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29th February
Leap year woo woo :).
Art postcards. This site is great. :)
Are you a lurrrrvvvvve goddess? Apparently I'm Athena.
Ingres painted a nice Turkish bath. Via Bifurcated Rivets.
Xenoblogs. Via GMT+9.
A Japanese personality test. Via GMT+9.
Shonen Knife! Via GMT+9.

28th February
A quiet day, although the latest issue of the Literary Review is well worth a look. I quite like the sound of Don't Read This Book If You're Stupid.

27th February
Currently listening to Cosmic Thing by the B52's, which I recommend.
The latest issue of History Today contains an interesting article on propaganda and indoctrination in Peronist Argentina.
Someone tried to sell his soul on eBay. Via Remco.
Interesting photography site. David Perry takes pictures of pin ups, hotrods, border towns, etc. etc. Via Metascene.
Virtual dating games in Japan. Via Kein Pitas.
Comparison of the web to flocks of sheep. Via Camworld.
Amusing Private Eye front cover on the London mayoral election.
Science jokes. Posted to sci.misc.
Jennifer Lopez's dress caused a bit of a stir at the Grammy awards. Personally I think it was wonderful. If you've got it, why not flaunt it? Via Remco.

26th February
The film 'Kirikou and the Sorceress' looks absolutely charming!!!!
Face of Jesus appears on church wall in northern England!
Weblogs with funny names - Bovine Inversus, Digital Squirrel, Stuffed Dog, Hotsy Totsy, Abada Abada.
A six-year-old boy called the police to arrest his headteacher after he failed a spelling test. Tee hee. Via Strange Brew.
Play noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe to North Americans) with dogs and monkeys! Via Strange Brew.
Native Americans want their meteorite back. The Clackamas tribe consider this meteorite to be a holy relic; whereas this planetarium wants to use it as a centrepiece. Via Ancient World News.
The world's tallest snowman. Pity he's melted now. Via Meme Pool.
The Skeptic's Annotated Bible. Featuring Absurdities, Contradictions, Cruelty and Violence, Good Stuff, False Prophecies, Foul Language, Homosexuality, Injustices, Science and History, Insults to Women, and Sex. Via Meme Pool.
The New Yorker has launched its website; also take a look at the New Yorker Cartoon Bank. Via Meme Pool.
Lemon Yellow waxes poetic! Take a look at the 5th February entry.

25th February
Ellen cleans the windows.
Recently from Astro - the Large Magellanic Cloud, a large gouge on asteroid Eros.
Save the world at Hunger and Rainforest.
Recently from Poetry Daily - Clever and Poor, Apollo Take Charge of His Muses, First Word of Spring.
Words of the week - republican, democratic.
Forgotten English. Via an entry in Pillow Book.

24th February
From the New Scientist - a biocomputer solves its first chess puzzle, and snakes that cross-dress!
New risks digest from comp.risks.
Interesting piece about prehistoric cave paintings. From the BBC.
Funny, tongue in cheek piece about the politics of weblogging.

23rd February
The pointless clicking page. This is sort of twisted, but also pretty funny :).
Big collection of tongue twisters in many languages, including English. Via Bifurcated Rivets.
Grim Reaper's age guesser. Via Bifurcated Rivets. It guessed that I was four years older than I actually am, which I think is pretty good. It's a clever thing because your answers actually help it work out the weighting of each question; groovy layout too.
President Clinton has pardoned an African-American who refused military service after his local draft board, in a racial snub, refused to address him as 'mister'. Preston King was forced to go into exile in the UK; he is now a professor of philosophy at Lancaster University and the father of a British Labour MP.

22nd February
The laws of anime! Via GMT+9.
Someone's trying to fly a balloon solo around the world.
In light of the US primary results, isn't it odd that should choose 'venal' as its word of the day?
US third party matchmaking service. This is quite interesting, for people who like to vote creatively.

21st February
A great interactive whiteboard. Thanks Kadi.
A sad farewell to Hundertwasser. Experimental artist, ecologist and eccentric.
Entertaining evaluation of US candidates' websites. Via Bifurcated Rivets.
Gulp! After reading this, I can't really see how the Republicans will win the presidential election if they are associated with these kinds of ideas. To most people, this is really quite dangerous. Via Bifurcated Rivets.
Leading up to the beginning of the year,The Guardian ran a history of the millennium - 1000 years in 500 days. I was rather pleased to find it on their website. You can use the 'archive' box to get their history of any year you choose.

20th February
So what is a weblog anyway? Nice writeup, found via Tanquelogue.
Cloning news - cloning dolphins and cloning pigs. Both stories in the Sydney Morning Herald.
The American Scientist reviews the numerical abilities of animals and infants. Via Honey Guide.
Also via Honey Guide, two decent mantid photos - a Carolina mantid and a Chinese mantid.
The new Apple 'Think Different' ads include a few heroes of mine - Muhammed Ali, Einstein, Gandhi, Hitchcock, Picasso, the Dalai Lama, Miles Davis, Lennon and Ono. Via Rain Barrel.
Valentine's Day photo from Mars. Via Remco.

19th February
Attractive personal site with online journal.
Rasta/patois dictionary. Via Bifurcated Rivets.
Poems by Tu Fu and Li Po. Via Bifurcated Rivets.
Tolkien's Ring Rhyme translated into many languages. Via Bifurcated Rivets.
The webmaster of Bifurcated Rivets sees weblogs as a kind of contemporary pillow book. He may have a point - a weblog is an eclectic mix of notes and links that have been notable, for some reason. A weblog can also be compared to a journal, or a news digest, but for different reasons. The webmaster of Robot Wisdom is of the opinion that if you read four newspapers a day, then you can create a fifth that is better than all of them; I also agree with this, and consider that this is the rationale behind the Drudge Report.
A page about pillow books in Japan and and online pillow book. Both via Bifurcated Rivets.
Moon pictures from the Apollo programme. Via Robot Wisdom and Slashdot.
Yet another American political party. The Revolution claims to combine the best aspects of the Libertarians and the Greens/Left. They also have quite a snappy slogan ('Victory over Horsesh*t'). Via Meme Pool.
In the Iranian elections, the reformists seem to be heading for a big win. This later report indicates a likely landslide for the left.
Meanwhile, in Russia, the Putin government clamps down on free speech. From Chechnya to the new restrictions on journalists and even academics doing their jobs (the Babitsky case is just the most bizarre example), the Putin government seems determined to push Russia back to the bad old days, pre-glasnost.

18th February
Read about strange laws at
Take the stress out of ethical shopping at the Boycott Index. Found in the paper edition of the Guardian.
A moon phase calendar. Via Bifurcated Rivets.
Elections taking place in Iran today - covered by Islamic Republic News and Reuters.
IRNA is carrying lots of Iranian election photos - women voting, Armenians voting, long queues.
IRNA also has a very comprehensive list of worldwide newswires.
Help to save the world at Hunger and Rainforest.
Recently from Ellen - You Get Me Down But I Get Up Again.
Recently from Astro - Eros, spiral galaxy, Mercury.
Recently from Poetry Daily - Only Water, Washed in the River, Travel Diary, Learning the Angels.

17th February
I've just figured out that Moscow Times links expire after 24 hours. Such a pity, because it's the best independent Russian news source I've found yet.
Interesting article about tube worms. Via Honey Guide. Tube worms live deep underwater, far from sunlight; they seem to get their energy from thermal vents instead. Fascinating creature.
'Tomb of Osiris' found in Egypt? Whatever it is, it's impressive. Via Ancient World News.
Do different languages make people think in different ways? I've wondered about this myself. Via Robot Wisdom.
Cyanide leak in the Danube causes ecological catastrophe. Grrr.

16th February
New risks digest from comp.risks.
John McCain's fascinating family history.
Al Gore's fascinating personal history.
As an addendum to the stuff about third parties in the US I uploaded the other day, here is a bit about the Socialist Party and David McReynolds.
Charlie Brown mourns his creator. In the Moscow Times!
Scholar jailed in Russia. Via Moscow Times.
North Korea marks Kim Jong Il's birthday. Via Reuters.
Picture of a mass wedding in Tehran. Via the Iranian news agency, IRNA.
Latest twist in the Pinochet case.
Fears that global sea level rise will flood parts of Tuvalu this weekend. This story makes me sad.

15th February
Wonder-FULL Japan. A look at the work of Kyoto artist Aoki Muneshima, via GMT+9.
Valentine's Day, Japan style. Via Mr. Pants.
Photos of Japan's automatic toilets. Via Mr. Pants.
Next Star Wars film aims to avoid racial stereotypes. Via Mr. Pants.
Choose your ideal President.
Various good picture sites via Bifurcated Rivets - Pily Mily pictures, postcards of Americana. Also some very pretty colour names from 1893.

14th February
Everything there is to know about the 2000 US Presidential candidates. Very comprehensive.
For people who like to vote creatively, take a look at the pages on the Reform Party candidates, the Libertarian Party candidates, the Green Party candidates, the independent leftwing candidates, and the independent rightwing candidates.
News story about a Valentine letter from 1477.
More Valentine sites - and
A sad farewell to Roger Vadim, French New Wave director and the man who brought Brigitte Bardot to the admiring eyes of the world.
Toulouse-Lautrec posters. Via Bifurcated Rivets.
Photos from the former Soviet bloc. From the Daily Telegraph's website.

13th February
For Valentine's Day - the Love Library. Love poems ect.
Searches for "love poems" on AltaVista and Google.
IMDB's film rating certificates for different countries. Via Bird on a Wire.
Great treehouse site. Via Treehouse weblog.
Games and Tibetan Buddhism. Via Alamut.
Also have a go at playing the Tibetan game of liberation - a version here and another version here. Vajra Hell is definitely the place to avoid.
Peanuts creator Charles Shulz has passed on to another place. Via AltaVista. Take a look at the final Peanuts cartoon.
Filmlog of the Rotterdam Film Festival. In Dutch, via Ellen.

12th February
I saw Pedro Almodovar's film All About My Mother today. What a great film.
I also swallowed my pride and bought my first ever Madonna CD ;). But that's no bad thing. I quite like the turn Madonna is on at the moment.
I tried out this new Internet shop in London, easyEverything. It's cheap and cheerful - you have a desk and a machine and that's it - no coffee or food. But at 1 pound an hour and a huge selection of machines, I wouldn't complain; it's ideal for people travelling to London who want net.access while here.
USA Today - what's the difference between Britney and Christina? Via Robot Wisdom.
Unusual names from Hong Kong. Via Strange Brew.
On February 15th, two million Americans will be behind bars. This will mean that the US, which has 5 percent of the world's population, will have 25 percent of its prisoners. Via MonkeyFist.

11th February
Another charity site with a Valentine theme.
For Valentine's Day :- Via the paper copy of The Guardian.
People in Power. Movers and shakers around the world. Via paper Guardian.
The House of Windsor has a website.
The Mark Thomas Comedy Product finished its current run on Channel 4 last night. Great programme, that. Comedy with a social conscience.
Mark Thomas was also behind Menwith Hill Tours. ;)
Unclaimed domain names. Bookmark this.
Recently from Astro - the asteroid Eros, galaxy wars, galactic chimney, rings around a supernova, Carina nebula.
Recently from Ellen - pausensassa, love will tear us apart.