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20th August

How to talk like a geezer - London Slang.

The talking weblog? A.k.a. Bigfatradio. Very cool. Via Feline Transfer Protocol.
Some interesting articles about Bigfatradio and Internet radio in general can be found here and here. Links via Lukelog.

BBC - 'Renegade agent ends exile.'
'Former MI5 intelligence officer David Shayler is preparing to return to Britain amid speculation that a legal case against him may never reach the courts.'
'The 34-year-old Briton, who for three years has been living in "political exile" in Paris after making a string of revelations about the secret service, is due to arrive at Dover with his girlfriend Annie Machon on Monday.'

19th August
BBC - 'Big Brother spawns 'Big Badger'.' BBC Online has installed webcams in a man-made badger sett to send pictures of the creatures' lives to the Web. As there are no weekly evictions, it's really nothing at all like Big Brother. It might be quite interesting; badgers are rather secretive.
More BBC Nature webcams.

Alaska Totem Poles Postcard Portfolio. You need Java enabled on your browser to look at this. Lovely pictures.
Graffiti from the Sydney suburb of Newtown.

18th August
The BBC covers the reappearance of a lost Brazilian tribe. 'The authorities have identified about 250 people living on a remote mountain range near the border with Peru as members of the long-lost Naua tribe. '

Three cheers for the mighty Japanese toilet. Via GMT+9.

Thoughtful essay on animal rights. 'As we learn to appreciate the complexity of animals and the deep continuities between their world and ours, we begin to respect them more and accord them the rights they deserve. Every marginalized human group has fought for its liberation; now it's the animals' turn. Since they can't speak for themselves, their liberation demands our own liberation from the long-standing tradition of human biases against them. As we grant animals minds, we may free our own.'
Via Arts&Letters Daily.

I very much like Potential Fossil Assemblage weblog. Funnily enough, I too used to live in the Sydney suburb of Newtown. Great place.

Pictures of fossils.

The artist formerly known as Johnny Rotten meets the Democratic National Convention.

The BBC on the Big Brother eviction. '"He realised who everyone wanted to be and he allowed them to be just that person when he was with them." '
Big Brother around the globe.

17th August
Nicholas disqualified from the UK Big Brother show.
Nick still has a fanpage though.

Clue for the Nutlog challenge :- the word I had in mind was 'and'. As in 'Coach and Horses' or 'Slug and Lettuce'.

New Scientist - 'Voice from the grave.' A new study indicates that the quality of suicidal people's voices changes. 'Wilkes found that two factors helped him discriminate between those who were at high risk of committing suicide and those at low risk. First he noticed that people who are truly suicidal use a narrower range of frequencies when pronouncing their vowels than people who are just depressed. The voices of suicidal people also become higher pitched.'

New Scientist - 'The naked chef.' 'Chimpanzees are on their way to becoming half-decent chefs. Captive chimps in Madrid have begun to puree their own fruits and vegetables, in what looks like the first case of an ape transforming food to improve its taste and texture.'

The Times reviews the latest Aleister Crowley bio.

Lingua Franca - 'Rage against the regime.' Article about the Serbian student opposition group, Otpor.
'None of this has stopped the students from staging their exuberant, symbolic, and sometimes cryptic street performances. Students play Monopoly and Risk on the street "to tell the authorities to stop playing with our fate," Djuric explains. When Milosevic ceremoniously named himself a National Hero, Otpor activists decorated themselves and passersby with badges that read I AM A NATIONAL HERO. '

16th August
Oh no, could this be the end of neighbour sex?!

Congratulations to Andrew of GMT+9 for solving the Nutlog challenge. Also from GMT+9 - album covers featuring Brigitte Bardot.

BBC - 'Movie captures dying star.' 'Astronomers have, for the first time, made a time-lapse movie of gas being ejected from the surface of a star other than our own. '
Pawsense - software that knows when your cat is on your keyboard.
Reuters - 'Scientists develop weather-resistant strawberry.' 'Fruit researchers in Ireland have developed a strawberry which they say is impervious to the country's notoriously damp climate.'

Jennifer Lopez or Salma Hayek to play Frida Kahlo?!
Frida Kahlo - Self-Portrait with Monkeys Frida Kahlo - Self-Portrait with Monkeys.

15th August
Congratulations to Mat, the first to solve the Nutlog challenge (see yesterday's post). Keep trying you others. I'll post a clue in a while. Be aware there is more than one possible answer.

BBC - 'Ice Age star map discovered.' 'A prehistoric map of the night sky has been discovered on the walls of the famous painted caves at Lascaux in central France.'

The Guardian supplies us with some interesting background on the 1967 drugs raid on the Rolling Stones.
'The official files in the public record office and the West Sussex county archives show how far the police were prepared to "fit up" the Rolling Stones after their bungled drugs raid on a weekend house party at Redlands, Richards' Sussex country home, on a tip-off from the News of the World.'

Why parasites rule the world.

Hello to the most amusingly titled Feline Transfer Protocol.

14th August
Take the Nutlog challenge.
Can you find a sentence in English with any one word repeated five times successively? The sentence must make sense.
Mail me if you know the answer. No prize though (sorry!), just a sense of satisfaction.

The BBC on a fantastic fungus find - at 890 hectares, probably the largest living organism on Earth.
Images of the Sun from the Transition Region and Coronal Explorer. Really beautiful.
Reuters - 'Polish woman wins Europe's only screaming contest.'
Reuters - 'Bank error briefly makes Norwegian world's richest.'
Which Internet caste are you?
Cutely vampiric Christmas card. Via Mr. Pants.
Find your true identity as a cyborg. Via Bloglet.
The Royal Scottish Academy of music is to launch a degree in bagpiping.

The Bettie Page Revival. Via GMT+9. Also take a look at this origami, papier-mache and mixed-media puppet sculpture of the great lady, and this little collection of Bettie Page links.

Some really funny examples of Japanese English. Via Bifurcated Rivets.

A happy birthday (I hope!) to Angus @ Latte.

13th August
A rain of fish in East Anglia.

The Guardian's obituary of Alec Guinness.

As you can see, I'm updating again.

I do recommend a visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum of anthropology and ethnology in Oxford. It has a wonderful collection of artefacts, from totem poles and buddhas to shrunken heads and opium pipes.

Looking at my referrer log, I see that quite a few people have found this page by searching for Svetlana Pesotskaya, the stripping Russian newsreader, and for Victorian Vegetable People.

4th August
I'm taking a break for a few days - expect updates to resume in about a week or so.

BBC - 'Astronomers track nearby planet. The newly discovered planet orbits Epsilon Eridani, a mere 10.5 light years away.

Tour the Paris catacombs. Filched from GMT+9.

Reuters - 'JFK, Dietrich had 1962 White House tryst - report.'

Submit a haiku to USA Today. Via Spinning Jenny. Other haiku pages previously linked to - the Mainichi and the Asahi.
Also take a look at these CIA haiku, via Lukelog.

According to this useful quiz, I should be considering a career as a computer games programmer, an FBI agent or a mathematician. Also via Lukelog.

The Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign has quite an attractive site which draws attention to the other side of Philadelphia, the city which hosted the Republican National Convention this week. More coverage of the campaign - BBC, Village Voice, Salon.

Bloglet, a nice weblog from London.

3rd August
Apparently, the number of legs on a centipede varies with latitude. Via Honey Guide.
BBC - 'Hungarian POW to go home after 55 years.'
Guardian Quiz - 'Which are the true silly season stories?' I got 7 out of 12. See how you get on.
Happy first birthday to Pop Culture Junk Mail.
Gratuitous breasts on the (US) Today Show. Via Spinning Jenny.
Shipwrecked sailor in Garcia Marquez tale dies.
Giant trap set for monster in lake.

2nd August
Lingua Franca on the life of George Price, the evolutionary psychologist who explained the connection between evolution and altruism. Via Arts & Letters Daily.

Guardian - 'Europe's Gypsies lobby for nation status.' Via Rebecca's Pocket.

BBC - 'Pop group Duran Duran are being sued by a Los Angeles man who says his phone number was mistakenly given out as a ticket hotline for their concerts.'

News article about really teeny tiny primates. Via Spinning Jenny.

Kayo Books pulp fiction cover gallery. Via GMT+9. If you like this, you may also enjoy which I blogged a few weeks ago.

1st August
Haiku art.
Riots in Iran as shopkeeper is falsely accused of flirting with his wife in public. Actually, he's cross-eyed.
You can submit a message to Keo, a French satellite which will travel through space for the next 50,000 years, all being well. Via Latte.
The Pin-Up Page.

The Onion celebrates the Queen Mother's 100th birthday in its own way. Via Pop Culture Junk Mail.
Walking through Leicester Square on Friday evening, I came across a man selling the Big Issue with the cry, 'Read all about it... Queen Mother pregnant!'. This made me chuckle. If I see him again, I may nominate him for the 'best Big Issue seller' award they do every week.
(For non-Brits, the Big Issue is a magazine which is sold in the UK by the homeless or vulnerably housed).