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10th May
Comic Art & Graffix Virtual Museum and Encyclopedia.
A page about Robert Crumb.
Hello Mimi's Hello Kitty Land.
What's your true colour? This has been bouncing around various weblogs. I'm blue.
BBC - 'Eight new 'planets' discovered.'
BBC piece about human evolution and altruism. Via Barbelith.
CNET News - 'AOL's 'youth filters' protect kids from Democrats.'

9th May
I recommend a visit to the Museum of African Art in New York.
Hello there
The Drudge Report claims that an educational map released by the White House shows states in the wrong locations.
Profile of Robert Crumb. Via Wire Mommy.
Ten warning signs of normality.
After the hoo-hah about the English language (see yesterday's post), I was amused to find this link about why English is tough stuff. Via Bifurcated Rivets.
I was both amused and disturbed to stumble across the homepage of the Expansionist Party of the USA, which is committed to 'geographical enlargement of the United States, ultimately to culminate in world union...' Well, they haven't won me over, just yet ;). On the other hand, the Southern Party favours independence for the southern US and therefore breaking up the United States.

8th May
A friendly wave to fellow webloggers Tom (of Blue Lines) and Jen (of Threadnaught), thankyou both for the nice email. Tom also runs a music reviews/links weblog - New York London Paris Munich.
Also a friendly reptile-free wave (i.e. not a wave of the snake's tail) to Prolific, who points me to Alamut weblog, which I've looked at before and enjoyed but I don't believe I've linked to it. Alamut, in turn, points me to this little piece on Tibetan Buddhism and artificial intelligence.
Barbelith is another British weblog I have started to read and enjoy; I must also admit to being in full agreement with him on the 'English language' debate. Cultural diversity is a wonderful thing - to me one of the most wonderful things. Human languages, in all their richness, are also wonderful things. Lacking the erudition or curiosity to appreciate cultural quirks or games you can play with words is not a virtue - and it should be no reason for those of us that do appreciate such things to fall back to a lowest common denominator. How awful it would be to live in a monocultural world where everyone spoke the same language, wore the same clothes, ate the same food, had the same politics *shudders at the mere thought*. I recall being taken to task for using words like 'whinge' - the person taking me to task thinking I was misspelling 'whine'. Heh.

Fortune cookies!
How strange are you?
A nice mazey bit of web-art from

7th May
Looking for stuff about Hammer Horror films... it's that kind of day... - the official Hammer website.
Hammer Horror fansite.
Ghoul Britannia - great name. :)
Hammer Glamour - all about the actresses who starred in Hammer Horror films. - a soulful tribute page.

Barbarella Queen of the Galaxy.
Barbarella in the Excessive Machine. Fansite, obviously.

The Bruce Lee Cafe in Hong Kong.
The 'Bruce Lee Ultimate Fighter' Page!

Hail Haiku the Blog -
It's a meta-weblog in
Five-seven-five verse.

The great sweet mystery of life and Threadnaught - new British weblogs. Via the Daily Doozer.
The Temple of the Immortal Spirit. A Taoist temple in cyberspace.
The White Path Temple. A Shin Buddhist temple in cyberspace. Includes the Heart Sutra.
A webpage all about artificial languages. Comprehensive, lots of links.
It's a very hot, very sunny day today. Whilst out walking, I stumbled across a graveyard containing the grave of the senior radio officer of the Titanic - what serendipity! It's just a couple of miles from this memorial to him.

6th May
KitschBitch - weblog from London. - a round-the-world travelogue.
UPI - ' 'Love Bug' author found?'
Hello Kitty graffiti from Osaka. Photo taken by the webmaster of GMT+9.
BBC - 'US tree patent challenged.' 'Environment and development groups are appealing against the grant to the US Government and a multi-national company of a patent on a tree.'
BBC - 'Livingstone - the cabbies' verdict.'
A couple of gems from Bifurcated Rivets :- rare record covers and electrified sheep netting.

5th May
Spotted in your soaraway Sun :-

Tee hee.
(For the record, Ken was my man. I just think it's a funny cover).

Stupid Research Tricks.
Olive and Eric. 'It is the 1940's. England is at war. Olive and Eric are separated. The only contact, letters going to... and fro... The Olive and Eric website recreates that time.' I think this site is wonderful, as a piece of social history, as a web soap opera and as a love story. Highly recommended.
Surrealist Compliment Generator. Most amusing.
I played with the Keirsey temperament tester again. It claims that I am an Idealist and a Healer, which is fine by me. It's sort of an interesting test - funnily enough, no US presidents have ever been Idealists (although Eleanor Roosevelt and Gandhi were).

Confirmation that Ken Livingstone is London's new mayor.

A profile of Jorn Barger, the webmaster of Robot Wisdom weblog. Via The View From Here.

Wavex have developed yet another 'I Love You' fix.
UPI - 'Security firm warns of lurking 'joke' virus.'
Another 'I Love You' fix.
Scripts which fix the 'I Love You' virus. The author does not guarantee that these will work on your machine, so neither do I. Well worth a look.
Financial Times - 'Love Bug virus disables systems across the world.'

BBC - 'Livingstone on course for mayor.' Steve Norris appears to be in second place, with Dobson and Kramer fighting it out for third, and the Greens winning several seats in the London Assembly. Labour seems to have been punished for general control-freakery. Meanwhile, the Tories have done well in local council elections at the expense of Labour, although bear in mind the Tories were building on a very low base. However, the Tories lost the Romsey by-election to a Liberal Democrat - quite a dramatic result considering that this was once a safe Tory seat. Maybe this means the Tories have moved too far to the right to be really electable.
Right, now I've got that out of my system, I'll shut up about UK politics for a while and concentrate on newts, so the speak.

4th May
Amnesty on the US death penalty.
Amnesty International's 1999 report of human rights in the USA is worth a look - I know it would surprise some people.
American Senator Russ Feingold on the fallacy of the death penalty. This is a great speech. Via Stuffed Dog, whose stance I support totally.

Washington Post - ' 'I love you' bug hits computers.'
The 'I Love You' virus, a.k.a. the 'Love Bug' and the 'Killer from Manila' (it is believed to have originated in the Philippines) is wreaking havoc. This is a nasty one - it works in a similar way to Melissa (by mailing itself to everybody in an infected Outlook user's address book), but there are a few other 'features' too - for example, it can spread via IRC, and can do horrible things to Internet Explorer and .JPG files. It is also spreading quicker than Melissa.
BBC - 'UK computers swamped by virus.'
Most importantly - how to fix it! You need to do some registry editing, so it may not be for everyone. The author does not guarantee this will work on your computer, so neither do I. Via Slashdot.

The New Scientist on angels and mortals and why some people have 'innie' belly buttons while others have 'outties'.
Honey Guide has some lovely pictures of 'Arizona Undersea'.
Reuters - 'Soaring sea temperatures destroy Belize coral.'
National Geographic - 'Jupiter's gravity may be protecting Earth.' Via Honey Guide.
BBC - 'Duke hints at remarriage.' Speculation as to whether Prince Andrew and Fergie will tie the knot, again.
Which Winnie the Pooh character are you? I'm Heffalump, apparently.
A charming ditty - 'I spent my last $10 (on birth control and beer).' Please note, it's not for people who are homophobic, anti-birth control or anti-beer.

3rd May
Yomiuri - 'The Magic of Go.' (sorry for the duff link - now corrected).

The Times - 'Pokemon craze 'led my son to steal'.' Via the Daily Doozer (see below).
Also take a look at these stories from the Beeb :-
'Pokemon baby swap offer.'
'School pays for lost Pokemon cards.'
And from CNN :-
'Japanese cartoon triggers seizures in hundreds of children.'

The Daily Doozer is another UK-based weblog. The webmaster seems to be related to Vavatch Orbital.
BBC - 'Organic molecules found in 'stardust'.'

If you live in London, don't forget to vote tomorrow. If you're still undecided, or just out of interest...:-
Ken Livingstone's website.
Susan Kramer's website. Susan Kramer is the Liberal Democrat candidate.
Frank Dobson's website. Frank Dobson is the Labour candidate.
Steve Norris's website. Steve Norris is the Conservative candidate.
Darren Johnson's website. The Green Party candidate.
Ram Gidoomal's website. The Christian People's Alliance candidate.

I realise that most of the links today have been current affairs-related. I'm still on the lookout for lighter and more fun links, don't worry. :)

BBC - 'China protest policing 'unlawful'.'
Echelon Watch.

Washington Post - 'London, German exchanges to merge.' The last few years have seen a lot of mergers and buyouts in the banking world, as well as developments like the euro. This seems to put the icing on the cake - London is the biggest stock exchange in Europe and the fourth biggest in the world, as well as the world's biggest centre for foreign exchange trading; Frankfurt, on the other hand, is the largest exchange within the euro zone as well as being the base for some of Europe's largest banks.

BBC - 'Cyber libel ruling threatens UK ISPs'.
'While UK ISPs are still reeling from the realisation they could be liable for the site they host ... the US courts have reinforced the opposite view.'
'Already some cautious British companies and individuals have moved their sites to US servers, says internet lawyer Jonathan Armstrong.'
The article then goes on to speculate that whilst free speech guarantees may be stronge in the US, ISPs may find themselves in trouble with other aspects of the US system, such as intellectual property standards. Could the end result be an Internet equivalent of 'flags of convenience'?
Related stories :-
BBC - 'US backs net free speech.'
BBC - 'Chilling effect on free speech.'
Also take a look at the Global Internet Liberty Campaign, Cyber Rights and Cyber Liberties UK, Internet Freedom and the Campaign against Censorship of the Internet in Britain (which I also link to at the top of this page).

2nd May
Bitacora Tremendo is a nice weblog (in Spanish, not a language I know at all well, but I like the links ;) ).
The past life generator is a lot of fun. I've linked to it before but I believe it's moved. It claims that I was a priest, librarian and keeper of holy relics in Borneo; I can live with that.
Reuters - 'Cloned cattle to beef up Australian herds.'
Daily Telegraph - 'South Africa alerts NASA as large metal balls fall from sky.'
Happy birthday NoLondon.
Xenoblogs points me to these lists of Aussie weblogs and Dutch weblogs.

1st May
ManekiNeko (or Hello Kitty) Club. Via GMT+9.
BBC - 'Violence at May Day protest'. Not nice.
Sunday Times - 'MI5 builds new centre to read emails on the net.'
The Patrin Web Journal contains lots of good stuff about Romany culture and history.