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Sierra Leone Portal

I've started this page for two reasons :- to enable me to understand the conflict in Sierra Leone - a conflict which seems to be almost entirely devoid of ideological content, but with some of the worst atrocities of any of the current conflicts in recent history; and to provide useful links for people who are interested in Sierra Leone.

General and cultural links

Visit Sierra Leone. ' aims to present the side of Sierra Leone which is not often seen in the world media as well as promote Sierra Leonean businesses.This is the first website dedicated to providing information on Sierra Leone tourism. It contains the largest listing of hotels and restaurants are well as background information on Sierra Leone, things to do, diplomatic missions etc and will also host a fantastic array of "Images of Sierra Leone".'
Sierra Leone Web.
Sierra Leone photos.
The Republic of Sierra Leone.
Sierra Leone online resource page.
CIA World Factbook - Sierra Leone.
Sierra Leone culture.
Languages of Sierra Leone.
Cry Freetown - a photo documentary.

News and political links

Guardian special reports - Sierra Leone.
Sierra Leone news.
Sierra Leone news archives.
BBC In-Depth - Sierra Leone.
BBC - Sierra Leone timeline.
BBC - Full text of the 1999 peace accord.
BBC - Profile of rebel leader Foday Sankoh.
BBC - Diamonds and guns.
BBC - Africa's peacekeeping problem.
BBC - Britain's ties with Sierra Leone.
UN Mission in Sierra Leone.
Human Rights Watch - Sierra Leone.
Africa Daily on the Sierra Leone army.
BBC - 'Sierra Leone diamonds banned.'
New Republic - 'Where angels fear to tread.' Opinion piece on the Clinton administration's role in Sierra Leone.