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10th October
The Ghosts. Two young ladies from Japan making amusing facial expressions in interesting places. (Hint - clicking on the faces at the bottom of the page will get you to another picture). Fab. Via GMT+9.

As you can see, I managed to get back in time to fit a few links in.

BBC - 'Giant trilobite discovered.'

Onion - 'Energetic self-starter instantly despised by co-workers.'

Discovery - 'Pollution-sucking plants hit Chicago.' 'A two-year study is underway to test the ability of plants to suck toxic chemicals from the soil. The Chicago-based program has enlisted residents of a lead-contaminated neighborhood to plant sunflowers, goldenrod and other pollution-hungry varieties in their yards. '

Gorgeous picture of Martian dust storm.

Have YOU got what it takes to play Net Big Bother? I haven't ;).

9th October
I probably won't be updating tomorrow - work stuff!

Daily Telegraph - 'Cloning may be used to reverse extinction.'

BBC - 'Museum marks Lennon birthday.' 'The world's first museum dedicated to the life of John Lennon is opening to the public in Japan on what would have been the former Beatle's 60th birthday. '

BBC - 'In praise of floating frogs.' On the Ig Nobel prizes, an alternative to the Nobel prizes; this year, they included an award for experiments with levitating frogs and one for work on collapsing toilets.

Gallery of art by Kaii Higashiyama. Pretty.

Bismarck Tribune - 'Caller posing as police officer prompts strip searches.' News from North Dakota. 'Two employees at two Bismarck fast-food restaurants Thursday evening were ordered to take off their clothes at the restaurant and did so, after being told there was a Bismarck police officer on the phone requiring that it be done.' Via Unknown News.

Watch webcasts of the Kasparov vs. Kramnik match at
The Sludge Reports deal with all the fiendish ways people have cheated at chess! Pretty sleazy. Part of the site.

Twenty ways the world could end. From alien invasions to robots running amok, to someone waking up and discovering it was all a dream. Via Arts & Letters Daily.

You find out a lot and can do some good at, the anti-slavery site.

Discovery - 'Reptiles readied for space exploration.' Not real reptiles, just robot 'snakes'.

8th October
Why a duck? Nice Marx Brothers resource. Send a Marx Brothers postcard.

Reuters - 'Slovenian becomes first person to ski down Everest.' Take a look at the Ski Everest site, with pictures!

Instructions for the zero-gravity toilet. Amazing.

Washington Post - 'Cloning a comeback?' Pregnant cow carries endangered species.

Sunday Times - 'Monica, drink and me - Yeltsin reveals all.'

7th October
The 6th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition. Lots of games to check out. Play five of the games and you can be a judge! The website contains plenty of information about interactive fiction, in case you don't know what it is.

Quake Haiku.

This won a competition to find the world's ugliest lamp in 1998.

The Nose Pages. Full of nasal information.

PythOnline. All about Monty Python. Very funny.

The Beer Tourist. Beer travelling in Europe. In Finnish and English.

6th October
Reuters - 'Snoring makes you stupid, clinic claims.'

BBC - 'Mystery of free-floating 'planets'.' 'Astronomers have discovered 18 planet-like objects, drifting through space in a part of the constellation of Orion. '
'If they are planets, these "free floaters" will pose a challenge to theories about how planets form. '

BBC - 'Rocks reveal ancient tides.' 'The Earth's oceans were being tugged by tides more than three billion years ago, according to an analysis of rocks in South Africa.'
'The sandstone and shale deposits, which were found in the Moodies group of hills, have markings that scientists say were made by the ebb and flow of waters moving along a continental shoreline. '
'The study proves that the Moon was orbiting the Earth in a roughly similar orbit to the one it occupies today. '

I share a Star Wars astrology sign with the Ewoks. Via Not So Soft.

Tobacco spoof ads. Funny. Via Pop Culture Junk Mail.

Daily Telegraph - 'New Deal offers backing to pop impersonator.' UK government aid to a lady hoping to make a career out of impersonating Britney Spears.

BBC - 'Thais to master sex.' 'One of Thailand's most prestigious universities is to offer the country's first masters degree in sexual science in the hope of alleviating social problems. '
'Professor Nikorn Dusitsin of Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University said the course would encourage better understanding between young people, parents, teachers and health workers. '

BBC - 'Flood waters still rising in Bangladesh.' If you wish, you can make a secure online donation to Oxfam.

End of an era in Serbia - I like the Guardian's photo gallery of the Belgrade uprising.
Free B92, Yugoslavia's opposition radio station, is on the web.
'Dear liberated Serbia...' The text of Vojislav Kostunica's speech.

The CIA website has a document on its activities in Chile leading up to the 1973 coup which brought Pinochet to power. Yes, they were up to their necks in it, and they admit it.

Daily Telegraph - 'Nuns are driven to suicide by Chinese torture.' 'A human rights group investigating the fate of five nuns who committed suicide in a Tibetan prison two years ago has said that they were driven to their deaths by weeks of torture by Chinese authorities.'

5th October
Chaos grips Belgrade. Take a look at the Belgrade uprising in pictures from the BBC. The uprising follows the Yugoslav constitutional court's nullification of the presidential election results.

I find Sony's pet robot dog to be surprisingly cute.

Reuters - 'Serial 'pest' fined for disrupting Olympic marathon.' 'A serial ``pest,'' who has disrupted a number of major events in Australia, was fined $160 for running on to the Olympic marathon course during the men's race.'
He also has also gatecrashed to Australian Open tennis final, the funeral of Michael Hutchence, the Melbourne Cup, and cut the goal net during Australia's 1997 World Cup qualifier match against Iran.

Classic Universal Studios trailers for horror films. Via Lukelog.

New Scientist - 'Dishing the dirt.' 'Industrial plants in the US have been fingered as the main polluters of Nunavut, thousands of kilometres away in the Canadian Arctic. A report on cross-border pollution released this week identifies an incinerator in Iowa as the single biggest source of dioxin pollution in this remote Arctic area.'

New Scientist - 'The drowning wave.' Some scientists speculate that a collapsing volcano in the Canary Isles could create a massive tidal wave which would speed westward across the Atlantic and engulf the east coast of North America.
'Simon Day of the Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre at University College London has discovered that a huge chunk of La Palma, the most volcanically active island in the Canaries, is now unstable. "If the flank of the volcano slides into the ocean, the mass of moving rock will push the water in front of it, creating a tsunami wave far larger than any seen in history," says Day. "The wave would then spread out across the Atlantic at the speed of a jet airliner until it strikes coastal areas all around the North Atlantic." '

Discovery - 'Syrian tomb may hold princesses.' 'Archaeologists are puzzling over the skeletons of five adults and three babies unearthed this summer at the site of an ancient city in Syria...'
' "The people buried there could be the elite of one of the earliest urban civilizations in the world. While it is very important that the tomb was untouched, we need to investigate further over the unusual arrangement of the bodies," said Glenn Schwartz of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., who headed the American-Dutch team of archaeologists.'

The genius behind (definitely one of the best domain names on the web) has some ideas on reforming the US voting system and introducint a preferential voting system, such as in Australia. A form of preferential voting (where second choices were taken into account if no one candidate won an outright majority in the first round) was used in the London mayoral election this year.
Personally, I think that the points made on this piece apply equally to Britain, and that some form of preferential voting, as opposed to the current 'first past the post' system, would give much fairer and more representative results in our general elections.
I found this link via Not So Soft and Lukelog.

4th October
Memeblog - an interesting British weblog. Read it!

Times - 'Paving stones to fight pollution.' 'Paving stones that soak up pollution are to be tested as a low-cost and politically less fraught way of fighting traffic fumes.'
'The paving stones contain a compound, titanium oxide, that will remove oxides of nitrogen, a key air pollutant that leads to smogs and is linked with breathing difficulties in asthmatics and other vulnerable groups. '
'The pioneering idea is to be tested in London by engineers at Westminister City Council. Likely areas for the trial are Oxford Street and Cromwell Road. '

Take Modern Humorist's tour of the Trask Museum - 'America's finest collection of robber baron art.'

Reuters - 'Former cabbie claims earldom.' 'A Hungarian former taxi driver living in Budapest has emerged as the heir to a Scottish earldom, according to the genealogist who unearthed his claim. '
'Huba Andras Campbell, 55 -- who grew up in poverty in rural communist Hungary and is now a trucker and car importer -- is next in line to the earldom of Breadalbane and Holland, genealogist Robert Noble told the Daily Telegraph Tuesday.'

Korea Herald - 'Loo and behold! Seoul's restrooms looking flush.' South Korea's public toilets are getting cleaner.

BBC - 'UK's 'Garden of Eden' takes root.' On a giant greenhouse in Cornwall. 'A project to create the world's largest greenhouse has taken another step forward with the rooting of a rainforest. '

AP - 'Students told to pen assassination.' 'A high school English teacher is out of a job after assigning his students the mock task of picking an assassination victim and planning the killing without getting caught...'
'Students said the teacher told them to choose a victim from outside Covina High School, detail why they made that choice and how to keep it secret.'

3rd October
Yeti@home. Do something for the Abominable Snowman. Not to be confused with SETI@home.

AP - 'Profs score on Olympic predictions.'
'Two Ivy league professors who used wealth and population figures to predict how many medals some countries would win at the Summer Games put on a gold-medal performance.'
Basically, by considering factors such as population, GDP per head, government funding, 'home field advantage', and past performance, and allowing for the occasional fluke, it seems to be possible to devise a formula to predict to a reasonable level of accuracy how well a country will do at the Olympic games.

Ghosts of the Prairie. Comprehensive site all about haunted America.

2nd October
It seems that some people are finding this page by searching for Svetlana Pesotskaya, the stripping Russian newsreader. Well, you can find out all about her in this Moscow Times article. Pesotskaya apart, her news show sounds very funny and very satirical.

The Trilobite homepage. All about trilobites.

Reuters - 'Feathers fly over school suspension.' 'Feathers flew in a suburban Atlanta school on Thursday as officials faced criticism for suspending a sixth grader for possession of a Tweety Bird wallet that violated a school weapons policy.'

The Sydney Morning Herald on the amazing Wollemi Pine.
'After six years of research scientists have been unable to find any difference between the DNA of one Wollemi Pine and another, leaving the nation's leading plant geneticists completely baffled.'
'Genetic variability is the fuel of evolution, the basis of life and yet the trees are impossibly perfect clones.'
(Well, clearly not _that_ impossible!)

I aspire to dogma 2000 compliance.

1st October
The Tacky Postcard Archive. 'Preserving the bad taste of our era for future generations.' Don't miss the tacky insults.

This Spectred Isle - a guide to the ghosts of Great Britain. My favourite is the blue donkey which supposedly haunts Cobham, in Surrey.

Pluckley, in Kent, claims to be the most haunted village in England.

Read the Buddhist Quote of the Moment.

Send your name to Mars. Here's a chance at a kind of immortality. I was the 1470652nd person to do this.