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25th June

Jamieson Celestial Atlas.
19th century atlas of the heavens.

Los Angeles Architecture and Photo Gallery.
Googie architecture and more.

Belarusian Movie Posters.
'Some people call Belarus "The last and only dictatorship in Europe", well today we have some posters from this unique country. These are posters for Hollywood movies made for the cinemas of Belarus capital city Minsk.'

Sheila Gallagher.
(b. 1924) The City of London's last lollipop lady - watching over Queen Victoria Street.

Lunar Orbiter Views Crater Copernicus.
'To prepare for the Apollo landings, five Lunar Orbiter spacecraft were launched during 1966 and 1967 to gather detailed images of our fair planet's large, natural satellite. Dramatic views returned by the spacecraft cameras included this stark moonscape. '

Virtual Tour of McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

The African Photographs of George Rodger.
'... Rodger visited Nigeria, Uganda and Lamberene in Gabon. He gained unprecedented access to the Nuba tribe in Southern Sudan and the Masai warriors of Kenya, photographing their way of life and secret ceremonies...'

The 'Bijin-ga' Prints of Shimura Tatsumi.
Beauties in 20th century Japanese prints.

Map of US States Renamed for Countries with Similar GDPs.
California has the same GDP as France, Texas the same GDP as Canada, and New York the same GDP as Brazil.

California Pacific Exposition, San Diego 1935-36.
Old postcards and photographs.

Fed by Birds.
'Fed by Birds is a South London haven for strange creatures, complicated clothes and forgotten books. And robots.'

Gallery of Book Covers.
Classy, colourful book cover designs.

History of Artificial Eyes.

Birmingham in Old Postcards.

Timeline History of the IBM Typewriter.
'A timeline history of the IBM Typewriter with old ads to show what the machines looked like. '

CM is good, MC is bad. C is good, M is bad. IX is good, XI is bad. L is bad, I is good. Why?

Daylight Eclipse of Venus.

I still have fond memories of Bernard Cribbins and Derek Jacobi reading 'The Hobbit' circa 1979. Jacobi (who mostly narrated the Dwarves) wore a sling for the chapter after the Battle of Five Armies - special effects gold.

How does a Google query work?
Very comprehensive answer within.

'Help me learn to cook like a pro.'

'My fiancee wants to keep his father's skull after he passes. How does one go about doing this? '

Good books for girls.
Women readers of Ask Metafilter on books that influenced them when they were children.

'How do you fit everything into life that you want to do?'

'How do I work as little and as flexibly as possible, and yet earn enough money to live?'

'How do I hush an annoying coworker?'

'Help me create the ultimate grocery list!'

'I like him. I think he likes me. How do I find out for sure? '

'First time booze drinker, I'm scared so please help me.'

'Last night I was at a party and drank too much wine. When I got home I puked and went to bed. Today I woke up with a fat lip. What happened and is it doctor-visit-worthy?'

'What are these hoofprints in Turkmenistan?'

'Looking for personal experiences of folks who've kept hedgehogs for pets...'

'How do I get over a friendship breakup?'

The Bushmen of Botswana.
'The 'Bushmen' are the oldest inhabitants of southern Africa, where they have lived for at least 20,000 years. Their home is the vast expanse of the Kalahari desert...'

The Selfridges Building, Birmingham.
England's best-looking blob.

New Orleans Journal.
Chronicles the recovery of New Orleans.

The First Turkish World Map (1072).
'This map, made by Mahmud Kashgari bin Husayn bin Muhammad, was included in his Divanu Lügat-it-Türk, a scientific work he published in 1072 (AD) for the benefit of the Caliph of Baghdad. It is the first world map of Turkish origin known in history, and is preserved at the General National Library (Millet Genel Kütüphanesi) in Istanbul. '

The Book of Deer.
10th century illuminated manuscript.

History of Dutch Comics.

How To Read Tolkien's 'Silmarillion'.

15th June

Spitfire, GT6, Triumph and Other British Car Magazine Ads.
'Recently, my parents moved to Miami and while cleaning out their basement we ran across hundreds of old auto magazines dating from between 1956 to 1965. I found the old ads so neat, I just had to share. '

Wikington Crescent.
A game you can play with Wikipedia.
'To start a game of Wikington Crescent, first click on the Random article link. From the article given, you then click on one of the article links to the next article. The object of the game is to reach the article on Mornington Crescent tube station, whilst clicking on as few articles as possible. The fewer the links used, the better the game. An example is that the article for Matterhorn can lead you to Mornington Crescent tube station within four links.'

Contemporary Murals in Northern Ireland.
Murals from both sides of the sectarian divide.

Gallery of Girls in 1960s Car Ads.

The American Underworld Dictionary, 1950.

A Guide to the Covered Bridges of Southeastern Pennsylvania.
'Covered bridges symbolize small-town America. Something from the nineteenth century, a little archaic and strange to nineteen-nineties eyes, picturesque and sentimental, "kissing bridges" recall a time when life was simpler and closer to the land -- if only in our dreams. '

1/Make 4 out of 2,5,6, and 8.
2/Make 40 out of 4,6,8, and 8.

Photo Essay: Tehran.

Oken Marine Species.
Fantastic 19th century pictures of fish.

World War II Poster Collection.
American WW2 posters.

Vintage Hawaiiana.

In Pictures: The Seto People.
'On either side of a disputed and un-ratified border between Estonia and Russia lies the land of the Seto people, Setomaa (meaning "Land of Wars" in the Seto language).'
'A separate ethnic group to the rest of Estonia, the Setos have their own unique traditions of singing runic verse and worshipping pagan deities and are one of the last remaining traditional folk cultures in Europe.'

'How does one mingle effectively?'

'Why do cats follow you into the bathroom?'

'My daughter says she is having trouble grasping the concept of irony, so I promised to come up with some examples.'

The Ninja/Pirate/Elf/Dwarf Theory of Human Classification.

True or False?
There are 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary and those who don't.

Plastic Bag Wallet.

Hello Kitty Wedding Dress.

Capturing the Soul of the Americas.
'This extraordinary and very rare book weaves fact and fantasy as it narrates the adventures of a group of Benedictine missionaries led by Father Bernardo Buil, who accompanied Christopher Columbus on his 2nd voyage to the New World.'

Japanese Antique Bicycle Gallery.

Modern Mechanix.
Old advertisements and magazines. Vintage joy.

The Regions of France.
'Les Jeunes voyageurs en France, ou lettres sur les départemens by Georges Bernard Depping with engravings by Ethiou & Blanchard from drawings by AM Perrot was first published in 1827...'

Art to Enchant: Illustrators and Shakespeare.
Illustrations to Shakespeare 1744-1986.

6th June

JM's World War One Sketchbook.
'... approximately 130 water-colour and pen and ink images which were produced by a British soldier based in France and Belgium between 1917 and 1918.'

Faraway Places, Fabulous Journeys: Travels on Paper 1450-1700.
'In the fifteenth century, European artists were able for the first time to make multiple copies of printed works on paper. These images, as single leaves or bound in volumes, were easily distributed among the population and conveyed ideas and information about all subjects, including foreign lands and daring journeys. By the sixteenth century, commercial print publishers made a substantial living producing woodcuts and engravings of places that were of special interest to their stay-at-home clients...'

Clive's UndergrounD Line Guides.
'Clive's UndergrounD Line Guides are a series of pages describing the London Underground system and the independent railways of the London area - the Docklands Light Railway and the Croydon Tramlink (neither is a part of London Transport, though the DLR used to be). Each line is covered on a single page. '

A Visit to Old Los Angeles and Environs.
Old cityscape photographs.

A Ten-State Australia.
'... This map, dated 1838, shows an earlier proposal for the subdivision of Australia into 10 states. It was published by the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society in London, and accompanied an article entitled Considerations on the Political Geography and Geographical Nomenclature of Australia. '

Toons at War: Exploring and Sharing the History of the Walt Disney Studio During World War II.
Disney and its role in the Allied effort.

Nostalgic Saturday morning TV, phantom flans and gunge and stuff.

The Bubble Burst.
80s and 90s nostalgia site. Pop music, children's TV, and other fun things.

The Medical Astrology Calendar of 1487.
'There are ~60 illustrations in this rather enigmatic astro-encylopedic seasonal incunabulum [Iatromathematische Hausbuch] at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich. It comes from the Augsburg printery of Johann Schönsperger.'

Beneath the Neon: Life and Death in the Storm Drains of Las Vegas.
Photographs of life beneath Sin City.

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Clue: substitution keyword ZEBRAS.

'How do I deal with people who like me that I don't like back?'

'What are some ways a 5-year old can make the world a better place?'

'My eight year old wrote her latest poem, then asked about the subtleties of poetic punctuation (commas, periods, breaks ... and why such decisions are made... help! ). The poem is included, as of course ... '

'I find it nearly impossible to do any real work, unless I happen to feel like it. But I don't want to end up drifting through life, settling for mediocrity. If you managed to get your act together and are now able work hard on things you aren't interested in, as we all should be able to do from time to time, then my question is: how did you do it?'

'Friendshipfilter: How do I end it?'

'Why is it hard for me to perform simple mental calculations with certain numbers?'

'How do I get rid of my phone-o-phobia?'

'Why does eating mints make drinks taste freezing cold?'

'How do you feel about whistling? Specifically, how do you feel about people who whistle songs in public places?'

'Processing and dealing with a sudden death.'

'I'm about to live out of my car for about two months. What tips or tricks should I know before doing this?'

'I saw a terrible accident and did not stop to help. Was this wrong?'

'Where can I find interesting conversation games?'

'Help me observe Ramadan'.

'Newlywed analytical atheist dealing with tarot taking, palm reading, horoscope reading wife. '

'(x + y)-(x*y)=79. What are x and y?'

'If I looked up at the sky some time at night, pointed to the moon and gave you the exact orientation of my arm (the two angles in the north/south and east/west directions) and told you the exact time of night and date it was, would you be able to tell my exact location in the world? If so, how?'

'Why don't apes need haircuts?'

'Do puns exist in every language?'

'Oh god, I've murdered my son's goldfish. Poor Mike, Jim and Poopy, I never meant to cut your lives short. Aquarians, please help!'

True or False?
62 percent of Americans said they would "never" eat a snail. 47 percent of those same Americans said they would consider trying escargot if they were in a fancy French restaurant.
By his decree, the sealing wax used by King Louis XIV had to be made from wax found in honeybee colonies on the grounds of Versailles and had to contain no less than 1 percent "virgin's urine".
In Japan, the first traffic lights used yellow to indicate 'stop' and red to indicate 'go'.
A recent poll of 1784 ninth grade students by the National Scholastic Statisticians revealed that they consider biology to be the "most oogy" class.
According to the International Brotherhood of Arborists, a typical 20-year-old White Oak tree will produce 19,472 acorns per year.
The average bikini sold in 2005 was 32 percent the size of the average bikini sold in 1965.
A baseball-like game was referenced in the Old Testament in at least 18 verses in 4 different books.

Map of Flash Gordon's Planet Mongo.

The Crown of the Sun.

Messier 65.

Theodor Kittelsen.
Norwegian folklore artist. Trolls.

Edo Period Drawing of Kappa, a Mythical Creature in Japan.
A Japanese river monster.

Photo Essay: London's Little Venice and Regent's Canal.

Jet Approaching a Crescent Moon.

Home for Gnomes.
Photographs of garden gnomes.

'Classic cool monsters!'

Cute Corner: Development of a Newborn Panda.

Cute Corner: Fluffy Kitten with Cardboard Tube.

Cute Corner: Rabbits.

The Enemies of Books (1888).
Both natural and human. Illustrated.

The History of Geology in Rare Books.
'The above images come from the amazing Jesuit polymath, Athanasius Kircher. He was moved to produce a sort of pre-geological treatise, Mundus Subterraneus (1665), after having witnessed the eruption of Mount Etna (2nd image) and visiting the dynamic summits of both Etna and Vesuvius. The top image shows Kircher's understanding of the origin of volcano eruptions...'
And more...

New York's Persian Parade.
The Iranian New Year (Nowruz) falls on the spring equinox. Photo-essay on the Nowruz parade for the Iranian community in New York.

Beekeeping Collection at the National Library of Scotland.
'... It is one of the very finest collections of rare beekeeping books in the world, including items published as far back as 1525.'
'The foundation of the collection was due to the efforts of John William Moir (1851-1940). Inspired by the example of Scots missionary David Livingstone, Moir and his brother emigrated from Scotland in 1877 to southeast Africa, where they were initially involved in the creation of alternative transport routes to help obviate the need for slave transport. It was later, after settling in the Shire Highlands of present-day Malawi, that John Moir began beekeeping, due to the fact that his crops required pollination...'

Icelandic Lore.
Eddas, sagas, and retellings of Norse myths.

Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling (1891).
'This book discusses spells, incantations and talismans used within Rom culture, as well as the more practical magic they use in their interaction with the Gorgios--the non-Gypsies. It is this latter topic which provides some of the most interesting and instructional reading. Leland gives some generalized methods of fortune-telling which any prospective psychic would do well to study; as well as the details of the 'Great Secret', a magic trick in which all of your money disappears...'
'Gypsy life has a romantic appeal, and Leland, who popularized Gypsy lore in this and other books played no small part in this image-making. However, Leland makes it abudantly clear that life on the road was hard. The Rom people are to be admired for their survival skills in a hostile world, and for the longevity and persistance of their culture.'