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29th December
Independent Media Center - 'Bush lost according to recounts by the Orlando Sentinel.' Via Booknotes.

Madam & Eve. Really funny South African satirical cartoons! Thanks, Kay.

The Nutlog probably won't be updated again until the third millennium. Happy New Year!
1st January will be the Nutlog's first anniversary.

AP - 'Bay area 'mad taggers' target SUVs.' Via Ghost Rocket.

BBC - 'Author bailed after Palace stunt.'
The Australian writer who paraglided into a Buckingham Palace forecourt has his own website, including a bit about his novel, 'Canine Dawn'.

28th December
Guardian - 'Tap on car window saves man buried in snow for 16 days.'
Reuters - 'Glasses stolen from Lennon statue.' This is the same statue of John Lennon which has just been unveiled by Fidel Castro in Havana (see Nutlog 18th December).
Times - 'Scientists find the secret of itching.' Via the Web Today.
ABC News/Reuters - 'Study: Boys more vulnerable than girls.' Via Rebecca's Pocket.

27th December
BBC - 'The feathered dinosaurs of Liaoning.' Interesting piece about the fossils of 'feathered' dinosaurs being pulled out of the ground in China.

Reuters - 'Night sky boom rattles Australians, baffles police.' 'Australian authorities were baffled on Wednesday by overnight reports of bright lights and booming noises in the sky which shook some houses and prompted fears of falling space junk or meteorites.'
Reuters - 'Blast in sky said may be meteorite.'
(I saw something a bit like this a few years back when I was in Sydney - a ball of fire and a loud bang in the night sky. Turned out to be a military aircraft had discharged fuel, which then ignited. Pretty impressive, too).

The US National Security Agency has its own Kids' Page... make of this what you will.

26th December
Cotswold Villages and Painswick - I was there in the summer.

The Book of Cliches. Cliches for every occasion.

This fellow travelled across Europe and Asia, from London to Sydney, by bus, train and boat (and one solitary plane - from West Timor to Darwin), and was kind enough to scan in an extensive collection of travel photos. I recommend the book too, which I've just finished.

22nd December
Merry Christmas to all readers of the Nutlog. Updates will probably be light over the Christmas period. Please give someone you've never met a free Christmas present by visiting the Hunger Site.

A Christmas gift. Via the Guardian weblog.

Join the Christmas Resistance. 'Together, we boycott Christmas Shopping, Christmas decorations, Christmas cards, and every variety of Christmas Crap. We refuse to support the Holiday Industry. We show our love for friends and family by giving our time and care, not by purchasing consumer goods. We maintain the integrity of giving by giving spontaneously and from our hearts, rather than during a specified season.'
Via Pop Culture Junk Mail.

Boxing Day (26th December) is also a holiday in Britain and several other Commonwealth countries. Here is a page about the origin of Boxing Day. Also via Pop Culture Junk Mail.

Onion - 'Religious cousin ruins family's Christmas.' Yet again via PCJM, who is really into these funny and informative Christmas links.

Play with the Guardian's interactive Christmas tree, politically correct snowperson, and advent calendar. You need Flash installed for these.

21st December
ITN - 'Queen's English 'turning Cockney'.' 'The Queen no longer speaks the Queen's English, Australian academics have claimed.'
Reuters - 'Love rivals convicted for dueling.'
The genius behind the Paper Boy has scanned in a nice set of photos from his trip to Laos and Vietnam.
Moscow Times - 'Lives of border residents split down middle.' Life in a village on the Russo-Ukrainian border.

20th December
Earth Lights. Amazing picture, do not miss! Thanks Shelda.

If you are sending any Christmas e-cards, I recommend GeekGirl for quirky humour, and Just So for something a bit more literary.

The Sunday Times on yawning. 'A psychologist has spent three months documenting every time he stretched his jaw, even taking a notebook and torch to bed with him, to help prove that yawning is a primitive signal showing that you desire a change.' Via Honey Guide.

BBC - 'Murder conviction overturned.' 'A man jailed in Northern Ireland almost 50 years ago for one of the province's most notorious murders has had his name cleared. '

Received by email today :-
'A Communist told me that it's very wet in England, and Rudolf the Red knows rain, dear.'

Nando Times/AFP - 'Scientists invent glowing potato.' 'Scientists in Scotland claimed Monday to have invented a genetically-modified potato which glows bright green to let the farmer know when it needs watering. ' Via Rebecca's Pocket.

Which Harry Potter House are you? A new 'sorting hat' selector to go with this one, which I linked to a while back. I'm Ravenclaw in one, and Gryffindor in the other, by the way.

19th December
Rest in peace, Kirsty MacColl.

Reuters - 'UK police check on their own forged computerware.'

NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracks the progress of Santa Claus from the North Pole, as it does every December.

18th December
Mr. T versus Britney Spears.
Ganymede may have an ocean.
The instant noodle has been voted Japan's top invention.
Sydney Morning Herald - 'A debt that must be paid.' On the unofficial Women's International War Crimes Tribunal in Japan, which dealt with the issue of 'comfort women' in World War 2, and the role of the Emperor. Via the Guardian weblog.
Fidel Castro has unveiled a statue honouring John Lennon, according to Granma, Cuba's official newspaper. Also via the Guardian weblog.

16th December
Nature - 'Females on top in spider sex.' With a bit of bondage and cannibalism thrown in too. Via YAWL.
New York City Style Tattoos : A History.
ASCII Babes. Non-porn ascii pictures of the stars. Via old Pop Culture Junk Mail.
Reuters - 'Soldier AWOL in teenage girl's closet.'
Reuters - 'Sexual dynamo, 94, ditched by third wife.'
Times - 'E-mail campaigners urge the Bush electors to change sides.'

15th December
Banned Books online.

13th December
All about the Bastard Operator from Hell.
The Online Journalism Review celebrates weblogs. Via the Grauniad weblog.
Register 'to fight for Harry Potter 'cybersquatter'.'
Am I Geek Or Not? You decide.
Guardian - 'Centenarian dies after opening Queen's birthday message.' 'Centenarian Robert Talley died happy, collapsing moments after he opened his 100th birthday message from the Queen and gasped: "Yes, I made it." '

12th December
Booknotes. I really like this weblog.
BBC - 'Net gains for Tuvalu.'
Cockney Online. Unknown East London, cor blimey.
BBC - 'Southern sky survey finds distant worlds.'

11th December
AllTheTests.Com. A portal to all kinds of fun tests. Via Andrea's Weblog.

Reuters - 'Chinese author of 'death diary' dies peacefully.' 'A terminally ill Chinese cancer patient who had captivated web surfers and media over the past few months died Monday, just two weeks after his last words were immortalized in a published diary.'

10th December
I find this story somewhat distasteful.
Reuters - 'A white Christmas in San Juan??' Snow shipped from Canada to Puerto Rico so local kids can build snowmen.

8th December
Discovery - 'World's oldest love song found.' It's about 4,300 years old. Via Reutellog.

Guardian - 'Iffyosaurus Dinosaur skeleton exposed as fake.' A fake ichthyosaurus skeleton has been on display in a museum in Wales for the last 116 years.

Daily Telegraph - 'Death of 'Jane', the model who helped win war.' 'The model who became a wartime sweetheart when she portrayed Jane, one of Britain's most enduring cartoon characters, has died from cancer.'

Reuters - 'Electrocuted man rises from the dead.'

Daily Telegraph - 'Heaven open to everyone, says Pope.'

7th December
Check out Reutellog for many informative links.

Well, this is strange. The Peanut Butter Lovers' Club.

New Scientist - 'A game of rock-paper-scissors determines who gets to mate among side-blotched lizards.'
New Scientist - 'The smallest adult dinosaur yet is unearthed, and it's a lot like a bird.'

6th December
The Guardian 'is to back a legal challenge to the 300-year-old law banning Roman Catholics and other non-Protestants from succession to the British throne, on the grounds that it clashes with the Human Rights Act and should be reinterpreted or removed from the statute book. ' (I approve, of course).

Register - 'Govt ministers distance themselves from email spy plan.' Amusing commentary from the Reg, as usual. You can read the security services' report here.

BBC - 'Red Planet's wet and warm past.' 'High-resolution pictures of Mars show evidence for sedimentary rocks laid down by ancient lakes and shallow seas. It is a discovery of huge importance, say scientists. '

Reuters - 'A grope-free zone.' 'A Japanese railway company will run special female-only carriages on its trains over this year's holiday season in an effort to protect women from drunken gropers.'

4th December
SatireWire | George W. Bush's weblog.
Reuters - 'Fossils of Man's earliest ancestor found in Kenya.'
Diagnose your headache at

3rd December
It Crawled from the Bins. Someone's huge collection of oddball records. Well worth a look.

This Dictionary of British Cultural References is a bit of a laugh. Via Robot Wisdom.

BBC - 'Secret plans to log UK calls.' 'British intelligence services and the police are seeking powers to log all telephone calls, e-mails and internet traffic in the country. '
'A document obtained by The Observer newspaper discloses that MI5, MI6 and the police are jointly requesting new legislation requiring communication service providers to log phone calls and keep the details for seven years. '
It might be a good time to visit Liberty.

BBC - 'Caves reveal clues to UK weather.'

2nd December
Guardian - 'Pinochet to stand trial.'
Santarchy, or government by Santa Claus.
BBC - ' 'Fossil fish' in dramatic sighting.'
In Passing... - wistful, compelling, well worth a look. It is also the Register's site of the week.

1st December
To mark World Aids Day, today is a Day Without Weblogs.
The National Aids Trust provides information about World Aids Day in the UK and globally.
Donate free care at the Kids' Aids Site.