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31st July

Life in Paradise: By Train Through North Korea.
A North Korean travelogue. Ron Gluckman visits the route his family used to escape World War II in Europe (by way of the Soviet Union, Manchuria, Korea, and across the Pacific to the United States).

The Paping Soapbox Derby.
A Brooklyn street racing event. Looks like lots of fun.

To-Do List Weblog.
Online collection of 'to-do' lists.

Strange Statues Around the World.

Che Guevara Photoset.
Andy Warholesque.

Valles Marineris: The Grand Canyon of Mars .

'Evening Standard' Headlines Photoset.
Via Linkmachinego.

'Does the lack of time travellers, or artifacts from the future, indicate that time travel into the past will never be invented/possible/feasible at any point in the future? Is anyone looking for time-travel artifacts? '

'I am a 49 year old man, and I have no close friends. Over the course of my life I've had a few friends at a time, but no close ones. The reasons are mysterious to me: I make a conscientious effort to be friendly and interested in others and to be trustworthy. Nonetheless, I am almost always on the social periphery. '

30th July

Islamic Architecture: Mosques and Palaces.
Comprehensive survey; articles and images.

Mom's Cancer.
'My mother was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer. I made a comic strip about it.'
Some excerpts here.

Gallery of Green Line Coaches Posters.
Dating from as far back as the 1930s.
History of Green Line Coaches.
London public transport history.

Stupid Comics.
Gallery of stupid comic covers.

Soldiers Playing Cards and Dice (The Cheats) by Valentin de Boulogne.
Exploration of a painting.

Voice of Hibakusha.
Eye-witness accounts of the bombing of Hiroshima.

State Fair.
"I couldn't help thinking that if aliens ever landed on earth and you only had a few hours to help them understand America, all you would have to do is take them to any state fair. For me, they are a microcosm of America--in all its glory and weirdness--at any given point in time." --Arthur Grace.

Holocaust Music of the Ghettos and Camps.
'Ghetto songs served three major purposes: documentation of ghetto life, a diversion from reality, and the upholding of tradition. The ghetto songs reveal the capacity for suffering and the elemental will to survive and the urge to create, to sing and even to laugh. The ghetto had its street singers, its coffee and teahouses. It had its beggars and madmen. One popular tune which was supposedly started by a beggar said, "Me hot zey in dr'erd, me vet zey iberlebn, me vet noch derlebn" ("To hell with them, we will survive them, we will yet survive.") '

The Framley Museum.
A joke museum.
'The museum was founded in 1882 when objects of local interest began to gather in the field where the museum now stands, due to the natural action of the wind and rain. '
'In 1886, visionary Whoft philanthropist, Manimal MacCorkindale proposed building some walls around the objects, forming Framley's first museum.'
'A door fitted in 1932 cemented the museum's popularity.'

Flight Deck. Comic.

29th July

Robot Comic Book Cover Gallery.
'These are just a few examples of the robot influence of comic book art in our western culture. I have placed them in aphabetical order, not by date. Some date back to the early 1960's. '

Images of African Americans from the 19th Century.
Vintage photography.

A Photo Gallery of Meteorwrongs.
Rocks wrongly identified as meteorites.
On the same site :- lunar meteorites.

Trance-Dancers of the Goddess Durga.
'A few miles south of Kathmandu, on a promontory of lush rice fields looking over the Bagmati River, lies the village of Harasiddhi, named after a Goddess of the same name. The inhabitants rarely venture beyond the village. White-robed priests pace the narrow cobblestone paths, women draw water from dark wells, and shy children peer at the rare visitors from behind carved wooden window panels depicting mythical creatures. In short, everything in this village gives the impression that it has been left behind by time...'

The Vanishing Dances of Ladakh.
Himalayan dances.

Islamic Manuscripts from Mali.
'The manuscripts presented online are displayed in their entirety and are an exemplary grouping that showcase the wide variety of subjects covered by the written traditions of Timbuktu, Mali, and West Africa.'

Counter Culture: Parisian Cabarets and the Avant-Garde 1875-1905.
'For adventurous artists of the late nineteenth-century, Paris was the center of the universe. For the most avant-garde of the artists, it was the hilly district of Montmartre, in northern Paris that was the epicenter. Counter Culture recreates the heady atmosphere of Montmartre nightlife at the fin-de-siècle when raucous, irreverent artists, writers, performers, and composers formed groups with nonsensical names such as the Hydropathes and the Incohérents. '

'Mrs. Everichon is convinced that there is a law or principle (as in "Foo's Law") which describes the phenomenon wherein a pond can take weeks to become 50% covered in algae, but then the remaining 50% takes only a day. This isn't about algae or ponds, just the phenomenon.'

All About Romance - Romance Book Covers.

Titles of Master's Theses From the Joint Military Intelligence College, 1973-2002.

FBI File: Bacteriological Warfare in the United States.

27th July

The Face.
A great collection of photographs of human faces.
Some favourites :- 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- 11- 12- 13- 14

Graffiti in Sydney.
Gallery of graffiti in the inner city suburb of Newtown. (The big map of Africa is on the side of a West African restaurant).

Under New York.
'Looking beneath a city street is like peeking under your skin: the terrain upon which your well-being depends is so close, yet so full of secrets. Under New York City there are more than 32 million miles of utility lines, 22 tunnels in all and 443 miles of subway tracks. The gas mains and steam pipes would reach across the United States and back three times...'

Hokusai: Not Only '36 Views of Mount Fuji' But...
'How many works of Katsushika Hokusai do you know ? Katsushika Hokusai( 1760 - 1849 ) was very famous Ukiyo-e artist in Edo period. He is now recognized as one of the most important Japanese artists in the world...'
Hokusai's sketches, prints and illustrated books.

In the Beginning Was the Word: The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures.
When Alaska was part of the Russian Empire.

Starmatt Astrophotography.
Astronomical images.

Illuminated Hebrew Manuscripts.

Lucky in Love.
'Every month nine thousand unmarried couples arrive in Las Vegas and depart married-happily, one presumes. They come to Las Vegas to do what they could easily do at home, but chose to do in Sin City instead, a metropolis that manages to combine lust and insensibility, danger and boredom, allure and graceless reality, all in one package, like love itself. The duly intended hurry toward their fates from cities as far away as Kyoto and Hamburg and Sydney, and from places closer to home--towns like Birmingham and Orlando and Minneapolis, to get the deed done...'

Imber - The Ghost Village.
A Wiltshire village uninhabited since World War II - photos here.
'Plans were made in 1943 to have the community moved in only one month so that troops could use the land for training purposes. Over the years there has been a debate rumbling that the residents were given some kind of promise that they could return to their homes once the village was no longer needed. But, by 1947 most of the original houses had been wrecked by the army, who then re-built them as "shells" . To this day public access is kept to a strict minimum, with only a handful of days available to the public to visit. '

Dirty Car Art.
Drawings in the dust.


The Bedouin Tribes of Petra.

Asia and the Pacific Rim in Early Prints and Photographs.
'Over 1,000 prints and photographs (mostly albumen, hand-colored albumen and gelatin silver prints) of East, Southeast and South Asia from the 18th century to the early 20th century, drawn from portfolios, photographic albums, photographically illustrated books and archival collections. Subjects include architecture, scenes of daily life, portraits of major political, religious and artistic figures of the time, "exotica," staged photographs for the tourist trade and travel postcards. '

Early Landscape Photography of the American West.

The Feather Book.
A 17th century book of illustrations of birds, hunters, comedians, musicians and tradesmen.

Smalltown USA.

Empire: Impressions from China.


'How can I be more active in talking about myself with my friends?'

'Are there more grains of sand on Earth or stars in the sky?'

British Civil Wars. Thanks, PK.

Himalayan Art in the Burke Museum.

Rubens and His Printmakers.

Treasures of Sacred Maya Kings.

An H.P. Lovecraft Anthology.

The Polyglot Bible.

Nine Planets without Intelligent Life. Comic.

24th July

The Dream.
'A photographic essay among the Chergari Gypsies in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria'.
'Far from the image of wandering, mystical fortune-tellers of the West's collective stereotype, Gypsies are becoming the scapegoats for escalating social and economic problems such as unemployment and climbing crime rates. In this region, beseiged for centuries by ethnic hatred and conflicts, minorities are an easy targets for attacks. Gypsies are the largest minority population, with an estimated eight million scattered throughout Europe. Yet as a people without a country, they have no one to protect their interests and no home where they can seek refuge from intensifying nationalist attacks.'

The Roma of Central and Eastern Europe.

Universes in Collision: Men and Women in 19th Century Japanese Prints.

Grahamston: Glasgow's Forgotten Village.
'Grahamston is a forgotten piece of Glasgow history. It vanished beneath the foundations of Glasgow Central Station more than 100 years ago, but its memory lives on in buildings, in street patterns and not least in the urban legend of an abandoned village beneath the platforms of Scotland's busiest railway station.'

Favela Faces.
'Favela Faces is a bilingual web site that uses photographs and short video interviews to tell the stories behind the faces of four people living in or around the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. '

The Biology of B-Movie Monsters.
The incredible shrinking man, the 50 foot woman, giant ants, undersea beasts, etc.

Don't Sell Salt Illegally: Posters in Occupied Japan.
Gallery of postwar Japanese posters.

What's Special about This Number?
Some interesting numbers. For example, 313 is a palindromic prime.

The Relief of Pain and Suffering.
The history of pain relief and anaesthesia.

Spices: Exotic Flavors and Medicines.
Spices and their uses.

Photoessay: Rural Iran.

'Hi, we just wanted to touch base with you about the latest bleeding-edge technologies in the field of top-down, user-centred, interpersonal solutions.'
Blue-sky synergies. Make it happen.

The Belt of Venus over the Valley of the Moon.

Think and Grow Rich, 1938. 'This is one of the best-selling self-help books of all time. Written during the Great Depression, against a backdrop of millions of people out of work and a looming world war, Napoleon Hill's magnum opus held out hope that life could get better. '

Read My Lips: No New Taxes.

Grand Avenue. Comic.

From Post-War Life in a Small Northern Town: Wayland, Massachusetts 1946-60.

Andrei Sakharov: Soviet Physics, Nuclear Weapons and Human Rights.

Pueblo Pottery.

Trains Across America. Photography.

22nd July

huh? Corporation: We Do Stuff.
Corporate satire.
'Welcome to the world's most dynamic e-business marketing, design and consulting agency. We provide distinct clients with groundbreaking business strategies and cutting-edge designs to aggressively and creatively compete in a changing economy.'
'Our consulting ideas will entice and excite you. Our professional design solutions will give you the confidence to succeed. And our web site will make you think we know what we're doing...'

The Magic Mirror of Life: An Appreciation of the Camera Obscura.
'Go into a very dark room on a bright day. Make a small hole in a window cover and look at the opposite wall. What do you see? Magic! There in full color and movement will be the world outside the window - upside down! This magic is explained by a simple law of the physical world. Light travels in a straight line and when some of the rays reflected from a bright subject pass through a small hole in thin material they do not scatter but cross and reform as an upside down image on a flat surface held parallel to the hole. This law of optics was known in ancient times...'

Cao Dai: Vietnam's Congregation of Kitsch.
'Jesus, Jeanne d'Arc and Thomas Jefferson are all venerated, alongside Victor Hugo, Julius Caesar, Shakespeare, and William Churchill. Lest the big God's Eye and psychedelic colors flash you back to the Summer of Love, this indigenous alter belongs to the Caodai, and Vietnam's Congregation of Kitsch. '

Never Been Photographed.
'My heart feels heavy as I present these portraits of the poorest of the poor of India. My father documented these portraits, not for the Internet, not for the money or artistic effort, but with a sense of history in his mind. "In a few years, it will be hard for us to believe that we lived amongst people like these" he once wrote to me. The subjects in this series are mostly uneducated, poor, and never been in front of a camera. Many were taken in deep forests of India where the technology was yet to make an impact. Innumerable times, after a person passed away, the relatives tracked down my father and had to request the only photograph of their loved ones. This website may be the only place that a record will exist of their existence. (No. India does not have an identification system).'

Lichens of North America.
'This website grew out of the activities of Sylvia and Stephen Sharnoff, who did the photographic fieldwork for the book Lichens of North America, by Irwin M.Brodo and the Sharnoffs, published in November, 2001 by Yale University Press. '
Lichen photo gallery and more.
Some uses of lichens.

Vermont's Painted Theater Curtains.

Robotory: Photos of Robots.

Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire - Fungus.
Fungoid photoset.

Pedro Zamora.
'Pedro Zamora (February 29, 1972-November 11, 1994) was an openly gay, Cuban-American, HIV-positive AIDS educator who became famous for his appearance on MTV's Real World San Francisco, which then-President Bill Clinton credited with personalizing and humanizing those with the disease...'

Upper Skagit Watershed Photo Project. 'The Upper Skagit Watershed photography illustrates Seattle City Light activities and development of the hydroelectric projects over more than half a century. '

21st July

The Pyongyang Metro.
An unofficial guide to underground public transport in North Korea's capital.

The Animal Rescue Site.
Feed an animal in need, for free.

Beautiful Birds: Masterpieces from the Hill Ornithology Collection.
Illustrations of birds. Really nice.

Marilyn Monroe in Korea, 1954.

Photographs of the Great Kanto Earthquake 1923.

Cuba's Postal History.
Old Cuban stamps.

Streetscape and Townscape of Metropolitan New York City 1860-1942.
Fifth Avenue from start to finish, 1911.

Coney Island History.
'... Coney Island was considered the world's largest and premier amusement area during the first half of the 20th Century. It was a beach resort that provided carefree entertainment and thrilling amusement park rides to the millions of residents that lived in New York City. It featured three huge amusement parks; Luna Park, Steeplechase and Dreamland, and countless other attractions along the Bowery, Surf Avenue and its numerous side streets. '

Moscow Life.
Articles on an ordinary life in Russia from 1995 to 2004. Family, dacha, the seasons, etc...
'... . But even amidst a crisis, war or election campaign (the favorite time for the stinking voltures of contemporary journalism) there are smiles in the streets and beauty of sceneries and in the hearts. May professional journalists, both Russian and American, forgive me, but life in any country is much more human than they keep telling us. '

The American Indian Observed.
'... Found among the Archives' collections are many containing artists' depictions of the American Indian. While the work of artists like George Catlin, W. Langdon Kihn, and Dorothy Newkirk Stewart all look different, they, and the work of other artists represented in this display, are united in one respect: their subject matter came from life. Whether through sketchbooks and notes, or works of art, the following selections are testaments to the power of observation. '

A fabulous photoset.

Images of Africa.

Bhutan - the Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom.

The Bugs Pool.
Cool photographs of insects.

Mail Art Postcard Exhibition.
'This is an exhibit of mail art postcards. All techniques and works in any medium are welcome, from cards made entirely by hand to completely digital creations. '

In Pictures: 1950s South Africa.
'An exhibition now on in Johannesburg commemorates the campaign of defiance against apartheid during the 1950s. This selection of photos is by Jurgen Schadeberg.'

Stop Alien Abductions.

Ultimate Garages.
'Inspired by their passions, with few or no restrictions, the country's top enthusiasts have created the Ultimate Garages. We celebrate these collectors and motor nuts as we visit their secret automotive shrines and learn how to create a garage where we can comfortably spend time with cars, friends and fellow enthusiasts. '

In Pictures: Nomadic Lifestyle.
'I am 37 years old and a Tuareg nomad from Mali's Iraganatan tribe. There are also Tuareg in southern Algeria, Burkina Faso, the very northern tip of Benin, Nigeria and half of Niger. '
'Although we come from different countries we all speak the same language, called Tamashek...'

American Folklore.
'This folklore site contains retellings of American folktales, Native American myths and legends, tall tales, weather folklore and ghost stories from each and every one of the 50 United States. '

Constellation Construction.
'This lovely twilight scene, recorded last April, finds a young crescent Moon low in the west at sunset. Above it, stars shine in the darkening sky but they too are soon to drop below the western horizon. '

Russian Anthems Museum.

The American Language. H.L Mencken's investigation.

Salvador Dali. Online gallery.

17th July

Metro Bits: Some Aspects of the World's Subways Unearthed.
Images of the world's underground systems.
Metro logos of the world.

Early LCD Watch Photos.

Vintage Palm Springs Postcards.

A Postcard from John Lennon.
"Wrought with classic Lennon witticisms and intentionally misspelled words, he starts off by writing '[THIS IS NOT A BEGGING LETTER]' and goes on to say 'I am a crippled family who need som mony to git out of Scotcland a few hundred will do.' At the bottom of the card he has signed as 'Jack McCripple (ex seamen).'. The card is addressed to 'Dirty Tayler M.B.E.' at the Apple Headquarters address, 3 Savile Row in London. The front of the card pictures a castle and John has drawn a line to one of the windows and written 'held prisner'..."

A Morning in Chinatown. Photo-essay.
'This modest exhibit is dedicated with thanks to the people who live and work in the sometimes magical neighborhood known as Los Angeles Chinatown. Without its people there would truly be no Chinatown.'

Depictions of Medicine in Graphic Satire.
18th and 19th century British satires.
'This was the time of the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution. Rapid and significant changes in politics, economics, social structure, religious values, and scientific knowledge created uncertainty and anxiety among the public. The emerging managerial and professional classes that included politicians, lawyers, artists, academics, scientists and physicians rose in power and status, and became targets of public disquiet. Graphic satire was one means of expressing social anxiety that allowed criticism of the emerging elite. '

An American ghost town.
'Here you'll see what's left of Bodie. An original ghost town from the late 1800's. Bodie stands today in a state of "arrested decay". So coined by the State of California when they took over the town in 1962 to make it a State Historic Park.'

Cuban Posters, 10th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

Rio and Sao Paulo Street Leaflets.

Makola Market.
'West Africa's markets are legendary and none more so than the famous Makola market in Ghana's capital, Accra. Run by powerful women traders, Makola is a place where you can buy anything you need - manufactured and imported foods, fresh produce, tools, medicines, shoes, and pots and pans. It's also a place that's good for the soul; its humour and energy will recharge your batteries. '

See the World through the Eyes of a Bee.
Archived site but pre-processed images are still viewable.

Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village.
'You have arrived at the home page for Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village. This folk art environment is the single handed work of self taught senior citizen Tressa "Grandma " Prisbrey. '

Photographs of Japanese-American Internment at Manzanar.
'In 1943, Ansel Adams (1902-1984), America's best-known photographer, documented the Manzanar War Relocation Center in California and the Japanese Americans interned there during World War II...'
'Although a majority of the photographs are portraits, the images also include views of daily life, agricultural scenes, and sports and leisure activities. When he offered the collection to the Library in 1965, Adams wrote, "The purpose of my work was to show how these people, suffering under a great injustice, and loss of property, businesses and professions, had overcome the sense of defeat and dispair [sic] by building for themselves a vital community in an arid (but magnificent) environment...All in all, I think this Manzanar Collection is an important historical document, and I trust it can be put to good use." '

Send a Memo to Your Future Self.

Popular Tales from the Norse, 1904.
Scandinavian folk tales.

Georgian Folk Tales, 1894.
'This is a short collection of folk tales from the nation of Georgia by Marjorie Wardrop. '

Reflecting Merope.
'In the well known Pleiades star cluster, starlight is slowly destroying this wandering cloud of gas and dust. '

The Citizen - Travel for the Anti-Tourist.
'theCitizen is a youth culture travel guidebook written for the anti-tourist. If your idea of fun is eating a 12-course meal on a cruise ship, theCitizen is not for you. If you lost your wallet last summer in a complicated scam run by some junkie from Berlin, theCitizen might be for you. If you are that junkie from Berlin, welcome to theCitizen. '

Anti-War Graphics.

Wessex Archaeology.

15th July

Hidden Lives: Children in Care 1881-1918.
'Hidden Lives Revealed provides an intriguing encounter with children who were in the care of The Children's Society in late Victorian and early 20th Century Britain. '
Photographs and case files.

Photos of Telephone Books.
Interesting data point - telephone directories in Iceland list people by first name rather than last name. This is because most Icelandic people don't have inherited family names, but instead use patronyms (i.e. 'X's son'/'Y's daughter'). More on that here.

Mexico: From Empire to Revolution.
Old photographs and postcards.
'Reproduced in the digital resource are cabinet cards, cartes-de-visite, albums, postcards and other forms of photography. The Photographers represented are either Mexican or European or North American. The work of some thirty known photographers is shown, alongside that of many others who remain anonymous. Together they provide a chronicle of Mexico from approximately 1857 to 1923, a chronicle explored in the History and Chronology sections of the resource. '

Aeclectic Tarot - Tarot Cards, Decks and Reviews.
The art of tarot.
'See images of Tarot cards from hundreds of decks, read reviews of Tarot decks and books, learn more about Tarot and the card meanings, send Tarot postcards, or join our active Tarot community. '

Photo-essay on Buddhist monks.

History of St. Wilfrid's Church, Bognor Regis.
Some nice old photos.

Illustration for "Scientists, Agreeing Martians Are Super-Race, Believe That Planet May Be Signaling to Us", New York Tribune, 1920.

Beyond the Pale.
History of the Jews of Russia.
"BEYOND THE PALE" refers to the provinces in Russia where Jews were forced to live during the 18th and 19th centuries, called "The Pale of Settlement."
'Few groups in history have encountered more prejudice than the Jews. In Europe, the hatred of Jews has its origins in Christianity, a religion rooted in Judaism. For centuries, the Jews were the only religious minority in Christian Europe, often misunderstood and eyed with suspicion by the population, suppressed by the Church and exploited by the rulers. Religious intolerance led to discrimination and isolation. A climate developed in which many legends and myths about Jews and Judaism seemed credible. Some are still believed today. But despite of persecution and discrimination, Jewish communities kept their religious, their social and cultural traditions alive. '
'This exhibition depicts the history of anti-Jewish attitudes -- and of anti-Semitism today, a form of intolerance that in our century caused the death of millions of people. The exhibition also portrays the history of Jews in Europe and in Russia to help understand their life, religion and culture. But above all, the exhibition wants to warn of the great dangers of prejudice and intolerance, particularly in times of political uncertainty and increased social tension.'

A Manhattan Sunset.

Danvers State Insane Asylum. History of an abandoned mental hospital in Massachusetts.
Gallery of patient artwork.

14th July

Elevator Rules - A Practical Guide to Elevator Etiquette.

Say It Plain: A Century of Great African American Speeches.

Gallery of Vintage Calculators.

Gallery of Fantastic Creatures.
An online museum of imaginary creatures!

Urban Americana Photoset.

Feral Children.
'Feral children, also known as wild children or wolf children, are children who've grown up with minimal human contact, or even none at all. They may have been raised by animals (often wolves) or somehow survived on their own. In some cases, children are confined and denied normal social interaction with other people...'

The Battle of the Somme.
'The Battle of the Somme began on 1 July 1916. It lasted for five months and was one of the most bitterly contested and costly battles of the First World War...'

New York City Signs: 14th to 42nd Street.
'This site intends to survey all of the signs in New York City from 14th Street to 42nd Street. '
'Of course, this is not possible, since there would be tens of thousands of signs within this area. The 29 crosstown streets are each 10 to 11 blocks long (1st Ave. to 11th or 12th Aves.). This gives some 300 blocks, each containing, say, 100 signs of one type or another. This would total 30,000. Even if we eliminated the repetitive traffic signs (actually, each one is different, in setting if not otherwise), the remainder would probably be over 20,000 ... '

Hel Looks.
Street fashions from Helsinki.

Bird's Eye Views of Famous Homes.

The Trixie Update.
'This site is about human babies. Specifically one named Trixie MacNeill. These pages contain tons of data regarding the sleep patterns, feeding schedules and diaper habits of a newborn baby. We also have a Trixie Picture of the Day for those who don't like to think about human babies in exclusively clinical terms. And for the grandparents.'
'My name is Ben MacNeill. I'm Trixie's dad. I chose to stay at home and take care of her. I started this blog a few weeks after she was born, which was July 31st, 2003...'

Metal Mickey.
London Weekend Television nostalgia.


Guide to the Confederados. Descendants of Confederates who moved to Brazil.

The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Success in Mathematics.

Jaina Sutras.

The Desert Fathers.

11th July

The Collected Poetry of Edgar Allen Poe.

Roald Dahl Fans.

Virtual Tour of the Michigan State Capitol.

Guide to Afro-Caribbean Religion.

The Maqamat of al-Hamadhani.
'A Maqama (plural, Maqamat) is an Arabic rhymed prose literary form, with short poetic passages. Maqama is from a root which means 'he stood,' and in this case it means to stand in a literary discussion in order to orate. '
'The two classical exponents of the Maqama were Hamadhani (967-1007), the composer of this work, and the later and better-known Hariri (1054-1122). Hamadhani was born in Hamadhan, the ancient Ecbatana, in what is now Iran (to the southwest of Tehran) and spent his life as a wandering scholar. The Maqamat of Hamadhani and Hariri have a similar structure. They both consist of a series of unrelated episodes involving a wandering narrator, and a trickster protagonist. In the Maqamat of Hamadhani, the narrator is an alter ego of Hamadhani, a wandering scholar named Isa ibn Hisham. In each tale, he encounters a mysterious rogue named Abul-Fath al-Iskanderi...'

Four Color Comics: Comics for Grown-Ups.

10th July

Alfred Hitchcock Mosaics, Leytonstone.
'Alfred Hitchcock was born at 517 High Road, Leytonstone, in the east of London on 13th August 1899. To mark 100 years since this event, and to commemorate the director's link with the area, 17 mosaics have been installed in the entrance corridors of Leytonstone tube station. '

Humphrey Spender's Worktown.
'Between 1937 and 1938 Humphrey Spender took over 900 pictures of Bolton at the request of Tom Harrisson, one of the founders of the Mass-Observation project.'
'Humphrey Spender's "Worktown" photographs offer a fascinating insight into the lives of ordinary people living and working in a British pre-War industrial town.'

Recycled Art Bazaar.
'In Senegal, Mali, Kenya and other countries in Africa, resourceful people have long excelled at fashioning toys from the available materials - tin cans, wire and scrap rubber and plastic that we would discard as trash. In addition to brightly colored trucks made from beer cans and wire bicycles, Indigo offers buckets constructed of tomato cans, and lunch-boxes and suitcases from tuna cans (lined with Senegalese funny papers!). '

Route 66 Historic Preservation.
A chronicle of historic preservation efforts on Route 66, 'the Main Street of America'.
'This web site was begun to spread news about an endangered tourist court called John's Modern Cabins. The picturesque remains were until very recently visible from Interstate 44 near Newburg, Missouri. A recent rerouting of the Interstate in that area has made the cabins invisible to Interstate travelers, but as far as I know they still exist. I have since expanded the site in an attempt to document and encourage preservation efforts all along Historic Route 66. '

Deco Orient's Vintage Chinese Poster Gallery.
'This web site has been created to tell the unique story of these vintage posters and to give the reader a better description of a little known result of the merging of the East and West that took place in China, and more specifically in Shanghai, in the first three to four decades of the last century.'

Tanya Savicheva.
The 'Russian Anne Frank'.
'Tanya Savicheva (1930 - 1944) was a Russian child diarist who died during the German occupation of Leningrad during World War II. The diary that survives her is brief yet heartbreaking.'

Tacky Living.
Kitschy style. Funny too.

Gallery of Old Settle.
Old photographs of the town of Settle, in the Yorkshire Dales.

Barefoot Gen.
The Japanese comic about Hiroshima, by one of the survivors.
'Barefoot Gen is a vivid autobiographical story. Artist Keiji Nakazawa was only seven years old when the Atomic Bomb destroyed his beautiful home city of Hiroshima. The artist's manga (visual novel), tells the tale of one family's struggle to survive in the dreadful shadow of atomic war. '

Postcards of the Mexican Revolution.
'Much of Mexico's history for the decade of 1910-1920 was recorded by hundreds of photographers on postcards. Using glass plate cameras and early cut film cameras, primitive by today's standards, the photographers faced injury and death to obtain negatives which would be printed on postcard stock and sold to the soldiers and general public on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border...'

Nigerian Poster: War Against Corruption.
What a fascinating, arresting piece of graphic design.
'Nigeria's government, police, civil services, and businesses are plagued by extortion, bribery, and other forms of corruption. While many point to a failure of leadership, corruption is largely a byproduct of an economy fueled almost exclusively by petroleum exports. With no vested interest in developing Nigeria's infrastructure and manufacturing sectors, the wealthy simply profit from oil while the nation falls ever deeper into economic chaos...'

Weblogs by Iranians.
The lives and opinions of dozens of Iranian journallers, inside and outside Iran.

Leaving Bolivia.
'Jose Peñaloza Aguilar is a carpenter and beekeeper who lives in the remote village of Tablas Monte in central Bolivia.'
'Nearly a year ago, his wife Lourdes left him and their three sons to go and work in Spain...'

Dark Sun Sizzling.

Ooga Mooga Tiki Mugs.

South Wales Photos.

Mauthausen-Gusen Concentration Camp Photographs.

Cerebus Art Site. The cartoon aardvark.

First Ladies. White House site.

Yoshitomo Nara. Japanese pop artist.

8th July

The 50 Best Robots Ever.
'They're exploring the deep sea and distant planets. They're saving lives in the operating room and on the battlefield. They're transforming factory floors and filmmaking. They're - oh c'mon, they're just plain cool! From Qrio to the Terminator, here are our absolute favorites (at least for now).'

Brighton Photos.
Street scenes, coastal scenes, piers, skylines, architecture.

14 Views of Mount Fuji Photoset.

Aerial Photographs of Colorado.
'Aerial photographs dramatically portray the changing landscape of Colorado: a mountain valley can be seen where there is now a reservoir; changes in the vegetation and ground cover can be traced over the years, and the growth of towns and cities documented. This website provides access to over 1,700 digitized aerial photographs of Colorado taken by the U.S. Forest Service in the years from 1938 to 1947.'

Kolyma: The Land of Gold and Death.
An account of life in the gulag.
'Stalin's prisoners, or "lagerniks" as they were commonly called, referred to the frozen land of Kolyma as a planet, although it physically remained part of Mother Earth. This vast piece of Arctic and sub-Arctic territory, with its undefined political and geographical borders, was located in the furthest North-East corner of Siberia...'
Stanislaw J. Kowalski : 'Those few of us who survived must ensure that posterity holds these crimes as a warning against ambitious and cruel rulers who have neither understanding nor compassion for their fellow human beings. '

History of the CND Logo.

African American Sheet Music 1850-1920.

Historic Neighbourhoods of Washington DC.

The Bikini. Met exhibit.

Giovanni Benintende's Astronomical Image Gallery.

7th July

Monkey King.
The classic Chinese novel (Monkey!) as an online comic.

Congo Journey.
Photographs and documents from a 1908-09 expedition to Africa.
Photo gallery.

London Walks Photo Gallery.

Gulf Port High Class of 1961.
How fascinating to get snapshots of the lives of those who graduated from this Mississippi high school in 1961.
Mary Anne Johnston has become a well-known artist. Phil Carriere survived Hurricane Katrina. Pat Reed is a photographer and foxhunter with a hip replacement. Sharon Amos is a poker dealer. Beth Michaely has nine grandchildren. Jimmy D'Angelo recently passed away after fighting cancer.

California Sheet Music Project.
A virtual library of sheet music published in California between 1852 and 1900. African American, Chinese, Hawaiian, Irish, French, Native American, advertising, cover art, sports.... etc.

Nos Histoires de L'Ile.
Historic photographs of a French community in Maine.

Soviet Greeting Cards.

A Photographic Journey: Parsis - The Zoroastrians of India.

Early Punk Rock Album Covers.

Galleria Carnivora.
Photographs of carnivorous plants (the dark side of the plant kingdom.

History of the Smiley Face.
It started with an advertising campaign in 1960s Massachusetts.

Vintage Iranian Postcards.

'Help me with a family member who wants me to help her because of the word of a psychic!'

This Land Is Your Land.

Assumption of the Virgin (Correggio).

Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics.

Summertime Cartoons.

Guide to the DC Comics Universe.

Hawaiian Starlight. Astro images.


New Jersey History.

4th July

Seeing Is Believing: 700 Years of Scientific and Medical Illustration.

Country Cures.
Traditional British herbal cures, courtesy of the Natural History Museum.

The American Roadside.
Roadside attractions and other oddities.

The Urban Etiquette Handbook.
'Etiquette. The word may seem quaint and ironic to progressive New Yorkers, bringing to mind doilyed scenes of high tea with extended pinkies and stilted conversation. After all, many of the original "rules" were based on traditions steeped in emotional constipation-hardly appropriate for a modern, expressive, liberated city...'

Brighton West Pier.
Article, old photos.

The British Sundial Society.
Sundials through the ages.

Black Farmers in America.
'Those of us concerned with the welfare of meaningful photography take some heart whenever a worthy project gets exhibited and published. John Francis Ficara's elegant take on black farmers in America documents a vanishing way of life and points to failures of social justice that sadly contribute to its passing. '

I would like to make a "scientific discovery", or otherwise contribute something (however useful, or not) to the body of human knowledge. What are some unanswered questions, or unexplained details of the world, or (most especially) developing fields of inquirey, that an amateur might seek to investigate with possibility of making progress into the unexplored?'

'Why, if a mixed-sex couple is riding a tandem bicycle, is the man always the one in front?'

'How can I learn to enjoy art? Most of the fine arts do nothing for me. Maybe I've grown up trying to be too logical and scientific about everything. Any advice on how to "get" art, especially from people who used to be like me?'

'The poetry of the Yukaghir, a poor hunting tribe in eastern Siberia, consists of improvisations or verses handed down from narrator to narrator or from singer to singer through generations. Verses handed down in this way can be expected to vary from person to person. As can be seen, verses from these people deal with familiar themes in human life: experience of aging, expression of love, appeals to a harsh environment for relief, and celebration of a birth.'

Louis Armstrong Centennial.

North Carolina Folk Art.

Margaret Mead: Human Nature and the Power of Culture.

Photos of the Iranian Revolution.

3rd July

Seattle Historical Postcards.

French Tobacconist Shop Signs.

Droplet - Microscopy of the Protozoa.
Images of microscopic animals.

Tibetan Healing Mandala.
'In response to the September 11 tragedies, twenty Buddhist monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery constructed a sand mandala (sacred painting) at the Sackler gallery. This seven-foot-square mandala, one of the largest ever created in the West, was offered for the healing and protection of America. '

The Stone Pages.
A guide to the stone circles of Europe.
'Over the last 14 years we have personally visited and photographed all 529 archæological sites you will find in these pages (117 in the six national sections and 412 in our Tours section), creating the first Web guide to European megaliths and other prehistoric sites, online since February 1996'.

Berlin Wall Photographs: East Side Gallery.
'The Berlin Wall at Muehlenstrasse was painted by about 100 artists from all over the world in the beginning of 1990. The gallery has become famous as East Side Gallery and is the world's largest open air gallery. The photographs were taken between 1990 and 2001. '

Index of English and Welsh Lunatic Asylums and Mental Hospitals.
'Based on a comprehensive survey in 1844, and extended to other asylums.'

The Geometry of War 1500-1750.
Renaissance science and war.

The Valley Observed: San Fernando Valley History and Sense of Place.
The valley encircled by the city of Los Angeles.
'The San Fernando Valley has no American counterpart. Encircled by five ranges of mountains and hills, the basin could hold all of San Francisco, Boston and Washington, D.C. combined. The population of 1.7 million is more people than live in a dozen states. Most are formally citizens of Los Angeles, but they are separated by geography, climate and tradition from the metropolis over the hill. Mostly they like it that way.'

Bob Dylan on Show.

Choppers Extreme: Tomahawks, Chippers, Budgie and Chippy.
Great undulating psychedelic dots background.

Guinea Pig Secrets.
An enthusiastic guide to guinea pigs.

Nicaraguan Art.
'The Nicaraguan Primitivista painting movement originated in a community of artists founded in the 1970's on the islands of Solentiname in Lake Nicaragua. The community was based on the principles of liberation theology and sponsored workshops in popular poetry, theater, music and painting. The painting workshops gave birth to the Primitivista Painting Movement, a school influenced by the Haitian paintng renaissance of the late 40's and 50's. The paintings were typified by idealized scenes of community life, lush natural environments and pastoral utopias, executed in bright colors and intricate detail.'
'This revolutionary vision of hope and possibility was at odds with the regime of Anastasio Somoza. The original artists' community was destroyed when the island was bombed by Somoza's forces, and those not killed were forced into hiding. But the painting workshops reemerged after the Sandinista revolution and still flourish today. '

Crow Collection of Asian Art.

Wildlife of Sydney.

A History of Manga.

Differently Gendered.
'Differently gendered." Catchy, perhaps, but it would be more direct to say that I'm a transsexual. It's been an interesting life, but the only thing I can compare it to is pretending not to be transsexual.'
'Stopping the pretense and being true to myself has been a much better way to live. I hope that these pages will make the way easier for others who are differently gendered, along with their families, friends, and partners.'

NativeWeb. Resources for indigenous cultures around the world.

Ortelius Atlas.
'Ortelius's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of the World) is considered the first true atlas in the modern sense: a collection of uniform map sheets and sustaining text bound to form a book for which copper printing plates were specifically engraved. The Ortelius atlas is sometimes referred to as the summary of sixteenth-century cartography. '

Former UN Secretaries-General.

1st July

Vintage Alcoholics Anonymous Comic Strips.

Harley Davidson Wire Art.

Cezanne in Provence.

Toulouse-Lautrec and Montmartre.
'In the late nineteenth century, Montmartre became the heart of a daring, often racy, entertainment industry that lured thrill-seeking Parisians to its dance halls and cabarets, circuses and brothels.'

Photographs of Old Norwich.
'See 3600 black-and-white photographs my father George Plunkett has taken of Norwich (England) since 1930: many of buildings long since gone, victims of the blitz or slum-clearance.'

'Before I can explain my decades-long quest to map the starmaze I must acquaint you with a small puzzle. You will see a simple pattern consisting of circles and squares. Begin by clicking on the square in the center. The pattern will change. Keep clicking. You can make the patterns change in a predictable way by clicking on various shapes. If you find yourself in a pattern with nine empty circles you will have reached a dead-end; click the "Start Over" button to return to the starting pattern. '
'The puzzle is simply this: figure out how the patterns change. When you think you understand the rule (or rules) which determine how the patterns change, return to this page. '

Woodblock Prints in the Ukiyo-e Style.

Images of Violence in the Medieval World.

Shrine and Shroud: Textiles in Illuminated Manuscripts.

A Brief Chronology of Muslim History.