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18th September

On holiday and travelling for the week! It's a hard life.

Global Children's Art Gallery: The Natural Child Project.

Looking at Earth. Images from NASA.

A Digital Artist: On the Road in China. 'Drawing upon the cultural and artistic inspirations of travel, I've created these digital paintings to capture the essence of the country through my experiences. '

1000 Friends of Frogs.

Japanese National Treasures in the National Museum, Japan.

Devil Worship: The Sacred Books and Traditions of the Yezidiz, 1919.
'This is one of the only public domain sources of information on the religious beliefs of the Yezidi, a small group originally from the northern region of Iraq. Although they speak Kurdish, they are a distinct population from the Kurds. The Yezidi are notable because they have been described as devil-worshippers, which has naturally led to constant persecution by the dominant Islamic culture of the region. Yezidi religious beliefs upon closer examination appear to be a mixture of Gnostic cosmology, ancient Pagan polytheism, with Muslim, Christian and other influences. They have many unique beliefs, such as that the first Yezidi were created by Adam by parthenogenesis separately from Eve. They believe that there was a flood before the flood of Noah. They also have a set of food taboos which include meat, fish, squash, okra, beans, cabbage and lettuce. '
'Now, my first reaction when I heard about the Yezidi was 'Do they really worship the devil?' In fact, you could just as well say that they worship angels, and this spin might be the best way to describe them to people who aren't interested in theological niceties and have never encountered such a radically 'different' belief system ... '

North American Amphibian Monitoring Program. 'Welcome to the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program (NAAMP) website. The NAAMP is a collaborative effort among regional partners, such as state natural resource agencies and nonprofit organizations, and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to monitor populations of vocal amphibians. The USGS provides central coordination and database management. The regional partners recruit and train volunteer observers, like you, to collect amphibian population data, following the protocol of the NAAMP ... '
What is it like to be a volunteer?

Brahmins. Articles and images.

The Pill. 'In May 1960, the FDA approved the sale of a pill that arguably would have a greater impact on American culture than any other drug in the nation's history. For women across the country, the contraceptive pill was liberating: it allowed them to pursue careers, fueled the feminist and pro-choice movements and encouraged more open attitudes towards sex ... '

Vintage Lovelies. Vintage erotica.

Mikey Welsh. Outsider artist. 'Mikey makes art from the inside of his mind and splatters it all over the inside of yours. From fevered strokes beat into the canvas to delicate spills of house paint, Mikey's art works big. Unlike the polite sensibility found in a floral still life, Mikey's spitting attack on color and form bring a unique change to the viewer. In front of the art, its hard to keep physically or mentally still.'

Gerald Porter. Outsider artist.

American Jewish Historical Society Image Gallery. 'The mission of the American Jewish Historical Society is to foster awareness and appreciation of the American Jewish past and to serve as a national scholarly resource for research through the collection, preservation and dissemination of materials relating to American Jewish history.'

The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales for Children. 'This is Charles Kingsley's able retelling of the myths of Perseus, Jason and the Argonauts, and Theseus for young adults, originally published circa 1856. Kingsley is best known as the author of Water Babies. Although this is not the first time this text has appeared on the Internet, this is the only version with the complete set of Squire and Mars black and white and four-color art-deco illustrations. This includes two illustrations censored from later editions, probably because of female nudity. This also includes the original Preface, which was omitted from later editions. Otherwise the text, particularly the punctuation, was proofed according to a 1901 edition. '

Wayback: The Future. It isn't what it used to be. 'Find out what people in the past thought would happen by the year 2000, and share your own vision of the future.'

TR, the Story of Theodore Roosevelt. 'That day's victory gave birth to a historical icon: Roosevelt-all mustache, eyeglasses and teeth-charging up San Juan Hill. For nearly a century, Americans have distilled the life of Theodore Roosevelt into this image, simplifying the complex man that was: cowboy, soldier, explorer, naturalist, father, writer, and, at age 42, the youngest president in United States history.'

Truman. 'He was a farmer, a businessman gone bankrupt, an unknown politician from Missouri who suddenly found himself president. Of all the men who had held the highest office, Harry Truman was the least prepared. But he would prove to be a surprise. Facing some of the biggest crises of the century, Truman would end the war with Germany, use the atomic bomb against Japan, confront an expanding Soviet Union and wage war in Korea-all while the woman he adored, his wife Bess, refused to stay in the White House and play the role of First Lady. The story of the unlikely rise of a gritty American original.'

Ulysses S. Grant. 'This multi-hour biography of Ulysses S. Grant paints a revealing portrait of one of America's most paradoxical leaders. The greatest hero of the Civil War, Grant was a brilliant military strategist who rose from obscurity to a rank held previously only by George Washington. But the strength of the Confederate resistance forced Grant into a hard war that destroyed the South and led to his being labeled a butcher.'

Woodrow Wilson. 'An intellectual with unwavering moral principles, he led America onto the world stage at a time when war and chaos threatened everything he cherished. Woodrow Wilson explores the transformation of a history professor into one of America's greatest presidents. Wilson's life was shaped by great conflicts: the Civil War which he lived through as a child, and the First World War into which he reluctantly led America as president. The second conflict ultimately claimed him as a victim. While campaigning for his far-sighted League of Nations, he suffered a paralyzing stroke from which he never fully recovered. The only president incapacitated in office, Wilson carried out his duties from bed with the help of his wife Edith who became the de facto chief executive.'

The Devi Bhagavatam. 'This translation has been inscribed to the sacred memory of my friend the late R‚i B‚h‚dur S'rÓs' Chandra Vidy‚rnava who induced me to undertake the translation of this work. He had thoroughly read the two Bh‚gavatas and it was his opinion that the priority of composition belonged to the DevÓ Bh‚gavatam. The other Bh‚gavat, according to him, is a modern compilation attributed to Bopadeva Ė the author of Mugdhabodha Vy‚karanam.'

17th September

Lynn Butler. Photographs of American landscapes, horses.

Greg Miller. Photographs of people.

Anglo-Sikh Heritage Trail. 'A new perspective on the heritage of one of Britains most visible minorities.'

Tamara Deuel. Paintings by a Holocaust child survivor.

Eavesdropping on an endangered species.

Hong Kong Picture Archive.

Belshazzar's Feast. 'Rembrandt's 'Belshazzar's Feast' is a dramatic 'tour de force' focusing on a moment of extreme terror. The story derives from the Old Testament (Daniel 5) which tells of Belshazzar, King of the Babylon, who had displeased God at a feast and was punished when a hand appeared and wrote a message on the wall foretelling his destruction and the end of his kingdom ... '

Batlab. 'Have you ever wondered what the echolocation calls of bats sound like? Below we have provided links to files containing the echolocation calls of British bats. '

Confessions of Bridezillas. Very funny. 'Do you have something you'd like to get off your satin-upholstered chest? Step into the confession booth.'

Watermark: A Poet's Notebook.

A Book of Hours. Text and illuminations. Medieval illuminated manuscript.

Historic US Geological Survey Maps of New England and New York.

A Collection of Icelandic Photographs.

Shinyokohama Raumen Museum. Noodles.

Search Pi. 'In 1996, NERSC Chief Technologist David H. Bailey, together with Canadian mathematicians Peter Borwein and Simon Plouffe, found a new formula for pi. This formula permits one to calculate the n-th binary or hexadecimal digits of pi, without having to calculate any of the preceding n-1 digits. '

The Books of Wall Street. 'In July of 1987, The Ward M. Canaday received the Hess Collection, a bequest of Dr. Nicholas Gimbel. Originally, these books were collected by Gimbel's father who was a partner in the New York brokerage firm Birdsall & Hess. '
'The Hess Collection is indeed impressive, consisting of books on the history of a variety of financial markets (stock, commodity, bond, etc.), fiction, biography, humor, and even works denouncing the stock market altogether. Perhaps the strongest area of concentration in this collection is made up of books treating what is know in the field as "technical analysis." In short, technical analysis involves the use of charts and graphs to help investors predict future moves in the price of a security or market. There are indeed other methods of choosing investments, and these too are represented in the collection; they include the use of just about everything from astrological cycles to balance sheets. Above all else, this collection has an educational focus, enabling students of finance and history to learn from the people, events and markets of the past. For, as the materials in this collection clarify, in the markets, as in just about every other field, there is nothing new under the sun.'

Books Go To War: The Armed Services Editions in World War II. 'Imagine yourself huddled in a muddy foxhole waiting for your lieutenant's order to leap out onto the battlefield. Or imagine how you might spend an evening aboard a troop ship knowing that you will invade the beaches of Normandy in the morning. Or simply imagine yourself in a foreign country thousands of miles from home, with few diversions and little recreational opportunity. What could you do to take your mind off the unpleasantness of war? Where would you find comfort?'
'How about in a book? When the United States entered World War II in December of 1941, the Armed Services needed to do everything in their power to mobilize millions of ordinary American civilians to become physically fit, mentally awake, and high-spirited soldiers and sailors. Maintaining morale among the troops became a primary objective, and military officials realized that books could be instrumental in the process.'

The History of Boobs. 'Throughout history, breasts have inspired, confounded and entertained. But how much do we really know about the development of these majestic, fleshy orbs? What follows is a helpful timeline highlighting great moments in the glorious history of boobs.'

16th September

Geologic History of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. An online booklet.

Chushingura: Revenge of the 47 Samurai. Ukiyo-e. 'Many artists have produced sets of prints illustrating Chushingura. While the Spencer Museum of Art has some complete or near complete sets, this page shows a selection by various artists illustrating the eleven acts of the play. '

Then and Now. 'In 1979, The Auschwitz Museum Archive reproduced selected pieces of art and sent them to writer/photographer Alan Jacobs. After years of related work and many more trips, Jacobs, and his son Jesse, returned to the camps in 1996 to find and photograph the identical scenes depicted in the art. Krysia Jacobs then devised a way to present them as you see here. They are the result of work over a 24 year period ... '

Warsaw at War 1939-45. Photographs by Stephan Mucha.

Lunar Souls. Online manga comic.

White Ninja Comics. Online superhero comics.
'White Ninja Comics are not for the weak of mind. They are a brilliant satirical commentary on controversial worldly issues.'
They can be enjoyed on many levels. Scholars, Philosophers, and the like, who possess the intellect to analyze and break down the comics to their hidden, and often devious, roots, will enjoy White Ninja to its fullest degree. Others, like you and I, however, can still enjoy the comics for their light-hearted surface humour and funny drawings.'

A Victorian Anthology 1837-95. 'These 1,274 works by 343 authors represent the full course of one of the great literary ages of English verse.'

The Poor Man. Political blog.

Mr. Sun. 'Mr. Sun is a mysterious figure, a blinding light. Do not look directly at Mr. Sun. Bask in him. Although 93 million miles away, Mr. Sun uses this Blog to share his warmth with others.'

Forgive/Forget. Online 'college' comic.

Antarctica: Terra Incognita. Online exploration.

Muriel Spark. 'Best-known as the author of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Muriel decided in the 1940s to keep a record of her professional and personal activities, beginning a personal archive that is now one of the largest and most comprehensive held by the National Library of Scotland.'

Renaissance. 'During the era known by this name, Europe emerged from the economic stagnation of the Middle Ages and experienced a time of financial growth. Also, and perhaps most importantly, the Renaissance was an age in which artistic, social, scientific, and political thought turned in new directions. '

Haiku for People.

Edouard Vuillard. Online gallery.

District Six Museum. 'The Group Areas act forcibly relocated millions of South Africans from their homes. District Six is the most famous example of this forced relocation policy under the Apartheid government. This site, and this museum, serves as a place of remembrance to all who lost so much during those years of state oppression. Friends. Lives. And places they once called home.'
'District Six was named the Sixth Municipal District of Cape Town in 1867. Originally established as a mixed community of freed slaves, merchants, artisans, labourers and immigrants, District Six was a vibrant centre with close links to the city and the port. By the beginning of the twentieth century, however, the history of removals and marginalisation had begun ... '

America from the Great Depression to World War II. 'The images in the Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information Collection are among the most famous documentary photographs ever produced. Created by a group of U.S. government photographers, the images show Americans in every part of the nation. In the early years, the project emphasized rural life and the negative impact of the Great Depression, farm mechanization, and the Dust Bowl. In later years, the photographers turned their attention to the mobilization effort for World War II. The core of the collection consists of about 164,000 black-and-white photographs. This release provides access to over 160,000 of these images; future additions will expand the black-and-white offering. The FSA-OWI photographers also produced about 1600 color photographs during the latter days of the project. '

Bob Masse's Rock Posters.

Race for the Superbomb. 'At the dawn of the Cold War, the United States initiated a top secret program in New Mexico to build a weapon even more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Japan ...'

15th September

Solar System Simulator. NASA site.

Golden Fantasies: Japanese Screens from New York Collections. 'Folding screens are luxuriously beautiful and uniquely designed pictorial compositions that present the social and cultural ideals of their time. Golden Fantasies assembles superb examples of folding screens, many from private New York collections and previously unseen by the public. The works in this exhibition fall into three broad categories: works drawn from well-known narratives, both classical courtly romances and medieval warrior epics; idealized scenes of entertainment, relaxation, pilgrimage, or labor; and pastoral images that require the viewer's knowledge of cultural characteristics to recognize the underlying theme. Although the screens vary in their subject matter and use, their portrayal of human activities and diversions provides a common thread. In some screens, scenes of people are depicted in a literal fashion; in others, more oblique suggestions are made through poetic and literary allusions.'
View the screens here.

Yad Vashem: Jewish New Year Cards. 'Rosh Hashanah marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year. This year it begins on Friday evening September 26th, and continues through Sunday, September 28th. There are many observances associated with Rosh Hashanah: such as the sounding of the shofar (ram's horn) in the synagogue as a call to repentance, and the eating of apples dipped in honey as a symbol of a wish for a sweet New Year. One custom associated with Rosh Hashanah is the sending of New Years cards to family and friends. Presented in this section are New Years cards from the Photo Archives in Yad Vashem that were sent before, during and after the Holocaust.'

How Rustam Rescued the King of Iran from the Country of Demons. 'Long ago, storytellers recited these tales in the streets and palaces of Iran. Centuries later, famous Persian poets like Hakim Abul Ghasem Ferdowsi Tousi wrote these stories down. The Shahnameh, which Ferdowsi finished in 1010, contains stories about the early kings of Iran and about the strong and brave hero, Rustam. Most of Iran had converted to Islam by that time, and Ferdowsi himself was a Muslim, but since the old stories were set in the far distant past, Ferdowsi's characters followed the Zoroastrian religion, the faith of the pre-Islamic kings.'

Strossmayer's Old Masters Gallery, Croatia. 'In ten halls, Strossmayer's Old Masters Gallery exhibits the works of European painters from 14th-19th c. The entire holdings have been classified in three major groups. In the first six halls, Italian painting schools are presented in a chronological order, while the remaining three halls host Northern European masters - German, Flemish, and Dutch. The last, tenth hall, is reserved for French collections.'

Radio Free New York. All kinds of weird + cool stuff.

Stuffed. Online comic.

Alex and Ilia. Online comic about interspecies love!

1000 Soldiers Dead in Iraq. Online cartoons. (They mean American soldiers, of course).

Hurricanes in Florida. Online cartoons.

Clinton's Heart Surgery. Online cartoons.

Roller Coasters. An online history - great site.

Great Medieval Castles of Wales.

The History of Sanitary Sewers. 'Over the past ten years, Jon Schladweiler, the Historian of the Arizona Water & Pollution Control Association, has researched and collected materials related to the history of sewage conveyance systems. Many of these have been displayed in a traveling exhibit entitled "The Collection Systems Historical Photo and Artifacts Display." The overall collection of materials covers the era from approximately 3500 BCE through the 1930s CE.'
The purpose of this website is to house this dynamic collection of materials about the evolutionary development of sewers over the past 5500 years, and to provide a location for the sharing and distribution of information to others. The donation of additional photos, sketches, articles, books, or other sources of historical information on sewers is welcome.'

Palaces of the King. Virtual tours of the palaces of Thailand.

My Experience with Breast Cancer (Illustrated). 'In May 1985 I had a left-breast mastectomy after being diagnosed with stage 0 ductal carcinoma. Over the next two years I explored reconstruction options and then proceeded with reconstruction. During the course of the experience I took many photographs of myself documenting the different stages and the changing bodily landscape.'

The Alexandra Kollontai Archive. 'Alexandra Kollontai was a major figure in the Russian socialist movement from the turn of the century through the revolution and civil war. During periods of exile she was also active as a speaker and writer in Germany, Belgium, France, Britain, Scandinavia and the United States. Born into a wealthy family of Ukrainian, Russian and Finnish background, Kollontai was raised in both Russia and Finland, and acquired an early fluency in languages which not only served the revolutionary movement well, but later led to a career in the Soviet diplomatic service. She played a major role in forcing the Russian socialist movement to organize special work among women and in organizing mass movements of working-class women and peasants, and was the author of much of the social legislation of the early Soviet republic ... '

New Jersey Churchscape. 18th and 19th century churches in New Jersey.

Manhattan Timeformations. Mapping Manhattan's skyscraper districts through time.

2nd September

plep is going on holiday (to Iceland) - back around the middle of the month.

Am Baile: A Scottish Heritage Resource. 'Am Baile offers a chance to look at the history and culture of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. We have photographs, illustrations, rare books and documents as well as short films, sounds, interactive games and comics. You will find material from archives, libraries, museums and private collections, much of it published here for the first time. '
'The site can be used in Gaelic and English, giving Gaelic learners the opportunity to improve their language skills. '

Nanzenji. 'Emperor Kameyama loved this beautiful place so much that in 1264 he built his detached palace here ... '

Canadian Civil Engineering History & Heritage.

The Bolshevikis. 'Index to the biographies and writings of members of the Party that made the October 1917 Revolution in Russia.'

Matisse. Online biography and gallery.

Legends and Myths of the Aboriginal Indians of British Guiana, 1880. 'illiam Henry Brett was a missionary to the Natives of British Guiana, and by his own account, was quite evangelical. Thus, as with all works written by agents of Western power, this book should be read with care. In addition, the entire book is written in very regular meter. The relentless rhythms and rhymes, combined with the sometimes ridiculous portrayal of the Natives as late Romantic 'savages', sometimes invite comparison with Dr. Seuss (to the advantage of which poet, I leave the reader to decide). He spends a good amount of time extolling the virtues of English colonialism, and the 'Black Legend' (of Spanish atrocities in America) is repeatedly mentioned, while the English are portrayed as the kind-hearted civilizers and bearers of the true Christian gospel. In spite of all this, the book is an important record because it is the earliest record we have of many of these stories.'

The Duel. 'The most famous duel in American history climaxed a longstanding conflict between two of the most important men in the country. Alexander Hamilton, an impoverished immigrant from the West Indies, rose to become a framer of the U.S. Constitution and the architect of America's political economy. Aaron Burr, grandson of the theologian Jonathan Edwards, served with distinction in the Revolutionary War and was nearly elected the nation's third president. In 1804 they met in a duelan honor match that changed the course of American history. '

Eleanor Roosevelt. 'Eleanor Roosevelt struggled to overcome an unhappy childhood, betrayal in her marriage, a controlling mother-in-law, and gripping depressionsall the while staying true to her passion for social justice. This biography includes rare home movies, contemporary footage, and reflections from Eleanor's closest surviving relatives, as well as biographers Blanche Wiesen Cook, Allida Black, and Geoffrey C. Ward, bringing to vibrant life one of the century's most influential women. '

Modern Chinese Calligraphy. Including some examples by Chinese revolutionary leaders.

Virtual Solar System. BBC site.

The Ramblers' Association. Celebrating the right to roam all over Britain.

Jewish Cuba. Celebrating a community.

Midwest Frogs. Frog calls.

Big Fat Blog. Fat acceptance blog.

Jules Guesde Internet Archive. French socialist.

Ganga the River Goddess. Hindu art and myth.

Pound. Great personal blog.

Fistful of Plooble. Fab personal blog.

1st September

A Buddhist Bible. 'The first edition, which was tightly focused on source documents of Zen Buddhism, was self-published in Vermont by Goddard and had 316 pages. Subsequently, a second revised and greatly enlarged edition of 677 pages was published in 1938 by E.P. Dutton (New York), and later republished by Beacon Press. The second edition, which has been in print ever since (see box to right), covers a much wider range of Buddhist texts including Southern Buddhism, some related documents such as the Tao te Ching, and modern texts. The reprint also includes introductions by Robert Aitken and Huston Smith. '

Taoist Texts. 'This is a small selection of varied texts from the Taoist Canon, including yet another translation of the Tao Te Ching. As intimated in the subtitle, some of the books relate to ethics, some to politics, and some to internal alchemy.'

German Drawings and Prints from the Weimar Republic (1919Ė33). 'The turbulent years of the Weimar Republic as recorded with clinical detachment and incisive lines by Otto Dix, George Grosz, Max Beckmann, Karl Hubbuch, and Rudolf Schlichter. In subjects ranging from portraits and nudes to street scenes, the selection of some 20 works is drawn from the Museum's collection. '

The Games in Ancient Athens: A Special Presentation to Celebrate the 2004 Olympics.

The Science of Music. 'What is music? Is birdsong music? How about the tap-tap-tap of a hammer, or the wail of a creaking door? Is playing a garbage can different than playing a drum?'

Echoing Images: Couples in African Sculpture. Images.

The Plunkett's Photographs of Old Norwich. 'See 3600 black-and-white photographs my father George Plunkett has taken of Norwich (England), between 1930 and the present day - many of buildings long since gone, victims of the blitz or slum-clearance.'

Bikes Against Bush.

The Gossie Brothers. Outsider artists. 'The artwork shown here is part of a group of drawings and paintings I acquired at the estate sale of brothers Angelo and Lee Gossie. The art is from the late twenties and early thirties. Angelo attended Carnegie Tech (Carnegie Mellon) around 1926 to 1930 and some of the drawings are signed and dated from then, with Carnegie Tech exhibition date stamps on the back. Angelo Gossie moved to California recently and is still alive, over 90 years old. I believe Lee has passed away. The brothers lived together at least early and late in life and I do not think Angelo ever married. Angelo did most of the smaller drawings and appears to have been an advertising illustrator, as some of the drawings are fashions of the day and some are actual original ads for Kaufmann's, the YMCA and early Kraft Foods. Angelo or Lee or both may have also participated in the Federal Arts Project. Lee's art centers mostly around the female nudes with the male looking heads and some of the darker drawings. Some of the art clearly shows gay interest on the part of both brothers, although understandably restrained in nature. A fascinating look at a great and unusual time in the history of the United States, created at the cusp of the Great Depression.'

Remembering the Morning. Outsider art/9-11.

Magic Pencil, Children's Book Illustration Today.

The Interactive Body. Physiology fun.

Connections. Exhibition of Inuit sculpture.

Mary and Michael Jaharis Galleries for Byzantine Art. With online gallery.

The Righteous Among the Nations. 'In 1963, Yad Vashem embarked upon a worldwide project to grant the title of Righteous Among the Nations to non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust. '

The Science of Superheroes.

The Mystery of Hanuman. Hindu art.

The Korean History Project.

Zozimus. Fab Brit blog.

Bob's Fridge Door. US satire site.