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15th December

Museum of the City of San Francisco.

The Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony Project.
'Elizabeth Cady Stanton it was, who proposed in 1848 that the first convention for woman's rights proclaim it "the duty of the women of this country to secure to themselves their sacred right to the elective franchise." Susan B. Anthony, then a schoolteacher, paired up with Stanton in 1851, forming one of the most remarkable partnerships in American history--a fifty-two year friendship based on their mutual commitment to establish "perfect political equality among all classes of citizens." '

The Descendents of James I & VI of England & Scotland. 'This is an attempt to enumerate the direct descendents of James I of England - also known as James VI of Scotland - both legitimate and illegitmate lines. '

Encyclopaedia Romana. An encyclopaedia of ancient Rome.

The Haiku and Zen World of James W. Hackett. Haiku poet in English.

Plants for a Future. Edible, medicinal and other useful plants.

WholesomeWear. Modest swimwear for sale.

Telephone Logs/Appointments/Calendars of J. Edgar Hoover. FBI site.

The Nikita Khrushchev Internet Archive.

The Eugenics Archive. History of the American eugenics movement.

Survival International: Bushmen. 'The 'Bushmen' are the oldest inhabitants of southern Africa, where they have lived for at least 20,000 years. Their home is the vast expanse of the Kalahari desert.'

Poems by Rumi. Sufi poetry.

The English Physitian, 1652. A 17th century herbal.

Detroit's Abandoned Shelter of the Week.

The Paris Review. Literature.

Greentea Design. Japanese furniture.

The History of Rock 'n' Roll.

School Sanitation Toolkit. 'Worldwide, an estimated 83 percent of the primary school-age children attend school. In most developing countries, the sanitary and hygienic conditions at schools are often appalling, characterized by the absence of proper functioning water supply, sanitation and hand washing facilities...'

14th December

Fatal Flood.
'In the spring of 1927, after weeks of incessant rains, the Mississippi River went on a rampage from Cairo, Illinois to New Orleans, inundating hundreds of towns, killing as many as a thousand people and leaving a million homeless. In Greenville, Mississippi, efforts to contain the river pitted the majority black population against an aristocratic plantation family, the Percys-and the Percys against themselves. A dramatic story of greed, power and race during one of America's greatest natural disasters.'

Lobotomy Oral Histories.
Oral histories from relatives of people who were lobotomised.

Thai Arts.

Bottle-Cap Monument. 'It's not the most expressive bit of folk art ever, but this decorated shed in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, is an example of the kind of vernacular creativity that comes at great effort but goes away quickly, almost casually.'

FBI Files on the Moorish Science Temple of America.
'The Moorish Science Temple of America was organized in 1913 in Newark, New Jersey. The Temple was investigated by the FBI in 1953 for violation of the Selective Service Act of 1948 and Sedition. In September of 1953, the Department of Justice, concluded that prosecution for violation of the Selective Service Act was not warranted. A 1940 investigation was conducted to determine if the Moorish Science Temple of America was committing subversive activities by adhering to and spreading of Japanese propaganda. The investigation failed to substantiate that members were pro-Japanese.'

Henri Matisse. Online gallery.

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn - Autobiography. 'I was born at Kislovodsk on 11th December, 1918. My father had studied philological subjects at Moscow University, but did not complete his studies, as he enlisted as a volunteer when war broke out in 1914. He became an artillery officer on the German front, fought throughout the war and died in the summer of 1918, six months before I was born...'

19th Century India. 'The study of 19th century India (years 1801- 1900) provides a glimpse of India in its earlier centuries, while many records of the period are available due to the western influences...'

Namibia Photo Gallery.

Stanley Szwarc Metalwork Sculpture. 'Stanley Szwarc's brilliance comes across in every object he makes, their facets reflecting the complexity of his artistic vision as much as they do the light. In the dozen or so years since he starting piecing together scraps collected at the machine shop where he works, Szwarc has made thousands of boxes, vases, crosses, key fobs, earrings and other objects, no two alike. A musician and bookkeeper before he emigrated from Poland, Szwarc is diffident about his talent, but there is no mistaking the creativity behind his flights of ornamentation. '

Transcontinental Railroad Pictures and Exhibits.

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures. 'This is a dictionary of algorithms, algorithmic techniques, data structures, archetypical problems, and related definitions. Algorithms include common functions, such as Ackermann's function. Problems include traveling salesman and Byzantine generals. Some entries have links to implementations and more information.'

Slang City. 'It's the online home of American slang!'

The Sweden Information Smorgasbord - 'Swedish provinces, nature, culture, lifestyle, society and industry ...'

History of Christianity.

The History of Props: A Timeline of Props and Product Usage. Theatre props history.

Tule Tree, Santa Maria del Tule, Oaxaca, Mexico.
'The mighty tree in Santa Maria del Tule, has a circumference of over 160 feet at its base, and is between 2000 and 3000 years old, making it one of the oldest living things on earth. '
'Arbol del Tule is Mexico's most famous tree, and some say the world's largest single biomass. The Tule tree and its environs comprise a unique natural monument, an attraction for locals and visitors alike. '

Oaksey, a village in Wiltshire.

Columbine Jocks Safely Resume Bullying.

13th December

Formosa: 19th Century Images. Vintage images of Taiwan.

Tynwald: The Parliament of the Isle of Man. Politics and history.

BrainInfo. Structure and atlas of the human brain.
'BrainInfo is designed to help you identify structures in the brain. If you provide the name of a structure, BrainInfo will show it and tell you about it.'

Secrets of a Master Builder. How James Eads tamed the mighty Mississippi.
'A self-made man and one of America's greatest engineers, James Buchanan Eads led a life inextricably intertwined with the nation's most important waterway, the Mississippi River. He explored the river bottom in a diving bell of his own design; made a fortune salvaging wrecks; in the 1870s built the world's first steel bridge over the Mississippi at St. Louis; then deepened the river at its mouth, turning New Orleans into the second largest port in the nation. By the time of his death in 1887, Eads was widely acknowledged to be one of the most influential men of his day.'

Mount Athos: The Holy Mountain. 'Is the centre of Eastern Orthodox Monasticism. Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, it is a treasury which houses and guards many artefacts and monuments of religions, national and artistic value. It is also a "workshop" where religions arts and crafts are still practised to this day, and where deep and genuine spirituality is allowed to flourish and bear fruit. As an institution Mount Athos is, and has been, the chief standard bearer of Orthodox Christianity. '

The Museum of Hoaxes. Hoax history.

100 Jazz Profiles.

List of Popes. The history of the Papacy from St. Peter to Benedict XVI; links to biographies of each Pope.

The Yuan Surname. History of a Chinese surname.
'The surname originated from a noble family of the ancient state of Chen, in what is now eastern Henan province. The written form of the character took its current standardised form around the 1st century. During the Han Dynasty, it was associated with the powerful Yuan clan of Ru'nan and later during Jin and Southern Dynasties, with the Yuan clan of Chen...'

Seattle Power and Water Supply Collection.
'This collection showcases images of hydroelectric power and water supply facilities built in Washington State from the late 1890s to the 1950s. Many of these dams, power plants and reservoirs were built in some of Washington's most rugged terrain and had features that represented significant engineering feats of their time. Many of the projects were conceived of and developed by important businessmen and politicians such as Reginald H. Thomson (City Engineer) and J.D. Ross, superintendent of the Seattle Lighting Department...'

Arrr!!! Sea Shanties and Drinking Songs. 'We'll sing any song about the sea, or about drinkin' rum, or about being at sea when ye'd much rather be ashore drinkin' rum with pretty lassies who're also drinkin' rum.'

The Chicago Manual of Style. Good style for writers, editors and publishers.

FBI Files on Lucille Ball. 'This concerns Lucille Ball's testimony at the 1953 House Select Committee on Un-American Activities hearings which reflected her registration to vote as a communist in 1936 due to the insistence of her grandfather.'
'I Love Lucy'.

LambdaMOO. An virtual house, online community and social experiment, with LambdaMOO map.

The Secret Rose Garden of Sa'd Ud Din Mahmud Shabistari. Sufism.

Lloyd's Baseball Cards. 'The is nothing like a quality vintage baseball card!'

Torah. The Judaism site.

UK Gameshows. Gameshows on British TV, past and present.

12th December

The United Nations' Millennium Development Goals. 'The eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - which range from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015 - form a blueprint agreed to by all the world's countries and all the world's leading development institutions. They have galvanized unprecedented efforts to meet the needs of the world's poorest.'

Women Working 1800-1930. Women at work in 19th and early 20th century America.

Paul Gauguin. Art.

Himalayan Initiation Cards.

Ancient Scripts. A compendium of worldwide writing systems from prehistory to today.

Alaska's Digital Archive. 'Alaska's Digital Archives presents a wealth of historical photographs, albums, oral histories, moving images, maps, documents, physical objects, and other materials from libraries, museums and archives throughout our state. '

Journey into Amazonia. An expedition into the Amazon.

Cool Antarctica. Antarctica pictures, information and travel.

A Visit to Yesterland - The Discontinued Disneyland. Featuring discontinued Disneyland attractions.

Buddhist Songs in English and Chinese.

Apocalypse! The evolution of apocalyptic belief and how it shaped the Western world.

Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site. 'Please come visit us in person -- or use these pages to increase your understanding of the American Plains Indian. '

Avian Influenza Frequently Asked Questions. The World Health Organisation's bird flu site.

The British Lawnmower Museum.

Virtual Sweden. Many images.

History of FurryMUCK. An online, furry community.

Radical America. History of American radicalism.

Alexander the Great on the Web.

Selected Poetry of Carl Sandburg (1878-1967).

The Astronomy Cafe. 'Do you have lots of questions about space that you can't seem to get answers to? Would you like to learn about a career in astronomy, Big Bang cosmology, and many other HOT topics in astronomy? Sit down, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and have a look around!'

10th December

Leslie Harpold's Advent Calendar. Christmas memories. More from previous years here.

Medicine in the Americas, 1619-194: A Digital Library.

London Cartoon Gallery.

Calligraphy in the Kyoto National Museum.

Anthony van Dyck. Art. 'The seventh of twelve children born to a wealthy silk merchant in Belgium, Anthony van Dyck began to paint at an early age. By the age of nineteen, he had become a teacher in Antwerp. Soon afterward, he collaborated and trained with the famous Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens...'

Brazilian Folk Art.

The Walls of Pasaquan. Roadside art. 'That Eddie Owens Martin, creator of this fabulous environment near Buena Vista, Ga., was a crackpot is hard to deny. A fortune-telling ex-street-hustler, he created a personal religion that enshrined himself as a saint and his family farm as a holy place. Yet the strength of his vision is so great as to make his spirituality not only palpable in bricks and paint, but even credible...'

Memorials of Madhya Pradesh. 'The author traveled extensively in the state of Madhya Pradesh in Central India in the year 1976-1977 to observe, discover, study, and photograph the memorials scattered throughout the state. '

Influenza 1918. One of the deadliest pandemics in human history.

China Art Gallery. Traditional Chinese art.

The Renaissance. 'The Renaissance, also known as "Rinascimento" (in Italian), was an influential cultural movement which brought about a period of scientific revolution and artistic transformation, at the dawn of modern European history. It marks the transitional period between the end of the Middle Ages and the start of the Modern Age. '

Arch-Wizard. Confessions of the admins of one of the earliest MUDs.

The Report from Iron Mountain. 'The Report From Iron Mountain was a hoax written by Leonard C. Lewin in 1967 and published by the Dial Press. The idea for the Report came from Victor Navasky. In 1966, Navasky read an article in the New York Times on a stock market downturn due to a "peace scare". This gave him an idea for a report that would get people thinking about a peacetime economy (the hoax came out during the Vietnam War) and the stupidity of the arms race. '

The Public Papers of President Ronald W. Reagan. 'The Public Papers of the President: Ronald Reagan, 1981-1989 contain the statements, speeches and papers released by the Office of the Press Secretary during the Reagan Presidency. '

Michel Foucault Resources. 'This site provides a variety of resources relating to the work of the famous French philosopher who lived from 1926 to 1984.'

The Battle of Clontarf. 'The battle of Clontarf, fought outside Dublin on Good Friday, 23 April 1014, was the greatest battle of the early period of Irish history. Its lustre has not, over the intervening centuries, been dimmed; rather has its fame increased, so that it has come to be remembered as an event of a golden age, a mighty feat of arms of which Ireland was capable 'ere her faithless sons betrayed her'.'

The West Corner of the Park. Online furry comic, about players on FurryMUCK.

History of Lehman Brothers. Corporate history.

Ballard Street. Offbeat online comic.

Sheldon. The tale of a ten-year old software billionaire.

Ascii Table. ASCII character codes and HTML, octal, hexadecimal and decimal charts.

Ray Troll. Alaskan artist. Thanks, M. Joseph.

7th December

The History of Computing Science.

Picturing Power: Posters of the Cultural Revolution. Chinese Cultural Revolution propaganda posters.

British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate 1638-60. 'The "English Civil War" of the mid-17th Century was part of a wider conflict that involved Scotland and Ireland as well as England and Wales. Also called "The Wars of the Three Kingdoms" and the "English Revolution", the British Civil Wars and Commonwealth period laid the foundations of the modern British constitution...' Timelines, biographies, etc.
Diggers, Ranters and Levellers.

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Archives.
'Scattered across a vast expanse of water as wide as the continental United States are over twenty-one hundred islands that make up the cultural region known as Micronesia. The area includes three major archipelagoes: the Marshalls, Carolines, and Marianas. (Culturally, Micronesia includes Kiribati and Nauru, but the separate political history of these countries excludes them from the archives discussed here.) Having passed through colonial rule by the Spanish, Germans, and Japanese, the islands of Micronesia became a United States administered United Nations strategic trusteeship following World War II. This new arrangement was named the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (TTPI)...'

The Sands Mechanical Museum.
'The Sands Mechanical Museum contains many mechanical wonders, including antique coin operated games, nimble cars like the Super Seven and Elise, and unusual time pieces...'

Anglo-Australian Observatory Images.
'This page is the gateway to a unique collection of wide-field astronomical photographs, mostly made with the telescopes of the Anglo-Australian Observatory by David Malin.'

Revolution by Design: The Soviet Poster.
'Lenin created the first truly modern propaganda machine, and its most colorful, dramatic and original form was the poster...'

Visual Culture and Health Posters.
'Public health has a long and distinguished visual record. From seventeenth-century engravings to the latest digital images, visual representations have played a critical role in educating the public about modern health crises. But what purposes do these images serve beyond their immediate role in disease prevention and health education? What do they tell us about the history of health care, or attitudes toward our bodies, or the world that we live in?...'

The Hindu Temple. History and art.

Table of Chinese Monarchs. Long! Linked articles on many rulers and dynasties.

The Highland Clearances in Scotland.
'In the 19th century, something happened in the highlands of Scotland that should never have happened at all. The Highland Clearances were a shock ripple from the wave that was the battle of Culloden. Years afterwards, when the rest of Britain was waking up to a new era of civilisation and enlightenment, greedy landlords of estates and lands in the highlands of Scotland began to remove the local people to make way for sheep. Sheep were given priority over people, but not just any people. For the folk burned out of their homes were the decendants of the clansmen, the native people of the land - the highlanders...'

The Rwanda Project: Through the Eyes of Children.

Scottish Ironwork.

Juneau Photos. Photographs from Juneau, Alaska.

Zen Koans.

Light and Water: Drawing in Eighteenth-Century Venice.

A Brief History of the Oil Sketch.

3D Solid State Crystal Models.

Baseball Statistics.

The Hurricane of '38. 'As the storm made its way across the Atlantic and up the eastern seaboard, there was little warning. Radar had not been invented. The National Weather Bureau predicted it would blow itself out at North Carolina, but it didn't. No one had ever seen a storm like this...'

Frank & Ernest. Offbeat online comic.

Arlo & Janis. 'Family' online comic.

Islam, by John A. Williams, 1962.

Drama. 'This site contains a collection of original plays and screenplays, criticism and links to other sites concerned with theatre. It publishes both classic and contemporary works, and would be delighted to consider your work if you'd care to submit it to our editors for review.'

The Ghost Dance. 'The Ghost Dance, also known as the Ghost Dance of 1890, as noted in historical accounts, is a millennialistic spiritual movement among Native Americans that began toward the end of 1888 and reached its peak just before the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890. Although the religion is still practiced, it enjoyed only a short period of popularity.'

Judy Garland. 'Judy Garland (June 10, 1922 - June 22, 1969) was an American film actress who is considered one of the greatest singing stars of Hollywood's Golden Era of musical film, known for her intense acting and for her strong, husky voice.'

Space Opera in Scientology Doctrine. 'In Scientology doctrine, space opera was the term used by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard to describe extraterrestrial civilizations and alien interventions in Earthly affairs. It forms a major element of the beliefs of Scientology. Hubbard claimed that the modern-day science fiction genre of space opera is merely an unconscious recollection of real events from millions of years ago...'
'... Arslycus was an ancient civilization located in space, rather than on a planet, as this was at a time when "nobody had invented planets yet." Hubbard described it as being notorious for its mind-numbingly tedious jobs, putting thetans to work for "ten thousand lives in Arslycus, on the average", spent doing nothing better than polishing bricks.'

Profiles in Science: The Salvador E. Luria Papers.
'Salvador Edward Luria (1912-1991) was an Italian-born bacteriologist whose pioneering work on bacterial viruses (bacteriophage) with Max Delbrück demonstrated that bacterial resistance to phage infection occurred through genetic mutation, and that bacteria were suitable subjects for genetics research...'

Federal Criminal Proceedings Against Mining Companies, 1979-2005.

Fountains discovered on Saturn's Enceladus.

6th December

The Poetry Archive.

'Have a good story? Tell us. Enter the title of your memoir, when it happened and your name (if you want). Then click the button to begin writing. '

Art in Liverpool. The Liverpool art scene.

Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Buddha - A Hero's Journey to Nirvana.
'The essential message of Buddha's life is that each of us (irrespective of sex or creed) is capable and deserving of Nirvana, having a potential Buddha hidden in us. Buddha was born an ordinary mortal. His path to fulfillment was not smooth and uneventful. Rather it was a journey full of exciting experiences and mistakes made. He learned from each of his mistakes, making it a springboard for all future, and finally the ultimate success. The day we realize and awaken the Buddha within, that would be our own Nirvana, which though personal, would bind us to all humanity like never before.'

Miss America.
'Tracking the country's oldest beauty contest -- from its inception in 1921 as a local seaside pageant to its heyday as one of the country's most popular events -- Miss America paints a vivid picture of an institution that has come to reveal much about a changing nation. The pageant is about commercialism and sexual politics, about big business and small towns. But beyond the symbolism lies a human story -- at once moving, inspiring, infuriating, funny and poignant. Using intimate interviews with former contestants, behind-the-scenes footage, and photographs, the film reveals how the pageant became a battleground and a barometer for the changing position of women in society.'

Neuschwanstein Castle.
'Even before he died, the king had already become something of a legend. "I want to remain an eternal mystery to myself and others", Ludwig once told his governess, and it is this mysterious element that still fascinates people today. The poet Paul Verlaine called Ludwig II the "only true king of this century". The shy dreamer, who had none of the typical characteristics of a popular king, lives on, still idolized, as "the Kini". '
'His palaces, which were barred to strangers, have been visited by over 50 million people since his death. They are records in stone of the ideal fantasy world which the king built as a refuge from reality. His historic, poetic and ideal interpretation of his role as king was finally his downfall. It is possible that he preferred to die rather than return to reality...'

Porgy and Bess.
'The historic saga of George Gershwin's immortal American opera is traced from the publication of DuBose Heyward's novel PORGY in 1924, continuing on to the opera's premiere in 1935 and the many legendary productions that followed through the decades. Kitty Carlisle Hart, Francis Gershwin Godowsky, and scholars share their insights and memories. Narrated by Ruby Dee, this documentary features many cast members in interviews and performance clips, including Leontyne Price, William Warfield, Maya Angelou, Diahann Carroll, Grace Bumbry, and Willard White...'

The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive. Classic light opera.

Silicon Valley History.

Enclyclopadia of Cajun Culture.

Angel on Death Row. The real life cases in "Dead Man Walking"; different views on the death penalty from US Supreme Court Justices Blackmun and Scalia, and the Catholic Church.

My Own Private Bangalore.
'The city of Bangalore today is famous for its multi-national call centers, burgeoning software industry, fresh beer, imposing Government buildings and the shopping districts. However, many journalists from foreign countries who would visit these attractions (and especially the Infosys campus) and then visit Kamat at his residence, were shocked by the alternate Bangalore Kamat lived in. "Most Bangaloreans (the people of Bangalore) do not frequent the pubs, do not own computers, or do not shop in the Commercial district"-- Kamat would point out to them...'

The Crisis in Russia. Russia after the 1917 revolutions.
'The characteristic of a revolutionary country is that change is a quicker process there than elsewhere. As the revolution recedes into the past the process of change slackens speed. Russia is no longer the dizzying kaleidoscope that it was in 1917. No longer does it change visibly from week to week as it changed in 19l8. Already, to get a clear vision of the direction in which it is changing, it is necessary to visit it at intervals of six months, and quite useless to tap the political barometer several times a day as once upon a time one used to do. . . . But it is still changing very fast. My journal of "Russia in 1919, -while giving as I believe a fairly accurate pictureof the state of affairs in February and March of 1919, pictures a very different stage in the development of the revolution from that which would be found by observers today.'

The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar.

Levenshtein Distance.
'In information theory, the Levenshtein distance or edit distance between two strings is given by the minimum number of operations needed to transform one string into the other, where an operation is an insertion, deletion, or substitution. It is named after the Russian scientist Vladimir Levenshtein, who considered this distance in 1965. It is useful in applications that need to determine how similar two strings are, such as spell checkers.'

History of the NAACP.
'The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or NAACP, is one of the oldest and most influential civil rights organizations in the United States. It was founded in 1909 to work on behalf of black people. Members of the NAACP have referred to it as The National Association, confirming NAACP's pre-eminence among organizations active in the Civil Rights Movement since its origins in the first years of the 20th century; little need was felt to specify which "national association." '

American Association of University Professors. Academic freedom for a free society.

5th December

Castles of Japan.

A Chef and His Library.
'Chef Fritz Blank's culinary library helps to illustrate how a homegrown Jersey boy became one of America's foremost French chefs. Since surviving a 1987 Dumpster fire that otherwise gutted Blank's original location of his restaurant, Deux Cheminées, his collection has grown to over 10,000 volumes of cookery books plus recipe pamphlets, menus and other culinary ephemera. '
'A Chef & His Library examines a paper trail of the influences--from his grandmother's cooking lessons to his career as a clinical microbiologist--that shaped Blank's culinary education and sensibilities. "My library may not be the biggest or the best or the most antiquarian," says Blank, "But it does reflect my tastes." '

Cult Sirens. Hammer horror actresses, Bond girls, Fay Wray, etc. Parts of the site may not be safe for work.

Legends of America. A travel site for the nostalgic and historic minded.
'When you travel, do you often wonder what happened at "this place" in the past?; Who lived here?; What were they; like?; How did they live their daily lives? If that's the case for you, here at Legends of America, you will find content-rich travel destinations of the American West, including Route 66, ghost towns, outlaws, treasure tales, and even a few ghosts that we bump into along the way...'
La Llorona - weeping ghost of the Southwest. 'The legend of La Llorona (pronounced "LAH yoh ROH nah"), Spanish for the Weeping Woman, has been a part of Hispanic culture in the Southwest since the days of the conquistadores. The tall, thin spirit is said to be blessed with natural beauty and long flowing black hair. Wearing a white gown, she roams the rivers and creeks, wailing into the night and searching for children to drag, screaming to a watery grave...'

The Spanish Civil War. Extensive historical article, illustrated with images such as contemporary art, posters, photographs.

The Lady Jane Grey Internet Museum. England's 'nine days queen' of 1553. Extensive galleries of art depicting her.

The Gumbo Pages - 'writings, photographs &c. by chuck taggart dedicated to the preservation of new orleans culture. '

Uncle Sam Image Gallery. 'Pictures and historical information about an American legend.'

Mother Goddess as Kali - The Feminine Force in Indian Art.
'Kali is represented as a Black woman with four arms; in one hand she has a sword, in another the head of the demon she has slain, with the other two she is encouraging her worshippers. For earrings she has two dead bodies and wears a necklace of skulls ; her only clothing is a girdle made of dead men's hands, and her tongue protrudes from her mouth. Her eyes are red, and her face and breasts are besmeared with blood. She stands with one foot on the thigh, and another on the breast of her husband...'

E Is For Ecstasy. Online book, published in 1993, detailing the author's experiences.

Skulls. All about the skull.

Trail of the Hellhound: Delta Blues in the Lower Mississippi Valley. 'When blues musician Robert Johnson wrote "Hellhound on My Trail" he conjured the archetypal image of a bluesman, outcast from proper society and stalked by personal demons. On our trip through the Lower Mississippi Valley we will learn about the blues and the local musicians who catapulted this art form to international prominence...'

Lyndon Johnson Library Oral History Page. Oral history of the Johnson administration; transcripts of prominent Americans.

The Victorian Society.

Missouri's Dred Scott Case 1846-57.
'In its 1857 decision that stunned the nation, the United States Supreme Court upheld slavery in United States territories, denied the legality of black citizenship in America, and declared the Missouri Compromise to be unconstitutional. All of this was the result of an April 1846 action when Dred Scott innocently made his mark with an "X," signing his petition in a pro forma freedom suit, initiated under Missouri law, to sue for freedom in the St. Louis Circuit Court. Desiring freedom, his case instead became the lightning rod for sectional bitterness and hostility that was only resolved by war.'

GoCityKids. American cities, for children.

The International Centre for Not-For-Profit Law. 'ICNL strives to create a world where civil society, in all its forms, can freely develop and participate in public decisions. '

Habitat for Humanity. 'Since 1976, Habitat has built more than 125,000 simple, decent houses. '

'Libertarianism is a political philosophy that holds that all individuals should have the liberty to do as they wish with themselves and their property as long as those actions do not infringe on the same liberty of others. Thus, liberty is equalized among individuals, with no individual having more liberty than any other...'

3rd December

Women in American History. From 1600 to the present.

El Greco.
'This major retrospective exhibition consists of approximately 70 works by the great 16th-century painter Domenikos Theotokopoulos, known to posterity as El Greco. '

The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in Eight Fits, by Lewis Carroll. Illustrated, classic nonsense verse.

The Sixties Project.
'One of the challenges of putting together a project on recent history is that so many folks have lived through the era and have opinions about what happened. The Sixties Project is designed not only to be useful to scholars and students, but to provide a place where those who lived through the Sixties can tell their own stories about the era, meet others with common interests, and reflect on their experiences...'

'Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1808) is regarded as one of the foremost painters of beauty, or the "bijinga" genre. (I recently saw that 1946 classic film "Utamaro and his 5 Women", the title of which is a play on the name of his triptych "Hideyoshi and his 5 Concubines", the publication of which landed him in jail in 1805. The event figures prominently in the film.)...'

Blaise Pascal.
'Blaise Pascal (June 19, 1623-August 19, 1662) was a French mathematician, physicist, and religious philosopher. Pascal was a child prodigy, who was educated by his father. Pascal's earliest work was in the natural and applied sciences, where he made important contributions to the construction of mechanical calculators and the study of fluids, and clarified the concepts of pressure and vacuum by expanding the work of Evangelista Torricelli. Pascal also wrote powerfully in defence of the scientific method...'

Animal Motifs in Indian Art.

The Constitution of North Carolina. 'North Carolina has had three Constitutions in her history as a State: the Constitution of 1776, the Constitution of 1868, and the Constitution of 1971...'

Endangered Species Program, US Fish and Wildlife Service. With lists of endangered species and lots of information.

From Domesticity to Modernity: What Was Home Economics?

A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia.

Posters from the WPA: Federal Art Project Calendar.

' "Heidi" is a delightful story for children of life in the Alps, one of many tales written by the Swiss authoress, Johanna Spyri, who died in her home at Zurich in 1891. She had been well known to the younger readers of her own country since 1880, when she published her story, Heimathlos, which ran into three or more editions, and which, like her other books, as she states on the title page, was written for those who love children, as well as for the youngsters themselves. Her own sympathy with the instincts and longings of the child's heart is shown in her picture of Heidi...'

The Renaissance: Studies in Art and Poetry.

The Religious System of the Amazulu, 1870.
'This book is composed of a series of interviews conducted by Callaway with Zulu informants, of which only the answers of the natives to Callaway's questions are usually given. As such, it is made up primarily of prose explanations of concepts and ideas that Callaway, a more or less sympathetic English missionary, found to be of interest. There are no sacred narratives, transcriptions of ceremonies, or anything else of that nature, although the book is still interesting, and in many ways more informative than it might be otherwise.'

The Peng Shuzi Internet Archive. Chinese socialist and dissident.
'Peng spent 5 years in a Guomintang (Chinese Nationalist) prison and was freed in 1937. Maintaining an underground presence against both Guomintang and the CCP on the one side and organizing against the Japanese occupation on the other, Peng contributed to the building of the underground communist opposition in occupied China. After the war and these Trotskyists started recruiting, Peng fled to Hong Kong ahead of the CCP repression. He was then able to be the key correspondent for the Fourth International by reporting on the repression of the Chinese Trotskyists during the 1951-1953 period when Mao's forces destroyed all independent workers organizations under the cover of the US assault on the Korean peninsula. '

Memory Overflow - 'digital archives of human experience, stories, memoirs, memories, fiction, poems, and visual histories.'

The Pacific Bulb Society.

Pictures of Walls. A gallery of walls with stuff written on.

The Simon. Online American culture magazine.

2nd December

Rosa Parks: How I Fought for Civil Rights.

Paris: Capital of the 19th Century.

The Shambhala Zen Art Gallery.

Western Trails: An Online Journey. A historical journey through the American West.

How To Tell The Birds From The Flowers.
'This is a book which belonged to my great-grandmother that I have enjoyed since childhood. I noticed the copyright had expired in the US, so I scanned it in so everyone can read it. '

Gandhi: Probing the Man Behind the Mahatma. The life and works of M.K. Gandhi.

'I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, where city planners with an eye toward those all-important tourists from Oshkosh and Vermont have repackaged the town's fire-and-brimstone zeitgeist into a sanitized Southern fried trifle that goes down sweeter than pralines on King Street-where tourists from Wal-Mart America cruise the streets, stuffing themselves on the Old Slave Market, Fort Sumter, Rainbow Row till they're too complacent to wonder where the jazz is, why the tour guides keep chattering about "servants," or how many gentrification carrion birds the polished brass on the new tourist and convention center is going to send wheeling over the peninsula's remaining black neighborhoods...'

National Epics, 1896.

Beatrice Portinari. 'Dante first met Beatrice in Florence, his home city, when he was nine years old and she was eight. This meeting occurred roughly around 1274. She was dressed in a soft crimson cloth, and wore a girdle about her waist. Dante instantly fell in love with her, thinking of her as angelic with divine and noble qualities. Yet this was to be one of only two times that Dante and Beatrice came into close contact...'

Life Patterns. 'A pop-up Java applet that displays a collection of the greatest patterns ever created in Conway's Game of Life. '

The Richest Man in the World: Andrew Carnegie.

Sounds of Sinatra.

The Illustration of 'Tristram Shandy', 1760-1996. Pre-post-modern classic English literature.

The Archive of Early American Images.

Kalevala - The Finnish National Epic.

Profiles in Science: The Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Papers. 'Albert Imre Szent-Gyorgyi (1893-1986), a Hungarian-born biochemist, was the first to isolate vitamin C, and his research on biological oxidation provided the basis for Krebs' citric acid cycle. His discoveries about the biochemical nature of muscular contraction revolutionized the field of muscle research. His later career was devoted to research in "submolecular" biology, applying quantum physics to biological processes...'

Pop Hangover. A satirical look at American TV, with a focus on reality TV.

Magic Squares. Mathematical fun.

1st December

Antique Maps of Iceland.

Gods of Japan: A-Z Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist and Shinto Deities.
'After moving to Kamakura in 1993, I became intrigued by the many deities and faces of Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism. There are over 100 temples and shrines near my home, many dating from the 8th to 13th centuries, many open to the public. There are now 1,000+ photos in this library, ranging from the treasures of Kamakura to those of Nara, Kyoto, and elsewhere in Japan. '

Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project 1938-38.
Recollections of the last living former American slaves, collected nearly 80 years after the end of the Civil War.

Wild West Yorkshire. A wildlife illustrator marks the turning of the seasons.

Titian and the Commander.
'This focused exhibition highlights the Getty's recently acquired Portrait of Alfonso d'Avalos, Marquis of Vasto, in Armor with a Page by Titian, presenting it alongside two other paintings d'Avalos commissioned from Titian...'

Through the Eyes of a Child: Presidential Portraits Made by Children.
'Many children send pictures to presidents. When we are young, we think that the president will cherish our artwork--perhaps even hang it on his refrigerator. But as we get older, we think that a president would never save such a small gift, knowing how many he receives. But those drawings were saved. Every president since Herbert Hoover, who has a museum in the Presidential Library system, has saved most of the gifts that have been given to him. That includes those given by young children, and those given by heads of states...'

The Virtual Cell.

Coney Island History. 'Coney Island was considered the world's largest and premier amusement area during the first half of the 20th Century. It was a beach resort that provided carefree entertainment and thrilling amusement park rides to the millions of residents that lived in New York City.'

Convict Central. 'Most family historians in Australia regard a convict in their ancestry as enormously desirable. "Convicts to Australia" is intended to guide, inform and entertain those just starting the hunt as well as the more experienced researcher. The site is a 'work in progress' and data is being added regularly. '

Lord Ganesh in Indian Art.

Famous Men of the Middle Ages.

Fairy Tales (By The Grimm Brothers).

The Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form.

Photos of the Iran Hostage Crisis.

A Byte of Python. About the Python programming language.

Cosmotography. Astro images.

Nigerian Music.
'When we first meet Israel and Ngozi Nwidor and Barine Wiwa-Lawani in a displaced persons camp in Benin, we hear the voices of their fellow refugees singing about their plight. When they and others Ogonis were forced to flee their homes, their musical heritage traveled with them...'

Palaces in Venice.

Santa on Radar. A nice bit of fun.

The Official Kwanzaa Website.
'As an African American and Pan-African holiday celebrated by millions throughout the world African community, Kwanzaa brings a cultural message which speaks to the best of what it means to be African and human in the fullest sense. Given the profound significance Kwanzaa has for African Americans and indeed, the world African community, it is imperative that an authoritative source and site be made available to give an accurate and expansive account of its origins, concepts, values, symbols and practice...'

Light Echoes from V838 Mon.