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10th May

Modigliani: The Nudes. 'On Monday, December 3, 1917 a group of invited guests gathered in Berthe Weill's gallery for the opening of a Modigliani exhibition. It was the 33-year old artist's first one man show and would remain the only one in his lifetime. The presentation of roughly thirty drawings and paintings had come about through the efforts of Leopold Zborovski, who had been able to persuade the committed art dealer, Berthe Weill, to put on the exhibition. She had just moved her gallery into new rooms on the Rue Taitbout, close to the Opera. It was Modigliani's bad luck that exactly opposite the gallery lay a police station, where the reason for the ever-increasing stream of visitors to the gallery was quickly noticed. Not only were a number of large-format nude paintings hung in the gallery rooms; for publicity purposes, one of Modigliani's elegant nudes had also been placed in the window. This was an attraction which caught the attention of many passers-by who stopped to take a closer look at the exhibition. This caused a small scandal which ended with the show being banned ... '

Daemonologie by King James the First (1597) and Newes from Scotland (1591). 'The first text presented here, written by James I of England, is a wide-ranging discussion of witchcraft, necromancy, possession, demons, were-wolves, fairies and ghosts, in the form of a Socratic dialogue. The second text is a sensational historical account of Scottish witch persecution and is one of the sources cited by Margaret Murray. I have taken some care to transcribe these historical documents letter for letter, without any attempt at correction or modernization of spelling. These documents exemplify the convoluted intellectual rationalizations used to justify the barbaric witch hunts. The texts were scanned from an early 20th Century reprint. '

The Albert & Vera Weisbord Archives. 'This is the internet archives of Albert & Vera Weisbord, Leading Communist Radicals of the 1930's. Organizers of 1926 Passaic Textile Strike, 1929 Gastonia Textile Strike, leaders of the Communist League of Struggle 1931-37 ... '
Essays on the Spanish Civil War. 'Ever since the fall of 1930 when the Spanish Revolution began there has been no surcease of the struggle in Spain. For a long time there was a deadlock of forces, an equilibrium in the tug of war between the property holders and the destitute. Now the equilibrium is being definitely broken. The issue before Spain is either Communism or Fascism. The matter is being fought out not with ballots but with bullets and ruthless civil war. Slowly the political revolution is being definitively turned into a social revolution. '

Japan Atlas: Historic Sites. 'Japan has a rich history that stretches back thousands of years, and the country's ancestors have left their imprint everywhere. Japan has a variety of historical sites where visitors can get a glimpse of the culture, daily life, and thinking of people in bygone days. In recent years, a succession of prehistoric ruins have been excavated and surveyed, giving us an understanding of how life was in times for which we lack written records.'

Canada in the Making. 'This site is about the history of Canada through the words of the men and women who shaped the nation. Built around the Government Documents collection of the Early Canadiana Online collection, it integrates narrative text with links to primary source texts.'

Manet's Paintings. Use links on left to navigate.
Manet's Letters. 'With letters being the main form of communication during Manet's time I feel it is important to include his correspondence. Apart from his school reports about his lack of application and poor handwriting, little is known about Manet's early years until his voyage to Rio on a naval training ship. As you read his letters you will come to know Manet. Most of the letters from his later years will include a drawing or watercolor. When Manet was ill he wasn't allowed to paint large works in oil. To replace this he added watercolor drawings to his letters. '

The Ancient Greek World. 'Welcome to the Ancient Greek World virtual gallery at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Click the links above to navigate this site or click below to explore our other classical galleries in the Worlds Intertwined exhibit.'

The Mahabharata. 'Mahabharata (a.k.a. Mahabharat) is a great story of sibling rivalry, of complex interwoven sub-stories, of philosophy, divinity, adventure, bravery, and betrayal. The characters are very well developed and are glorified in great works of Indian art and literature.'
Who's who.

NoCandy. Cartoons. 'Her current body of work combines the influence of 70's youth nostalgia, english eccentrics, abandoned theme parks, and disney style faux swiss iconography with deceptively 'cute' imagery like Keane style wide eyes and sweet shop facades, adds a dark twist, and utilizes a precise color palatte of sickly sweet cupcake frosting pastels from cotton candy pink to sour apple green to create quintessential portraits of modern day angels with dirty faces. Wide eyed bunnies, haunted theme park soda fountain girls, gloomy sailors, and holly hobbie girls in black metal makeup all find themselves right at home in her imaginary world. '

Attaboy. Odd cartoon creatures.

Minimum Security. Cartoons.
'Stephanie McMillan decided at age ten that she would become a cartoonist, and spent much of grade school obsessively reading Peanuts and copying the characters. She later revised her goal to animation, and created her first short animated film during the summer after high school at the film studio near Bonn, Germany that had been founded by her grandfather, animator Hans Fischerkoesen ("Das Loch im Westen," "Der Schneeman," "Die Vervitterte Melodie," and "Das Dumme Ganslein").'
'High school also brought the beginnings of a political awakening, and she wrote her first article for the high school paper about the dangers of nuclear war. She went on to work for many years on issues such as reproductive freedom, immigrant rights, police brutality and anti-imperialism. '

Nazi and Soviet Art. 'While the Nazi and Soviet political movements were undoubtedly among the most vile developments of the 20th century, they inspired works of art which have the ability to expose some of the best and worst that art can achieve. Because they involve such stark contrasts of good and evil, they offer excellent opportunities to discuss what aspects of art are good and bad, what art can achieve at its best and what it can destroy at its worst. '

9th May

The Great Ape Project. Personhood beyond humanity?
'The idea is radical but simple: to include the non-human great apes within the community of equals by granting them the basic moral and legal protection that only human beings currently enjoy ...'

Selected Stories of Lu Hsun. Lu Hsun (1881-1936) 'chief commander of China's modern cultural revolution, was not only a great thinker and political commentator but the founder of modern Chinese literature. As early as in the May 1918 issue of the magazine New Youth, Lu Hsun published one of his best stories, A Madman's Diary. This was his "declaration of war" against China's feudal society, and the first short story in the history of modern Chinese literature ... '

The Museum of Witchcraft. 'The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, Cornwall, houses the world's largest collection of witchcraft related artefacts and regalia. The museum has been located in Boscastle for over forty years and is amongst Cornwall's most popular museums. ' Take a tour of the collection.

Institute for War & Peace Reporting.

The Rosa Luxemburg Internet Archive. German-Jewish Marxist, murdered by rightists in 1919.
"Freedom only for the supporters of the government, only for the members of one party -- however numerous they may be -- is no freedom at all. Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently. Not because of any fanatical concept of 'justice' but because all that is instructive, wholesome and purifying in political freedom depends on this essential characteristic, and its effectiveness vanishes when 'freedom' becomes a special privilege."

Jorge Luis Borges: The Garden of Forking Paths.
'Welcome to the Garden of Forking Paths, one of the most intriguing areas of the Libyrinth of Allexamina. Here you will find access to the garden planted by J.L. Borges, the Argentine writer, poet and philosopher. Although I tend the garden as well as I can, beware: among these sprawling labyrinths you will find illusions most seductive and truths most elusive. Let me show you around.'
'Look, here - a beautiful poppy, yes? But some say that it has the power to unravel time. And here: yes, this narcissus-flecked pool. The locals contend that if you gaze into its depths too long, you are in danger of merging with your reflection and losing all sense of Self; for your image becomes that of all men. And there, a gallery of mirrors most enigmatic; and hanging here, by this coin: the skin of a most unusual tiger....'

British Portrait Miniatures. 'These pages developed to compliment the Miniatures Gallery tell the story of the portrait miniature in Britain, from its first appearance in the 1520s, at the court of Henry VIII, to the height of its popularity in the early 19th century.'

Harlem: Mecca of the New Negro. 'A Hypermedia Edition of the March 1925 Survey Graphic Harlem Number.'
'Survey Graphic was the monthly illustrated number of Survey magazine, the premier journal of social work in America in the 1920s. In November of 1924, the Survey's chief editor, Paul Kellogg, asked Alain Locke (then a professor of philosophy at Howard University) to design and edit a special issue devoted to the African American "Renaissance" underway in Harlem. Locke agreed, and the magazine that resulted was the first of several attempts to formulate a political and cultural representation of the New Negro and the Harlem community (see also, for example, Fire!!, an arts and literary magazine produced by Wallace Thurman, Langston Hughes, Aaron Douglas, Zora Neale Hurston, and others in response to Locke's work) ...'

Italian Sculptures.

The Vietnam Pictures Archives.

Colorado Riverbed Case. 'The Colorado Riverbed Case, sometimes known simply as "the Riverbed Case," grew out of a desire by the State of Utah to determine, legally, who owned the bed of the Colorado River. The State of Utah wished to develop the bed of the river by drilling for oil and for other economic purposes. First, however, it had to be determined who owned the bed of the river: The State of Utah or the United States. This hinged on whether the Colorado could be declared a navigable or a non-navigable river. The plaintiff was the United States, and the defendant was the State of Utah. The court, presided over by Charles Warren, a Special master of the U.S. Supreme Court, began acquiring testimony in October 1929. The final decree was issued in 1931, giving possession of the riverbed to the United States in non-navigable sections of the Colorado River Basin in Utah. Possession of the riverbed in navigable sections of the basin was given to the State of Utah...'

Music Temple Visitors' Registers 1938-61. 'Music Temple was a spectacular grotto in Glen Canyon of the Colorado River about three miles below the mouth of the San Juan River. The grotto was named by John Wesley Powell on his exploring expedition in 1869 because of the wonderful acoustics to be found inside. When Powell and his crews stopped there in 1869 and again in 1871, several of the crew members, including Bill Dunn, Frederick Dellenbaugh, and Powell himself, chiseled their names into the soft sandstone at the end of the canyon, thus establishing what is known as a "river register." From the earliest commercial river tours through Glen Canyon, Music Temple was a popular stop for parties of tourists, who often would try the acoustics with songs and musical instruments. Many early river travelers followed the tradition of chiseling their names into the sandstone, but fortunately for history, as early as the 1930s someone began the tradition of leaving a metal box in the grotto where travelers could write their names on notebooks and pieces of paper. '

Kali. 'Kali is a destructive and creative aspect of God as the Divine Mother in Hinduism. Kali is the fierce aspect of Devi, God's energy, i.e., Shakti or God as the Divine Mother, who is fundamental to all other Hindu deities. The continuous, ongoing work of Creation is described as "the play of Kali"...'

Religious Icons from Greece.

History of Argentina.

Captain Caveman. 'Set free by the Teen Angels from his pre-historic block of glacier ice comes the worlds first super hero, Captain Caveman. Now the constant companion to the Teen Angels; Brenda, Dee Dee and Taffy, in their hilarious and sometimes scary mystery missions. Get ready for Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels!'
'If the phrase Cavey-wavey means anything to you, then you are truly a child of the eighties. This was yet another classic from Hanna-Barbera. As with all HB cartoons, you either loved it or you hated it. I certainly loved it.'

The Flumps. 'The Flumps is the story of a close family of fluffy fur balls, probably coughed up by a cat somewhere. There s no other way to describe them. ' More kids' TV nostalgia.

John Cage. 'This website is dedicated to the American artist John Cage (1912-1992) ' Guide to local councillors in selected local authorities in England and Wales. Commendable local e-democracy project.

Cambodian Buddhist.

Weird Pictures. May not be safe for work.

The Art of Love. Erotic art and photography. Not safe for work.
Naked Woman in Sepia.

7th May

Something Beautiful (almost) every day.

Grimm's Northumberland Sketchbooks. 'Samuel Hieronymus Grimm made his living accompanying well-to-do patrons on their travels around England in the late-18th century, capturing their journeys in detailed pen-and-ink drawings.'
'When Richard Kaye, his chief patron, became a Prebend at Durham Cathedral, Grimm set out to record the buildings and landscapes of Northumberland ... '

Self-taught Art of the South.

Jainism. Comprehensive resource.

Frida Kahlo. Art and biography.
'Frida Kahlo was s Mexican painter who produced mostly small, highly personal self-portraits using elements of fantasy and a style inspired by native popular art. Kahlo was born in Coyoacán, Mexico, near Mexico City. While a student at Mexico City's National Preparatory School in 1925, she sustained severe injuries in a bus accident. During her recuperation, Kahlo taught herself to paint. After three years she took some of her first paintings to the famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, who encouraged her to continue her work. Kahlo and Rivera married in 1929 ... '

Dionysian Artificers. 'This essay, published in 1820, was an attempt to prove that modern Freemasonry derived from ancient Greek philosophical and religious ideas. Hippolyto da Costa (1774-1823), was a Brazilian journalist, author, Freemason and world traveller. He was imprisoned for being a Freemason by the Inquisition in Portugal in 1802; he escaped in 1805. He settled in London and wrote a two volume book about his experiences, Narrativa da Perseguição, in 1811. He went on to start the first Brazilian periodical, the Correio Braziliense or Armazém Literário, (1808-23), for which he is known today as "the founder of the Brazilian Press" ... '

Thought Disorders Community. 'The World Health Organization has identified Schizophrenia as one of the ten most debilitating diseases affecting human beings ... '

Daughter from Danang. 'Mai Thi Hiep was born in Danang, Vietnam's dominant port city, home to over 490,000 people. But she didn't live there long. At age six, she was airlifted to the United States and adopted by a single mother, Ann Neville, who renamed her Heidi. The two settled in the small town of Pulaski, Tennessee, population c. 7000...'

The Doughnut Map of Canada.

Dragonswood. 'Dragonswood is an open friendly resource for Pagans of all paths and Seekers of all levels of experience with a bias toward the newcomer. '

6th May

Inventing Entertainment: The Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies. 'Prolific inventor Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) has had a profound impact on modern life. In his lifetime, the "Wizard of Menlo Park" patented 1,093 inventions, including the phonograph, the kinetograph (a motion picture camera), and the kinetoscope (a motion picture viewer). Edison managed to become not only a renowned inventor, but also a prominent manufacturer and businessman through the merchandising of his inventions. The collections in the Library of Congress's Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division contain an extraordinary range of the surviving products of Edison's entertainment inventions and industries. This site features 341 motion pictures, 81 disc sound recordings, and other related materials, such as photographs and original magazine articles. Cylinder sound recordings will be added to this site in the near future. In addition, histories are given of Edison's involvement with motion pictures and sound recordings, as well as a special page focusing on the life of the great inventor. '

Hercules: Greece's Greatest Hero. 'The most popular of Greek heroes, Hercules (sometimes called "Herakles") was celebrated in stories, sculptures, paintings, and even in the geography of the ancient world ... '

Family Tree of Japanese Buddhist Deities.

Tarrant Crawford, Dorset: 1861 Census. 'This set of pages gives a transcription of the 1861 census for Tarrant Crawford, transcribed and kindly made available by Royston Clarke as a part of the On-line Parish Clerk project. I have added a surname index. It has not been independently checked, and it should therefore be treated with caution, particularly with regard to names and places of birth, which were at times difficult to decipher. I hope nevertheless that it will be of some help to people researching ancestors in this parish. '

Images of the Yucatan. 'Welcome to a pictorial documentation of Dave Rogge and Doris Nerding's recent (September, 1999) exploration of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula and neighboring areas of eastern Chiapas. '

Panoramic Maps 1847-1929. 'The panoramic map was a popular cartographic form used to depict U.S. and Canadian cities and towns during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Known also as bird's-eye views, perspective maps, and aero views, panoramic maps are nonphotographic representations of cities portrayed as if viewed from above at an oblique angle. Although not generally drawn to scale, they show street patterns, individual buildings, and major landscape features in perspective. '

Wyoming Tales and Trails. 'This site is, as the title implies, devoted almost exclusively to the history of Wyoming as told through photographs. '

Explore North. 'Much more than just another link site, ExploreNorth is here to help with all the information you need to explore the circumpolar North. '
'The regions we cover are Alaska, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Faroe Islands and the northern parts of the Russian Federation. '
'With original articles and photos, and background material on the culture, environment and economy of the North, you will find information here that is available nowhere else. If you need help with travel planning or homework, just click on whichever of the interactive features you like. And to see the southern Yukon as it looks right now, check out our webcam, which looks over Lake Bennett to Caribou Mountain. '

Snakes in Indian Society. 'We bring you this online presentation on the holy and the deadly fangs of India by popular request. We begin with a brief Q&A on the role of the cold-blooded crawlers in Indian society and present depiction of snakes in Indian art. You will also find pictures of snake charmers from 14th century India to present day.'

The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived before Achilles, 1922. 'A classic retelling of ancient myth for younger readers by a preeminent poet and illustrator.'

The Trojan War. 'During the time when gods were "petty and cruel," three of the leading goddesses had a contest to determine who was most beautiful. The prize was Eris' golden apple. To make it objective, they hired a human judge, Paris (also called Alexander), son of the Eastern potentate, Priam of Troy. Since Paris was to be paid according to the largesse of the winner, the contest was really to see who provided the most attractive incentive. Aphrodite won hands down, but the prize she offered was the wife of another man ... '

Oaxaca, Western Chiapas & Tabasco: A Photojourney.

The History of Butter.

History of the Soviet Union.

Old English Library.

The King's English, 1908.

Sumerian Language Page.

Chinese Characters.

Movie Mistakes.

The Shanmonster.

African Indigenous Science and Knowledge Systems.

Devon Donkey Sanctuary Webcam.

5th May

Heritage Scrapbooks. 'Welcome to Heritage Scrapbooks, a site documenting a variety of scrapbooks on a variety of topics throughout the last 300 years. '

Aid to Artisans. 'Aid to Artisans is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating economic opportunities for craftspeople in developing nations. ATA's staff, design and business consultants, volunteers and an active board of directors help handcraft-based businesses compete in the global marketplace.'

The Establishment - From the Peter Cook Appreciation Society. He of Derek and Clive.

Kristallnacht. From the Jewish Virtual Library.
The Holocaust/Shoah Page.

Virtual Tour of Hong Kong. With Chinese horrorscope.

The Quilt Index. 'The Quilt Index is an online research and reference tool designed to provide unprecedented access to contextual information and images of quilts held in private and public collections. '
'This pilot Index presents quilts inventoried over the past 20 years by quilt documentation projects in Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan and Illinois. '

Images of Cambodian Banknotes.
There are no notes for the years 1976, 1977 and 1978 - this is because the Khmer Rouge, which ruled from 1975-79, abolished money.
Note also how different the numerals are from Western numerals; for example, the numeral for 1 looks a bit like our number 9 - e.g.

John Milton: The Milton-L Home Page. Milton's life, literature and times.

Get Crafty. Art for ordinary people.

Quetzalcoatl: The Man, The Myth, The Legend. 'Quetzalcoatl. We've all heard the name before. "He's that Feathered Serpent of Ancient Mexico". However, that only answers the WHAT. Ask, WHO he was, and you might get an answer along the lines of an unintelligble stare; or the standard response, "Yeah. He was the guy who was suppose to return from the East to reclaim his power, but the Indians mistook Cortés for him instead". Though it might seem a simple enough question, a far more involved and complicated answer is necessary. '

Leaning Oak Forge. Jeff Fetty, artist-blacksmith.

Edgar Degas. Impressionism. Links to images at the bottom of the page.
Dance School.
Peasant Girls Bathing in the Sea at Dusk.

The Story of India's Freedom Struggle. 'As the subcontinent recovers from a bloody war with fellow residents, it is very important to recognize how we got here. In the narrow mindedness of the regional fervor, it is easy to forget the sacrifices made- by Hindus and Muslims alike - from the heroics of Queen Laxmibai and Tippu Sultan to the moral conquests of Mahatma Gandhi. to liberate our motherland from the Europeans.'
Indian National Congress archive.

Archive Legales Amedeo Modigliani. 'Amedeo Modigliani was born in Leghorn (Livorno) on 12 July 1884, the fourth child of Flaminio Modigliani and Eugénie Garsin. Amedeo's precocious propensity to painting revealed itself when he started to frequent the studio of the artist Guglielmo Micheli from Leghorn starting from the summer of 1898. In 1901, he left on a trip with his mother after recovering from a pulmonary ailment ... '

Kim McDonald Fine Art. 'With vibrant colors, an intensely personal style, whimsical borders and a touch of fantasy, Kim McDonald's oil paintings capture the essential sprit of the Hawaiian Islands. Her art accentuates the ever-changing moods of island weather, lush foliage and the deep sensuality of the Hawaiian people. '

Jill Neal: Wild (but Tasteful) Women. Humorous art.
'Art for women - and men in touch with their feminine side !!'

Cezanne. Art. 'You are welcome to enter the Paul Cezanne virtual museum. In this museum, you will find a selection of about 200 works of the painter.'

History of Vietnam.

Mexican Holidays. Links to the histories of the most important.
The Mexican Revolution of 1910. 'For most of Mexico's developing history, a small minority of the people were in control of most of the country's power and wealth, while the majority of the population worked in poverty. As the rift between the poor and rich grew under the leadership of General Díaz, the political voice of the lower classes was also declining. Opposition of Díaz did surface, when Francisco I. Madero, educated in Europe and at the University of California, led a series of strikes throughout the country ... '

History of Scotch Whisky.
More questions and answers about scotch, its blending and distribution, from the Scotch Whisky Association.

Alcohol, Temperance & Prohibition. 'The digitized items in the Alcohol, Temperance and Prohibition Collection are from the Alcoholism and Addiction Studies Collection ( as well as from various collections in the Brown University Library - broadsides, sheet music, pamphlets and government publications.'
'The items have been collected at Brown for over three centuries for researchers and scholars at Brown and worldwide interested in American history, including the history of alcoholism, and in how the media was used for spreading ideas and information, and in how the arts presented various movements.'

Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Art, bio.
Nude in the Sunlight.

Guide to Betty Boop Cartoons. 'This site is devoted to the analysis of the Betty Boop cartoons produced by Fleischer Studios in the 1930s. The essays provide a summary of the plot, commentary about the animation, background information when available, and information about the music, including the lyrics to songs on the cartoons. '
Betty Boop: Before and after the Hays Act. 'Betty was created soon after the end of the "roaring '20s," a time when people were relatively uninhibited about sexuality. As a result of this, the early Betty Boop cartoons were rather explicit. Betty wore a sleeveless dress that ended high above her knees, and in countless cartoons, this dress came off (or in other cases, she wore a long gown that would become translucent at certain times). Male characters often felt her up, and "boop-oop-a-doop" seemed to have more meaning than just a scatty nonsense expression ... '

Peru Travelogue.

4th May

Whatever Happened to Polio? Smithsonian exhibit.

Free Burma. 'The country of Burma is lush, rich in natural resources and home to dozens of peoples and cultures.'
'But due to a military government of isolationist economic mismanagement, the 45 million people there live without their human rights and in extreme poverty ... '

Scotland's Pages: Scotland's Written History. 'Explore almost one thousand years of Scotland's history via our interactive timeline, and trace events as they happened by reading the first-hand accounts of observers, from the death of St Margaret to the opening of the new Scottish Parliament. Digital facsimiles of some of the most important documents in the Library's collections help to illustrate the story of the shaping of the Scottish nation.'

Churches, Monasteries and Convents in Moscow.

Dictionary of Wisconsin History. 'These names of hundreds of people, places, things and events occur in many writings about Wisconsin history. Each is briefly defined here, and a source in which it is used or explained is cited. The Dictionary is being built chronologically and is currently strongest in terms from early Wisconsin history.'

Van Gogh's Letters.

Scottsboro: An American Tragedy. 'In 1931, two white women stepped from a box car in Paint Rock, Alabama to make a shocking accusation: they had been raped by nine black teenagers on the train. So began one of the most significant legal fights of the twentieth century. The trial of the nine falsely accused teens would draw North and South into their sharpest conflict since the Civil War, yield two momentous Supreme Court decisions and give birth to the Civil Rights Movement. In addition to its historical significance, the Scottsboro story is a riveting drama about the struggles of nine innocent young men for their lives and a cautionary tale about using human beings as fodder for political causes.'

NYC London. Black and white photography.

The Visual Record. Travel and landscape photography.
'The Visual Record started in May of 2002 and now features over a thousand pictures. '
'Why do I it? I guess it's just not much fun just having all your photos hidden away on your hard drive. The truth is, one of the best parts about any trip is getting home and posting the photos for friends and family to see (and one of the worst parts is writing the stupid text. Lord, banging my head against a brick wall would be more fun and rewarding. Unfortunately most people seem strangely interested in my tedious ramblings, so now I have to keep doing it. Woe, woe is me.)...'

William Gedney Photographs and Writings. 'From the mid 1950s through the early 1980s, William Gedney (1932-1989) photographed throughout the United States, in India, and in Europe. From the commerce of the street outside his Brooklyn apartment to the daily chores of unemployed coal miners, from the indolent lifestyle of hippies in Haight-Ashbury to the sacred rituals of Hindu worshippers, Gedney was able to record the lives of others with remarkable clarity and poignancy. These photographs, along with his notebooks and writings, illuminate the rare vision of an intensely private man who, as a writer and photographer, was able to reveal the lives of others with striking sensitivity ... '

Cowboy Photographer: Erwin E. Smith. 'Erwin E. Smith (1886-1947) always wanted to be a cowboy and an artist. When he was a boy growing up in Bonham, a town in Fannin County in North Texas, the era of the great trail drives was over, and he feared that the old ways of the cowboy were disappearing. However, the legend and myth of the cowboy was just beginning. Popular literature, art by Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell, and the fledgling film industry promoted a romantic, yet often inaccurate, image of the cowboy. For his part, Smith resolved to honor the life of the cowboy by presenting as true a portrayal as possible. '

Japanese Theatre. Art.

Manet: Le Dejeuner sur L'Herbe.

Images of Soviet Banknotes.

Images of Mongolian Banknotes. Some of these have pictures of Genghis Khan on them. During the Communist period, Genghis Khan was officially reviled, but now he is considered to be a Mongolian national hero.

Images of Irish Banknotes.

Jeff Harris. 'Toronto-based photographer Jeff Harris is engaged in an ongoing project: he's had his picture taken - either as a self-portrait or by a friend - every day since January 1, 1999. '

Isaac Asimov Online. Science fiction.

Liberal Democrat History Group. History of British liberalism.

The American Presidency. A look at presidents and presidential elections.

Portrait of a Nun. 1850s daguerrotype.

Terada Shin's Photos of Japan.

Visit Montenegro. Guide to the land of the black mountain.

Dogme 95. 'Dogme 95 is a movement in filmmaking developed in 1995 by the Danish directors Lars von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg, Kristian Levring, and Søren Kragh-Jacobsen. This movement is sometimes known as the Dogme 95 collective. The goal of the collective is to instill a sense of simplicity in filmmaking, free of postproduction modifications and other gimmicks ... '

3rd May

Paul Smith's Typewriter Art. 'Paul was born in Philadelphia on September 21, 1921. Although severe cerebral palsy kept him out of school, it hasn't kept him from having a remarkable life!'
'Never having a chance as a child to receive a formal education, Paul taught himself to become a master artist as well as a terrific chess player. With much humility and a charming, self-depreciating sense of humor, he has become a man who excels at making the lives of those around him much richer ... '

Tycho Brahe Homepage. 'Tycho Brahe was a brilliant astronomer and scientist of his time, and has had a big significance on the development of astronomy, science in general, and our view of the world. '
'He is especially famous for two particular things, his damaged nose, and his death. '

Duck Soup (1933). 'The Marx Brothers' greatest and funniest masterpiece - the classic comedy Duck Soup (1933) is a short, but brilliant satire and lampooning of blundering dictatorial leaders, Fascism and authoritarian government. The film, produced by Herman Mankiewicz, was prepared during the crisis period of the Depression. Some of its clever gags and routines were taken from Groucho's and Chico's early 1930s radio show Flywheel, Shyster & Flywheel. Working titles for the film included Oo La La, Firecrackers, Grasshoppers, and Cracked Ice ... '

Chinese Prints.

Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection. 'Charles Weever Cushman, amateur photographer and Indiana University alumnus, bequeathed approximately 14,500 Kodachrome color slides to his alma mater. The photographs in this collection bridge a thirty-two year span from 1938 to 1969, during which time he extensively documented the United States as well as other countries.'
'Indiana University's Digital Library Program and the Indiana University Archives invite you to explore what Cushman saw. Here you can view his photographs as well as read contextual information about Cushman's life and work.'

Guatemala Documentation Project. Documents relating to the US role in Guatemala, from the National Security Archive.

The Official Web Site of the Central Tibetan Administration.
Bonpo. 'Tibet's oldest spiritual tradition is Bön. According to Bönpo accounts, eighteen enlightened teachers will appear in this aeon and Tönpa Shenrab, the founder of the Bön religion, is the enlightened teacher of this age. He is said to have been born in the mythical land of Olmo Lung Ring, whose location remains something of a mystery. '

Edward Curtis. Photographer of the American Indian.
'The work of Edward Curtis has stirred heated controversy on and off Indian reservations since its rediscovery in the 1970s. Curtis has been accused of posing his subjects, fabricating traditional Indian life from his own imagination, and perpetuating the myth of the vanishing race.'
'This site focuses on the complexity of the controversies surrounding Curtis and his work. Streaming video clips of interviews with Native Americans and scholars reveal passionate, personal and unique relationships to Curtis' photographs. Visitors can hear what Indian people are saying about the photographs; how scholars analyze the controversy; and how filmmaker Anne Makepeace views the debate.'

Greg's Digital Retouching Portfolio.

Van Gogh and Gauguin.

Cameron Davidson. Aerial photographer.

The William Morris Society. 'This site is devoted to William Morris (1834-96), the British craftsman, designer, writer, typographer, and Socialist. It aims to present news of Morris-related events and publications; information about the worldwide William Morris Society; materials relating to the life and work of Morris, his friends, and followers; and links to other places of interest on the Internet. '

Nathaniel Hawthorne in Salem.

Sei Shonagon. She of the Pillow Book.

History of Bulgaria 681-1944. Comprehensive.

Cabeza de Vaca's Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America, 1542.
'The sixteenth-century odyssey of Cabeza de Vaca's is one of the great true epics of history. It is the semi-official report to the king of Spain by the ranking surviving officer of a royal expedition to conquer Florida which fantastically miscarried. '

Hubble Heritage Project Information Centre. Astronomy.

Lardnermania: An Appreciation of Ring W. Lardner and His Work. 'Ring Lardner was one of the most successful writers of the 1920s, enjoying the rare combination of critical and popular approval of his work. From his beginnings as a sports journalist to his later work as a humorist, recorder of the slang vernacular, and satirist, Lardner distinguished himself as one of the best writers in these genres, earning himself a permanent place in the history of American letters.'

Verses of Vemana. Hindu poet.

History of the British Labour Party. Labour Party site.

History of the British Conservative Party. Conservative Party site.

Dr. Samuel Overton, Pioneer Doctor of Canton, Texas.

History of the Renaissance.

History of Mexico. By the Mexican Embassy in Copenhagen.

2nd May

Medieval Paintings in the South of France.

Touro Synagogue. America's oldest synagogue (construction began in 1759).

Richard Feynman. 'This web site is dedicated to Richard P. Feynman, scientist, teacher, raconteur, and musician. He assisted in the development of the atomic bomb, expanded the understanding of quantum electrodynamics, translated Mayan hieroglyphics, and cut to the heart of the Challenger disaster. But beyond all of that, Richard Feynman was a unique and multi-faceted individual. Feel free to explore this site to find out about Feynman, what he was and why he remains one of the most celebrated and revered scientists of modern times.'

Retrofuture. 'The Retrofuture is a concept based on a simple question: what happened to all that futuristic stuff which was supposed to change our lives by the year 2000? Stuff like rocket belts, flying cars, food pills and inflatable homes.'

Discover Japanese Sake. The making and tradition of Japan's national beverage.

Rediscovering Dave Brubeck. 'For over fifty years Dave Brubeck has been a giant of American jazz, exciting millions of fans and improvising in unique rhythms and time signatures. He changed the landscape of jazz in the 1950's and 1960's, broadening its audience and recording the first jazz album to go gold. And Brubeck's music is still relevant today. In his eighties, he is going strong - performing, traveling, drawing sell-out crowds, creating new music and reaching new heights ...'

The Dizzying Grandeur of Rococo. "The early eighteenth century was in the hands of princes and prelates whose wealth and ambitions were reflected in masterpieces commissioned to celebrate the pomp and splendor of their reign. Marvels of a dizzying grandeur were created in an exuberantly ornate style designated as Rococo."
"More discreetly, abbots, bishops and archbishops, often of royal lineage, sought to offer God and His followers palaces expressing their faith in ecstatic, even voluptuous, terms." '

The Essential Vermeer. Art.
'The Essential Vermeer provides a wide range of in-house resources for studying the work and life of Johannes Vermeer. New studies are constantly added. You may also find the most recent news about Vermeer related exhibitions, publications, websites, multi-media events and developments in Vermeer scholarship ... '

BollyWhat?! The guide for clueless fans of Bollywood films.
'What is Bollywood, exactly? What does it mean when someone wags her thumb, or puts red dye in the part of her hair? Find out all this and more...'

Linguistic Geography of the Mainland United States.

The New Food Pyramid. Editorial cartoons.

Holovaty. Thoughts on online journalism and web development.

Nostalgia Nudes. Vintage photos from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Via Bibi.

Augustine interviews God, Bush, Blair, Saddam and van Gogh. (thanks!)

Rugged Art. Via citrusmoon.

Crazy Dolls. Via Internet Weekly.

The Old Corral. 'Remembering the B-Western Movie, Heroes, Heroines, Sidekicks, Heavies & Henchmen Exclusively B-Westerns ... no A-Westerns, no TV Westerns, no 'spaghetti' westerns' Via Internet Weekly.

Ladies of Star Trek. Via Blort.

Fruition Bags. 'Fruition Bags are hand-made by a women?s environmental cooperative in the Philippines using recycled fruit juice containers.' Via art for housewives.

Prisonwall Postcards. Via Sugar & Spicy.

Victorian and Edwardian Photographs. Via Sugar & Spicy.

Benny's Postcards. Via Sugar & Spicy.
'This web site is devoted to the postcards my grandfather collected from approximately 1906-1918. The collection is comprised of 435 postcards, most of which were produced in Russia, Poland and Germany. My maternal grandfather, Benjamin Swartzberg, lived from 1890 to 1985. For the past five years I have simultaneously been researching the history and origins of my grandfather?s postcard collection as well as the genealogical history of my grandfather?s family. Both aspects of my research have resulted in discoveries about my grandfather and his family which have been immensely gratifying. What follows is an account of my exploration into my grandfather?s life as seen through his postcards and his family history. You will find 36 images of Benny?s postcards here on this web page. '