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15th June

Russian Photography by Zbigniew Kosc. "...The Russian work of Zbigniew Kosc, rides the wonderfully thin line between humour and tragedy. From a warm portrait of a babuschka trying to sell her only rooster at the market in St. Petersburg (the rooster is perched atop an empty crate of Nefertiti (!) oranges) to a Bashkir teacher and her school choir waiting half-hopefully on a windy and desolate plain for the arrival of the Russian president, Kosc's photographs are powerful documents of the places and people he sees, at the time he sees them.(...)"

Encyclopaedia of the Celts. 'The main purpose in compiling an encyclopedia of this kind is to give the reader access to a fragment of the contents of some of the greater and lesser know works of Celtic literature; including works of mythology, legend, fiction and history. Most of the entries include contributions by two or more author's on the same subject, leaving the reader the opportunity to formulate his/her own conclusions about or interpretation of the matter described. The encyclopedia is based on quotations, either partly or in full, where the latter has been necessary to obtain an insight into the subject. In the ancient Celtic world, oral tradition was the chosen means of communication. It seems obvious then, that later retellings of the legends, myths, tales, and history would differ in many ways. Therefore, I felt the proper approach was to compile bits and pieces from many and varied sources. In the process, several hundreds of books were consulted and cited (see the bibliography). Unfortunately, many of the books mentioned have long ago gone out of the bookseller market. One may still be able to find them, however, at the libraries and in reprinted versions.The year stated in the bibliography is the latest known year of print at the time 'The Encylopedia of the Celts' was initially published.'

Claude-Joseph Vernet 1714-1789. Artist.
The Phases of the Day.

Tibetan Journey. 'You will meet in the following pages some wonderful Tibetan characters and have a chance to witness the beauty of their land. The pictures you will see is the memory of a small Tibetan adventure.'

Tuesday Comic. 'Studio Tuesday is a one man studio run by david scheirer. This website features his artwork, which includes a comic called tuesday, painting, photography, and animation. Also associated with the site is mallet, a site by david and his friend stellar. Mallet features comics and drawings about them and all the weird things they do and talk about.'
'Tuesday comic originated from and comics david drew during highschool. It was started in grade 12. It is based on things that happen to him and friends.'

Pueblo Indian Folk Stories. 'This is a collection of stories from the Isleta Pueblo people of New Mexico. Charles Lummis [1859-1928] was a pioneering writer, photographer, amateur anthropologist and adventurer who, according to himself, invented the term 'The Southwest'. In 1884, Lummis took a hike from Cincinnati to Los Angeles, which he later chronicled in his best-selling book, A Tramp Across the Continent (1892). In 1885, he became city editor for the Los Angeles Times, and later covered the Apache wars in Arizona. In 1888, Lummis suffered a stroke. To convalesce, he moved to New Mexico, where he embedded himself in Pueblo culture and collected the stories in this book. This was originally published as The Man Who Married the Moon in 1894, and revised and enlarged as the present text in 1910. Lumis moved back to Los Angeles, where he made his home, El Alisal, and founded the Southwest Museum in 1914, at the foot of Mount Washington in East Los Angeles. He also helped restore the Spanish missions in California.'

Aw-aw-tam Indian Nights The Myths and Legends of the Pimas. 'This is a rare book of Pima folklore, transcribed by a sympathetic amateur ethnographer at the beginning of the twentieth century. The Pima live in the arid deserts of southern Arizona, and originally survived by horticulture, hunting and gathering. Lloyd was not a linguist, and collected the stories through an interpreter. All of the Pima words and phrases are written using a crude 'phonetic' system, which no doubt is fairly inaccurate. However, this does not invalidate the folklore, which is well-told and consistent with other southwestern Native American mythology, particularly in its repetition of the number four. '

Five Points, Manhattan's Infamous Slum. 'Five Points derived its name from the five-cornered intersection of Anthony, Orange, and Cross Streets (present-day Worth, Baxter, and Mosco Streets) in lower Manhattan. Marshland and a pond known as "the Collect" originally dominated the area. The Collect Pond provided fresh drinking water for residents of the city during the colonial period. By 1803, garbage dumping and runoff from the slaughterhouses and tanneries that lined its shores had cause a serious decline in the Collect's water quality, and the city began to fill in the pond ... '

Coolfer: Music and the Industry in NYC. Interesting blog.

The Dalai Lama: Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1989.

The Legacy of the Black Panthers. 'Thirty years after Huey Newton and Bobby Seale started the legendary organization in Oakland, Calif., the Panther legacy grabs, entices, and infuriates people. It conjures images of revolution -- exactly what the new parties and old members still using the name are counting on. '

Black and White Photography by Paul Politis. People, places and things. Cuba, nudes, night photography and more. Great site.

Dutch City Maps from the Blaeu Atlas 1649/1652. 'These maps are scanned from a facsimile publication of the Blaeu's Toonneel der Steden from 1652. The order in which we present the maps is not the original order and some of the maps have not yet been scanned ... '

Bodleian Library: The Map Case. Historical maps of Oxford and Oxfordshire (and beyond).

Oahspe. 'Oahspe is a book written in 1880 by an American dentist named John Ballou Newbrough [1828-1891]. He claimed that it was the result of automatic writing, dictated to him by spirits in a trance. In this trance he wrote the entire book on a very early typewriter (possibly the first such book ever written on a machine!). The spirits were very profilic; Oahspe is about four-fifths the size of the King James Bible, and more than twice the size of the Book of Mormon. Other texts archived at Sacred-texts authored via automatic writing during the 19th century include the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, and Clothed with the Sun.'

Greg Palast. Leftie American journalist and writer. His columns online.

LSD Blotter Art Gallery. 'The creation of blotter has become an underground art form leading to an array of creative and stunning designs. It is likely that a few of the blotter designs shown have never been dipped and were created purely as art.'

14th June

Goya and the Spanish Enlightenment.

The Grand Tour. 'Beginning in the late sixteenth century, it became fashionable for young aristocrats to visit Paris, Venice, Florence, and above all Rome, as the culmination of their classical education. Thus was born the idea of the Grand Tour, a practice which introduced Englishmen, Germans, Scandinavians, and also Americans to the art and culture of France and Italy for the next 300 years. Travel was arduous and costly throughout the period, possible only for a privileged class—the same that produced gentleman scientists, authors, antiquaries, and patrons of the arts.'

Riotous Littleport. The deportation of an English village.
'During Saxon Times, before the Norman conquest of 1066, Littleport, on the edge of The Fens in Cambridgeshire, was a busy trading port, being close to the Great Ouse - a river running out to The Wash at Kings Lynn. But in 1816, it became the exit point for a large number of criminal rioters. '
'Overcrowding in British prisons is not a new problem. In the early 18th Century however they had a practical solution for dealing with excess numbers of prisoners; they were forcibly shipped off to British penal colonies in America. This solution continued successfully, for the government at least, until the American Civil War in 1860 brought it to an abrupt end. The number of inmates in England rose, and continued to rise, with dire consequences for the gaols which could not hold the inmates ...'

Daioh Temple of Daioh Mountain.'Welcome to Daioh Temple which is located in Kyoto, Japan. Head Priest Shokyu Ishiko cordially invites you to browse through the temple; visit the various buildings, take a stroll through the garden, and learn a little bit about its history and teachings. The various pages about Daioh-in represent an actual temple located in north-western Kyoto. The pages about Jomoh Temple, a sub-temple of Daioh-in, represent a virtual temple created for the Internet. Please take your time and enjoy the wonders of these two splendid temples.'

Ronald Reagan Remembered. Cartoons.

Harry Potter Film Cartoons.

Franklin Avenue. Los Angeles blog.

LA Observed: Los Angeles Media and Sense of Place.

African Liberation Movement Posters. 'During the nineteen fifties and sixties the vast majority of former European colonies in Africa achieved their independence from their erstwhile "mother countries." Viewed continentally, this can be said to have dated from 1952, when the Free Officers Movement of Egypt ousted King Farouk and created a Republic. South of the Sahara, the first African State to achieve independence was Ghana, known as the Gold Coast during the colonial period, whose first independent Prime Minister was Kwame Nkrumah, who led his fellow Ghanaians to freedom in 1957. From 1958-1961 a spate of other territories followed suit, seeking to disengage from the rule of Britain, France, Spain and Belgium. Yet there were holdouts. The Portuguese-ruled colonies of Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau, and the white-minority ruled South Africa were among exceptions to the pattern of "decolonization" which had been set in motion during 1960, "Africa year" when British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan declared that "the winds of change are blowing across the African continent." South Africa, Portugal and in 1965 the small but minerally-rich polity of Southern Rhodesia made clear their opposition to African majority rule, and showed a willingness to use violence to prevent this from occurring. While most Africans would have preferred not to have to resort to the expedient of taking up arms, the example of the bloody Algerian Revolution against French minority rule was still fresh in many minds by the early nineteen sixties ... '

Abecedarium: An Exhibit of Alphabet Books. With online galleries.

The A. Gettelman Brewing Company, Milwaukee. 'This online exhibit will take the viewer on a journey through selected images from the A. Gettelman Brewing Company Scrapbooks. '

Achievement Against the Odds: Sumner High School, Kansas City, Kansas 1905-1978. 'Sumner High School was a unique and very influential public school in Kansas. It was established in Kansas City, Kansas in response to the threat of racial violence in the city and a growing demand for the exclusion of African American students from the local high school. The push for segregation led the Kansas State Legislature to pass a law in 1905 which exempted only Kansas City, Kansas from the state law prohibiting racially segregated public high schools. Reluctantly, the Governor of Kansas, E. W. Hoch, signed the "school segregation bill," but successfully persuaded Kansas City, Kansas voters to finance the construction of a new high school building for African Americans that cost not less than $40,000 and which was to be as well equipped as the existing high school building ... '

Across the Generations: Exploring US History Through Family Papers. 'Family papers contain a wealth of information. Most obviously, the history of a particular family can be learned by examining the records a family leaves behind. At the same time, larger trends and events can be traced within the records of one family. Families do not go about their daily lives in a vacuum. They bear and raise children, marry and die, work and play as members of a larger community. As the family historian Tamara Hareven has observed, "An examination of the family's interaction with the process of social and economic change enables us to understand more precisely not only what occurred internally within the family but how such changes were accomplished on a societal level as well." In other words, family papers can be used as a window onto evolving social conditions, on-going economic change, new political trends, and cultural shifts over time.'
'Within the study of social history, there are multiple sub-fields. The themes presented here are just four of many possibilities. In order to provide as wide a selection of documents as possible, we have intentionally chosen broad themes: Family Life, Social Awareness and Reform, Arts and Leisure, and Work. Each can be further refined. For example, Family Life contains documents that reflect courtship patterns over the nineteenth century, childrearing practices, and nineteenth-century gender roles. Within Social Awareness and Reform are items related to the abolition of slavery and changing perceptions of race, women's suffrage, and philanthropy. Within Arts and Leisure are materials which reflect, in part, increased opportunities for professional women artists in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. We have also included a set of paper dolls to represent the growing availability of leisure for the middle and upper classes during the Victorian era, as well as an increased recognition of the importance of play for the children of prosperous parents. Finally, under the Work theme, are materials which provide evidence of how some families took advantage of opportunities offered by an expanding economy to grow prosperous throughout the nineteenth and into the twentieth centuries. They also demonstrate how women continued to face barriers within the workplace even as the industrial revolution surged forward ... '

Einstein: Image and Impact. Tour Albert Einstein's life.

Aaron Thomas: The Caribbean Journal of a Royal Navy Seaman. 'The journal of Aaron Thomas, housed in the Archives and Special Collections Division of the Otto G. Richter Library at the University of Miami, is a 374 page leather-bound volume containing approximately 367 pages of handwritten material. The journal begins on June 15, 1798 and concludes on October 26, 1799, and chronicles the experiences and adventures of a British seaman serving in the Royal Navy aboard HMS Lapwing in the West Indies during the French Revolutionary wars. The journal contains insightful, first-hand accounts of naval operations, customs of the day, and humorous, detailed anecdotes involving shipmates and superiors. Thomas, who joined the navy in 1793, includes entries regarding the health and punishment of the men aboard ship, as well as his personal views on slavery, religion, and morality. With the exception of the final three pages, all entries are written in Thomas's hand ... '

Accent on Images: The Language of Illustrated Books.
'Pictures have forcefully expressed ideas for thousands of years. Coupled with text, pictures enhance the power of the written word. "Accent on Images: The Language of Illustrated Books" demonstrates the immediate message of an image however foreign to the reader the language of the text. '
'This exhibition showcases illustrated books in modern foreign languages from the fifteenth through the twentieth centuries selected from the rich and varied special collections of the Libraries of The Claremont Colleges. Languages spoken and read from Scandinavia to Cape Horn and across the globe from the Iberian Peninsula to the Sea of Japan word these volumes. Subjects range from volcanic eruptions, visions of hell, and vanquishing heroes to hot air balloons, folly gardens, and costumed drama. Here are artists as assorted as an anonymous 15th century painter who decorated a Dutch manuscript to a 20th century American book artist whose pulp painting ignites a French poem. Recognized milestones in the art of the book such as the Ashendene Press Dante and the Cranach Press Hamlet stand beside a 16th century version of Aesop's Fables and a group of autobiographical stories written by students at the Scripps College Press. All are part of the unique and rare materials available to The Claremont Colleges' constituency and to the wider scholarly community. '

The Artist as Collector: Masterpieces of Chinese Painting from the C. C. Wang Family Collection. Images of Chinese art here, and an online feature here : 'On April 6, 1437, Yang Rong, a high-ranking scholar-official serving the emperor of China, invited eight important officials and dignitaries to his famous garden to view paintings and calligraphy, compose poetry, and play chess. One of these invited officials is seen above, brush in hand, poised to write a poem on the paper unrolled on the table before him. Two other guests admire a painting in the format of a hanging scroll. The servant on the left is readying another hanging scroll for viewing while two more hanging scrolls lie rolled up on the low table beside him. Yang Rong served at the court of five successive emperors, rising to the rank of grand secretary, the highest official position in the Ming dynasty court ... '

13th June

Askari Steet. Great blog. 'Hala Fattah is an historian of pre-modern Iraq and an independent scholar living in Amman, Jordan.' (via MeFi)

12th June

Two interesting MeFi threads, sharing a weblogging theme :-
The emotional costs of fidelity - 'there's a growing number of good blogs where married guys are opening their hearts about the insecurities, depressions and fear that goes with trying hard to make a marriage work instead of giving into the temptation of cheating. '
Weblog festival in Iran. Hoder's MeFi posts on Iran and blogging are among our favourites.

The Tiflis Society of Amateur Photographers 1893-1906. Vintage photographs from Georgia in the Caucasus.

Joseph Dalton Hooker. 'Joseph Dalton Hooker was arguably the most important British botanist of the nineteenth century. A traveller and plant-collector, he was one of Charles Darwin's closest friends and eventually became director of Britain's Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.'
'The image on the left shows Joseph Hooker in 1896. It was taken by William J. Hawker (No. 1 Gervis Buildings, Bournemouth) and I am very grateful to Daniel Weinstock M.D. (of Geneva, New York) who sent me a copy ... '

The Cantigas de Santa Maria. 'The Cantigas de Santa Maria medieval-era manuscripts were written during the reign of Alfonso X "El Sabio" (1221-1284) and are one of the largest collections of monophonic (solo) songs from the middle ages. ' Images here.

Paintings of Daria Daulat Bagh. 'The walls of Daria Daulat Bagh palace in Shrirangapattna (spelled as Seringapatan in the old English archives) fort in Karnataka contain beautiful historic paintings. Hyder Ali commenced its construction in 1778 and his son Tippu Sultan (1753-1799) had it completed in 1784 A.D. Constructed as a summer palace, Daria Daulat Bagh (the name indicates that it was built with the wealth acquired from sea-trade) is surrounded by a large garden on the southern bank of the Kaveri river ... '

Girls Are Pretty. 'Come to this blog, every single day, and you will be told what to do. '

Off the Mark. Online comic. 'Mark Parisi's off the mark hits a bull's eye with slightly skewed humor and a twisted look at the little things we take for granted. off the mark is a world of scheming pets, evil computers and talking plants that puts an ironic, absurd or just plain silly spin on the ordinary occurrences of everyday life. Described by one newspaper editor as "sweet-natured and devilish at the same time," off the mark receives fan mail from readers ages 10 to 87. "I suppose I have to work on getting the 88 and above market," says Parisi. '

The Amoeba. Brilliant web comic.

Ahmed in Burco. 'I created this Weblog to share with family and friends all over the world my new experience as a Development Worker in Somaliland. I am the new HIV/AIDS Youth Advisor for ICD (International Cooperation for Development). I am stationed in Burco but my work covers the entire Country. Burco is located around 310KM to Hargeisa, It's a dusty town with it's own particular charm. Burco is the second city of Somaliland after Hargeisa. My family is from here so I am very lucky to be posted here. I will be uploading picture of Burco and the rest of Somaliland. Stay tuned.'

500 Years of Brazil. Rare works related to the discovery of Brazil.

75th Anniversary of Byrd's North Pole Flight. A recollection.

The University of Virginia in World War II. 'Welcome to our exhibit about the University of Virginia's 8th Evacuation Hospital which served in World War II. The exhibit includes twelve main panels, a bibliography, and a panel with personal recollections of former 8th Evac members. We recommend that you view the twelve main panels in order. '

90 Years of Lawrence Postcards. Smalltown americana!

Eric Carle. Picture book art.

Yoshitoshi Gallery. Ukiyo-e.

4000 Years of Miniature Books.

Traditional Pub Games. 'All the most commonly known pub games which are or have been traditionally been played in English Inns and Taverns.'

11th June

19th Century Photography of Ancient Greece. '19th-century Photography of Ancient Greece illustrates approximately 200 nineteenth- and early twentieth-century photographs of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Focusing on Greece, Asia Minor, the Aegean islands, Cyprus, South Italy, and Sicily, these images belong to the Getty Research Institute's Gary Edwards Collection. The majority of the photographs are of Athens, particularly the Athenian Acropolis. In addition, separate pages of this website are devoted to ancient monuments elsewhere in Athens, selected site views in Greece and throughout the Mediterranean, and ancient sculpture. Each page is organized according to location and monument.'

The 1st Duke of Wellington. 'The exhibition is based on 53 of the 100,000 items which are held in the Wellington Archive at the University of Southampton. It shows you selected documents in the context of Wellington's career ... '

400 Years of Military Training. 'Every day, world events draw attention to the importance of the history of armed conflict. Awareness of the history of warfare allows better understanding of current challenges. Since the earliest history of the book, armies have relied on the ideas of others to help win wars. Libraries are in a good position to encourage the study of military history, for the book has long been as important to the soldier as his weapons and supplies. '
'Armies have always needed books of a wide variety of form, content and function. Military institutions have relied on books to convey to their personnel both technical information and abstract ideas to better prepare for and win wars. As soldiers in Western armies became increasingly literate during the last two centuries, training on all levels rested upon the creation of, and access to, the printed word. Further, the development of abstract ideas of strategic thought meant that in some armies the rise of professional officer corps and military reading went hand in hand ... '

50 Books That Ushered Japan Into The International Era.

20th Maine. 'Images from the Maine Historical Society.'
' "Whatever may become of me individually, God save the country, we need leaders, we have been ruined by the imbecility, imcompetency & treachery of our Generals." '
'From his Maine regiment, Abner R. Small wrote this to a friend on September 21, 1862. His sentiment was shared by thousands of men both in and out of military service. The War was not going well for the Union and in the summer of 1862, when President Lincoln called for an additional 300,000 troops, it was not a surprise to see so many men enlist in an attempt to bring proper leadership into the Army ... '

219 Loyola: Building a Library for New Orleans. 'As an expression of pride in the past and confidence in the future the citizens have dedicated this Public Library of New Orleans for all whose thirst for knowledge leads them into the eternal quest for truth. [The wording on the original mosaic wall in front of 219 Loyola, composed by the architects and the library staff]'
'On December 15, 1958, the new Main Library at 219 Loyola Avenue opened its doors to the public for the first time. First day users were dazzled by an ultramodern glass and concrete structure that had already received a design award from Progressive Architecture magazine and would soon be honored by other publications ... '

50 States: America's Whaling Heritage.

Migratory Alaskan Travel. 'As a child in Alaska, I spent all my summers camping across Alaska and Canada with my parents. Many of my fondest childhood memories involve tents, boats, tundra and alpine plants, berry gathering, tasty fresh fish dinner and scalding hot chocolate. '
'My husband and Brian are both avid adventurers and frequently travel. When we resided in Portland, Oregon; we took many road trips around the region to explore the exotic environment there. We were absolutely enchanted by the temperate rain forests of the Pacific North West. By traveling to small communities and rural areas we are able to experience the differences in urban/rural life and the changes in the natural environment that are occurring at an alarming pace. Now, back at home in Fairbanks, Alaska we have continued our exploration of this great land in the hope that we can immerse ourselves in the environs we have grown up with and adore. These travelogues are my attempts at capturing my impressions of these journeys and conveying them to others, so that others may experience the changing landscape of the North America. Some of these travelogues are more poetic than others. I am quite proud of my writing on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington State. A photograph of Brian has been included ... '