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4th September
Plep is going on holiday. I am going to Rome - and will return (along with weblog updates) in approximately one week.

In the meantime, please enjoy some of my favourite links :

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3rd September
Young America: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Portraits of Native Americans.

Yoshitoshi: 100 Views of the Moon Prints. 'Yoshitoshi's erratic career and personal life, punctuated by periods of mental instability and depression, mirrored the tumultous period during which he lived. Yoshitoshi was keenly interested in preserving traditional Japanese culture and values and he used his art to this purpose by choosing historic and legendary subjects for many of his designs. '

Seasons of Paris. 'Seasons of Paris is an exhibit whose central theme is the city of Paris - its planning, monuments, people, site, natural features, and "image" - from 1700 to the present day. '

John Shephard. Landscape and scenic photography.

Benedicte Wrensted: Native American Photographs.
Via Benedicte Wrensted: An Idaho Photographer in Focus. 'The remarkable photography of Benedicte Wrensted (1859-1949) lay in obscurity for decades until brought to light by the detective work of Smithsonian anthropologist Joanna Cohan Scherer. In 1984, while researching photographs for the Smithsonian's Handbook of North American Indians, Scherer found a collection of glass plate negatives at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, DC. Labeled only as "Portraits of Indians from Southeastern Idaho Reservations, 1897," the images were so compelling that Scherer had prints made for the Handbook - a 20 volume encyclopedia summarizing the anthropology and history of Indians and Eskimos of North America north of Mesoamerica.'

Masters of the Medium: European Drawings from the Collection of the Ackland Art Museum.

Eye in the Sky: Visions of Contemporary Art from the Ackland Collection.

Dark Jewels: Chinese Black and Brown Ceramics from the Shatzman Collection.

Word and Worship: Approaching Islam through Art.

Reason and Fantasy in an Age of Enlightenment. 'In 1778, at the end of a long career as writer, critic and political activist, Voltaire was portrayed by the sculptor Houdon. Enthroned on a simple but elegantly decorated chair, Voltaire personifies the eighteenth century as the age of Enlightenment. With a quizzical smile and penetrating gaze, the image radiates skepticism and common sense. We see a venerable elder, free from irrational fears, superstitions and passions, whose flowing robes equate him with the philosophers of Greek and Roman antiquity ... '

Seeking the Self through Art. 'This exhibition reflects the creative efforts of middle-school student artists who spent several weeks exploring their identities in a program called Seeking the Self. '

Iraqi and Palestinian Artists. Via Internet Weekly.

Tommy Sheridan's Prison Diary. Via MeFi.

John Shaw. Landscape and wildlife photography.

Cincinnati Art Museum: Asian Art.

Manuscript Illuminations from the Jeanne Miles Blackburn Collection.

Journey into the Past: Ancient Mediterranean Art in Context.

Capturing the Essence: Portraits by Ben Long.

In the Studio: Art and Art-Making in Nineteenth Century France.

The Trifid Nebula.

2nd September
Scientific Instruments of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. 'Epact is an electronic catalogue of medieval and renaissance scientific instruments from four European museums: the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, the Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, Florence , the British Museum, London, and the Museum Boerhaave, Leiden. Together, these museums house the finest collections of early scientific instruments in the world.'

Frida Kahlo: Notas Sobre una Vida. 'The Archives of American Art, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month 2001, pays tribute to Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) and her enduring influence on American art. Photographs and letters selected from several Archives collections, including the papers of author and artist Florence Arquin, who lectured extensively on the art of Latin America during the 1940s and 1950s, painter and muralist Emmy Lou Packard, who lived with Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera for a time, writer John Weatherwax, photographer Nickolas Muray, and prominent collector and art patron Chester Dale, provide a glimpse into Kahlo's public and private life and reveal the relationships and events that impacted her life and her art ... '

The Artful Presidency: Selections from the Archives of American Art. 'The Artful Presidency, an online exhibit, is presented by the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art to celebrate the connections between American artists and the American presidency from George Washington to the Carter administration. It complements the exhibition "The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden," at the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, opening November 15, 2000 ... '

Murals of Pewar Monastery, Kham, Tibet.

Robert Delaunay: The Art of Colour.

Paintings by Qi Baishi. ' ... He was a woodcarver in his early youth, and taught himself painting, poetry, calligraphy and zhuan seal carving in his spare time.'
'In the seven years beginning from 1902, he left home five times to wander around many famous mountains, lakes and rivers throughout the country and painted numerous landscapes. In 1910, when he finally came home, he created "Jieshan View" and 51 other landscape paintings ... '

Jean Delville. 'Belgian painter, decorative artist and writer. '

Architecture of London. Photo galleries and essays.

Craft and the Creative Process. American art.

Aurora and Cephalus. 'In this tall decorative panel, Aurora, the goddess of dawn, gazes longingly upon the sleeping mortal Cephalus, with whom she has fallen madly in love. '

Robert Thompson. Cartoons.

Kipper Williams. Cartoons.

Window of the Sacred World. ' 'Window of the Sacred World' is the title of this catalogue, presenting a fine selection of authentic art of India, The Himalayan regions and Southeast Asia. Focusing only on the highest artistic quality, it aims to represent the beauty and spirituality of sculpture through the camera's eye; a modest contribution towards the understanding and appreciation of Asian religious art which still contains many secrets. '

The Mountain People Revisited. The Ik of Uganda. 'Poverty-stricken "dogs", or the head of a great migration from ancient Egypt, land of the Pharaohs? Skillful cultivators from time immemorial, or vagabond hunter-gatherers? Wanton adulterers and wife- beaters, or a society with exemplary marriages, remaining faithful for life? Heartless survivalists who turn children out to fend for themselves at three years of age and routinely abandon the elderly to starve, or orderly, cooperative people who treat elders with respect and make sure that they are fed before younger people? Incorrigible thieves, or honest farmers and faithful taxpayers? Wheeling- dealing manipulators of neighboring tribes, or plundered victims in nearly every dispute between those same tribes? A collection of people devoid of any kind of social behavior and common ritual, or a rich culture with a variety of cultural beliefs and practices? ... '

Alberto Manuel Cheung Gallery. Chinese antiquities.

Union of the Houses of Hapsburg and Lorraine. 'Painted as the final model for the ceiling fresco of the great hall in the imperial palace in Innsbruck, Austria, this allegory represents two marriages between the families of Hapsburg and Lorraine. '

A Brave Face. Poem.

Historical Optical Instruments.

Historical Medical Instruments.

1st September
The Leonardo Bridge Project. 'In 1502 Leonardo da Vinci did a simple drawing of a graceful bridge with a single span of 720-foot span (approximately 240-meters.) Da Vinci designed the bridge as part of a civil engineering project for Sultan Bajazet II of Constantinople (Istanbul.) The bridge was to span the Golden Horn, an inlet at the mouth of the Bosphorus River in what is now Turkey. The Bridge was never built ... '

Exeter Cathedral Keystones & Carvings. 'Welcome to Exeter Cathedral Keystones & Carvings: A Catalogue Raisonne of the Sculptures & Their Polychromy, an illustrated introduction to, and explanatory catalogue of all the figurative sculpture that is part of the original interior fabric of the medieval building ... '

Queen of Wands. Online comic.

Penny Arcade. Online comic.

The History and Aesthetics of Tea in Japan. 'Japanese textbooks perpetuate the strong association of tea drinking with the tea ceremony, invariably crediting the introduction of matcha into Japan to the Kamakura-period Zen priest Eisai (also known as Yosai, 1141-1215). In actuality, however, the custom of drinking tea, which originated in China, has a much longer and more complex history in Japan than is commonly understood ... '

Sutra Manuscripts of the Nara Period: The Beauty of the Written Character. 'The teachings of Buddhism were transmitted in written form by way of scriptures called sutras. Even slight errors in the transcription of these sacred texts were prohibited, for which reason sutras were always copied in standard script (kaisho), considered most formal and easy to read. During the Nara period (710-794), however, the tremendous number of sutra manuscripts produced exhibit Chinese characters with not only excellent clarity but also great beauty.'

Antique African Beads.

Allen Sapp Gallery. Cree artist.

Cimon and Pero: "Roman Charity". 'When the aged Cimon was forced to starve in prison before his execution, his devoted daughter Pero secretly visited her father to nourish him at her own breast ... '

Venus on the Waves. 'Francois Boucher depicted a mythological world of delicate sensuality and indolence ... '

Lagrenee: Mars & Venus, an Allegory of Peace. 'Mars, the god of War, throws back the rich green bed curtains that frame this gentle allegory of peace by Louis Jean Francois Lagrenee. As the drapery parts, the morning light spills in to reveal the form of the sleeping Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Mars gazes at her, utterly captivated by her beauty. Her love has tempered his fierce character, and his shield and sword lie abandoned on the floor. Echoing the lovers' bliss, a pair of white doves, symbolizing Peace, build a nest in Mars's helmet. '

Digging for Clay in the Archives of American Art.

Selections from the George Catlin Papers.
'I have, for many years past, contemplated the noble races of red men who are now spread over these trackless forests and boundless prairies, melting away at the approach of civilization... '
'For this purpose, I have designed to visit every tribe of Indians on the Continent, if my life should be spared; for the purpose of procuring portraits of distinguished Indians, of both sexes in each tribe, painted in their native costume; accompanied with pictures of their villages, domestic habits, games, mysteries, religious ceremonies, &c. with anecdotes, traditions, and history of their respective nations. '

The Aberdeen Bestiary Project. 'The Aberdeen Bestiary (Aberdeen University Library MS 24) is considered to be one of the best examples of its type. The manuscript, written and illuminated in England around 1200, is of added interest since it contains notes, sketches and other evidence of the way it was designed and executed ... '
Thanks, Louise!

Historic Photos of Aberdeen Harbour. Also thanks to Louise.

Shag. Via MeFi.

Walking Buddha.

Swadeshi Memorabilia. 'Woman weaves cloth under Gandhi's bust.'

A Cloudy Wednesday Morning. Story.

Planetary Photojournal: The Sun.

Planetary Photojournal: Mercury.

Planetary Photojournal: Venus.