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30th June
I really like Pop Culture Junkmail, a weblog with a trash TV/British royal family/feline theme. Lots and lots of fun. This is what the web is all about ;).

The London Cartoon Gallery is just brilliant; a most extensive collection of cartoons on the web. It includes a virtual exhibition of cartoons by Bob Godfrey (creator of Henry's Cat, if any British readers remember that) which rather takes me back to my Youth ;).

BBC - 'France's Farm Crusader'. Coverage of the 'McDonalds trial' in France. The farmer at the centre of the trial bears a slight resemblance to Asterix the Gaul.
When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of Asterix, the moustachioed comic hero of Gallic independence against the Roman Empire. There is an official Asterix site in English and, naturellement, in French. I used to love those stories, and the characters.

The web page of the killer tomatoes.
The amusingly named Spumco website has a whole bunch of links to entertaining cartoons.
What's your Pokemon name? I am Chucow; I live in the rivers of Australia, eat small rodents and can spit broken glass. Tee hee :). Via Not So Soft.
Classic Image Prints. Prints from the nineteenth century, including Victorian Vegetable People and Prognostisizing Fingernails..

29th June
The Floating World of Cyberspace. An extensive catalogue of Japanese woodblock prints on the Internet.

Stop the Hate. Via Daily Doozer, which has had an excellent couple of days.

Stealing links from other people today 'cos I've been too busy to surf much and am consequently feeling a little tired/lazy. :)
Via Rebecca's Pocket :- a professional mermaid in Norway and one cat's 2000 mile journey.
Via GMT+9 :- Odorama 5.

Reuters - 'Fashion craze deprives Norway's planes of seatbelts.'
Guardian - 'Outrage as US TV brands Britain violent.'
Town to celebrate toilet festival. Via Mr. Barrett. - online support for victims of stalkers. I approve of this site very much.

28th June
Mummification - a new burial trend? Summum, a religious group in Utah, will do the job for a mere US$63,000. Summum is led by the oddly named Mr. Corky Ra. Via Ancient World Web.

The Register - 'BT could face legal action over hyperlink claim.' 'Donavon J Pfeiffer Jr told The Register: "As an American citizen, steeped in greed and raised on profit motive and litigation, I am hopeful that BT wins this lawsuit."'
'"I and my cyberbuddies will then launch a class action suit against BT for every broken link we've ever had to deal with using product liability as the basis for the suit. After all, one load of bovine fecal (UK spelling faecal) matter deserves another."'

London news - Millennium Bridge to stay shut for now. The Millennium Bridge across the Thames was forced to close a few days after opening as it began to sway violently. The chief engineer blames the '"synchronised footfall" effect of hundreds of people stepping in unison' (!!!). The BBC, rather pessimistically, asks whether London's millennium landmarks are cursed.

New Scientist has a human genome special.

27th June
The Chicago Tribune has something to say about the death penalty in Texas.
Fox Box - a page all about foxes.
What's your glam name? Mine is Nova Purplepants. I can live with that, I suppose. ;) Via Spinning Jenny.

More on RIP. BBC - 'Ministers amend e-mail bill.'

I've been giggling at - 'mid-20th century pop fiction Americana at its best!'. I especially like 'I Married a Dead Man!'.

New issue of Philosophy Now.

26th June
The Tolkien Network - rather comprehensive portal page.

BBC - 'Scientists crack human code.' Important news on the Human Genome Project.
The BBC website also hosts a fairly polite and interesting debate on the subject.
Human Genome Project homepage.

25th June - online jigsaw puzzles.

Quite a collection of Burning Man photos arranged by year. The Burning Man official site.

Miss Abigail's Time Warp Advice. 'Take a step back in time with me as I pull out relevant quotes, tidbits, and words of wisdom from my collection of old advice books in a quest to solve your modern-day dilemmas. These fascinating and amusing books span from 1822 to 1978 and cover the age-old topics of dating, love, living together, marriage, health, beauty, puberty, sex, etiquette, housekeeping, home economics, and even home repairs.'

I wonder what Miss Abigail would think of - The Ultimate Masturbation Resource. (Adults only).

24th June
Otaku World for Otaku everywhere!
Russia's naked news. Presenter Svetlana Pesotskaya says, "My mum and dad love the show!"
Anglo-Saxon burial plots unearthed! This sounds like a pretty big Find.
Slang in many tongues.

There is a general election in Japan this weekend. Gaffe-prone Prime Minister Mori has been quoted as saying, "Those people who aren't interested should just stay in bed."
Other famous gaffers include - Dan Quayle, former French PM Edith Cresson, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of Edinburgh.

23rd June
Jeeves interviewed!

Unclicked links will now appear in a different colour to the main text in order to make them easier to find! Let me know if it becomes completely unreadable, please.
Russian girl loses place at medical school because of two grammatical errors in a letter to President Putin. You, too, can write to Putin and let him know what's on your mind! Personally, I think she should be offered a place at Harvard.
ZDNet - 'Heavyweights pound BT's hyperlinks claim.' Via KitschBitch.
Birds possibly not descended from dinosaurs?
The strange and fascinating world of the tardigrade.
Victorian vegetable people. Oddly attractive.
The Moonlit Road - ghost stories of the American South.
Hi there browse-0-tron. Thanks for the link, and the tip ;).

22nd June
The Clangers were the Teletubbies of British TV in the early Seventies - but much much nicer and cleverer. The series about the adorable mouse like aliens, the cratered planet which was their home, their friends the Soup Dragon, the glow buzzers, and the froglets, and the strange substances they consumed, was first shown in 1969 - the year man landed on the Moon. Absolutely lovely and really trippy.
Brit readers in their twenties or thirties may remember Bagpuss - 'the most Important, the most Beautiful, the most Magical, saggy old cloth cat in the whole wide world'. Read the intro.
New Scientist on the Internet as a global brain.
A league table of health care worldwide has been published. The UK came 18th - surprisingly high, IMHO - ahead of Germany and the US. Meanwhile, Japan is the world's healthiest country, followed by Australia.
Yesterday was winter solstice in the southern hemisphere (as well as summer solstice north of the Equator), and therefore New Year's Day for the Aymara people of Bolivia. It is now the year 5008 in their calendar.
Digital circuits mimic brain activity!
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill information centre. Useful! Via Need to Know.
I'm going to start looking at more often; it's quite entertaining, with lots of links about the supposed evidence for water on Mars.

A profoundly shocking page about lynching photography in America. These photos were taken as souvenirs, and some were sent as postcards. That these pictures were used as entertainment seems incredible, and disgusting; this website provides a real service by bringing this aspect of history out into the open.

21st June
I like Elfgirl weblog, and besides it's got a funny name :).
Lisa Bowes has an interesting homepage.
BBC - 'Water found on Mars.' Well, maybe.
Ancient artefacts found in Cambodia. Via Ancient World News.