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30th April
Some elderly New Scientist stories on global warming thawing Alaska and bringing an early spring to northern Europe; although it could end up making Europe colder (by diverting the Gulf Stream further south).
Drought, hunger in Ethiopia, Pakistan, India. The drought in South Asia is said to be the worst for a century. Meanwhile, Mongolia is facing its coldest winter in 30 years.
The Guardian's weblog pointed me to these links on the fight against global warming and on those who claim there's no such thing.
Euroblogs. Weblogs from Europe.
I just got back from a walk. It's a sunny day and I was lucky enough to see a snake swimming in the river near my house! I've never actually seen a snake in the wild before so I thought this was worth a mention!
Medieval riddles.

29th April
Colossal Cave on the web!
Went into town today - saw some morris dancing!

28th April
BBC - 'CJD tests show no epidemic'. CJD is the human form of 'mad cow disease'.
Tacky postcards. Via GMT+9.
BBC - 'Cloning cattle reduces ageing'.
Washington Post - 'Beer taxes reduce STD rates'. Via Drudge.
Playing with Cobras. Nice UK-oriented weblog.

27th April
BBC - 'Near complete apeman skull found'.
The Earth may be round but the Universe is flat.
A FurryMUCK tale.
Harry Potter's horrorscope. Thank u Miss Peabody.
An interesting Keirsey temperament sorter. It claims I am an 'idealist' and also a 'healer'. Flattering! A British weblog with lots of nice links, including :-
The Colossal Cave. Interactive fiction.
Calculus Girls.

26th April
Notes on logical fallacies. Most useful when trying to follow flamewars. Via Stuffed Dog.
Hollywood Stock Exchange is quite a fun film site.

In a Bollywood mood today...
Planet Bollywood.
Bollywood World.

A newsgroup I've just started reading - - for discussions about interactive fiction (which is something the Web is ideal for, IMHO).

25th April
More Monkey Magic!
The Gnome Liberation Front.

The VoteMonkey. Another 'choose your ideal London mayor' page, this time from the Guardian. This one is quite fun - it looks at personalities as well as policies, and has some pretty groovy graphics. This one showed Ken Livingstone as my first choice, followed by Susan Kramer, which I think is more or less correct. You can also make up your own 'fantasy mayor' and see how he or she against the real candidates - mine scored only 6 % against Ken and was also thrashed by Susan Kramer, and was narrowly beaten by Frank Dobson. However, I did just manage to beat Steven Norris and came ahead of the Green and UK Independence candidates by a large margin. 'The Grinder' then has the defeated candidate thrown into what looks like a blending device. Very amusing.

New pictures of Jupiter's moons.
Why insects have only six legs - the answer is out. This story has some nice accompanying pictures too.
Singapore mulls having its own Speakers' Corner but within limits.
Reuters - 'US judges tough on mother, easy on ectoplasm.'
'Dream'. From Lovely... (be warned, it is big).

24th April
The Webby Awards. Go there, vote for a site you like.
The lost gods of Easter Island. Programmes like this are what makes the BBC special, and the best argument for 'public service' broadcasting.
New species of monkey discovered. Via Robot Wisdom.
Alfred Hitchcock's World.

23rd April
The Internet Anagram Server.
Internet-accessible coke machines.
Automated complaint letter generator.
Toiletology 101. This one could actually be quite useful.
The Rocky Horror Muppet Show.
The Last Page of the Internet.
God hates figs (apparently). (Spoof site, if you didn't know).

Don't blame Canada.
The Progressive Review informs us that there is a commercial on Canadian TV featuring a Canadian working class hero ranting against negative stereotypes of Canada. 'The Rant' comes fast on the heels of 'Blame Canada' in the South Park film. 'The Rant' apparently provokes standing ovations in cinemas when it is played (to the tune of 'Pomp and Circumstance'). So Don't Blame Canada. Excerpts :
I'm not a lumberjack or a fur trader.
And I don't live in an igloo or eat blubber or own a dogsled.
I have a prime minister, not a president.
I speak English and French, not American.
And I pronounce it about, not aboot.
I believe in peacekeeping not policing, diversity not assimilation, and that the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal . . .
Canada is the second-largest land mass, the first nation of hockey, and the best part of North America.
My name is Joe, and I am Canadian.

Lovely picture of Ganymede. Via NASA - old astro. pic. of the day.

22nd April
BBC - 'Europe's seven female founders'. Bryan Sykes of Oxford University claims that 99 % of Europeans are descended from seven women. Also take a look at 'Surnames found in DNA' which I've linked to before, but also involves the distinguished Professor Sykes.
Ever wondered how numbered your days are? Take the Death Test. Via Remco.
It's Earth Day.
Philosophy Now is a good read.

21st April
The Suave-O-Meter. Tres amusant.
The UK Robot Wars Grand Final: congratulations to Chaos 2, the new champions, beating Hypnodisc. So many of the robots were well designed and well engineered. Robot Wars is a TV series on BBC2 where members of the public design fighting machines which bash, grapple, punch and throw each other. Chaos 2 is very very well built, extremely well armoured and with a flipping device which it uses to throw its opponents; Hypnodisc is notable for having a quickly rotating wheel which literally tears other robots apart.
The Guardian has a weblog. Via The View From Here.
A nice page all about Josephine Baker.
Sumo Web.