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20th May
Riothero weblog is being run by Barbelith and Kitschbitch. I think what they've done to it is an absolute scream. Go and look.

The Blair Titch Project. Tony and Cherie Blair are parents again. It's a boy, who will be called Leo. Congratulations to them but isn't it going to be funny having a William Hague lookalike around the house?

19th May
A t.rex called Sue.
I'm told that this dinosaur exhibition in Chicago is well worth seeing. 'Sue' is the name given to the world's largest, most complete and best-preserved dinosaur skeleton.
BBC - 'Dino fever grips Chicago.'

Washington Post - 'Variant of Love Bug virus spreading.'
There are various fixes available, including one from McAfee. Here is an advisory about the virus.

Reuters - 'German town stages passion play in 366-year tradition.' A story about the Oberammergau passion play, staged once every ten years.

I recommend the Elizabeth Taylor photo exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

A dictionary of Singlish (or Singapore English).
A dialect poem from Trinidad.

There has been an attempted coup in Fiji. Most of the country's telephone system has been down, but the BBC reports that news has been getting out over the Web, by way of the local ISP, Fijilive.

World Press Freedom Survey 2000. Interesting reading. Press freedom in each country is ranked using four different criteria : laws that influence media content, political pressure on media content, economic influences on media content, and repressive actions. Separate scores are given for broadcast and print media freedom, which are then combined in a final score, from 0 to 100, with a low score indicating relative freedom and a high score indicating relative lack of freedom. Using this system, Nauru scored 6 (almost totally free), while Burma and North Korea both scored 100. Australia scored 10, the USA and Germany both scored 13, Canada scored 14, Japan scored 19, the UK scored 20, Russia scored 60, and China scored 80.

18th May
Another bastard test. Your humble scribe is only seven percent bastard, hurrah hurrah. There's also a bitch test. Via Prolific.
New History Today.
Mayan city unearthed. Via Ancient World News.
You can donate an extra five cups of food for free at the Hunger Site, by signing up to its newsletter, Impact. Look for the link just below the usual 'Donate Free Food' button. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.
The New Scientist has lots of good stuff on the Human Genome Project.
Reuters - 'UN torture body raps US over brutality in jails.'
This new BBC series about Northern Ireland looks very interesting indeed. - top!
Nandor Tanczos is New Zealand's first Rastafarian parliamentarian; his colleague Georgina Beyer is the world's first transsexual parliamentarian. Here is something about her life story, written just before she became an MP.

17th May
BBC - 'Glowing plants reveal touch sensitivity.'
BBC - 'Galactic line up revealed.' Includes a great picture of two galaxies, one lined up behind the other.

16th May
The International Shinto Foundation. Lots and lots of information.
BBC - 'Queen honours movie Dames.' Liz Taylor and Julie Andrews have been made Dames of the British Empire.
Good-looking fansites for Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Catherine Deneuve.
Interesting US surname distribution maps. Via Robot Wisdom.
Kasparov vs. the world. Kasparov won; the games are good.
Inconspicuous consumption.
Tree News weblog is all about trees, naturally.
BBC - 'Court rejects call for porn ban.' UK news.

15th May
Buddha Mind. A wonderful place.
How to talk to an extraterrestrial. Via Mr. Pants.

Lots of links about apes today :-
BBC - 'Chimp haven moves ahead.'
Chimp Haven's website.
BBC - 'Chimps are cultured creatures.'
A page about different chimp cultures.
The homepage of Ai, the counting chimp.

14th May
The Liner Note Preservation Society. Via Pith & Vinegar.
Chinese legends and tales.

There are some fun puzzles at the Grey Labyrinth.
Puzzler is the UK's leading publisher of 'traditional' logic problems (i.e. where you are given 5 or 6 clues and use a two-dimensional grid to figure out the answer).
Kohler's logic problems. Some of them are more lateral thinking than logic puzzles, IMHO. That doesn't mean they aren't worth a look though!
Another logic problem page. I think this one is geared towards teaching people how to reason mathematically, but the puzzles are still fun (well, to me).
A logic tutorial.
(Guess what's in my search engine today? LOL.)

13th May
The current news section of Philosophy Now includes a story about Erik Sprague, an American philosophy student and performance artist who is trying to turn himself into a human 'lizard':-
'...his entire body is tattooed in scales, a bony ridge has been surgically implanted across his forehead, his tongue has been split to form a fork...'
He explains this transformation as follows :-
'I came to think that by removing myself sufficiently from the 'family resemblance' of other things referred to by 'human', 'person', etc. I would be potentially removing myself from that application of that term or expanding it.'

Here is a page about Erik Sprague - 'Internet almost out of URLs.'
'After an extensive search the company discovered that only five remained. They are'

Ho ho.

A few updates to my starter page. In the weblogs section, I've added links to some of the fine weblogs I've been enjoying of late. The starter page is starting to look like it may need reorganising quite soon.
I've been updating my webcams page to include views from Budapest, Istanbul, a New York taxi, Washington DC, a supposedly haunted library in Indiana, a gorilla cam in Oklahoma City zoo, and a national park in Hokkaido. Some links which weren't working any more have been removed - drop me a line if you find any more.

12th May
'Waking from the meme dream'. Samsara and social tradition. Via Alamut.
Are you a bastard? From Not So Soft.
A page about nigel molesworth. If you don't kno about my grate friend molesworth, then you should. Not to mention his grate friend Peason, the unspeekable molesworth 2, the gurly fotherington-tomas, ect. ect. (The Molesworth books are actually very very funny IMHO - I'm glad there are people who can still 'get' them). - a magazine for gurls.
Various personality tests have been bouncing around the weblogs lately. For something completely different, try this one.
The English village of Golant has a road named Cowshit Lane. Somebody wanted to change the name to CowSLIP Lane, but this was rejected. I like Cowshit better too.
The Stone looks like a fun game.
A Zen weblog.
A precocious weblog.

11th May - nice personal website.
Daily Telegraph - 'Cockroach capable of feeling pain, says study.'
More nice weblogs :- Not So Soft and Ghost in the Machine.
Luxury hotel found at Pompeii. Via Ancient World News.
ABC News - 'Venus figurines may have worn hats.' Via Rebecca's Pocket.
An interesting article on 'American refugees'.
'Things creationists hate.'