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23rd May
Comic Strips Classics Stamps. Via Dublog.

The Nocturnes. Wonderful night photography.
Via the Solipsistic Gazette, who got it from amberglow.

Marjane Satrapi: Persepolis. 'Originally published to wide critical acclaim in France, where it elicited comparisons to Art Spiegelman's Maus, Persepolis is Marjane Satrapi's wise, funny, and heartbreaking memoir of growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. In powerful black-and-white comic strip images, Satrapi tells the story of her life in Tehran from ages six to fourteen, years that saw the overthrow of the Shah's regime, the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, and the devastating effects of war with Iraq. The intelligent and outspoken only child of committed Marxists and the great-granddaughter of one of Iran's last emperors, Marjane bears witness to a childhood uniquely entwined with the history of her country. '
Rebel in exile: Marjane Satrapi.
Via gmtPlus9.

Cliff Pieces. "A lot of people pass sketchbooks around at conventions, but somehow, by directing these artists to follow an apparently arbitrary theme, Walt has inspired some of the best con sketches you'll see in any one place."
Via iconomy.

Mary Ellen Mark Photographs. Via iconomy.

Oddball Comics. Via Pop Culture Junk Mail.

Lenin Mausoleum. Via Bifurcated Rivets.

Egg and Vegetable Vending Machines. Via Bifurcated Rivets.

Annie Leibovitz: Portraits. Mostly celebrity photography.
Blues Brothers - John & Yoko - Hillary Clinton - Michael Jordan - Farmer & Daughter - Victim of Domestic Abuse

The William Blake Archive. Wonderfully huge, right from the starting page.

William Blake, Illustrations to Gray. 'The following are some of Blake's illustrations to Thomas Gray's poems, reproduced in Fearless Joy (ed. Downey and Jones.'
Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat.
Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.
Ode on the Spring.
Hymn to Adversity.

Thing in a Jar.

The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices. Quack stuff.

Madhubani Painting - 'an on-line exhibit of folk paintings by women artists who live in the Madhubani district of northern India.'
Gallery. This is very good.
A Meeting of Snakes - Lioness with Cub - The Goddess Kali Standing on Shiva - Krishna and the Milkmaids.

An Exhibition of Maithil Paintings. Indian women's paintings.

Patterns and Prints of India. 'The textiles range from a fine silk wedding shawl made in a village in Gujarat, to leather puppets from the south, to kantha quilts made from old white garments in West Bengal, to a jamjam floorcloth from Rajasthan, to glittering dowry bags and beautiful garments.'

Chinese Tang Pottery. 'China of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) achieved a brilliant and prosperous culture that was the envy and model of all its neighbors. At its peak, the Tang empire stretched from the Caspian Sea to the Pacific, from Manchuria and Korea in the north into Vietnam in the south. Within the country, commerce and cultural ideas thrived and spread through trade to Europe and even the court at Byzantium. Tang China was cosmopolitan and tolerant, welcoming new ideas and other religions. Within this environment, literature, painting, and the ceramic arts flourished. '

Haida Secret Society Masks. 'Secular power in Haida society was wielded by the chiefs, who, unlike their Kwakwaka'wakw neighbours to the south, never yielded their power each winter to the heads of the secret societies. Nevertheless, by the mid-eighteenth century, the Haida began to practise much weaker forms of secret society winter dances, which they learned from captives taken in wars ... '

A Saskatchewan Experience: In a Traditional Tipi Camp. 'A Saskatchewan Experience in a Traditional Tipi Camp, was developed by a cross-cultural team of young individuals. This team was provided with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the First Nation culture with all of its richness and mystique. The Youth share with you information about the healing plants native to our Province, the history of the First Nations of the area, some specific and historical cultural information and their first-hand experience in a Tipi Camp and introduction to cultural ceremonies. '

Midsummer, Georgia Avenue. 'Happiness: a high, wide porch, white columns'

Tom Paine. 'A public interest journal.'

World Sex News Daily. Not suitable for work.

World Sex Records.

Sexual Freedom Coalition. 'Promoting reform of Britain's silly old sex laws.'

Sex Maniac's Ball.

The Erotic Awards.

Buddhism makes you happy.

'A division of the pharmaceutic company Bayer sold millions of dollars of blood-clotting medicine for hemophiliacs - medicine that carried a high risk of transmitting AIDS - to Asia and Latin America in the mid-1980s while selling a new, safer product in the West, according to documents obtained by the New York Times.' Via MeFi.

22nd May
Sock Monkeys.
Via Interesting Ideas.

Ominous Needlepoint.

Alchemy. 'Over 90 megabytes online of information on alchemy in all its facets. Divided into over 1300 sections and providing tens of thousands of pages of text, over 2000 images, over 200 complete alchemical texts, extensive bibliographical material on the printed books and manuscripts, numerous articles, introductory and general reference material on alchemy.'
Practical alchemy.

Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity.

Carving a Totem Pole.
'In the following sections you will find a story told with photos of a totem pole being carved at Skidegate, Haida Gwaii. The pole is designed and carved by Guujaaw with assistance from Gwaii and Wayne Edenshaw.'
'There are three main figures on the pole -- the bottom figure is a bear, the middle a killer whale, and the top is a thunderbird. Between the bears legs is a bear cub, in the whales mouth is a seal, and a frog sits atop the thunderbird. '

Alaska's Totem Poles.

The Hindu Universe. Hindu resource centre, at

Cultivated Landscapes: Reflections of Nature in Chinese Painting with Selections from the Collection of Marie-Hlne and Guy Weill.

Chinese Export Porcelain at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Embodied Image: Chinese Calligraphy from the John B. Elliott Collection.

The World of Scholars' Rocks: Gardens, Studios, and Paintings. 'Rocks have long been admired in China as an essential feature in gardens. By the early Song dynasty (9601279), small ornamental rocks were also collected as accoutrements of the scholar's study, and the portrayal of rocks, often joined by an old tree or bamboo, became a favorite and enduring pictorial genre. Particularly admired are stones that have been sculpted by natural processes of erosionor that appear natural even if they have been artfully enhanced by manas embodiments of the transformational powers of nature. '

The Artist as Collector: Masterpieces of Chinese Painting from the C. C. Wang Family Collection. 'Displaying more than 60 paintings from the renowned C. C. Wang Family Collection now in the Metropolitan Museum, this exhibition illuminates the entire tradition of scholar painting from its birth and early development in the Song and Yuan dynasties (10th to 14th century) to its later transformation and elaboration during the Ming and Qing dynasties (14th to 20th century). The exhibition highlights 12 promised giftsincluding Riverbank, one of the most important landscape hanging scrolls in the history of Chinese art. Also on view are a choice group of loans from the Wang family and a small selection of paintings by C. C. Wang himself.'

Lou Reed on Kung Fu Mag Cover. Via Incoming Signals.

Adverts of Yesteryear Birmingham. Home, for me. Via the Solipsistic Gazette.

Inside Art. Prison art. 'This site is here to display the talents and skills of inmates, past and present, of HMPYOI Moorland and HMP Lindholme, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. It is also a means by which the students can gain a sense of pride, achievement and a positive purpose. The artwork on display is all original, and created by the inmates in the education departments of the prisons. '
Via gmtPlus9.

Posters American Style. Via headlessness.

How to Create a Golem. Thx, homunculus.

Hell Money. 'When i was child, growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, a friend of mine's family ran a grocery store. They were Chinese, and although almost everything in their store was exactly like the stuff in all the other small groceries in Berkeley, they also carried a few Chinese specialty items up by the counter. One of these was Hell Money. The word Hell was introduced to China, my friend's parents told me, by Christian missionaries who claimed that non-converted Chinese folks were all "going to Hell" when they died -- and the Chinese, thinking "Hell" was the proper English term for the afterlife, adopted the word. Thus, Hell Bank Notes are simply Afterlife Monetary Offerings or Spirit Money ... '
Via iconomy.

Numeric Diary. Via Sugar & Spicy.

Laputan Logic. The current edition includes a long, fascinating piece on the Jomon culture of Japan, with images. Thanks to Languagehat for the pointer.

Flightless Hummingbird. An interesting homepage. Via Reflections in D Minor.

TV Ads about Domestic Violence. Via MeFi and the McWetlog.

Ohio Memory. 'An online scrapbook of Ohio history.'

Women's eNews.

The W. S. George Pottery Company, East Palestine, Ohio, 1904-1960. Examples of work.

Titian at the Prado, Spain.

The Golden Legend. A popular medieval book on the lives of the saints.

Saints of the Orthodox Church.

The Royal Martyrs of Russia. 'Welcome to the Greek Orthodox Resource on the Russian Royal Family! Here you will find various writings, commentaries, compilations and pictures on the Russian Royal Family by Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes.'

Can You Find the Highest Note? 'This dynamic presentation digitally recreates three auditory illusions found at the Exploratorium Science Museum in San Francisco, California. '

The Old Brickyard Quarry. 'The world begins with a gaze, impromptu,'

Leavings. 'Foolish, frugal Mrs. Mousie, why'

A Gamma Ray Burst - Supernova Connection.

Museum Erotica, Stockholm. Not suitable for work.

21st May
Southwestern United States Rock Art Gallery. 'This page is devoted to Native American Rock Art of the Southwestern United States. Currently, most images on this page are from Utah. This will change as time permits.'

"Treasury of the World": Jeweled Arts of India in the Age of the Mughals. 'The Mughal rulers of India maintained a court that was renowned for its wealth, high culture, and love of precious objects, all of which were epitomized in the jeweled arts of the period. Drawn from the uniquely extensive holdings of The al-Sabah Collection in Kuwait, this dazzling display presents more than 300 works of the Mughal period, including jeweled items of personal adornment, princely weapons, carved jade and crystal bowls set with precious stones, spinels ("balas rubies") inscribed with the titles of their imperial owners, and other art-historically important pieces representing the period of several imperial reigns, as well as the sumptuous and refined courts of the Deccan, in the southern part of India. '

Parvati, Consort of Shiva.
Standing Shakyamuni Buddha.
Performers and Animals at an Impromptu Circus in the Countryside.
Via the Worcester Art Museum Indian Collection.

My First Trip to Tibet. 'It was the winter of 1987 and I had been traveling in Southern China for a whole month. The winter up North was cold and boring, the array of bright autumn colors blending into a gray mass that covered Beijing with depressing uniformity. All foreign students headed South, mostly to the sunny island of Hainan where you could lie on the warm sand of the beach and drink coconut juice right out of the coconuts all day long ... '
My Trip to Lijiang and Lake Luhu in Yunnan Province, China.

A Visitor in Ancient China. An arrogant tourist in the Zhou capital during the Warring States period.

The Worcester Art Museum Precolumbian Collection.
Standing Male Figure.
Model of a Ballgame.
Portrait Vessel.
Carved Column.
Fertility Goddess.

The Play That Electrified Harlem. At the height of the Depression, Orson Welles and an all-black cast used federal money to transform Macbeth.
'For days, Harlem residents strolling anywhere between Lexington Avenue and Broadway from 125th to 140th Streets had seen the word "MACBETH" stenciled in glowing paint at every corner. New York's African-American community had been discussing the new production by the Federal Theater Project's Negro Unit with mingled pride and anxiety for months, and by opening night on April 14, 1936, anticipation had reached a fever pitch. At 6:30 p.m., 10,000 people stood as close as they could come to the Lafayette Theatre on Seventh Avenue near 131st Street, jamming the avenue for 10 blocks and halting northbound traffic for more than an hour ... '

Posters for the People. 'The WPA's Federal Art Project put money in the pockets of the unemployed, brought the avant-garde into small-town America, and started an aesthetic revolution.'
Poster gallery.

Furniture Collections at the Getty Museum.

Devotional Books at the Getty. 'Throughout the Middle Ages, Christian worshipers participated in the communal services of the Church. Increasingly, however, they sought ways to establish a more intimate relationship with God. To address their needs, authors adapted prayers and readings for use in private prayer books ... '
Bestiary - Psalters - Books of Hours.

The Edward Hopper Scrapbook. Photography.
'This scrapbook, compiled by the staff of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, offers a glimpse into Hopper's life, his friends, and the paintings that have fascinated art lovers worldwide ever since Hopper first came to prominence during the mid 1920s ... '

Mathew Brady negatives and stereo views. Via the George Eastman House.

John Heartfield at the George Eastman House. Anti-fascist photomontage satire; this is good.

Pet Obsessed. 'These whimsical works are digital art that combines your pet's image with the great works of the Masters (Rembrandt, van Gogh, da Vinci, etc.).'
Via the Solipsistic Gazette.

Theme Birds on Stamps. Thx, hama7.

Leon Redbone. Via Bifurcated Rivets.

Word Game Images. Via Sugar & Spicy.

The Steam-Powered Drum Machine. Via MeFi.

Our Future, Our Past: The Alberta Heritage Digitisation Project. 'The Alberta Heritage Digitization Project (AHDP) provides people from all over the world with immediate access to Alberta Folklore, Architectural Drawings, Art, Aerial Photographs, Maps, early Alberta Newspapers, Homestead Files, and Local and Alberta Histories ... '

On the Rising Tide: The Fortunes of the Cummingers of Sherbrooke. 'The story of this merchant family was in many ways the story of Sherbrooke itself. As the Cummingers prospered, so too did the Village of Sherbrooke. The economic underpinnings of the region - gold, lumbering and shipbuilding - were the very things which contributed to the Cumminger fortunes. The Cumminger story offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of a leading merchant-class family during Nova Scotia's "Golden Age" around the period of Confederation ... '

The Historical Museum of Bonnyville, in Alberta, Canada.

Real Hybrid Animals. 'The animals in this collection really do exist. The development of these animals was by either human intervention or a freak act of nature. A genetic (or biological) species is defined by the ability to produce fertile young. When individuals can interbreed and produce fertile young they are described as the same species. "Same Species" animals can interbreed and are descended from the same created "kind".'
Wolphin - Liger - Tigon - Beefalo - Cattalo - Yakalo - Zorse - Zonkey - Zony

Between Biacoustics and Music. 'There are many examples of animal sounds or vibration signals mentioned in this paper and presented in the form of oscillograms and sonograms. To get a better idea about these communication we present here the following examples of the animal sound and vibration signals.'

Odd Cars. Via MeFi.

Barristers' wigs on the way out???

20th May
Sigmund Freud: Conflict & Culture. 'Few figures have had so decisive and fundamental an influence on the course of modern cultural history as Sigmund Freud. Yet few figures also have inspired such sustained controversy and intense debate. Freud's legacy continues to be hotly contested, as demonstrated by the controversy attracted by this exhibition even before its opening. Our notions of identity, memory, childhood, sexuality, and, most generally, of meaning have been shaped in relation to--and often in opposition to--Freud's work. The exhibition examines Freud's life and his key ideas and their effect upon the twentieth century.'

The Freud Museum, London.
'It contains Freud's remarkable collection of antiquities : Egyptian; Greek; Roman and Oriental. Almost two thousand items fill cabinets and are ranged on every surface. There are rows of ancient figures on the desk where Freud wrote until the early hours of the morning. The walls are lined with shelves containing Freud's large libraryof reference books.'
'The house is also filled with memories of his daughter, Anna, who lived there for 44 years and continued to develop her pioneering psychoanalytic work, especially with children. It was her wish that the house become a museum to honour her illustrious father. The museum is now being developed as a cultural and research center of outstanding value to the professional community. The Freud's were fortunate to be able to bring all their furniture and household effects to London: there were splendid Biedermeier chests, tables and cupboards, and a fine collection of 18th and 19th-century Austrian painted country furniture.'
Freud's psychoanalytic couch.

Across Borders: Beadwork in Iroquois Life.
Online exhibit. Via the National Museum of the American Indian.

Booming Out: Mohawk Ironworkers Build New York.

Korean Buddhist Sculpture (5th-9th Century). 'Because it was a proselytizing religion, Buddhism, which originated in India around the fifth century B.C., spread quickly and widely. The type of Buddhism that reached East Asia is known as Mahayana, or the Great Vehicle. One key feature of this sect is its emphasis on the attainability of salvation, and hence the importance of the bodhisattvacompassionate beings who assist mortals to achieve enlightenment. Buddhist sculptures produced in East Asia often represent not only the Buddha ("the awakened one") but also a pantheon of bodhisattvas ...'

Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). Art of.
'In Ming painting, the traditions of both the Southern Song painting academy and the Yuan (12791368) scholar-artist were developed further. While the Zhe (Zhejiang Province) school of painters carried on the descriptive, ink-wash style of the Southern Song with great technical virtuosity, the Wu (Suzhou) school explored the expressive calligraphic styles of Yuan scholar-painters emphasizing restraint and self-cultivation. In Ming scholar-painting, as in calligraphy, each form is built up of a recognized set of brushstrokes, yet the execution of these forms is, each time, a unique personal performance. Valuing the presence of personality in a work over mere technical skill, the Ming scholar-painter aimed for mastery of performance rather than laborious craftsmanship.'
'Early Ming decorative arts inherited the richly eclectic legacy of the Mongol Yuan dynasty, which included both regional Chinese traditions and foreign influences. For example, the fourteenth-century development of blue-and-white ware and cloisonn enamelware arose, at least in part, in response to lively trade with the Islamic world, and many Ming examples continued to reflect strong West Asian influences. A special court-based Bureau of Design ensured that a uniform standard of decoration was established for imperial production in ceramics, textiles, metalwork, and lacquer.'

Muromachi Period (1392-1573). Japanese art of.

Night-Shining White, Tang dynasty (618907), 8th century. 'The fiery-tempered steed, with its burning eye, flaring nostrils, and dancing hooves, epitomizes Chinese myths about imported "celestial steeds" that "sweat blood" and were really dragons in disguise. '

Haunted Furniture. Via Geisha Asobi.

1957 Atomic Revolution Comic Book. Via MeFi.

Alessandro Bavari - Sodom & Gomorrah.
Via Iconomy.

Seed Art. 'These antique seed packets were exquisitely hand lithographed by artists 90 years ago. Not only are the packets valuable as art, but historically they depict many varieties and colors of flowers and vegetables that are considered extinct today and may only be seen as images in these packets. '
Via Iconomy.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library. 'Classic Christian books in electronic format, selected for your edification. There is enough good reading material here to last you a lifetime, if you give each work the time it deserves! '

Theories of the Historical Jesus. 'The purpose of this web page is to explain and explore some of the theories offered up by contemporary scholars on the historical Jesus and the origins of the Christian religion. Issues include the nature of the historical Jesus, the nature of the early Christian documents, and the origins of the Christian faith in a risen Jesus Christ. An attempt has been made to include historical Jesus theories across the spectrum from Marcus Borg to N.T. Wright and to describe these historical Jesus theories in an accurate and concise way. '

Early Christian Writings.

The Erotic Traveler. Not suitable for work.

Why Stars Twinkle.

Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse.

19th May
aka Kurdistan. 'This site, a borderless space, provides the opportunity to build a collective memory with a people who have no national archive.'

Farewell to Bosnia.

A Concrete Curtain: The Life and Death of the Berlin Wall.

A Song of Hafiz.

Mystery Object. What's this?

Chertsey Museum, Surrey, England. Lots to see (but probably best viewed over a fast connection).

The Great American Pin-Up. 'Home of the Greatest Collection of Original Pin-Up Art 1930-70.'

Out of Lascaux has a new home.

The Taj Mahal. A virtual tour.

The Majestic Taj Mahal. 'To people the world over, the Taj Mahal, mausoleum of the mughal Empress Mumtaz Mahal, is synonymous with India. Its curving, gently swelling dome and the square base upon which its rests so lightly is a familiar image from hundreds of brochures and travel books. The Taj is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular buildings of the world. Renowned for its architectural magnificence and aesthetic beauty, it counts among man's proudest creations and is invariably included in the list of the world's foremost wonders. As a tomb, it has no match upon earth, for mortal remains have never been housed in greater grandeur ... '
Plan, photographs, description and illustrated history.

Giraffe Manor. A wondrous place.

Beauty Check. Why are some faces perceived as more beautiful than others? Thanks to Carlos Quevedo @ MeFi.

Architecture in Ancient Greece.
'Ancient Greek architects strove for the precision and excellence of workmanship that are the hallmarks of Greek art in general. The formulas they invented as early as the sixth century B.C. have influenced the architecture of the past two millennia. The two principal orders in Archaic and Classical Greek architecture are the Doric and the Ionic. In the first, the Doric order, the columns are fluted and have no base ... '

Remember Chile.
'Our position on the problems of human rights violations is basically legal, ethical and preventative. No healthy, solid, stable democracy can build itself upon a foundation of forgetting the most serious crimes against the right to life, integrity and freedom committed in Chilean history and within a policy of state terrorism that unleashed maximum political violence against society. We reaffirm that there is no ethical nor judicial reason why crimes of human rights violations should remain in impunity. We are asking that crimes against humanity be punished in the same way that common ones are. '

Clay Bennett Cartoon Archive: One Ring.
Clay Bennett Cartoon Archive: Love Me Not.
More Clay Bennett cartoons. Political cartoons.

Inflatable Church. Via gmtPlus9.

Ireland: Light, Body and Soul.
Via wood s lot.

The Iconography of Saint Sebastian. Thanks to thomas j wise @ MeFi.

Alphabetilately. Letters of the alphabet, and stamps. Just great.
Via Iconomy.

A History of the Paper Dress. Via Iconomy.

Henna - Modern Mystical Adornment. Via Sugar & Spicy, via Iconomy.

Murray Cards. Via Sugar & Spicy.

A Collection of Collections. 'Welcome to our Collection of Collections. "What do you collect?", you ask. Visit the six sections of this web site and you will see the major (but by no means the only) areas of our collections. We struggle constantly NOT to start another collection. It must be something in the genes. ... '
Via Sugar & Spicy.

A Girl and Her Crayons. Via Sugar & Spicy.

Art of the First Cities: The Third Millennium B.C. from the Mediterranean to the Indus. Via headlessness.

Sister Rosalind Gefre Schools and Clinics of Massage. Via Everlasting Blort.

Monsturd. Via Everlasting Blort.

Spiky Bras. Via Everlasting Blort.

Ashcroft Online. 'Hey...if you're not doing anything wrong then why do you need privacy?' Via Everlasting Blort.

Portraits. Via Consumptive.

Skulls in Culture. 'Skulls do more than just protect the brain they also stimulate the mind. Often symbols of mortality and power, they have been employed in human ceremony, ritual, and art for tens of thousands of years. '
Via Spitting Image.

Humane Images. From the American Humane Society.
Via Spitting Image.

The Three Graces by Rubens.

The Three Graces by Raphael.

Journey North. A global study of wildlife migration.
'The journeys of a dozen migratory species are tracked each spring. Students share their own field observations with classrooms across the Hemisphere. In addition, students are linked with scientists who provide their expertise directly to the classroom. Several migrations are tracked by satellite telemetry, providing live coverage of individual animals as they migrate. As the spring season sweeps across the Hemisphere, students note changes in daylight, temperatures, & all living things as the food chain comes back to life.'

Strike the Root. 'A journal of liberty.'
"War! When I but think of this word, I feel bewildered, as though they were speaking to me of sorcery, of the Inquisition, of a distant, finished, abominable, monstrous, unnatural thing. When they speak to us of cannibals, we smile proudly, as we proclaim our superiority to these savages. Who are the real savages? Those who struggle in order to eat those whom they vanquish, or those who struggle merely to kill?" ~ Guy de Maupassant.

Sea Slug Forum.

John Ford classic western rediscovered. From 1917!

Haunted doll sold on eBay?