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20th June

Arctic Wildlife.

Rube Goldberg Gallery. 'Through his wacky cartoons which depict the most elaborate and ridiculous devices to accomplish the most mundane tasks, RUBE GOLDBERG'S "INVENTIONS" have become synonymous with any maximum effort to achieve minimal results. His ingenious drawings follow their own impeccable logic, demonstrating that the unnecessary can also be the mother of invention - often with hilarious results. '

Traces of the Norse Mythology in the Isle of Man, 1904.

The Lineage of the Zen Patriarchs. 'This document is a ketsumyaku, certificate of affiliation to the lineage of the great masters and Buddhas of the past. It is delivered to the monk during his ordination and attests to his membership to the Buddha family. This exceptional ketsumyaku joins together the lineages Rinzai and Soto through Master Dogen, as well as the lineages of Eihei-ji and Soji-ji trough Master Kosen. To be authentic, this document must be signed and stamped by the seal of the master. '

Essex Churches.

The Education of Shelby Knox. 'A self-described "good Southern Baptist girl," 15-year-old Shelby Knox of Lubbock, Texas has pledged abstinence until marriage. But she becomes an unlikely advocate for comprehensive sex ed when she finds that Lubbock, where high schools teach abstinence as the only safe sex, has some of the highest rates of teen pregnancy and STDs in the state. '

F. Scott Fitzgerald Collection.

History of the Swedish Language.

Goya at the Prado. Art.

Christian Answers.

18th June

Chorographia Britanniae. 'This site contains a detailed examination of Chorographia Britanniae, an atlas of the counties of England and Wales, first published in 1742 by William Henry Toms. '

Symbols in Christian Art and Architecture.

Dutch City Maps from the Blaeu Atlas 1649/1652.

Glasgow - City of Sculpture. 'We hope you will find our web-site both enjoyable and rewarding. It represents the culmination of over fifteen years of original research into the specialised subject of the History of Sculpture in Glasgow. We cover over four centuries of sculptural work, with a wealth of material from the 'golden years' of the Victorian era. Please bookmark this page so you can return to it later. '

Japan Print Gallery. Ukiyo-e.

Jatakamala: Previous Life Stories of the Buddha in Himalayan art.

The Science of Gardening.

Making the Macintosh: Technology and Culture in Silicon Valley. '"Making the Macintosh" is an online project documenting the history of the Macintosh computer. '

The New International. Trotskyist publication of the 1930s.

Bruno. Classic online comic.

Narbonic. Another great comic.

The Daily Hog. Online satire.

The Big Green. Online student mag of Michigan State University.

Too Fat to Be a Rock Star. Online comic.

17th June

Human Anatomy Online.

Chopin Early Editions. 'The Chopin collection at the University of Chicago Library includes over 400 first and early printed editions of musical compositions by Frédéric Chopin, maintained in the Special Collections Research Center. Because Chopin's works were often published concurrently in several countries with variant texts, scholars can establish a sequence of publication by comparing a range of printings.'
'Chopin Early Editions consist of digitized images of all scores in the University of Chicago Library's Chopin collection. Users can search or browse Chopin Early Editions via a variety of data points, including titles, genres, and plate numbers.'

The Official Web Site of Malcolm X. 'The Official Web Site of Malcolm X has everything you want to know about this historical figure. Read his biography and read inspirational quotes from this talented speaker. Browse the photo gallery for pictures of Malcolm X throughout his life! '

The Book of Kells. 'The Book of Kells (less widely known as The Book of Columba) is an ornately illustrated manuscript, produced by Celtic monks around AD 800. It is one of the most lavishly illuminated manuscripts to survive the medićval period. Because of its technical brilliance and great beauty, it is considered by many scholars to be one of the most important works in the history of mediaeval art...'
Gallery of Book of Kells pages.

Folk Stories of Taiwan.

Arkansas Heritage.
'The folklore of the Arkansas people begins with Native American Indian tribes and the Trail of Tears and extends to powerful and famous politicians, including the first U.S. president to be elected from Arkansas. Annual heritage and cultural events offer fun for the entire family and passes on stories about Arkansas's heritage to future generations. '

Telephone Wire Baskets from South Africa and Zimbabwe. 'For centuries South Africa's Zulu people have been famous for the sturdy and beautiful baskets they weave from grasses and palm leaf. The weaving was so tight that the best ukhamba baskets were actually used to store beer! Today these baskets are still woven in the countryside, but the Zulus living in urban area have invented a new kind of basket, the imbenge basket woven entirely of recycled telephone wire...'

Welcome to Guantanamo. Editorial and satirical cartoons from around the world.

The Indian Wedding. Customs, tradition, and varieties of weddings in India. Illustrations and photographs.

Think I'll Go Eat Worms!

Michael Jackson Innocent. Online collection of editorial cartoons from around the world.

Always Later.

A worthy cause! The brother of a work colleague is biking around Europe for Charity.

16th June

The Viking Site.
Egil's Bones. 'An Icelandic saga tells of a Viking who had unusual, menacing features, including a skull that could resist blows from an ax. He probably suffered from an ailment called Paget's disease...'
Saga of the Volsungs.

Metaxu Buddhism. 'This web is a collection of information on Buddhism picked up through random reading. The focus is on Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, Gelukpa sect. Some information on Hinduism is also included, with the thought that Hinduism is the mother of Buddhism. And information on Mongolia, whose unique relationship with Tibet enabled Buddhism to survive. A couple of other side trips are taken because of personal interest. '

Signs of Love: Brazilian Motels.

Cities and Buildings Database. 'The Cities and Buildings Database is a collection of digitized images of buildings and cities drawn from across time and throughout the world, available to students, researchers and educators on the web.'

Anne Frank the Writer | An Unfinished Story.

Holocaust Denial on Trial. 'Truth triumphed in a 2000 London courtroom when Deborah Lipstadt, Emory University's internationally distinguished scholar of the Holocaust, exposed a Holocaust denier who deliberately manipulated historical evidence in order to refute that the Holocaust happened, and to advance his anti-Semitic and white supremacist ideology. '

Open Hearts / Closed Doors: The War Orphans Project. 'During the horror of the Nazi Holocaust, European Jewish families were torn apart. Childhood became a time of fear and a struggle for survival.'
'After the war, a group of young Jewish orphans immigrated to Canada from the devastation of Europe as part of the War Orphans Project. Using their own words and artifacts, this virtual exhibit tells the story of the orphans' courage and resilience and of the tireless efforts of the people who helped them.'

Honolulu's Chinatown.

The Coquille Tribe. 'Preserving our past with the technology of the future. This is the starting point for you to explore the dynamic facets of the Coquille Indian Tribe.'

H. D. (Hilda Doolittle). American poet. 'Having rejected Victorian norms for modern experiments, H. D. repeatedly launched out from instructors found among the early canonized male modernists. She developed new lyric, mythic, and mystical forms in poetry and prose, and an alternative bisexual lifestyle that were little appreciated until the 1980's. '

e.e. cummings. 'Cummings was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to liberal, indulgent parents who from early on encouraged him to develop his creative gifts. While at Harvard, where his father had taught before becoming a Unitarian minister, he delivered a daring commencement address on modernist artistic innovations, thus announcing the direction his own work would take. In 1917, after working briefly for a mail-order publishing company, the only regular employment in his career, Cummings volunteered to serve in the Norton-Harjes Ambulance group in France. Here he and a friend were imprisoned (on false grounds) for three months in a French detention camp. The Enormous Room (1922), his witty and absorbing account of the experience, was also the first of his literary attacks on authoritarianism. Eimi (1933), a later travel journal, focused with much less successful results on the collectivized Soviet Union.'

15th June

Charles Darwin - Zoology of the Voyage of the Beagle-Birds. "When I presented my collection of Birds to the Zoological Society, Mr. Gould kindly undertook to furnish me with descriptions of the new species and names of those already known...The accompanying illustrations, which are fifty in number, were taken from sketches made by Mr. Gould himself, and executed on stone by Mrs. [Elizabeth] Gould, with that admirable success, which has attended all her works. They are all of the natural size with the exception of four raptorial birds, a goose and a species of Rhea."
Read it.

Smallpox: A Brief History of Inoculation, Vaccination and Eradication.

BuddhaSasana. A Buddhist page by Binh Anson.

Carnaval Afro-Uruguayo en Montevideo. Photography.

Looking @ Earth. 'Located on the first floor of the National Air And Space Museum in Gallery 110, "Looking At Earth" shows visitors how views of our planet from above have helped us to better understand the Earth. Examples of satellite imagery and aerial photography display how remote sensing is used for urban planning, geology, archaeology, military reconnaissance, environmental monitoring and natural disaster assessment. From the first aerial photos taken from balloons to images taken from space, looking at the Earth from above provides a unique and beautiful view of the natural and human induced changes that occur on our planet. '

The Relief of Pain and Suffering. Medical history.
'Although lthough physicians have sought to alleviate pain for centuries, the history of pain research and modern pain treatment begins in the 1800s. The enigma of pain, which Albert Schweitzer called "the most terrible of all the lords of mankind," has yielded slowly to determined investigators and clinicians...'

Southern Ute Tribe of Colorado.

Modern Haiku.

Rococo. Art history, images. 'An eighteenth century art style which placed emphasis on portraying the carefree life of the aristocracy rather than on grand heroes or pious martyrs. Love and romance were considered to be better subjects for art than historical or religious subjects. The style was characterized by a free, graceful movement; a playful use of line; and delicate colors.'

The Flying Saucers Are Real, 1950. 'This was one of the first books published about the UFO phenomena. We are fortunate that it ended up in the public domain.'
'It is a template for much of what would follow: the paranoia, the government disinformation, the inescapable conclusion that the saucers are not of this earth. Keyhoe, with his spare, matter of fact writing style, which also conveys a profound sense of wonder, has to be the prototype for the deadpan Fox Mulder of the X-Files.'

Life on Mars? 'In the early years of the twentieth century Percivel Lowell and others speculated that Mars was inhabitated by an intelligent species much older than our civilization. This page archives texts (fictional and otherwise) about this hypothesis. '

Heaven's Gate. 'On March 22, 1997, almost the entire body of adherents to Heaven's Gate committed near-simultaneous suicide. They died in their mansion in a California suburb outside of San Diego by voluntarily ingesting large amounts of painkillers in applesauce. The last two left suffocated themselves. Heaven's Gate left behind 39 corpses and extensive documentation as to their beliefs--that they were disembodied extraterrestrials waiting for a mothership to take them home and the planet Earth was about to be 'recycled'. Their practices included communal living, taking new names ending in 'ody', and mortification of the body (particularly abstention from sex and intoxicants, close cropped hair, unisex outfits and male castration) ... '

14th June

Joseph Wu's Origami Page. 'Origami is the art of paper folding. The word is Japanese, literally meaning to fold (oru) paper (kami). I encourage you to explore these pages and to make use of the resources you find here. Happy folding!'

The Cornish Language.

Posters American Style. 'Posters American Style, which accompanies a touring exhibition of the same name, brings together some of the great graphic images made in the United States over the past century. Any selection from the many thousands of surviving posters must necessarily be incomplete and subjective; however, curator Therese Heyman has focused this gathering on major artists and images that have endured in our collective memory. Combing through private and public collections across the country, she has winnowed a wealth of material, highlighting the finest designers and most urgent messages while documenting movements and revivals that establish a historical overview. '

Odalisques in art - includes work by Boucher, Matisse, Ingres, Renoir.
'This set of paintings are of odalisque's (A female slave or concubine in a harem) Some are by well known artists, some lesser known, and some modern. '

Cinema Diabolico. Mexican marquee art.
'Overlooked and under appreciated by most US movie poster collectors, marquee art from south of the border offers a no-holds-barred plethora of often shocking and bizarre images. From the super heroic exploits of El Santo, the masked wrestler, to the re-released, re-packaged, and regurgitated US drive-in fare of the 50's and 60's, Mexican cinema art is generally far superior to American theatre graphics of the same time period. '

The English Revolution 1640, by Christopher Hill.

Swiss Poster Collection.

Gig Posters. Gig posters, flyers and handbills from around the world.

Yamaha Paper Crafts. Yamaha models, animals of the world and of Japan, the seasons.

The Great Transatlantic Cable. 'By the middle of the 19th century, a network of telegraph poles strung across America had changed the way the country did business. Samuel Morse's invention made possible almost instantaneous communication between cities across the continent. Communicating with Europe was another matter. Messages to London were sent the old-fashioned way, aboard sailing ships that could take weeks to reach their destination. Though the need for a transatlantic cable was obvious, the physical challenges to laying one were enormous. The project would require the production of a 2,000 mile long cable that would have to be laid three miles beneath the Atlantic. Cyrus Field, an energetic, young New York paper manufacturer wasn't deterred. And once he started the endeavor, he wouldn't give up ... '

Orion Robots. 'You have stumbled upon a robotics resource and community website. There is a great deal of technical, creative and background information on robotics for hobbyists and even those more experienced. '

Discovering Buddhist Art.

Only Wayne. 'Early in 2001, Wayne Crue, a 7th grader, withdrew from Edison Middle School ( =index), Champaign, IL to attend Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig School (http://www.bu on the Leech Lake Reservation (http://www.senate.leg.s in Minnesota. Wayne is of Native American heritage, a fact he was aware of and eager to celebrate. His hairstyle, clothing and actions often reflected some of his heritage characteristics. '
'Wayne and his family moved to the Champaign community when he was in the 3rd grade, thus beginning a four and one-half year era of racist bullying. Throughout this era, Wayne was the victim of taunting, name calling and exposure to racist images. His classmates composed the most intimate circle of bullies but later the circle expanded to include teachers and administrators. The resolution to this reign of bullying occurred when Wayne's family removed him from the local schools so that he could transfer to school in Minnesota. '

Cappadocia. Photography, history, culture.

New Tactics in Human Rights. 'The New Tactics in Human Rights project, led by a diverse group of international organizations and practitioners, promotes tactical innovation and strategic thinking within the international human rights community.'

Plato Collection at

Japan's Art of War. 'In the early 1600's, a samurai named Miyamoto Musashi (), emerged from obscurity to mixing with the ruling class based solely on his undeniable skill in man to man combat. In a series of duels, he won against people that were thought unbeatable. At one time, using his two sword technique, he single-handedly beat over 30 samurai simultaneously attacking him with guns, arrows and swords...'

The Monarchs of England. 'England was first unified as a state by Alfred the Great of Wessex. It ceased to exist as a separate kingdom following unions with Scotland (1707) and Ireland (1801). Today, England exists as one of the four "Home Nations" of the United Kingdom, alongside Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, "Her (or His) Majesty's Peculiars", and a number of colonial holdings. Thus from 1707, the terms "King of England" and "Queen of England" are incorrect. '

Biography of Frank Zappa. 'Frank Vincent Zappa (December 21, 1940 - December 4, 1993) was an American rock/jazz fusion musician, composer, and satirist.'
The Zappa family website.

Albert Slark. Romance book cover artist.

Larry Roibal. Romance book cover artist.

Nudes by Philip Greenspun. Photography. Not safe for work.

13th June

As the second Monday in June, today is the Third International Plep Day, this tradition having been instituted by Le Blogeur in 2003. Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

The Committee to Protect Bloggers.

Language Miniatures. 'Mini-essays about human language in its endless kaleidoscope of aspects, such as the social, the mental, the historical, the structural.'

St. Louis City Hospital. An abandoned place.
'The St. Louis City Hospital was founded on July 10, 1845 to serve the indigent of a cholera-infested city. Located at the head of Soulard Street, now the infamous corner of 14th Street and Lafayette Avenue, the first building was partly finished by June, 1846, when patients started to move in. Only 90 patients could be admitted at the time. This portion of the building cost $17,068.57, and the annual cost of maintenance at the time was about $18,000.00. Over the next ten years, additions were made costing the city about $40,000.00...'

The Canterbury Tour. 'Welcome to Peter Collinson's tour of the City of Canterbury. The tour contains 500 pages, each with a photo and some text. The pages are paired, so a view in one direction is complemented by the view "behind you". Pairing means that you can walk to one end of the city, turn round and walk back again. You can turn right and left, taking different routes to explore the City. '

Education Imagery of Japan. 'This study brings to the English speaking reader a rich visual history of education as one of the most important steps in becoming a contemporary nation, while providing an introductory method for pursuing further broader studies of educational iconography of Japan. The project links the perception and interpretation of the artist with a description of the society that created a demand for these images. Through the woodblock prints of the time it can be seen that education, and its imagery comprised a dynamic social component in the history of Japan...'

The Art of Worldly Wisdom. 'Part life-coach, part Machiavelli, part Yoda, Balthasar Gracian [1601-1658], a Jesuit priest, wrote this collection of pithy sayings four centuries ago. Gracian speaks to the twenty-first century as well as the seventeenth. It's only a matter of time before someone markets Gracian's life advice to busy executives, like Sun Tzu or the Book of Five Rings (if it hasn't been already). In the meantime, Gracian can be our little secret.'

Vintage Postcards of Hamilton, Ontario. 'The approximately 1500 postcards in this collection show how buildings and streets looked in Hamilton, Ontario nearly 100 years ago. They also visually document changes in technology, demographics, architecture and social customs. Look closely and you will see how the horse was replaced by the automobile, new names on store fronts, and changes in fashions and pastimes.'

The Greek Civil War Archive. (
'The guerilla army of ELAS (National People's Army of Liberation) under the leadership of the KKE (Communist Party of Greece), led the resistance to Nazi occupation during the War. Inspired by the success of Tito's partisan army in Yugoslavia, ELAS held two-thirds of the country in February 1945, at which time a truce was negotiated with the Royalists. '
'In October 1946, ELAS launched a campaign to win control of the whole country, and received support from neighboring Yugoslavia, Albania and Bulgaria. Despite the presence of British troops and aid from the US, the Royalists were not expected to last long against the guerillas...'

Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery.
'AFA is an Aboriginal owned Art Gallery that is strategically based in Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory of Australia, at the centre of Aboriginal art and culture. Due to family connections, involvement in Aboriginal issues and life long friendships, and an overriding love for fine art, AFA has developed a strong identity and commitment to promoting the art and culture of Australia's indigenous people. '

Lost Bands of the New Wave Era. 'The purpose of this site is to give exposure to great music that never had a chance to be heard but should have. My goal is to share these relatively unknown bands and send you on a desperate search to find hard-to-find, expensive singles and lps. '

Tibet: Treasures from the Roof of the World. 'Travelers trekked thousands of miles to see them. Emperors presented them as gifts. From October 2004 (at the Bowers Museum) to September 11, 2005 (at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco), visitors will see the same sacred treasures for the first time in the Western World in the ground breaking exhibition, Tibet: Treasures From The Roof Of The World. Almost 200 exquisitely created sacred objects, all with great cultural significance, are making their first journey to the Western World. Tibet: Treasures From The Roof Of The World will offer a rare glimpse into a culture both opulent and deeply spiritual. The exhibition will feature objects drawn exclusively from collections from the Dalai Lama's magnificent residence at the Potala Palace, as well as the recently established Tibet Museum in the magical Tibetan capital of Lhasa.'

The Reproductive Cloning Network. 'Welcome to the Reproductive Cloning Network, a high-ranking site for information on reproductive and therapeutic human cloning. Before exploring our resources section , please read the "Commentary on human cloning", co-authored by J. A. Byrne, a bioethicist and vertebrate nuclear transfer specialist, and J. B. Gurdon, the scientist who first cloned vertebrates from differentiated tissue back in 1962! '

Tales of Eloise. The abandoned Eloise Hospital in Detroit.
'From 1839 to the late 1970's , the grounds at Michigan Ave. and Merriman in Westland served thousands of Detroits needy, diseased and mentally ill. Though through that time the facility grew to 75 buildings and then reduced to 4, the mystery surrounding the Eloise mental facilities have intrigued many. '
'Many a lost soul are said to haunt the grounds surrounding the four remaining buildings on Eloise's grounds. A cemetery dedicated to some sits virtually unnoticed across Michigan Avenue, a place where many poor unfortunate souls have been buried. Without a name, just a number.'
'Perhaps the most intrigueing thing about Eloise is what we do not know, what we may never know, and how we seek to delve deeper into the secrets Eloise keeps. Unfortunately, most if not all of Eloise's records were destroyed with most of the facility itself.What was done to the people who went there for care and kindness we may never know, but can only begin to imagine some of the horrors they faced... I hope in time to come we can answer some of those questions, if nothing else, bring this place back to life with the information we provide. '

Greek and Roman Art at the Michael C. Carlos Museum. 'The collections of Greek and Roman Art at the Michael C. Carlos Museum span over four millennia. The earliest, Neolithic pieces are approximately 4000 BC; the latest, Roman, fourth-fifth centuries AD. Works in many media are represented, including gold, silver, electrum, bronze, lead, ivory and bone, marbles of many kinds including colored ones, semi-precious stones (carnelian, rock-crystal, garnet), glass, and clay. Since 1983, the generosity of Michael C. and Thalia Carlos has enabled the collection to grow astonishingly, both in extent and quality, and has attracted widespread support and acclaim.'

Faroe Islands Photographs. Many more great Faroese links in this MeFi thread.

San Joaquin Valley and Sierra Foothills Photo Heritage. California scenes. Via MeFi.

Chicago 1920s Transit Posters. Via Life in the Present.

Monster Magazine Covers. Old horror comics. Via MeFi.

Our Man in Hanoi. A Geordie blogs from Vietnam.

Mark Twain at Large: His Travels Here and Abroad. Via Bibi's Box.

Banksy. Graffiti artist. Via Councillor Bob Piper.

UFO. 'Welcome to the UFO Series Home Page, devoted to the 1970 British science fiction television series UFO, created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson and starring Ed Bishop as Commander Straker.' Via MeFi.