, culprits (or scapegoats) located and harshly punished, and an aftermath in which anyone with a conscience looks back and asks, "What just happened? Did we really do that?" '
'Salem, too, is a challenge to everyone, whether on the left or the right, who sentimentalizes or idealizes the Way Things Used to Be. Feeling nostalgic for the peace and safety of small town life? Convinced that what the world needs now is a return to Christian values? Think that the trouble with contemporary society is that we've lost our sense of community? Well, Salem was a small town, as Christian as they come, and it's got to be Exhibit A on the list of what sucks about living in a place where everybody knows your name ... '

Spirit of Salem. 'Salem, MA ~ October 2002. The painting portrays the end of the witchcraft hysteria in Salem and the rise of the pure "innocent" spirits hanged on Gallows Hill.'

Witches' Voice.

Somewhere on the Water Planet by Nanao Sasaki.
'In the beginning
There was a forest, a beech forest.
The forest gathered rain & divided rivers.
Rivers that nourished all breathing creatures ... '

Demons, Misinformation and Kimochi. 'The Japanese version of Alex Kerr's first book, Lost Japan, won Japan's Shincho Gakugei Prize for the year's best work of non-fiction, while translations have already become a mainstay of literature on contemporary Japan. That book was very much about feelings Kerr's feelings about Japan, Japanese people's feelings about their own country. '
'In his new book, Dogs and Demons: Tales from the Dark Side of Modern Japan, Kerr investigates the stark reality behind all those feelings. Though still filled with passion for his erstwhile homeland, Dogs and Demons reveals the heavy layers of rickety structure that support contemporary Japan ... '

Taking the Train to Freedom. 'The Underground Railroad was neither "underground" nor a "railroad," but was a loose network of aid and assistance to fugitives from bondage. Perhaps as many as one hundred thousand enslaved persons may have escaped in the years between the american Revolution and the Civil War ... '

A Bittersweet Journey on the Underground Railroad. 'When historian Anthony Cohen set out to retrace a route along the legendary Underground Railroad, he recovered a piece of the American past '

Droodles. A combination of a doodle and a riddle.

The Brain Explorer.

Joseph Paul Jernigan: I Know You Inside Out.
'I first discovered the body of Joseph Paul Jernigan when researching for my BA thesis in 1998. Then however I didn't know him as Joseph Paul Jernigan but as the 'visible human' ; he was nothing more than a corpse sliced into 1871 bits. After a year or so of him playing on my mind and then some extensive web surfing I discovered his life story and committed myself to putting him back together again ... '
A critical view. 'As an M.D., I very much doubt the real utility of such a project for medical purposes. The project is revolting. Jernigan didn't know that in donating his body to science, he was going to let his naked body flow on Internet. It was not a human body that was used; it was that of Joseph Paul Jernigan, the executed death row prisoner! Would it have been so famous and consequently so financially profitable if it had been the body of an unknown William C. from the depths of Arkansas? Certainly not.'
'The worst of the gruesome and revolting destination of this body is that it is used to implicitly justify the death penalty. More or less consciously, Jernigan's execution is legitimated by the use to which it is put. Don't they come in handy, these death row prisoners! They are subjected to harsh prison conditions, humiliations, and violence; they do "voluntary" jobs in prison, and to add to this good fortune, they get to be profitable as well!'

Windows on Haiti. Photography. Via MeFi.

Polynesia Postcards. Via Quiddity.

Tokyo Food. Thanks, Miguel.

Tips on Finding Easter Eggs. Via MeFi.

A Taste of Africa. Somaliland weblog.

Doubting Hall. A guided tour around the works of Evelyn Waugh. Thanks, Miguel.

Castle Howard, the probable inspiration for Waugh's Brideshead.

Bipin Chandra. Great photographs. Thanks, hama7.

Sweetwater Postnatal Abortion Clinic.
'Sometimes a mother gives birth only to discover -- sometimes immediately, sometimes much later -- that she has made a mistake. A post-natal abortion is simply the clean, efficient disposal of that "mistake". We at the Sweetwater Post-Natal Abortion Clinic believe this is a deeply personal choice that every mother has the right to make. Our message to mothers: it's not too late to change your mind!'
Via everlasting blort.

Ciel & Terre. Exhibition of historical astronomical maps.
Via Giornale Nuovo.

The Museum of Counter Art. Via iconomy.

The Day the Earth Trembled. Account of a massive meteorite strike in Brazil, in 1930.
'When the sun began to rise on the morning of 13 August 1930 like any other morning, little did the inhabitants along the banks of the River Curuca in the Brazilian Amazonas region, near the Peruvian frontier, realise what was about to happen. The women of the community had started washing clothing and the fishermen and rubber-tappers had begun their days work. Suddenly, at about eight o'clock, the sun became blood-red and a darkness fell over the region. A large cloud of red dust filled the air, and then a fine white ash descended to cover the trees and plants. There then followed ear-piercing whistling sounds, three in total, after which three mighty explosions were heard in rapid succession. Immediately after the explosions, the whole forest became a blazing inferno which lasted for several months, depopulating a large area ... '
Via the Apothecary's Drawer.

Ukiyo-e Erotica. Via Geisha Asobi.

Recursive Photo.

Temple of Dominoes.

Songlines. Interesting piece; thanks adamgreenfield.

Still Nobody, or How my Home Page Became a Blog.

After 9/11: Christopher Pratt's LiveJournal.

Save a Relationship. Plep is proud to be linked on this page.

'Does Jazz Put the Sin in Syncopation?' A comically censorious article from the Ladies Home Journal, 1921; a warning from history. Nice illustrations too.
'Flapper Jane'. 'A step-in, if you are 99 and 44/1OOths percent ignorant, is underwear--one piece, light, exceedingly brief but roomy. Her dress, as you can't possibly help knowing if you have even one good eye, and get around at all outside the Old People's Home, is also brief. It is cut low where it might be high, and vice versa. The skirt comes just an inch below her knees, overlapping by a faint fraction her rolled and twisted stockings. The idea is that when she walks in a bit of a breeze, you shall now and then observe the knee (which is not rouged--that's just newspaper talk) but always in an accidental, Venus-surprised-at-the-bath sort of way. This is a bit of coyness which hardly fits in with Jane general character ... '

20th April
Iranian blogger arrested.
'Sina Motallebi, well-known blogger and journalist was arrested this morning. He is accused of threatening the national security by giving interviews to Persian language radios outside Iran, wrtiting articles both in newspapers and his weblog.'
'His weblog, WebGard (i.e. web surfer), was among the top 5 Persian most popular weblogs while his wife, Farnaz, has her own weblog, mostly writing about their newly-born baby boy, Mani.'
Spread the word.
Via Hoder.

Ireland Online: Iranians detain liberal critic.
'A liberal critic of the hard-line clerics who rule Iran was detained on Sunday after several hours of interrogation, his wife said.'
'Journalist Sina Motallebi was taken to an undisclosed jail after he responded to a summons on Saturday to report to a police station for interrogation, Farnaz Ghazizadeh told The Associated Press.'
' "Sina has been summoned by the judiciary several times over the past four months. They object to materials on his website including interviews he gave to foreign media," Ghazizadeh said.'

Update :- Free Sina Motallebi. Sign the online petition.

19th April
Venus of Willendorf.
'The most famous early image of a human, a woman, is the so-called Venus of Willendorf, found in 1908 by the archaeologist Josef Szombathy in an Aurignacian loess deposit near the town of Willendorf in Austria and now in the Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna ... '

The Venus of Lespugue.

Wedded to Tradition: Marriage at Puberty.
'The griots are wailing. ' 'They howl into a squealing microphone as fellow storytellers, in a storm of sunflower golds and indigos and teals and cornflower blues, dip, leap, shake, stomp, twirl and shudder in fierce ecstatic dancing. '
'It is just after noon, and inside, in a steamy square room no larger than a prison cell, Aisha Camara is covered in a pink-and-white striped blanket. She briefly lifts a veil that hides her angular features. The griots and her neighbors are celebrating her wedding day, but she is not smiling.'
'She is 14 years old, and in this town in northern Ivory Coast, and throughout sub-Saharan Africa, such ceremonies are common. It does not matter that in numerous countries on this continent, such early marriages have been illegal for years ... '
Via African Lives.

Lives and Deaths of an Ethiopian Midwife.
'Hana Yohanes, eight months pregnant, thought her baby might be dead. She could not feel the fetus moving. She lay in bed, weak and achy. She had been bleeding all day. '
' "How are you feeling? Are you ready to deliver? Are you feeling sick?" asked Tamunie Hegisso, a traditional midwife, bush nurse and arguably the most important person in this village 165 miles south of Addis Ababa, Ethiopias capital ... '

Fishermen in Senegal.

Death in Ghana.

Old Stone Mill. 'This is the Old Stone Mill. It is located in Touro Park in Newport Rhode Island. Several years back, I made my first visit to Newport and made a point of seeing the site, the ruins of an old windmill built in the late seventeenth century by one of my ancestors. Since then, I've been a complete fanatic, trying to find all the inforation I could on the mill and its origins ... '

Roger Williams National Memorial.
'Roger Williams National Memorial commemorates the life of the founder of Rhode Island and a champion of the ideal of religious freedom. Williams, banished from Massachusetts for his beliefs, founded Providence in 1636. This colony served as a refuge where all could come to worship as their conscience dictated without interference from the state. '

A Plea for Religious Liberty by Roger Williams.

Rhode Island Lighthouses.
'Small in size but long in coastline, Rhode Island has 21 lighthouses, 13 of them active, plus at least 6 former light stations where ruins or foundations are visible. Six of the smaller surviving towers are privately owned. There is no state preservation society. Interest in lighthouses is strong, at least near the coast, where several towers have been carefully restored. The work at the two Block Island towers, at Rose Island, at Watch Hill, and at Sakonnet Point is particularly notable. Recently, preservation work has also begun at the endangered Plum Beach and Dutch Island Lights.'

Loving-Kindness Meditation.

Icing on the Cake: A Week in the Life of a Tibetan Sand Mandala.
Via Kyoto Journal.

The Lists of a Lady-in-Waiting: A Portrait of the Author of 'The Pillow Book'.
'A thousand years ago a lady-in-waiting in the imperial court at Heian Kyo (modern-day Kyoto) dipped her brush into the well of her inkstone and watched the bristles swell with ink. She lowered the brush onto the paper spread in front of her and moved her hand rapidly... '

An Interview with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. 'Journalists are routinely denied visas to enter Burma. Debbie Stothard, of ALTSEAN-BURMA, with representatives of Kyoto Seika University, interviewed Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in Rangoon on July 15th 1998 (shortly before her first extended "car-sit" attempt to visit supporters outside the city). The tapes were brought out by undercover courier; property including film and NLD literature was confiscated from the interviewers by military police. KSU's interview was one of a series with Nobel Peace Laureates, focusing on freedom, marking the university's 30th anniversary ... '

Teddy Bear Story: 100 Years of the Teddy Bear.

The Followers of Rupert. Rupert Bear fansite.
'Welcome ... to the Followers of Rupert Website. The Followers aim to increase awareness, enjoyment and appreciation of the quality of storytelling and illustration in Rupert. We believe that Rupert sits alongside Mole and Ratty (from Wind in the Willows) and Bilbo Baggins (who?!), rather than Biffo the Bear and Mickey Mouse. No disrespect to Biffo and Mickey, but Rupert is illustrated children's literature, not cartoon ...'

The Virtual Sun. A virtual tour.

Down Under Eclipse (December 4, 2002). 'Composite images from the time of the eclipse from ground and from SOHO. '

Double Eruptive Prominences.A picture of the Sun.

The Visual Telling of Stories Archive. Thanks, madamjujujive.

Sin Set Books. Rude stories.
Via Shikencho.

The World History of Male Love. Via MeFi.

Sleeping Beauty II. Death, bereavement and the family in memorial photography. Via MeFi.
Child's hands.

Hog Heaven: Celebrating 100 Years of the Harley Davidson. Via Portage.

The Apocalyptic Visual Parables of Norbert H Cox. 'On August 6, 1945, nine hours after the Hiroshima atomic blast, Norbert H. Kox of Green Bay, Wisconsin was born into an 'age of prophecy'. Carl Jung, whose theory of 'synchronicity,' suggests that apparent coincidences have meaningful correspondence, and astronomer Johannes Kepler, who was associated with mysticism and empirical observation, would have both regarded this moment and the course of future events as a 'creative act,' in Kox's development. Kox takes these ideas a step further, finding 'meaningful arrangements' and spiritual significance in the events of the modern age, and sees nefarious forces and occult powers as the cause of human strife and suffering.'
Via gmtPlus9.

Kybernekyia: A Hypervortext of Ezra Pound's Canto LXXXI. Via wood s lot.

The Chain. Via wood s lot.

Project Gutenberg Chamber Music Archive. Via iconomy.

World of Pop-up and Animated Books. Via iconomy.

Operation NuKorea. Via MeFi.

The Gates of Paradise. Thanks, hama7.

Train Oddities and Curiosities. Thanks, snez.

Mysterium. A journal of poetry and ideas.

Fauna Marinae. Via Speckled Paint.

Jails With Subliminal Messages. Via ikastikos.

Automobile Furniture. Via boynton.

Archbishop of Canterbury revives rite of footwashing.

Bill Clinton is right.
'"Our paradigm now seems to be: something terrible happened to us on September 11, and that gives us the right to interpret all future events in a way that everyone else in the world must agree with us," said Clinton ...
"And if they don't, they can go straight to hell."
"We can't run," Clinton pointed out. "If you got an interdependent world, and you cannot kill, jail or occupy all your adversaries, sooner or later you have to make a deal." '
Via Cheesedip.

SARS Watch, 'following Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome around the globe.' Via Cheesedip.

18th April
The Galleries of Justice, Nottingham. A slice of British legal history, and a nice site too.

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning. A nice collection.
The Exhibition. Masks, headdresses etc. I really like these twin figures from Nigeria.

African Masks and the Quest for Transcendence. 'Through the ages, masks have varied in appearance and function. Many masks are still associated with religious ceremonies or are concerned with spirits of the dead, fertility rites, or curing sickness. Other masks are used on festive occasions to portray mythological events. '
'Masks representing harmful spirits were often used to keep a required balance of power. This type of mask was often associated with secret societies, especially in Africa, which has the greatest variety of masks on Earth! ... '

The Art of the African Mask. 'The African masks in this exhibtion are dramatic portraits of spirit beings, departed ancestors, and invisible powers of social control. Each mask was made according to a traditional style, and each was worn by a trained performer. The African masks that hang on walls of Western art museums, detached from their full-body costumes, were originally part of whole performance ensembles, consisting of elaborately costumed dancers, vibrant music, and highly stylized dances. These complex ceremonial events expressed important social, religious, and moral values for the whole community. With careful attention to the masks' artistic and symbolic detail, it is possible to perceive these same values within the masks themselves. '

Buddha Protected by the Naga, Cambodia.

Shiseido Art House. 'Ever since its opening in 1978, the SHISEIDO ART HOUSE has continued to exhibit Shiseido ad posters and package design reflecting the transition of Japan since the founding of Shiseido over a century ago. Its collection includes artwork exhibited at the Shiseido Gallery in Ginza, which was established to support and encourage up-and-coming artists. '
Shiseido Cosmetics Day, 1930.
Solid Perfume Mai, 1978.
Shiseido Candy Tone, 1961.
Shiseido Soap, 1941.

Record of Poetry Contest Held in Emperor's Palace in 960, Tokyo National Museum.
More images.

Poem Anthology 'Kokin Waka Shu', 12th century Japanese.
More images.

Buckaroos in Paradise. Ranching culture in northern Nevada, 1945-1982.
'The Buckaroos in Paradise Collection presents documentation of a Nevada cattle-ranching community, with a focus on the family-run Ninety-Six Ranch. The documentation was largely the work of the Paradise Valley Folklife Project (1978-1982), a research initiative conducted by the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. This collection presents 41 motion pictures and 28 sound recordings that tell the story of life and work on the Ninety-Six Ranch and of its cowboys, known in the region as buckaroos. Motion pictures produced from 1945 to 1965 by Leslie Stewart, owner of the Ninety-Six Ranch, are also included. An archive of 2,400 still photographs portrays the people, sites, and traditions on other ranches and in the larger community of Paradise Valley, home to persons of Anglo-American, Italian, German, Basque, Swiss, Northern Paiute Indian, and Chinese heritage. About 2,200 of these photographs were made during the folklife project and about 200 photographs date from 1870 to 1958. Background texts provide historical and cultural context for this distinctive Northern Nevada ranching community. '

Around the World in the 1890s. 'The World's Transportation Commission Photograph Collection contains nearly nine hundred images by American photographer William Henry Jackson. In addition to railroads, elephants, camels, horses, sleds and sleighs, sedan chairs, rickshaws, and other types of transportation, Jackson photographed city views, street and harbor scenes, landscapes, local inhabitants, and Commission members as they travelled through North Africa, Asia, Australia, and Oceania. '

"I Do Solemnly Swear . . .": Presidential Inaugurations 'is a collection of approximately 400 items or 2,000 digital files from each of the 54 inaugurations from George Washington's in 1789 to George W. Bush's inauguration of 2001. This presentation includes diaries and letters of presidents and of those who witnessed inaugurations, handwritten drafts of inaugural addresses, broadsides, inaugural tickets and programs, prints, photographs, and sheet music. The selections are drawn from the Presidential Papers in the Manuscript Division and from the collections of the Prints and Photographs Division, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Music Division, and the General Collections of the Library of Congress. Additional material has been included from the photography collections of the Architect of the Capitol, the White House, and the United States Senate Office of the Sergeant at Arms. Some items, from records of early sessions of Congress to early films, that are already online in American Memory have been incorporated. An important component is the collaboration with the Avalon Project at the Yale Law School, which permits the site to offer Yale's online presentations of the inaugural addresses from Presidents Washington to Bush with associated searchable text transcriptions. A key objective of this online presentation is to make accessible to the public, many of the treasures and other important primary source materials held by the Library of Congress as well as by other institutions. The collection has been organized chronologically by presidential inauguration and an effort has been made to offer a balanced number of items for each inaugural event. '

Built in America. Historic American buildings.

Engines of Our Ingenuity. 'The Engines of Our Ingenuity is a radio program that tells the story of how our culture is formed by human creativity. Written and hosted by John Lienhard, it is heard nationally on Public Radio and produced by KUHF-FM Houston. Among other features, this web site houses the transcripts for every episode heard since the show's inception in 1988. Streaming audio is available on each of the posted episodes.'

The Judgement of Paris, by Rubens, in the National Gallery, London, with notes on the myth.

Jupiter's Transformations.

Charity, by Tosini. 'Charity is the most important of the three Christian virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity. Charity could either be expressed as the love of God, or the love of ones neighbour for the sake of God. The love of God was illustrated by a figure holding a flame or a flaming heart. The love of ones neighbour was shown by one of the acts of mercy: clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, nursing the sick, welcoming strangers, visiting prisoners and burying the dead ... '

Time. Links to classical art involving personifications of Time.
An Allegory with Venus and Time.

New Mexico's Pueblo Indians.

Anadarko Festival. Native American photos taken at the Anadarko Festival in Oklahoma, in 1947.

Chemist's Art Gallery. 'Welcome to the Chemist's Art Gallery containing spectacular visualization and animations in chemistry done at the Visualization and Animation Laboratory at CSC by the Visualization Group and from groups at other locations. '

Maledicta Press. He's verbally aggressive. Via MeFi.

The Bishop Museum. Hawaiian culture. Thanks, hama7.

CNN's Future Obituaries.
'While all news organizations prepare obituaries in advance of the deaths of famous individuals, the folks at CNN inadvertently gave the Internet-surfing public a chance to preview how the network's web site would note the demise of Vice President Dick Cheney, Ronald Reagan, and a few other prominent figures. Until earlier this afternoon, a CNN server housed mock-ups of web pages announcing the yet-to -happen deaths. The CNN pages, which were discovered by the intrepid folks at, were yanked about 20 minutes after being exposed (though TSG was able to grab a few of the pages for posterity's sake). The premature obituaries, housed in a publicly accessible area of the CNN server and searchable via Google, were apparently the work of Peter Rentz, a senior multimedia designer at CNN. The mock-ups are virtually identical to the obituary design currently used by CNN when a notable person dies ... In fact, elements of the Queen Mum's obit template can be seen in the below Cheney design. In addition to Cheney and Reagan, CNN also prepped online farewells to Fidel Castro, Bob Hope, Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela, and Gerald Ford ... '
Via MeFi.

Grow a Brain. Good links. Thanks, Miriam.

The Nunavut Handbook. Thanks, madamjujujive.

Arctic Landscapes. Thanks, hama7.

The Good Eggs. 'Legend has it that the fate of the world hinges on pysanky, the intricately decorated Easter eggs of Ukraine.'
'As long as Ukrainians create their beautiful eggs, we are told, life will go on. Should the custom cease, evil will prevail and destruction follow ... '
Thanks, soyjoy.

Mindfulness in Plain English. Meditation manual online. Thanks, homunculus.

Zombie and Mummy. Thanks, iconomy.