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17th September
BBC - 'Noddy revamped for 21st century.'

Nice personal gallery of Japan photos. I think I like this picture of a torii gate near Hiroshima best. (Note - the gallery is over two pages).

The Astounding B Monster - all about B movies.
Galaxy of Terror - even more about B-movies.

A sad farewell to Spinning Jenny. Please let us all know when you start something up again!

16th September
Reuters - 'Aborigines stage lonely 'tent embassy' Games vigil.' 'As the world watched the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics ,a handful of Aborigines intent on telling their story of dispossession to the world, staged a lonely vigil around a ``Sacred Fire'' at Sydney's ``tent embassy.'' '
Sorry Day. Via Pop Culture Junk Mail.
How to talk Strine - a Down Under dictionary.

Discovery - 'Oldest fungi found.' 'Scientists have discovered the oldest fungi fossils known to date. The fossils are believed to be close to 460 million years old and indicate that fungi and plants may have worked together to begin the colonization of land.' Via Ancient World Web.

Embarrassing health problems. Very responsible. This could be useful. Via Bifurcated Rivets.

Be nice and send someone a gargoyle postcard.
Hollywood archaeology.
The museum of travel sickness bags.

Craig wins Big Brother UK. Congratulations to him, and indeed to Anna, Darren and the rest for keeping us all entertained this summer.
I think that Desmond Morris, writing for the Guardian, has the right idea. It wasn't a major scientific experiment which gave us deep insights into human nature, but neither was it depraved voyeuristic ogling; it was just a bit of harmless fun.

15th September
BBC - 'Fury at sacred site damage.' 'Peru's most sacred site, Machu Picchu, has been damaged during a shoot for a beer commercial. '
Not only that, but it seems that the crane which did the damage was put there by the production crew even after the authorities specifically prohibited it. Grrr.

Large Canadian roadside attractions, listed alphabetically. I especially like the flying saucer in Moonbeam, Ontario.

How to toilet train your cat.

After Big Banana, here comes JailCake. '10 cakes and biscuits of varying ingredients, sentenced to 21 days in a state-of-the-art larder, with one mission - to escape the clutches of 5 starving students and win hundreds and thousands. '

Two stories from the Balkans :-
Reuters - 'Border guard held for ... peeing.' 'An Albanian border officer who felt nature's call on the barren frontier with Macedonia was arrested by his eastern neighbors as he relieved himself under the cover of their trees, a newspaper said Thursday.'
Reuters - 'Bees made nervous by jets.' 'Macedonian honey producers said on Thursday that last year's NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia had made their bees nervous and aggressive and demanded compensation from the alliance.'

14th September
Steve Bell cartoon on the fuel crisis. Via Linkmachinego.

BBC - 'Bible 'clue' found.' 'Scientists have uncovered ancient ruins under the Black Sea indicating that people lived in the area before a cataclysmic flood. '
Talking of the Flood myth, I'm reading the 'new' Penguin Classics edition of the Epic of Gilgamesh which has material from several different versions, and an extensive historical background.

Much more about the Epic of Gilgamesh here.

Reuters - 'Stolen skull of Spanish antipope recovered.' 'Spanish police have recovered the skull of a 14th century Spanish antipope, stolen in April from a ruined palace and held for ransom by semi-literate thieves, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.'

Reuters - 'Mayor fired for downloading porn.' 'The mayor of Cape Town, Reverend William Bantom, was forced to resign on Tuesday after admitting to downloading pornography from the Internet, his New National Party said.'

Reuters - 'Hacker to OPEC: Lower oil price, help the poor.' 'An internet hacker has broken into OPEC's Web site to tell the oil cartel in no uncertain terms to lower crude prices and help the world's poor.'
Meanwhile, the fuel blockade in the UK seems to be coming to an end. One welcome by-product of all this is that central London (where I work) is much, much more pleasant with less traffic. It's such a nice change to be able to cross the road without risking being run over , and not to have to breathe in lungfuls of fumes on the way to work. I'm pretty fortunate in that I don't drive, and the part of my journey on the Tube is only about 10 minutes each way (so I don't get crushed by my fellow commuters for very long).

13th September
Guardian - 'Roman grave believed to be female gladiator's.' 'Archaeologists believe they have found a burial unique in Roman Europe - a woman gladiator who fought in the Roman amphitheatre in London. '
BBC - 'The original 'rock music'.' ' 'Many of the Stone Age relics lying in our museums might not simply have been tools or weapons - they could also have been musical instruments. '

BBC - 'Middleweight black hole discovered.' 'Until now, scientists have observed only two types of black holes - ones that are about the same mass as stars, and ones that are a million or a billion times bigger than the mass of a star. '

King King vs. Godzilla. Vote for your favourite monster!
Ask the Toad!
Beware the Badger of Doom.

Two brothers are trying to get from London to Sydney by bike and sea kayak. Hope they make it - 19,000 km down, only 7,000 km to go!

Daily Express - 'Ghosts and ghouls are all in the mind, claims psychiatrist.' Pinched from Pith & Vinegar.
Robot Gallery. Pilfered from GMT+9.

Reuters - 'Mayor on lookout for burning underpants.'

Reuters - 'Soap on 'ugly' secretary grips war-torn country.' From Colombia. 'She may have a faint mustache, big goofy glasses and a mouthful of braces, but in this country obsessed with beauty queens, everybody from cabinet ministers to cab drivers is falling for ``Betty the Ugly.'' '

12th September
The gallery of "misused" quotation marks.
The bureau of missing socks.
A page for people who hate rotten bananas.

After Big Brother, here comes Jailbreak.
NY Times Burning Man gallery. Via Robot Wisdom.
It seems that Ellen likes London.

BBC - 'Australian mammal is medical star.' Story about the echidna, an exceptionally cute Australian monotreme (or egg-laying mammal) which goes into a state of torpor when food or water is scarce.
The Echidna and I. 'A Webpage devoted to celebrating the lives and loves, the hopes and fears, the passions and perambulations, of spiny, myrmecophagous, oviparous, mammals.'

11th September
Misfortune cookies. Found in Asiazine.

Happy birthday, Jenny. It's all legal now :).

Reuters - 'Olympian, 103, gives back stolen flag.' 'The world's oldest surviving Olympic medallist, 103-year-old ``Harry'' Hal Haig Prieste, finally came clean on Monday and gave back an Olympic flag that he stole from the Antwerp Games in 1920.'

Reuters - 'Scientists answer ticklish question.' A scientist from University College London believes she has discovered why it is impossible to tickle yourself. 'The Daily Telegraph said on Monday the secret lies in the cerebellum, a region at the back of the brain which predicts the sensory consequences of movements and sends signals to the rest of the brain instructing it to ignore the resulting sensation.'

Roman-Empire.Net - for things Roman. It really is rather good, if a bit gimmicky. You can even send a Roman e-card and vote for your favourite emperor.

New Scientist - 'Global brain.' The New Scientist sees some resemblance between how the Internet is developing and the workings of the human brain.
Gardeners' Question Time bares all.
People from Puerto Rico can vote in US presidential elections for the first time.