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15th March

They Still Draw Pictures. Children's drawings from the Spanish Civil War.

Portraits by Ingres: Image of an Epoch.

Degas. 'Edgar Degas (1834-1917) was an outspoken proponent of a new sensibility. He and his contemporaries, known as the Impressionists, organized independent exhibitions in which they showed their controversial work. Degas's style, subject matter, and artistic sensibility set him apart from the other Impressionists. '
'In addition to his artistic endeavors, Degas amassed a collection of art so vast and of such substance that he considered establishing his own private museum to house it. The Musée Degas was never realized; instead, his collection was auctioned off in 1918. '

Anime Research. Anime, manga and Japanese pop culture.

Ashfield Online. Great online comic.

Norman P. Function. Another great online comic.

The Beevnicks. Yet another great online comic.

Caspar David Friedrich: Moonwatchers. 'This small but intriguing exhibition celebrates the Museum's acquisition of its first work by the German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich (1774?1840), Two Men Contemplating the Moon. One of three extant versions, the painting and its two variants, which are on loan from Dresden and Berlin, are shown together for the first time, accompanied by several other works by Friedrich's contemporaries Carus, Dahl, Gille, and Heinrich. '

Hindu Temples in Nagpur.

Gene Catlow. Online comic - furry!

Documenting the American South. 'Documenting the American South (DocSouth) is a digital publishing initiative that provides Internet access to texts, images, and audio files related to Southern history, literature, and culture from the colonial period through the first decades of the 20th century. Currently DocSouth includes seven thematic collections of books, diaries, posters, artifacts, letters, oral history interviews, and songs. '

Dallas Skyscrapers.

Kinkaku-ji. 'Its famous Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku)-actually a pagoda made to house the sacred relics of the Buddha-has given this temple the popular name of Kinkaku-ji ("Temple of the Golden Pavilion"), however the official name of this branch temple of the Rinzai-sect Zen temple of Shôkoku-ji is Rokuon-ji. The temple was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.'

Henry Darger. 'His landlord was cleaning out his room after his death and came across a startling discovery: alone in his room, Darger had created a beautiful and violent fantasy world, primarily embodied in a 15,000 page epic narrative, "The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion." '
'Illustrated by several hundred large watercolors paintings as well as smaller drawings and collages, the Vivian Girls are seven preadolescent sisters, princesses, sometimes depicted as hermaphrodites, who fight against and ultimately prevail over evil deeds prepetrated by sadistic adults. They are aided in their battles by various Christian armies and also by Blengins, dragon-like animals, both fearsome and gentle, that are absolute protectors of children. The illustrations range from calm and pastoral to brutally violent. '

South Africa: The Peasants' Revolt. South African politics and history, as related by Govan Mbeki, father of the current South African president.
'The Peasants' Revolt, first published by Penguin African Library in 1964, is a study of a crucial period in the struggle against apartheid. It focuses on developments in the Transkei at a time when resistance to the imposition of the system took the form of open rebellion. '

Avatars of Vishnu.

Atheism.'s atheism homepage.

The Mythology of Harry Potter.

The Origins of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Educational Principles in the Hittite Empire. 'There once was a waiter called Zidi. The father of the king ordered a harhara- cup of wine for Histayara and Maratti, but he, Zidi, served the king good wine and different wine was given to them. Thereupon one of them said to the king: "They did not give me the wine the king saw." Thereupon the other spoke likewise. They took Zidi away, maltreated him and he died.'

Hatshepshut: Wicked Stepmother or Joan of Arc? The character of Egypt's female king.

14th March

William Blake Online. 'Poet, printmaker, visionary, the British artist William Blake (1757-1827) made work that is both profoundly personal and universal. '

The Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Project. 'We are honored to present to you the greatest poet the American continent produced in the seventeenth century. She was born November 12, 1651, in San Miguel Nepantla, a village south of Mexico City. She was a Poet Nun, a woman of genius, and a person of intellectual prowess whose ideas and accomplishments were ahead of her time. '

Himachal. 'Thanks for visiting the first Himachal Pradesh site on the World Wide Web! Please click on any of the links above to learn more about the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh, India. ' Culture, history, travel.

M.C. Escher. Artist of the impossible.

Lojban: The Logical Language. 'Lojban is a carefully constructed spoken language designed in the hope of removing a large portion of the ambiguity from human communication. It was made well-known by a Scientific American article and references in both science fiction and computer publications. Lojban has been built over five decades by dozens of workers and hundreds of supporters. '

Tennessee Williams 1911-1983.

Answers to Technical Interview Questions. Basically a collection of some really great logic puzzles.

On Losing Faith. A great discussion.

Nabuur. 'On this site you can become an online volunteer ("Neighbor") and actually help a community in a developing country.'

Chinese Outpost. A great Chinese language site.

Identity of the Sacred: Two Nigerian Shrine Figures.

The Alphabet for Geniuses.

Volcano Live. Volcano news.

Number Watch. Watching out for numerical fallacies in the news and politics.

Experimental Gameplay. 'The Experimental Gameplay Project: create 50 to 100 games in 1 semester.' Via MeFi.

12th March

Mississippi Musicians. 'Mississippi has a unique musical heritage. The students at Starkville High School have researched musicians native to Mississippi or who have spent a significant part of their lives in the state of Mississippi and included them here. Their music may be blues, jazz, country, classical, gospel, rock 'n roll, rhythm and blues, or popular. This material is being updated regularly. '
Via MeFi.

Christopher Wood: Contemporary Scottish Artist.

The Hokusai Museum - the life and work of Hokusai.
'Katsushika Hokusai's depiction of ukiyo-e, the floating world, has a humble beginning as a plebeian skill during the Edo era (1603 - 1867). Over time, his works have achieved international acclaim, crossing boundaries of nationalities and periodic styles. It was here in Obuse, a town in Nagano Prefecture, that this man who is now known as a cultural giant produced masterpieces of his final years. '

Learning about Leonardo. Why is the Mona Lisa smiling?

Monthly Review. Venerable socialist publication. 'In May 1949 Monthly Review began publication in New York City, as cold war hysteria gathered force in the United States. The first issue featured the lead article Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein. From the first Monthly Review spoke for socialism and against U.S. imperialism, and is still doing so today. '

The Saadhu Testament. The first electronic novel by a Sri Lankan author.

Ringside Radio. 'In the pre-television era of the Thirties, radio was king. Families gathered around their radios to listen to comedies, dramas, the president's fireside chats, and much-anticipated sporting events ... '

The Jubilee Singers. 'In the chaotic decade following the Civil War, a group of young ex-slaves in Nashville, Tennessee, set out on a mission to save their financially troubled school by giving concerts. Traveling first through cities in the North, then on to venues across Europe, the Jubilee Singers introduced audiences to the power of spirituals, the religious anthems of slavery. Driven to physical collapse and even death, the singers proved more successful -- and more inspirational -- than anyone could have imagined. A portrait of faith, music, and sacrifice. '

Real Mormon History. Critical site.

Cartoon History of New Jersey.

Biblical Art.

Living Apart: An Exhibition of Photographs of South Africa. Via things.

10th March

The Patrin Web Journal: Romani (Gypsy) Culture and History.

Northumberland Rock Art.

Tete a Tete: Portraits by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Photography.

Alexander: The Life and Times of an American Boy. Sort of an online scrapbook - great stuff.

History of the Musical.

Abe Kobo. One of twentieth century Japan's greatest writers.

Colours of India.

Gabriel Shaffer. Outsider artist.

Michael Weston. Outsider artist.

Revelations from Reproductions: 15th Century Italian Paintings.

Cape Flats. All about the Cape Town townships.

The Thoreau Reader. "The greater part of what my neighbors call good I believe in my soul to be bad, and if I repent of anything, it is very likely to be my good behavior. What demon possessed me that I behaved so well?"

Andrew Masters. Outsider artist.

Simply Haiku.

Justice Harry Blackmun's Papers. The Supreme Court's inner workings.

The Correspondence of Elizabeth I and James VI.

Egil Skallagrimsson and the Viking Ideal. Poet and killer.

Family Values in Ancient Rome.

Exhibiting Experimental Art in China.

End-of-Life Decisions.

Classic British Cinema. Via Life in the Present.

Mountjoy Prison Portraits of Irish Independence: Photograph Albums in the Thomas A. Larcom Collection. '150 salt and albumen print photographs in two albums, of prisoners confined in Mountjoy Prison, Dublin, in August 1857 and November 1866.' Via gmtPlus9.

The Edelweiss Pirates. Anti-Hitler Youth resistance.

9th March

New plep's puzzle, found on the back of a beermat.

Through the Lens of Time: Images of African Americans from the Cook Collection of Photographs.

Tawdry Town. Vintage trashy paperback covers.

Steam Engine Library. 'A collection of historical documents relating to the history of the steam engine. '

Salvador Dali Art Gallery.

History of Communism. Series of articles.

Mr Imagination. Outsider artist.

India Heritage. Culture articles.

Mongolia Today. Mostly travel, culture.

The Milgram Experiment. 'The experimenter (E) convinces the participant (S) to give what the participant believes are painful electric shocks to another participant (A), who is actually an actor. Many participants continued to give shocks despite pleas for mercy from the actor.'

Machiavelli: The Prince. Includes biography, quotes.

Real Climate. A weblog by climate scientists.

Hippy Havens. A guide to communes.

Tokyo Toilet Map.

The Biology of B-Movie Monsters.

Ancient Greek Curse Tablets ; Ancient Greek Love Magic.

Astrology in Ancient Rome.

Ancient Egyptian Society and Family Life.

African Writers.

What's Special About This Number? Facts about numbers. Via Follow Me Here.

8th March

Papers of Latino and Latin American Artists. 'The purpose of Archivos Virtuales is to expand access to information about the Archives of American Art's papers of Latino and Latin American artists. This Web site uses the Archives' published guide, The Papers of Latino and Latin American Artists (1996 and revised edition, 2000) as its foundation, incorporating all of the previously published collection descriptions, adding new acquisitions and detailed finding aids, when available and enhancing it with an online selection digitized letters, sketchbooks, photographs, scrapbooks, interview transcripts, and other primary sources. '

Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan. Illustrated.
'Izumi Shikibu's Diary is written with extreme delicacy of treatment. English words and thought seem too downright a medium into which to render these evanescent, half-expressed sentences and poems–vague as the misty mountain scenery of her country, with no pronouns at all, and without verb inflections. The shy reserve of the lady's written record has induced the use of the third person as the best means of suggesting it. '
'Of the "Sarashina Diary" there exist a few manuscript copies, and three or four publications of the text. Some of them are confused and unreadably incoherent. The present translation was done by comparing all the texts accessible, and is especially founded on the connected text by Mr. Sakine, professor of the Girls' Higher Normal School, Tokio, published by Meiji Shoin, Itchome Nishiki-cho, Kanda-ku, Tokio. As far as possible the exact meaning has been adhered to, and the words chosen to express it have been kept absolutely simple, without complexity of thought, for such is the vocabulary in [Page v] which it was written. Sometimes the diarist uses the present tense, sometimes the tense seems reminiscent. The words in square brackets have been inserted by the translators to complete the sense in English of sentences which literally rendered do not carry with them the suggestion of the Japanese text. '

Werner Heisenberg and the Uncertainty Principle. 'Werner Heisenberg (1901-76) was one of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century. He is best known as a founder of quantum mechanics, the new physics of the atomic world, and especially for the uncertainty principle in quantum theory. He is also known for his controversial role as a leader of Germany's nuclear fission research during World War II. After the war he was active in elementary particle physics and West German science policy ...'

Ghost Towns by Night Light. 'Ghost towns are palpable history, places where you can reach out and touch the past, where it's so close it seems just around the corner. I know, because as a boy in the Southwest, I couldn't leave the house without being warned (in vain) to stay out of the old mines that riddled the surrounding southern Arizona mountains. '

Blenheim Palace: The House That John Built. 'It was one of the most reviled buildings in all of England and one of the most notable. It was built in the early 1700s to glorify the great military hero John Churchill, yet ended up tarnishing his reputation with its egotistic excess. Winston Spencer Churchill was born, married and got his sense of destiny here. But nobody deserves more credit or blame for Blenheim Palace than John's lovely, hotheaded wife, Sarah. Because John was away at war much of the time, Sarah bore most of the responsibility for building the place, and after he died she continued to furnish it with monuments to his memory ... '

Picturing Hemingway: A Writer in His Time. 'When Ernest Hemingway arrived in Paris late in 1921 to take up residence in the Anglo-American enclave of avant-garde artists and intellectuals there, his literary aspirations were purely speculative. Yet at twenty-two, this would-be writer somehow engendered credibility; even before he published anything major, many of the enclave's expatriate literati, among them Ezra Pound and Ford Madox Ford, regarded him as a significant talent. The belief in him proved well founded. With the publication of his first novel, The Sun Also Rises, in 1926, Hemingway emerged as one of the most original writers of his generation. Over the next several decades, many of his short stories and novels would be embraced as classics almost overnight ... '

Sandro Botticelli. Essay and online gallery.
The Birth of Venus.

Eye Contact: Modern American Portrait Drawings from the National Portrait Gallery.

Women of Our Time: Twentieth Century Photographs.

The Worship of the Serpent, 1833.
'This is an early 19th century study of Ophiolatreia, or snake-worship. Deane's primary thesis here is that ancient serpent worship was based on memories of the Garden of Eden. He has a monomaniacal devotion to the subject of snake worship and sees evidence of it everywhere. Deane reviews a massive amount of data from antiquity, travelers tales, and legend and folklore. A particularly compelling portion of the book describes ancient megalithic temples such as the Avebury and Carnac complexes as giant representations of snakes. One wonders what he would have made of the ancient American mound builders, who made huge sinuous earth sculptures in the Ohio valley. '
'Because he wrote before such advances such as the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphics, excavations in Mesopotamia, detailed knowledge of eastern religions in the west, and the systematic study of folklore and anthropology, much of this information is outdated or incorrect. For instance, many of his etymologies can't be supported by modern historical linguistics. On the other hand, many later discoveries added to our understanding of the special role that snakes and other reptiles play in religion and mythology. '

Raya Dunayevskaya (1910-87) Archive. 'Marxist Humanist, born in the Ukraine in 1910 and moved with her parents to Chicago in 1920 to escape famine; expelled from the US Communist Party at age 14 as a Trotskyist; the first to decipher and translate Marx's Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts. Raya was a secretary to Trotsky for a time durng the 1930s, but she developed a position in opposition to Trotsky's "statism". She differs sharply also from "Marxist Humanists" like Fromm and Marcuse and from Lukacs, since from the beginning Raya took a clear stand against Stalinism. Raya was also the translator of Lenin's Philosophical Notebooks, and these notes were an important part of her political position throughout her life. In her final years, she developed criticisms of Lenin over Lenin's theory of the Party.'

Himalayan Art in the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, Mongolia.

Le Blogeur is five. Congratulations!
'Ladies, Gentlemen, distinguished guests, bemused perusers of all shapes and sizes... it is my pleasure to be your host at my website, le Blogeur. But I forget myself-- my name is Relton DuPiniot, and I am a blogeur. I enjoy spending all of my time spying on various weblogs and seeing what they're up to-- o, the pleasure I get from viewing well-formed HTML surrounding interesting, pithy commentary related to the finest, freshest links imaginable!'

History of International Women's Day in Words and Images.

The Block. Harlem street life in this interactive feature.

Love & Yearning. Mystical and moral themes in Persian poetry and paintings.

Momentum. Inuit art. 'Five years ago we showcased a group of seven emerging artists in an exhibition called Sculpting Talent. In this new exhibition, we turn the spotlight back on the original seven artists whose work we believe continues to be at the forefront of modern Inuit art. Far from disappearing, we believe that the art of this new generation is gaining momentum and continuing to grow and evolve, while remaining deeply tied to the uniquely resourceful spirit that permeates the Arctic ... '

Michel Leah the raw artist. Outsider art.

No Death Penalty for Juveniles. Cartoons about the recent US Supreme Court decision.

Mercury over Leeds.

Please please me. (lfs)

Ghosts in the Machine. On online passings.

5th March

Favela Faces. 'Favela Faces is a bilingual web site that uses photographs and short video interviews to tell the stories behind the faces of four people living in or around the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.'
'These four stories relate the problems facing favela residents, the ways in which they are working to overcome them, and how they have and continue to improve their communities with the limited resources available to them.'

Women and Social Movements in the United States 1600-2000. 'Organized around 57 document projects with over 1500 primary documents, the Women and Social Movements website offers new ways for students, teachers, and scholars to study American History. '

French Tobacconist Shop Signs.

Windows of San Diego.

Graphic City: Hong Kong.

The Execution of Charles I of England. 'How could a nation execute its King? Professor Ann Hughes uncovers the background to an extraordinary chapter in British history.'

History of the Jews in Poland.

Ella Fitzgerald. Jazz. 'Ella Fizgerald's remarkable artistry and incomparable vocal delivery have touched and inspired generations of Americans. She recorded over 200 albums, around 2,000 songs, sold over 40 million records and received 13 Grammy awards in her remarkable lifetime. In May 2005, Ella will be commemorated with the 2005 Ford Freedom Award which recognizes African American who have made positive contributions that promote lasting and positive change. '

Backgammon. A game with deep strategic aspects.

Aspirations to Sweetness.

Eminism. ' is the web site for Emi Koyama, the activist/author/academic working on intersex, sex workers' rights, (queer) domestic violence, genderqueer, anti-racism, and other issues. '

Ganesha: The Elephant God. Pot-bellied bringer of wealth and wisdom.

4th March

Oklahoma History. A great 'home-grown' site.

Vintage Tobacciana.

State Songs of the United States.

Windmill World. Technology and history.

History of Cuba.

Epicurus. The philosophy of pleasure.

Japan Digests. Articles on politics, culture, economics etc.

Ernest Hemingway.

Virtual Tour of Kotor, Montenegro. An ancient city with an interesting history.

Electronic Gateway for Icelandic Literature. Or (appropriately) EGIL for short.

Classical Composers. Comprehensive online database.

Henriette's Herbal Homepage. 'Herbal medicine and culinary herbs: one of the oldest and largest herbal information sites on the net.'

The Official Monitor of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons: State of Texas, 1922. 'This is the 'Monitor' of the Texas Masons. It describes ceremonies, including the those used for the three major initiations and the burial rite. The Monitor has model speeches and prayers for various occasions, and defines the order of Masonic processions. The Texas Monitor is similar to the monitors of other states. Keep in mind that for copyright purposes, the source text for this is an older version of the Texas Monitor. The current Texas Monitor has undoubtedly changed slightly since this edition was published. '

Hindu Planetary Deities.

Paranormal News.

Glossary of Internet Slang.

3rd March

The World of Benjamin Franklin. 'If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.'

THEMIS. Images of the Mars 2001 Odyssey.

Las Vegas Gallery.

Chicago in the Seventies. Photographs.

Devon Dialect. 'Ow be knackin' vore? John Germon was born and raised in the Devon stannary town of Ashburton. He attended both the Primary and "The Big School" and has a keen interest in local dialect. John's been the Chairman of Ashburton Devon Dialect Club for more years than he cares to remember.'

Systema Saturnium by Christiaan Huygens. 'Christiaan Huygens (pronounced How'-kenz) was born in The Hague, Netherlands, on April 14, 1629. He had the good fortune to be born into a prominent Dutch family with his grandfather, father, and brother serving as secretaries and diplomats to the ruling house of Orange. Huygens did not enter into government service as his interests turned toward science and mathematics. He could do this primarily because his father set him up with an allowance which enabled him to concentrate entirely on his studies. From 1650, when he left college, to 1666, Huygens lived at home and conducted his research with only three brief interludes in which he visited Paris and London ... '

Explore the Pyramids. PBS site.

Latin Resources.

Chinese Proverbs.

Sadness of Bereaved Families of kamikaze pilots. 'This section has stories related to the families of kamikaze pilots who died in the war. The deep sorrow felt by the families is shown in the following words of one grieving father, "If someone could have taken his place, I would have died instead of him. I wanted my son to live a long life." Several of the stories include letters written by the pilots.'

CyberQuechua. Quechua being the principal indigenous language of the Andes. 'This site contains a wealth of information on the Quechua language in general. Choose the area in which you are most interested from the following list. And please remember to check back often! I am constantly adding new information as I find it. In all categories, I have included links to other relevant sites of interest. '

Ecuador Pictures.

Fluffy Stuff. 'Fluffy stuff, a lightly tended collection of time-wasting pastries with a side-board buffet.'

2nd March

Yugoslavia and the Balkans 1900-1998. 'Click the timeline dates to see how the region has changed, along with a summary of key events.'

History of Christmas.

A History of Manga.

Golden Age Cartoons.

Charles M. Schulz. He who created Peanuts.

Chaim Soutine. Art.

Paul Klee. Art.


India Travelogue.

William E. Blake Collection of True Life 1940s Era Comics.

The Velvet Underground.


History of the Geisha.

The Sydney Push. 'The Sydney Push was a predominantly left-wing intellectual sub-culture in Sydney from the late 1940s to the early '70s ... The Push operated in a pub culture and were noted libertarians and nonconformists, critical of authority.'

Fictional American Presidents. A potted history.

Unofficial History of BBC Radio 1. Pop music.

Valley of the Dolls.

Modern Inuit: Toonoo Sharky | Napachie Sharky. Indigenous art.

A Visual Directory of Famous Plane Curves.

1st March

Post Secret. Post a secret on a postcard for the world to see.

Turner Online. 'Turner Online is an introduction to the art of one of the most celebrated British artists: Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851).'

African Music Encyclopaedia.

Baader-Meinhof Timeline. 'The crisis years between 1968 and 1977 represented the most tumultuous era in West Germany's entire internal social-political history. The student protests of 1968 that promised so much hope, quickly fizzled into riots. Many of the leftist students would follow Rudi Dutschke's clarion call and begin their "long march through the institutions" (a decade later many of these former radical students were the main force behind the Greens party). But a select few of the radicals had no time for any nebulous march -- they wanted Revolution now, and sought to kickstart the cause through terrorism ... '

Led Pants. Illustrator.

Making Sense of Marcel Duchamp. Art.

Piet Mondrian: The Transatlantic Paintings.

Images of Vietnamese Banknotes.

Roth Time: A Dieter Roth Perspective. Master German artist.

Xiaxue. Blog from Singapore.

Kitta. Aussie blog.

William Burroughs' Baboon. Blog with a great name.

English Cut. Savile Row tailoring. Via MeFi.