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30th May

Castle Fine Arts. 'Specializing in fine 18th to 20th Century Japanese Woodblock Prints, Castle Fine Arts has been providing fine art Japanese Prints to collectors, corporations, museums, and the trade since 1977.'
Ryohei Tanaka. A modern day ukiyo-e artist.
Online gallery.

West Farleigh, Kent. Village information and history.
'West Farleigh is situated 4 miles south west of the centre of Maidstone on the south side of the River Medway Valley. William Cobbett pronounced the Medway Valley west of Maidstone the finest in England and West Farleigh bears testimony to that opinion. The village remains traditionally agricultural, has an unspoilt Norman church, a Village Green with excellent views and some fine houses including Smiths Hall which has been the setting for several films ... '

Not by Bread Alone: America's Culinary History. 'American food culture has evolved through a rich interplay of foreign adaptation and home-grown invention. The food gathering and cultivation methods of native peoples; America's successive waves of colonial and immigrant populations; and 20th-century revolutions in agriculture and cooking technologies?all have shaped our culinary heritage.'
Cookery books.

The Christian Catacombs of Rome.

The Octopus News. Online magazine all about octopi.

The World Socialist Movement. A collaborative work by socialists around the world.

Groceteria. ' is a site about supermarket history and architecture, roughly covering the period from the 1920s to the 1970s. It is NOT a site about current supermarket issues and locations, except in historical perspective, and it is not connected with nor owned by any supermarket chain, past or present. Enjoy... '

Cariadoc's Miscellany. Renaissance and medieval recipes.

History of Finland. 'Independent since 1917 and now a member of the European Union, Finland was part of the Swedish realm for some 600 years up to 1809 and then attached to the Russian empire for just over a century.'
Finnish castles.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Burma's dissident leader.

DC Grocery. Photographic history of Washington DC area grocery stories.

Mythweb. The heroes, gods and monsters of Greek mythology.

The Afrocentric Experience. 'The Afrocentric Experience is dedicated to the empowerment and the enlightenment processes of all people through out the world especially those of African descent in Africa and the African diaspora. '

29th May

Shtetl: Yiddish Language and Culture. Great set of Yiddish resources.

Armenian Miniatures. 'About a century ago, Armenian illuminated manuscripts attracted the attention of scholars and lovers of art. Since that time intensive studies of medieval Armenian art have been conducted. A unique historical panorama of the art of illumination in Armenia, embracing more than thirteen centuries has been given (the first surviving miniatures date from the VI - VII centuries, while the latest ones were created in the XIX century). The heritage of a number of miniature schools and their outstanding representatives have been studied; the significance of medieval Armenian painting in the history of world art has been revealed ... '

Medieval English Churches and Cathedrals.

Myths and Legends in Miyazaki. 'Miyazaki Prefecture is located in the southern part of Japan, on Kyushu Island, and is said to be the home of Japanese Mythology. There are many places and shrines said to have a close connection with the origins of Japan?s Myths. I would like to introduce some of them to you. '

Gallery of Interactive Geometry.

The Kansas Collection. Extensive Kansas history site.
'The voices of the past are heard again in KanColl, through nearly-lost books, letters, diaries, photographs, and other materials. '

Mission 66: Mid Century Modern Architecture in the National Parks. 'Uniquely American buildings serving the traveling public...'
'Mission 66 was a federally-sponsored program to improve deteriorated and dangerous conditions in the national parks, the result of a massive visitor boom after World War II.'
'Mission 66 projects began in 1956 and ended in 1966. During those ten years, more than $1 billion was spent on infrastructure and other improvements in the parks. '
'Mission 66 planners and architects developed the concept of the "visitor center" to streamline and standardize visitor services at federal parks nationwide. Approximately 100 new visitor centers were built during the ten-year program. '
'Mission 66 visitor centers have been recognized by the National Register of Historic Places as significant historic structures and as important representatives of a new building type. '

Tibetan Paintings. 'The following paintings were completed by the artists at the Prajnopaya Thangde Gatsal Thangka Painting School and Studio.'

History of Dorchester, Massachusetts. 'Settled one month before its neighbor, Boston, in May of 1630, Dorchester has a history nearly as old as that of America. For its first two hundred years, Dorchester remained apart from Boston, existing primarily as a farming community with small commercial and industrial outposts along the Neponset River at Lower Mills and Mattapan Square, and along Dorchester Bay at Commercial Point ... '

Music under Soviet Rule. Shostakovich, Prokoviev, etc.

The Oxford Book of French Verse, 1920.

Thomas Hardy. Fifty-one of his poems online.

George Alfred Davis. Outsider artist. 'Davis created artwork but then threw it all away. He's now back at it, making art from the materials he can get his hands on. I hope he keeps his hands of the art this time.'


27th May

Beyond the Fire: Teen Experiences of War.
'War has killed two million children in the last decade alone. Four million children have become disabled and hundreds of thousands serve as child soldiers. Nearly half of all refugees worldwide are under 18, and across the globe, an estimated 25 million children have been uprooted from their homes as a result of war. '
'BEYOND THE FIRE introduces the real-life stories of 15 teenagers, now living in the U.S., who have survived war in seven war zones. These stories tell of loss, hope, fear, strength and despair-and most of all, resilience. '

Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga. Smithsonian exhibit.

Russia Profile. 'The Russia Profile provides analysis and features on business, politics, current affairs and culture for Russia watchers around the world. '

2001 Waka for Japan 2001. 'Welcome to the Japan 2001 Waka Website - a site devoted to the many types of classical Japanese poetry. During the course of the Japan 2001 Festival we built up a collection of 2001 poems here, covering approximately the first thousand years of poetry in Japan. The poems appear in the original Japanese, transcribed into the Roman alphabet (Romanised) and translated into English. They are accompanied by commentary and background material to fill in the blanks on the world the Old Japanese poets lived in, their beliefs and society.'

Holocaust Survivors. 'Why have this web site? Because history is not just about events, it is about human lives. Here we present history with a human face. Read the stories of the survivors. Hear them speak. Look at their family photographs. Consult our encyclopedia. Read a historical introduction to the Holocaust. Leave your thoughts or ask your questions on our discussion page. '

The Life of a City: Early Films of New York, 1898-1906. 'This collection contains forty-five films of New York dating from 1898 to 1906 from the Paper Print Collection of the Library of Congress. Of these, twenty-five were made by the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company, while the remaining twenty are Edison Company productions. '

Living a Tradition. The Shakers.
'As they traveled into Shaker country, writers Richard and Joyce Wolkomir went in search of a lost America. At the sect's zenith, during the 1800s, a score of Shaker communities, prosperous and neat, dotted the farmlands from Maine down through New England and into New York, westward to Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, and south as far as White Oak, Georgia, and Narcoosee, Florida. Now, many of those settlements are torn down, taken over as sites for Shaker museums or put to other uses. Only, it turns out, at Sabbathday Lake, in New Gloucester, Maine, do the world's last eight Shakers keep the old ways ... '

Edgar Degas 1834-1917. Art.
"Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things."

Dread History: The African Diaspora, Ethiopianism, and Rastafari.

Robot Space Explorers. 'Space robots come in all shapes and sizes, and have a wide variety of functions. These include planetary flyby probes (e.g. Voyagers 1 and 2), orbiters (e.g. Galileo, Cassini), atmospheric probes (e.g. Huygens Titan probe), landers (e.g. Mars Pathfinder), rovers (e.g. Sojourner), robot arms (e.g. the Space Shuttle Remote Manipulator System), and robots currently under development for the International Space Station ... '

Science for Monks. 'Providing hands-on science and math education to advanced scholars within the Tibetan monastic community in India.'

Timeline of US Diplomatic History. State Department site.

26th May

Tyger of Wrath: William Blake. The great British poet and illustrator.
'Welcome to the comprehensive website of 176 works by William Blake online, which accompanied the exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria shown in 1999. The exhibition was displayed in the Robert Raynor Gallery, a space devoted to exhibitions of works on paper. These works represent the complete Blake collection at the National Gallery of Victoria ... '

The Spanish Civil War 1936-39 Diary.
From the epilogue :- 'The Diary of the Spanish Civil War might also be a "misinterpretation", the misinterpretation of a Spanish Republican who mourns his country, and the many uncorrected wrongs. Wrongs that are politically affecting Spain till today, one example is the continued existence of ETA. But unlike some other historical accounts about the Spanish Civil War, the Diary makes sense. It makes it easier to see why the Republic lost, why so many volunteers fought till the absolute end to defend it, and why the democratic European powers didn't help the Spanish Government. The Diary and its conclusions make sense simply by respecting the time and succession the events took, by letting them unfold by themselves. If there are errors in the Diary I'm sorry, they are mistakes and not intention.'

Buddhist Stories from the Vietnamese Buddhist Monastery Lumbini.
Sutras. 'Do not believe in anything (simply) because you have heard it. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.Do not believe in anything because it is spoken and rumored by many.Do not believe in anything (simply) because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agree with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all then accept it and live up to it. '

The Last Days of a President: Films of McKinley and the Pan-American Exposition, 1901. 'The twenty-eight films of this collection are actuality motion pictures from the Paper Print Collection of the Library of Congress. They include footage of President William McKinley at his second inauguration; of the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York; of President McKinley at the Pan-American Exposition; and of President McKinley's funeral. The films were produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company from March to November 1901. The company, founded by inventor Thomas Alva Edison, operated from 1893 to 1917. '

The Lost Synagogues of Detroit. 'They are beautiful. They are poignant. In their totality the former synagogues of Detroit outline a once closely knit neighborhood from the days when Detroit was a conglomerate of vibrant immigrant and ethnic communities, of a time when families walked to places of worship which stood in the midst of their neighborhoods ... '

The Animal Communication Project. Cephalopods, insects, frogs, birds, primates, elephants etc.
'"Me Tarzan, you Jane." If the male cuttlefish could speak, this might be his opening line. Although cuttlefish don?t primarily use sound to communicate, the male still has an opening line, and it might translate to the longer, but conceptually simpler, ?Me Tarzan. You Tarzan? No? Must be Jane.? Cuttlefish and squid communicate using a remarkable ability to control the pigment in their skin. They flash messages in colorful spots, splotches and background color. Cuttlefish add to this unique visual communication certain swimming postures and gestures of their ten tentacles. Along with octopuses, cuttlefish and squid belong to the class Cephalopoda, molluscs related to snails and slugs and clams. Cephalopods, mental giants of the mollusc world, manipulate objects with tentacles, swim with jet propulsion, eat with beaks and see with eyes as complex as ours ... '

Portraits of US Presidents and First Ladies.

A Theodore Roosevelt Timeline.

Chinese Matchbox Labels. ' features an outstanding selection of Chinese matchbox labels. From the unification by the first Chinese emperor to the chaos of Cultural Revolution, from Chinese warrior to Japanese beauty, from folk arts to Peking Opera, from the SARS fear to the 911 tragedy, you see them all on the little matchbox labels. '

A True History of Crouch End. The history of a London neighbourhood from the Middle Ages to 1811.

Indiana Historic Architecture. 'The Indiana Historic Architecture Home Page spotlights historic architecture and neighborhoods throughout all of Indiana. Here you will find an extensive photo gallery--over 100 photos--of historic architecture, with more being added all the time.'

The Fifties Web. Pop culture. 'The FiftiesWeb began as a site devoted to the 50s, Since then it has expanded to include Classic TV from the Sixties, 70s and even some 80s TV shows. Fifties fashion was expanded to include the Sixties, Movie quotes cover all decades. Dead People pays tribute to those who have died,.There is tons of information about Elvis Presley and included with history of the Fifties, a feature was added about the Sixties Kennedy Assasination. You should find something here starting with the Fifties... '

Benozzo Gozzoli. Art. Extensive gallery.
'Benozzo Gozzoli was born in 1420 in Florence, the son of tailor Lese di Sandro. Like many other painters of the early Renaissance, Gozzoli was initially trained as a goldsmith. At the age of 27 he began to work with Fra Angelico (1395-1455) in Orvieto and Rome. During his apprenticeship years, 1438-1444/45, in the workshop of Fra Angelico, Gozzoli took part in the decoration of the cells in the Dominican monastery of San Marco. The paintings in Cosimo de?Medici?s double cell (cell 38/39) are thought to have been done almost solely by him, and these include a depiction of the Adoration of the Magi. '

The History, Culture and Geography of Norway.

25th May

Seeds of Trade. 'Civilisation is based on the cultivation of plants, but humans rely on plants for far more than simple foodstuffs. This virtual book, written by Henry Hobhouse, the author of Seeds of Change, and Museum botanist Sandra Knapp, is an introduction to the fascinating history of cultivation and some of its impacts on today's society.'

Fine Arts in Hungary. 'This site is dedicated to fine arts in Hungary from the beginnings in the Romanesque period up to the mid 20th century.'
'You are welcome to visit this collection.' A huge site.

Irelandscape: Photographs of Ireland. 'From pictures of Dublin, to photographs covering the remote fine-sand beaches of Donegal, Irelandscape will prove to be a precious resource about Ireland on the Internet. '

Songs of the Russian People, 1872. 'This book, despite its title, is a treasure-trove of Slavic mythology, tradition, folklore and ethnography. There are plenty of songs, not only from Russia but every part of the Slavic region from Serbia to Siberia. The songs are used as a starting point for a wide-ranging discussion of pre-industrial Slavic peasant life, including weddings, funerals, witchcraft, demonology, games, riddles, and seasonal traditions. Also covered are the details of Russian pagan religion and mythology, with comparisons to related topics such as Vedic and Germanic mythology.'

Our Vegetable Travellers. A history of garden vegetables. 'The original publication of Our Vegetable Travelers appeared in the August, 1949 issue, Volume 96(2) of National Geographic Magazine and is copyrighted by National Geographic Magazine. Reprinted as a special feature in the PLANTanswers section of Aggie Horticulture by permission of the National Geographic Society. February, 2000.'

Kuchi-e. 'Kuchi-e are woodblock-printed frontispiece illustrations produced for publication in Japanese novels and literary magazines at the turn-of-the-century. Many of the leading woodblock artists of the Meiji Period worked in this genre. The artists included Mizuno Toshikata, Ogata Gekko, Kajita Hanko, and the young illustrator, Kaburagi Kiyokata ... '

The University of Virginia Gardens. Designed and tended by Thomas Jefferson.

India's Subtle Subcultures. 'We have created this evolving section at Kamat's Potpourri to document many of the subtleties embedded in Indian culture. These are delicate subjects noticeable only to advent students of Indian culture, and substantial background in Indian society and culture is necessary to appreciate the intricacies of these topics.' Articles on dowry, caste, the swastika etc.

Something Positive. Online comic.
'Once upon a time, there were two friends - a girl named Aubrey, and a jerk named Davan. They'd grown up together in a mystical place known as the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Okay, well, maybe not mystical. Actually, it sort of blew... and Davan didn't even live in Ft. Worth or Dallas, but in a little pitstop between called Bedford. '
'Anyway, they were chugging away and being themselves when one day, Davan had a realization - he didn't know what the hell he was doing with his life. Aubrey had a sneaking suspicion she was in the same boat, but kept it to herself. '
'They had some mutual friends, including a Canadian named Pee-Jee, who'd moved to Boston a while back, and decided maybe that was a good idea. So they packed up and moved up north to see if maybe a change of scenary would help them make sense of life. '
'Thus far, it hasn't - but they're too lazy too move again.

Carl Linnaeus. 'Carl Linnaeus, also known as Carl von LinnÚ or Carolus Linnaeus, is often called the Father of Taxonomy. His system for naming, ranking, and classifying organisms is still in wide use today (with many changes). His ideas on classification have influenced generations of biologists during and after his own lifetime, even those opposed to the philosophical and theological roots of his work. '

Life and Death in Ancient Mexico. Human sacrifice in Mesoamerican cultures.

Eversummer Eve. Online fantasy comic.

24th May

Leaves of Gold. Books of Hours.
'During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, every member of the middle and upper classes would have wanted to own an illuminated Book of Hours. These treasured books were given as gifts on special occasions, such as weddings, and they often appeared in medieval wills, testifying to their value and importance. A Book of Hours was often the first and only book an individual owned in his or her lifetime. In the most luxurious books, made for the wealthiest patrons, each section was prefaced by a miniature and the texts were surrounded by borders. More inexpensive versions contained fewer miniatures and borders. '

The Great Book of Gaelic. Illustrated poetry.

Life, the Universe and the Electron. The story of the discovery of the electron.

Africa's Legacy in Mexico. 'The following essays mark the journey of Tony Gleaton's work in exploring and documenting black Africa's legacy in Mexico. The essays include photographs from Gleaton's personal collection.'

Shin Dharma Net. Pure Land Buddhism.
"In the person of Nembutsu opens up the great path of unobstructed freedom." -- Tannisho, A Shin Buddhist Classic, trans. by Taitetsu Unno.

Ponder This. Monthly, difficult puzzles.
'You are cordially invited to match wits with some of the best minds in IBM Research.'

The Concuspidor. 'The Concuspidor & the Grand Wizard of Many Things was a story released in weekly instalments on the net from July to December 1995. It's now presented in its entirity as an on-line fable, both as a cautionary tale to those who want to have the Answers to Everything, and as an example of on-line story-telling. Enjoy without obligation. '

Words and Deeds in American History. 'In honor of the Manuscript Division's centennial, its staff has selected for online display approximately ninety representative documents spanning from the fifteenth century to the mid-twentieth century. Included are the papers of presidents, cabinet ministers, members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, military officers and diplomats, reformers and political activists, artists and writers, scientists and inventors, and other prominent Americans whose lives reflect our country's evolution. '

Pythagoras' Theorem and Its Many Proofs.

Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Exploration of the North American continent.

The Niels Bohr Archive.

Cuba! An online guide. The section on rumba is particularly good.

Parliament of Australia Hansard. A record of Australian parliamentary debates.

Ekoji Buddhist Temple. A Pure Land temple in the US.

The Cloud Appreciation Society. 'At The Cloud Appreciation Society we love clouds, we're not ashamed to say it and we've had enough of people moaning about them. Read our manifesto and see how we are fighting the banality of 'blue-sky thinking'. If you agree with what we stand for, then join the society for free and receive your very own official membership certificate and badge.'

"Thar's Gold in Them Thar Hills": Gold and Gold Mining in Georgia, 1830s-1940s 'consists of selected legal, financial, and promotional documents as well as photographs and picture postcards that represent episodes of renewed interest in gold mining in Lumpkin County during Reconstruction, at the turn of the century, and during the Depression. '

The Disability Rights Movement. Smithsonian history site.

The Star-Spangled Banner. History of the US flag - a Smithsonian presentation.

Initiation Arts in African Cultures.

Buddha, the Gospel, 1894.

23rd May

Cutting to the Chase. Politics, film, pop culture, literature.
'Chase McInerney is a 37-year-old freelance journalist and writer living with his loving wife in the hardscrabble environs of Oklahoma. A former newspaper reporter, pastry chef and cult "de-programmer," Chase now spends much of his time in the basement of his home, where he restlessly searches for buried treasure, watches paint peel and waits for a sign -- any sign. '

Churchill Speeches. Winston Churchill. 'Welcome to the first edition of the Churchill Speech Interactive - an online educational resource that allows you to explore Churchill's renowned 'Iron Curtain' speech, delivered on 5th March 1946 in Fulton, Missouri. '

Treasures of Mount Athos. 'The heart of the exhibition is the selection on the "Treasures of the Monasteries", not merely because of the Mount Athos has the largest and finest collection of Byzantine and post-Byzantine art anywhere in Greece, but more importantly because in an atmosphere of profound reverence the history, the intellectual and spiritual life, the art, and of course the objects themselves, expressive of the liturgical life of the monks, give shape and vitality to the profound meaning of the Holy Mountain. '
'The central focus is on the spirituality inherent in every manifestation of the life of the Athonite community. Monumental painting, portable icons, manuscripts illuminated and plain, ivories and silvercraft, embroidery, wood-carving, ceramics, ecclesiastical vessels, furniture and furnishings and craftsmen's tolls: these are but a few of the material testaments to this cultural heritage. Immanent in each and every one of these are Byzantine and post-Byzantine art, history, impact and influence - dogmatic and aesthetic - on the Orthodox peoples, contribution to the education of the Greek nation, participation in spiritual movements. '

Art and Architecture of Venice. 'For more than 1,000 years the Cornaro family commissioned the artists and architects of Venice to create palaces, chapels and church art, villas, paintings and theaters. Its male lines are extinct now in the Veneto, but the family found immortality in the art with which it endowed posterity.'
'The art they commissioned and acquired opens a window to the long history and rich artistic fabric of La Serenissima, the Most Serene Republic. '

Trial of Galileo 1633. "My dear Kepler, what would you say of the learned here, who, replete with the pertinacity of the asp, have steadfastly refused to cast a glance through the telescope? What shall we make of this? Shall we laugh, or shall we cry?" --Letter from Galileo Galilei to Johannes Kepler.

History of St. Petersburg 1703-2003. From the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg website.

Yuan Ming Yuan: Garden of Perfect Brightness. 'History's most magnificent garden, the great Yuan Ming Yuan (Garden of Perfect Brightness), was tragically burned in 1860. Built by six generations of Qing emperors, the garden spanned a three-hundred-fifty hectare area with a fairyland of hills, ponds, lakes, ancient trees and palaces filled with one and half centuries of imperial treasure collecting. '
'Through the immense magic of high quality computer graphics and multimedia technology, the world can once again journey to the garden - to learn, to meditate, to explore, to enjoy. The garden provides vast layers of experience and information for both the serious scholar and the curious tourist in a rich environment of animation, music, stories, characters, and games. At once a museum, a library, a playground, a park, a nature theatre and an art gallery, Yuan Ming Yuan will provide endless hours of fascination for people of all ages and cultures. '

Learn About Hmong. Hmong life in South East Asia and North America. 'Welcome to Learn about Hmong, a unique multicultural education site devoted to teaching about the Hmong experience for the purposes of promoting cross-cultural awareness and understanding. Learn about Hmong is also intended to provide greater exposure to the Hmong folk arts tradition. '
Hmong musical instruments.

Lewis Wickes Hine: The Construction of the Empire State Building, 1930-1931. Photography.

The Gamble House. 'The Gamble House in Pasadena, California, is an outstanding example of American Arts and Crafts style architecture. The house and furnishings were designed by Charles and Henry Greene in 1908 for David and Mary Gamble of the Procter and Gamble Company. The house, a National Historic Landmark, is owned by the City of Pasadena and operated by the University of Southern California and is open for public tours.'

Zug's Pranks. Most amusing trickery.

The Sun: A Pictorial Introduction. 'Nearly 1,392,000 km in diameter and 1.989 x 1030 kg in mass, the Sun is the geometric and gravitational center of the planetary system. The Earth, third planet 149,600,000 kilometers away from center, remains to date the only planet in the solar system known to host life forms. The energy radiated by the Sun ultimately is the source of all life on Earth, a fact intuitively grasped by the majority of early civilizations, most of which accordingly granting the Sun a place of prominence in their respective religious practices. The 3.845 x 1026 Watt of energy radiated by the Sun originate in its deep interior, where thermonuclear fusion reactions combine hydrogen nuclei into helium nuclei. The energy released by these nuclear reactions is carried outward in about 107 yr, first by radiation from the center to about 70 percent of the Sun's radius, then to the surface primarily via large-scale convective motions. This latter region, comprising the outer 30 percent in radius of the Sun, is known as the convection zone. Temperatures in the center of the Sun approach 15 million degrees Kelvin, falling to a mere ~ 5800 degrees (!) at its surface. Because of these high temperatures, solar material is in a state called plasma, which refers to a gas of ionized atoms. In the case of the Sun, however, densities become high enough (particularly in the deeper solar interior) that the solar plasma behaves more like a fluid than a conventional gas. When speaking of the solar surface, one is then not referring to a solid surface such as provided by the Earth's crust, but rather to the photosphere, a fictitious spherical surface from which the bulk of solar radiation originates. The solar atmosphere refers to the region extending upward from and including the photosphere ... '

The Aztec Calendar.

Bieslog. Hello to all visitors!
For non-Dutch speakers, here's a little bit about Bieslog, and its author, political satirist and TV maker Wim de Bie.

21st May

A Collector's Vision of Puerto Rico.

Postcards of Wagner Operas.

Mostly Menfolk and a Woman or Two: An Exhibition of 19th Century African American Literature.

Panlatrevo. 'Panlatrevo is an internet resource for texts and scriptures of Taoism and Tao-related traditions. The site is easy to navigate through, using either the links at the top of the page, the navigation column at the top-left or the light-red links in the main body. There are also some introductory articles in the Tao Essays and Articles section.'

The John Foxe Collection.
About John Foxe. 'In 1558, Protestant Elizabeth Tudor acceded to the throne of England and ended the five-year return to the Church of Rome begun with her Catholic half-sister Mary's accession in 1553.* Five years later, in 1563, John Foxe published the first edition of Acts and Monuments of these Latter and Perillous Dayes, touching Matters of the Church, which almost immediately came to be more familiarly known as The Book of Martyrs. '
'Foxe was born in 1517, and by the 1540s had turned to the Reformed religion. During the reign of Edward VI, Foxe acted as tutor to the nephews and niece of the Duke of Norfolk, but he fled to the Continent in 1554 following Mary's accession. Foxe published Commentarii Rervin in Ecclesia Gestarum, a church history covering martyrdoms from about 1375 to 1500, in Strasbourg in 1554, and during the rest of his time abroad collected detailed accounts of the trials and executions taking place in England under Mary. In 1559, a year after Elizabeth's accession, Foxe published at Basle Rerum in Ecclesia Gestarum Commentarii, containing accounts of these martyrdoms, and in the same year he returned to England where, supported by his former pupil, the young Duke of Norfolk, he devoted himself to completing the English version of his accounts ... '

Exploration of the Colorado River, by John Wesley Powell, 1878. 'John Wesley Powell, director of the U.S. Geological Survey, leading a team accompanied by artists and photographers, produced an extensive scientific report of his travels that underscored the spectular features and economic possibilities of the American West. Powell was the first government scientist to fully understand the climatic challenges of the region. Apparently, Powell was reluctant to write this book. It was only after the House of Representatives refused to consider his request for funding of future explorations that Powell agreed to publish the story of his first expedition. The book became one of the best and most popular adventure narratives in American literature. Powell's potent prose and the book's illustrations brought the drama of the remote and demanding Western landscape to an awed and eager Eastern audience. '

Ian's Shoelace Site. 'Fun, fashion & science in this quirky site about shoelaces. '

The Bata Shoe Museum. Footwear history.

Mad Max Movies. Classic cult cinema.

Click Mazes. Online maze puzzles. 'Welcome to the clickmazes! Lots of unique interactive puzzles and mazes found here, and a few other things besides. Click on the links below to find out more. Enjoy... and let me know how well you survive.'

Schrodinger's Cat. 'Contrary to popular belief, Schr÷dinger did not intend this thought experiment to indicate that he believed that the dead-alive cat would actually exist; rather he considered the quantum mechanical theory to be incomplete and not representative of reality in this case. Since a cat clearly must either be alive or dead (there is no state between alive and dead, e.g. half-dead) surely the same must be true of the nucleus. It must be either decayed or not decayed.'

The Devi Bhagavatam. Hindu sacred text.