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5th June
Favorite Teenage Angstbooks.

'Till My Last Breath. A New York poem.

I Wept.

Olowa of Ise: A Yoruba Sculptor to Kings.
'African artists were far from anonymous. Known to patrons and the people living in their communities and nearby towns, few are known today because early ethnographers failed to ask "Who made this?" Consequently, traditional African works of art are identified by an art style or by the name of the ethnic group that produced them.'
'The focus of this exhibition is on a Yoruba sculptor whose fame extended far beyond his hometown. Olowe of Ise (c. 1875-c. 1938) was born in the town of Efon-Alaiye, a major artistic center in Yorubaland. He spent most of his life in Ise, where he was initially engaged as a messenger at the court of the Arinjale (king) of Ise. Whether he apprenticed with someone to learn his craft or whether he was self-taught--born a master of composition and design (oju-ona)--as his descendants claim, is not known. His career as a sculptor, however, seems to have begun at Ise and his fame spread throughout eastern Yorubaland. The rulers and wealthy families of Ilesa, Ikere, Akure, Idanre, Ogbagi and other towns located within a 60-mile radius (96.75 kilometers) of Ise summoned Olowe to carve elaborately sculpted doors, veranda posts, and personal and ritual objects for them. '

A Spiral of History. A carved tusk from the Loango Coast, Congo.

Shiseido Women. 'In Japan, womens fashion, like makeup, continues to evolve, reflecting the moods and mores of the times. The following photographs of women provide tantalizing glimpses into some of the radical changes that have marked the past century.'

Tsuguo Yanai's Fibre Art. 'Tsuguo Yanai is an award-winning Japanese artist who works in the medium of paper work, or fiber art. Though engaged in a variety of creative endeavours, his main emphasis is on creating installations under the theme of "Matter and Memory." '
'The common thread in all of his works, from prints to installations, is that they involve working with the medium of fiber, which is the basis of paper.'
'Yanai feels that all things consist of a material and a spiritual realm. Material existence erodes and gradually fades away, while the spiritual existence remains as a memory or image.'

Beyond Thirty and the Man-Eater. Edgar Rice Burroughs cover scans. Yes, yes, I know... ;) ... via iconomy.

The Coracle Society. 'The coracle is a small boat with a basketwork frame, propulsion is by means of a paddle.'
'Coracles have been known in Britain for many centuries and are the successors of the small skin covered boats described by Roman writers. Although its use is now restricted to West Wales and the River Severn, it was formerly widespread throughout Britain. Larger sea-going versions known as curraghs are still used in Ireland. Allied craft may be found on many rivers and lakes throughout the world. '
'Related craft include: the Bullboat of the native North Americans; Curragh or Currach of Ireland and Scotland; Gufa of Iraq; Ku-Dru and Kowas of Tibet; Parisal of India; Thung-Chai of Vietnam ... '

The River Towy Coracle of West Wales.

Dance at Bougival, Renoir.

Artist in His Studio, Rembrandt.

Haight Ashbury Streetfair Posters. Via iconomy.

Cathleen Perkins. Altered book collages - amazing stuff. Via Solipsistic.

The Beatles. Via Grow a Brain.

Surf Photos. Via Via BookNotes.

Woman Combing Hair, Goyo. Via gmtPlus9.

Vintage Images. Via iconomy.

School Days, 1918. Via Sugar & Spicy.

Old Sewing Machine Illustrations. Via Sugar & Spicy.

The Institute of Druidic Technology. Fantastic. Via wood s lot.

Manhole Covers of London. Via wood s lot.

Amnesty International Report 2003. Via wood s lot.

A Huey P. Newton Story. 'Originally born in a small town in Louisiana and later moving with his family to Oakland, California as an infant, Huey P. Newton became the co-founder and leader of the Black Panther movement for over 2 decades.'
'Director Spike Lee and Roger Guenveur Smith collaborate for the 7th time to bring Newton's thoughts, philosophies, history and flavour to life in A Huey P. Newton Story.'

The Story Behind the March on Washington in Martin Luther King's own words.

Guanyin. (China, 12th century)
'Represented in the pose of royal ease and richly ornamented, this popular deity is the Bodhisattva of Compassion, popularly worshipped in China as Guanyin ...A Bodhisattva is one who has attained enlightenment, but chooses to remain among humankind to help others achieve it.'

Ganesha and His Wives. (Northern India, 11th century)
'The Hindu god of good fortune, Ganesha, is credited with the elephant's good nature and great strength. The remover of obstacles, Ganesha is the god to invoke when embarking upon any important endeavor. This welcoming image, carved with rounded, sensuous forms and lively energy characteristic of Indian sculpture, would probably have been placed in a niche on the exterior of a temple ... '

Hot Still-Scape for Six Colors 7th Avenue Style, Stuart Davis.

Paul Revere, by John Singleton Copley.

Salam Pax was my interpreter.

Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace.

Webmasters against Racism. Via the Presurfer.

Mouldy Science: Cheese.
Via the Science of Cooking.

Crusty Science: Bread.

Sparkling Science: Champagne.

Aki Meguri. A pilgrimage through Japan. Via Connected Japan.
100 Kannons.

Buddhist Paintings at the Kyoto National Museum.
More masterworks.

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. A searchable online version.
'In the shade of a banyan tree, a grizzled ferryman sits listening to the river. Some say he's a sage. He was once a wandering shramana and, briefly, like thousands of others, he followed Gotama the Buddha, enraptured by his sermons. But this man, Siddhartha, was not a follower of any but his own soul. Born the son of a Brahmin, Siddhartha was blessed in appearance, intelligence, and charisma. In order to find meaning in life, he discarded his promising future for the life of a wandering ascetic. Still, true happiness evaded him. Then a life of pleasure and titillation merely eroded away his spiritual gains until he was just like all the other "child people," dragged around by his desires. Like Hermann Hesse's other creations of struggling young men, Siddhartha has a good dose of European angst and stubborn individualism. His final epiphany challenges both the Buddhist and the Hindu ideals of enlightenment. Neither a practitioner nor a devotee, neither meditating nor reciting, Siddhartha comes to blend in with the world, resonating with the rhythms of nature, bending the reader's ear down to hear answers from the river. '

Buena Vista Social Club.

All About Jazz. 'The web's ultimate guide to jazz.'

Excerpt from the Popol Vuh. 'The Mythic and Heroic Sagas of the Kichés of Central America.'

Images from New York Album, published 1883.

National Lighthouse Museum. (USA)

Women Who Kept the Lights: An Illustrated History of Female Lighthouse Keepers. Excerpts.
Ida Lewis: Famous female lighthouse keeper.

A Brief History of Gracie Mansion. The mayor of New York lives there.

Historic Maps of Paris.

Scenes from Paris. An interesting little tour.

Alpha Centauri.


3rd June
It's my birthday tomorrow and I'll be taking the day off. Back on Thursday.

The Mississippi: River of Song. 'The Mississippi: River of Song is a Smithsonian Institution series for public television and radio that explores the richness and vitality of American music at the close of the twentieth century. Through live performances and intimate discussions with musicians along the course of the Mississippi River, the series discovers the music that has flourished in the heart of the nation. Traveling from an Ojibwe powwow in northern Minnesota to the bandstands of New Orleans, the series builds a dynamic and complex portrait of music and the American community ... '

I'll Make Me A World. African-American artists.

Kannon, Goddess of Mercy. 'The Goddess of Mercy embodies compassion and is one of the most widely worshiped divinities in Japan. Kannon literally means "watchful listening," which could be loosely translated as "the one who sees/hears all." This is indeed the task of the compassionate Kannon bodhisattva -- to witness/listen to the prayers of those in difficulty in the earthly realm, and to help them achieve enlightenment. A bodhdhisattva, by definition, is one who achieves enlightenment but postpones Buddhahood (the rest of Nirvana) until all can be saved ... '

Time Tales 'is a collection of found photographs. found at fleamarkets, thriftshops, some are scooped up from streets and alleyways, fallen from an overstuffed bag or torn pocket. others turn up in a cabinets hidden compartment, found while wandering the rooms of an abandoned house. now the photos exist by themselves, lost in time. ' Via iconomy.

Historical Children's Literature. Via Sugar & Spicy.

University of Colorado Digital Sheet Music Collection. Via Sugar & Spicy.

The Creatures in my Head. Via MeFi.

Style de Vie: Vintage Paper Ephemera. Via iconomy.

Gotham Comes of Age: New York through the Lens of the Byron Company, 1892 - 1942. Via iconomy.

Tibet's 'Sky Burial' Lives On To Link Death and Nature.

Unauthorised Portraits: The Drawings of Edward Sorel. 'One of the foremost graphic artists of our age, Edward Sorel has delighted magazine readers for decades with his social critiques, political satires, and whimsical picture essays. At heart, he is a storyteller and commentator, as incisive as any of his journalist colleagues. Beyond the intelligence and humor so readily apparent in his images, however, is a subtle, complex art of rare power and vitality ... '

The Statue of Liberty 'was used to pitch products from cigarettes and sewing thread to wafers. '
Via Liberty: Portraits of a Lady.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. 'Located along the famous Cherry Tree Walk on the Tidal Basin near the national mall, this is a memorial not only to FDR, but also to the era he represents. The monument traces twelve years of American History through a sequence of four outdoor rooms-each one devoted to one of FDR's terms of office. Sculptures inspired by photographs depict the 32nd President: A 10-foot statue shows him in a wheeled chair; a bas-relief depicts him riding in a car during his first inaugural. At the very beginning of the memorial there is a statue with FDR seated in a wheelchair much like the one he actually used ... '
FDR and controversial monuments.

The Fabulous Fox, St. Louis.
An interesting old theatre - take a virtual tour, or read about its history.

Resurrection Church, St. Louis.
Another place with an interesting history.

A - 03/27/03. A poetic tribute to Mr. Rogers.

Poetry Planet.

Sky Chasers. Photographic galleries of the night sky.

Dark Sky. Campaign for dark skies.

Ancient Merv. 'The ruins of the oasis-city of Merv in Turkmenistan lie on the millenary Silk Route in Central Asia and embody 4,000 years of the history of human settlement in this desert region. '

African Logistics Almost Silenced Wedding Bells. Despite the somewhat patronising title, this is a good travel piece.

Jazz, a film by Ken Burns (PBS). 'America's greatest cultural achievement.'

Duke Ellington's Washington.

Nyangatjatjara Aboriginal Corporation. The stewards of Uluru.
'The Corporation exists to promote the aims and ideas of the Aboriginal Community of Central Australia residing in the vicinity of Ayers Rock, and to develop the associated commercial infrastructure. '
'All adult Anangu people living in the three main communities of Imanpa (to the north of the Lasseter Highway near Mt. Ebenezer), at Kaltukatjara (Docker River) and at Mutitjulu, near Uluru (Ayers Rock) are members of the Corporation. '

Toriningen, Hikone's 'birdman rally'. Photography.
'Every year at the end of July the "Toriningen" (Japan International Birdman Rally) is held on the shores of Lake Biwa in the country town of Hikone, Shiga Prefecture. The object of the competition is to see who can go the furthest in a glider or human-powered aircraft. Participants, mostly from Japanese universities, build some amazing flying machines of all sizes and shapes. Some are kept aloft by pedal power connected to a propeller while others rely solely on their aerodynamic design and the discretion of the wind ... '
'Although the main attraction at the Birdman Rally is watching people attempt motorless flight, there is much more to stimulate the imagination. Team members not involved in launching their aircraft from the platform gather in the pits to cheer on their comrades. They dress up in silly costumes, sing and dance, and basically make as much noise as possible to show their support. Equally as fascinating is watching the flying machines being assembled on the beach ... '

Harajuku Girls. 'Harajuku is a district in Tokyo situated next to the Emperor's shrine, the Meiji Jingu. Aside from Takeshita-dori, the most famous street in Harajuku for teenage trend-setting styles and just hanging out, Yoyogi Park and the nearby bridge over the Yamanote railway line are hot spots for some of the most imaginative and bizarre manifestations of youthful exuberance found anywhere in Japan ... '

Witness to a Tibetan Sky-Burial.

Russian Fairy Tales.

Cimetieres Parisiens. Black and white images of cemeteries and tombs in Paris; text in French.

The Lair. Texas wildscapes.

Blackberry Creek Journal, 'a country newsletter about the seasons, animals, gardens and people of a small Michigan farm'.

Autumn Leaves. 'Recording the golden years or Growing Older Disgracefully'.

The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Jupiter's Great Dark Spot.

A Close Up of Aurora on Jupiter.

2nd June
The Art of Kaveh Golestan.

The Fall of Iraq. Photojournalism presentation.

The Unseen Gulf War.

Seeing the Horror. 9/11.
Seeing the Horror Part II.

Love, Donna: Photographs by Donna Ferrato. 'Some 20 years ago in Mark Greenberg's agency, I met Donna Ferrato for the first time. A cheeky sparkle in her eye together with an irresistible smile enchanted me. Donna was on the point of undertaking a large project concerning violence in the home, which eventually became the book and exhibition, Living With The Enemy. Either Donna does not know or does not remember, and I do not know if we discussed it during a close friendship, but she was the first person to teach me how to "read" photographs, imagining the soul, the heart and the sentiments of a person taking the photo ... '

Four years of gmtPlus9 - many happy returns.

Tragic Beauties. Via gmtPlus9.

Bob Masse's Rock Posters. Via Sugar & Spicy.

The Unh! Project, a collection of guttural moans from comics. Via Geisha Asobi.

Gu Yinzhi's Cats. Via Internet Weekly.

Cerutti Miller: Original Antique French Posters. Via Solipsistic.

Paintings and Illustrations by Andrice Arp. Via Solipsistic.

Infrared Zoo Gallery. Via Internet Weekly.

Hokusai Mangwa. Via iconomy.

Celebrity Handwriting. Via Geisha Asobi.

World War II Poster Collection. Via Solipsistic.

Photos of the Great War. Via MeFi.

Crimeboss. Crime comic books of the 1940s and 1950s.

The Golden Age Romance Comics Archive.

Helmut Newton, Sie Kommen. NSFW.

Japanese Horror Movies Database. 'Welcome to my homepage! I hope this site will make your blood freeze. '

The Weather Pixie.

Khajuraho. Tenth century Indian temple complex with erotic sculptures.

Maa Vaishno Devi.

Priyanka Chopra. Miss World 2000.

Inheritance Dispute, Kinshasa-Style. 'The BBC's Mark Dummett reports from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo where he is at the centre of an unseemly battle over the estate of his late landlord. '

Guatemalan Orphan to War Hero. 'Jose Antonio Gutierrez, the second US marine to die in Iraq, grew up on the streets of Guatemala City. He achieved his dream of receiving American citizenship but only in death. '

Don't Forget! Games with memory.

Common Cents. 'Only one of these images of a penny is correct. Which one is it?'

1st June
Vindolanda Tablets. Online edition of the Vindolanda tablets, excavated from the Roman fort at Vindolanda in northern England.

The Law of the Playground. An encyclopaedia of playground insults.

Farm Photo of the Day. 'Each day a different photograph taken on or around our farm is featured here. '

Three Visions of Peru: Martin Chambi, Mario Algaze, Javier Silva Meinel.

Ghana's Trapped Slaves. 'When she looked up, her eyes were completely blank as if no longer able to reflect pain, happiness, or any of those basic human emotions. '
'Hutealor Wede does not know how old she is, nor can she remember how long she has been in the village of Fiato Avendrpedo in eastern Ghana. All she knows is that she is a slave and likely to die there ... '

Hadrian's Wall. "It is the land of far horizons, where the piled or drifted shapes of gathered vapour are for ever moving along the farthest ridge of hills, like the procession of long primeval ages that is written in tribal mounds and Roman camps and Border towers on the breast of Northumberland." - GM Trevelyan.

Fairy Congress 2003. Via MeFi.

In the Rain: Vintage Erotica. Via MeFi.

Parody Gallery. Via Everlasting Blort.

Body Modification Ezine. Photos and stories. May not be suitable for work.

The Eunuch Archive. Not suitable for work.

Tales Collected by the Brothers Grimm. 'For these stories we give the original 1884 text of Margaret Hunt, by all accounts a good translation, if somewhat old-fashioned by present-day standards. '

Riding the Rails Japanese Style. 'The white arrow, the blue sky, the thunder bird, the salt breeze, the sunrise express, and the super view dancing girl. The names of just some of Japan's express trains are unashamedly romantic and make it easy for me to admit that I have become a trainspotter in Japan ... '

Inside North Korea's Bubble. Includes links to a series of reports on North Korea.

China's Communal Tradition Dying Out. 'For centuries in China, communal lifestyles have dominated. Families have aspired to house five generations under one roof. Friends wash together, students share crowded dormitories, and neighbours live in each other's pockets. '
'It has created a culture of communalism. Children are encouraged to put the group first, themselves second ... '

On Patrol in Nepal's Rebel Heartland.

The Bizarre World of Sky Shopping.
'Gifts for pets got me really excited.
'My cat shall have a stay-fresh, automated drinking fountain to ensure that her water is always filtered and oxygenated.
'And as for the dog, there's the Canine Cooler thermo-regulating pet bed to keep her comfortable on hot summer days. '

The Steadfast Tin Soldier. A fairy tale without a happy ending.

Dracula by Bram Stoker.

Transit of Mercury.

Solar Flames.