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20th April
A purity test for people with large vocabularies. Via Bifurcated Rivets.
How to become a cult guru. Via GMT+9.
Mexico File is good for Mexico-philes!
Jabberwocky rants thoughtfully about possibilities for Internet censorship in the UK.
Singapore Surf. Weblog from Singapore.
BlueBlog weblog. It's blue, it's nice :).
I also like the View from Here.
The BBC on weblogging.
The New Scientist on creationism.
Crocodile nursery found in Egyptian temple. Via Honey Guide.
History Today on the historical relevance of The Exorcist. on Al Gore. 'Vice President Al Gore brings a remarkable life story to the presidential race...raised in hardscrabble Tennessee farm country... brilliant student....opting to go to Vietnam where he was 'shot at'... his reporting put corrupt officials in prison...authored the US nuclear negotiating position...had his own meeting with Gorbachev.... created the Internet.' Hmmm :).

18th April
'Nationalism is an infantile sickness. It is the measles of the human race.' - Albert Einstein.
(Robert Mugabe and William Hague, please take note).
Tokyo Adventure. I hope my forthcoming trip is this much fun!! Via GMT+9.
Hello kitty toilet paper. Via Mr. Pants.
Greta Garbo's letters published. But they don't tell us an awful lot.
If you live in London, have you decided who to vote for in the mayoral elections? Take a look at which purports to work out which candidate most closely matches your views. I'm a Susan Kramer man, apparently.
Reuters - 'George W. Bush: Simple tastes or simple man?' I don't see that being 'simple' should necessarily count against him - it's pretty much been proven that you don't need to be an Einstein to be US President. Might make the world a happier place by keeping us all tickled too :).

17th April
Earthweek - a diary of the planet.
The Robot Wars grand final is this Friday. I can't wait! This is definitely one of the best programmes on the BBC.
The finalists are as follows :-
Chaos 2.
Should be a good one :).

16th April
The Official Monster Raving Loony Party. Established in Britain in 1961 by the great and much missed Screaming Lord Sutch, and now a fixture on the British political scene because of their silly hats. Now with branches as far afield as Hong Kong and South Africa. Vote Loony! (Why haven't they got a London mayoral candidate?!)
What's this?! - Lord Sutch lives!
For the London mayoral election, the BBC has provided this useful site profiling all of the candidates, including the fringe. Geoffrey Clements sounds like he would make for an interesting mayor. The profile of Steve Norris is quite amusing (he has what you might call a past), as is the photo of Frank Dobson. What a great picture.
Flounder - a weblog from Tokyo.
A thoughtful rant on teen violence in American schools (or rather, the lack thereof) from the webmistress of Diary of a New Homemaker.
Another weblog I like - View from the Heart.
London slang. Very good, very comprehensive.

15th April
BBC - 'Street of shame'. The BBC on how the current row over asylum seekers has partly been stirred up by the rightwing tabloids, rather than being a real 'problem' for Britain.

'The Mall, the South Bank, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Charing Cross Station, Oxford Street, Waterloo and Whitehall, all rich pickings for any beggar, could boast not one "gypsy" between them on Monday morning.'
'Police officers, yes. Street cleaners, admittedly. A depressing number of homeless people, definitely. Bona fide, pan-handling "gypsies", no.'
'Having your path blocked by a grinning individual in bright, flowing fabric means only one thing - a short lecture on the merits of Krishna.'
'...A ragged cup is waved listlessly. Her eyes are downcast. She neither talks to nor accosts those who stride past. Her cup becomes no heavier. The sleeping child, hardly visible beneath a blanket, seems less beggar's prop than tired mite.'
'Does she need to have the message that begging is unacceptable "brought home" to her? Ask the Home Office.'

14th April
The sci.lang FAQ. This is a good linguistic overview.
Useful maps of language families. And here's a classification of how major languages are related. Via Robot Wisdom.
What's your Hawaiian name? Apparently I'm Kiwini... I like that :). Via Strange Brew.
Worldskip. Lots and lots of links about the countries of the world. Via Bifurcated Rivets.
The Nation has a go at defining the 'progressive agenda'. I'd actually say that issues such as human rights, the environment and poverty reduction are good ethics, not merely 'political'. (Old).
British Muslims can now get the call to prayer on their mobile phones if they go to Patel's corner shop.
Body chemicals influence sexual attractiveness.
73 year-old grandfather told he is pregnant.
Rash is an agreeable weblog.
Gagging the Net in three easy steps. The BBC gives a good overview of the censorship issue around the Net in the UK, and why current libel laws aren't up to the new medium.
The English samurai.
Salon on email romance. Old.
Getting your parents online. Old and funny.
A tribute page to Screaming Lord Sutch. One of the great British eccentrics.
This WAVE business is a bit unnerving. I actually read the novel 'The Wave' about high school conformity many years ago - it's frighteningly good. I wonder if they are aware of the irony. Via Robot Wisdom.

13th April
Apparently, your sense of humour is more determined by nurture than nature.
Intergalactic travel light years closer? Research on wormholes.
More stuff on ethical primates, primate socialisation, etc. Via Ancient World News.
UglyMUG looks fun - a 'multi-user gestalt'.
Hakata are African divining dice. Have your fortune told online with virtual hakata.
At last - a polite and effective way of foiling cold callers.
What's this week's Big Question?
Some rather good haiku in English. In the online edition of the Japanese Mainichi newspaper. Because the languages are so different, it's hard to write good haiku in English; I think some of these are pretty good.
The Glass Slipper Project aims to donate prom dresses to poor girls (Cinderellas?) in the Chicago area. I've never really 'got' the American custom of the high school prom, but it's clearly an important rite of passage, so everyone should be able to feel a part of it, if they want. Hooray for kindness. This is a heart-warming page.
Classic British children's TV. All the greats - Bagpuss, Battle of the Planets, The Box of Delights (that was wonderful!), He-Man, Mr. Benn, Rainbow... :).
The Useless Pages. Tee hee.

12th April
The Skeptic's Dictionary. Via GMT+9.
A gorgeous photo of a 1500 year-old cherry tree.
It snowed today! Santa's Christmas site.
Italian porn star wants to live in a nunnery.
Zambian judges order man to work harder in bed.
Le Blogeur. A meta-log.
The Campaign against Censorship of the Internet in Britain.

11th April
The Gnome Liberation Front is back.
Ultraman is a bug-eyed Japanese superhero.
The world's smallest art gallery. Via Robot Wisdom.
Happy Birthday to Dan Dare.