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15th July

The Hive and the Honeybee: Cornell's Beekeeping Collection.

Zembla. A website all about Vladimir Nabokov.

Fyodor Dostoevsky. Definitive Dostoevsky resource - life, work, books, discussion forums, etc.

Samurai Gallery. Portraits of famous samurai.

MathForum's Problems of the Week. Fun with logic and numbers.

H. M. Tomlinson 1873-1958. 'Henry Major Tomlinson grew up in the East End of London, the great seaport (described in London River, destroyed in the Blitz). He became a shipping clerk, a journalist, a war correspondent, a newspaper editor, and a travel writer and novelist. He was greatly affected by the futile slaughter of World War I. His first book was ignored at the time but has been frequently reprinted since for a small, discerning audience such as yourself; his other works have not remained popular, at least in the United States. Deaf, bald, he always wore the black bowler hat of an East End clerk...'

World War I Sheet Music. (USA)

Cult TV International.

The Kingdom of Siam: The Art of Central Thailand 1350-1800.

Joseph Conrad 1857-1924. Some online books.

Max Stirner. German philosopher of individualist anarchism.

Mission Churches of the Sonoran Desert. '... Father Kino and his successors changed the face of the Pimería Alta forever. They brought with them a new religion, a new political system, and new crops and domesticated animals. In 1686 the region was occupied by native peoples living in various kinds of village and transient communities. The changes the missionaries instituted tied these peoples religiously, politically, and economically to the rest of New Spain, to Spain, and ultimately, to the rest of the world. In many communities, the physical symbol of and the setting for these changes was a mission church. '
'Today, the Sonoran desert on both sides of the international border is dotted with the remains of these churches. Some exist only as subsurface foundations or low, crumbling adobe walls. Others, like the churches at Tumacacori, Arizona and Cocospera, Sonora, are spectacular and more-or- less stabilized ruins. Still others are functioning churches to this day, being used for the purpose for which they were built so many years ago. '

Christian Topography.
'Christian Topography, written in the 6th century C.E., is a classic flat earth text. Cosmas believed that the Earth was rectangular and that the sky was shaped like a horizontal half-cylinder resting on a box. It looks a bit like an old pirate chest. Cosmas believed that it the Tabernacle constructed by Moses was based on the form of the universe. There is a huge mountain that the sun goes behind when it is night. Cosmas uses scriptural arguments to justify his flat-earth cosmology. The text also contains geographical information that Cosmas collected during his far-ranging travels, which took him all the way to India. '

The James Connolly Internet Archive. Irish revolutionary.
'Born Edinburgh, Scotland of Irish parents - said to have first come to Ireland in his youth as a member of the British Army - married in 1889 - active in The Socialist movement in Edinburgh in the early 1890s - came to Ireland in 1896 and founded the Irish Socialist Republican Party - lectured on socialism in Britain and U.S., 1902 - emigrated to U.S. in 1903 - member of Socialist Labour Party (U.S.) and the Industrial Workers of the World - founded the Irish Socialist Federation in New York, 1907 - returned to Ireland in 1910 as organiser for The Socialist Party of Ireland - Belfast organiser of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union, 1910 - acting Gen. Sec. of I.T.G.W.U. and Commandant of the Irish Citizen Army, 1914 - Commandant General of Dublin Division of the Army of the Republic, 1916 - executed following the 1916 Uprising.'

All About Latvia. ' is the home of the first Latvia-related weblog in English. This weblog aims to give some not-so noteworthy information that you may not find in the Latvia tour guides and/or news media outlets.'

Nicole Schulman. Artist & illustrator.

Patriots' Day.
'It's been over two and a quarter centuries since local American militias routed the British at the Battle of Lexington and Concord, but 65 men of his Majesty's 10th Regiment and 67 American rebels are still fighting.'
'American Experience takes a look at who they are and what has taken them on their personal journeys into the American past.'

Xiangqi 'is a Chinese game in a family of strategic board games of which Western chess, Korean janggi, and Japanese shogi are also members. The Chinese name is literally translatable as either "elephant chess" or "image/representational/symbolic chess," but is commonly called Chinese chess in the West.'

Making of America Journals.
'Making of America (MOA) is a digital library of primary sources in American social history primarily from the antebellum period through reconstruction. The collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology. '

Daily French Lesson.

Cornell University's Ask A Scientist.

14th July

Millions of people, standing in silent streets. Britain's massive, silent anti-terrorism demonstration.

US Presidential Debate Transcripts. 1960, 1976-2004.

The New Age: A Weekly Review of Politics, Literature and Art, 1907-1922.
'The New Age was a weekly magazine, printed in double columns, folio sized, and mostly in type sizes that varied from small to miniscule. A rather different journal had been appearing under that name, when a group led by G. B. Shaw decided to provide some funding and asked A. R. Orage and his friend Holbrook Jackson to begin a "New Series" in the spring of 1907. From then on, volumes ran for six months, with pages numbered accordingly. (The magazine continued after Orage resigned, but is not of comparable interest)...'

Elizabethan Sumptuary Statutes.
'Sumptuary laws were enacted in many centuries and countries. In Elizabethan England, these laws attempted to restrict the sumptuousness of dress in order to curb extravagance, protect fortunes, and make clear the necessary and appropriate distinctions between levels of society.'
'The principal concern was that money spent on frivolous display would be better spent on the state of more important things, such as horses, critical to a society always in peril of the neighbors. '

Russia Engages the World 1453-1825.

Tokyo Progressive.

The Black Panther Party.

Rene Magritte. Art.

Wayne Stayskal. Editorial cartoonist.

Talk Allergy. All about allergies.

Classic Computer Magazines. Via Bibi.

The Medieval Bestiary: Animals in the Middle Ages. Via MeFi.

Titian. Life and art.

rec.gardens.ecosystems. Gardening from an ecological perspective.

Augustus Carp, Esq.: By Himself. 'Being the Autobiography of a Really Good Man'

The Engineering Timelines Map of the British Isles.

History of Australian Costumes.

Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands.

Youth Groups in the Lodz Ghetto.

Biography of Christopher Marlowe from the Marlowe Society. Elizabethan playwright and spy.

The Ancient African City of Benin.

Trans-Siberian Railway Photo Gallery.

Wang Yan. Contemporary Chinese artist.

Evolution. PBS site.

13th July

Canadian Heritage Gallery. 'Welcome to the Canadian Heritage Gallery the most extensive collection of historical Canadiana on the Internet...' Extensive and fantastic.

UK 360 Degrees. Panoramic photographs of the UK. Great site.

The Edvard Munch Museum. Angst art.

The Russian Empire in Photographs.

Two Views of Kabuki. 'Ukiyo-e refers to the work of a school of Japanese artists that emerged in the early 17th century and established a popular market for their works. These works were primarily woodblock prints, but also included paintings. Ukiyo-e flourished for three centuries with its best known prints coming from the Edo Period which dates from the 1680s to the 1850s. Popular subjects for ukiyo-e prints were the actors and plays of the Japanese theater known as kabuki. '
Act I.

A Planetary Nebula Sampler. 'A planetary nebula forms when a star can no longer support itself by fusion reactions in its center. The gravity from the material in the outer part of the star takes its inevitable toll on the structure of the star, and forces the inner parts to condense and heat up. The high temperature central regions drive the outer half of the star away in a brisk stellar wind, lasting a few thousand years. When the process is complete, the remaining core remnant is uncovered and heats the now distant gases and causes them to glow...'

Renaissance Dante in Print. 'This exhibition presents Renaissance editions of Dante's Divine Comedy from the John A. Zahm, C.S.C., Dante Collection at the University of Notre Dame, together with selected treasures from The Newberry Library. The Zahm collection ranks among the top Dante collections in North America. Purchased for the most part by Zahm in 1902 from the Italian Dantophile Giulio Acquaticci, the 15th- and 16th- century imprints presented here form the heart of Zahm's collection, which totals nearly 3,000 volumes, including rare editions and critical studies from the Renaissance to the present. The nine incunable editions and nearly complete series of 16th-century imprints featured in this exhibit constitute essential primary sources for both the history of Dante's reception during the Renaissance and the early history of the printed book ... '

Black Panther Legacy Tours. 'Black Panther Tours provides a historical bus tour of sites in Oakland, CA. which were significant to the Black Panther Party, the civil rights movement and United States History. '

The Densatil Project. The Densatil monastery in Tibet.
'The gDan-sa-mthil monastery (Densatil) was erected around the miserable mud and branch hut of the saint Phag-mo-gru-pa (1118 - 1170) during the second half of the 12th century. It is considered as thefirstgrent monastery of the bKa'-brgyud-pa school. It was prosperous thanks to the liberality of the rLangs family...'

Norwegian Folk Tales.

The Human Race and Other Sports. Political commentary and satire from Chris Brauchli. Left of centre.

My Father, Ronald Reagan. Michael Reagan's site. Speeches and portraits.

Outfoxed. Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism.

12th July

The Book of Earths, 1928.
'This is a compendium of theories of the shape of the Earth, along with a great deal of 'Earth Mystery' lore. Richly illustrated, the Book of Earths includes many unusual theories, including Columbus' idea that the Earth is literally pear-shaped, modern theories that the Earth was originally tetrahedral, and so on. Kenton also covers many traditional theories including the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians, Hindu and Buddhist cosmology, and those of the Peruvians, Aztecs and Mongols. She also discusses modern alternative theories such as that of Reed and Koresh. '

19th Century Advertising History. A taste of the advertisements found in Harper's Weekly, 1857-1872.

Shaping the Values of Youth: Sunday School Books in 19th Century America.

The Buddhist World. Monastics, holy sites, Theravada and Mahayana.

Encyclopaedia of 1848 Revolutions. The year that shook the world.
'The 1848 Revolutions challenge the maxim that winners write history. But the very concept of "vi ctors" is misleading. The Parisian February revolution of 1848 was a victory of harmonious reconciliation between high and low. Roman Catholic clergymen and lay who broke into the king's Tuileries gathered in the chapel to sanctify the new republic. A great number of artists depicted the historic moment of historic accord...'

The Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia.
'In the morning hours of August 21, 1968, the Soviet army invaded Czechoslovakia along with troops from four other Warsaw Pact countries. The occupation was the beginning of the end for the Czechoslovak reform movement known as the Prague Spring. '
'This web site contains material from the days immediately following the invasion, and they reflect the atmosphere in Czechoslovakia at the time: tense, chaotic, uncertain, full of pathos, fear, and expectation... '

The Rise of the Victorian Middle Class. British history.
'Challenging landed privilege and aristocratic corruption, this industrial and urban middle-class can be seen as striving to establish a society based on merit rather than on one's birth. Through education reform, schemes of civic improvement and the growth of the market the Victorian middle class saw themselves as facilitating equality of opportunity by enabling the working classes to realise their abilities. These reforms mean that today we live in an open society in which we all have the potential to become middle-class...doesn't it?'

Don Wright. Editorial cartoonist.
'A cartoonist for The Palm Beach Post, Wright offers wisdom and hard-hitting commentary that explore the issues of the day. He is a five-time recipient of the Overseas Press Club Award for his cartoons on foreign affairs and is a two-time Reuben Award winner. '

Tomdispatch. ' is researched, written and edited by Tom Engelhardt (bio), a fellow at the Nation Institute, for anyone in despair over post-September 11th US mainstream media coverage of our world and ourselves. '

The Unheard Beethoven. Via MeFi.

Story of a street. 'It gave birth to the nuclear bomb, was home to Yeats and Dickens and withstood the Blitz. But from now on a London street that begins at the Strand and ends in Hampstead, will evoke the image of a mangled number 30 bus. John Lanchester says the bombers will not hijack the memories of his favourite street.'

Bush, Blair and the London bombings. Steve Bell's cartoon.

Last Thursday was my second 'terrorist attack'. I was in Manchester on the day of the 1996 IRA bombing, getting some stuff sorted out at the Australian high commission for my move there.

Pox News and the London attacks. What a bunch of useless pinheads.

11th July

Volcano World. An impressive survey of the world's volcanoes.

The Prewar Blues.

Walt Whitman and Leaves of Grass.
'The publication of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass in 1855 was the debut of a masterpiece that shifted the course of American literary history. Refreshing and bold in both theme and style, the book underwent many revisions over Whitman's lifetime, becoming an ever-transforming kaleidoscope of poems. This exhibition traces the different occupations and preparations that led Whitman to become the author of Leaves of Grass, as well as his subsequent evolution as a poet. Over almost forty years Whitman produced multiple editions of Leaves of Grass. By his death in 1892, Leaves was a thick compendium representing Whitman's vision of America over the last half of the nineteenth century.'

Sienese Painting.
'Together with Florence, Siena was the chief economic, political, and cultural center of Tuscany in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. Although only in 1559 did Siena become part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany under the rule of the Medici, its heyday was unquestionably two centuries earlier, between 1287 and 1355...'

The Age of Saint Louis (1226-1270). Art.
'Louis IX was a key supporter of the Franciscan and Dominican orders. An ivory diptych (Diptych with the Last Judgment and Coronation of the Virgin, 1970.324.7a-b) shows a mendicant friar being led up the ladder to heaven, followed by the image of a king, a visual testament to the important role played by Franciscan and Dominican confessors at the royal court...'

Treasures from a Lost Civilisation: Ancient Chinese Art from Sichuan.

BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour.

Ann Telnaes. Editorial cartoonist. 'Ann Telnaes' editorial cartoons have appeared in such prestigious publications as The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Newsday, The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun and USA Today. '

Tony Auth. Editorial cartoonist. 'Jules Feiffer has described Tony Auth best, "His perspective is that of a bemused and often angry comic historian. Irony, never a favorite form with Americans, is his meat and potatoes. He is not smug, and though he can be mean, he is never mean-spirited. Auth is a moralist and an optimist. He insists, even in this day and age, that hope is more than the name of a right-wing comedian or the shtick of a reactionary president." '

Ancient Observatories. Via wood s lot.

G8 Gleneagles. Official summit website.

Steve Bell: Attack on London. Cartoon. Via Linkmachinego.

Our dead, your war.

10th July

Parliamentary democracy; Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, Blake; the English language; Welsh; a home-from-home for the Huguenots, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, the ANC, and Gandhi; Tom Paine; cricket; Churchill; the Salvation Army; Isaac Newton, the theory of gravitation, and calculus; the steam engine; Darwin and the theory of evolution; Charles Babbage, Alan Turing and the computer; the abolition of slavery; FUCK YEAH!

8th July

I wrote this up yesterday not long after I got home and slightly edited it today :-

I had a job interview booked. I got to London Liverpool Street Station early and was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, which was full of the news of London winning the Olympic bid.

When I walked out of the coffee shop, the police were swarming around the station. There had been a 'muffled explosion' in one of the nearby Underground tunnels, and they were evacuating. It was very calm. I hadn't felt anything - I had been in the 'overground' area and Liverpool Street is a huge complex. But I would have been no further than a few hundred yards from the explosion.

It wasn't obvious how serious it was at this stage. The taxi and bus lines were full, so I decided to walk to the interview, about 15 minutes. It seemed strange that no taxis were stopping. And everyone coming in was late. Funnily enough, the HR person who arrived said the trains were messed up. But it wasn't clear what had happened, as security alerts happen all the time in London.

Both my interviewer and I had our mobile phones turned off during the interview, so we didn't know what was happening outside. It lasted about an hour, I'd say.

Anyway, on my way back to work after the interview, I decided to call the office to say I was on the way in, so I turned my mobile phone on. The mobile phone network was down, and as I got closer to the office, I was walking past closed Tube stations, and streets full of police, directing the small number of civilians civilians; and no road traffic except police, ambulances and the fire service, so it was clear something major was up.

By the time I was in the office, of course, it was clear what had happened. Basically, everything was shut, and very very quiet on the trading floors. I caught up with a small amount of work to keep busy, but mostly followed the news on Reuters and the Internet. Someone had been on the bus behind the one that had been blown up in Bloomsbury. Some seemed a bit worried something else was going to happen, and while it was calm, there was an edge of concern and tension on people's faces, as well as good humour (I introduced a few more people to Metafilter, for example, and people were enjoying the banter being posted on the London 7-7 thread!). Someone else was coming in from Brighton, and called to say the station was closed. Some of us followed Reuters news and a couple of websites to keep up to speed with things. I think that keeping abreast of information helps people assess the situation rationally, so that was good.

One of the ladies was worried about a hissing noise outside. With some trepidation, I stuck my face next to the window. It was the air conditioning, but none of us had noticed the noise it makes before. So that was my show of heroism.

With the mobile phones patchy and public transport out, there wasn't much to do. Around 4 pm, some of us went to the pub, which was heaving with people. All stoical, true Blitz spirit (without being too maudlin). And the weather was good, so it was quite pleasant.

By 5, the stations had re-opened.

I was one of the last people to leave my office, at 6 pm. Liverpool Street had one entrance open, with a lots of police, journalists interviewing people, and columns of silent people marching home, like a besuited army.

By that time, the trains were mostly empty, as everyone had gone home. As usual on British public transport, the carriages were silent.

Back at work today, and it's back to near-normal. A show of fortitude, indeed. Londoners had been expecting this for a long time, and worse than this. Life goes on.

"I will at the earliest opportunity, assemble in London in a public demonstration of respect to the victims of the July 7 atrocity, defiance of the murderers who carried it out and solidarity with the people of London but only if 100 other people will too." Sort of like the demonstrations in Spain after Madrid. Let's see if it happens.

Benjamin Zephaniah - The London Breed.

London Responds. Wiki-based links collection.

London Bombing. Editorial cartoons.

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner.

7th July

7 July 2005 London Bombings. Wikipedia article, many links.

Life goes on. You will find no maudlin flag-waving or pseudo-Churchillian rubbish here. Blitz spirit and all that. (Well, ok, maybe a bit of pseudo-Churchillianism).

London Bomb Blasts Photo Pool.

London Bomb Blasts Metafilter Thread.

A Letter to the Terrorists, from London.

6th July

Wollemia. Around one hundred of these remarkable trees, 'living fossils', are known to be growing wild.
'Wollemia nobilis is a remarkable coniferous tree that was discovered in 1994 in a remote series of narrow, steep-sided sandstone gorges in a mild temperate-zone rainforest wilderness area of the Wollemi National Park in New South Wales, 150 km north-west of the Australian city of Sydney.'
The Official Home of the Wollemi Pine.

Reading Proust. A reader encounters Proust's 'In Search of Lost Time'.
'Ten years later, I read it again-and aloud-to my wife over the course of two winters. (One of the French deconstructionists, arguing that one can't just study a novel by itself, because it's a collaborative venture between the author and the reader, cinched his case by pointing out: "After all, who has read every word of À la recherche du temps perdu?" It pleased me hugely to be able to say, if only silently, "I did!") '

World Tibet Day. "The World Tibet Day has helped greatly in raising awareness and support for the Tibetan cause and opened many hearts to the essential rights of the Tibetan people to preserve their culture and to practice their religion freely" - HH the XIV Dalai Lama.

North American Slave Narratives.
' "North American Slave Narratives" collects books and articles that document the individual and collective story of African Americans struggling for freedom and human rights in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries. This collection includes all the existing autobiographical narratives of fugitive and former slaves published as broadsides, pamphlets, or books in English up to 1920. Also included are many of the biographies of fugitive and former slaves and some significant fictionalized slave narratives published in English before 1920.'

Development of the English Castle.
'This article is the first in a series which attempts to outline the development of the English Medieval castle and to describe its major features. Where possible, reference is made to existing castles within a comfortable day's journey of London so that the visitor who wishes to view a selection of English castles, but has limited time at his or her disposal, need not travel far from the capital.'

Matisse: The Fabric of Dreams. Matisse and textiles.

Jeff Danziger. Editorial cartoonist.
'Jeff Danziger provides a scathing international take on politics, finance, and everything else you aren't allowed to discuss at the dinner table. '

Dan Wasserman. Editorial cartoonist.
'The Boston Globe's Wasserman portrays visual skills and commentary that show no mercy. He often conveys a distinctive viewpoint through his own "game, set and match" technique that sets the scene, advances the action and twists the climax into a trenchant comment on political policy, culture and economics. '

Leite's Culinaria. Blog about food writing, recipe collections, and cooking resources.

Al-Islam. An Islamic digital library.

William Dean Howells (1837-1920). 'W. D. Howells produced many novels, stories, plays, and poems in his long life. He served as the editor of Atlantic Monthly and Harper's magazines, and as the "dean" of late 19th-century American literature introduced realism and naturalism, both by his own writings and by encouraging many others from Henry James to Bret Harte and Frank Norris to Mark Twain. He supported socialism and opposed American imperialism.'

Chinese Propaganda Posters Featuring Mao Zedong.

History of France.

Space Weather Centre.

Alien Earths.

The Death of Che Guevara: Declassified. 'On October 9th, 1967, Ernesto "Che" Guevara was put to death by Bolivian soldiers, trained, equipped and guided by U.S. Green Beret and CIA operatives. His execution remains a historic and controversial event; and thirty years later, the circumstances of his guerrilla foray into Bolivia, his capture, killing, and burial are still the subject of intense public interest and discussion around the world ... '

War Letters. 'Based on newly discovered personal correspondence from the Revolutionary War to the Gulf War, War Letters brings to life vivid eyewitness accounts of famous battles, intimate declarations of love and longing, poignant letters penned just before the writer was killed, and heartbreaking "Dear John" letters from home.'
'The best of these letters transcend the subject of war; they are about love, perseverance, honor, passion, and faith. Most are unpublished, many rescued from oblivion in attics and basements. Read by a cast of celebrity actors, they are illustrated with a blend of dramatic archival footage and photographs, evocative recreations, and images of those who wrote, and those who read, letters from American battlefronts. '

Scottish Fishwives, Washaday Group. Great photograph from the mid-19th century.
'Some of the best known and most haunting works of Hill and Adamson are the numerous representations of the fisherfolk of Newhaven, a village on the Firth of Forth only two miles from the Rock House, their Edinburgh home and studio. The Newhaven community, founded by Huguenot immigrants, depended to a large degree on the fishing trade for its livelihood. Hill and Adamson's project was conceived as a way to raise money to improve the working conditions of these "fisherfolk." The women's distinctively striped skirts identified the "fisher lassies" as they sold cod, herring, and oysters from their baskets and creels on the streets of Edinburgh. '

History of the Afrikaans Language.

Ivan Turgenev. "Turgenev was of that great race which has more than any other fully and freely uttered human nature, without either false pride or false shame in its nakedness."

Oriental Outpost. Asian art, Chinese silk wall scrolls.

5th July

Exploring the Sistine Chapel Ceiling.

Benjamin Disraeli Texts. 19th century British writer and Conservative Prime Minister.
'Here are full-text versions of some of the fictional writings of Benjamin Disraeli; more will be added as they become available...'

Sockpa Kantsen. 'Sockpa Kangtsen is a hostel for monks at Gaden Monastic Univeristy which has been restablished in South India. The Kangtsen is part of Shartse College one of the two colleges at Gaden. At present there are over 120 monks at Sockpa Kangtsen. Almost all of these monks originate from the North Eastern-Amdo region of Tibet closely associated with the lineage of Achok Rinpoche and Achok Tseney Monastery. At Gaden, Sockpa students are generally well known for their dedication to studies and interests in scholarly works.'

Conway's Game of Life. 'A pop-up Java applet that displays a collection of the greatest patterns ever created in Conway's Game of Life. '

Ama, A Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade. 'In 1775 a young African woman is captured and enslaved. This novel tells the story of her life.'

History of Christianity.

Socialism: Theory and Practice. Anarchism, Fabianism, utopian socialism, and various flavours of Marxism.

Folkden. 'The purpose of this page is to use the medium of the World Wide Web to continue the tradition of the folk process, that is the telling of stories, and singing of songs, passed on from one generation to another by word of mouth. '
Blues, cowboy, seafaring, spiritual etc.

How To Think Like A Computer Scientist. 'These texts are introductions to Computer Science in an increasing number of both programming languages and natural languages. The order of presentation is what might be called "procedural first," which means that the programming style is mostly procedural until the later chapters, which introduce object-oriented programming. '
'They are intended for people with little or no programming experience, and are appropriate for first year college or advanced high school students, or anyone interested in learning to program. '
"Beware of he who would restrict you from information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master."

The People & History of Mexico. 'Although all countries have visible remains of their history, Mexico seems to have reminders of its past in just about every town you visit. Due to Mexico's vast history this portion of Mexico Connect contains an overview of the country's history which shows what the rest of the world was up to as Mexico evolved. We have also divided Mexico's history into several smaller categories in order to help you achieve a greater understanding of the evolutionary and revolutionary processes that have made Mexico what it is today.'

White House Tapes. 'Between 1940 and 1973, six American presidents from both political parties secretly recorded just under 5,000 hours of conversations. This site is designed as a service to the research community by making freely available all of the presidential recordings, along with relevant research materials, so that scholars, teachers, students, and the public can hear and use these remarkable tapes for themselves. '

El Lissitzky (1890-1941). 'El (Elizar or Lazar or Eliezer) Marcovich Lissitzky was a designer, typographer, artist, photographer, architect, and teacher (among other jobs). He had a great influence on the design work from the Bauhaus and De Stijl movements, and on modern commercial art and design. Here we present in full one of his great books, as well as other examples of his work in various media. In addition, we present art from other Suprematist painters, especially Kasimir Malevich.'

The Living Dharma. Buddhism.

History of Anti-Semitism.

Theda Bara. Picture gallery of the silent film star and original 'flapper girl'.

Villages in England. A Wikipedia gazzetteer; villages categorised by county.

History of Portuguese Literature.

Joseph Brodsky, Novel literature laureate 1987 "for an all-embracing authorship, imbued with clarity of thought and poetic intensity".

Yasunari Kawabata. Nobel literature laureate 1968 "for his narrative mastery, which with great sensibility expresses the essence of the Japanese mind".

Ibiblio Linux Archive. 'ibiblio archives over 171 gigabytes of Linux programs and documentation freely available for download via FTP and/or WWW access. The subject categories listed to the right give you a general idea of the diversity of our archive...'

4th July

World Myths and Legends in Art.
'Myths are stories that explain why the world is the way it is. All cultures have them. Throughout history, artists have been inspired by myths and legends and have given them visual form. Sometimes these works of art are the only surviving record of what particular cultures believed and valued. But even where written records or oral traditions exist, art adds to our understanding of myths and legends.'

Paint by Number.
'Paint by Number: Accounting for Taste in the 1950s revisits the hobby from the vantage point of the artists and entrepreneurs who created the popular paint kits, the cultural critics who reviled them, and the hobbyists who happily completed them and hung them in their homes. Although many critics saw "number painting" as a symbol of the mindless conformity gripping 1950s America, paint by number had a peculiarly American virtue. It invited people who had never before held a paintbrush to enter a world of art and creativity.'

Stained Glass Photography. 'My name is Neil Ralley and this is my humble attempt to give people access to some beautiful pictures of stained glass windows. You will find here photographs of stained glass works from both sides of the Atlantic.'

Pictures of Walls. A gallery of walls with stuff written on.

Rock On Rock On. The rock balancing art of Bill Dan.

A History Bursting with Telling: Asian Americans in Washington State.
'One story of Washington state is a story of immigration, but it is not the simple tale of assimilation or acculturation. Immigrants brought pieces of culture from their native lands to Washington state, where they melded them with pieces taken from American culture. Immigrants did not remain unchanged or melt into a common society, however. Instead, Washington is a mosaic made of different peoples coming together to create new lives in a new land. The Asian American experience is part of this mosaic. Thedocuments that accompany this essay demonstrate how Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos came to Washington, struggled against discrimination, labored to earn their living, and created distinctive cultures and identities. These documents chronicle, in a small way, how some Asian immigrants became Asian Americans. '

The 1906 Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Powerhouse 'is one of the most breathtaking architectural landmarks in the metropolitan area. Once the embellished electrical engine of what is now the PATH rapid transit system, the Powerhouse stands as a rare reminder of America's glorious Gilded and Industrial Ages. The New York Times has hailed it as a "cathedral...a masterpiece of brickwork." This major historic preservation campaign hopes to make elected officials and prospective developers acutely aware of the Powerhouse's potential of becoming a massive cultural and/or commercial waterfront property.'

Pistis Sophia.
'This is G.R.S. Mead's translation of the Pistis Sophia, the most extensive Gnostic scripture available until the discovery of Nag Hammadi texts in 1945. '
'The Pistis Sopha is a startling blend of primitive Christianity and Hellenic Paganism, with other elements such as reincarnation, Astrology, Mystery religion and Hermetic magic. The Goddess makes an appearance in the guise of Sophia, a fallen angel.'
'The text is notable because the female disciples of Jesus are treated as active participants in the discourse, in a way that would be unimaginable in later Christianity.'

Mosaics and Tiles in the South of England. Photos and articles.

Peace Art Project Cambodia. 'PAPC is a non-profit organisation based in Phnom Penh working with young Cambodian artists who are expanding their creativity and skills by training in modern metal-sculpting techniques and using a unique material: decommissioned weapons.'

2nd July

A Civil War Soldier in the Wild Cat Regiment: Selections from the Tilton C. Reynolds Papers 'documents the Civil War experience of Captain Tilton C. Reynolds, a member of the 105th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers. Comprising 164 library items, or 359 digital images, this online presentation includes correspondence, photographs, and other materials dating between 1861 and 1865. The letters feature details of the regiment's movements, accounts of military engagements, and descriptions of the daily life of soldiers and their views of the war. Forty-six of the letters are also made available in transcription.'

Washington During the Civil War: The Diary of Horatio Nelson Taft, 1861-1865 'presents three manuscript volumes, totaling 1,240 digital images, that document daily life in Washington, D. C., through the eyes of Horatio Nelson Taft (1806-1888), an examiner for the U. S. Patent Office. Now located in the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress, the diary details events in Washington during the Civil War years including Taft's connection with Abraham Lincoln and his family. Of special interest is Taft's description of Lincoln's assassination, based on the accounts of his friends and his son, who was one of the attending physicians at Ford's Theatre the night Lincoln was shot, on April 14, 1865. '

Coins and Medals of Imperial Russia.

Images of Taisekiji. 'Taisekiji is the Head Temple of the Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist sect. It is located near Fujinomiya City in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.Every year thousands of Buddhists from around the world make a pilgrimage to the temple. This site serves as a networking point for them, and also a reminder of the beauty and majesty of the temple...'

Benozzo Gozzoli 1420-1497. Art.
'Benozzo Gozzoli was born in 1420 in Florence, the son of tailor Lese di Sandro. Like many other painters of the early Renaissance, Gozzoli was initially trained as a goldsmith. At the age of 27 he began to work with Fra Angelico (1395-1455) in Orvieto and Rome. During his apprenticeship years, 1438-1444/45, in the workshop of Fra Angelico, Gozzoli took part in the decoration of the cells in the Dominican monastery of San Marco. The paintings in Cosimo de?Medici?s double cell (cell 38/39) are thought to have been done almost solely by him, and these include a depiction of the Adoration of the Magi...'

Chief Albert J. Lutuli, ANC President 1952-1967. Speeches and writings, ANC site.
'Chief Albert John Lutuli, the beloved President-General of the African National Congress (SA); one of Africa's greatest political figures of our times; the undisputed leader of and respected spokesman for South Africa's 14 million oppressed, exploited and humiliated inhabitants, passed from the scene of active struggle for political rights and national liberation in July,1967, when it is alleged he was run over by a train.'

The 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour of Dublin. 'In 1916 a small band of armed insurrectionists declared Ireland a Republic. This event is known as the Easter Rising, a violent battle which resulted in many deaths and the destruction of many parts of Dublin.'
'Lorcan Collins & Conor Kostick, authors of The Easter Rising and Shane MacThomais will take you to the relevant sites of the Rebellion in Dublin, Ireland, to give you an understanding of this historic occasion which precipitated the formation of the Irish Republic. '

Learning About Microphones. 'Welcome. Here you can learn about some of the older mic types.'

1st July

Cinema Theatres in Sweden. Fantastic interactive guide.

Educational Coloured Woodblock Prints. Japanese educational ukiyo-e from an 1873 government campaign.

The President Calling. 'Three of America's most compelling presidents - Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon - bugged their White House offices and tapped their telephones. They left behind thousands of secretly recorded conversations, from momentous to mundane. In this documentary project, American RadioWorks eavesdrops on presidential telephone calls to hear how each man used one-on-one politics to shape history.'

A Book About Alexandra Feodorovna and Romanov Russia. 'In her brief introduction to the original publication of her book Lili Dehn states that she wrote "The Real Tsarista" in order to counter the negative newspaper accounts, books and even movies that had already reached the public in 1922, five short years after the Revolution occurred. As soon as the Romanovs had been imprisoned in the Alexander Palace, newspaper editors from Petrograd to San Francisco were responding to an insatiable public's interest in the fate of the Imperial Family with 'eyewitness' accounts. Reporters in Russia had the best chance to get the "scoop" and they pursued anyone who might have inside information on the Romanovs. Palace servants, court officials, guards and even palace grocery-men were sought out for information. The most fantastic stories were spread by the press describing a court dominated by German spies, sexual orgies and sybaritic luxury ... '

Bloggy. 'ibiblio ProductLabs proudly introduces Bloggy, the world's first automated blogging robot. Say hello to Bloggy!'

The Underground Railroad. 'You are a slave. Your body, your time, your very breath belong to a farmer in 1850s Maryland. Six long days a week you tend his fields and make him rich. You have never tasted freedom. You never expect to. '
'And yet . . . your soul lights up when you hear whispers of attempted escape. Freedom means a hard, dangerous trek. Do you try it?'
The Underground Railroad was many slaves' road north, to freedom.

Athens Survival Guide. Great DIY travel site.

Deep Throat: Uncovered. Illinois students thought they knew who the anonymous Watergate source was. They were wrong, but nevertheless a fascinating story.

Lewis & Clark. Their epic expedition to explore America. National Geographic site.

Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics. 'The goal of this project is to provide free, high quality, interactive, web-based resources for students and teachers of probability and statistics. Basically, our project consists of an integrated set of components that includes expository text, ancillary material (applets, data sets, biographical sketches), and an object library. '

The Albert Schweitzer Page. 'This page is about Dr. Albert Schweitzer, the humanitarian, theologian, missionary, organist, and medical doctor. It contains my reviews of books by and about Dr. Schweitzer, pointers to related sites, and whatever else seems to be relevant. '

American Folk Art.

Korean Tea Culture.

Hawaiian Mythology, 1940. 'This is Martha Beckwith's monumental study of Hawaiian mythology. Beckwith utilized numerous texts which are today rare or hard to obtain to construct this study. She gives all available variants of each myth or legend, including versions from other Pacific islands including Tahiti, Tonga, Samoa and others. '

The Realm of Existentialism. Online guide to existentialist philosophy and writers (Sartre, Camus, Dostoyevsky, etc.).

The Louis Althusser Internet Archive. French philosopher. 'Born 1918 in Algiers; Joined the Communist Party in Paris in 1948. Althusser murdered his wife in 1980, and was confined to an asylum till his death in 1990. '

whwang's Astronomy Gallery. Fine collection of astro images.

Invisible Pink Unicorn. 'The Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU) is a satiric parody religion aimed at theistic beliefs, based on the idea of a goddess in the form of a unicorn that is paradoxically both invisible and pink.'

Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago. Outsider and self-taught artists.

Virtual Guide to Mexico City.