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27th March
Tibetan Buddhist Birth-Stories.

Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble of New Orleans. "They play with full-blooded, all-American vigor, simultaneously ribald and ingenious." - The New York Post. Nice website, too.
History of the ensemble.
What is New Orleans jazz? 'New Orleans jazz! Ah, that vibrant, syncopated, lyrical and sometimes naughty music that captures the world's imagination the moment it was first recorded in 1917. We love it still, and in that special way we love an old, familiar friend ... '

The Golden Age of Jazz. Classic photos by William P. Gottlieb.
'It came out of the dark heart of America, the aura, the smoke-filled essence of jazz, the music of joy, abandon, yearning. New cadences, accents, pulsations. Nights of improvisation and hot rapturous jazz ... '

Eyeing America: The Prints of Robert Cottingham. Marvellous.

Maloof on Maloof. 'Sam Maloof, born in 1916, is America's most widely admired contemporary furniture craftsman. Maloof, entirely self-taught, is one of only a handful of furniture designer-craftsmen to make his livelihood through working full time with his hands. Although his furniture has a sculptural quality and has been exhibited in major museums, he doesn't consider himself an artist, but rather a woodworker, and lets it go at that ... '

Walking through New Orleans: Victor H. Schiro, 1904-1992. 'Victor Hugo Schiro served as Mayor of New Orleans from 1961-1969. When DeLesseps S. Morrison resigned as Mayor in 1961 to become United States Ambassador to the Organization of American States, the City Council elected Schiro, then Councilman-At-Large, as interim mayor. The people of New Orleans subsequently elected him to two full terms ... '

Louisiana Political Ephemera.

Musee du Louvre - Scrapbook. A collection of images of the Louvre.

Beaujolais Nouveau Labels. 'A young wine, Beaujolais never needs to be taken too seriously ... '

Mongolia: The Land of Chinggis Khan. Mongolian art, from a 1995 exhibition.
'In the West, Mongolia evokes the name of Chinggis Khan (also known by the Persianized spelling of his name, Genghis Khan) and his thirteenth century conquest of the most of the known world. His empire extended from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, and the reputation of Chinggis' ruthless hordes of soldiers has endured until today. This exhibition presents a different picture of Mongolia. A nomadic people who have for centuries managed to survive in an unforgiving environment, the Mongols are also followers of Tibetan Buddhism who were first converted in the late thirteenth century. In this exhibition, little-known secular and religious works of art from Mongolia's museums will be seen in America for the first time, an event made possible by Mongolia's recent emergence Soviet control in 1990 ... '

The Land of Genghis Khan. (National Geographic)

The Mayan Calendar.

The Sargasso Sea. Short, interesting article in Smithsonian Mag.

Phaeophyta: Life History and Ecology. With photos.
'The Sargasso Sea is a free-floating (pelagic) kelp-dominated ecosystem in the western North Atlantic. It is bounded by the Gulf Stream, the Canaries Current, and other currents which together produce an ever circulating boundary ... '

Albinism in Popular Culture.
Thanks to madamjujujive@mefi.

Some great links at Speckled Paint :-
Manhattan Timeformations. Mapping Manhattan's skyscraper districts over time.
The Tulip Book of P. Cos. 'In the entire world, 43 tulip books are known to exist. They are all manuscripts, made by different illustrators, and therefore unique. '
Priceless Children. Child labour in photographs, 1890-1925.
Police Pictures: The Photograph as Evidence.

Interview with Alim Maihan, a musician detained by the Taliban - now living in England.
'I play malli music - a mix of Afghani and Indian music which is 5,000 years old. Malli is an area of Afghanistan and its music belongs especially to the people of Afghanistan. The music is made up of ragas, different to Indian ragas, they are especially for Afghanistan music ... '

Gulf War and War on Terror censorship. List of records banned from BBC radio stations during the 1991 Gulf War (examples :- 'Waterloo' by Abba, 'Walk Like an Egyptian' by the Bangles, 'Boom Bang A Bang' by Lulu).Also , a similarly asinine 'list of "lyrically inappropriate" songs banned from some US radio stations in the wake of the WTC attacks'.

The Triumph of Fear. Via MeFi.
' ... just as every moment that we choose despair we deepen the likelihood of a world of war, so every moment where we choose to affirm love and generosity and our mutual interconnectedness we increase the likelihood of a world of peace and justice ... '

26th March
Care International: Emergency in Iraq.

The Aboriginal Memorial. 'People from Arnhem Land should be aware that this website may contain pictures and names of deceased local people and images of their art work. In Aboriginal communities in Arnhem Land restrictions apply on the use of names or images of people who have passed away. While the use of such material in this product has been cleared by the communities, the approval of the relevant local community leaders should be sought before this website is viewed in Arnhem Land. The information contained in this product is the intellectual property of the peoples of Arnhem Land and is subject to Aboriginal law ... '

The History of the Shuar. 'Although there were many headhunting cultures throughout the world, only one group was known for ancient practice of shrinking human heads (tsantsa). They were called the Jivaro clan who lived deep in the Ecuadorian, and neighboring Peruvian Amazon. The Jivaros are one of the most primitive societies that have caught the attention of the Western world because of their unusual customs ... '
Indian headhunters of the interior, National Geographic, 1921.

Questacon Virtual Tour. Science and technology museum tour, guided by a virtual robot.

The Love Books of Ovid.

The Satyricon of Petronius. The seamy side of Nero's Rome.

Pictures of a Tragedy. 'A beautiful girl is our object - not in person (regretfully), but in 31 remarkable photographs taken at the very beginning of this soon-to-pass century by celebrated portrait photographer Rudolf Eickemeyer, Jr. Appropriately, she is a model and what used to be called a showgirl. Appropriately, too, though she deserves to be famous for her beauty, like Helen of Troy she is famous for a scandal, and ensuing tragedy. The scandal rocked old New York society to its foundations, and like all such scandals, even today, its story is a morality tale ... '

The American Experience: Public Enemy #1. John Dillinger 1903-35.

The American Odyssey. ' ... a 4 month, 48 state, 23,000 mile journey across America!'
Day 50. 'It's easy to get lost on this old road. Even the guidebooks are sometimes confusing, but the state of Missouri has done its part to help pilgrims like me. They've placed road signs that read Historic Route 66 within a mile of each major interchange. More than once, I was none too sure I had chosen the right path when I came across one of these reassuring markers. Ideally, there would be signs every mile or so with arrows, when needed, pointing pilgrims in the right direction, but at least these signs let one know, albeit after the fact, that one has indeed made the correct turn ... '

Shinto Creation Stories. Ten stories.

Yin and Yang in Medical Theory. 'The concepts of Yin and Yang and the Five Agents provided the intellectual framework of much of Chinese scientific thinking especially in fields like biology and medicine The organs of the body were seen to be interrelated in the same sorts of ways as other natural phenomena, and best understood by looking for correlations and correspondences. Illness was seen as a disturbance in the balance of Yin and Yang or the Five Agents caused by emotions, heat or cold, or other influences. Therapy thus depended on accurate diagnosis of the source of the imbalance. '

Mourning Jewellery Museum.
Via Eclogues.

'The US army said it gave the main Iraqi oil well firefighting contract to a unit of Halliburton Co., a firm once run by Vice President Dick Cheney, without any bidding. '

This Is Gulf War 2. Not pretty - don't look at this over breakfast.
Thanks, Fred.

25th March
The Red Cross: Iraq Crisis Appeal.
Related article :- Charity tackles Iraq water shortage.

Sitting Bull. From PBS's The West series.
'A Hunkpapa Lakota chief and holy man under whom the Lakota tribes united in their struggle for survival on the northern plains, Sitting Bull remained defiant toward American military power and contemptuous of American promises to the end.'

The Song of Solomon.

The Poems of Sappho. Translated 1925.

When Plants Migrate. 'The study of how plants moved north after the last ice age could mean new directions for conservation.'

Breck Girls. 'Two years ago, I met the woman of everyone's dreams. her name was Roma Whitney, and she became one of the original Breck Girls in 1937, when she was 17. Hers was the face that launched the Breck Company's first national advertising campaign in 1946, and her image was registered as the company's trademark in 1951. Her haloed blonde profile, the dynamic tension between her defiantly uplifted chin and her downcast eyes, spoke to me across a gulf of more than 50 years, and I couldn't help but wonder what message her image had carried to the women of her day ... '

The Timeless Women of Thomas Wilmer Dewing.

C.S. Restorer. 'C.S. Restorer's Far East cable laying and repairing operations ranged from New Zealand to China during the years 1903-04. This network was the result of cables laid by a total of twelve cable ships during the years 1870-1894. Three of these cable ships survived into the early years of the 20th Century. They were C.S. Sherard Osborn, C.S. Recorder (1), C.S. Scotia ... '

The Capitol of the Women of America. 'University City's City Hall visually dominates the group of buildings clustering around the spacious intersection of Delmar Boulevard and Trinity Avenue in University City. They constitute one of the most remarkable civic centers in the country, an embodiment of the City Beautiful movement that was inspired by the great world's fairs. The Civic Plaza, as it is known, is also a reminder of the vision of University City's colorful founder, E.G. Lewis; it is associated with the women's movement in the years preceding the passage of the 19th Amendment and is a model of adaptive reuse, as most of the buildings have been converted to new functions ... '

Mohandas K. Gandhi: Indian Home Rule (1909). 'The popular image of Gandhi in the West involves a saintly manner and "passive resistance." In fact he was a skillful lawyer whose techniques of nonviolent protest were anything but passive and who could be fearlessly outspoken in defense of his beloved India. In this imaginary dialogue, Gandhi is replying to the question of an interviewer (here labeled "READER") as to how he would address "extremists" seeking independence from Britain. Gandhi's replies are labeled "EDITOR." ... '

Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths.
'There are many myths about Gandhi. I'd like to point out a few of them and hopefully get rid of them for you.'
'First, a quick one: Gandhi was not a scrawny little man. Yes, his legs were scrawny-and bowed- but he had a barrel chest, and a deep, booming voice to match it. In pictures, you just don't notice his chest, because he usually had a cloth draped around it.'
'That was an easy one. Let's try another.'
'One of the most common and most dangerous myths about Gandhi is that he was a saint. The name- or rather, the title Mahatma itself means " Great Soul." That's somewhere between a saint and a Messiah. Gandhi tried to avoid the title, but the people of India ignored his protests. Now I see that even the Library of Congress has begun to classify him under "Gandhi, Mahatma," so I guess he's lost that battle ... '

The Century Project.

24th March
Domestic Architecture in the Comanche Village on Medicine Creek, Indian Territory, Winter 1872-73.

Wovoka and the Ghost Dance. 'When you get home you must make a dance to continue five days. Dance four successive nights, and the last night keep us the dance until the morning of the fifth day, when all must bathe in the river and then disperse to their homes. You must all do in the same way ... '

The Priapeia.
Collection of bawdy epigrams to the Roman god Priapus; the illustration of the first page may not be suitable for work.

Adobe Churches of New Mexico. 'Nearly one-third of New Mexico's 362 catalogued earthen churches are severely damaged or in danger of collapse. Many others are threatened. Cornerstones of their communities and symbols of the profound spiritualism of the Hispanic settlers who built them, these unique structures have seen generations of baptisms, weddings and funerals. But years of harsh weather and poor maintenance have taken their toll ... '

Pipe Dreams. 'The royal instrument is the most complex and powerful yet devised by the human mind.'

The Man Who Dreamed Up Madeline. 'One afternoon in the late 1930s, writer and artist Ludwig Bemelmans, Austrian-born but now living in New York City, sat sketching out the plot of a children's book. His idea involved a jaunty convent-school heroine, Madeline by name, whose adventures in Paris (with side trips to London and the French countryside) possessed a timeless and insouciant charm ... '

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative. 'People working together to maintain and restore the unique natural heritage of the Yellowstone to Yukon region. '

The Nature Conservancy. 'Saving the last great places on Earth.'
In Response to Place. 'In celebration of our 50th anniversary, 12 renowned photographers including Annie Leibovitz and William Wegman capture the rich and complex splendor of some of the "Last Great Places." '

Highway Route Markers. 'View highway route markers, past and present, from around the world.'

House Trailers Have Come a Long Way. 'The modern mobile home's antecedents were trailers designed for recreational jaunts. Seasonal and itinerant workers adopted them as temporary homes in the 1930s; during World War II, travel trailers provided housing for defense workers all over the country. In the 1960s, a split occurred in the mobile home's family tree. One branch stayed nomadic and evolved into the familiar RV; the other put on weight, got bigger and fancier, settled down and became respectable ... '

Tree Houses Take a Bough. 'Many of us fall in love with tree houses as children but leave them behind when we grow up. These days, though, more and more adults are rediscovering the joys of arboreal hideaways ... '

Tree-Literate Treehouses.

The Tree House. 'A couple years after our first daughter Morgan was born I began construction on " The Stump House ". I wanted to create an enchanted play house to stimulate her little imagination. She and I used to sit in the top of this stump when she was little and discuss plans for it ... '

The Highlands. An amusement park in Missouri.
'In 1963, JFK had his plans for the future rifled over the streets of Dallas, Patsy Cline fell to pieces over the hills of Tennessee,& Forest Park Highlands (St.Louis finest amusement park) went up in smoke over the skies of southeast Missouri.'
'This web site is for those who did not get to "fly the turns" or streak across the skies over Oakland Ave. on the Comet -- or for those who did & want to relive fond memories of another "Spirit of St.Louis." If you visit once, come back again,as I will be adding new photos,postcards,as I find them...And I am ALWAYS looking! My name is Doug Garner& I invite you to, as the Highlands' slogan once said,"Come on over,for the time of your life!" ... '

Southern New Mexico's Chihuahuan Desert - A Pulsating Concerto of Earth and Sky.

Southern New Mexico's Golden Legend.

The New Nationalist Movement in India by Jabez T. Sunderland, Atlantic Monthly, October 1908.
'The Nationalist Movement in India may well interest Americans. Lovers of progress and humanity cannot become acquainted with it without discovering that it has large significance, not only to India and Great Britain, but to the world. That the movement is attracting much attention in England (as well as awakening some anxiety there, because of England's connection with India) is well known to all who read the British periodical press, or follow the debates of Parliament, or note the public utterances from time to time of Mr. John Morley (now Lord Morley), the British Secretary of State for India ... ' '... This does not necessarily mean separation from Great Britain; but it does mean, if retaining a connection with the British Empire, becoming citizens,and not remaining forever helpless subjectsin the hands of irresponsible masters. It does mean a demand that India shall be given a place in the Empire essentially like that of Canada or Australia,with such autonomy and home rule as are enjoyed by these free, self-governing colonies. Is not this demand just? Not only the people of India, but many of the best Englishmen, answer unequivocally, Yes! ... '

Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856-1920): Address to the Indian National Congress, 1907. 'The Indian National Congress was created by a group of English-speaking urban intellectuals in 1885. The original "moderate" leadership was soon more "militant" group, led by Bal GangadharTilak (1856-1920), which demanded "Swaraj [self-rule] for India. What follows is an excerpt from Tilak's address to Indian National Congress in 1907 calling for boycott of British goods and resistance to British rule.'

The Book of Protection.
Preface. 'The Book of Protection which is an anthology of selected discourses of the Buddha compiled by the teachers of old, was originally meant as a handbook for the newly ordained novice. The idea was that those novices who are not capable of studying large portions of the 'Discourse Collection' (sutta pitaka) should at least be conversant with the Book of Protection. Even today it is so. The twenty four discourses are selected from the five Nikayas or the original Collections in Pali containing the Buddha's discourses. The fact that the book was meant for the novice is clear from the prefatory paragraphs that precede the discourses.'

The Wings to Awakening. Anthology from the Pali Canon.

Iraqi dissidents debate military intervention. Via MeFi.